Support Resources

Below are resources available through Student Health and Wellness at Iowa State University. A comprehensive, university-wide list of resources is available via Cyclone Support.

Mental Health Resources

  • TAO is an online platform of tools and educational modules to help you learn about and change the way you think and feel. TAO contains over 150 brief and effective educational sessions on over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance use issues.
  • Our on-campus counseling service allows students the ability to seek therapy for a wide variety of concerns. There is no charge for individual appointments with a counselor.
  • In addition to the services provided at Student Counseling Services, Iowa State University has partnered with Virtual Care Group to provide free telecounseling services for all students.
  • The group therapy format approaches issues of personal growth through the use of interpersonal interaction. Group interactions provide an opportunity to build relationships and receive interpersonal feedback about how we experience one another. This service is free for all students.
  • Workshops provide a more structured approach to group counseling. Workshops are three weeks long and generally have time for both teaching and then applying skills.
  • Biofeedback training is a learning tool that helps us become in-tune with our bodies stress responses. Once you are aware of your existing stress responses, you can learn to change those responses resulting in greater relaxation and focus.
  • There are a variety of approaches and services to help students struggling with their relationship with their bodies. Whether these experiences are new or ongoing, we have resources to get you the support you need.
  • Career counseling can help you identify your strengths, values and interests in order to guide you as you make decisions relating to your future career.

Medical Care Resources

  • The Thielen Student Health Center provides a full service pharmacy to Iowa State students, located on the first floor. The pharmacy can fill most prescriptions and has over the counter medications available for purchase.
  • Located on the second floor of the Thielen Student Health Center, the Physical Therapy unit can help you recover from injury or relieve chronic pain.
  • The Thielen Student Health Center treats a variety of primary health concerns including respiratory infections, strep throat, rashes, infections and more. In addition, they provide radiology services when x-rays are needed as well as STD and pregnancy testing.
  • The Thielen Student Health Center provides services related to sexual and reproductive health. This includes birth control prescription and counseling, IUDs, STD testing, HPV vaccination, infection treatment and more.
  • A wide variety of immunizations are available through the Thielen Student Health Center. Annual flu shots, tetanus shots and the required vaccinations for all new students are all available.
  • Support with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or stress reactions is available through the Thielen Student Health Center. Additionally, support is available for students who believe they may have ADHD.
  • Thielen Student Health Center offers allergy desensitization injections in some cases for students with multiple allergies. 
  • Routine physical exams can be done by a provider at the Thielen Student Health Center.
  • Thielen Student Health Center can provide information needed to prepare for international travel. This includes required or recommended immunizations as well as any emerging or ongoing health concerns in the country you will be visiting.
  • Orthopedic care is available at Thielen Student Health Center for fracture/injury management or for follow-up care after an orthopedic surgery.

Physical Activity

Students who are enrolled in the current academic semester and were assessed the Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee are automatically issued membership to Iowa State Recreation Services. The majority of full-time students will meet this criteria. In some cases, students may not be automatically assessed the appropriate fee. Those students may opt-in to paying the fee to gain membership to Recreation Services. University employees, alumni, affiliates and recent graduates can become members by paying a fee . 

  • Recreation Services offers instructor-lead fitness classes available to all Recreation Services members. There are classes focused on strength training, cardio, yoga and more.
  • Recreation Services members gain access to climbing walls, equipment rental, workshops and trips as part of the Adventure Program.
  • Compete for a coveted intramural champion T-shirt! Recreation Services members can team up or compete on their own in dozens of sports and competitions. Many intramural sports offer skill-based divisions, ensuring that you will compete against those of a similar skillset to you.
  • Recreation Services operates State Gym, Lied Recreation Athletic Center and Beyer Hall. Basketball courts, an indoor turf field, climbing walls, pools, indoor tracks, weight lifting equipment and cardio machines are all available.
  • Located in Beyer Hall, the gaming and esports room features 30+ desktop gaming computers and four console gaming stations. 

Basic Needs/Food Security Resources

  • The OneApp scholarship portal allows you to submit multiple scholarship applications in one system.
  • Students having difficulty meeting their expenses may be eligible to receive emergency funds. Eligibility criteria varies by program. 
  • The SHOP food pantry is available to Iowa State students. Located in Beyer Hall, the SHOP is open four days each week.
  • The Give a Swipe Program allows Iowa State students to donate or receive meal swipes to Iowa State Dining centers.
  • Student Wellness has a more extensive list of resources related to food security, extending beyond Iowa State into the surrounding communities.
  • The Iowa State University Library offers a technology lending service to students. Laptops, iPads, cameras, monitors and more are available. This service is free for students.
  • The Sloss Resource room is a satellite location of the SHOP food pantry located in the Sloss House. It offers free non-perishable food items, clothing, and personal care items for students.

Substance Use Resources

  • Wellbeing Coaching for substance use is a harm reduction program enabling you to work toward a better relationship with alcohol and/or cannabis.
  • All Recovery meetings are held weekly for students who are looking to gain more independence from substances or other addictive behaviors.
  • One-on-one recovery coaching is available for students to discuss goals and strategies for the coming academic year as it relates to substance or behavioral addiction recovery.
  • Various events are held throughout the year relating to substance or behavioral addiction recovery.
  • Resources are available to educate yourself on issues commonly related to partying including alcohol poisoning and sexual assault prevention.

Resources: Course Assignments

Assignment: stress, lifestyle, and health.

Step 1:  To view this assignment, click on  Assignment: Stress, Lifestyle, and Health.

Step 2:  Follow the instructions in the assignment and submit your completed assignment into the LMS.


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