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Business Proposal season 1, episode 12 recap – the ending explained

Business Proposal season 1, episode 12 recap - the ending explained

A very sweet finale brings  Business Proposal  to a satisfying close.

This recap of Business Proposal season 1, episode 12 contains spoilers, including for the Business Proposal ending.

We’ve had our fair share of controversial k-drama endings lately, with  Twenty-Five Twenty-One sending fans into a tizzy just this weekend. Luckily, there shouldn’t be any controversy around  Business Proposal , which brought its first — and presumably only — season to a lovely conclusion in a closing hour that hit some poignant notes while still managing to elicit a fair few laughs.

Business Proposal season 1, episode 12 recap

It all began the morning after the night before , essentially, with Tae-moo and Ha-ri waking up all lovey-dovey (which contrasts a little with what we see of Seong-hoon and Yeong-seo, but we’ll address all that a bit later.) As happy as they are, though, Ha-ri’s mother is less than thrilled when she sees them together and realizes that Ha-ri lied about where she was spending the night. Her mother goes ballistic and assaults both Ha-ri and Tae-moo, but it leads to a lovely moment in which Tae-moo wins Ha-ri’s family over. They all sit down for drinks to celebrate Young-seo’s birthday — Seong-hoon and Young-seo excitedly watch on as Tae-moo confesses his feelings for Ha-ri, which made me laugh — and bond. Tae-moo has a particularly moving conversation with Ha-ri’s father, who explains how, over the years, she never pursued any of her dreams and ambitions because she knew he wasn’t able to financially support her through them. Now, Ha-ri’s father is worried that Tae-moo’s status will draw comparisons between them that Ha-ri will find upsetting, but Tae-moo reassures him with confidence.

But there’s still Chairman Kang to consider. He remains deeply against Tae-moo and Ha-ri’s relationship, so he decides to feign a medical emergency for attention — however, Tae-moo and Ha-ri overhear the conversation, so are wise to his games. To throw him for a loop, Ha-ri visits him in hospital, not Tae-moo, and she remains there to care for him, which he’s initially furious about. Eventually, though, he begins to soften, and the two start to really get on in a string of funny scenes. It all amounts to a moment in which Chairman Kang hears Ha-ri’s singing voice and feigns being almost deaf in his old age just to encourage her to keep singing, so he can quietly enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Yeong-seo’s father tells Seong-hoon to break up with her immediately, which she overhears. As a result, she resigns from her father’s company and cuts ties with him completely, instead deciding to start her own company. Seong-hoon, ever loyal, will be the first person to invest — providing she can show him a solid business plan, anyway.

Business Proposal ending

The  Business Proposal  ending ups the stakes a little as it approaches its conclusion. As it turns out, the tests that Chairman Kang requested as part of his ruse actually revealed a legitimate issue with his blood vessels, and since there is no treatment for the condition in Korea, Tae-moo wants to take him to the States. After fishing with him and Seong-hoon — who calls Chairman Kang “grandfather” for the first time — Tae-moo asks Ha-ri to accompany him abroad, but she says no because of the potential rumors it would cause and the fact that Chairman Kang still doesn’t approve of her. I like how Business Proposal  mildly subverts the expectation of a break-up here, with the couple deciding to remain together until Tae-moo’s return, which will apparently be sooner rather than later.

As it turns out, it’s a year, during which time Ha-ri has excelled at work, Yeong-seo has set up in business (and is happier than ever with Seong-hoon, who is taking a year off work), and Ha-ri’s mother has become furious at the prospect that Tae-moo won’t return, especially when she sees him on an American talk show. It almost seems like she’s going to be correct in her suspicions when a scandal breaks linking Tae-moo romantically to a cellist named Baek Yun-seo, and upon hearing this, Ha-ri prepares to leave for New York. As she’s about to get into the taxi, though, Tae-moo gets out of it. He has returned home early to surprise her. The scandal is simply false information leaked by the cellist’s parents, who don’t approve of her relationship with an international student. Director Kang is better and will be returning to Korea within the week. But he has given Tae-moo explicit instructions not to return home until he has given Ha-ri an engagement ring. It looks like he approves of her after all.

You can stream Business Proposal season 1, episode 12 exclusively on Netflix . Do you have any thoughts on the Business Proposal ending? Let us know in the comments.

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a business proposal until what episode

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a business proposal finale recap episodes eleven twelve k-drama

‘A Business Proposal’ episodes 11 and 12 recap: all’s well that ends well

**Spoilers for ‘A Business Proposal’ episodes 11 and 12 ahead**

A t the cafe, Ha-ri (Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong) comes clean to Chairman Kang (Lee Deok-hwa) about her (previously) contractual relationship with Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop). The Chairman – in his uncomfortably calm demeanour – tells Ha-ri that he doesn’t think she “wants to be in a situation that other people may interpret”, and firmly insists that she cuts ties with his grandson. Just then, he receives a call from Sung-hoon (Kim Min-gue), informing him that Tae-moo had gotten into a car accident. The Chairman rushes off to see Tae-moo, leaving a worried Ha-ri to make her own way to the hospital.

  • READ MORE: ‘Soundtrack #1’ episode two recap: a relationship stands on the cusp of change

Tae-moo escapes with an arm injury, to everyone’s relief. As the couple come face to face with the Chairman once again, Tae-moo takes the opportunity to make things official, telling his grandfather that Ha-ri is “the person that [he] loves”. That doesn’t get him off the hook, however; Chairman Kang goes off at Tae-moo for continuing to see Ha-ri, and additionally to Sung-hoon for playing a part in deceiving him. Tae-moo agrees to end his relationship with Ha-ri, with a caveat: that the Chairman will never have any great-grandchildren, if he wants for Tae-moo to devote himself only to work and “never get married”. This would likely be the case; for Tae-moo, meeting someone like Ha-ri only comes round once in a lifetime.

A heavy downpour leads Ha-ri – who had been picked up by bestie Young-seo (Seol In-ah) from the hospital – to hastily rush back to Tae-moo’s side. Drenched from the rain, she enters her boyfriend’s room to find him staring into the distance, towards the N Seoul Tower. He then opens up further about his parents’ accident on that fateful rainy day: how he believed it had happened “because of [him]”, as he had made them rush to bring him to the amusement park. Tae-moo had long been resigned to the guilt he’d been carrying in his heart, but Ha-ri reassures him that his parents love him no matter what. She could tell how loved he was too, just from the way he fondly spoke of them.

Ha-ri sneaks home in the early morning after staying by Tae-moo’s bedside through the night. Young-seo swings by to pick up Ha-ri; aside from returning her cell phone, which Ha-ri had left in her car the night before, her bestie also drops some unsettling news: that Yoo-ra (Bae Woo-hee) had left a comment on Ha-ri and Min-woo’s (Song Won-seok) viral cooking video, claiming Ha-ri to be a “two-timer” because of her seven year-long crush on Min-woo, and her romantic relationship with her company’s president.

a business proposal finale recap episodes eleven twelve k-drama

Tae-moo and Ha-ri’s dating news spread like wildfire through the company, but no one else is more shocked than Ha-ri’s own colleagues, who end up having their projects relegated to other teams. Ha-ri continues to put on a brave face, even with the other employees talking behind her back, and both touched and relieved to know that her team is still on her side. The dating news even spreads as far as Ha-ri’s parents’ fried chicken restaurant, but best girl Young-seo manages the on-ground sentiment with a simple heiress flex: paying for everyone’s food and drinks.

Tae-moo – still kept in the dark about the entire situation – calls Ha-ri from a phone booth at the hospital. Their conversation gradually segues into a proposal attempt, and in true rom-com fashion, the call gets cut off at the most apt of timings. When heading back to his room, Tae-moo overhears Chairman Kang making arrangements for him to be transferred to the New York branch. In addition to rejecting his grandfather’s actions, Tae-moo declares his intention to marry Ha-ri. This leads the older man to give his grandson some food for thought: that though Tae-moo may be perfectly fine, it’s Ha-ri who would bear the brunt of any gossip – as she already was, unbeknownst to him.


The next morning, Ha-ri gets summoned to Chairman Kang’s office, where he presents her with two options: either be sent to a provincial office “until the situation dies down”, or to resign. Ha-ri, in turn, summons whatever spunk that’s still left within her, and delivers an impassioned appeal as to why it would be GoFood’s loss if she was made to lose her job. Meanwhile, a furious archaeopteryx Tae-moo goes into fight mode after overhearing two nurses in his ward discuss the fake rumours of Ha-ri’s alleged “two-timing”, returning to the headquarters to get down to the bottom of things. Along with being angry at Sung-hoon for hiding the truth from him and leaving Ha-ri to suffer alone, Tae-moo also takes it up with his grandfather – telling him that he’s willing to resign as long as Ha-ri is left unscathed.

After leaving the headquarters, Tae-moo goes on a desperate search for an uncontactable Ha-ri (who had gone on a walk to clear her mind), even turning up at the fried chicken restaurant to see if she’d headed home. Tae-moo enlists the help of “brother-in-law” Ha-min (VICTON’s Choi Byung-chan) to contact Ha-ri. Ha-ri’s confused parents (Kim Kwang-kyu and Jung Young-joo), unsure as to why their daughter’s superior had begun referring to them as “in-laws”, eventually find out that Tae-moo is not who he said he was – but is instead someone even better .

Sung-hoon and Young-seo meet with her estranged father for dinner that evening, after being approached by him at their apartment complex’s car park earlier in the day. Based on past experiences, Young-seo preempts her boyfriend that things may not go in his favour. But in a surprising turn of events, Young-seo’s father seemingly approves of Sung-hoon, and even expresses his hope to reconcile and be on better terms with his only daughter. This leads Young-seo to wonder if her father was unwell, based on her premise that “people do weird things before they die”.

While in the car on the way home, Young-seo discovers a diamond ring that Sung-hoon had bought for her, prompting her to cheekily ask if he’d planned to propose. Between him making excuses to cover it up and Young-seo making the first move as always, Sung-hoon eventually pulls over at the side of a bridge and steps out of the car. “You really need to stop stealing my words,” he tells Youngseo, and proposes to her on bended knee.

Meanwhile, Ha-ri continues on her aimless walk, and ends up making a long trek up towards the N Seoul Tower. At the summit, she finally realises that Tae-moo had been trying to reach her all day. After a harrowing few hours, a worried Tae-moo finally gets to hold Ha-ri in his arms, telling her to never disappear without a word again. The couple then head to Tae-moo’s private space – he had previously met with Ha-ri here in episode three – where they consummate their relationship and spend their first night together.

The course of true love never did run smooth, particularly for Young-seo and Sung-hoon, as her father eventually makes a 180-degree turn and demands for the young man to break up with his daughter. Despite her unease, she bravely heads over to Sung-hoon’s apartment on the morning of her birthday, asking him to join her at Ha-ri’s parents’ place for an annual tradition: homemade seaweed soup (a customary Korean birthday dish). Just as Sung-hoon had told her on the night of his proposal to think positively about good things, Young-seo is assured of the people who care for her, even though she has, in her words, “lousy luck with parents”.

Over at Ha-ri’s place, all hell breaks loose as Ha-ri’s mother finds out that her “trustworthy” daughter (in her husband’s words) had spent the night with Tae-moo, per her intuition. After everyone calms down, Tae-moo finally has a formal first meeting with Ha-ri’s parents, who are incredulous that “a man who’s so intimidatingly perfect” would fall in love with their daughter.

Young-seo’s birthday celebration then follows, complete with a smorgasbord of food and just as many drinks to go around. When Ha-ri’s father heads out for a breather, Tae-moo takes the opportunity to speak to him and attempts to break the ice. He finds out that the older man’s uncertainty towards him is due to his own insecurities: of not being able to provide enough for Ha-ri to truly fulfil her dreams, and his fear that there would be comparisons because of their disparate social standings. Tae-moo reassures Ha-ri’s father that he would do all he can to protect Ha-ri, with everything he has.

The next day, Ha-ri meets up with Min-woo, who unpacks lots of updates in one sitting: not only had he turned down Tae-moo’s (surprising) request for a second collaboration, he’d also decided to close down the restaurant and go on a soul-searching sojourn to Italy. On top of that, both he and Yoo-ra – who had sent Ha-ri her apologies via proxy of him – decided to go their separate ways once more, finally acknowledging that they may have mistaken their “regrets for affection”. Min-woo asks if they could go back to being close friends as they were before, but Ha-ri takes a step back, saying that their friendship could be rekindled in time to come.

Young-seo heads to her father’s office to hand in her resignation letter, both as an employee of Marine Group and also from being associated with him. She was done having her father treat her as a commodity instead of as his own daughter – not to mention that he didn’t even remember her birthday. While at Sung-hoon’s place for a belated birthday meal, a visibly-affected Young-seo tells him about tendering her resignation. She then lets on that she plans to start her own company, something she’d always wanted to do. As a show of support, savvy saver Sung-hoon puts his money where his mouth is, and offers to be her first investor – as long as she has a solid business plan to show for it.

Over at the GoFood headquarters, Tae-moo receives a call from a company director, urgently informing him that Chairman Kang has been hospitalised, after having collapsed during a lunch meeting. Just as quickly as he was informed, an unamused Tae-moo realises that he had been tricked by his own grandfather – thanks to the same director, oblivious that he had not disconnected the call, thus failing to cover his tracks.

Ha-ri heads to the hospital to visit the hypochondriac Chairman, who’s displeased (as always) that she would dare show herself in front of him. As for positive-thinking Ha-ri, she continues to harbour the hope that the Chairman would eventually grow fond of her again, just as he did with her alter ego “Geum-hui” – since they’re one and the same, after all. The Chairman does everything in his power to hold himself back, but unconsciously finds himself being drawn to Ha-ri’s kind nature, natural charm and, in particular, her alluring singing voice.

The hospitalisation prank turns out to be for the better, as Tae-moo is informed by the Chairman’s doctor that subsequent tests revealed an issue with an existing stent in the senior’s heart vessel. The treatment for it is not yet available in Korea and the Chairman’s body is unable to withstand another surgery.

After returning from a pensive fishing trip with the Chairman and Sung-hoon, Tae-moo tells Ha-ri of his plan to bring his grandfather to the States for medical treatment and asks her to go along with him. Ever the grounded one, Ha-ri gently turns him down; not because she’s concerned about what others might say about it (she wasn’t), but that Tae-moo should be fully present with the Chairman, and focus on his treatment.

a business proposal finale recap episodes eleven twelve k-drama

Fast forward a year later, and changes are afoot in Food Product Development Team 1, with Mr Gye (Lim Ki-hong) being promoted to the head of his own team. Another area of promotion: Manager Yeo (Kim Hyun-soon) and Mr Gye’s relationship status, now as a married couple.

Sung-hoon takes a year off from work while his grandfather and Tae-moo are away, and his relationship with Young-seo – who’s hard at work running her own company – continues to be stronger than ever.

Ha-ri and Tae-moo maintain their long-distance relationship as the Chairman continues his treatment in the States. A dating scandal that randomly arises does little to shake their firm foundation – though it does make Ha-ri spring into action, deciding to use her vacation days to visit Tae-moo in New York City. Before she could even leave, Tae-moo surprises Ha-ri by returning to Korea ahead of schedule.

As the reunited couple stroll down a cherry blossom tree-lined path, Ha-ri wonders out loud as to whether the Chairman approves of their relationship. It is then that Tae-moo presents a white box with a diamond ring, saying that he’s been ordered “not to come back home” until Ha-ri accepts it. Under the gently-falling petals, Tae-moo finally proposes to Ha-ri; and with her ringed hand in his, they both stride confidently towards a new season together.

Memorable Moments

  • Ha-ri’s gentle, grounded approach with Tae-moo – both in assuring him of his parents’ love, and in reasoning about her going to the States together with him
  • The sincere heart-to-heart that Tae-moo had with Ha-ri’s father, and the respect he showed the older man as he asked for his approval
  • Seeing how Young-seo and Sung-hoon each have a place in Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s family settings, and how they’re accepted in their respective ways; along with Sung-hoon finally verbally acknowledging the Chairman as his grandfather
  • Young-seo and Ha-ri each standing up for themselves before men of (considerable) power: Young-seo’ father, and Chairman Kang respectively. Truly admirable and refreshing as always to see such portrayals of strong, independent women

What (And Who) We’ll Miss

  • Bestie goals, a.k.a. Ha-ri and Young-seo, who always have each other’s backs no matter what
  • The reluctant bromancing between Tae-moo and Sung-hoon, especially after episode 11’s hilariously awkward hospital room scene
  • The chemistry between the well-matched main leads, one of the most natural seen in a K-drama lead ensemble
  • Drama king Chairman Kang; despite his traditional mindset, he truly breaks the stereotype of a typical K-drama chaebol (conglomerate) head with his 4D personality and occasional soft-heartedness – not to mention him being a fervent follower of his favourite daily drama series, dressed down in his comfy pyjama pants

‘A Business Proposal’ is available on Netflix globally

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Business Proposal

Business Proposal

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In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO - and makes a proposal.

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Business Proposal

Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo-seop in Business Proposal (2022)

In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO - and makes a proposal. In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO - and makes a proposal. In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO - and makes a proposal.

  • Ahn Hyo-seop
  • Kim Sejeong
  • Kim Min-kyu
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Episodes 12

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Did you know

  • Trivia There are scenes in this drama where Actor Ahn Hyo Seop speaks perfect English that's because he is actually Canadian! His family moved to Toronto, Canada when he was younger. He went by his English name Paul Ahn when he was still residing and studying in Canada. When he was 17, he moved back to South Korea to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
  • Connections Referenced in BamBam: Melting (2022)
  • Soundtracks Love, Maybe Performed by MeloMance .

User reviews 155

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  • March 1, 2022 (United States)
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Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo-seop in Business Proposal (2022)

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a business proposal until what episode

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Season 1 – Business Proposal

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Watch Business Proposal — Season 1 with a subscription on Netflix.

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Audience reviews, cast & crew.

Ahn Hyo-seop

Kang Tae-mu

Kim Min-gue

Cha Seong-hun

Jin Yeong-seo

Choi Byung-chan

Shin Ha-min

Kim Kwang-gyu

Shin Jung-hae

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6 Best Moments Of

6 Best Moments Of "A Business Proposal" That We Still Can't Get Over

“A Business Proposal” is the rom-com of 2022 that has been winning the hearts of people worldwide. It’d be an understatement to say that viewers are a little obsessed. Starring Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop , fans have grown to love the main leads as their characters fall in love. The series has only continued to rise in ratings, and while we prepare our hearts to say goodbye to the series for good, here is a look at six of the best moments so far that we will never forget.

Disclaimer: Only episodes 1 to 8 are featured. 

1. The blind date

It’s the date that started it all. Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) reluctantly goes on blind dates that are arranged by his grandfather. On one specific occasion, he meets Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong), who is persuaded by her best friend Jin Young Seo ( Seol In Ah ) to go on the blind date in her place. But Shin Ha Ri is shocked to find out that he is actually the president of the company where she works.

This particular scene was full of laugh-out-loud moments that really lifted the spirit. Seeing Shin Ha Ri try to act over the top in hopes of getting Kang Tae Moo to not want her is thoroughly entertaining and it does a good job of setting the tone of the rest of the series.

“Rachel and Samantha”

2. When Tae Moo realizes his feelings

This was the moment us fans were all waiting for. Seeing the chaebol run off on a whim to help Ha Ri who is drunk on the playground was the perfect scene. Tae Moo, who had only shown viewers a side of himself that was more tough and all business, was worried about Ha Ri being intoxicated in public. Shortly after he goes back home, he realizes that he has feelings for her.

With all the classic tropes, “A Business Proposal” does a great job of showing the intensity and passion of “the chaebol falling for the poor girl” storyline. Tae Moo can’t help but fall for Ha Ri’s charms, and she makes him a better person for it. It’s a trope that has been done countless times in K-dramaland, but it’s one that is done so well in this particular series. Our hearts are full!

3. Kang Tae Moo’s heartfelt confession

After Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri return from their brief trip to Sokcho, Tae Moo confesses his feelings to her. He is frustrated with himself for letting his jealousy get the best of him as it made him not realize how Ha Ri wasn’t feeling well. On their way back home, Tae Moo confesses his feelings, showing his vulnerability.

“Why I spent the entire weekend pretending to be your boyfriend when I hate wasting my time more than anything? Why I went through your social media to find out the things you like, and why I put off my meetings for you? Do you really not know? I have feelings for you.” – Kang Tae Moo

It made hearts swoon and ignited the obsession even further. There is nothing better than seeing an arrogant chaebol turning into a puppy dog for the woman he loves! The confession was heartfelt and perfect.

4. The entire kiss scene (second one)

When Kang Tae Moo realizes that he cannot wait for Ha Ri’s response any longer, he plans an event so that he can see her. He watches her from afar, but the two end up quite literally in a corner together. They are forced to talk, and Ha Ri tells Tae Moo that she doesn’t think it’ll work out between them. He ends up confessing his feelings to her once again, and Ha Ri is unable to hold back anymore. The two share a passionate kiss.

Moments like this whole scene, from the confession to the kiss, are what good romantic comedy K-dramas are made of. The butterflies and feelings that the characters feel, and their passionate love for each other puts a big smile on our faces. Tae Moo isn’t willing to back down and proclaims to her that he is willing to wait and confess over and over again until she gives him a chance. The love he has for her is epically romantic, and I can’t get enough of it!

5. The fervent kiss from the second couple

While Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong’s chemistry has been fiery, we can’t forget how much publicity and popularity the second couple, Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah) and Cha Sung Hoon ( Kim Min Kyu ), is getting. Young Seo and Sung Hoon fall in love at first sight at a convenience store, and they later find out that Young Seo’s best friend is Ha Ri and Sung Hoon’s boss is Tae Moo. The two end up in a passionate romance.

The whole storyline of the second couple is almost as good as the main leads. The chemistry between Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah cannot be overlooked, as their behind-the-scenes banter and adorable interviews have only confirmed how good the two are together. This particular kiss scene, in which Young Seo confesses to Sung Hoon that she cannot remember spending the night with him as she was too drunk, was hot and steamy – we really could not have asked for more.

“I’ll make sure that you never forget.” -Sung Hoon

6. Ha Ri’s confession and the kiss on the bridge

After Ha Ri doesn’t hear from Tae Moo, her co-workers tell her that he is going on a blind date. She realizes that she has feelings for Tae Moo and does not want him to see other people.

In an emotional phone call, Ha Ri calls Tae Moo while in a taxi, telling him exactly how she feels. To her delight, Tae Moo confesses that he is waiting in front of her house and has not gone on the blind date after all. The two finally unite on a bridge, and Ha Ri approaches Tae Moo. He tells her, “Ms. Shin. If you come any closer, I’m never letting you go again.” And with this, the two kiss again.

When it comes to cliffhangers and leaving viewers emotionally invested, “A Business Proposal” has given everything viewers could have asked for in a K-drama this year. There is not one boring moment, and with the series coming to an end, here’s hoping there will be more heartfelt romantic moments from both couples. The hype of the series is well-deserved! Is it too early to start wishing for a second season?

Hey Soompiers, are you sad to say goodbye to “A Business Proposal”? Let me know in the comments below!

binahearts  is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are  Song Joong Ki  and BIGBANG but has lately been seen obsessing over  Hwang In Yeop . Make sure you follow  binahearts  on Instagram as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes!

Currently watching:  “A Business Proposal,” “Forecasting Love and Weather,” “Soundtrack #1,” and “Twenty Five, Twenty One” All-time favorite drama:  “ Secret Garden ” and “Star In My Heart” Looking forward to:   Won Bin ‘s return to the small screen

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‘Business Proposal’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

Business Proposal has been major success on Netflix, but will it be returning for a second season?

Jacob Robinson What's on Netflix Avatar

Business Proposal – copyright. Kross Pictures

Business Proposal has been one of the stand out K-Dramas of 2022, and has amassed over hundred million hours of views from subscribers. But despite the series popularity, it’s unclear if Business Proposal will be retuning for a second season on Netflix. 

Business Proposal is an internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original drama series based on the popular webtoon novel The Office Blind Date. The series is directed by Park Seon Ho, and was written by screenwriters Han Sul Hee and Hong Bo Hee.

Shin Ha Ri, has been single for a long time and has held a crush for her friend for years, but learns he has a girlfriend, which leaves her incredibly sad, so she turns to her friend Jin Young Seo for support. Young Seo asks Ha Ri to go on a blind date on her behalf and goes in with the intention of turning down the date, only to discover her date is none other than Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of the company where she works.

A Business Proposal Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 12/04/2022)

A Business Proposal has been extremely popular on Netflix, however, renewal is ultimately not up to the streaming service, and is instead up to the drama’s distributor SBS, and the producer Kross Pictures. The reason for this is that A Business Proposal is an internationally licensed Original and not produced by Netflix.

This isn’t to say that A Business Proposal won’t be renewed, as Netflix could be massively influential in any decisions made.

Over the past several weeks, A Business Proposal has dominated the Netflix’s global top ten Non-English TV list. Between February 28th and April 3rd, the k-drama has watched for a total of 102,840,000 million hours. Taking into consideration that we’re still waiting for the viewing data for the final two episodes, the total hours watched will be considerably higher.

Screenshot 2022 04 12 at 11.07.21

For now, we have to wait for a decision to be made by SBS, but we believe it’s highly unlikely that the show will be renewed for a second season.

Ha Ri and Tae Moo

Love was in the air for everyone in the finale of A Business Proposal.

After spending a significant time throughout the season hiding her true identity from Tae Moo, Ha Ri’s secret was finally revealed but that didn’t stop the young CEO from falling in love with her.

business proposal season 2 netflix ha ri tae moo

When the pair’s relationship was revealed to everyone, it caused a lot of trouble as Chairman Kang disapproved of their relationship, even asking Ha Ri to end the relationship and quit her job for Tae Moo’s sake. Ha Ri refuses the Chairman’s request, but the old man faked an illness in order to distract Tae Moo. Despite their differences, Ha Ri visits Chairman Kang, and takes care of him, slowly softening his stance.

business proposal season 2 netflix ha ri tae moo in the rain

Tae Moo and Ha Ri are able to get the approval of their parents, but the former has to take his grandfather to the US for treatment. Ha Ri is invited to go along with Tae Moo to America, but she declines, and instead, the pair settle on a long-distance relationship. A year later Tae Moo returns to Korea and reveals his grandfather finally approves of their relationship and proposes to Ha Ri.

Sung Hoon and Yeong Seo

Avoiding the date with Tae Moo so she can find someone to fall in love with, she goes against her father’s wishes, who had hoped by Yeong Seo marrying Tae Moo, they could merge their respective companies.

Yeong Seo eventually moved out of her father’s home, and as fate would have it she would find an apartment next to Tae Moo’s assistant Sung Hoon.

business proposal season 2 netflix sung hoon

Despite her flirting and advances, Sung Hoon resists due to his concern about what Tae Moo would think. Soon after, Sung Hoon saves Yeong Soo and Ha Ri from a creep who trying to film the pair in the apartment. Eventually, Yeong Soo confesses her feeling for Sung Hoon and the pair begin dating.

Due to her father being so judgemental of Sung Hoon, Yeong Seo leaves her father’s company and starts a brand new life with Sung Hoon. Together, the pair begin their new life by becoming a happily and newly engaged couple after Sung Hoon proposes.

Does the series need a second season?

It may be disappointing to hear for some fans, but no, the series doesn’t need a second season.

The love stories of Ha Ri and Tae Moo, alongside Yeong Seo and Sung Hoon were all left on a happy and positive note. While tension and drama could be crafted from the Tae Moo’s and Yeong Seo’s respective families and their companies, it would feel extremely superficial considering Tae Moo already has the approval of his family, and Yeong Seo removed herself from her father’s influence.

Would you like to see another season of A Business Proposal on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

Jacob joined What's on Netflix in 2018 as a fulltime writer having worked in numerous other industries until that point. Jacob covers all things Netflix whether that's TV or movies but specializes in covering new anime and K-dramas. Resides in Norwich in the United Kingdom.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

“a business proposal” synopsis by episode (eps. 1-12, no spoilers) with in-depth analysis of the drama’s cinematography.

a business proposal until what episode

How I wrote these episode summaries with no spoilers

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 1 recap:

At the hotel lobby, a random woman accuses Ha-ri (aka “Young-seo”) of cheating with her boyfriend; Ha-ri uses it to further turn off Tae-moo, claiming that she sometimes sees three or four men at the same time. She runs away from the hotel, with the random woman chasing her.

Tae-moo shocks his grandfather Chairman Kang Da-goo and his secretary Sung-hoon by saying that he will marry Young-seo.

While celebrating at a “noraebang” with Ha-ri, Young-seo finds out from her father that Tae-moo wants to marry her.

Rushing to work the next day, Ha-ri gets into an elevator with Tae-moo, Sung-hoon, and Chairman Kang Da-goo. As she hastily gets out of the elevator, she drops her employee ID, which Tae-moo picks up.

At a convenience store, Young-seo meets Sung-hoon and thinks that she has found the love of her life.

After Young-seo puts her on a guilt trip, Ha-ri agrees to meet Tae-moo again. At a cafe/restaurant, Ha-ri (aka “Young-seo”) walks out of Tae-moo, saying that she doesn’t want an arranged marriage, especially for business purposes.

On the street, Ha-ri sees her friend and crush, chef Min-woo. Not wanting Min-woo to see the way she’s dressed, she runs away but ends up inside Tae-moo’s car.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 2 recap:

Tae-moo realizes that Young-seo and the woman who impersonated her are actually friends. Later on, as he meets Ha-ri, he finds out that her family owns a chicken restaurant. Ha-ri confesses that she agreed to go to the blind date in exchange for 800,000 won. She apologizes to Tae-moo and promises to help him out in any favor. When Tae-moo asks for her name, she says that she’s “Shin Geum-hui” (the name of the female lead in a current K-drama).

After Tae-moo says that he doesn’t want to marry Young-seo anymore, Chairman Kang Da-goo requires him to go on blind dates again. He meets several women in one day, including someone in Japan.

Fed up with going on blind dates, Tae-moo tells his grandfather Chairman Kang Da-goo that he wants to marry a woman he had recently reconciled with. Later on, at a cafe station in an indoor children’s amusement park, he offers Ha-ri (“Shin Geum-hui”) 1.6 million won [more or less 1,000 US dollars] everytime she meets with his grandfather.

Tae-moo goes to Ha-ri (Shin Geum-hui)’s house-cum-chicken restaurant and presents her with a written contract for their dates. Ha-ri gets out of Tae-moo’s car and runs back to the house. After seeing her brother on his way home, she pushes Tae-moo away. Tae-moo falls to the ground, but he also pulls Ha-ri down with him.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 3 recap:

Young-seo rents an apartment unit that’s adjacent to Sung-hoon’s unit. Later, when she asks Sung-hoon if they could be friends since they’re neighbors, he rejects her because of the trouble she created on her supposed blind date with Tae-moo.

Ha-ri is brokenhearted to find out that Min-woo has reconciled with his girlfriend, Yoo-ra.

Chairman Kang Da-goo forces Tae-moo to go with Ha-ri to the concert (using the tickets that Min-woo gave to her). During the concert, as Ha-ri remembers her happy moments with Min-woo for the past seven years, Tae-moo notices that she’s crying.

While at a “tteokbokki” stand in a park with Tae-moo, Ha-ri gets hit on the eye with a baseball.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 4 recap:

Chairman Kang Da-goo falls into a large basin filled with cabbages and cold water after struggling with Ha-ri over the door knob of the restroom.

Tae-moo takes Shin Geum-hui (Ha-ri) to a luxury boutique and buys for her an expensive, one of a kind dress. As they’re leaving, Jo Yoo-jung (Young-seo’s cousin) sees them. Later, they go to a fancy Italian restaurant owned by Chairman Kang Da-goo. Tae-moo learns that Shin Geum-hui (Ha-ri) knows a lot about food.

Tae-moo finally finds out that Shin Geum-hui (his fake girlfriend) and Shin Ha-ri (a senior food researcher in his company) are one and the same person.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 5 recap:

Tae-moo rushes to the playground where he finds Ha-ri quite drunk. Thinking that seeing Tae-moo in front of her is a dream, Ha-ri confesses that she and Shin Geum-hui are one and the same person.

The next day, Tae-moo releases Ha-ri from their contract, saying that they don’t have to meet each other again. He then immediately goes to the US on a business trip and to erase Ha-ri from his memories.

To her surprise, Ha-ri gets a phone call from Chairman Kang Da-goo, who asks her if they could meet for dinner. She calls up Tae-moo, but he refuses to take her call.

Young-seo finds the spy camera hidden in the table lamp. On her way to the police station, her male neighbor accosts her and snatches the table lamp and spy camera from her.

Tae-moo finds out from Sung-hoon what happened to Young-seo. Ha-ri arrives for her dinner date with Chairman Kang Da-goo, but Tae-moo immediately tells her that her friend Young-seo is in trouble. Ha-ri is shocked when she hears Tae-moo call her “Shin Ha-ri” instead of “Shin Geum-hui.”

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 6 recap:

Tae-moo’s plan to propose to Ha-ri that they should start dating with marriage in view fails. Later on, he tears up Ha-ri’s resignation letter, and Ha-ri becomes happy that she gets to keep her job despite everything that has happened.

Tae-moo’s planned movie date with Ha-ri goes awry when Ha-ri’s teammates see Ha-ri at the theater lobby and join her in watching the movie. Tae-moo sneaks away from the theater.

Having found out what Ha-ri likes from her social media postings, Tae-moo schedules a date with her in Sokcho. But on the way back to Seoul, they get caught in the heavy rain. Tae-moo becomes agitated, remembering his parents’ deaths; he orders Ha-ri to get off his car.

Young-seo gets drunk; on the street, she kisses Sung-hoon.

At the hotel, Ha-ri is shocked when Tae-moo introduces himself to Yoo-ra and their friends as her boyfriend.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 7 recap:

Young-seo confesses to Ha-ri that she slept with Sung-hoon but is flustered and embarrassed because she can’t remember anything about that night. Through the group chat, she finds out that their friends know Tae-moo as Ha-ri’s boyfriend.

After Sung-hoon confesses to Young-seo that he fell in love with her the day they met at the convenience store, they sleep together again.

A week passes, and Ha-ri thinks about turning down Tae-moo because of their difference in status. At the additional photo shoot with Min-woo, she takes over from her officemate who took one calming pill too many.

While they’re hiding from Chairman Kang Da-goo, Ha-ri tells Tae-moo that a romantic relationship between them won’t succeed. But when Tae-moo answers that he won’t give her up, she kisses him.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 8 recap:

Tae-moo puts Ha-ri’s parents in a VIP room in the hospital. But Ha-ri introduces him to her parents as Mr. Gye-bin, her immediate boss at the Food Research Production Team 1.

Min-woo finds the dating contract between Tae-moo and Ha-ri in Ha-ri’s room. Later, on the street, when he sees and hears Tae-moo asking Ha-ri for a kiss as payback, he punches Tae-moo.

Tae-moo finds out about Sung-hoon’s relationship with Young-seo.

Chairman Kang Da-goo orders Tae-moo to go on a blind date with Director Jo Yu-jeong (Young-seo’s cousin and immediate boss at Marine Group).

At the sports competition among the food researchers, Ha-ri plays hard to win the MVP award because a dinner date with Tae-moo is the special prize. Afterwards, she calls up Tae-moo and asks him to get out immediately of his blind date. They meet on a bridge and kiss.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 9 recap:

Chairman Kang Da-goo finds out that it was Sung-hoon, instead of Tae-moo, who went to the blind date with Yu-jeong.

After another mishap in the bathroom with Ha-ri, Chairman Kang Da-goo orders her to write a letter of apology. He also tells Tae-moo that he hates seeing Ha-ri.

Young-seo finds out that the man Yu-jeong has been chasing is none other than Sung-hoon. When Yu-jeong creates a scene at the restaurant, she walks out despite Sung-hoon’s attempts to explain things to her. She fails to meet the nun who Sung-hoon calls “Mother.”

After the team dinner and drinking session, Tae-moo and Ha-ri plan to take a little walk to get sober. But Chairman Kang Da-goo sees and confronts them.

a business proposal until what episode

Ep. 10 recap:

After finding out more about Sung-hoon from the nun in the orphanage, Young-seo reconciles with Sung-hoon.

Tae-moo introduces himself to Ha-ri’s brother as Ha-ri’s boyfriend.

Chairman Kang Da-goo finds out from the nun that Tae-moo went to the orphanage with someone named Shin Ha-ri. Later, he meets Ha-ri and orders her not to meet Tae-moo ever again.

While rushing to where Chairman Kang Da-goo is meeting Ha-ri, Tae-moo gets into a car accident.

a business proposal until what episode

Episode 12, Finale (with spoilers)

Ep. 11 recap:

Tae-moo reveals to Ha-ri how his parents died in a car accident because of him.

Because the board of directors could possibly force Tae-moo to resign as company president, Chairman Kang Da-goo orders Ha-ri to either transfer to a provincial branch or resign.

Ha-ri’s brother tells his parents that the man they thought was Ha-ri’s superior, Gye-bin, is actually Kang Tae-moo, the president of GO Food.

At the restaurant, Young-seo’s father tells her and Sung-hoon that he doesn’t object to their relationship. On their way home, Sung-hoon proposes to her.

After meeting Chairman Kang Da-goo, Ha-ri walks around aimlessly until she finds herself in Namsan Tower. Tae-moo goes to her, and they spend the night together.

a business proposal until what episode

Historical / cultural backgrounders and other information

a business proposal until what episode

Lessons in photography from “A Business Proposal” with analysis of its visuals, cinematography, and editing

a business proposal until what episode

Part 1 It’s important to understand that these cues stand out because they add more than just composition to a shot. They add a subtext which most times reinforces the narrative ... but which may also, at times, contradict the script. In a way, they allow the director to communicate directly with us. So that even when the writers may be doing their best to confuse us, a good director will leave hints of the truth through carefully placed shots. Part 4 Though some of you may see these cues merely as aesthetic choices, doing so would be rendering a great disservice to the directors and the mastery they hold over their craft. Every art form focused on storytelling requires knowledge of colors, design, composition, and hierarchy -- among many others, to communicate things appropriately.

a business proposal until what episode

A dutch angle or dutch tilt is a great way to signal to your viewer that something in your scene is wrong. That said, many filmmakers have used the dutch angle too much, or in such a thoughtless manner that they left cinematic effectiveness on the table. Dutch angles were originally created during the film era of German Expressionism, and they are a perfect cinematic tool for jarring a viewer, and signalling trouble, danger, or general unrest within a situation.

a business proposal until what episode

Let’s start with a low angle shot definition, which is basically just any shot that is captured below eye line level. With strategic camera placement and situational context, this technique has been used to emphasize the heroism of a character(s) or — on the opposite end of the spectrum — their vulnerability.

a business proposal until what episode

Bokeh: The gorgeous out of focus highlights
behind Ha-ri
“Shaped Bokeh On iPhone? There’s An App For That” “Bokeh Basics: Take and Make Great Photography” with Gavin Hoey “How To Shoot Heart Shaped Bokeh (the Easy Way!)” “How to Create Custom Shaped Bokeh with your Camera - Heart-shaped Bokeh Photo DIY” “Shaped Bokeh : Create Your Own Bokeh Filter!”

a business proposal until what episode

“Pulling focus to show off a set: Young Victoria” “Focus pulling as a storytelling technique: Casino Royale” “Rack focus for establishing relationships”

a business proposal until what episode

When I look better at the picture from Sky Castle: there are line of force (diagonals going up) leading to the head of the actress. It makes a kind of threatening effect.

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Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

The blind date.

Episode 1 of Business Proposal begins with the hot-shot new president of GO Food walking confidently through the airport. Kang Tae-moo has been working overseas for his grandfather’s company, but flies back to Korea to take over as president.

Tae-moo is meant to give an inaugural address to company employees. He sends in his place his chief secretary, Cha Sung-hoon. This upsets his grandfather, Chairman Kang Da-goo.

GO Food researcher Shin Ha-ri finds Tae-moo’s absence at the meeting amusing. It’s her birthday, and she receives a message from her crush, Lee Min-woo, about meeting her at his restaurant that night.

Her best friend Jin Young-seo convinces her that Min-woo is going to ask her out. But Ha-ri’s hopes are crushed when he gifts her concert tickets and says that she could take a man with her.

Da-goo goes to his grandson’s house to inform him of a “special project” he has for him. He wants to see Tae-moo with a wife, so he arranged 20 blind dates for him with women from the elite business world.

Tae-moo immediately rejects the idea. However, Da-goo convinces him by faking poor health and conceding to Tae-moo’s wish to fire employee Mr. Park.

That night at her family’s restaurant, Ha-ri and the neighbouring store owner get into an altercation. She accidentally injures him and breaks his store’s sign. Now she has to come up with a large sum to cover the damages.

The next day, Ha-ri gets lunch with Young-seo. Her friend is upset that her father is forcing her to go on yet another blind date–and she doesn’t even know who he’s set her up with this time.

She persuades Ha-ri to go on the date for her and scare the new suitor off. They’ve done the same in the past, but this time Young-seo will pay her. 

So Ha-ri dresses up to get coffee with the blind date. It shocks her to discover that she’s dating none other than the president of her own company. She does everything to put him off, but Tae-moo doesn’t seem to care.

Still, she’s fairly convinced that she’s intimidated him sufficiently by the end of the date. She tells Young-seo of her success and they celebrate with karaoke.

But Tae-moo has different ideas. To avoid dates with 20 other women, he decides to marry Young-seo. When Young-seo finds out, she implores Ha-ri to clean up this mess. 

The next day, Ha-ri runs into Tae-moo and Da-goo at GO Food. She keeps her back turned to them at all times, but Tae-moo catches sight of her ID and learns her name. He doesn’t realize that she was the woman posing as Young-seo, but he does recognize her name: Ha-ri was the employee responsible for “Bucket List Fish,” a proposal he really admired.

Later, Sung-hoon runs into Young-seo at the supermarket. They don’t find out each other’s identities, but they do experience a moment of connection.

Ha-ri agrees to go on one more date on Young-seo’s behalf. She tells Tae-moo that she refuses to marry him. How could she marry someone she doesn’t even know?

He proposes they go on 10 dates so they can get to know each other before she makes a decision. She still rejects him.

When she goes to leave, she nearly runs into her crush, Min-woo. She panics; he can’t see her dressed as a socialite.

The episode ends with Ha-ri getting into the nearest car and coming face to face with the man she just refused: Tae-moo.

The Episode Review

This rom-com is based on a webtoon called “The Office Blind Date,” and traits of the original format shine through in many of the K-drama’s stylistic choices, from its general melodrama to the sprinkling of animations throughout.

The style might feel amateurish if the show didn’t lean into its goofiness so heavily. Business Proposal doesn’t take itself too seriously, instead inviting viewers to laugh at its absurdity.

Episode 1 gives us a slow build-up to an amusing ending. While the premise may seem ludicrous, it holds a lot of potential for a lighthearted office romance that’s rife with misunderstandings.

Business Proposal certainly won’t be for everyone–but if you can embrace its convoluted nature, you’ll likely have a blast watching Ha-ri’s story unfold.

  • Episode Rating (3)

4 thoughts on “Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review”

So much fun. The plot reminds me of an updated Jane Austin novel with Shin Ha-ri as Elizabeth, Kang Tae Moo as Darcy, Young-seo as Jane, Cha Sung-hoon as Bingley, Min woo as Wickham, and grandfather Kang Da-goo as (aunt) Catherine de Burg. I like the slightly mysterious backstories, so much that I’d like a sequel that will at least address some of the missing pieces. I like the way Tae-moo can read Ha’ir’s body language so well, and then finds it interesting that her words and body language are in opposition. Because he finds her cute and interesting, Tae-moo does appear to care what is true. Cute, seemingly open, and interesting, Tae-moo has found his partner for the moment.

This show is the best! I have never laughed so hard with a Korean RomCom! Episode 9 and 10 are super funny but with sweet tender moments! This show is the whole package!

I agree with Angela it was a good laugh and couldn’t wait for episode three. Just wish, although I now it is impossible and costly, we could have it translated into English but this will not stop we watching the subtitles version. I’m hooked.

Personally speaking, I never laughed so hard in watching this amusing tale of blind date romance gone wrong, I can’t wait till Chapter 3 and more that will follow. So far I give it a thumb up or five stars for excellent writing of this TV Show script and joy of hysterical antics of the great performances by all these actors/actresses.

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A Business Proposal (2023) Episode 5 English sub on Myasiantv

List episode.


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Business Proposal TAGALOG DUBBED Episode 1 part 1

203.7K Views Premium Dec 16, 2023

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U.S. Said to Seek Boeing Guilty Plea to Avoid Trial in 737 Max Crashes

The Justice Department told victims’ families that it would propose a nearly $244 million fine and three years of company oversight to settle a fraud charge.

A green plane being assembled, with cranes and staircases surrounding it.

By Niraj Chokshi

The Justice Department plans to allow Boeing to avoid a criminal trial if it agrees to plead guilty to a fraud charge stemming from two fatal crashes of its 737 Max more than five years ago, according to two lawyers for families of the crash victims.

Federal officials shared details of the offer on a call with the families on Sunday afternoon before bringing the deal to Boeing, according to the lawyers, Paul G. Cassell and Mark Lindquist.

The terms include a nearly $244 million fine, a new investment in safety improvements, three years of scrutiny from an external monitor, and a meeting between Boeing’s board and the victims’ families, said Mr. Cassell, a University of Utah law professor.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while Boeing declined to comment.

Mr. Cassell, who represents more than a dozen of the families, said that he and the families found the deal to be “outrageous” and that it fell far short of what they had sought. He described the offer as a “sweetheart plea deal” because it would not force Boeing to admit fault in the deaths of the 346 people who died in the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia in late 2018 and early 2019.

“The families will strenuously object to this plea deal,” Mr. Cassell said in a statement. “The memory of 346 innocents killed by Boeing demands more justice than this.”

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Student-loan borrowers who were set to get debt cancellation or lower payments through Biden's new repayment plan won't get it — for now. Here's what you need to know.

  • Two federal judges blocked parts of the SAVE income-driven, student-loan repayment plan on Monday.
  • The rulings mean that student-loan forgiveness and lower payments set to begin in July cannot move forward.
  • The Justice Department is appealing the rulings, and the courts have yet to make final decisions. 

Insider Today

Legal challenges against President Joe Biden's student-debt relief efforts are back — and the latest rulings are bad news for his new repayment plan.

On Monday evening, district courts in Kansas and Missouri handed down rulings blocking parts of the new SAVE income-driven repayment plan , first introduced last summer with the goal of giving borrowers more affordable payments and a shorter timeline for loan forgiveness.

The first lawsuit was filed in March in Kansas by 11 GOP state attorneys general, and the second was filed in April in Missouri by seven GOP state attorneys general. In both cases, the plaintiffs requested that the courts block the SAVE plan and the loan forgiveness that comes with it, arguing that the relief is beyond the administration's authority.

Monday's district court rulings were different, but both dealt blows to the SAVE plan. Kansas Judge Daniel Crabtree ruled that new provisions through SAVE set to go into effect July 1, like lower monthly payments, cannot be implemented as the legal process progresses. Missouri Judge John Ross ruled that the plan's provision to cancel student debt for borrowers with original balances of $12,000 or lower who made as few as 10 years of qualifying is now blocked, as well.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona condemned the rulings on Monday, saying in a statement that "the Department of Justice will continue to vigorously defend the SAVE Plan."

"Republican elected officials and special interests sued to block their own constituents from being able to benefit from this plan – even though the Department has relied on the authority under the Higher Education Act three times over the last 30 years to implement income-driven repayment plans," Cardona said.

"While we continue to review these rulings, the SAVE plan still means lower monthly payments for millions of borrowers - including more than 4 million borrowers who owe no payments at all, and protections for borrowers facing runaway interest when they are making their monthly payments," he added.

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Here's what borrowers should know about the rulings.

First ruling: No new payment reforms

Student-loan borrowers who have already enrolled in SAVE can continue making the payments the plan calculated for them. However, the new provisions set to go into effect July 1 — including cutting undergraduate borrowers' payments in half and forgiveness credit for period of deferment of forbearance — are halted.

Here's why: Kansas' Crabtree ruled , in part, in favor of the attorneys general, and he explained in his ruling that the SAVE plan's monthly payment cap and shortening of the payment period for forgiveness "overreach any generosity Congress has authorized before."

However, Crabtree ruled to preserve the provisions of SAVE that have already gone into effect because the plaintiffs failed to adequately show how they suffered harm from parts of the plan already in place. For example, the Education Department outlined in June 2023 its intention to cap monthly payments and announced the shorter timeline to forgiveness a month in advance, leaving the attorneys general with time to challenge the plan earlier.

"All of this is to ask why: if these parts of the SAVE Plan promised an irreparable harm to plaintiffs, why didn't they move to enjoin the SAVE Plan before they took effect?" Crabtree wrote.

However, with regards to the new SAVE provisions set to go into effect July 1, Crabtree ruled that the plaintiffs succeeded in showing harm because there was no delay in challenging the plan's unimplemented provisions, and any forthcoming relief would be irreversible.

So rather than reversing or altering any of the provisions through SAVE already implemented, Crabtree decided to halt any new measures that have yet to be implemented until the court makes a final decision.

Second ruling: No student-loan forgiveness

While thousands of borrowers have already received student-loan forgiveness through the SAVE provision, which cancels debt for borrowers with original balances of $12,000 or less, no more borrowers will be able to partake in that relief for now.

Missouri's Ross handed down a different ruling regarding SAVE. He first said that Missouri's argument that the plan would harm student-loan company MOHELA — based in Missouri — due to lost revenue has standing, given it was the same conclusion the Supreme Court reached when it struck down Biden's first attempt at broad debt relief last summer.

With regards to the fate of SAVE, Ross decided that while already implemented provisions of SAVE can remain, any future student-loan forgiveness through the plan is blocked. He wrote that Congress did not account for the scale of loan forgiveness under SAVE, and as a result, the attorneys general have "a 'fair chance' of success on the merits on their claim that the Secretary has overstepped its authority by promulgating a loan forgiveness provision as part of the SAVE program."

He also said that even without allowing student-loan forgiveness, the other provisions, like lower payments and limited interest accrual, will still provide relief to borrowers. Since the attorneys general did not adequately argue why the other provisions should be blocked, Crabtree said he would only place a preliminary injunction on the debt cancellation.

Cardona said on Tuesday that the Justice Department will appeal the rulings.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement that the Education Department will "continue to enroll more Americans in SAVE and help more students and borrowers access the benefits of the plan that remain available, including $0 payments for anyone making $16 an hour or less, lower monthly payments for millions more borrowers, and protecting borrowers from runaway interest if they are making their monthly payments."

Watch: Why student loans aren't canceled, and what Biden's going to do about it

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    Newest Episodes . S1 E12 - Season 1. S1 E11 - Season 1. S1 E10 - Season 1. Where does Business Proposal rank today? The JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. This includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. ... Business Proposal is ...

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    In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal. Watch trailers & learn more.

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    Over the past several weeks, A Business Proposal has dominated the Netflix's global top ten Non-English TV list. Between February 28th and April 3rd, the k-drama has watched for a total of 102,840,000 million hours. Taking into consideration that we're still waiting for the viewing data for the final two episodes, the total hours watched ...

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    "A Business Proposal" synopsis by episode (Eps. 1-12, no spoilers) with in-depth analysis of the drama's cinematography ... Ha-ri walks around aimlessly until she finds herself in Namsan Tower. Tae-moo goes to her, and they spend the night together. ... Lessons in photography from "A Business Proposal" with analysis of its visuals ...

  20. Business Proposal

    Episode 1 gives us a slow build-up to an amusing ending. While the premise may seem ludicrous, it holds a lot of potential for a lighthearted office romance that's rife with misunderstandings. Business Proposal certainly won't be for everyone-but if you can embrace its convoluted nature, you'll likely have a blast watching Ha-ri's ...

  21. A Business Proposal (2022) Episode 1 English sub on Myasiantv

    Option 5. Option 6. Report Download. Watch A Business Proposal (2022) Episode 1 English Subbed on Myasiantv, <p>Shin Ha-Ri is a single woman and works for a company. She has a male friend and she has held a crush on him for a long time, but she learns that her friend has a girlfriend. Shin Ha-Ri feels sad and decides to meet her friend Jin ...

  22. A Business Proposal (2023) Episode 5 English sub on Myasiantv

    Watch A Business Proposal (2023) Episode 5 English Subbed on Myasiantv, Career-oriented CEO of Go Food, Keung Tai Mo Tyson, agrees to go on a blind date his grandfather set up for him. Meanwhile, Suen Ho Lee Hollie, a small fry in Go Food, agrees to go on a blind date in her best friend Chan Ying Shu's stead. A love story between the big boss and a low-ranking employee begins with this blind date.

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    Business Proposal TAGALOG DUBBED Episode 1 part 1, Southeast Asia\'s leading anime, comics, and games (ACG) community where people can create, watch and share engaging videos. 1.1K My List. Send. Business Proposal TAGALOG DUBBED Episode 1 part 1. Feedback; Report; 203.3K Views Dec 16, 2023.

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    Business Proposal: Episodes 7-8 by DaebakGrits. ... But again, I agree, I was never convinced until the end of the last episode that Tae Mu was really falling for him. On the other hand, that attempt to get the MVP in the sports competition was a funny scene. Maybe the swoony in this rom-com takes a back seat to the winking at the tropes, which ...

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