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50 easy + cute things to draw (with step by step examples).

50 Easy + cute things to draw

Bullet journaling isn’t all about organisation (although this is a big part of it!) It’s also a great way to express your personality and nurture your creativity. A popular way to do this is the art of doodling - cute drawings that are easy to draw. The best part is that you can get started with even the simplest of bullet journaling tools and supplies . So, whether you consider yourself a bit of a Picasso, or you’re looking to improve your drawing skills, adding doodles to your bujo is something both fun and relaxing you can start today!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. 50 of the best bullet journal drawings

a. Animal doodles

b. Kawaii cute doodles

c. FREE Japanese Drinks Step-by-step Printable

d. Seasonal drawings

e. Flowers drawings

f. Sea themed doodles

g. Space theme

h. Banners & borders

i. Food & drink doodles

j. Popular culture theme

k. Other unique doodle designs


Why should i bother.

Why should I doodle in my bujo

Doodling isn’t a sign of a loss of concentration: in fact, it is the opposite! Research has shown doodling has TONS of benefits: not only will it help your brain: you are more likely to remember things, concentrate and visualise, but it is also great for your mental health- think processing your emotions more productively and relieving stress.

And that's without all the creative energy you will bring to your bujo - and how pretty it's gonna look with all those cute easy drawings!

But I’m no good at doodles… where do I start?

Unsure where to begin? Worried you're not creative enough? Don’t be! The bujo community is full of creative ideas and how to draw step by step tutorials to follow which will improve your drawing skills and have your bullet journal full of cute doodles in no time!

50 of the best bullet journal drawings to add to your bujo.

Animal doodles.

Looking for cute things to draw? One of the easiest doodles you can add to you bujo is an animal! Whether elephants are your thing or you go crazy for pandas, these insta step by step doodles are easy to follow, quick to do and super effective. Why not give one (or more!) a try?

1. Elephant Doodle

We are obsessed with this little elephant by @bows.and.bullets Add to your bujo to up the cuteness factor to the max.

Elephant doodle

Credit: @bows.and.bullets

Difficulty rating (out of 5): 3

2. Sloth doodle

It’s a sloth life! This sloth doodle by @julia.pezowicz will make a great addition to your bujo. The step by step guide breaks it down one stage at a time.

Sloth doodle

Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Difficulty: 3

3. Cow doodle

We are all for these cute animal doodles and this step by step doodle of a cow by @june.folio is no exception! We love how easy it is by following this useful how to draw step by step.

Cow doodle

Credit: @june.folio

Difficulty: 2

4. Peacock doodle

Add a pretty peacock to your bujo using this easy step by step tutorial by @lifeinabujo. This how to draw step by step even features ruler measurements for those perfect dimensions.

Peacock doodle

Credit: @lifeinabujo

Difficulty: 4

5. Hedgehog doodle

Proving that doodles can grow from the tiniest detail (in this case a dot) is this super cute drawing of a hedgehog by @seed_successful_you. Follow this how to draw step by step to bring some autumn vibes to your bujo doodles.


Credit: @seed_successful_you

6. Panda doodle

If you love pandas as much as we do (because they are awesome) then follow this how to draw step by step doodle tutorial to add some to your bujo. Thanks to the @theboostedjournal this one is great for those new to doodling.

Panda doodle

Credit: @theboostedjournal

7. Different bear doodles

Can’t decide between pandas, polars, or grizzly bears? Us neither! So why not add them all to your bujo like @julia.pezowicz? Her easy things to draw step by step ‘we bare bears’ bujo doodle tutorial is too cute for words!

Bear doodle

8. Koi fish doodle

Adding a Koi fish to your bujo looks tons more complicated than it actually is. Thanks to this step by step doodle tutorial by @izstudying even newbie doodlers can have a go. Such cute drawings!

Koi doodle

Credit: @izstudying

9. Bee doodle

Buzzin about this bright yellow bee how to draw step by step from @cozydaydreams. Will add such a colour pop to your bujo.

Bee doodle

Credit: @cozydaydreams

Kawaii cute doodles

Take your animal love one step further by adding some kawaii cool to your bujo. Our Shiba doodle insta has tons of cool step by step doodle tutorials for you to follow: from kawaii cute doodles to how to draw a cat step by step!

1. Kawaii foods doodle

These pineapple, watermelon and ice cream kawaii easy doodles by @lifeinabujo are just the perfect summer addition! Super helpful step by step tutorial for you to practice… and just yum!

Kawaii food doodle

Difficulty: 1 - easy doodles

2. Kawaii Tiger doodle

This step by step kawaii tiger doodle tutorial reminds us of the Mojacko and Doraemon Japanese cartoons! @estudapotter breaks it down into bite-sized chunks so you will have these cute doodles drawn up in no time!

Kawaii tiger doodle

Credit: @estudapotter

3. Planet/cat doddle

Combine two of the coolest themes: space and cats with this clever step by step how to draw a cat step by step/ planets doodle tutorial by @nicolegracestudies. Another easy thing to draw for doodle newbies!

Planet cat doodle

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

4. Bunny & Tiger kawaii combo

Can’t wait to give this kawaii bunny & tiger step by step doodle tutorial by @minimal_studying a go! Don’t you think this will be a cool addition to your bujo? Why not try a how to draw a dog step by step or how to draw a wolf step by step in the same style?

Bunny & Tiger kawaii doodle

Credit: @minimal_studying

Download your free Japanese Drinks Step-by-step printable HERE 👇

and keep reading for more doodle ideas !

art ideas cute

Seasonal drawings

You may want to add monthly doodles that remind you of the seasons: think pumpkins at Halloween and candy canes at Christmas! Try these cute doodle how to draw step by step tutorials to bring the seasons to your bujo pages.

Want some cute doodles to capture your summer memories? Look no further than this step by step doodle tutorial from @sofiarbie. The best part? These are so easy to add to your bujo in minutes!

Summer doodle


  • Fall leaves doodle

As we near the end of September you might want to bring some orange and brown autumnal magic to your bujo. This how to draw step by step doodle tutorial by @planwithady uses different pen tip sizes and colour combos to beautifully capture fall in a bujo.

Fall leaves doodle

Credit: @planwithady

  • Poppies doodle

Poppies always remind us of autumn and the colours will look so striking on your spread. Thanks to this step by step flower drawings doodle tutorial by @dutch_dots it's so easy to do.

Poppies doodle

Credit: @dutch_dots

  • Autumn leaves doodle

This neat and simple how to draw step by step autumn leaf tutorial by @augustrose.doodles is the perfect addition to any autumnal themed spread. The lines are so precise and smooth!

Autumn leaves doodle

Credit: @augustrose.doodles

3. Halloween doodle

It’s nearly October guys, which means….Halloween! Celebrate by adding some cute doodles to your bujo. This step by step skeleton, mummy and vampire doodle tutorial by @anotherme.p. Has you covered. Why not include in a Halloween themed spread?

Halloween doodle

Credit: @anotherme.p

Flowers drawings

1. floral doodles.

Plant doodles are one of the simplest yet most effective doodles you can add to a bujo- so a good place to start if you are looking to perfect your drawing skills. This doodle step by step by @nicolegracestudies makes flowers drawings simple. Such cute doodles to add to any spread!

Floral doodle

2. Hibiscus doodle

This hibiscus step by step doodle tutorial by @amizaomar has us dreaming of beaches in Hawaii! Just the perfect plant doodle to add to your bujo. Why not pick your flowers drawings based on the season. We would love to see a cherry blossom one or a how to draw a rose step by step!

Hibiscus doodle

Credit: @amizaomar

3. Cacti doodle

Follow this simple how to draw step cacti doodle tutorial by @bulletsandconfetti for instant desert vibes. We love how there is a different type of cacti doodle to suit every bujo.

Cacti doodle

Credit: @bulletsandconfetti

4. Wildflower drawings

Add some wildflower drawings to your bujo for instant flower power. Thanks to this simple step by step doodle tutorial by @cozydaydreams it couldn’t be easier!

Wildflower doodle

5. Tulip doodle

We really like how vibrant this tulip step by step doodle tutorial is from @bujoabby. A super-easy way to bring colour and summery vibes to your bujo pages. You could also add rose flower drawings to your bujo for similar impact!

Tulip doodle

Credit: @bujoabby

6. Dandelion doodle

This detailed dandelion tutorial by @bujomitch is really helpful for newbie doodlers- it breaks it down in 3 simple stages: ‘seed’ ‘flower’ and ‘leaf’. Such cute doodles!

Dandelion doodle

Credit: @bujomitch

7. House Plant doodle

Keeping houseplants alive might be difficult, but thanks to this helpful how to draw step by step doodle from @splendidscribbles you can add them to your bujo with ease!

House plant doodle

Credit: @splendidscribbles

Sea themed doodles

‘Under the sea’ is such a cool theme to add to a bujo- from turtles to jellyfish these easy doodle ideas will make the perfect addition to your pages.

1. Sea doodles - ‘sea stuff’ doodles

From palm trees to tiny fish this easy how to draw step by step doodle from @bujofromnorway is the go-to for newbie doodlers.

Sea doodle

Credit: @bujofromnorway

2. Turtles doodles

This how to draw a turtle doodle tutorial from @junefolio is super quick and reminds us of ninja turtles! We can’t wait to add one of these cute doodles to our bujo.

Turtle doodle

Credit: @junefolio

3. Seashell doodles

Remind yourself of picking up shells at the beach with this fun seashell how to draw step by step tutorial from @seed_successful_you. The pastel colours make a pretty addition to any spread.

Seashell doodle

4. Maritime doodles

Yay for all things maritime with these cute doodles! Follow this step by step by @bujotrulla for easy yet effective doodles. These will look so effective when coloured incompletely!

Maritime doodle

Credit: @bujotrulla

5. Jellyfish doodles

We love these cute doodles of jellies! Add them to your spread with this fun step by step guide from @bulletwithe.

Jellyfish doodle

Credit: @bulletwithe

6. Seaweed & coral doodles

This step by step seaweed & coral tutorial by @gigis_journal proves sea themes don’t have to remain blue. Use green, red and yellow colours to add cute bullet journal drawings.

Seaweed & coral doodle

Credit: @gigis_journal

7. Seahorse doodles

Always wondered how to draw a seahorse? Wonder no more with this step by step doodle by @bujoandcookies. This is SO adorable yet such a cute easy drawing!

Seahorse doodle

Credit: @bujoandcookies

Space theme

You have probably seen tons of awesome space spread examples- but unsure of where to start? These helpful easy things to draw will help.

1. Planets & universe doodle spread

This planet & universe doodle spread by @seed_successful_you is so pretty! Those colours!! We love how it breaks down all your fav planets in a step by step easy things to draw how to.

Planets & universe doodle

2. Space themed doodles

Rockets, spaceships, aliens… this step by step space-themed doodle guide has you covered! Make like @cozydaydreams and pick a statement colour to add to your cute doodles.

Space themed doodle

Credit @cozydaydreams

3. Planet doodles

Another out of this world step by step planet tutorial! This one by @bujobyabby is great for those just starting out and covers all the planets from Saturn to planet Earth!

Planet doodle

Banners & borders

Doodles in your bujo can be both practical and cute. Take these simple banner and doodle divider ideas from our insta community. Why not add one to your next spread?

Love how simple this step by step tutorial by @estudapotter makes adding banners to your bujo. We guarantee these easy doodles will look super pretty on your next spread!

Banners doodle

Food & drink doodles

This is one of our fav doodle ideas to add to your bujo- super quick easy doodles that remind us of all the yummy foods we can eat. Bubble tea anyone?

1. Avocado doodle

We are obsessed with avo: both eating and doodling! This quick, easy doodle is a great how to draw step by step for beginners. You can add to any spread thanks to this tutorial by @loving.bujo.

Avocado doodle

Credit: @loving.bujo

2. Cherries doodle

How juicy do these cherries look? Add to your spread by following this step by step tutorial from @tinysilverlinings for instant colour pop perfection.

Cherries doodle

Credit @tinysilverlinings

3. Strawberries doodle

This is one of the most helpful breakdowns on how to doodle strawberries we have ever seen! Thanks to @annajournals we can add the most perfect colour blended strawberries to our bujo- dreaming of summer days!

Strawberry doodle

Credit: @annajournals

4. Coffee cups doodle

If like us you can’t survive without coffee, follow this how to draw step by step tutorial from @productivedoodling and add to your next spread. Almost as good as the real thing!

Coffee cups doodle

Credit: @productivedoodling

5. Tea & coffee doodle

Tea or coffee? Can’t decide? Neither can we! So why not add both to your bujo by following this cool step by step by @study.duoo

Tea & coffee doodle

Credit: @study.duoo

6. Bubble Tea Doodle

How amazing is Bubble Tea? Even more amazing now you can add to your bujo thanks to this how to draw step by step doodle tutorial from @splendidscribbles. Seriously cute doodles!

Bubble tea doodle

Popular culture theme

This is where you can really let your personality shine! Harry Potter obsessed? Disney your thing? Whatever it is you’re passionate about add cute doodles to your bujo! There are tons of popular culture references you can include. Just take a look at some of these awesome, easy doodles.

1. Baymax - Aladdin doodle

We loveeeee Baymax! And this Aladdin themed twist is just so cool. Thanks to @art_love98 it’s super easy to add to your own spread. All that’s missing is the magic carpet.

Baymax - aladin doodle

Credit: @art_love98

2. Baymax doodle

Or if you would rather have Baymax in all his usual cuteness, follow this easy doodle step by step by @junefolio. In just 4 steps you will have a cute doodle added to your page...Simple!

Baymax doodle

3. Disney - Toy Story doodle

We grew up with the Toy Story movies, so felt super emosh when we saw this step by step tutorial by @artlove_98. Add Woody, Jessie, Buzz and the Alien to start with and then expand your spread to include the whole gang!

Toy story doodle

Credit: @artl_love98

4. Harry Potter doodle

The books, movies, broadway…. We can’t get enough of Harry, Ron & Hermonie! So as Potter heads we were thrilled to see this how to draw step by step of a Time -Turner by @blackandwhitebullet

Harry potter doodle

Credit: @blackandwhitebullet

Other unique doodle designs

Like we mentioned earlier, you can doodle just about anything! Whatever ideas you have- whether personal, practical or simply your favourite things adding a doodle will certainly make you smile. Here are our final easy doodles before we go...

1. Hot air balloon doodles

Up up and away! If you aren’t about to take off anywhere exotic, use your bujo to get your head in the clouds. We love how easy this hot air balloon step by step by @seed_successful_you is to doodle.

Hot air baloon doodle

2. Carnival doodles

This how to draw step by step Carnival edition by @study.duoo takes us back to our childhood funfair visits. How cute is the carousel? Just like Mary Poppins!

Carnival doodle

3. Combine multiple doodles in one spread

Once you get the knack for doodling it’s hard to stop! We love how @creative.journals has added multiple doodles to this spread. So much yellow with the honey, bees and sunflowers!

Multiple doodle in one spread

Credit: @creative.journals

4. Colour theme - yellow doodles

What's your favourite colour? Why not express it in your bujo like this step by step tutorial by @ginger.bullet.journal. Everything on the page is yellow!

Yellow doodle

Credit: @ginger.bullet.journal

Looking for more easy doodle ideas or want to fill your bujo with cute doodles? Follow us on Insta at @notebook_therapy for TONS more easy things to draw and how to draw step by step tutorials

art ideas cute

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Flower Step-by-step Doodles

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Pot Plants Printable

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Artsydee – Drawing, Painting, Craft & Creativity

150+ Cute Drawings for Adorable Inspiration

September 17, 2023 April 21, 2023 | Dee

cute drawings

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Dee

Hey there, lovely readers! Are you in the mood for some cute drawings but need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re just looking for easy things to draw, a fun drawing to pass the time, or a new drawing idea to try in your sketchbook or doodle page, we’ve got you covered.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and let’s dive into these cute things to draw that will bring a smile to your face!

150 cute drawings to inspire you pin

150+ Cute Drawings

Unleash your creativity and find inspiration in our collection of cute things to draw, perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels.

From cuddly animals and charming chibi characters to irresistible sweets and captivating nature themes, each idea offers endless possibilities to create heartwarming artwork.

Explore various mediums and unique art projects that will bring a smile to your face and add a touch of cuteness to your surroundings.

Embrace your artistic side and let the cuteness overflow with these irresistible drawing ideas!

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Forest Animals:

cute drawings of forest animals

Capture the enchanting essence of woodland creatures like foxes, deer, and owls. Their cute, innocent expressions make them lovable subjects. Use watercolor paints for a soft, ethereal look, and create a whimsical forest-themed mural.

cute drawings of forest animals

With their big eyes and chubby bodies, frogs are naturally adorable. Sketch them with colored pencils for a vibrant touch. Design a playful patterned fabric featuring these cute amphibians.

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cute drawings of sheep

Fluffy and gentle, sheep exude a sense of calm. Use pastels for a soft, dreamy appearance. Craft a cozy children’s storybook illustration featuring these woolly animals. Use there Texture Drawing Examples to add character and visual interest to your art.

[Related article: How to Get Ideas for Drawing ]

cute drawings of birds

The diverse world of birds offers endless inspiration. Their bright colors and quirky personalities make them irresistible. Experiment with acrylics for bold hues and create a captivating bird-themed calendar.

cute drawings of icecream

Sweet, fun, and nostalgic ice cream drawings bring joy. Use markers for a clean graphic style. Design a set of delightful greeting cards featuring various ice cream flavors.

cute drawings of icecream

The vibrant colors and playful shapes of candy make them eye-catching subjects. Try gouache for a rich, opaque effect, and create a series of candy-themed pop art pieces.

cute drawings

These majestic yet cute creatures captivate with their flowing manes and gentle eyes. Use charcoal for a classic look, and design a series of pony-inspired minimalist posters.

cute drawings

The cuddly koala is irresistibly cute with its round ears and fluffy appearance. Work with graphite pencils for a soft, natural feel. Illustrate an educational children’s book about these unique marsupials.

cute drawings

The delicate petals and vivid colors of flowers make them perennial favorites. Experiment with ink and watercolor for a loose, expressive style. Create a botanical alphabet print using flower shapes.

cute drawings

With their soft fur and twitching noses, bunnies embody cuteness. Use colored pencils for a detailed look, and design a set of bunny-themed nursery prints.

cute drawings

The mesmerizing underwater world of fish is full of charm. Work with oil pastels for a vibrant, textured effect. Create a series of aquatic-themed art pieces for a bathroom or coastal retreat.

cute drawings

Puppies’ playful demeanor and floppy ears make them lovable subjects. Try digital art for a modern touch, and design a collection of puppy-inspired phone wallpapers.

Adorable Cat Drawing Idea:

cute drawings

Their mysterious gaze and graceful movements make cats captivating. Capture their essence with ink and brushes for a fluid style. Create a series of minimalist cat-inspired tote bag designs.

Check out my cute cat drawing tutorial.

cute drawings

Pot Plants:

cute drawings

The diverse shapes and textures of pot plants add character to any space. Use mixed media for a unique look, and create a set of plant-inspired notebook covers.

Chibi Characters:

cute drawings

Chibi characters, with their exaggerated features and tiny bodies, are irresistibly cute. Use alcohol markers for vibrant colors, and create a comic strip featuring your own original chibi characters or chibi poses .

Cute Cartoons:

cute drawings

The expressive faces and lovable personalities of cute cartoons make them enduring favorites. Experiment with digital art for a modern look, and design a set of cute cartoon stickers.

Cute Butterflies:

cute drawings

The delicate wings and bright colors of butterflies make them enchanting subjects. Use watercolor for a dreamy look, and create a butterfly-themed mobile to bring charm to any room.

cute drawings

Their round bodies and tiny paws make hamsters irresistibly cute. Sketch them with colored pencils, and create a set of hamster-inspired enamel pins.


cute drawings

The frothy layers and colorful toppings of milkshakes evoke a sense of nostalgia. Capture them with acrylics for a bold look

Other cute drawing ideas to try…

Ice lollies:.

An ice lolly drawing is a classic cute drawing idea to add to your collection. These sweet treats are perfect for a doodle page, and you can experiment with different flavors and toppings.

Animal Faces:

cute drawings

From adorable cat drawing ideas to fox drawing easy cute ideas, animal faces are a great way to de-stress and practice improving your drawing skills.

Cute Ghost Drawing:

Spookiness can be cute too! A cute ghost drawing idea adds a touch of whimsy to your sketchbook.

Toy Poodle Drawing:

For all the dog lovers out there, a toy poodle drawing idea is perfect for anybody who needs drawing inspiration.

150 cute drawings to inspire you pin

Cute Panda Drawing:

Add a touch of cuteness to your sketchbook with an easy cute panda drawing next to your other animal drawings.

Adorable Giraffe Pencil Drawing:

This tall, yet cute drawing idea is perfect for those who love incorporating outer space elements like stars and galaxies.

Adorable Pig Drawing Idea:

A yet adorable pig drawing can be made even cuter with a simple accessory like a bow or hat.

Cute Flower Daisy Drawing:

Flowers are always a lovely addition to your doodle page, and daisy drawings are both easy and adorable.

Cute Fish Drawing Goldfish:

Add a splash of color to your sketchbook with an easy cute fish drawing idea.

Adorable Whale Drawing Idea:

A whale drawing easy cute design will make a big splash in your artwork.

Cute Teacup Drawing Idea:

For a warm and cozy drawing idea to draw, try a cute teacup complete with steam and a cute little doodle of a spoon.

Adorable Boy Girl Drawing or Cartoon People:

cute drawings

A cartoon chibi boy girl is an easy drawing idea perfect for capturing childhood innocence.

Cute Crayon Drawing Idea:

Bring out your inner child with a colorful crayon drawing idea.

Cute Cloud Drawing Idea:

A yet cute cloud drawing with its fluffy charm can brighten up any sketchbook or doodle page.

Adorable Alpaca Drawing Idea:

Bring some fluffiness to your artwork with an adorable alpaca drawing idea.

Ice Cream Drawing Cute:

cute drawings

Try adding adorable animal faces to your ice cream scoops for an ice cream drawing cute twist.

Cute Dinosaur Drawing TRex:

Make your artwork roar with cuteness by adding a chubby TRex dinosaur drawing idea.

Sun Moon Drawing Cute:

Create harmony in your sketchbook by incorporating outer space elements with a sun moon drawing cute design.

Chubby Elephant Drawing Idea:

For a heartwarming drawing idea to draw, try a chubby elephant enjoying a refreshing splash of water.

Boy Girl Drawing Idea:

A yet adorable boy girl drawing can be made even cuter by adding sparkly bubbly round eyes and rosy cheeks.

Dog Drawing:

From puppy drawing cute easy designs to specific breeds, dog drawings are always a favorite among artists.

Cute Heart Drawing Idea:

A simple and easy drawing idea, cute hearts can add a touch of love to any doodle page.

Anime Faces Cute Drawing:

cute drawings

Practice your anime skills with chibi boy girl faces.

More cute drawing ideas…

In the realm of art, there is a special corner dedicated to cute things to draw. This area is adorned with cool drawings that capture the essence of adorability.

From chubby animals to cartoon characters, these cute pictures are both fun to create and pleasing to the eye.

So, if you’re wondering about some cute drawings to do, why not try drawing your best friend? Human or pet, they could be a fantastic subject.

Capture their personality with simple lines, shapes, and shades. A wonderful addition to this would be a friends forever doodle, a heartwarming symbol of your bond.

In essence, a friends drawing not only allows you to appreciate your companions in a unique way but also adds a personal touch to your collection of cool and cute drawings.

What can you use to create your own Cute Drawings?

As an avid artist and lover of all things cute, I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with various materials, mediums, and art supplies to bring my adorable creations to life.

The wonderful thing about creating cute drawings is that you can use any medium that speaks to you, allowing you to express your artistic vision fully.

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When I started my artistic journey, I found pencils and sketchbooks as my best friends. The simplicity of graphite pencils allowed me to capture the essence of cuteness in my drawings, from fluffy bunnies to charming little people.

As I progressed, I ventured into the world of colored pencils, adding vibrant hues and depth to my artwork.

In search of new ways to bring my cute drawings to life, I turned to watercolor. Watercolor paints’ soft, dreamy effect is perfect for capturing the whimsy of adorable subjects like flowers, birds, and candy.

I found that using high-quality watercolor paper significantly impacted my final results, allowing the colors to blend seamlessly.

One day, while exploring the local art supply store, I stumbled upon a set of alcohol markers. These markers opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

cute drawings

Their rich colors and blendable properties made them perfect for creating chibi characters and cute cartoons. The smooth, graphic look achieved with alcohol markers quickly became one of my favorite mediums for cute drawings.

Gouache, acrylics, and even digital art soon followed, each offering unique qualities that allowed me to experiment and grow as an artist. I discovered that using mixed media could add a special touch to my art, like combining ink and watercolor for a loose, expressive style in my butterfly drawings.

150 cute drawings to inspire you pin

Whatever medium you choose, the key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild. High-quality art supplies can make a difference in your final results, but remember that practice and dedication bring your cute drawings to life.

So, gather your favorite materials, mediums, and art supplies, and let the world of adorable inspiration unfold before you.

cute drawings

As we reach the end of our cute drawings adventure, I hope you’ve discovered the joy and endless possibilities that come with embracing your creative side.

Remember, the world of cute things to draw knows no bounds, and you can experiment with various materials, mediums, and art supplies to find the perfect combination that brings your cute drawings to life.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process! Keep exploring, practicing, and letting your imagination soar as you continue to create heartwarming art that brings smiles to faces everywhere.

Now, pick up your favorite art supplies, and let the magic of cute drawings fill your heart and your sketchbook. Happy creating, fellow artists!

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Hand-drawn vector with a naive touch, suitable for any surface design. Cute, not kitschy.

Cute artwork with the title 'brush your teeth'

brush your teeth

illustration design

Cute artwork with the title 'Children’s Book illustration'

Children’s Book illustration

Not actually for a book but a tiktok… but those seagulls have a story to tell.

Cute artwork with the title 'Cute owl in the sky'

Cute owl in the sky

Recreate cute owl by my client @cevilledesigns

Cute artwork with the title 'Children's Book'

Children's Book

14 colour illustrations for a 32 pages bedtime story with fun characters and a positive message. A huge project for an amazing client.

Cute artwork with the title 'Cute Unicorn Illustration'

Cute Unicorn Illustration

Chubby and adorable, this little unicorn is ready for any and all shenanigans - be it a logo, packaging, or children's book.

Cute artwork with the title 'Poster for the Jewish Children's Museum'

Poster for the Jewish Children's Museum

Poster for a special program (Escape Room and Obstacle Course) in Jewish Children's Museum. Really fun project!

Cute artwork with the title 'Street/pedestrian safety Billboard (preview)'

Street/pedestrian safety Billboard (preview)

Part of a billboard for a Jewish Children's Museum temporary exhibit about street/pedestrian safety.

Cute artwork with the title 'Sticker for Walth Event'

Sticker for Walth Event

Cute artwork with the title 'Funny T-shirt Illustration'

Funny T-shirt Illustration

Funny t-shirt illustration of a business pig. According to CH's request, the pig is wearing a tie and bringing a briefcase next to it.

Cute artwork with the title 'Toybrary Billboard'

Toybrary Billboard

Illustration for the Jewish Children's Museum billboard . One more fun project!

Cute artwork with the title 'Robin Hood'

A client wanted captivating and sexy image for burlesque musical based on Robin Hood. Fun contest overall. :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Fun & simple illustration for t-shirt'

Fun & simple illustration for t-shirt

Illustration which is syncing with the phrase "You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube" Finally illustration came out nicely!

Cute artwork with the title 'Olive in Venice'

Olive in Venice

A book cover and a page template for a storybook about a little girl's trip, which also serves as a memory tool for bot Mom and daughter. The background is not geographically accurate, because it is only a montage from various landmarks around the world. The concept is to make a colorful, fun and pretty cover. Considering it didn't win and I can't use it anymore, so this illustration is for sale.I will tweak it to fit with your need. Just contact me if you are interested & we will arrange it in 1-1 projects platform here on

Cute artwork with the title 'Xi Lan Ka Pu'

Xi Lan Ka Pu

Story of a girl who is the best embroiderer in her village. If you would like this style of art for your future children's book. Just invite me directly through 1 to 1 project.

Cute artwork with the title 'Jewish Children's Museum Poster'

Jewish Children's Museum Poster

Poster for a Temporary Exhibit called The Jewish Game of Life. The exhibit is a life size Game of Life (the board game), with activities for kids to learn about the stages in Jewish life.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration Logo for HaterPunch'

Illustration Logo for HaterPunch

The client wanted an illustration of a girl with negative vibe

Cute artwork with the title 'Wonder Woman - Skull'

Wonder Woman - Skull

Cute artwork with the title 'Lady Deadpool - Skull'

Lady Deadpool - Skull

Cute artwork with the title 'Ollie Children's book '

Ollie Children's book

This is the Ollie's pages 25-26. Fully illustrated for a Children's book. Invite me 1 to 1 if you want this style for your future children's book.

Cute artwork with the title 'Daisy and Dixon '

Daisy and Dixon

Story of a dog who wants to find a family.

Cute artwork with the title 'Hemp character'

Hemp character

Logo Available Hemp fun character

Cute artwork with the title 'Xi Lan Ka Pu Page 4 '

Xi Lan Ka Pu Page 4

If you would like this illustrations for your children's book, Just invite me 1 to 1 project and we can collaborate.

Cute artwork with the title 'Chinese Zodiac Animal Illustration'

Chinese Zodiac Animal Illustration

Cute artwork with the title '"The Lion King" scene illustration'

"The Lion King" scene illustration

The Customer asked to illustrate any scene from "The Lion King" using new vector-app Amadine. I love classic version of "The Lion King" so much and scene of little Simba singing "Just can't wait to be king" is one of my favourites, so there's my interpretation of it. :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Halloween'

Shiba inu dog. Hand drawing.

Cute artwork with the title 'MonsterClipz'


A cool graphic illustration I created for MonsterClipz. 😁

Cute artwork with the title 'Number fun page'

Number fun page

Do you like this style for your future children's book? Invite me directly 1 to 1 project :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Fishes for a mobile game'

Fishes for a mobile game

Cute artwork with the title 'What is in mommys garden '

What is in mommys garden

Here is the second page of a children's book that I illustrate. Do you like this style? Message me directly through 1 to 1 project and we can discuss it :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Cute Funny Goat'

Cute Funny Goat

Cute artwork with the title 'Fresh milk mascot'

Fresh milk mascot

Hand drawn illustration - mascot for a milk farm.

Cute artwork with the title 'Ava's Exotics'

Ava's Exotics

Ava's Exotics is a brand of Avalon Vending Services which engages in the sale of snacks and drinks from around the world. This graphic will be displayed on an approximately 3x6 area. I figure target audience are those that enjoy pop, shop at hot topic, and have a thirst for adventure.

Cute artwork with the title 'Funny Christmas Card Design'

Funny Christmas Card Design

A fun project for a Christmas Card made in 3D with a "claymation" vibe!

Cute artwork with the title 'Character illustration for Mobile App'

Character illustration for Mobile App

Cute artwork with the title 'Personal Paradise'

Personal Paradise

Illustration for 99 design community and for all people. This is an exaggerated story of how we deal with lockdown. And we're really deal with it if we're still here! :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Solarpunk Robot illustration'

Solarpunk Robot illustration

Beatiful illustration of cyberpunk robot with mushroom

Cute artwork with the title 'T-shirt illustration'

T-shirt illustration

Illustration for a t-shirt in the style of Hayao Miyazaki.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustrations for a pet brand'

Illustrations for a pet brand

These illustrations were created with love for a new pet aid and wellness brand, which offers support, guidance and services to pet owners. They were inspired by the brand founder and her own pets and family, so it was important to capture their personalities and at the same time reflect her vision for the brand. The illustrations will be used on Instagram and on the brand website.

Cute artwork with the title 'Paper Doll character '

Paper Doll character

Paper doll design character for African American girls

Cute artwork with the title 'Store front illustrations'

Store front illustrations

I designed this set of custom store-front illustrations for an inventory search website and app. The designs had to show variety and character and at the same time they should look as any type of store. In terms of style, the client wanted a mix of flat and clean look with a slight hand-drawn/imperfect feel.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustrations for Anxiety Article'

Illustrations for Anxiety Article

Cute artwork with the title 'Logo and Illustration i did for Yummy Courtney'

Logo and Illustration i did for Yummy Courtney

Cute artwork with the title 'Top 50 Asmr'

Top 50 Asmr

Cute artwork with the title 'Bleep Went Bleep '

Bleep Went Bleep

Story of a cute ball of static electricity who always says " Bleep " which makes the other characters don't understand him. It is a children's story book for Aligory books and collaborate in me if you have any future books to be illustrated .

Cute artwork with the title 'Christmas'

Personal Poster illustration

Cute artwork with the title 'Dragon Cartoon'

Dragon Cartoon

Dragon illustration that can be used on mugs, t-shirts, bookplates, and other

Cute artwork with the title 'Number fun page '

Cute and fun illustration for a children's book

Cute artwork with the title 'mermaid tshirt'

mermaid tshirt

nautical themed tshirt

Cute artwork with the title 'Plushies Asmr'

Plushies Asmr

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration for pediatric dental office'

Illustration for pediatric dental office

Funny character for pediatric dental office.

Cute artwork with the title 'Elephant mascot design '

Elephant mascot design

A friendly elephant mascot design for "Elephant Analytics" to represent business

Cute artwork with the title 'Pines Asmr'

Cute bubble tea

Cute artwork with the title 'Unicorn for children party products (sketch of the character)'

Unicorn for children party products (sketch of the character)

Digital hand-drawn sketch for children party products character. This little one ready for celebration, he has confetti in his mane and tail and the bow-tie.

Cute artwork with the title 'Ollie pages 3-4'

Ollie pages 3-4

Cute artwork with the title 'Red Dye 40 Monster'

Red Dye 40 Monster

The client ask for a mascot monster to represent the dangers of the red dye 40. It causes problems in teeth, besides hyperactivity and aggressiveness. Kids usually don´t really like to be call "babies", once they feel that they are grown up, but the effects of the Red Dye 40 seems to make them like babies: Hyperactivity, bad humor, trouble concentrating, that´s why I represent those problems in this monster, and add the diapers. It has little feet and hands so the kids don´t see him as a threat (diapers also help), even with the big mouth and rotten teeth.

Cute artwork with the title 'Memes: What You Say Vs. What Your Designer Hears.'

Memes: What You Say Vs. What Your Designer Hears.

This was one of my proposals for a social series illustrating humorous client versus designer miscommunications via shareable and humorous memes. In this case I chose to illustrate the quote "Can you add some testosterone to the design?."

Cute artwork with the title 'Baby milestone blanket'

Baby milestone blanket

Cute artwork with the title 'When it rains sprinkles the Pink Penguins '

When it rains sprinkles the Pink Penguins

Cute characters, Pink Penguins, happy faces.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration for eyewear'

Illustration for eyewear

Fashion illustration for eyewear product

Cute artwork with the title 'Monte Stivo go to school'

Monte Stivo go to school

A happy Bear and Deer running to school

Cute artwork with the title 'Quirky guinea pig'

Quirky guinea pig

Cute artwork with the title 'I'm just here for the dumplings - Illustration for FUNCLUB'

I'm just here for the dumplings - Illustration for FUNCLUB

another lovely project done for FUNCLUB. Cute dumpling design to use on t-shirts, stickers, tote bags pins and more...

Cute artwork with the title 'Coffee cat'

Kids fun illustration pattern for pillow

Cute artwork with the title 'Camping and Hiking illustration'

Camping and Hiking illustration

Illustration for Curated, site for seeking sport experts

Cute artwork with the title 'Superheroes Kid illustration & pattern'

Superheroes Kid illustration & pattern

Design for sale- leave a message.

Cute artwork with the title 'Menu illustration'

Menu illustration

Cute artwork with the title 'Post Box Sox Cat'

Post Box Sox Cat

Cute artwork with the title 'pretty owls'

pretty owls

Cute artwork with the title 'Lash Robot '

Lash Robot doing an eye lash extension.

Cute artwork with the title 'Wool Dryer Ball Set Designs'

Wool Dryer Ball Set Designs

Cute artwork with the title 'Cute baby dragon mascot'

Cute baby dragon mascot

Cute baby dragon mascot sketch

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration for Building Link'

Illustration for Building Link

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration for website banner.'

Illustration for website banner.

Fantasy illustration for website banner. The task was to incorporate as many toys as fit best into fairy forest scene.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustrations for childrens'

Illustrations for childrens

I can make charismatic and fun illustrations for your books, shirts, stickers, etc.

Cute artwork with the title 'cute children's illustration'

cute children's illustration

My client has a great story about Virginia, her daughter, who felt in love with EVERY dog she met. I was invited to design and illustrate this 32 page picture-book step by step: general plot, characters design, sketches, spreads, color spots, style, final illustrations and files for printing. I loved the outcome, as well as the process. I love Virginia, the main character... it happens all the time: eventually you fell in love with your creature :)

Cute artwork with the title 'Retro Stickers for Photo Collage App'

Retro Stickers for Photo Collage App

The idea is to make these vintage sticker set look aspirational enough for this photo collage app's target audience, which is aimed towards japanese girls/women (mainly in their 20’s). I used watercolor looks combined with 50's/60's American magazine colors palette. I enjoyed very much working on these stickers, and I personally love the result!

Cute artwork with the title 'Cookies Design'

Cookies Design

Summer themed cookies design (illustrations and cookies cutters)

Cute artwork with the title 'collette'

custom illustration for a personal assistant.

Cute artwork with the title 'childrens book with animals'

childrens book with animals

Cute artwork with the title 'Friendly & Nerdy Dragon Mascot for TeamGantt'

Friendly & Nerdy Dragon Mascot for TeamGantt

Character design for TeamGantt. They are looking for a friendly & nerdy dragon mascot.

Cute artwork with the title 'broccoli and cheese '

broccoli and cheese

Illustration for Quiznos 2017 Calendar.

Cute artwork with the title 'Illustration for a website'

Illustration for a website

Cute artwork with the title 'Catch Dogs Not Feelings - Dog Illustration for FUNCLUB '

Catch Dogs Not Feelings - Dog Illustration for FUNCLUB

Another great project done for FUNCLUB. A cute dog illustration to be used on stickers, t-shirts, tote-bag, pin buttons and more...

Cute artwork with the title 'Fairy Tale Cute Stickers'

Fairy Tale Cute Stickers

A set of Fairy Tale themed stickers for a japanese photo app.

Cute artwork with the title 'Adorable Owl'

Adorable Owl

One of the submission from a contest.

Cute artwork with the title 'Unicorn and Robot couple'

Unicorn and Robot couple

A vlogger family ask for a unicorn and a robot characters that can be matched and also used for patterns. Both have the toys concept, with a vintage touch, the unicorn as a rag doll and the robot with idea of the "Lost in space" TV series robot. For the pattern they are dancing the "backpack kid" viral dance.

Cute artwork with the title 'Notebook Illustration'

Notebook Illustration

Simple hand-drawn style illustration for medium post

Cute artwork with the title 'Alphabet'

Asmr Stickers

Cute artwork with the title 'Dog & Food'

Dog & Food

pieman by E-T

Cute artworks not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your cute artwork design.

If you want an amazing cute artwork that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom artwork.

Cute artwork with the title 'Ad for the Jewish Children's Museum'

4.8 average from 357 illustration or graphics design customer reviews

What makes a good cute artwork?

Great artwork tells a story, makes people look twice, and creates a unique experience that can't be matched. Art and illustrations communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your cute artwork stand out from the crowd.

Cute artwork with the title 'Aligory Books '

Fundamentals of color theory Color can have an immense power - if you know how to use it. Learn all about the fundamentals of color theory here… Keep reading
Graphic design trends Discover stunning trends and find out what's new in the world of graphic design… Keep reading
Best freelance illustrators Discover the best freelance illustrators for hire and let their work inspire you… Keep reading

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50 Easy Crafts for Kids to Boost Their Creativity

Fun, quick and creative art projects to keep little ones entertained at home or at school.

Headshot of Mariah Thomas

Every age group can benefit from an amazing day of crafting at home or at school — working with their hands can help preschoolers and toddlers develop fine motor skills and increase their confidence with sensory activities like making hand drums and filling bottles with colorful glitter. They can paint to their heart's content, crayon and draw smiling faces on their craft stick octopuses, animal bookmarks and pom-pom monsters (one of the Halloween-inspired crafts on the list). Many of these ideas are straightforward enough for little ones to try with supervision — however, some projects may require more hands-on assistance. But the good news is you can find most of the supplies (buttons, glue, tissue paper, coffee filters and paper plates, for instance) right in your craft box, ready to be put to use.

On our list, you'll find the best craft project options for kids from popular DIY blogs as well as a few of our favorite holiday-specific crafts, including options for Earth Day and Father's Day . And since it's never too early to plan, we've also included some crafts for the holidays, since Thanksgiving and Christmas are always great times for kids to get crafty. Say goodbye to boredom!

Embellished Bow

crafts for kids, blue embellished bow attached to a basket

Here's a quick way to take a basic straw basket to the next level! Kids can embellish bows with iron-on patches and stenciled monograms. Help them create their own bows using a 3" wired ribbon or purchase a large one to design. Then, use fabric glue to attach the decorative patches.

Monster Windsocks

crafts for kids, diy monster windsocks hanging from a tree outdoors

This is a great group project for the kids. Let the kids cut, fold and draw on cardstock to create wide-eyed monster windsocks for the backyard.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

Paper Flowers

crafts for kids paper flowers made of cupcake liners

They'll enjoy making these colorful paper flowers to decorate their bedrooms. They'll first fold dyed cupcake liners in half and cut out petal and fringe shapes. Have them fold a piece of floral wire in half and twist it around the faux flower stamen. Poke the wire through the center of three to four paper liners. Finish it off by wrapping floral tape around the base of the liners and bringing it all the way down the stem.

Paper Bag Kite

crafts for kids, colorfully painted paper bag kite

Spring is the perfect time to fly a kite. Luckily, kids can make their own with paper lunch bags. Let them embellish the bags with stickers, washi tape, paint and any other accessories. Then, work on attaching the yarn and streamers so the kite will be ready to fly.

Get the tutorial at Typically Simple »

Carrot Treat Cones

crafts for kids carrot treat cones with green tissue paper inside

Easter may have passed, but that doesn't mean this carrot treat cone craft should too! To make, you'll need to print out our carrot template . Then gather the essentials: coffee filters, orange paper, double stick tape, green craft paint, twine, a clothespin, a wire hanger, paper towel and scissors.

  • Mix a few drops of green craft paint with water until it reaches the consistency of milk. Soak coffee filters in the paint mixture until fully saturated (you can do this simultaneously).
  • Squeeze out excess paint and lay the filters flat to dry on paper towels or hang them from a hanger with a clip or clothespin. Download our template and trace it onto orange paper.
  • Cut out and roll the template into a cone shape, adhering the sides with double stick tape. Cut out the center of the painted coffee filters.
  • Attach the remaining paper to the inside edge of the cone with double-stick tape. Fill the “carrot” cone with small treats and tie twine around the top to close.

Dinosaur Nightlife Terrarium

crafts for kids, mason jar with toy dinosaurs inside and greenery at the top

Transform mason jars into terrariums fit for mini plastic dinosaurs. It also makes a creative nightlight for kids who are still scared of the dark.

Clay Crab Necklace

crafts for kids, hand holding a red crab necklace made of clay

If your kids are obsessed with sea creatures, they'll love making and wearing their very own crab necklaces. Plus, the craft only requires clay, twine and an eye hook.

Get the tutorial at Hello Wonderful »

Cardboard Suns

crafts for kids, child holding a large diy smiling sun made of cardboard outdoors

Here's an eco-friendly craft that requires lots of cardboard and creativity. Help your little ones cut, paint and design large and mini cardboard suns to scatter around the backyard.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built »

Paint Marker Candles

crafts for kids yellow taper candles with white floral designs

Grab some paint markers (or acrylic paint) and watch them draw flowers, swirls and all sorts of cool shapes and designs on taper candles. Use a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol to remove any lint and debris before starting.


Toilet Paper Frog

crafts for kids, green frog craft made of toilet paper and cardboard

You're sure to have these supplies in your kid's craft box. Grab those discarded toilet paper rolls for kids to paint and turn into frogs. Then, have them transform paper plates into lily pads.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids »

Painted Baskets

crafts for kids, two painted baskets with eggs inside

It doesn't get more simple than this: Kids can spend time outdoors painting the wood strips of plain wooden baskets to carry their toys in and out of the house.


Pool Noodle Boats

crafts for kids, tiny boats made with pool noodles and paper straws, with flags on top

After making these eye-catching boats, have your kids set them afloat in the tub or swimming pool. It's a fun craft to recycle any old pool noodles and paper straws.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

crafts for kids, earth shaped suncatcher made of blue and green tissue paper

Purchase or gather discarded tissue paper for them to make into suncatchers. They'll also need laminating sheets, tape and an Earth-shaped template.

Get the tutorial and template at The Best Ideas for Kids »


crafts for kids, two tote bags with bunny ears, noses and whiskers

Use our bunny-ear template to DIY these bunny bags. They'll have to trace the outer ear onto white felt and the inner ear onto colorful or patterned fabric. Show them how to attach the ears to the top of a canvas bag with hot glue. Then, hot glue on a pom pom nose and pipe cleaner whiskers to complete the bunny bag's look.

Download our template »

Craft Stick Airplane

crafts for kids, hand holding a craft stick airplane outdoors

They'll love zooming around the house or backyard with their craft stick airplanes. Paint the craft sticks (or use pre-colored ones) before gluing them together to make these aircrafts.

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things to Do »

Craft Stick Octopus

crafts for kids, craft stick octopus with googly eyes and smiley faces

Only a few materials, including craft sticks for the tentacles and foam for the faces, are needed to make these cute octopi.

Get the tutorial at Craft Project Ideas »

Glow-in-the-Dark Flip-Flops

crafts for kids, black flip flops painted in glow in the dark paint

Purchase glow-in-the-dark paint and watch them decorate their flip-flops in all sorts of colors and looks. Plus, they can wear them outside (or use them as house shoes) once dry.


Get the tutorial at Crazy Little Projects »

Animal Bookmarks

crafts for kids, googly eyed animal bookmarks

They'll have such a fun time making adorable animal bookmarks, from blue bunnies and orange chicks to purple sheep and yellow rabbits. Blogger Thena recommends this craft for kids of all ages and used this printable to start.

Cactus Handprints

crafts for kids, paper cacti with googly eyes and drawn on smiley faces

Trace their hands on green cardstock to make the cacti. Use brown cardstock for the pots, add googly eyes and draw on a cute smile.

Cereal Rainbow

crafts for kids, child's hand making a fruit loops rainbow

Preschoolers can practice color matching with this rainbow craft. Use Froot Loops or any other colorful cereal brand, like fruity Cheerios. Use glue to draw the rainbow lines, then help them stick their loops on top. And if you prefer to save your cereal for breakfast, use buttons instead.

Get the tutorial at Hands On As We Grow »

Headshot of Mariah Thomas

Mariah Thomas (she/her) is an assistant editor for Good Housekeeping , where she covers home and lifestyle content. Mariah has more than four years of editorial experience, having written for TLC, Apartment Therapy, Women's Health and Avocado Magazine . She received her master's degree in journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and published her first book, Heart and Soul: Poems of Thoughts and Emotions , in 2019. She's also the founder of RTF Community , a platform for creatives of color to connect, learn and showcase their work. 

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pool noodle boats and secret codes are two good housekeeping picks for fun activities for kids

90 Easy DIY Christmas Crafts

greenhouse in yard with green grass and flowers

Cheap and Easy Greenhouse Plans for Your Backyard

napkin folding ideas

25 Easy Napkin Folding Ideas

how to hang paper snowflakes, paper snowflakes on blue background

How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

fall crafts, pink pumpkin with floral attached, wreath with flowers and paper bats

85 Easy and Fun Fall Crafts for Adults

homemade fly trap, mason jar with bait inside and animated flies hovering above

The Best Homemade Fly Trap

tie blanket, image of a fleece tie blanket folded

How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket

adult craft ideas, diy lampshade and faux floral coat

50 Fun and Unique Craft Ideas for Adults

upcycling ideas

65 Easy Upcycling Ideas for Every Skill Level

how to make bath bombs, flat lay of a bath bomb in girls hand with festive confetti

How to Make Bath Bombs

how to fasten off in crochet, woman crocheting with threads at grey table

How to Fasten Off in Crochet

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20 easy, gorgeous art projects for kids.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer .

In today’s post: Art can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be hard. This collection of art projects for kids will help your children feel successful with easy art ideas that turn out pretty enough to frame .

Collage of 20 gorgeous art projects for kids

20 art projects for kids

As a mom, I love just about any art projects my kids make, whether it’s colored macaroni glued onto construction paper or a painted pinecone covered in glitter. Ok, that’s not completely true – glitter is evil and the bane of my existence – but in general my mom heart is just going to love whatever my kid just made. However, we’ve discovered some crazy easy art techniques that turn out really gorgeous. Kids will love the end result of these simple projects; many are pretty enough to give as gifts.

Easy Versions of Classic Art Styles

These easy art projects are based on classic art styles, so kids can use famous paintings as inspiration while creating their own masterpieces:

1. Kids can create gorgeous watercolor backgrounds with markers and a plastic bag. This art idea is SUPER easy and tons of fun. Visit It’s Always Autumn to get the instructions + quotes you can print on the pretty watercolor backgrounds.

Did you know you can make a watercolor background with markers and water? It's super easy!

2. This art activity uses a pencil eraser to create a flower while teaching about pointillism. Learn more at Momtastic .

Pencil eraser being used to stamp colored circles on a piece of paper

3. Buggy and Buddy shares a fun, simple way for kids to make their own faux stained glass:

Kid\'s stained glass art project

4. This Monet-inspired art project is made completely from fingerprints, which is pretty cool. Visit The Crafty Classroom for instructions.

Monet inspired art project for kids

5. This looks like a modern art piece, but was made by a kid with a credit card! Find the tutorial at Housing a Forest .

20 gorgeous kid art projects that are pretty enough to frame! Fun, easy ideas for crafting with kids.

Exploring New Art Techniques

When we talk about art for kids, most people think of crayons and paints, but these projects allow kids to explore their creativity with different media and techniques:

6. Kids can make pretty art canvas using with tissue paper and water – that’s it! Even very young children can create something beautiful with tissue paper art . Idea from It’s Always Autumn.

Tissue transfer art is not only gorgeous, it's totally easy enough for kids to make! Fun kid's art project - perfect indoor activity for rainy days.

7. Teach kids about art resist with this pretty project that uses rubber cement: Easy Watercolor Resist Art from It’s Always Autumn.

Floral watercolor resist painting with watercolor paints

8. This cool kids art starts with punched circles from different scraps of paper that get arranged into a grid to make a fun modern art piece. Click through to MerMag  to see how it turns out.

Boys placing circles of pattern paper on white background for an art project

9. Let kids play with washable paint, wax paper, and a bottle lid to create a stained glass projects that’s easy enough for toddlers. Learn how at Happy Hooligans .

Kids stained glass painting art project with colorful circles on wax paper

10. Floating chalk prints is a great introduction to printmaking, as well as being super cool. Get the tutorial from Picklebums .

Boy pulling paper with marbled design from tub of water

11. Start by drawing a monster, then add “fur” by blowing paint around with a straw. All ages of kids will have fun with this one! (Hint: get a roll of kraft paper to line your table with from the Dollar Store.) Tutorial from Picklebums .

Monster drawing with colorful paint and a straw

12. This pulled string art from Tinker Lab is a great art project for kids or adults! I love how the beautiful patterns kids can create resemble a bouquet of flowers.

Kids art project - colorful pulled string art

13. DIY scratch art mandalas from The Kitchen Table Classroom are easy enough for kids to make but turn out really pretty:

Paper plate scratch art mandalas

14. This crumpled paper artwork is simple to make using construction paper and watercolors! Tutorial from Buggy and Buddy .

Crumpled paper colored with watercolor paints art project for kids

More art ideas for kids

15. Even preschoolers can make these pretty marbled planets from I Heart Crafty Things using shaving cream and craft paint.

Marbled planets art project for kids

16. I love how cute and colorful these paper plate flowers turn out. Fun kid’s art idea from Pink Stripey Socks .

Colorful flowers made from painted paper plates

17. Make your own paintbrushes to experiment with natural textures with this fun tutorial from Learn Create Love .

Child\'s hand painting with paintbrush made from branches

18. These rocks turn out gorgeous – pretty enough to set out on a shelf with other knickknacks. All you need is paint and an inexpensive salad spinner! Learn more about this easy art idea from Meri Cherry .

Brightly painted rocks

19. I used to love coloring on paper doilies as a kid, but these painted versions from Whatever… turn out so pretty!

Painted paper doilies art project for kids

20. Visit Childhood 101 to learn how even very young kids can make these pretty paintings with food coloring and bubble wands.

Bubble blowing painting for kids

More kid activities:

If you’re looking for more kid activities, visit this post: 50 activities for kids

Or visit the kid’s craft + activity archives

Meet Autumn

Hello there! I’m a busy mom of five who loves to make things. Crafts, recipes, sewing, holiday projects: I’ve tried them all, and you can too! I love EASY projects anyone can make.

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Printable line art template filled in with different colors and colored Sharpie pens

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Isabel says

Posted on 9/13/23 at 6:36 pm

These look so fun, I can’t wait to try them with my brother and sister.

Madonna says

Posted on 8/16/23 at 6:02 am

What’s truly exciting are the simple yet stunning art techniques shared here. From vibrant watercolor backgrounds created with markers and a plastic bag to inspired renditions of classic art styles, these projects invite kids to explore their creativity while learning from the greats. The addition of printable quotes adds a touch of personalization and thoughtfulness.

Yaqoub Khan says

Posted on 8/16/23 at 5:58 am

I loved the idea of watercolor background and I appreciate your detailed content.

Posted on 5/19/23 at 11:51 am

Wow, very cool

31 Easiest Cute Painting Ideas and Tips for Beginners for 2023

Madeline St. Clair

Learning how to paint isn’t easy, but with this helpful guide to cute painting ideas, you’ll not only develop your artistry and creative mind, but you’ll have fun doing it.

Cute painting ideas for beginners make the process of understanding new, creative techniques more enjoyable for all involved, so if you’re learning alone or with a friend, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many questions to answer like what are good paint ideas? How do you come up with new ideas for a painting? What can kids paint for fun? And what to paint when you don't know what to paint? An exciting venture could soon turn sour.

But don’t worry, this list of cute painting ideas will take some of the pressure off your shoulders by offering an assortment of cute painting ideas you can easily pull off in a jiffy. Learning doesn’t have to be hard; it can be easy…and cute!

Jump to Section 

Best painting classes for beginners, cute painting ideas for beginners, art classes.

From  art classes in Atlanta ,  art classes in Boston , and  art classes in Los Angeles , there is a myriad of art classes available to help you explore your skills and cute painting ideas; all you have to do is browse art classes near you.

Art classes help to find your creative flow by offering an assortment of various lessons focused on any number of techniques and mediums. There are also online painting classes you can enjoy from anywhere in the world!

Paint and Sip

Get out of the house and into a smock for paint and sip classes. These fun painting events combine creativity and social interaction for an experience that is both unique and relaxing. Learn how to create an abundance of cute painting ideas with the help of talented local artists.

Check out paint and sip in Chicago , paint and sip in Washington, D.C. , paint and sip in San Diego and paint and sip near you .

Team Building Art Workshops

Add an extra layer of enjoyment to learning how to paint cute painting ideas and sign the office family up. Painting is an effective team building exercise because it encourages collaboration as much as it encourages creativity.

In these creative team building activities , enthusiastic instructors will guide you and your team through crafting cute painting ideas and other crafts completely tailored to your group.

couple painting together in art class

1. The Wonders of Watercolor

There are many highlights to using watercolor paints. They’re affordable, versatile and quick drying. The assembly and cleanup for watercolor painting ideas is unmatched in their ease.

Practice makes perfect, so play around to learn how to use this medium to create vibrant and fun cute painting ideas.

2. Floral Cutlery 

To make the perfect tulip, employ a fork! Fork print flowers make crafting the perfect petal easy and quick for a cute painting idea for beginners.

Once you’ve painted a stem and a few leaves, dip a fork into the paint and carefully stamp the fork right at the tip of the stem. Viola! The perfect tulip. 

3. Passion is in the Pour

Become an abstract artist by practicing pour painting for a cute painting idea that lets gravity do the work. Choose a handful of your favorite colors and watch as they meet the canvas in a symphony of complex shapes and designs. 

pour painting pink and white paint onto round tray

4. A Brush With Romance

Merge your love for your partner and your love for cute painting ideas and try cute couple painting ideas . Not only will you discover new, creative ways to spend quality time with that special person, but you’ll be acquiring new skills in the process. 

5. Mixed Media Magic

Mixed media art describes artwork in which more than one media or material has been used. In mixed media art classes, you will design aesthetic painting ideas using materials like paint, cloth, paper or found objects. They can even be three-dimensional!

6. Learn the Science Behind Color

Color theory explores the mixing of colors to form color creations. Color theory focuses on the meaning, history and science of color. Through applied exploration, understanding color theory guides you through the use of color techniques.

Color theory classes help beginners understand how to use primary, secondary and tertiary colors to bring their cute painting ideas to the canvas.  

7. The Pallete of Pottery 

From cute mug painting ideas to  flower pot painting ideas , pottery painting workshops explore painting on a variety of surfaces. It's a perfect DIY home décor idea if painting on a canvas no longer ignites your creative passion. Bring your brushwork to clay and paint cute painting ideas. 

painting terracotta flower pot

8.  Use Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are water based, fast drying, easy to layer and durable, making them the #1 medium for beginning painters. Take an art class to learn how to use acrylic paints to make cute easy painting ideas with this simple go-to paint medium . 

9. Try Oil Painting

When it comes to acrylic vs. oil paints , oil paints provide a smoother finish to your cute painting ideas. They also provide amazing coverage and are resistant to stains and scratches.  However, their slow drying time and blending capabilities create disadvantages for some artists. 

Whether you’re hoping to explore pumpkin painting ideas or sunset painting ideas, oil paints are sure to add a glossy varnish to your subject.

10. Pastel Pleasure 

Soft pastels are by far the easiest to blend and the easiest to layer. They add a luxurious and velvety texture to any painting.

Pastel paints can be used to create both broad strokes that appear buttery like oil paints or precise lines that are similar to a method of drawing. Learn how to master this medium in a pastel painting class.

11. Colorful Chaos  

Take the pressure off learning how to paint cute painting ideas and immerse yourself in a carefree environment where you can explore your creative side with the help of a fun-loving group of friends, family or teammates.

Bring a few friends and splatter paint on your canvas, the walls, the floors or yourselves! 

splatter paint on white canvas as a cute painting idea with friends

12. Tag Your Art

Use spray paint and stencils to create one-of-a-kind works of art you can’t find anywhere else. Leave the paint brushes at home and explore street art with the helpful guidance of local artists.   

13. A Frozen Pallete

If you don’t have any paints at home, but you have food coloring and an ice tray you can still easily pull off cute painting ideas for beginners.

After you fill an ice tray up with water add a small drop of water to each ice well. Drop a different color into each one to create a rainbow effect! This way you’ll have colors to choose from when creating your cute painting idea.

Mix the food color well and add a popsicle stick to each well. Place in the freezer to rest overnight.

14. Skip Your Way to Creation

Forget sidewalk chalk, try sidewalk painting! There are tons of non-toxic, washable sidewalk paints out there that are both safe for the kids and safe for the earth. Turn the outside world into your very own canvas with sidewalk painting.

15. Seascape Escape

Painting a landscape isn't always easy when you want to perfect all the small details. However, if you’re looking for cute landscape painting ideas that are easy for beginners, consider a seascape alternative.

Painting the sea can be relatively easy due to the forgiving nature of the subject. Thanks to the fluidity of water, you can use a more abstract approach.

painting of mermaid swimming to surface

16. Art Upcycled 

Instead of trying out canvas painting ideas, try painting on household items instead! Anything can be a canvas from tote bag painting ideas to wooden spoon painting ideas.

You can paint on cardboard, mirrors and furniture! The house is your oyster and cute painting ideas are in store.  

17. A Sparkling Fantasy

Did you know a group of fireflies is called a sparkle? Did you know they make great subjects for easy painting ideas for beginners? All it takes is a simple Q-tip to paint a sparkle of butterflies.

Dip a Q-tip into a bit of yellow paint and dot along the canvas. Of course, there are tons of other ways to paint fireflies more intricately, but this is great for beginners. Get a sparkle of friends together to paint fireflies.

18. Rockin' With Fruit

If you’re looking for cute rock painting ideas, as it turns out, fruit makes the perfect subject! Strawberries, watermelons, apples and raspberries all make easy rock painting ideas if you're looking for cute mini canvas painting ideas for kids. 

19. Get Your Glow On

With glow-in-the-dark paintings, you’ll craft  aesthetic painting ideas  like no other. Create prismatic subjects using neon paints and experience what it’s like to create in the dark!

glowing canvas cute painting idea

20. Beyond the Details

A silhouette captures a subject using a single hue. It simplifies whatever you are painting down to a basic outline, making it one of the easiest cute painting ideas to pull off for beginners.

This approachable technique reduces the complexity of a subject by removing the need for intricate details. 

21. Get Rid of the Brush 

Finger painting is always a go-to easy painting idea for beginners. Finger painting is a sensory exploration of artistic expression. Plus, it takes the pressure off of trying to be perfect. Instead of sweating over ta precise stroke, try having fun with it by finger painting.  

22. From Leaf to Life  

Embrace cute mini canvas painting ideas with leaf painting. Head to your backyard and grab a handful of leaves from your favorite tree. Bring them inside and use nature as your canvas! It's an adorable fall painting idea for kids and adults alike.

23. A Glass Canvas

These fun wine glass painting ideas make another cute painting idea for a party or girls night activity. They also make some of the cutest DIY gift ideas for any celebration or a wonderful addition to your at-home glassware. 

wine glass cute painting idea

24. The Trippy Sixties

Channel the trippy 60s for this cute painting idea. Try leaning into the psychedelic side of art. Psychedelic-themed, trippy painting ideas incorporate a range of bright colors that create a suspended reality, which lends itself to the abstract making it perfect for beginning painters.

25. The Strokes of the Sun

Painting a sunset is considered an easy task for beginners thanks to artistic interpretation. Imperfections in blending and brushwork can actually add to the overall ambiance of the sunset. Create visually appealing artwork with this cute painting idea. 

26. Harvest the Hues 

As fall approaches, it’s the best time of year to try your hand at Halloween painting ideas , and the most iconic has to be cute ideas for painting pumpkins.

Thanks to the simple round shape of a pumpkin, it doesn’t require intricate details or even a steady hand. Pumpkins are lumpy in nature so no need to make a perfect circle!

27. Pups, Purrs and Paints

Capture the unique characteristics and personality of your pet with this cute painting idea. This isn’t to say that painting your pet is necessarily easy the first time around, but it’s an easy cute painting idea to attempt as the joyous process creates a heartfelt experience that will nurture your artistry and prove how fun it can be.

pet portrait cute painting idea

According to the Brookings Institution , art is essential to understanding the human experience, “the arts challenge us with different points of view, compel us to empathize with “others,” and give us the opportunity to reflect on the human condition.”

Cute painting ideas may seem like a trivial feat at first, but exploring your artistic side no matter the subject will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Plus, it’s a fun pastime any time of year.

We hope this list of cute painting ideas like cute mug painting ideas, cute ideas for painting pumpkins and cute rock painting ideas has inspired you to pick up a brush and explore the innumerable techniques and mediums of painting. 

For even more fun art ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

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40 Easy Things to Draw When You’re Bored!

October 7, 2021 by Nigel Tsopo in  Art Tips

art ideas cute

Drawing is a very convenient way to kill boredom. It keeps your mind occupied and gets you concentrating on something meaningful and creative. Sometimes we all just need to draw something quick and easy, because perhaps you’re taking a work break or you’re just passing the time on a long road trip.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next masterpiece, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 40 cool, easy things to draw when you’re bored. Browse through the list, and get your creative juices flowing.

Feel free to add your own unique spin on these ideas. If you’re still learning how to draw, for a more comprehensive list of cute things to draw with step by step tips be sure to check out our list of Cute Things to draw .

Spiral Waves Drawing

art ideas cute

Via Pinterest

It’s amazing how a few swiveled lines can create a beautiful image. Create your own rendition of this pattern with your own colors. This image can go on and on, so if you’re bored for a long time, draw these wave patterns and add to them for months to create something truly breathtaking.

Stormtrooper Helmet

art ideas cute

The Stormtrooper helmet, a cool idea for star wars enthusiasts to draw. Who knows? This could be the start of your very own star wars inspired displate store .

The Plane Window

art ideas cute

Cool things to draw can be inspired by something as trivial as a flight. Grab your journal and scroll through the camera roll of your phone to find some cool memories to recreate.

Baby Groot Pot Plant

art ideas cute

Nothing like a dose of cuteness to brighten your day. Who wouldn’t want to draw a cute little baby Groot. It only takes a few minutes to recreate this cool image. The Marvel cinematic universe is full of awesome inspiration for easy things to draw, and better yet, it’s full of amazing wall art ideas too .

art ideas cute

What do alien heads look like?. You can draw a few of your own. They only take a few seconds to complete. Perhaps add some ears and a splash of color to bring your vision of the space beings to life. 

Among Us Ghost

art ideas cute

Who killed who? Who’s the traitor among us? The popular game “Among Us” has some cool characters. Here’s a ghost character to draw from the game. 

Rick from Rick & Morty

art ideas cute

Rick from Rick and Morty, His star shaped head and incredibly easy facial structure could be a nice doodle when you’re bored. This could be the start of your very own animated show character sketches. 

Tree & Tent

art ideas cute

Here’s a cool little tent and tree drawn with easy lines. You could easily draw an entire campsite with this style. If you think this drawing is too easy, perhaps you can add a moon to it. Sketching and doodling can be a freeform practice. This means you have the freedom to draw whatever comes to mind, this makes the process more fun.

Staircase To Heaven Art

art ideas cute

This cool picture of a staircase superimposed into a heart is both abstract and easy. A really cool idea to draw.

Ladder Into The Clouds

art ideas cute

Is this the staircase to heaven? Or ladder. Either way it’s a cool image to redraw if you’re bored.

Adventure Time Crew

art ideas cute

Did anyone say more easy to draw cartoon characters? Well Adventure time has you covered. It could be fun to draw these characters from adventure time. 

art ideas cute

Here’s a simple idea of baby Tom cat from the classic cartoon network show “tom and jerry”.  Which cartoons do you enjoy today? You could find other animals to draw from your favourite TV shows.

Paper Plane Art

art ideas cute

This paper plane is a quick and easy drawing. You could easily doodle these into a journal when you’re bored.  

Bart Simpson Art

art ideas cute

If you like The Simpsons, you could take a few minutes to draw this picture of Bart.

art ideas cute

Hand signals, or hands in general. Draw this or any aspect of the human body you might please. You could start with a simple hand gesture and add different parts of the human body when you have time. 

art ideas cute

Snowy mountain peaks, a campfire and nice tree lines. It’s amazing how easy drawings can have so many details. 

Alien In Space

art ideas cute

Cool alien guy with simple stars and planets in the background. It’s a great idea for easy things to draw. 

Eating A Skateboard

art ideas cute

Why not draw easy interesting doodles of a yellow guy eating a skateboard. 

Smiley Face on Skateboard

art ideas cute

Surely, every sketchbook needs a smiley face on a skateboard. Or a sad moon on a skateboard could look awesome too. Draw easy shapes and merge them with the activities you love. The smiley face could be on a surfboard too. Simple things make for fun images.

Hand Painting

art ideas cute

Draw this image of a hand painting.

Cute Ghost Drawing

art ideas cute

Scare away the boredom with this easy ghost drawing.

art ideas cute

If we’re talking about drawing easy things, we can’t neglect to suggest you draw cute Baby Yoda.

art ideas cute

Draw cute Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Draw the Planet Jupiter

art ideas cute

It’s a great idea to learn to draw planets if you’re bored. Their sound and incredibly easy to get done.

Colorful Bird

art ideas cute

If you love adding color to your drawings, this bird could be a great drawing in your past time. 

Mosaic Bird

art ideas cute

Using simple shapes and bold colours, you can certainly redraw this simple bird created using shapes.

Geometric Owl

art ideas cute

For a more seasoned artist, if you’re bored, why not practice drawing this awesome bird. You can get creative with the colours and choose your own. The colours themselves scream “cool easy things to draw”.

Geometric Elephant

art ideas cute

It’s amazing how you can use simple lines and basic geometric shapes to construct a cool image of an elephant. The next time you’re bored, why not draw and recreate this simple image.

Lion Arrows

art ideas cute

If you’ve got time, perhaps you’re bored on a long journey. This is a great Idea to practice using geometric shapes and shading grey tones. 

art ideas cute

Drawing complex images is much easier when done using straight lines. All you need is a ruler and you can definitely reproduce this simple deer image.

Social Icons

art ideas cute

Social media icons are etched in all of our minds. You can easily doodle them when you’re bored. Another great idea could be to draw simple social icon concepts of your own.

Vacation Images

art ideas cute

Looking for fun stuff to doodle while on vacation. Take inspiration from these simple vacation inspired pictures to draw what you see. Carry your journal and a pencil with you to capture every moment.

Hand Gesture

art ideas cute

Why not draw some easy hand gestures. This could be a nice way to improve your drawing skills.

Spirited Away

art ideas cute

Any fans of Spirited Away would recognize this face, an easy character to draw when you’re bored.

Falling Cat

art ideas cute

Easy things to draw like a Tiny Globe

art ideas cute

You can easily stetch small planets. They make for a quick drawing idea.

EKG Heartbeat

art ideas cute

This may not be how a heartbeat looks in an electrocardiogram, but it sure is an easy drawing to recreate when you’re bored.

Sun & Waves

art ideas cute

Flower Inside Shapes

art ideas cute

Flowers make for easy cute drawings. Beginners will find flowers to be one of those easy things to draw that any bored artist can doodle with ease.

Easy things to draw like Superimposed Faces

art ideas cute

If you’re on the search for abstract things to paint. This artistic bit by Shantell Martin can prove that with enough imagination, you can have fun if you choose to draw free form doodles.

Pathway into Stars

art ideas cute

To prove that cool things can be drawn by a bored beginner too, Take a look at this image you can draw by artist Matthew Zaremba. He uses simple straight lines that lead towards a doorway. Grab your pencil, a ruler and sketchbook to recreate this easy and detailed image.

Some people draw birds and others draw portraits of faces. The exciting thing about drawing is that you can pretty much draw anything your mind can imagine. Making the possibilities of cool things to draw endless. 

Simple drawings and minimal art is often overlooked. There is a whole niche of artists making some awesome minimalistic drawings and garnering fame from them. Notable artists like Shantell Martin and Matthew Zaremba showcased above, have taken their style of simple drawings and built a following from them. Why not turn your boredom into quick, easy artworks that even Jackson Pollock would commend.

art ideas cute

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37 of Our Favorite Easy Art Projects for Kids

Get their creative juices flowing.

East art projects for kids, including dictionary drawing of the word ignorant and a woven paper rainbow fish.

The stress of tests and social dynamics can prove challenging for students, and for this reason, they need an opportunity to express themselves freely. Art provides a powerful outlet for creative expression while also proving therapeutic. Plus, a good art project can be particularly effective at getting kids to unplug from their devices. A simple art project can even fill some of downtime during the day for early finishers. Regardless of whether you teach preschool or high school, there is an art project for everyone. So gather some art supplies and try one of these easy art projects for kids!

Easy Art Projects for Pre-K Students

1. paper bag jelly fish.

Text at the top says Paper Bag Jellyfish. Four paper bags have been painted with googly eyes glued on them. The bottom of the bags have been shredded with scissors.

As far as easy art projects for kids go, this one is perfect for preschoolers since it works on their hand-eye coordination and their cutting skills in particular. In addition to paper bags and scissors or pinking shears, you will need some paints, paintbrushes, googly eyes, and glue. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can grab some sparkles too!

Learn more: Paper Bag Jelly Fish at No Time for Flash Cards

2. Tissue Paper Apple

A piece of paper has two apples on it that are created from little squares of red and green tissue paper that have been glued onto the apple outlines.

Since everyone associates apples with fall and the start of school, this will be the perfect craft to start the school year off on the right foot. Simply draw an apple outline on a piece of paper and have small red and green tissue paper squares ready to be crumpled and glued by tiny hands.

Learn more: Tissue Paper Apple at Burlap + Blue

3. Fork Print Tulips

Several pieces of paper have tulips that are made from different colored paints dipped in the top part of forks to make the flower head. green stems and leaves are painted underneath.

This project is both cute and simple, requiring only a fork, some heavyweight paper, and some paints. This project would be especially perfect for a Mother’s Day gift.

Learn more: Fork Tulip at Toddler at Play

4. Paper Bag Monster

Three paper bags are transformed into brightly colored monsters.

First, paint the bag any color you want. Once dry, cut out shapes from card stock and assemble your monster!

Learn more: Paper Bag Monster Puppets at I Heart Crafty Things

5. Paper Plate Lion

This easy art project for kids shows a paper plate that is painted orange with simple eyes, mouth, and nose painted on in black. The edges of the plate have been cut with slits to look like a mane.

All you need to re-create this adorable lion is orange and black paint, paintbrushes, paper plates, and scissors. Grab some Popsicle sticks to glue to the back and you’ll have a ferocious puppet show on your hands in no time!

Learn more: Paper Plate Lion at My Bored Toddler

6. Popsicle Stick Rainbow

This easy art project for kids shows white circles glued to a piece of light blue construction paper as clouds. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple popsicle sticks are coming out of the clouds as a rainbow.

Grab some blue card stock, cotton circles, and Popsicle sticks and have your students work on their gluing skills. This craft will prove effective at teaching little ones their colors. Choose either colored Popsicle sticks or have kids color them themselves.

Learn more: Popsicle Stick Rainbow at My Bored Toddler

7. Paper Plate Octopus

An orange and a blue octopus are made from paper plates painted with faces on them and the octopus legs are made from strips of construction paper.

Kids love octopuses, especially adorable ones like these! This craft would be perfect for little ones still learning to count since they have a whopping eight legs to make.

Learn more: Paper Plate Octopus at Simple Every Day Mom

8. Macaroni Necklace

This image of an easy art project for kids shows 5 multi-colored macaroni necklaces made from painted macaroni, string, and some beads.

A staple of many of our childhoods, macaroni necklaces work on the dexterity of little fingers while also making perfect gifts. Add in some large beads as well for variety.

Learn more: DIY Macaroni Necklaces at Made To Be a Mama

Easy Art Projects for Elementary School Students

9. paper plate snake.

A paper plate is cut into a spiral and painted with watercolor paints. Googly eyes havebeen glued on.

Have your students paint a paper plate with watercolors and then once dry, help them cut it in a swirl shape. Finally, add some googly eyes.

Learn more: Colorful Paper Plate Snakes at Pink Stripey Socks

10. Paper Roll Koala

This easy art project for kids shows a cute koala made from a paper roll, construction paper, and pom-poms.

This super-cute koala would make an adorable desk buddy since it stands up on its own. Kids will enjoy personalizing their koala’s face!

Learn more: Paper Roll Koala at Arty Crafty Kids

11. Leaf Pattern Drawing

The outline of a leaf is divided into different sections in this easy art project for kids. Each section is brightly colored with a different pattern in it.

We just love art projects that fill the entire page, and this one certainly fits the bill. The combination of crayon and watercolor paint create this multi-dimensional leaf print.

Learn more: Leaf Pattern at Art Projects for Kids

12. Woven Rainbow Fish

An image on the top shows a white cutout of a fish with a stack of strips of brightly colored paper. The bottom image shows the final product with the strips woven inside the fish.

This project is perfect for working on students’ hand-eye coordination while being a cursory introduction to sewing. It’s challenging enough for even upper elementary school students while still being relatively simple.

Learn more: Rainbow Fish at Crafty Morning

13. Thumbprint Bugs

This easy art project for kids shows three steps to making green thumbprints turn into a caterpillar.

These thumbprint doodles are just so sweet and would perfectly complement a science lesson all about bugs. After having students try their hand at some of the thumbprint examples, let them use their imagination to see what other ideas they can cook up. You can even have them create bug jars out of card stock to put their new friends in!

Learn more: Thumbprint Bugs via Toot’s Mom Is Tired

14. Umbrella With Rain

A rainbow umbrella is constructed from a half of a paper plate.

Another fun art project that is really affordable to create since you only need paper plates, some paints, a roll of string, and some blue beads. We just love this clever approach to creating raindrops!

Learn more: Umbrella With Rain at Easy Peasy and Fun

15. Popsicle Stick Pencil

A pencil is made from construction paper and yellow popsicle sticks.

Nothing says back to school more than a cute pencil-themed craft. Have students add their names to them and then use them to decorate a September bulletin board in your classroom.

Learn more: Popsicle Stick Pencil at Crafty Morning

16. Craft Stick Airplane

Two small airplanes are shown made from a clothespin, different size popsicle sticks, and a wooden bead. They are painted.

Kids will unquestionably go crazy over these clothespin-and-Popsicle-stick airplanes. Regardless of whether they choose paint or permanent markers, students will enjoy personalizing their tiny flying machines.

Learn more: Craft Stick Airplane at Making Life Blissful

17. Pom-Pom Caterpillars

Two caterpillars are made from pom poms and sit on construction paper leaves.

Since kids love pom-poms and caterpillars, this will be the perfect craft to grab their attention. Make sure to supply them with a fun variety of pom-poms and googly eyes.

Learn more: Pom-Pom Caterpillar at Easy Peasy and Fun

Easy Art Projects for Middle School Students

18. chalk christmas lights.

A string of Christmas lights is shown on a black backdrop. The lights are created from chalk smudges in blue, yellow, pink, green, and purple.

This is the perfect easy art project to do around the holiday season. You’ll need to create a stencil from card stock so you can create your light shapes. Once that is done, you can begin creating “light” with some chalk pastels. A silver Sharpie can be used to create your light string since it will show up nicely against the black paper.

Learn more: Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art at Buggy and Buddy

19. Gratitude Journal

The front of a journal is shown with an abstract painting on the cover of this easy art project for kids.

This project doubles as an art and writing activity since students can use their finished journals for writing prompts. These personalized journals beat store-bought ones any day!

Learn more: Handmade Gratitude Journal at Kids Activities Blog

20. Textured Hot-Air Balloon

Two hot air balloons are constructed from a variety of different materials.

This project is the perfect excuse to use up all your crafty odds and ends like feathers, glitter, and sequins. We love how unique each creation will be once they’re done.

Learn more: Textured Hot-Air Balloon at Artsy Momma

21. Layer Cakes

Four multi layer cakes are shown cut into. They are drawn using oil pastels.

Regardless of students’ experience with oil pastels, this project will be a good introduction to the medium. Have students follow a step-by-step tutorial for drawing the outline of the layer cake, then let them use the pastels to bring their drawings to life.

Learn more: Cakes at Little Yeti

22. Chalk Planets

Four different planets are shown drawn on black backgrounds in this easy art project for kids.

This is an inexpensive way to enhance a science unit on space while still getting creative. It’s inexpensive too since all you will need is some black paper and chalk.

Learn more: 18 Awesome Art Projects for Your Classroom at Teach Junkie

23. Back-to-School Rocks

Eight rocks are painted as various back-to-school items including a purple crayon, a pink eraser, and a pencil.

Kids love painting rocks so why not make it school-themed? Show students some of these examples to copy or let them come up with some of their own, then spread them around the school’s grounds.

Learn more: Painted Rock Ideas at Color Made Happy

24. Dictionary Page Drawing

A dictionary page is the backdrop to a drawing of the word Ignorant. A strange looking cartoon man is shown.

Easy art projects for kids that also double as vocabulary lessons? Yes, please! This project will prove especially educational as students are tasked with illustrating a word on an old dictionary page.

Learn more: Illustrated Dictionary Pages at Art Teacher Creature

25. Paper Collage Painting

A green coffee mug with steam coming out of it is sitting on a pink surface with a yellow background. This easy art project for kids is made from pieces of different colored paper.

Students will enjoy creating their collages from a variety of materials. Even better—this project is a great way to encourage recycling since old cereal boxes and other food labels can be ripped into strips and repurposed.

Learn more: Painting With Paper at Megan Coyle Artist & Illustrator

26. Crayon Resist Art

This easy art project for kids shows multiple pieces of paper with different doodles and words in white crayon with paint surrounding it. An actual white crayon and watercolor paints are on top of the paintings.

This simple project can be done without a lot of instruction and will work for students of any age. This project runs on the same idea as some Easter egg–decorating kits in that the paint or dye sticks to the areas not covered in wax, or in this case, crayon.

Learn more: Fun Watercolor Resist Art at Kids Activities Blog

27. Number Art

An image shows several number stencils layered upon one another and the sections are colored in many different colors in this easy art project for kids.

If you have some math whizzes in your class, they will likely enjoy this number-themed art project. Grab some large number stencils and paints and you’ll be ready for this low-setup project.

Learn more: 5th Grade Number Project at Art Room Blog

28. Woven Baby Turtle

Several turtles are made from popsicle sticks with brightly colored yarn wrapped around them. Faces are drawn on them with sharpie.

Select three mini Popsicle sticks, paint them, and then glue them together to form your turtle’s body. Finally, select your yarn and weave it around your turtle. Be sure to have a lot of fun colors to choose from!

Learn more: Weaving Cute Baby Turtles at Pink Stripey Socks

Easy Art Projects for High School Students

29. yarn-wrapped letter.

A letter M made of cardboard is wrapped with different colored yarn. Several rows of yarn are in the background.

All you will need to create this craft is some leftover cardboard, a bunch of different yarns, and some scissors. Teens especially will enjoy this project as the end result can be used as decoration in their bedrooms and eventually their dorm rooms!

Learn more: 14 Crafts for Teens and Tweens at Art Bar Blog

30. Elevated Macaroni Necklace

Two macaroni necklaces are shown. One is teal and the other is pink and both are on actual chains.

Some easy art projects for kids and teens can even double as fashion! Despite their association with preschool, these are definitely not your little brother’s or sister’s macaroni necklaces. Swapping out twine with an actual chain makes these necklaces look surprisingly high-end.

Learn more: 12 Pasta Necklaces We Need Right Now at Mum’s Grapevine

31. Neuro Doodle Design

Black squiggles on a white paper form different size shapes, some of which are colored in purple and green in this easy art project for kids.

This is a simple and mindful art project that can be enjoyed by students regardless of their art experience. This art process was invented by Russian psychologist and architect Pavel Piskarev in 2014.

Learn more: Simple Mindful Art Project at Inside Out Art Teacher

32. Crepe Paper Flowers

A glass plate has a variety of flowers on it which are made from crepe paper.

This is the perfect project for early finishers to do since each flower only takes 5 minutes to create. In addition to being a fun project, these flowers would also make for beautiful classroom decor.

Learn more: Easy Crepe Paper Flowers at DIY Candy

33. CD Fish

Two fish are made from CDs with eyes and tissue paper fins added.

Easy art projects for kids that utilize outdated technology? Why not? Although this project could work for any age group, older kids will be able to personalize their fish using a variety of add-on materials. Be prepared to explain to your students what CDs are since they were born long after their demise!

Learn more: Make Your Own Fish Aquarium at Super Simple

34. Pencil Sculpture

A sculpture is made from 72 pencils that have been arranged in a dome shape.

While this project can get complicated, simpler structures can be completed using fewer pencils. The preparation is minimal, requiring just a bunch of pencils and elastics, but the reward will be big when you see what your students create!

Learn more: Geometric Sculpture From 72 Pencils at Instructables

35. Ribbon Garland

A garland is made from pastel ribbon pieces tied together.

This project is another good time-filler since it can be worked on and then picked up again later and continued. It’s also a good lesson in recycling since you can ask students to bring in any fabric or ribbons that may be sitting around their houses unused.

Learn more: Easy DIY Fabric Garland at Project Nursery

36. Origami

Hands are shown holding an orange origami fish and a neon yellow origami fish in this easy art project for kids.

Origami paper is inexpensive and can be bought in bulk, making this an affordable and low-preparation art project. Additionally, it is perfect for high school students who are better equipped to follow along with an instructional video.

Learn more: 12 Origami Projects for Kids at Mom Loves Best

37. Layered Landscape

A landscape is created by layering different scraps of brightly colored paper.

Keep those cereal boxes and old magazines since they’re perfect for ripping up to create layered art! We especially love how much room there is in this project for individual creativity.

Learn more: Layered Landscape at Art Camp Studio

What are your favorite easy art projects to do in the classroom? Come and share your ideas in our  We Are Teachers HELPLINE group  on Facebook.

Plus,  get ideas for great auction art projects .

Art provides a creative outlet for kids while also reducing stress. Try incorporating one of these easy art projects for kids into your day!

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Drawing, painting, sticking, crafting and creating are essential for the development of our Arty Crafty Kids! 

Be inspired with our quick no-prep arts and craft ideas and learning resources for your Arty Crafty Kids.

Our art and craft ideas are perfect for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. E.g. baby handprint art, toddler craft projects, preschool art and craft ideas, kindergarten art based learning resources and many more art and craft ideas to inspire creativity and have fun!

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Kids love arts and crafts, experimenting with different colours and techniques – painting with paintbrushes, sponges and sometimes fingers!

And we help parents and teachers with art and craft ideas to do at home or in the classroom.

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Arts and Crafts for Kids | Art Ideas

Art Ideas for Kids

Art ideas are predominantly processed led, allowing kids to explore colours and shapes. Using different techniques to create fun and masterful art.

Art Ideas Latest Projects

Explore the wonder of the Northern Lights this Winter with our How to Paint the Northern Lights tutorial - an easy art idea for kids of all ages! Complete with a printable step-by-step and templates.

How to Paint the Northern Lights | Easy Art Idea for Kids

Learn how to paint the Northern Lights with your Arty Crafty Kids this Winter! The lights are best observed between the months of December to

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Design Your Own Paper Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Paper Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft this Thanksgiving Holiday? Our design your own Paper Thanksgiving Turkey Craft is the perfect activity for

Flower Printing | Nature Craft for Kids

Flower Painting Hair Design – Nature Craft for Kids

Flower Painting Hair Design – Nature Craft for Kids: Kids will love using their imaginations and the process of painting with flowers to create crazy

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas for Kids

Craft ideas involve sticking, creating, making, learning and having fun!

Craft Ideas Latest Projects

Rocking Deer Craft : An Easy Coloring Craft for Kids

How to Make a Rocking Deer Craft (Easy!): A fun Coloring Craft

Get crafty with forest animals and learn how to make this playful rocking deer craft – a fun and easy coloring craft for kids of

Easy Fall Leaf Face Craft for Kids - a fun nature crafts for kids of all ages.

Fall Leaf Face Craft

This simple Fall Leaf Face Craft is designed to inspire kids to create face shapes and playful self-portraits with Autumn Leaves! Starting with a fun

An image of a playful Frankenstein Paper Hand Puppet with a young Frankenstein face that opens to reveal a brain and mischievous bats, perfect for Halloween crafts and giggles. 🦇🧠

Frankenstein Paper Hand Puppet

This playful Frankenstein Paper Hand Puppet design will bring fun and laughter to kids’ Halloween crafty time. This paper hand puppet imagines a young Frankenstein

art ideas cute

Valentines Art & Craft Ideas

Valentines Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

art ideas cute

3D Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Crafts

It’s the season of love and friendship, and to celebrate we have designed 3 gorgeous 3D Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Crafts for your kids

art ideas cute

Romero Britto Inspired Heart Art with Drawing Prompts

Join the Happiness Art Movement with our Romero Britto inspired Heart Art with printable Drawing Prompts! If you’re looking for a fun and easy art

art ideas cute

Rocking Sloth Coloring Valentine’s Day Card

Share some creative love with someone special by coloring in and making this adorable Rocking Sloth Coloring Valentine’s Day Card. With just 4 simple steps

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Easter Ideas

Easter Art & Craft Ideas

Easter Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

art ideas cute

3D Pop-Up Bunny Card for Easter | Printable Easter Card

Hop into card making with the kids and try this playful 3D Pop-up Bunny Card for Easter! Our Easter card design features a bunny hiding

art ideas cute

3D Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Craft meets coloring with this adorable collection of 3D Easter Coloring Pages for Kids! Choose from happy Easter Bunny illustrations, Chicks, Easter Baskets, Easter Eggs

art ideas cute

Rocking Printable Bunny Card for Easter

Hop into the Easter celebrations with your Arty Crafty Kids and make this super cute Rocking Printable Bunny card for Easter. Our Easter cards are

art ideas cute

Halloween Art & Craft Ideas

Halloween Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

art ideas cute

Haunted House Coloring Page & Craft

Enjoy our “Haunted House Coloring Page & Craft!” for some easy Halloween-themed crafting with the kids. The pop-up style adds a fun twist to the

art ideas cute

Printable Vampire Craft (Free Template)

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this fang-tastic Printable Vampire Craft – An adorable vampire paper toy with a cleverly designed cape that opens

art ideas cute

Christmas Art & Craft Ideas

Christmas Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

Tree Art and Craft Ideas for Kids - a forest full of art & craft ideas inspired by trees!

Tree Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

We have a forest full of fun and exciting tree art and craft ideas for kids of all ages! There is Christmas tree crafts, Halloween

art ideas cute

Angel Christmas Gift Bag

Christmas is a special time of year where we get to share gifts with our loved ones. What better way to spread the Christmas cheer

art ideas cute

Snowman Pop-Up Christmas Card

Turn the much loved Frosty the snowman into a pop-up Christmas card with the kids this Christmas! This adorable Snowman Pop-Up Christmas Card is super

art ideas cute

Spring Art & Craft Ideas

Spring Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

art ideas cute

Bee Finger Puppet Craft

Little crafters will be buzzing with excitement when they see this lovely Bee Finger Puppet Craft! This delightful craft features a free printable bee template

Craft meets play with this fun and easy Butterfly Finger Puppet Craft. Start with downloading the printable butterfly template and color, make and play! This craft is perfect for kids who love butterflies and hands-on fun.

Butterfly Finger Puppet Craft

Craft meets play with this lovely Butterfly Finger Puppet Craft for kids. Designed to inspire and entertain, this craft is perfect for kids who love

Looking for a fun bug-tastic craft to make with your kids? Our 3D Ladybug Finger Puppet Craft is perfect for inspiring creativity, imaginative play and story-telling!

Ladybug Finger Puppet Craft

Looking for a fun bug-tastic craft to make with your kids? Our 3D Ladybug Finger Puppet Craft is perfect for inspiring creativity, imaginative play and

art ideas cute

Summer Art & Craft Ideas

Summer Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

Get ready to meet your new toothy friend! Our Paper Plate Crocodile Craft is complete and ready to inspire imaginative play. This adorable crocodile features a 3D mouth and a big, cheerful smile. Crafted with love, this easy and fun project is perfect for kids of all ages, including preschoolers.

Paper Plate Crocodile Craft

Bring a toothy smile to life with our Paper Plate Crocodile Craft! This simple and fun DIY project showcases a 3D mouth that will captivate

Featured image of a 3D Printable Shark Craft: A colorful and assembled shark, ready to play! This fun craft allows kids to color, cut, and create their very own shark. Let their imagination swim with this interactive and engaging activity.

3D Printable Shark Craft

Dive into the exciting world of sharks with our fin-tastic 3D Printable Shark Craft for kids! Whether it’s Shark Week or any time of the

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Autumn Art & Craft Ideas

Autumn Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Winter Ideas

Winter Art & Craft Ideas

Winter Art & Craft Ideas Latest Projects

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3D Snowdrop Coloring Page Craft

Our 3D snowdrop coloring page and craft includes a FREE printable template for you to share with your Arty Crafty Kids either at home or

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Teachers

The art and craft projects on this site can be used for inspiration or completed using the simple guides accompanying each idea.

Our unique and original art and craft ideas are used in classrooms all over the World and as well as being creative and fun, we make use of different art and craft techniques to experiment and explore.

We also have learning resources and activities to help make learning fun!

Straw Blowing Rainbow Art

Straw Blowing Rainbow Art

Leaf Painting

Leaf Painting Art Technique

Accordian Paper Fold Crafts

Arty Crafty Kids | 3D Polar Bear Winter Craft for kids! Challenge creativity with this playful and fun Printable Polar Bear Craft that wobbles and bounces #kidscrafts #wintercrafts #printable #templates #template #preschoool #earlyyears

3D Polar Bear Winter Craft

Arty Crafty Kids | 3D Spring Lamb Craft for Kids to make. A fun, playful craft idea for Easter and Spring. Simply download the lamb template to get started! #artycraftykids

3D Spring Lamb Craft

Learning resources and activities.

Learning through Art & Craft! Easy to use and follow, these learning resources and activities help kids learn numbers and math, letters and the alphabet. 

To make things easier and save you time, all of our Art & Craft templates & printables are available in the Members Area.

Arts and Crafts for Kids | Parents

Arts and crafts for kids can be an amazing way to create special keepsakes from fun projects.

Handprint Art

There can be no better way to get a little messy and have fun making arts and crafts with handprints and footprints. Fun for budding artists and keepsakes for parents!

Mother's Day Handprint Flower Craft for kids to make. Simply download the printable template to get started. @artycraftykids

Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Craft

Arty Crafty Kids | Art Ideas for Kids | Cool Handprint Art, exploring warm and cool shades. Great for basic colour-mixing! #artforkids #kidsart #artclass

Cool Handprint Art

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Easy Handprint Sunflower Craft | A super cute sunflower handprint craft for kids!

Easy Handprint Sunflower Craft

Clay handprint shell keepsake.

Clay Art Handprint Shell | Arts and Crafts for Kids

Special Occasion Homemade Cards

A lovely way to celebrate a special occasion with a personalised greetings card made by your Arty Crafty Kids!

Arty Crafty Kids | Valentines Crafts for Kids | How to make a Love Bug Handprint Card for Valentine's Day

Love Bug Handprint Card

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Cute Printable Panda Card

Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Watercolour Flower Card

Watercolour Flower Card

Arts and crafts for kids | benefits.

Arts and crafts for kids have many benefits for children and we believe the following benefits are direct and indirect when kids are carrying out art and craft projects following a set guide or experimenting and using their own creativity! 

Brain Development

Fine motor skills, shape matching, colour matching, communication skills.

Working together following a simple guide helps to develop communication skills including listening skills and verbal communication when the child explains what they are doing and what they have done.

5-Minute Fun Art and Crafts for Kids

To get you started we have a few of our popular and easy to do crafts using simple items found around the home or in a scrap box!

Toilet Roll Craft Ideas

Toilet roll crafts can be simple and easy, and usually there is at least one toilet roll available to make something with!

Let these toilet roll art and craft ideas inspire your kids next fun project!

Paper Roll Race Cars - Craft Ideas for Kids - A cool car craft for kids using the humble toilet roll! #kidscraft

Paper Plate Crafts

Another great mainstay of quick and fun art and craft projects are Paper Plate Crafts. Check out these crafts for inspiration.

art ideas cute

Paper Plate Unicorn Over the Rainbow Craft

art ideas cute

Paper Plate Craft Goldfish Bowl & Puppets

Paper Plate Lion Craft | Arts and Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Lion Craft

Artist inspired art and craft for kids ideas, kandinsky art.

Kandinsky’s famous concentric circles’ painting is a fabulous source of inspiration for kids and is often used by art teachers to explore colour mixing concepts.

Kandinsky Heart Art Project

Kandinsky Heart Arts and Crafts for Kids

Claude Monet

Claude Monet experimented with his art, creating a ‘reflective’ surface that was key to Monet’s exploration of capturing patterns of changing light.

Claude Monet Water Lilies Art Project for Kids

Claude Monet Water Lilies Art Project for Kids

Children's Book Inspired Craft Ideas

Children’s books are a fantastic source of inspiration for art and craft ideas and help children enjoy the story from the book.

The Day the Crayons Came Home

The Day the Crayons Came Home , written in a similar format to its predecessor, The Day the Crayons Quit. Duncan receives a pile of postcards from his lost, broken and aggrieved crayons who are not happy about being left behind and forgotten!

The Day the Crayons Came Home Inspired Craft

The Day the Crayons Came Home Inspired Craft for Kids

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell Inspired Craft

Inspired by Sue Hendra’s charming story ‘Norman The Slug with the Silly Shell’, our Paper Plate Snail is all about letting imaginations sparkle to create snails with very silly shells.

Paper Plate Slug Craft | Arts and Crafts for Kids

Nature Art Ideas for Kids

Nature Art is one of our favorite art mediums, combining natures colorful and glorious texture, that children will LOVE to explore, touch and experiment with.

This collection of Nature Art Ideas for Kids will inspire creativity without being overly complicated or material intensive and most importantly, are kid-friendly!

They’re bold, bright and beautiful, using the full spectrum of materials from stones to sand, petals to tree stumps. So no matter where you are in the world there will be something for you and your Arty Crafty Kids!

Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Bold Beautiful Nature Art for Kids | 24 Stunning art nature art projects for kids

  • This beautiful Petal ‘Stained Glass’ Display from The Artful Parent is the perfect activity for very young children.
  • I love the playful appearance of these Stick People from Mollymoo.
  • These gorgeous Dyed Rocks from Twitchetts are given a semi-precious stone quality that can created at home. You will love the technique and coupled with the positive affirmations, they double up has charming kindness gifts between friends.
  • I adore the bold colours of these Chalk Painted Leaves – this is a no-fuss easy art idea for kids!
  • How amazing does this Paper Weight Beach Rock from Happy Hooligans look?
  • Using a Tree Stump or Wood Slice as a canvas, why not try making Nature Portraits (by Adventure-in-a-Box) ?
  • Transform sticks, leaves and foliage into fabulous Nature Paint Brushes (by Messy Little Monster).
  • These Nature Collages are certainly bold, bright and beautiful – An inspirational post with many creative designs from The Craft Train.
  • Mud, glorious mud…. Children will love to get their hands stuck into to this activity to create Muddy Mandala’s and Art (By Rhythms of Play).
  • Are you planning a trip to the beach any time soon? why not try your hand at this Sand Cast Starfish Art idea  by Crafts by Amanda.
  • If you love pop art then you will love this Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art Leaf picture by the Kids Crafts Room.
  • Art doesn’t get easier than Pinecone Painting and its great fun too!
  • How brilliant is this Leafy Robot ? I adore this idea from Mother Natured.
  • Flower Printing by Playful Learning is a must try. Combined with scrape painting and you have stunning results.
  • Camouflage Art from Fireflies and Mudpies will be popular with preschoolers and toddlers.
  • T-shirt Nature Printing by The Pinterested Parent – What’s not to love about this idea?
  • This beautiful Galaxy Painted Stone by Color Made Happy is incredibly simple to recreate – you will be surprised!
  • Leaf printing with a difference. This art idea explores positive and negative space, as well as encouraging children to play with colour mixing to recreate Autumn shades.
  • With this handy free printable from Mother Natured, Nature Portraits couldn’t be easier!
  • There’s something rather quaint about this Natural Loom for Nature Weaving ( Babble Dabble Do).
  • I love how these sticks are arranged and decorating to create this super cute Stick and Leaf Owl – by I Heart Crafty Things.
  • I love the simplicity of this Nature sculpture Idea from Red Ted Art, which encourages children to look closely at natural forms.
  • Create beautiful Petal Mandala Art with A Little Pinch of Perfect.
  • And finally, explore colour combinations with these Kandinsky Inspired Rocks .

Arts and Crafts for Kids Latest Projects

How to Draw Kusama Inspired Dot Pumpkins | Easy Pumpkin Art Idea for Kids

How to Draw Kusama Inspired Dot Pumpkins | Pumpkin Art for Kids

Learn how to draw Kusama Inspired Dot Pumpkins and create vibrant pumpkin art with our easy to follow step-by-step drawing tutorial. Complete with pumpkin printable

Creative and fun art & craft ideas for parents and educators of children 3-8 years old.

Art and Craft projects and printable templates, activities, how-to-draw guides, coloring pages and more in the Arty Crafty Kids Members Area !

Happy Crafting!

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art ideas cute

Embrace the pretty pastel.

Green matcha nail art ideas, straight from top nail artists.

Once you get a sip of rich, creamy matcha, you know it’s only a matter of time before you ditch the cold brew forever — and the same vibe applies to nail art.

Coffee-themed nails are everywhere lately: Everything from iced coffee swirls and caramel latte hues to sultry espresso browns have been spotted on the fingertips of celebs including Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski . But with more than 29 million views on TikTok , matcha green manis are quickly becoming another fan favorite.

Everyone’s Seeing Green

“The popularity of matcha [green] can be attributed to its funky subtlety that transitions perfectly from fall to winter,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB . The light hue adds a subtle pop of color to your nail art, but it’s also surprisingly customizable.

“Matcha is a distinct color but it can come in various shades, whether it’s a more muted green or a darker statement green,” says celebrity manicurist and brand founder Deborah Lippmann . Just like the tea itself, you can go for a creamier pastel — like an iced matcha with plenty of oat milk— or a bright emerald, which is closer in shade to the traditional tea. It all depends on your mood.

Below, nail artists share 15 different ways to add some matcha to your manicure.

Cheerful Checkers

Checkered matched nails.

A checkered print is a super playful way to add a little texture to your mani. If you’re attempting to create the look at home, “you can make your blocks chunky or you can use a small brush to make slender lines to create a more minimalist look,” Lippmann says.

While you can add a checkered print to one accent nail, you can always combine it with other mix-and-match prints, like these tiny flowers, for chic maximalist vibes.

Matcha heart nails.

A matcha is 100% more magical when it has a touch of latte art, so why not give your nails the same treatment? Since matcha green comes in so many hues, it’s easy to add details, like this tiny heart, using slightly lighter or darker polish.

Leave A Tip

Matcha green French tips.

Lippmann is a big fan of the matcha color on French manicures . Since the classic design usually involves white nail polish, she says an unexpected pop of color will give the design an updated look. This particular shade of green is the perfect mix of subtle and chic.

Half moon matcha nails.

Half-moon nail art — where you paint a crescent at the base of your nail bed — has been around for a while, but Lippmann predicts it’s having a second life. “It’s great with pastels,” she says. “For even more jazz, you can use a glitter polish in the moon for a fun twist on the typical design.” You can also pair matcha green with mocha brown for a cafe-ready manicure.

Green Goddess

Green matcha nails with pearls.

The half moon also works in reverse, with a funky bright green matcha as the main color and a more minimalist base. Add small details — like gemstones or mini pearls — for an unexpected (yet very pretty) 3D effect.

Groovy Baby

Color swirls.

Lippmann says matcha green combines beautifully with neutrals, like cream, especially in a color-blocking technique. Prime example? This groovy set with wavy shapes.

This type of nail art is all about adding bold swirls and swaths of color. To try it at home, Lippmann says to use the edge of a polish brush to draw clean lines.

Foiled Again

Gold foil matcha nails.

Is there a better combo than green and gold? According to Glass, metallic accents like these swirls are an easy way to take your manicure to the next level.

Silver and rose gold could look cute, too. To be extra, Lippmann suggests matching your foil to your jewelry.

Green Ombré

Ombre matcha nails.

If you can’t choose a matcha hue, Lippmann suggests adding them on all one hand for a dark to light ombré effect . Start with a dark no-milk matcha on your pinky and slowly add more creaminess as you head toward your thumb.

Pearly Girl

Pearly matcha nails.

Chromatic powders are where it’s at when you want your mani to pop. The mirrored finish instantly makes everyday nail art, like a French tip, one hundred times cooler thanks to the extra dose of shine — reason enough to try it on matcha-colored polish.

Twisted Tea

Patterned matcha nails.

How fun is this eclectic manicure? Swirls, checkers, geometric prints, and spirals come together for an eye-catching collection of fingernail art — all of which showcase the funky matcha color.

Sweet Treat

Matcha nails with strawberry detail.

There’s something cute and almost dainty about this light shade of green, which is why it looks so good with teeny details, like this strawberry design. A small heart, mini ladybug, or micro cherry would be equally as sweet.

3D effect matcha nails.

3D nail art is so on trend for fall, winter, and beyond. To try it for yourself, add bubbles to your matcha manicure using builder gel or acrylic. The inspo? A refreshing matcha with lots of boba.

Make It A Matcha

Green matcha nails.

Darker matcha green makes such a statement on its own, sometimes all you really need is an all-over wash of color. If you go for a single shade, Lippmann recommends making sure all the details are perfect, from the shape of your nail to your cuticles.

Marbled Masterpiece

Marbled matcha nail art.

Pastels always look pretty when they taken on a marbled effect, and matcha green is no different. To show it off, Glass recommends incorporating an accent nail.

Although the ring finger is a usual go-to for funky nail art, try making the accent the only solid color for something fun and unexpected.

Iced Matcha

Matcha green swirls.

In a world of glazed and glossy manicures, matte polish stands out. To achieve this frost-glass effect, all you need is a matte polish or a mattifying top coat.

Combine it with green tips and white abstract accents for a truly unique, matcha-inspired manicure.

art ideas cute


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    Updated: Sep, 22 2022 • 14 min read 102 Things to Draw: Easy, Cool, Cute and Fun Ideas You sit down with pencils and paper, and … nothing happens. You're drawing a blank—literally. Take inspiration from this mega list of things to draw.

  2. 85 Very Adorable, Cute and Easy Drawings to Make

    1. Astronaut Here's a cute animal drawing of a cartoon cat called Toby the Astronaut. Kids will love it! 2. Colorful Astronaut Now, follow along with the next lesson in this Skillshare course and color Toby the Astronaut in. 3. Ladybug Everyone loves ladybugs, and this one is especially adorable. 4. Meerkat

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    1. Introduction 2. 50 of the best bullet journal drawings a. Animal doodles b. Kawaii cute doodles c. FREE Japanese Drinks Step-by-step Printable d. Seasonal drawings e. Flowers drawings f. Sea themed doodles g. Space theme h. Banners & borders i. Food & drink doodles j. Popular culture theme k. Other unique doodle designs Introduction

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    Don't know what to draw? Don't know how to draw? No worries! In this video I'll share 50 cute and easy doodles to fill your sketchbook. If you're bored at sc...


    Timestamps00:56 Marble painting01:30 How to draw flowers02:04 Finger painting -----...

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    150+ Cute Drawings. Unleash your creativity and find inspiration in our collection of cute things to draw, perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels. From cuddly animals and charming chibi characters to irresistible sweets and captivating nature themes, each idea offers endless possibilities to create heartwarming artwork.

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    468+ Cute Art Ideas 2023 - Custom Cute Artwork & Inspiration | 99designs Home Inspiration Artworks Cute Cute art by Cross the Lime Nothing says "unique" like custom cute artwork designed just for you by a professional artist. Need ideas? We've collected some amazing examples of cute art from our global community of illustrators.

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    Art has the power to move you. Talented artists from around the world have their work featured on Pinterest daily, just waiting to be discovered. The art hub features popular ideas for art media, composition styles and more. As you scroll, take note of ideas for art projects, prints to hang at home, and videos of artists crafting their creations.

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    Squeeze out excess paint and lay the filters flat to dry on paper towels or hang them from a hanger with a clip or clothespin. Download our template and trace it onto orange paper. Cut out and ...

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    25 Acrylic Painting Ideas Great for Beginners. 1. Color Block Design. Color blocked paintings are easy to paint—and make great home decor. Using masking tape and just a few colors of acrylic paint, you can create this color blocked masterpiece. Follow along the process in Cat Coquillette's course.

  14. 20 Easy, GORGEOUS Art Projects for Kids

    1. Kids can create gorgeous watercolor backgrounds with markers and a plastic bag. This art idea is SUPER easy and tons of fun. Visit It's Always Autumn to get the instructions + quotes you can print on the pretty watercolor backgrounds. 2. This art activity uses a pencil eraser to create a flower while teaching about pointillism.

  15. Hiroto D

    600 Best Cute art styles ideas in 2023 | cute art, cute art styles, character art Cute art styles 603 Pins 19w E Collection by (=¬=) Similar ideas popular now Character Design Drawings Art Character Design References Fantasy Character Design Character Design Inspiration Character Concept Character Art Manga Drawing Tutorials Arte Sketchbook

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    Nothing like a dose of cuteness to brighten your day. Who wouldn't want to draw a cute little baby Groot. It only takes a few minutes to recreate this cool image. The Marvel cinematic universe is full of awesome inspiration for easy things to draw, and better yet, it's full of amazing wall art ideas too. Alien Head

  20. 37 Easy Art Projects for Kids of All Ages

    1. Paper Bag Jelly Fish No Time for Flash Cards/Paper Bag Jelly Fish via As far as easy art projects for kids go, this one is perfect for preschoolers since it works on their hand-eye coordination and their cutting skills in particular.

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    Our art and craft ideas are perfect for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. E.g. baby handprint art, toddler craft projects, preschool art and craft ideas, kindergarten art based learning resources and many more art and craft ideas to inspire creativity and have fun!

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    Iced Matcha. Matte polish stands out in a world of glazed and glossy manicures. To get this frost-glass effect, all you need is a matte polish or a mattifying top coat. Combine it with green tips ...