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Job Characteristics Model (JCM): What You Need To Know

  • Written by: Carin Vreede
  • Last updated: 27 June 2024

job characteristics model or her job experienced responsibility

In this article, we explore its  purpose,  Job Characteristics Theory, and critical components of the JCM model.

Table of contents

What is the job characteristics model?

What is the goal of the job characteristics model, the job characteristics theory, the job characteristics model.

The Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is a work design theory that seeks to identify the key factors that make a job motivating, satisfying, and engaging for employees. The model was developed by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham in 1976 and has since become a widely used framework for job analysis and job design research.

The JCM proposes that five core job characteristics contribute to an employee's meaningful work experience and job satisfaction . These five core job distinguishing features are:

  • Skill variety
  • Task identity
  • Task significance
  • Employee feedback

The JCM suggests that high jobs with these characteristics tend to be more motivating, satisfying, and engaging for employees, leading to higher performance and lower employee turnover rates. Organizations have widely used the model to design more meaningful and fulfilling employee jobs.


Hackman and Oldham were trying to cut down on factory boredom and monotony. The workers weren't getting better or more productive as time passed, and their performance plummeted because of boredom and disengagement. It helps turn around jobs.

An HR professional can use a job characteristics model to make a job better and more engaging. Working together will improve the working environment for everyone, leading to more engagement , higher job satisfaction, and productivity.

Often, jobs "happen." Because there is much work, companies hire new employees without evaluating their skills or creating a position. You can design a more effective job by using Hackman and Oldham's job characteristics model.

The job characteristics model can be used to help organizations in the following ways:

It helps to design job strategies

A business usually comprises multiple people who play various roles unless it is a sole practitioner. Positions can have different tasks assigned to them. Job characteristics involve examining all functions and developing multiple jobs based on them.

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Job rotation, for example, gives everyone a chance to have a little variety in their day. It's also possible to simplify some tedious tasks. Several areas must be expanded and made more critical, and employee enrichment will be significant. It's not just about developing jobs for today but also enriching jobs for tomorrow, so employee enrichment is a key component of the job characteristics model.

Enhances job satisfaction

A job characteristics model combined with human resources and management allows each position to be designed so that employees are more satisfied with their jobs. This model can reduce the boredom and monotony of mundane tasks, although it is impossible to eliminate them.

If your law firm is busy, one person may have to spend all day filing, which is tedious. Those tasks could be divided among four people filing for two hours daily while six others worked on more exciting, interesting jobs. The result is a higher level of job satisfaction and performance.

Ensures job enrichment

The goal is to take a regular job and make it better by adding extra tasks and assignments. Focusing on job enrichment is more motivating than making things easier. Job enrichment can make your job more fulfilling. Despite being from the 1970s, the job characteristics model still applies today. Work enrichment can give them meaningful work, which is vital to them. 

Better tasks delegation

A job characteristics model makes jobs better by using job design. It is common for jobs to be divided into specific tasks, and employees can carry them out independently. In turn, employees feel more satisfied with their jobs when autonomous, giving them a sense of control over their work environment.

Clear organizational information

Managing the organization becomes easier when everyone's job description results from a thorough job analysis with clear duties and responsibilities. It is easy to see which duties each person is responsible for. It can simplify the organizational design in general. 

Setting goals and appraisals is straightforward.

Using the job characteristics model, an organization can set more manageable goals and evaluate employee performance than when each job is assigned separately.

In 1976, Hackman and Oldham wrote "Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, Vol. 2", which introduced the job characteristics theory (JCT). 16, Issue 2". This theory says, "job design affects motivation, performance, and job satisfaction." It has helped managers determine how specific core job dimensions and characteristics affect the job's positive outcomes.

It also examines the top five job characteristics as determinants of job satisfaction for an organization and the individual doing the job. The relationship between job characteristics and an individual's response to a job describes the relationship between work characteristics and occupations.

According to the Job Characteristics Theory, five core job characteristics trigger three psychological states and, in turn, lead to or influence the five core characteristics' work-related outcomes and results. A Job Characteristics Model was developed from this theory and continues to be used today. A model such as this is designed to specify the conditions that contribute to workers' motivation to perform effectively.

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When Hackman and Oldham tested this Job Characteristics Model on 658 employees with 62 different jobs in seven organizations or businesses, they found it valid. Despite the introduction of other job design theories, the results of this study still hold much weight today due to their reliability and conclusiveness.

This diagram illustrates Hackman and Oldham's Job Characteristics Model.

A complete understanding of the Job Characteristics Model requires a breakdown of its components: the five defining job characteristics model specifies jobs, the five work-related outcomes, and the three psychological states.

Five core job characteristics

The five characteristics or dimensions of a job were defined clearly by Hackman and Oldham.

1) Skill variety

In general, this refers to how many different activities are required to perform a job, which requires various skills and abilities to perform the job. Thus, the individual must demonstrate a wide range of abilities and skills. Several skills and talents are necessary for the job being filled by the person responsible for its performance. The worker must accomplish several tasks in the job security order to determine whether the job is monotonous or repetitive.

Comparing two individuals who work at different jobs. There are many routines and repetitive tasks and functions to be performed in Job A, and the work is pretty straightforward. It does not require a lot of skill or ability. On the other hand, Job B is quite complex, requiring several skills or abilities. What employee will be more likely to experience meaningfulness at work? Yes, that is true. This one is working on Job B since it demands various skills.

2) Task identity

A job's value is its ability to complete an identifiable whole, i.e., completing a job from beginning to end with a visible outcome". In other words, this involves working on an entire work process instead of just parts of work outcomes of work redesigning it. Consequently, assessing the job or task's beginning, middle, and end is essential.

When workers can determine a complete, visible outcome at both the quality and end of the day or a work cycle, they tend to find more meaning in their jobs. In the following example, two workers are involved in the same work process. Worker A is responsible for a very small amount of work initially. Contrary to worker A, worker B participates in every step.

As a result of his involvement in completing the process, Worker B feels more meaning in his job since he can see the outcome of his efforts. His idea of a meaningful job is one that he can complete from beginning to end, rather than just working on Phase 1 and not being involved in the rest. Since he is concentrating on his assigned phase, he may not even know whether the entire process has been completed.

3) Task significance

Basically, task significance refers to whether a job has a meaningful impact on people's lives, whether inside or outside the organization at large". The task - and the job - are significant if they can impact other people's lives. It should be not only internal employees but also those outside the organization.

Many people find their jobs more meaningful if they can contribute to the physical, psychological, or emotional well-being of others. Knowing that their job, and their performance, can positively impact others will motivate them to work harder and do better. People who place a high value on task significance are extremely interested in learning if their work is meaningful to others. They find meaning in positive work outcomes and internal work motivation in the recognition they receive from others.

4) Autonomy

This refers to the extent to which the job gives the individual reasonable freedom, discretion, greater personal responsibility, and autonomy in scheduling and completing the task".

Often, positions with managerial, supervisory, or ministerial functions are autonomous. Supervisors, division and department heads, and senior managers in managerial positions are examples of jobs with high autonomy and experienced responsibility. Those who do these jobs feel a greater sense of responsibility for their actions, making them more meaningful.

It's not limited to those in management positions. Employees even feel responsible if they can make decisions and call the shots when they are left to do their own work. Their autonomy will be reduced if they are forced to meekly follow the instructions of supervisors or only follow what is in the job procedures manual. As a result, there will be no sense of personal responsibility anywhere in their actions.

5) Feedback

Feedback aims to inform workers how they can improve their job performance. Seventy-five percent of employees say receiving feedback is extremely helpful, yet only thirty percent receive it regularly. Customers can provide feedback in various ways, including through surveys and feedback from managers. Additionally, it may occur naturally as the result of your efforts. 

For example, a cleaner sweeps and mops the floor as part of his or her responsibilities. They only have to look at their finished work to know how well they did it, whereas someone working on a manufacturing line might not find out until someone else takes a look at it. Getting feedback on how well you're doing your job is popular among employees. They will also learn about their progress and feel more confident about themselves. 

Their supervisors or managers telling them they are doing a good job will motivate them to continue working similarly. However, if they are told they are not performing as well as they should, they will respond accordingly and improve their work performance.

In conclusion, the Job Characteristics Model provides a framework for understanding the key components of a job that contribute to employee motivation and satisfaction. By assessing the five core job characteristics (skill variety, task significance, task identity, autonomy, and feedback), organizations can design jobs that foster engagement, productivity, and high job satisfaction, among their employees. Additionally, the model highlights the importance of individual differences and psychological states, such as the need for growth and development, in determining job satisfaction. Therefore, by utilizing the Job Characteristics Model, organizations can improve job design, create more fulfilling work experiences, and ultimately encourage employees to drive better business outcomes.

Carin Vreede

Written by:

Carin Vreede

With years of experience in the HR field, Carin has a lot of experience with HR processes. As a content marketer, she translates this knowledge into engaging and informative content that helps companies optimize their HR processes and motivate and develop their employees.

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assignment on job characteristics

Job Characteristics Model: A Complete Guide

assignment on job characteristics

In today’s dynamic and evolving workplace, understanding the intricacies of job design and its impact on employee motivation and performance is paramount. One prominent framework that has significantly contributed to this understanding is the Job Characteristics Model (JCM). Developed by organizational psychologists J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham in the 1970s, the JCM provides a comprehensive approach to designing jobs that maximize employee satisfaction , motivation, and performance. This guide aims to explore the Job Characteristics Model in detail, covering its key components, principles, applications, and implications for modern organizations.

Introduction to the Job Characteristics Model

The Job Characteristics Model is based on the premise that the design of a job directly influences employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. According to the model, certain job characteristics can lead to positive outcomes such as higher levels of motivation, satisfaction, and performance, while others may result in dissatisfaction and reduced performance.

Core Components of the Job Characteristics Model

The Job Characteristics Model consists of five core job characteristics that influence employee attitudes and behaviors:

1. Skill Variety: 

This refers to the degree to which a job requires a variety of different skills and activities. Jobs with high skill variety provide employees with opportunities to use a wide range of abilities and talents, making the work more engaging and meaningful.

2 Task Identity: 

Task identity refers to the extent to which a job involves completing a whole and identifiable piece of work. Jobs with high task identity allow employees to see the outcome of their efforts, which can enhance their sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

3 Task Significance:  

Task significance refers to the impact of a job on the lives or work of others, both within and outside the organization. Jobs with high task significance contribute to meaningful outcomes and make employees feel that their work is important and valued.

4. Autonomy:  

Autonomy refers to the degree of independence and discretion employees have in performing their jobs. Jobs with high levels of autonomy give employees the freedom to make decisions and control their work processes, which can increase motivation and satisfaction.

5. Feedback:  

Feedback refers to the extent to which employees receive clear and direct information about the effectiveness of their performance. Jobs with high levels of feedback provide employees with information on their progress and allow them to make adjustments and improvements, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and performance.

Psychological States

In addition to the core job characteristics, the Job Characteristics Model identifies three critical psychological states that mediate the relationship between job characteristics and outcomes:

1. Experienced Meaningfulness of Work:  

This refers to the degree to which employees perceive their work as meaningful and worthwhile. When jobs are designed to be challenging, significant, and allow for skill variety, employees are more likely to find their work meaningful and fulfilling.

2. Experienced Responsibility for Outcomes:  

This refers to the degree to which employees feel personally responsible for the outcomes of their work. Jobs that offer autonomy and task identity empower employees to take ownership of their tasks and outcomes, leading to a greater sense of responsibility.

3. Knowledge of Results:  

This refers to the extent to which employees receive clear and timely feedback about their performance. When employees have access to feedback on their work, they can assess their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments to enhance their performance.

Critical Psychological States and Employee Outcomes

The Job Characteristics Model posits that when employees experience high levels of meaningfulness, responsibility, and knowledge of results, they are more likely to exhibit positive outcomes, including:

  • High Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic motivation refers to the desire to engage in an activity for its own sake, rather than for external rewards or incentives. When employees find their work meaningful, challenging, and personally rewarding, they are more likely to be intrinsically motivated to perform at a high level.
  • Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction refers to the overall positive or negative feelings employees have about their jobs. Jobs that offer meaningful work, autonomy, and opportunities for skill development are likely to result in higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • High Quality Work Performance: Quality work performance refers to the extent to which employees meet or exceed job requirements and expectations. When employees are motivated, satisfied, and engaged in their work, they are more likely to perform at a high level and produce quality outcomes.
  • Lower Turnover and Absenteeism: Employee turnover and absenteeism can have significant costs for organizations, including recruitment and training expenses, reduced productivity, and disruptions to workflow. Jobs that are designed to be meaningful, challenging, and rewarding can help reduce turnover and absenteeism by promoting employee satisfaction and engagement.

Applications of the Job Characteristics Model

The Job Characteristics Model offers practical guidelines for organizations to design jobs that enhance employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Some key applications of the model include:

  • Job Redesign: Organizations can use the principles of the Job Characteristics Model to redesign existing jobs to make them more meaningful, challenging, and rewarding for employees. This may involve restructuring tasks, increasing autonomy, providing opportunities for skill development, and implementing feedback mechanisms.
  • Employee Training and Development: Training programs can be designed to enhance employees’ skills and abilities, allowing them to take on more challenging and meaningful tasks. By investing in employee development , organizations can create a workforce that is better equipped to handle complex and fulfilling roles.
  • Performance Management: The Job Characteristics Model highlights the importance of providing employees with clear and timely feedback on their performance. Performance management systems can be designed to include regular performance evaluations, goal-setting exercises, and feedback mechanisms to help employees track their progress and make improvements.
  • Recruitment and Selection: When hiring new employees, organizations can use the Job Characteristics Model to identify candidates who are likely to thrive in roles that offer high levels of skill variety, task identity, autonomy, and feedback. By aligning job requirements with candidates’ skills, interests, and values, organizations can improve employee fit and retention.

Criticisms and Limitations

While the Job Characteristics Model has been widely influential in the field of organizational psychology, it is not without its criticisms and limitations. Some of the key criticisms include:

  • Simplistic Assumptions: The model’s focus on a limited set of job characteristics may oversimplify the complexity of work environments and fail to capture the full range of factors that influence employee motivation and performance.
  • Lack of Individual Differences: The model does not adequately account for individual differences in preferences, abilities, and motivations. What may be meaningful and motivating for one employee may not be the same for another, suggesting a need for more personalized approaches to job design.
  • Neglect of Contextual Factors: The model tends to overlook the influence of contextual factors such as organizational culture, leadership style, and social dynamics on employee experiences and outcomes. Ignoring these factors may limit the model’s applicability in diverse organizational settings.

The Job Characteristics Model provides a valuable framework for understanding how job design influences employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. By focusing on core job characteristics such as skill variety, task identity, autonomy, and feedback, organizations can design jobs that are more meaningful, challenging, and rewarding for employees. While the model has its limitations, it remains a valuable tool for organizations seeking to create work environments that foster employee engagement, productivity, and well-being.

In conclusion, the Job Characteristics Model serves as a foundational framework for addressing the complexities of job design and its impact on organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. As organizations continue to evolve and adapt to changing workplace dynamics, the principles of the Job Characteristics Model will remain relevant in guiding efforts to create fulfilling and productive work environments.

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assignment on job characteristics

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assignment on job characteristics

Job Characteristics Model: A Complete Guide (2024)

Post Author - Julia Masselos

Over 50 years old (and perhaps more relevant than ever), the job characteristics model (or JCM for short) promises to motivate employees, boost their satisfaction at work, and improve performance , all in one simple and easy-to-implement framework.

Why is it more relevant than ever? We’re in a crisis of workplace engagement, and millennials, who make up the majority of the current workforce, are leading it. A mere 29% of workers in this demographic report being emotionally or behaviourally invested in their jobs.

When employee engagement tanks, so do retention and morale. How can the JCM help? Let’s dive into it together.

TL;DR — Key Takeaways

The JCM is a classic framework for evaluating a job’s potential to keep employees motivated and fulfilled over long periods of time. It can be a great way to build a specific job description .

It focuses on five traits — skill variety, task significance and identity, autonomy, and feedback — which are said to give rise to certain psychological states that lead to performance outcomes.

Quantitative and qualitative data on how engaged an employee is in a role can be gathered through various methods, such as the job diagnostic survey or the motivating potential score.

Keeping JCM in mind when designing jobs or identifying skills gaps can be incredibly useful for motivating and re-engaging employees.

What is the job characteristics model?

The more experience you have in a job, the more skilled and efficient you become, right?

Back in the 1970s, organizational psychologist J. Richard Hackman and Greg R. Oldham assumed this, too. However, while studying factory workers, they discovered that rather than becoming more productive over time, experienced employees actually lost interest and got bored. As a result, their performance dropped.

Were all employees doomed to cycles of spikes and lulls as their perception of work goes from novelty to monotony?

To answer this question, Hackman and Oldham scrambled to find a way to keep employees engaged with their work over the long term. Finding their answer in the job characteristics model .

The core premise of Hackman and Oldham’s framework states that the nature of one’s job significantly impacts one’s motivation, satisfaction, and overall quality of life.

They argued that by balancing five key traits, you could keep employees happy and productive over longer stretches of time. The five traits of meaningful, satisfying work are skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. Each trait is something for employers to add to the mix as a solution to dwindling effort.

What is the job characteristics model_

Benefits of using Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristics

One of the main reasons HR leaders use the JCM is because it provides management teams with a template for designing rewarding jobs for all industries, skills, and seniority levels. More than a trusted framework, it’s a blueprint for creating more engaging and fulfilling work environments.

1. Creating job design strategies

The JCM provides a systematic approach to job design , encouraging the incorporation of diverse skills, clear responsibilities, and impact into roles. This leads to roles that are not only well-defined but also enriching for employees, fostering a deeper sense of purpose and belonging within the organization.

2. Improved job satisfaction and engagement

In theory, matching job characteristics with employee preferences will boost job satisfaction. When employees are more aligned with their roles on a personal level, this leads to better integration and internal motivation.

Ever since Hackman and Oldman’s original study , there have been multiple subsequent studies showing a strong correlation between job characteristics and satisfaction. Focusing on autonomy and feedback also empowers employees, helping them feel more valued and resulting in higher engagement levels.

3. Better task delegation and autonomy

Autonomy not only liberates employees to put effort toward new ideas — it may be intrinsic to our brain’s motivation system.

In 1985, psychologists Richard Ryan and Edward Deci developed their self-determination theory , asserting that one’s autonomous motivation for personal and psychological growth is the bedrock of personal success and satisfaction. If employees get more autonomy, the theory goes, they’ll feel more satisfied and connected to their work, as any positive results will likely be seen as the result of their own inherent abilities.

The JCM emphasizes a clearer understanding of activities and expected results, which enables management to delegate more effectively. With autonomy as a core characteristic, employees are entrusted with responsibilities, leading to a culture of trust and accountability .

4. Enhanced performance and productivity

Like an algorithm, people get better with feedback . Communicating areas of strength and areas of improvement helps your workforce perform better and get more productive over time, kind of like a fine-tuned algorithm that gets better with every iteration.

The JCM puts a strong focus on feedback, which contributes to higher performance levels. Employees who see the impact of their work also become more motivated to maintain high standards. Planning regular feedback sessions keeps individual goals and growth aligned with employer goals, enhancing overall productivity.

5. Reduced turnover and absenteeism

The JCM model also predicts reduced turnover and absenteeism . When employees find their work meaningful and are satisfied with their roles, they are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. They’re also more likely to give their job their all and show up as their best selves every day. This stability is crucial for maintaining a skilled and experienced workforce.

Benefits of Using the Job Characteristics Model

5 core job characteristics

The five job characteristics themselves are listed in no particular order — all carrying equal importance. They lean on each other to create the framework, complete with psychological states and overall results, which can be alluded to in job descriptions.

1. Skill variety

The degree to which a job requires a variety of skills to complete the necessary activities associated with the position. For example, a business development manager may require less skill variety — they create outreach lists and speak with prospects all day — than, say, a revenue officer. This role will require a much higher variety of skills, juggling growth projections, reviewing sales projects, approving budgets, and overseeing the activity of different departments and teams.

2. Task identity

Do the tasks have a clear beginning and end? Is there a point where you can tell you’ve moved from one task to another, or do they all bleed together? Roles with multiple moving parts, a clear start and end, and a visible outcome are considered to have high levels of task identity. Some roles that come to mind are project manager, architect, and marketing manager.

3. Task significance

This trait has to do with the degree to which a job has a meaningful impact on the lives or work of others . The broader the reach of your actions and decisions, the higher the significance of the task. For example, a restaurant owner’s task significance is much higher than that of a line cook because their decisions affect everything from the inventory, menu, and pricing to the clientele, decor, and marketing of the establishment.

4. Autonomy

To what extent does the employee have the freedom to decide how and when to do their work? Are they being micromanaged or empowered to take their ideas seriously? Injecting autonomy into your organization’s values provides the company with a culture of ownership and responsibility. The more independence and discretion in decision-making , the more productive and successful employees are in their roles.

5. Feedback

Feedback is a measure of validation, effectiveness, and impact. This can either be internal, like a hotel maid seeing the impact of her turndown service after completing it, or external, like an IT security team who can only understand their recent build is rock-solid after penetration testing. Either way, employees need direct and clear information about their effectiveness in their positions to feel satisfied.

What are the 5 core job characteristics

A real example of a job characteristics model

Now, let’s put these (admittedly) abstract concepts into practice. Think of a backend developer.

Skill variety: High

Backend developers work with many different programming languages, databases, and frameworks. They also use a range of tools for designing, developing, and maintaining the backend of web applications. Sometimes, they may need to collaborate with other stakeholders like frontend developers or designers.

Task identity: Varies based on project

For backend developers, this one can vary depending on the project and team structure. In some cases, backend developers may work on specific components of a larger system, which means they get to see the impact of their work on the overall outcome. If they change management, they might be working on smaller, isolated tasks without a clear view of how their work contributes to the final product.

Task significance: High

Backend developers play a key role in making sure technologies and web applications are fully functional, performing well, and staying secure from cyber threats. Their engineering work may not always be visible to end-users, but it directly impacts their experience.

J Richard Hackman Quotes

Autonomy: High

Backend developers usually enjoy high autonomy in their roles. They can choose what they deem to be the most suitable technologies, tools, and approaches for solving problems. That autonomy bleeds into their work schedules, especially in agile or flexible work environments, where they can usually arrange their week as they wish, within reason.

Feedback: Medium

Backend developers get direct (but sometimes unclear) feedback from the very code they work with. Something might malfunction, indicating a problem. But the source of the problem is not always so obvious. They may also receive feedback from code reviews and reports from users. However, the quality and frequency of feedback can depend on company culture and the nature of the product they’re building.

How to Hire for Company Culture Fit the Right Way

How to measure job characteristics

Understanding how the model works is half the game. Now comes learning how to measure it. There are a few different ways to do this, each with its own benefits and limitations. The best measurement technique will depend on your organizational needs, team size, and type of roles.

Objective vs. perceptual measurement techniques

Let’s begin with the basics. Objective and perceptual measurements are the two primary approaches to measuring job characteristics.

Objective measurements involve quantifiable data, such as the number of different tasks performed or the frequency of feedback provided.

Perceptual measurements , on the other hand, rely on employees’ perceptions and evaluations of their job characteristics.

Both are valuable as they show two sides of the same coin. Objective measurements provide quantitative data, while perceptual measures paint a qualitative picture of an employee’s inner world and how they’re currently experiencing their work life.

Job diagnostic survey

Hackman and Oldham developed a job diagnostic survey to complement their JCM. It was purpose-built to measure the core dimensions of the JCM.

Following the same idea as the perceptual measurement technique, this survey assesses employees’ perceptions of their jobs. It depends on them self-reporting their experience, which makes it valuable to an organization by helping identify ways to improve employees’ motivation and satisfaction.

Job characteristics inventory

The job characteristics inventory (JCI) is a framework developed soon after the JCM that also aims to measure employee’s perceptions of their jobs. The JCI comprises 30 items grouped into six subscales corresponding to the JCM’s core characteristics. This inventory allows for a detailed analysis of a job’s variety, autonomy, feedback, interaction with others, and more.

This tool can help organizations identify specific areas for job design improvement by providing granularity on which specific characteristics are underrepresented in an employee’s experience.

Critical psychological states

Job characteristics really are just abstract proxies for the real thing we’re after — employees’ psychological states. The JCM outlines five key job characteristics and says they feed into creating three critical psychological states: experienced meaningfulness of the work, experienced responsibility for outcomes, and knowledge of the actual results of the work activities.

Experienced Meaningfulness of the Work is the presence of skill variety, task identity, and task significance in a job. When employees perceive their work as varied, whole, and significant, they are more likely to find it meaningful.

Experienced Responsibility for Outcomes emerges from the autonomy characteristic. When employees have control over their work and its results, they feel a greater sense of responsibility for the results.

Knowledge of the Actual Results of the Work Activities is facilitated by feedback. Direct and clear feedback allows employees to understand the effectiveness of their efforts, closing the loop between action and awareness of results.

Critical Employee Psychological States

Mapping characteristics to employee’s psychological and emotional states is invaluable for organizations. It allows you to “translate” what an employee reports into actionable steps for your human resources team.

It’s unlikely an employee will tell you, “I need higher skill variety,” but they might well say they feel bored and think their work lacks meaning. A clear signal that an increase in skill variety might be in order.

Motivating Potential Score (MPS)

The Motivating Potential Score (MPS) is a numerical value assigned to a job based on how it scores across the five JCM traits.

It can be calculated like so:

MPS = [(Skill Variety + Task Identity + Task Significance) / 3] x Autonomy x Feedback

The higher the MPs, the more likely a job is to foster intrinsic motivation among employees, leading to higher job success and satisfaction.

It is interesting to note that while all elements of the JCM play a role in shaping employee motivation, Autonomy and Feedback are assigned a multiplicative effect on the overall motivating potential of a role.

Motivating Potential Score (MPS)

How to apply the job characteristics model

So we know what the JCM is, and we know how to measure it — now it’s time to apply it. We’ve gathered some top tips for successful implementation and future improvement below.

Understand your team’s current job design

The first port of call is to analyze your current team’s job roles and responsibilities to see how much they align with the five core job characteristics. The ultimate goal here is to ensure you know the current state of job design within your organization. This will provide a solid foundation for applying the model effectively in later steps.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Based on this initial analysis, pinpoint areas where job roles can better align with the JCM . For example:

Increase skill variety by introducing different tasks.

Enhance task significance by clarifying the impact of employees’ work on others.

Boost autonomy by empowering employees to delegate decision-making.

Involve employees in the redesign process

Be transparent about what you’re doing and engage employees from the jump. Their insights and suggestions could prove invaluable and offer perspective on something you might’ve missed.

Involvement in job design not only empowers workers but also ensures that changes will be positively received and more closely aligned with their needs and preferences.

Implement incremental changes

Redesign jobs the same way you would eat an elephant — one bite at a time.

Focus on no more than a handful of aspects at a time. This gives you the space to monitor the impact of these new changes on employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance – and to make adjustments as necessary.

Incremental changes also help in managing the transition more smoothly, minimizing disruption to daily operations and helping you avoid overwhelm in what can be a long and intense process!

Enhance job design with Toggl Hire

Effectively implementing the JCM model requires having the right tools.

Toggl Hire can enable organizations to accurately assess candidates’ skills and fit for specific job characteristics from the outset. By incorporating skill tests tailored to the core job dimensions — skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback — Toggl Hire ensures that new hires are well-suited to positions designed for maximum motivation and satisfaction.

Furthermore, Toggl Hire’s data-driven insights can aid in the ongoing evaluation and redesign of roles within your organization. By understanding the skill sets and preferences of your team, you can make informed decisions on how to enhance job characteristics, leading to improved employee engagement and success.

By leveraging the power of Toggl Hire alongside the JCM, organizations can create a dynamic and satisfying work environment that not only attracts but also retains top talent. Create a free account to see for yourself!

Measure skill sets

Julia is a freelance writer and fierce remote work advocate. While traveling full-time, she writes about the intersection of technology and productivity, the future of work, and more. Outside work, you can find her hiking, dancing, or reading in a coffee shop.

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The job characteristic model: everything you need to know

Whats inside, in hrm, what is the job characteristics model, the model of hackman and oldham is broken into three components. these are the following:, psychological conditions that are critical, personal and professional outcomes:, the following are the five core dimensions that were identified:, what is the jcm used for, how does the jcm motivate employees, psychological states and the job characteristics model, application of the job characteristics theory.

The Job Characteristics Model is a normative approach to job enrichment created by organizational psychologists J. Richard Hackman and Greg R. Oldham (see job redesign). In their book Work Redesign, Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham presented the ultimate form of the Job Characteristics Model in 1980. It identifies five key employment aspects that can contribute to significant psychological states in employees. The first three dimensions are (a) task variety (the range of activities completed), (b) task identity (the capacity to execute the work from beginning to end), and (c) task importance (the impact of the job on others). These three characteristics all contribute to the employee's sense of purpose at work; in other words, the greater the task variety, identity, and importance, the more meaningful the job is. The fourth employment dimension is autonomy (the degree to which individuals can make decisions and control their work).

Autonomy (the degree of discretion and flexibility an employee has over their tasks) is the fourth job dimension, and the more it is, the more the employee feels accountable for the work outcomes. The fifth component is feedback (the amount to which the work informs the employee about the efficiency of their performance), which allows the employee to recognize the results of their efforts. The JCM predicts that delivering pleasant psychological states will benefit both the individual employee and the business, including increased internal work motivation, high-quality performance, high job satisfaction, low absenteeism, and low labor turnover. The model is used to determine the motivating potential of specific jobs.


  • Characteristics of the Job
  • Psychologically critical states and
  • Personal and professional outcomes

Five dimensions of core work characteristics include task identity, task significance, skill variety, autonomy, and feedback. There are four components to critical psychological states. Finally, four things influence personal and professional outcomes.

If these factors come together favorably and according to organizational norms, the organization should meet its objectives. The model presented above is based on research. Some restrictions may limit the model's application due to the passage of time and changes in location.

The article examines meta-analytic research that has examined the model's validity and critiques the Job Characteristics Model.

The JOB CHARACTERISTICS MODEL (JCM) is a theory that claims that three psychological states of a jobholder (experience of meaningfulness of work performed, responsibility for work outcomes, and knowledge of the results of work performed) lead to improved work performance, internal work motivation, and lower absenteeism and turnover.

In contrast to job rotation or job enlargement, the Job Characteristic Model (JCM) is a method of job redesign that aims to formulate occupations to motivate workers and lead to positive outcomes. Also important is job enrichment which focuses on giving variety in employment tasks whilst opening new windows of opportunity. In five main areas, it believes, occupations should be examined and improved.

The following are the terms used to describe the three psychological states:

  • Workplace meaningfulness: The extent to which employees believe their job is meaningful, useful, and worthwhile.
  • Accountability: How accountable and responsible people feel for the outcomes of their labor.
  • The degree to which employees are aware of and comprehend how well they function on the job.

Based on job features and psychological support, several forms of personal and work-related outcomes can be accomplished. The following are some of them:

  • High job satisfaction: They are content with their jobs when their demands are met.
  • High-quality work.

As indicated in the image above, the model's major purpose is to generate occupations that lead to positive personal and professional outcomes.

The job characteristics theory was proposed by Hackman and Oldham (1976, 1980) to imply that five job qualities induce essential psychological states in the job holder, leading to a set of good work-related outcomes.

According to their job characteristics theory, three psychological states of a jobholder lead to enhanced work performance, internal motivation, and fewer absenteeism and turnover. A motivated, contented, and productive employee, according to this paradigm,

  • has a positive impression of the work done,
  • Has an awareness of the results of the work performed and
  • has accountability for the work outcomes.

Related: What are the six steps of job analysis and examples?

The three psychological states, according to Hackman and Oldham, are caused by five key job aspects.

1. A wide range of abilities

Variety of skills- The degree to which a job involves a variety of different activities that necessitate the use of a wide range of the job holders' skills and abilities. This is reflected by the degree to which a job involves various activities that necessitate the use of a wide range of the job holders' skills and abilities. A typical, repetitive assembly-line job, for example, has little diversity, whereas an applied research position that requires working on fresh challenges every day has a lot.

2.  Identifying the task

Identifying the job - The amount to which the job holder believes they are responsible for completing a complete and identifiable piece of work, that is taking part in the entire process with regards to the task. A chef who prepares a full meal, for example, has more task identity than a cafeteria worker who ladles mashed potatoes. Executing a job from start to finish with a visible output opens a new window.

3. Importance of the task

The importance of the task - The degree to which the job is viewed as essential and having a significant impact on the lives or work of others, whether inside the immediate company or in the external world, is addressed in this section. For example, people who provide penicillin and other medical supplies during times of need.

4. Independence

Autonomy - The degree to which the job gives extensive individual freedom, independence, and discretion in scheduling the work and selecting the procedures to be utilized in carrying it out opens a new window. A house painter, for example, has more control over how the house is painted than a paint sprayer on an assembly line. The house painter has a strong sense of personal responsibility that the paint sprayer on an assembly line.

5. Provide feedback

The amount to which doing the jobs critical work tasks provides information back to the job holder regarding the effectiveness of their effort opens a new window. Workers' ability to observe the results of their efforts varies by job. Job security can often be a by-product of feedback as employees feel the work they are doing is being seen and appreciated.

According to the job characteristics theory, the more of these five core job characteristics that can be designed into a job, the more motivated employees will be, and the greater the performance, quality, and satisfaction will be.

Oldham and Hackman wanted to alleviate the routine and boredom of working in a factory. Instead of improving and becoming more productive over time, they discovered that staff became bored and disengaged, and their performance suffered. Using the Job Characteristics Model has a lot of advantages. This model aids with the turnaround of jobs. You'll find numerous possibilities below:

1. Combining a wider range of jobs and responsibilities

The Job Characteristics Model assists employers in making occupations and tasks more enjoyable, diversified, and demanding for their employees. You can change jobs around and redefine them so that employees are forced to use more of their skills, and their work is less dull and repetitive.

2. Increasing decentralization

The job characteristics theory advocates for "decentralization." This entails assigning duties to the lowest organizational level possible while encouraging autonomy, self-reliance, and freedom of action.

3. Making it easier to assign assignments to groups and teams

The JCM provides an opportunity for your company to encourage better and more structured teamwork. It creates clearly defined teams that are solely focused on the task at hand. Collaboration and teamwork can put a sharper emphasis on the output that team members create. When employees can understand the big picture and how their job affects the organization, they become more engaged and dedicated.

4. Brainstorming

Sharing knowledge is a tremendous force for growth. The JCM is an excellent tool for encouraging employees to share their ideas and opinions.

5. Strengthening the relationship between employees and customers/end-users

You can assist bring staff and customers/end-users closer together by explicitly mapping job characteristics. Employees get to see how customers think. Employees get to see how customers and end-users rate their work, which provides them with helpful and valuable feedback. The feedback helps them improve their perception of their job.

6. Reducing the number of people who leave the company

Employees who are happy and intrinsically driven are less inclined to look for work elsewhere. You can prevent personnel turnover by effectively implementing the JCM.

Many of us believe that money is an essential incentive at work. However, studies show that a different component , job design , has a significant impact on employee motivation. Employee motivation, job satisfaction, dedication to an organization, absenteeism, and turnover are all affected by how a job is designed.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, managers and researchers have been debating how to properly design jobs so that employees are more productive and contented. Starting with its early history, we shall examine essential approaches to work design.

Is it true that all five core characteristics are equally important to employees? According to Hackman and Oldhams model, the five characteristics have different effects. Instead, they presented the following formula (Hackman & Oldham, 1975) for calculating a job motivational potential:

Equation 6.1

MPS = ((Skill Variety + Task Identity + Task Significance) ÷ 3) × Autonomy × Feedback

When it comes to determining motivational potential, autonomy and feedback are more significant than skill diversity, task identity, or task significance, according to this formula. Also, take note of how the job qualities interact in this model. Regardless of degrees of diversity, identity, or significance, the motivating potential score will be very low if someone's job lacks complete autonomy or feedback.

The job characteristics theory conceptual core is a set of three psychological states that act as a mediator between task qualities and outcomes.

The following are the three psychological states:

Experienced Meaningfulness

The degree to which the employee perceives the work to be inherent and meaningful. Three of the above-mentioned job traits characterize meaningfulness: Task importance, task identity, and skill variation.

Expertise in Taking Charge

The level of autonomy that the job affords and demands shapes the experienced sense of responsibility for outcomes.

Understanding of the Results

Within a corporation, feedback mechanisms build knowledge of results. It reveals how much direct and clear information is on the effectiveness of the task holders' performance. A visible outcome helps employees find more meaning in their work.

Work-related Achievements

The Job Characteristics Model concludes that when the five core job characteristics are present and the three psychological states are reached, the employee is likely to experience the following outcomes; The employee experiences the three psychological states:


Excellent employee performance comprises high-quality work and a significant volume of work. When an employee experiences the three psychological states, their productivity rises.

High levels of motivation

External sources of motivation, such as monetary incentives, might encourage an employee, but the most significant motivation comes from within. Intrinsic motivation is achieved by meaningful work.

High levels of satisfaction

An employee's level of contentment with their job is a simple definition of satisfaction. Hulim, C.L., & Judge, T.A. (2003) gave a more detailed definition of job satisfaction, describing it as a multi-dimensional psychological reaction to one's work. These responses can be cognitive, emotional, or behavioral.

When you have a good understanding of the job characteristics model and the job characteristics theory behind it, you can start thinking about how you may use it at your workplace. The job characteristics model can be applied in the following ways:

1. Delegate responsibilities to the lowest possible level.

One way to implement the Job characteristics model in your organization is to delegate responsibilities to the lowest level possible. Delegating duties to the lowest level, even though it may appear paradoxical, can provide employees with a sense of autonomy and substantial freedom, especially if they aren't in positions of responsibility. This might make these employees feel more personally accountable for their work, which can boost their motivation and engagement.

2. Make a job more interesting by varying the tasks that must be completed.

Another approach to putting the JCM into practice is to change up the tasks in a job. This reflects the basic feature of skill diversity by allowing employees to execute a wide range of tasks that need a diverse set of skills. Make sure that jobs aren't too dull or consist of repetitive tasks, as this might lead to employee burnout and motivation issues. Employees may feel their work more fascinating and gratifying if the duties in their jobs are varied.

3. Assign work to groups

Assigning teamwork is another simple step you can take to implement the job characteristics model. By allowing employees to complete projects from start to finish and see real results from their labor, teamwork can help you apply the task identity characteristic of the JCM.

4. Conduct thorough performance evaluations

Completing employee performance assessments is another way to put the JCM into practice. Performance assessments are a technique to provide consistent feedback to your staff, and feedback is a basic job attribute in the model.

5. Encourage employees to switch occupations regularly

Encourage your employees to rotate jobs regularly as another step in implementing the JCM. This can improve employee satisfaction and engagement by keeping their activities and responsibilities fresh and allowing them to practice new abilities.

So, how can you put this concept to work for you? You can, however, change the look of your team members' existing jobs. You can even create new roles so that employees are more satisfied with their work and produce better results. You can accomplish the following in more detail:-

  • To boost skill variation and improve task identity, combine tasks.
  • Assign employees to larger, more important tasks so that they feel connected to and responsible for the outcomes.
  • Encourage individuals to realize how their efforts contribute to the departments, divisions, and organizations' overall success. Connect their objectives to the objectives of the organization.
  • To boost autonomy, increase team member engagement in decision-making and transfer more responsibility.
  • Increase the frequency and quality of feedback.
  • Allow your team members to see the results of their efforts
  • Customer, client, and other stakeholder input should be shared with your team members.
  • Provide opportunities for service providers to interact with service recipients.

The Job Characteristics Model is a tool that helps you understand how a person's motivation to execute a job is influenced by the core characteristics of that job. You can use the tool to design new positions that are both inspiring and rewarding or to make changes to a current role if an employee isn't performing to expectations or has low motivation. When redesigning a job, make sure to add value rather than merely adding more work for people to complete. So go ahead and try your hand at some designing and come up with some jobs that people will enjoy and do well.

This article was written by Trish Makiwa, a consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants. She can be contacted at [email protected]  

Cindy Baker

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The Full Guide to Job Characteristics Model - How To Increase Employee Satisfaction with JCM

The Full Guide to Job Characteristics Model - How To Increase Employee Satisfaction with JCM

Kelly Tucker

If you're an HR manager or IT manager looking to improve employee motivation and satisfaction, the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is a great place to start. Developed by Hackman & Oldham, this model identifies five core job characteristics that can lead to internal work motivation and work-related outcomes: skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback mechanisms.

In this blogpost, we’ll explore what the job characteristics model is, how to implement JCM through job analysis and design, and practical applications for HR managers & IT managers.

The Five Core Job Characteristics: A Recipe for Motivating Employees

The Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is your tool to boost employee motivation and satisfaction.

How does it work? Well, it all comes down to these five core job characteristics:

  • Skill Variety: A little spice makes everything nice. Mix up daily tasks with diverse skill requirements to keep employees engaged and excited about their work.
  • Task Identity: This happens when an employee can work on a task from start to finish instead of just working on a small chunk of the project. The upside to this is that each employee will feel more connected and invested in the outcome of their projects.
  • Task Significance: Show them the bigger picture by demonstrating how individual responsibilities contribute to company objectives. This will give your employees a sense of purpose and importance within the organization.
  • Autonomy: Fly like an eagle - or let your employees do so by allowing independence in planning and executing duties. This fosters creativity, innovation, and ownership over their work outcomes.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Nobody likes being left in the dark. Provide regular evaluations on performance through constructive feedback loops that help guide employee growth and development.

Implementing the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) through the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS)

To effectively apply the JCM to your organization, you'll need a trusty tool called the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS). When designing this survey for your organization, ensure it helps you assess job enrichment based on those five core characteristics we mentioned earlier.

Ready for the next steps in implementing JCM? Let’s move on.

Step #1: Evaluate existing roles using JDS. This will give you insights into which areas may need improvement within your organization.

Step #2: Create new positions or redesign current ones based on survey results. Remember, our goal here is to provide employees with meaningful work that encourages them to perform at their best.

  • Skill Variety: Assign diverse tasks that require different abilities.
  • Task Identity: Integrate various aspects of a role so employees can see their work as a whole.
  • Task Significance: Connect individual responsibilities with company objectives to show how each person contributes to overall success.
  • Autonomy: Give employees independence in planning and executing their duties - they'll feel more responsible for outcomes.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Provide regular evaluations on performance so everyone knows where they stand and what needs improvement.

Assign your employees to tackle tasks in teams and encourage job rotations as well so that staff can get familiar with other sectors of your organization and acquire new skills.

Now, you might be wondering how the job characteristics model applies to IT managers.

Well, the same principles can be applied to tech roles. Create positions that offer a mix of coding, troubleshooting, and project management tasks or allow your team members more autonomy in their work processes.

Need help getting started? Lanteria's HR software is designed to assist you with implementing JCM-based changes within your organization.

Incorporating the Job Characteristics Model into your workplace not only leads to happier employees but also contributes positively towards productivity levels, retention rates, and overall organizational success.

Enriching Jobs for Increased Employee Motivation

When it comes to motivating employees, the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is your new best friend. By enriching jobs based on JCM principles, you'll not only boost employee satisfaction but also improve productivity and retention rates. Here’s how to achieve this transformation.

Increase Skill Variety through Diverse Task Assignments

To keep things interesting and engaging for your employees, assign tasks that require different skills and abilities. Cross-functional projects or job rotations are great ways to introduce skill variety into their work lives.

Promote Task Identity by Integrating Different Aspects of Work

By enabling employees to complete projects from start to finish, they can experience a sense of achievement and pride in their accomplishments. You’ll achieve this by designing roles that allow employees to see a project through from start to finish - giving them ownership over their work outcomes.

Highlight Task Significance: Connect Personal Goals with Broader Objectives

Show your team members they're making an impact. Illustrate how each person's role contributes directly towards achieving those objectives. When employees see the bigger picture, they'll feel more motivated and inspired to give their best efforts.

Allow Greater Autonomy in Decision-Making Processes

Eliminate micromanaging in your teams. Grant your team members autonomy to devise their plans and strategies as this will stimulate creativity and inspire higher levels of motivation. 

Note that the Job Characteristics Model is not a one-size-fits-all solution but serves as an excellent starting point for human resource managers looking to motivate employees through job enrichment strategies. If you need HR Tech software that can assist you with implementing JCM-based changes within your organization, check out Lanteria's HR software today or book a free demo call .

The Limitations of the Job Characteristics Model: A Friendly Reality Check

Let's take a realistic look at the Job Characteristics Model. While the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is fantastic for designing motivating jobs, it's not without its flaws.

Let’s break down some limitations that you should be aware of before going all-in with JCM:

Overlooking Job Complexity

JCM focuses on five core characteristics, but what about job complexity ?

Complexity plays a significant role in employee motivation and satisfaction too.

Recent research suggests considering job complexity when designing roles to ensure they're challenging enough to keep employees engaged.

Lack of Emphasis on Social Support and Technology Utilization

We can't ignore the importance of human interaction at work.

Social support from colleagues and managers is crucial for employee well-being and performance. Unfortunately, JCM doesn't put much weight on this aspect.

For example, a study by the University of Iowa highlights how social support influences motivation levels among workers.

And let's not forget about technology. With rapid advancements in tech tools, we need to consider their impact on employees' motivation and job design, which JCM doesn't address directly.

Despite its limitations, the Job Characteristics Model is still very valuable. Just remember that it's not the be-all and end-all for designing motivating jobs.

Keep these limitations in mind, and you'll be better equipped to create engaging roles that boost employee motivation and satisfaction.

Practical Applications for HR Managers & IT Managers

Using the Job Characteristics Model (JCM), we can create a workplace that is both motivating and satisfying for employees. Below are practical ways to use JCM in redesigning new and existing roles in your organization.

Incorporating JCM Principles into Job Design

Step #1: Assess current roles with an eye on the five core characteristics of JCM - skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback.

Step #2: Identify areas where improvements are needed based on your assessment results.

Step #3: Implement changes by redesigning existing roles or creating new ones that better align with JCM principles.

Tips for Redesigning Existing Roles Using the JCM Framework

  • Add diverse task assignments to increase skill variety.
  • Foster integration of different aspects of work to promote task identity.
  • Create connections between personal goals and broader objectives by highlighting task significance.
  • Increase employee independence in decision-making processes by allowing greater autonomy.

A Collaborative Approach: Working With Other Departments Based on JCM Insights

To make these changes even more effective, it is essential to collaborate with other departments within your organization.

  • Gather input from team leaders about potential job design modifications that could benefit their teams' motivation levels.
  • Educate colleagues about the benefits of incorporating JCM principles into their departmental workflows.
  • Collaborate to bring in alterations that will make jobs more exciting, inspiring, and gratifying for all staff.

So there you have it. By providing employees with meaningful work, encouraging them to take on important tasks, and allowing them to experience responsibility, you can design interesting jobs and provide internal work motivation. This, in turn, leads to improved work performance and job satisfaction.

FAQs About Job Characteristics Model

How to explain the job characteristics model.

The Job Characteristics Model (JCM) is a framework developed by Hackman and Oldham that identifies five core job dimensions - skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback - which impact employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. By optimizing the 5 aforementioned dimensions in job design or redesign processes, organizations can enhance employees' work experience and overall productivity.

What are the 5 Job Characteristics Model?

The five core dimensions of JCM include:

  • Skill Variety: The extent to which a role requires diverse abilities
  • Task Identity: How well an individual's tasks integrate into a complete process
  • Task Significance: The importance of one's responsibilities in achieving broader objectives
  • Autonomy: The level of independence granted for planning and executing duties
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Regular evaluations of performance for improvement purposes

What is the Job Characteristics Model a Good Example of?

The Job Characteristics Model is an excellent example of how organizational psychology principles can be applied to improve workplace environments. It demonstrates how effective management practices contribute to increased employee motivation levels and overall performance when they focus on creating meaningful work experiences.

In conclusion, the job characteristics model is a useful framework for HR and IT managers to improve employee motivation and job satisfaction. By focusing on skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback mechanisms in roles, organizations can create more fulfilling work experiences for their employees.

Still, the JCM has its restrictions and may not include all elements of a job. It's also crucial to consider social support and technology utilization in addition to these core characteristics.

Need help getting started? Book a demo , Lanteria's HR software is designed to assist you with implementing JCM-based changes within your organization).

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The Job Characteristics Model: What it is and why it matters more than ever

  • All Management Learning Resources
  • Job Characteristics Model

The job characteristics model provides guidance into how design work in an effective way - we show you how in this CQ Dossier

This CQ Dossier describes the Job Characteristics Model and the five characteristics that influence important work outcomes and psychological states. The dossier provides a critique of the Job Characteristics Model through reviewing meta-analytic studies that have tested the validity of the model. We also have a look at two case studies that show how the model can be used in different settings.

Skill variety

Task identity, task significance, how can you measure job characteristics, job characteristics model applied to entrepreneurs, using the job characteristics model to increase student motivaton, what is the evidence behind the job characteristics model , benefits of the job characteristics model, what are the limitations of the job characteristics model, key take-aways, references and further reading, what is the job characteristics model the jcm provides recommendations for job enrichment.

 What is the best way to design work so that people are engaged and perform well? The Job Characteristics Model provides recommendations on how to best enrich jobs in organizations and was designed by Hackman and Oldham in 1976 and updated in 1980 (Hackman & Oldham, 1976, 1980). The model provides five characteristics that state how best to design work including:

  • skill variety,
  • task identity,
  • task significant,
  • autonomy, and

The Job Characteristics Model states that these characteristics influence outcomes of motivation, satisfaction and performance. The model also includes intervening variables of meaningfulness, responsibility, and knowledge of results.

Skill variety occurs when the individual engages in a wide range of activities that require different skills.

Task identity occurs when the employees completes a whole segment of work from start to end.

Task significance occurs when the job has real meaning through making an impact on people.

Autonomy occurs when employees have freedom and discretion in deciding how to carry out their work. Feedback is when employees are given clear feedback on their performance effectiveness (Oldham & Hackman, 2010).

To assess whether jobs provide enrichment and also to test their model, Oldham and Hackman created the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS). The JDS is a self-report measure that assess employees’ assessment of the five job characteristics (Hackman & Oldham, 1980).

The JDS also assesses employees’ Growth Need Strength. Growth Need Strength assesses how much the employee values opportunities to grow and develop at work. The Model also makes the assumption that the job holder has the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to do the work.

How to apply the Job Characteristics Model?

The Job Characteristics Model has been applied across different settings, roles, and organizations.

One application focused on the utility of the model for entrepreneurs. The model was applied using those characteristics that focused on the “work itself” done by entrepreneurs (Batchelor, Abston, Lawlor & Burch, 2014). The authors provide a series of propositions that need to be tested but they provide initial demonstration of how the Job Characteristics Model can be applied to entrepreneurs.

The application is interesting because the Model was originally designed for those who worked for an organization. The authors argue that entrepreneurs tend to have higher internal motivation because they work for themselves and enjoy the freedom and autonomy that comes from owning their own business (Batchelor et al., 2014).

The Job Characteristics Model was also applied within a Business School setting to increase student motivation, which is still a problem within educational settings (Sukumar, Tandon & Pointer, 2007). The researchers utilized the model through designing course characteristics aligned with the JCM, such as task type, student autonomy, and formal evaluation (Sukumar et al., 2007). The authors suggest various classroom activities to increase the five JCM characteristics.

To increase task variety , they suggest activities that require several skills such as oral and written communication and decision-making. Tasks can include short case analyses, group assignments and experiential exercises (Sukumar et al., 2007).

With task identity , educators are encouraged to design courses that allow students to experience achievement based on tangible outcomes and can include development of business or marketing plans for new products or a semester-long management game, with student groups competing in a simulated marketplace (Sukumar et al., 2007).

It is also important that students appreciate that the KSAs they acquire through college courses are important in the real world to increase task significance . Activities can include application of KSA to explain a current business event or to develop projects for external organizations.

The JCM also states that individuals must have agency and control in their work and this is also important for students. One way for students to gain autonomy is through involving students in the design of a course, with boundaries set by the instructor.

Finally, the authors prescribe incorporating evaluation and feedback within business courses with feedback being timely and substantive. This feedback can be immediate such as gaining feedback from professors and students when giving a class presentation (Sukumar et al., 2007). 

There is evidence to support the Job Characteristics Model although the research suggests some ambiguity in the validity of the model. An initial 1987 meta-analytic review examined 200 studies that had include the Job Characteristics Model within their research (Fried & Ferris, 1987). They found support for the multiple dimensions of the JCM, but it was unclear on the exact number. However, they did find that the job characteristics were related to psychological and behavioral outcomes with a role for psychological states as intervening factors.

However, although there were correlations between the job characteristics and psychological states, the pattern showed less support for the JCM. For example, task identity was related to responsibility yet had weaker relationships with meaningfulness or knowledge of results. However, skill variety and task significance both showed strong relationships with meaningfulness than with the other two psychological states (Fried & Ferris, 1987).

However, there were few relationships between the psychological states and performance; in fact, the strongest relationships were between job characteristics and outcomes. Task identity, job feedback, MPS had strong relationships with work performance but there was no relationship with performance and meaningfulness, responsibility, and feedback (Fried & Ferris, 1987).

A recent review that focused on work design research provided a critique of the JCM through examination of more recent research (Parker, Morgeson & Johns, 2017). They concur with Fried and Ferris (1987) that although the JCM is related to several affective and behavioral outcomes, the specific model has received weaker support.

Recent research finds that there is a lack of support for growth need strength as a moderator with limited support for the mediational mechanisms (Parker et al., 2017).  The only intervening variable that has gained support as an important psychological state is meaningfulness (Parker et al., 2017).

The main benefit of the JCM is that it provides professionals with a template on how to design jobs through the five core characteristics. The research on the JCM have demonstrated key work design variables including the following (Parker et al., 2017):

  • job characteristics,
  • job attitudes,
  • complexity,
  • feedback design,
  • variety and
  • skill utilization.

In addition, the JCM characteristics are related to job analysis so can be used in designing jobs to aid in selection and job training.

As stated previously, the main limitation of the JCM is that some of the key theoretical linkages within the model are not supported. The other limitation of the JCM is that the model was developed in the 1980s when job design was well aligned with fixed roles within organizations. However, the workplace has changed and there is now an emphasis on core competencies that are applicable across a wide range of settings and jobs.

CQ Net - Management skills for everyone! provides a review of leadership competencies models that demonstrate this shift. However, the JCM can still be useful in helping organizations understand how to craft jobs that motivate and empower employees.

 The JCM is a recognized and valuable model that enables professionals to consider how best to design jobs. Although there are certain flaws in the JCM, most of the elements within the framework are supported through empirical evidence. Professionals can utilize elements of the JCM to help consider how best to design jobs.

  • The Job characteristics Model (JCM) provides recommendations on how to best enrich jobs in organizations
  • The JCM’s characteristics includes skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback
  • The Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS) assess employees’ assessment of the five job characteristics
  • There is some support for the validity of the model
  • The JCM is related to several affective and behavioral outcomes, the specific model has received weaker support
  • Experienced meaningfulness has gained support as an important psychological state

 Batchelor, J., Abston, K., Lawlor, K., & Burch, G. (2014).  The Job Characteristics Model: An Extension to Entrepreneurial Motivation. Small Business Institute Journal  10, 1, 1-10.

 Fried, Y., & Ferris, G. R. (1987). The validity of the Job Characteristics Mode; A review and Meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology  40, 2, 287-322.

 Hackman, J. R., & Oldham, G. R. (1976). Motivation through the design of work:  Test of a theory. Organizational behavior and human performance , 16, 2, 250-279.

Hackman, R. J., & Oldham, G. R. (1980). Work redesign . San Francisco, CA: Addison Wesley.

Oldham, G.R., & Hackman, J. R. (2010).  Not What It Was and Not What It Will Be: The Future of Job Design Research." 31, 2, 463-479.

 Parker, S. K., Morgeson, F. P., & Johns, G. (2017).  One Hundred Years of Work Design Research: Looking Back and Looking Forward. Journal of Applied Psychology  102, 3.

 Sukumar, T., Tandon, S., & & Pointer, L. (2007). Designing Business School Courses to Promote Student Motivation: An Application of the Job Characteristics Model.  Journal of Management Education  31, 6, 812-31.

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assignment on job characteristics

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assignment on job characteristics

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assignment on job characteristics

  • Job Analysis: A Practical Guide...

Job Analysis: A Practical Guide [FREE Templates]

Did you know that job analysis is a powerful tool for improving job and organizational performance ? A proactive and strategic approach to job analysis will help your business thrive in the competitive market.

assignment on job characteristics

What is job analysis?

  • Guide the recruitment and selection process: The analysis can inform the development of job postings, interview questions, and selection criteria to ensure candidates are well-suited for the role.
  • Determine where jobs fit within the overall organizational structure: And understand how they relate to one another.
  • Design and redesign jobs: Modifying job roles to improve efficiency, employee satisfaction, and adaptability to changing organizational needs.
  • Support compensation and benefits decisions: Providing a basis for determining appropriate salary levels, benefits, and incentives based on job complexity and requirements.
  • Duties and tasks: The type, frequency, and complexity of performing specific duties and tasks.
  • Environment: Work environment, such as temperatures, odors, and hostile people.
  • Tools and equipment: Tools and equipment used to perform the job successfully.
  • Relationships: Relationships with internal and external people.
  • Requirements: Knowledge, skills, and capabilities required to perform the job successfully.

A definition of job analysis and the job details it helps identify.

A collection of similar positions.‘Receptionist’
A set of duties, tasks, activities, and elements to be performed by a single worker.Melinda, the receptionist who mostly works night-shifts
Collections of tasks directed at general job goals. A typical job has 5 to 12 duties.Hospitality activities for visitors
Collections of activities with a clear beginning, middle, and end. A job has 30 to 100 tasks.Welcoming guests and guiding them to the waiting room
Clusters of elements directed at fulfilling work requirements.Pushing the intercom button to open the door
Smallest identifiable unit of work.Answering the phone

Types of job analysis data

  • Work activities: Data on the specific activities that make up a job.
  • Worker attributes:   Data on the qualities that workers need to do the job.
  • Work context: Data on the internal and external environment of the job.

Job Analysis Data

The purpose of a job analysis

HR uses the output of the job analysis as input for a job description. A is an internal document that specifies the requirements for a new position, including the required skills, role in the team, personality, and capabilities of a suitable candidate.

Creating a job description using data from a job analysis helps you place the right people in the right roles.
is the process of placing one or more jobs into a cluster or family of similar positions. Data from job analysis is critical in job classification because it considers the duties, responsibilities, scope, and complexity of a job. The goal is to set pay rates and use the information in .
is the process of determining the relative rank of different jobs in an organization. The purpose is to create and .

The rank of a job depends on the responsibility and duties assigned. For example, senior positions have higher performance and capability requirements. The job analysis helps understand these job characteristics.
is the process of creating a job that adds value to the company and is motivating to the employee. One of the characteristics of a motivating job includes skill variety, i.e., the degree to which a job requires a broad array of skills. Job analysis helps you determine the skill variety of a job.
HR can use the job analysis outcome to set the minimum qualifications or requirements of roles in the organization. This is also helpful in recruitment.
The job analysis provides input for the of the individual performing the job. To evaluate an employee’s performance, you need to understand the role requirements first. Job analysis can determine these details.
Job analysis forms the basis of the . Once you identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics, you can quickly identify training needs or skill gaps and train your employees.
People and jobs should fit together. Job analysis is useful in identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required for a role, which you can then match with an internal or external hire.
You can use job analysis to improve efficiency at work by analyzing activities and optimizing how people in the role perform them.
Job analysis can identify hazardous behaviors and working conditions that increase the chance of accidents and injury, leading to a safer working environment.
Job analysis helps plan for the workforce of the future. It helps identify knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics with future work demands. This enables the creation of a for a role or department.
Federal and national law can apply to working conditions, health, hiring, training, pay, promotion, and firing employees. Job analysis can be a tool to ensure all activities in a role comply with the regulations.

Why is job analysis important?

  • Create detailed and accurate job postings that attract the skills and competencies you need.
  • Improve decision-making when recruiting and hiring new employees by easily tracking candidates with the required qualities and qualifications for the job.
  • Develop the job roles in line with evolving organizational needs and stay competitive in the changing business environment.
  • Develop effective employee development plans by identifying the skills the employees lack to perform a job successfully.
  • Plan and conduct more effective performance reviews based on a good understanding of the duties and nature of the job. It will improve employee performance and engagement.
  • Determine the content of a job and its value to the company to offer fair compensation packages .
  • Assess risks associated with a job and implement safety measures to avoid safety violations.

Eric Mochnacz quote on Job Analysis

Job analysis methods

Critical incident technique (cit).

  • A description of the context and circumstances leading up to the incident.
  • The behaviors of the employee(s) during the incident.
  • The consequences of the behaviors and their broader impact.

Task inventory (TI)

Answering the intercom when the doorbell rings 300/day Medium Low
Welcoming guests and guiding them to the waiting room 120/day Medium Low
Providing guests with a drink 80/day Low Low
Answering questions from visitors 30/day High Medium
Managing expectations about waiting times 30/day Medium High
Receiving and handling complaints 6/day High Very high

Job analysis template in Excel.

Functional job analysis (FJA)

  • “Things” – Physical objects and tools involved in the job
  • “Data” – Information, facts, and figures the employee works with
  • “People” – Interactions and communications with others
  • Threshold Traits Analysis
  • Ability Requirements Scales
  • Position Analysis Questionnaire
  • Job Elements Method

Job analysis process steps

1. the job analysis purpose, 2. the job analysis method.

Job Analysis Methods Effectiveness Table

3. Gathering data

Observational data is considered the most neutral form of data collection as it (supposedly) does not interrupt normal performance. The job analyst observes the person doing the job in real life or on video. Observational data can describe activities based on the chosen unit of analysis (see the Table above). Mere observation can already influence the way individuals conduct the job, a well-known example being the .
Interviews are a key way to gather data, which can be used in combination with observational and questionnaire data. Based on the data, the job analyst asks specific questions. Interviews should be well-prepared and carefully conducted. Here again, the interviewer can focus on the different units of analysis to identify duties, tasks, activities, and work elements.
The job analyst can administer a questionnaire with questions about job duties, responsibilities, equipment, work relationships, and work environment. The job analysis questionnaire can be self-designed or off-the-shelf, with the best-known example being the .
The employee records their daily activities, the time spent on each, and the urgency of each activity. This log forms the basis for analyzing the job.

4. Analysis

1. Answering the intercom4.30.5490.1
2. Welcoming guests and seating them4.00.6480.1
3. Providing refreshments to guests3.71.2200.3
4. Answering questions from visitors3.21.6320.3
5. Managing expectations about visitor waiting time2.52120.6

Job analysis questionnaire

Job analysis examples, 1. sales job analysis example.

Sales Representative
Full-time employee
Mill Creek, Washington
Level I
Ensures current customers have the products and services they need. Identifies and pursues new markets and customer leads and pitches prospective customers. Follows a sales process that involves contacting prospects, following up, presenting products and services, and closing sales. Creates weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales reports and projections. Meets annual sales goals.
– Generate leads
– Create client lists
– Contact prospects and negotiate with them
– Follow up with prospects and existing customers
– Close sales
– Maintain client records
– Create and present sales reports
– Desktop office programs proficiency
– Proficiency in CRM
– Good customer service and interpersonal skills
– Good communication skills
– Reports directly to the national sales manager
– No one reports to this position
– Must attend yearly sales meeting
– Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, marketing, economics, or a related field
– At least five years of sales experience
– Adapts to changing customer needs and expectations
– Adapts to market changes
– Can confidently make hundreds of cold calls a week
– Able to work comfortably in a fast-paced environment
– High-volume office setting
– Sitting at a desk for most of the day
– Travel to meet clients
– Washington state driver’s license
– National Association of Sales Professionals’ Certified Professional Sales Person
– American Association of Inside Sales Professionals’ Certified Inside Sales Professional
– Grow referral-based sales by 10% per year
– Grow market channel penetration by 12% in the first year
– Train at least one new junior sales associate

2. Entry-level job analysis example

Assistant Editor
Full-time employee
Book production
Malibu, California
Level III
Assists the Editor-in-Chief and publisher in developing and delivering manuscripts. Reviews and proofreads manuscripts. Conceptualizes and pitches stories. Supports the Editor-in-Chief and coordinates with other departments, such as production and sales. Writes press releases and markets new books. Finds new authors. 
– Perform editorial duties to support the Editor-in-Chief
– Find and contact new authors
– Review and make changes to documents
– Attend signings, readings, and book launches
– Desktop publishing software proficiency
– Good time management
– Ability to multitask
– Good interpersonal skills
– Good communication skills
– Reports to the Editor-in-Chief and publisher
– No one reports to the Assistant Editor
– Bachelor’s degree in English, literature, journalism, or a related field
– Ability to read fast and identify errors and flow
– Strong writing and reading skills
– Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
– Thriving on deadlines
– Fast-paced office setting
– Sitting at a desk for most of the time
– Travel to book events 50% of the time
– California state driver’s license
– A member of the American Copy Editors Society 
– Reduce time to complete projects by 15%
– Identify innovative programs to improve editing
– Find at least ten new good authors every year
– Train interns

Job description vs job analysis

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assignment on job characteristics

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assignment on job characteristics

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assignment on job characteristics

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Unit 8: Work Systems Design

8.1: job design, boundless: management “chapter 5, section 9, part 1: defining job design”.

Read this section. Pay close attention to the approaches to job design and the importance of the key elements to good design. This is important because efficiency and effectiveness is directly related to the way in which a job is designed. Good job design takes attention to detail and alignment with process.

Defining Job Design

Job design is the systematic and purposeful allocation of tasks to individuals and groups within an organization.


  • Identify the key elements of job design from a general perspective, within the context of organizational behavior
  • Compare and contrast the multitude of job-design approaches and perspectives available in the organizational field
  • The key inputs for a strong job design are a task, motivation, resource allocation and a compensation system.
  • Taylorism, or scientific management, is the original job-design theory. It stresses standardization of tasks and proper training of workers to administer the tasks for which they are responsible.
  • The Socio-Technical Systems Approach is a theory that maps the evolution from individual work to work groups. The organization itself is structured to encourage group autonomy and productivity.
  • The Core Characteristics Model connects job characteristics to the psychological states that the worker brings to the job. It emphasizes designing jobs so that they lead to desired outcomes.
  • Taking into account these various theoretical models, job design is best described as specifying a task with enough context to communicate clearly and concisely what is expected of a given employee.
  • empowerTo give people more confidence or strength to do something, often by enabling them to increase their control over their own life or situation.

Job Design Overview

Job design is the allocation of specific work tasks to individuals and groups. Allocating jobs and tasks means specifying the contents, method, and relationships of jobs to satisfy technological and organizational requirements, as well as the personal needs of jobholders.

Key Elements of Job Design

To understand job design, it is helpful to identify some key elements and their relationship with job design processes.

  • A task can be best defined as a piece of assigned work expected to be performed within a certain time. Job designers must strictly and thoroughly identify tasks that need completion.
  • Motivation describes forces within the individual that account for the level, direction, and persistence of effort expended at work. Individuals need to be compelled, excited, and passionate to do their work. Managers should design jobs that motivate employees.
  • Resource allocation occurs when an organization decides to appropriate or allocatecertain resources to specific jobs, tasks, or dilemmas facing the organization. In job design, it is necessary to identify and structure jobs in a way that uses the company’s resources efficiently. Appropriate resource allocation allows large organizations to foster and develop innovation in their workforce and underscoresstrategy through distribution.
  • Reward systems also play a role in job design. Reward systems include compensation, bonuses, raises, job security, benefits, and various other reward methods for employees. An outline or description of reward packages should be established when constructing jobs.

Theoretical Models of Job Design

Organizations may employ various theoretical approaches for job design. These include Taylorism, Socio-Technical Systems Approach, Core Characteristics Model, and Psychological Empowerment Theory. Each approach emphasizes different aspects to be considered in effective job design.

Taylorism, also known as scientific management, is a foundation for systematic job design. Frederick Taylor developed this theory in an effort to develop a “science” for every job within an organization according to the following principles:

  • Create a standard method for each job.
  • Successfully select and hire proper workers.
  • Effectively train these workers.
  • Support these workers.

The Socio-Technical Systems Approach

The Socio-Technical Systems Approach is based on the evolution from individual work to work groups. This approach has the following guiding principles:

  • The design of the organization must fit its goals.
  • Employees must be actively involved in designing the structure of the organization.
  • Control of variances in production or service must be undertaken as close to their source as possible.
  • Subsystems must be designed around relatively self-contained and recognizable units of work.
  • Support systems must fit in with the design of the organization.
  • The design should allow for a high-quality working life.
  • Changes should continue to be made as necessary to meet changing environmental pressures.

Core Characteristics Model

Another modern job design theory is the Core Characteristics Model, which maintains five important job elements that motivate workers and performance:

  • Skill variety
  • Task identity
  • Task significance
  • Job feedback

The individual elements are then proposed to lead to positive outcomes through three psychological states:

  • Experienced meaningfulness
  • Experienced responsibility
  • Knowledge of results

Psychological Empowerment Theory

Psychological Empowerment Theory posits that there is a distinction between empowering practices and cognitive motivational states. When individuals are aware of the impact they have, they benefit more than if they cannot attribute positive impact to any of their actions.

Overall Trend

Many more iterations of job design theory have evolved, but general trends can be identified among them: job design is moving towards autonomous work teams and placing added emphasis on the importance of meaning derived from the individual.

Wikipedia: “Job Design”

Read this wiki page. Pay close attention to core dimensions and techniques of job design. This is important because different combinations of these core dimensions motivate different types of employees. Each of the core dimensions can be viewed as if on a continuum. You may need a high skill variety and a low task identity for a specific job.

Job design (also referred to as work design or task design ) is the specification of contents, methods and relationship of jobs in order to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the social and personal requirements of the job holder. Its principles are geared towards how the nature of a person’s job affects their attitudes and behavior at work, particularly relating to characteristics such as skill variety and autonomy.The aim of a job design is to improve job satisfaction, to improve through-put, to improve quality and to reduce employee problems (e.g., grievances, absenteeism).

Job Characteristic Theory

The job characteristic theory proposed by Hackman & Oldham (1976) stated that work should be designed to have five core job characteristics, which engender three critical psychological states in individuals—experiencing meaning, feeling responsible for outcomes, and understanding the results of their efforts. In turn, these psychological states were proposed to enhance employees’ intrinsic motivation, job satisfaction, quality of work and performance, while reducing turnover.

Core Job Dimensions

  • Skill variety — This refers to the range of skills and activities necessary to complete the job. The more a person is required to use a wide variety of skills, the more satisfying the job is likely to be.
  • Task identity — This dimension measures the degree to which the job requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work. Employees who are involved in an activity from start to finish are usually more satisfied.
  • Task significance — This looks at the impact and influence of a job. Jobs are more satisfying if people believe that they make a difference, and are adding real value to colleagues, the organization, or the larger community.
  • Autonomy — This describes the amount of individual choice and discretion involved in a job. More autonomy leads to more satisfaction. For instance, a job is likely to be more satisfying if people are involved in making decisions, instead of simply being told what to do.
  • Feedback — This dimension measures the amount of information an employee receives about his or her performance, and the extent to which he or she can see the impact of the work. The more people are told about their performance, the more interested they will be in doing a good job. So, sharing production figures, customer satisfaction scores etc. can increase the feedback levels.

Critical Psychological States

The five core job dimensions listed above result in three different psychological states.

  • Experienced meaningfulness of the work : The extent to which people believe that their job is meaningful, and that their work is valued and appreciated (comes from core dimensions 1-3).
  • Experienced responsibility for the outcomes of work : The extent to which people feel accountable for the results of their work, and for the outcomes they have produced (comes from core dimension 4).
  • Knowledge of the actual results of the work activity : The extent to which people know how well they are doing (comes from core dimension 5).

Techniques of Job Design

Job rotation.

Job rotation is a job design method which is able to enhance motivation, develop workers’ outlook, increase productivity, improve the organization’s performance on various levels by its multi-skilled workers, and provides new opportunities to improve the attitude, thought, capabilities and skills of workers. Job rotation is also process by which employees laterally mobilize and serve their tasks in different organizational levels; when an individual experiences different posts and responsibilities in an organization, ability increases to evaluate his capabilities in the organization.

Job Enlargement

Hulin and Blood (1968) define Job enlargement as the process of allowing individual workers to determine their own pace (within limits), to serve as their own inspectors by giving them responsibility for quality control, to repair their own mistakes, to be responsible for their own machine set-up and repair, and to attain choice of method. Frederick Herzberg referred to the addition of interrelated tasks as ‘horizontal job loading’.

Job Enrichment

Job enrichment increases the employees’ autonomy over the planning and execution of their own work. Job enrichment has the same motivational advantages of job enlargement, however it has the added benefit of granting workers autonomy. Frederick Herzberg viewed job enrichment as ‘vertical job loading’ because it also includes tasks formerly performed by someone at a higher level where planning and control are involved.

Scientific Management

Under scientific management people would be directed by reason and the problems of industrial unrest would be appropriately (i.e., scientifically) addressed. This philosophy is oriented toward the maximum gains possible to employees. Managers would guarantee that their subordinates would have access to the maximum of economic gains by means of rationalized processes. Organizations were portrayed as rationalized sites, designed and managed according to a rule of rationality imported from the world of technique. [10]

Human Relations School

The Human Relations School takes the view that businesses are social systems in which psychological and emotional factors have a significant influence on productivity. The common elements in human relations theory are the beliefs that

  • Performance can be improved by good human relations
  • Managers should consult employees in matters that affect staff
  • Leaders should be democratic rather than authoritarian
  • Employees are motivated by social and psychological rewards and are not just “economic animals”
  • The work group plays an important part in influencing performance

Socio-technical Systems

Socio-technical systems aims on jointly optimizing the operation of the social and technical system; the good or service would then be efficiently produced and psychological needs of the workers fulfilled. Embedded in Socio-technical Systems are motivational assumptions, such as intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

Work Reform

Work reform states about the workplace relation and the changes made which are more suitable to management and employee to encourage increased workforce participation.

Motivational Work Design

The psychological literature on employee motivation contains considerable evidence that job design can influence satisfaction, motivation and job performance. It influences them primarily because it affects the relationship between the employee’s expectancy that increased performance will lead to rewards and the preference of different rewards for the individual.

Hackman and Oldman developed the theory that a workplace can be redesigned to greater improve their core job characteristics. Their overall concept consists of:

  • Making larger work units by combining smaller, more specialized tasks.
  • Mandating worker(s) to be responsible via having direct contact with clients.
  • Having employee evaluations done frequently in order to provide feedback for learning.
  • Allowing workers to be responsible for their job by giving them authority and control.

A similar theory was also mention earlier by Frederick Herzberg. Herzberg theory consist of a Two Factor Theory :

  • Hygiene Factors
  • Motivational Factors

16.6 Designing a High-Performance Work System

Learning objectives.

  • Define a high-performance work system.
  • Describe the role of technology in HR.
  • Describe the use of HR systems to improve organizational performance.
  • Describe succession planning and its value.

Now it is your turn to design a high-performance work system (HPWS). HPWS is a set of management practices that attempt to create an environment within an organization where the employee has greater involvement and responsibility. Designing a HPWS involves putting all the HR pieces together. A HPWS is all about determining what jobs a company needs done, designing the jobs, identifying and attracting the type of employee needed to fill the job, and then evaluating employee performance and compensating them appropriately so that they stay with the company.

At the same time, technology is changing the way HR is done. The electronic human resource management (e-HRM) business solution is based on the idea that information technologies, including the Web, can be designed for human resources professionals and executive managers who need support to manage the workforce, monitor changes, and gather the information needed in decision making. At the same time, e-HRM can enable all employees to participate in the process and keep track of relevant information. For instance, your place of work provides you with a Web site where you can login; get past and current pay information, including tax forms (i.e., 1099, W-2, and so on); manage investments related to your 401(k); or opt for certain medical record-keeping services.

More generally, for example, many administrative tasks are being done online, including:

  • providing and describing insurance and other benefit options
  • enrolling employees for those benefits
  • enrolling employees in training programs
  • administering employee surveys to gauge their satisfaction

Many of these tasks are being done by employees themselves, which is referred to as employee self-service . With all the information available online, employees can access it themselves when they need it.

Part of an effective HR strategy is using technology to reduce the manual work performance by HR employees. Simple or repetitive tasks can be performed self-service through e-HRM systems that provide employees with information and let them perform their own updates. Typical HR services that can be formed in an e-HRM system include:

  • Answer basic compensation questions.
  • Look up employee benefits information.
  • Process candidate recruitment expenses.
  • Receive and scan resumes into recruiting software.
  • Enroll employees in training programs.
  • Maintain training catalog.
  • Administer tuition reimbursement.
  • Update personnel files.

Organizations that have invested in e-HRM systems have found that they free up HR professionals to spend more time on the strategic aspects of their job. These strategic roles include employee development, training, and succession planning.

The Value of High-Performance Work Systems

Employees who are highly involved in conceiving, designing, and implementing workplace processes are more engaged and perform better. For example, a study analyzing 132 U.S. manufacturing firms found that companies using HPWSs had significantly higher labor productivity than their competitors. The key finding was that when employees have the power to make decisions related to their performance, can access information about company costs and revenues, and have the necessary knowledge, training, and development to do their jobs—and are rewarded for their efforts—they are more productive. Konrad, A. M. (2006, March/April). Engaging employees through high-involvement work practices. Ivey Business Journal Online , 1–6. Retrieved January 30, 2009, from http://www.iveybusinessjournal.com .

For example, Mark Youndt and his colleagues Youndt, M., Snell, S., Dean, J., & Lepak, K. (1996). Human resource management, manufacturing strategy, and firm performance. Academy of Management Journal, 39 , 836–866. demonstrated that productivity rates were significantly higher in manufacturing plants where the HRM strategy focused on enhancing human capital. Delery and Doty found a positive relationship between firm financial performance and a system of HRM practices. Delery, J., & Doty, H. (1996). Modes of theorizing in strategic human resource management: Tests of universalistic, contingency, and configurational performance predictions. Academy of Management Journal 39 , 802–835. Huselid, Jackson, and Schuler found that increased HRM effectiveness corresponded to an increase in sales per employee, cash flow, and company market value. Huselid, M., Jackson, S., and Schuler, R. (1997). Technical and strategic human resource management effectiveness as determinants of firm performance. Academy of Management Journal 40 , 171–188.

HPWS can be used globally to good result. For example, Fey and colleagues studied 101 foreign-based firms operating in Russia and found significant linkages between HRM practices, such as incentive-based compensation, job security, employee training, and decentralized decision making, and subjective measures of firm performance. Fey, C., Bjorkman, I., & Pavlovskaya, A. (2000). The effect of human resource management practices on firm performance in Russia. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 11 , 1–18.

Improving Organizational Performance

Organizations that want to improve their performance can use a combination of HR systems to get these improvements. For example, performance measurement systems help underperforming companies improve performance. The utility company Arizona Public Service used a performance measurement system to rebound from dismal financial results. The company developed 17 “critical success indicators,” which it measures regularly and benchmarks against the best companies in each category. Of the 17, nine were identified as “major critical success indicators.” They are:

  • cost to produce kilowatt hour
  • customer satisfaction
  • fossil plants availability
  • operations and maintenance expenditures
  • construction expenditures
  • ranking as corporate citizen in Arizona
  • safety all-injury incident rate
  • nuclear performance
  • shareholder value return on assets

Each department sets measurable goals in line with these indicators, and a gainsharing plan rewards employees for meeting the indicators.

In addition, companies can use reward schemes to improve performance. Better-performing firms tend to invest in more sophisticated HRM practices, which further enhances organizational performance. Shih, H.-A., Chiang, Y.-H., & Hsu, C.-C. (2006, August). Can high performance work systems really lead to better performance? International Journal of Manpower , 27 (8), 741–763. Currently, about 20% of firms link employee compensation to the firm’s earnings. They use reward schemes such as employee stock ownership plans, gainsharing, and profit sharing. This trend is increasing.

Researcher Michel Magnan wanted to find out: Is the performance of an organization with a profit-sharing plan better than other firms? And, does adoption of a profit-sharing plan lead to improvement in an organization’s performance?

The reasons profit-sharing plans would improve organizational performance go back to employee motivation theory. A profit-sharing plan will likely encourage employees to monitor one another’s behavior because “loafers” would erode the rewards for everyone. Moreover, profit sharing should lead to greater information sharing, which increases the productivity and flexibility of the firm.

Magnan studied 294 Canadian credit unions in the same region (controlling for regional and sector-specific economic effects). Of the firms studied, 83 had profit sharing plans that paid the bonus in full at the end of the year. This meant that employees felt the effect of the organizational performance reward immediately, so it had a stronger motivational effect than a plan that put profits into a retirement account, where the benefit would be delayed (and essentially hidden) until retirement.

Magnan’s results showed that firms with profit-sharing plans had better performance on most facets of organizational performance. They had better performance on asset growth, market capitalization, operating costs, losses on loans, and return on assets than firms without profit-sharing plans. The improved performance was especially driven by activities where employee involvement had a quick, predictable effect on firm performance, such as giving loans or controlling costs.

Another interesting finding was that when firms adopted a profit-sharing plan, their organizational performance went up. Profit-sharing plans appear to be a good turnaround tool because the firms that showed the greatest improvement were those that had not been performing well before the profit-sharing plan. Even firms that had good performance before adopting a profit-sharing plan had better performance after the profit-sharing plan. Magnan, M., & St-Onge, S. (1998). Profit sharing and firm performance: A comparative and longitudinal analysis. Presented at the Academy of Management Conference, August 9–12.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. In a recent survey, HR executives and non-HR executives were asked to name their top human capital challenge. Nearly one-third of both executive groups cited succession planning, Buhler, P. M. (2008, March). Managing in the new millennium; succession planning: not just for the c suite. Supervision, 69 (3), 19. but less than 20% of companies with a succession plan addressed nonmanagement positions. Slightly more than 40% of firms didn’t have a plan in place.

Looking across organizations succession planning takes a number of forms (including no form at all). An absence of succession planning should be a red flag, since the competitive advantage of a growing percentage of firms is predicated on their stock of human capital and ability to manage such capital in the future. One of the overarching themes of becoming better at succession is that effective organizations become much better at developing and promoting talent from within. The figure “Levels of Succession Planning” summarizes the different levels that firms can work toward.

Levels of Succession Planning

  • Level 1: No planning at all.
  • Level 2: Simple replacement plan. Typically the organization has only considered what it will do if key individuals leave or become debilitated.
  • Level 3: The company extends the replacement plan approach to consider lower-level positions, even including middle managers.
  • Level 4: The company goes beyond the replacement plan approach to identify the competencies it will need in the future. Most often, this approach is managed along with a promote-from-within initiative.
  • Level 5: In addition to promoting from within, the organization develops the capability to identify and recruit top talent externally. However, the primary source of successors should be from within, unless there are key gaps where the organization does not have key capabilities.

Dow Chemical exemplifies some best practices for succession planning:

  • Dow has a comprehensive plan that addresses all levels within the organization, not just executive levels.
  • CEO reviews the plan, signaling its importance.
  • Managers regularly identify critical roles in the company and the competencies needed for success in those roles.
  • Dow uses a nine-box grid for succession planning, plotting employees along the two dimensions of potential and performance.
  • High potential employees are recommended for training and development, such as Dow Academy or an MBA.

Interpublic Group, a communications and advertising agency, established a formal review process in 2005 in which the CEOs of each Interpublic business would talk with the CEO about the leaders in their organization. The discussions span the globe because half of the company’s employees work outside the United States. A key part of the discussions is to then meet with the individual employees to tell them about the opportunities available to them. “In the past, what I saw happen was that an employee would want to leave and then all of a sudden they hear about all of the career opportunities available to them,” he says. “Now I want to make sure those discussions are happening before anyone talks about leaving,” said Timothy Sompolski, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at Interpublic Group. Marquez, J. (2007, September 10). On the front line; A quintet of 2006’s highest-paid HR leaders discuss how they are confronting myriad talent management challenges as well as obstacles to being viewed by their organizations as strategic business partners. Workforce Management, 86 (5), 22.

The principles of strategic human resource management and high-performance work systems apply to nonprofit enterprises as well as for-profit companies, and the benefits of good HR practices are just as rewarding. When it comes to succession planning, nonprofits face a particularly difficult challenge of attracting workers to a field known for low pay and long hours. Often, the people attracted to the enterprise are drawn by the cause rather than by their own aspirations for promotion. Thus, identifying and training employees for leadership positions is even more important. What’s more, the talent shortage for nonprofits will be even more acute: A study by the Meyer Foundation and CompassPoint Nonprofit Service found that 75% of nonprofit executive directors plan to leave their jobs by 2011. Damast, A. (2008, August 11). Narrowing the nonprofit gap. BusinessWeek , p. 58.

Key Takeaway

A high-performance work system unites the social and technical systems (people and technology) and aligns them with company strategy. It ensures that all the interrelated parts of HR are aligned with one another and with company goals. Technology and structure supports employees in their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to executing company strategy. HR decisions, such as the type of compensation method chosen, improve performance for organizations and enterprises of all types.

  • What are some ways in which HR can improve organizational performance?
  • What is the most important aspect of high performance work systems? Name three benefits of high performance work systems.
  • How does e-HRM help a company?
  • If you were designing your company’s succession planning program, what guidelines would you suggest?

Unit 8 Discussion

Take each core job dimension and using a 1-10 scale (1 = lowest and 10 = highest), rate each dimension in relation to your current job or a job that you have had in the past. Based on your job experience, how did the job design impact your job satisfaction, loyalty to the organization, and quality of work and performance? Based on your answer, how would you redesign your job in relation to these core dimensions? If you have never had a job, think about a volunteer experience you may have had, or you might try answering the above questions based on your dream job.

  • Defining Job Design. Provided by : Boundless. Located at : https://www.boundless.com/ . License : CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike
  • Job Design. Provided by : Wikipedia. Located at : https://en.wikipedia.org/ . License : CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike
  • Designing a High-Performance Work System. Provided by : Saylor Academy. Located at : https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_principles-of-management-v1.1/s20-06-designing-a-high-performance-w.html . License : CC BY-NC-SA: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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Assignment 1 Job Characteristics Model

Assignment 1: Job Characteristics Model

The job characteristics model, designed by Hackman and Oldham, is based on the idea that the task itself is key to employee motivation. According to the theory, five core job characteristics should prompt three critical psychological states, which lead to many favorable personal and work outcomes. Respond to the following:

Identify a job you know well and provide a brief summary of what the job entails (what are the daily work activities).

Analyze the job using the Job Characteristics Model. You must use all the five core job characteristics.

Discuss the finding. Include the "score" for each core job ...

Assignment 1: Job Characteristics Model The job characteristics model, designed by Hackman and Oldham, is based on the idea that the task itself is key to employee motivation. According to the theory, five core job characteristics should prompt three critical psychological states, which lead to many favorable personal and work outcomes. Respond to the following: Identify a job you know well and provide a brief summary of what the job entails (what are the daily work activities). Analyze the job using the Job Characteristics Model. You must use all the five core job characteristics. Discuss the finding. Include the "score" for each core job characteristic and discuss the related critical psychological states and personal/work outcomes. Suggest additional actions that might be taken to improve the motivating potential score of the job. Support your statements with scholarly references. Write your initial response in approximately 400�500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use scholarly references to support your work.

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Assignment Instructions/ Description

Discuss the finding. Include the "score" for each core job characteristic and discuss the related critical psychological states and personal/work outcomes.

Suggest additional actions that might be taken to improve the motivating potential score of the job.

Support your statements with scholarly references. Write your initial response in approximately 400�500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use scholarly references to support your work.

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Marketers must

Marketers must consider the strategic implications

Write 150

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research a specific issue in the field of correctional management

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HCA415 Community & Public Health-WK5

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US Civil War started due to Southern actions

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t is estimated that hiring organizations only spend 90 seconds

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Several of you highlighted throughout the course that one

Choose one

Choose one study on a topic of interest to you

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Technology transfer and controlling

Use the

Use the Internet or Excelsior Library to find a scholarly

E-prescribing is

E-prescribing is the transmission of prescription

Comparing Psychodynamic

Comparing Psychodynamic Theories

Discussion 1

Discussion 1 Mental Health Diagnosis and Culture

Reflect on

Reflect on what you found interesting

Briefly describe

Briefly describe the fertilization process

select a

select a company you are familiar with or a company

Write a

Write a letter using Microsoft Word asking a local business

Summarize the

Summarize the main principles of agency

Recently human

Recently human resources (HR) recruiters have utilized

Imagine you

Imagine you are the chief information officer (CIO)

The purpose

The purpose of this discussion is to ponder alternative

technology has

technology has revolutionized fertility

Week 1

Week 1 Research a Fortune 500 company

McDonald's Loses

McDonald's Loses Case in Worker's Crash

Leadership Style

Leadership Style Interview for a Company’s Newsletter

Provide an

Provide an example of a company that has done a total

One needs

One needs money to make money

Write a

Write a two to three page paper discussing

example of

example of each of the primary Ethical Theories

BUS4243 International

BUS4243 International Trade and Finance

Company Analysis

Company Analysis Project


Select a company that you are familiar with

Assignment 1

Week 3 Assignment 1 Capital Budgeting

Week 4

Week 4 Assignment 1 Risk and the Use of Leverage

For this

For this assignment, you will select 1 entity

Select one

Select one of the four special populations

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Part A

Assignment Integrating

Assignment Integrating the different projects To give

Select a

Select a community of interest

W2 Assignment

W2 Assignment Gathering Requirements for the IT Solution

As nurse

As nurse practitioners continue to expand

Business Regulations

Business Regulations Week 2

For your

For your final assignment in this course

SCM 430

SCM 430 Unit 5 IP (R)

Is there

Is there more to HR than its predecessor

Why was

Why was this research conducted

Learning Plan

Learning Plan 1 Assignments

Description paper

Description paper instructions Final Paper Assignment

Project 2

Project 2 Case Study on Best Practices in Corrections

With the

With the emergence of early Greek and Roman

why companies

why companies have the ethics codes

symbolic spiritual

symbolic spiritual significance of henna art rituals in Morocco

what is

what is your analysis of extremism in the United States

Your paper

Your paper will be on ONE artwork and consists of a visual

projected return

projected return on investment for your college education

MGB301 Individual

MGB301 Individual Self-Assessment Paper

Week 3

Week 3 Individual Case Study Assignment 1

MKT 571

MKT 571 Marketing Team Plan

At this

At this point in the course-long project

BUS 591


Freeman-Brown Private

Freeman-Brown Private School Case Study

Around 1400

Around 1400 the social classes in the more advanced regions

undertake the

undertake the analysis of an art object of your choosing

visit 3

visit 3 given website within ethical codes

Write a

Write a reaction paper to the two videos

what ethical

what ethical concerns you feel were raised

Identifying and

Identifying and Gathering Relevant Data

trace your

trace your own family’s history of social mobility


This week’s readings examine the historical

Discuss a

Discuss a specific work of art or a historical

As a

As a part of the Week 5 Persuasive Research Paper

750-1,000 words

750-1,000 words about the impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM

MKT 571

MKT 571 Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy


Differences in Politics and Religion


paper detailing staffing resources and personnel expenses

In business

In business plans many marketing sections


Unit VIII Mini Project

summarize the

summarize the role of management as it relates

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 ENC 1939 Individual and Community

SCS 224

SCS 224 Final Project

identification methods

identification methods that organizations can use

Regulatory Legal

Regulatory Legal Ethical and Accreditation Issues in Research

This discussion

This discussion forum has two objectives

Case Study

Case Study 750 word double-spaced, and in current

What is

What is the private equity market

Reflect on

Reflect on ethical challenges that you have encountered

Venture Capital

Venture Capital Investment Activity

Name a

Name a current advertising slogan you believe

A synthesis

A synthesis of what the studies reveal about

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 University Database

Explain the

Explain the topic you are addressing and your position

You are

You are an intake coordinator at a mental health agency

Write a

Write a 2-3-page letter to Patricia Hampl, business letter format

Write a

Write a five- to seven-page financial statement analysis

Assignment Marketing

Assignment Marketing Strategy

Capstone Week

Capstone Week 5-1

Amazon has

Amazon has created three elements with how they

A quick

A quick check of advertisement in the newspaper

What is

What is the Christian's relationship to the Old Testament?

We have

We have already touched upon Metaphysics

Week 6

Week 6 Synthesizing the Literature

Pagoda case

Pagoda case study Calculate the total costs for outsourcing

Strategic alignment

Strategic alignment between HR and organizational strategy

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Workforce 2010 and Workforce 2020

Create a

Create a brochure for a local elementary school

explain how

explain how self-esteem is created through self-concept

negative experience

negative experience you have had as a consumer

The first

The first step of the EBP process is to develop

Assignment #2

Assignment #2 Position Paper

discuss and

discuss and compare the development of health care

MGT 599


Understand business

Understand business objectives from an ethical perspective

Depending on

Depending on whether you are seeking a DBA or a PhD

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Quality and strategic process improvement

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment Readiness to change


Find a “real-life” example of one of the following institutions

Describe the

Describe the types of employees in multinational firms

Vroom’s Model

Vroom’s Model of Expectancy Theory

Describe who

Describe who you will have on your team, explain specifically

What methods

What methods do you think a small business manager can use in

Crisis management

Crisis management and crisis communications are specialized

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Analysis of an Intrusion Detection System Report

Using the

Using the 10 Year period of economic history between

Explain the

Explain the difference between a “hotfix” and a “service pack”

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 RA Criminal Behavior in Your Community

Write a

Write a One-Page Reaction Paper on the concept

Conflict may

Conflict may occur in any work environment

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Discussion Assignment

1,400-word paper

1,400-word paper describing the types and functions

ANT 101

ANT 101 Week 5 Final Research Paper New

ANT 101

ANT 101 Week 4 Quiz Final Research Paper Review

From the

From the scenario for Katrina’s Candies

Given increased

Given increased globalization and demographic shifts

You will

You will watch the video which is called The War that Made America

Think about

Think about a healthcare organization that you know

Read the

Read the short story in the attached document

Now that

Now that you have studied digital technology's effect

Now that

Now that you have been introduced to the many

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Financial Statement Analysis

Legislatures are

Legislatures are important in both democratic and authoritarian

Write an

Write an essay on the great migration of the black

Your state

Your state legislature is considering a bill that would require

Emergency departments

Emergency departments (ED) at many hospitals

Do you

Do you agree with Bruce Catton that all future generations

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Al Baik must ship replacement

Choose a

Choose a large Middle Eastern company that has or had a problem

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy

Make sure

Make sure to respond to both questions thoroughly

Search the

Search the Internet for information on performance

Discussion Topic

Discussion Topic 1 Regulating Professional Practice

How have

How have you personally benefitted from globalization?

Many of

Many of the concepts in managerial accounting

Explore ethical

Explore ethical issues that may surround the use

Evaluate the

Evaluate the implications for operations management

currently working

currently working or a Middle Eastern organization

The Role

The Role and Function of Law in Global Business

Group Case

Group Case 3 ECM at Southern Company

History-War, Peace

History-War, Peace and Society

MKT 571

MKT 571 week 6 final exam

You are

You are working on the Director of Programs for a large

Business Forms

Business Forms and Governance

Question 1

Question 1 Motivation theories provide the most fertile

ABC Organization

ABC Organization has noticed an increase in patients

critical essay

critical essay compare and contrast Smith's original theory

In this

In this assignment you will analyze the organizational behavior

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Final Project Draft Memo

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Change of Status

Do you

Do you think that continuous waves of illegal immigrants

You may

You may be familiar with personal torts such as negligence

Business Tort

Business Tort and Criminal Liability

In 300-500

In 300-500 words share whether or not you believe


classmate(s) have formed a human resource consulting company

The core

The core assignment of this course is a documented

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism Impacts, Vulnerabilities

Module 6

Module 6 Beginning the Final Essay Documented Essay Assignment and Topic

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Strives to Be an Ethical Corporate

Explanatory Synthesis

Explanatory Synthesis Essay

write an

write an individual research paper on the project

Case 15

Case 15 Australian Surgery Indicator Makes the Front

Response and

Response and Critique Film Criticism

Describe the

Describe the Tata Group’s major subsidiaries

Identify a

Identify a criminal of your choice and identify elements

Discuss the

Discuss the historical perspective of the time

ECO 550

ECO 550 Assignment 2 Operations Decision

Is social

Is social stratification a natural consequence of civilization

give some

give some examples of things that Hamlet and others

Pyramid Printing

Pyramid Printing Company is a printer of magazines

Consider the

Consider the three top bands of British blues-based

HA530 Research

HA530 Research compensation and benefits options within the healthcare

Flexible benefit

Flexible benefit programs have been very popular

Develop a

Develop a 700-word evaluation of the selected companies

You have

You have also examined different perspectives on ethical issues

This module

This module you will develop objectives for your plan

Write a

Write a 3 page essay reflecting on your personal identity

What are

What are the religious overtones of the American Constitution

Statistical Process

Statistical Process Control Methods

Please prepare

Please prepare a brief outline or abstract

Research a

Research a public company and describe their supply

Agency and

Agency and Employment Law


ADA, FMLA, Immigration, and Discrimination Presentation •

Write details

Write details of any two economists using following instructions

abstract 1

abstract 1 page (single space ) answering these questions

When operating

When operating globally, companies need to evaluate

Advocacy strategies

Advocacy strategies are developed to create social

Have reform

Have reform movements had a significant impact upon American history?

Week 5

Week 5 Discussion 1 One of the major impacts of the media

The Origin

The Origin of the Two-Party System and Why It is Important

For each

For each selected question indicate whether you Strongly


Write a one-page summary of the policy including the purpose

Look at

Look at UPS This company started as a transportation

Write a

Write a detail proposal for the project on the topic below

Your next

Your next writing assignment will be a background review

Legal Case

Legal Case Analysis Background Nearly every legal constraint

Discussion Prompt

Discussion Prompt Technology and Outreach

Assignment Negotiations

Assignment Negotiations Outline Paper

Computer Technology

Computer Technology Final Paper Final Reflection Paper

describe your

describe your environmental experiences

This week's

This week's focus is on CRM and Analytics

Protecting the

Protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure

Discussion Question

Discussion Question There are many factors that affect

Throughout the

Throughout the course, the subject of regulation and deregulation


Reflecting on General Education and Career

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Globalization impact of globalization on U.S

Reflection 1

Reflection 1 A Race Conversation

Did Jim

Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car?

OPS 571

OPS 571 Operations Consulting

Choose two

Choose two research articles published by a scholarly

Define the

Define the network topology that will be used and justify


Implementation Plan, Strategic Controls, and Contingency

Is there

Is there a difference between a legal obligation

Within each

Within each case study you must

In this

In this assignment, you will compose an essay

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Reading Reflections The readings are an essential component

Watch the

Watch the documentary about New York City

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Practicum Practicum Journal

Determine your

Determine your leadership style and in 1–2 pages

The final

The final paper will demonstrate the students’ ability

BUS 437

BUS 437 Technology and Organizational Behavior Issues

Food Journal

Food Journal part II Analysis of your journal

Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles for Health Care Organizations

The Big

The Big Picture Please respond to the following

week 7

week 7 discussion Patient Consent and Legal Reporting in Health Care

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Evolution of Healthcare in KSA

Cindy's boss

Cindy's boss has been assigned the task of measuring employee

British car

British car manufacturing hit a record high in the first half

Implementing Pricing

Implementing Pricing Strategy

You are

You are on a team of crime scene investigators

find an

find an image or link of a play film or television show

When evaluating

When evaluating research in public safety

You are

You are a recently promoted police chief in a medium-sized

explore social

explore social media and marketing technology in an essay

Briefly research

Briefly research and share a company who you feel

How does

How does an investigator prepare for an interview or interrogation

Choose one

Choose one of the following topics that you are interested in

For this

For this assignment you will complete a SWOT analysis

Mention and

Mention and discuss the health care beliefs of the Baltic and Brazilian

Research and

Research and provide 2-3 pages detailed report on operations

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Apple versus Samsung

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Course Reflection What is your understanding

MGT 18

MGT 18 Essay #2 essay prompt

Should fast-food

Should fast-food advertisers be permitted to target children who lack

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Discussion Sustainability and Corporate Practices


How did the division of Germany after WWII contribute

Social security

Social security for retirees is paid through payroll taxes

From the

From the first e-Activity, evaluate the efficiency

From the

From the first e-Activity, examine two (2) of the most common

CIS-512 Assignment

CIS-512 Assignment 2 HD-DVD versus Blu-ray

Learning Plan

Learning Plan 8 Assignments Research Paper

Compare the

Compare the key structural elements of the House of Representatives

Those two

Those two questions for Middle East Politics and Institutions class

Most state

Most state courts have four levels of courts

Many schools

Many schools of thought have developed throughout history

Community Colleges

Community Colleges and New Legislation

Health literacy

Health literacy is the degree to which people possess the ability

Final Research

Final Research Paper on a topic of your choice in the field of psychology

In your

In your own words describe a database In your daily life

There are

There are several standardized training events in large organizations

book review

book review CLEOPTRA A LIFE by stacy schieff

Week 4

Week 4 topic 1 post minimum of 250 words APA Format

Write a

Write a one-page responseQuote/Comment/Question

Complete a

Complete a research paper on one (1) of the following topics

How would

How would you describe Boyd’s approach to apologetics?

WRTG 394

WRTG 394 Assignment 3 write a proposal to conduct research

ENG 1050

ENG 1050 Theater Review GPAC’s Fall 2017 Production of Waiting for Godot

You are

You are the Brand Manager for the new imaginary company

Compare and

Compare and Contrast the Learning Principles of Pavlov's Classical

When a

When a company lists its common stock as having a stated

ARTS 125

ARTS 125 Week 3 American Art Before and After World War II

Discuss the

Discuss the challenges that incident handlers face in identifying

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Job Evaluation at MPBS Review the team report

In a

In a 3-5 page paper list how you would describe yourself

Evaluate the

Evaluate the capabilities of wireless gigabit architecture

CISM 2130

CISM 2130 Business Information Systems Case Analysis

Determine whether

Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler after listening

After reading

After reading the primary source document construct an essay

OPS 571

OPS 571 Week5 Business Forecasting

In what

In what ways has Jeff Immelt redirected the strategy of GE

create an

create an organizational chart to represent the ideal structure

Select an

Select an industry of interest such as automobile

After reading

After reading Chapter 7, suggest three (3) reasons why the presence

Mkt 402

Mkt 402 Wk 8 Assignment 2 Policies and Strategies

Your Epidemiology

Your Epidemiology research report seeks to identify one

Case 1


discuss two

discuss two or three examples of how and why aviation companies


ASSIGNMENT 1 Erickson's theory looks at development throughout life


ASSIGNMENT 2 In this assignment you will explore Jeffrey Arnett's

Problem 1

Problem 1 Suppose the following demand for iPhone apps

MGT530 Critical

MGT530 Critical Thinking Lean Operations

MGT521 Choose

MGT521 Choose an organization at which you are currently

MGT510 Critical

MGT510 Critical Thinking Assignment

The purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to increase learners

Project 2

Project 2 Analysis Paper Instructions

Module 2

Module 2 Case Assignment Coca-Cola Company

SLP Assignment

SLP Assignment Joe Thomas, the VP of Marketing at Clipboard Tablet Co

Project 2

Project 2 Analysis Paper

SLP 599

SLP 599 STRATEGIC CHOICES Simulation In Module 3

PAD 510

PAD 510 Assignment 3 Position Paper

Term paper

Term paper Final version Chose an appropriate research design

MGT 521

MGT 521 assignment Change Management Plan for the organization.

use CVP

use CVP analysis to inform the pricing of your 3 products

Module 4

Module 4 you will continue with the CVP analysis you completed

Case Study

Case Study 3 Zappos Delivering Customer Satisfaction


Read Story of An Hours (Chopin) then what do you believe

HUM 261

HUM 261 Take-Home Exam Coetzee’s Disgrace

HUM 112

HUM 112 World Culture II Assignment Cultural Activity Report

Examine the

Examine the rise and interaction of two historical forces

Discussion 6

Discussion 6 Question After reading the play, make a comment

Discuss three

Discuss three (3) reasons for utilizing professional networking

Professional Experience

Professional Experience assignment is to develop a promotional

construct a

construct a thoughtful essay that engages with race in Alex Haley’s


Discuss at least two ways your understanding of Christian values

Analyze current

Analyze current job market compensation plans

Discuss at

Discuss at least two ways your understanding of Christian

HRM531 Compensation

HRM531 Compensation and Benefit Strategy

Use Martin’s

Use Martin’s example of The 3 Times to reflect

How is

How is a sacrament both a sign and a symbol?

Research the

Research the most prominent computer commercial

Write an

Write an analysis of a key character in a literary work

Week 7

Week 7 A film and American Art

Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay Three In Federalist 70 Alexander

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Internationalisation drivers and global markets

week 7

week 7 Key Concept Exercise Work breakdown structure

Create a

Create a minimum 1,050-word strategic objectives summary

Introduction to

Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2017 Essay Exam 4

Imagine that

Imagine that you have been granted an interview by a world-renowned

Lending Institutions

Lending Institutions Health Care and Human Capital

Strategy as

Strategy as Long-Term Intent and Systemic Optimization

LP3.1 Assignment

LP3.1 Assignment Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation


QNT/561 Statistics Concepts and Descriptive Measures

Design a

Design a set of 10 questions, as a team, to ask a manager from the organization

QNT/561 Case

QNT/561 Case Study MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific

AC2760 Topic

AC2760 Topic 02 Assignment Basic Accounting Concepts

LP6.1 Assignment

LP6.1 Assignment Management Decision and Control

LP5.1 Managing

LP5.1 Managing Political Risk, Government Relations, and Alliances

LP2.1 Assignment

LP2.1 Assignment Managing Across Cultures

LP1 Assignment

LP1 Assignment The Political, Legal and Technical Environment

Part 1

Part 1 According to the CDC more than half of all Americans consumed

Geog 115

Geog 115 Comparisons between Hurricane Katrina and Harvey

In order

In order to assist clients with change social workers

conduct research

conduct research on corporate strategies and the affect

Social Justice

Social Justice as an American Value

As you

As you reflect on the weekly readings and digital resources

Describe a

Describe a successful change initiative from your own

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Culturally Competent PSA

Unit 3

Unit 3 Project Business Strategy Report Part 1

LP4 Assignment

LP4 Assignment Applying Ethical Decision-Making Models

LP05 Assignment

LP05 Assignment Case Scenario Analysis

LP07 Assignment

LP07 Assignment Who Makes the Apple iPhone?

LP4 Assignment

LP4 Assignment The Internet

LP4 Assignment

LP4 Assignment Entry Strategies and Organizational Structures

LP04 Assignment

LP04 Assignment Applying Ethical Decision-Making Models

Expansion Strategy

Expansion Strategy and Establishing a Re-Order Point

SuperFun Toys

SuperFun Toys Case Study

Prepare a

Prepare a short paper (3-5 pages) which presents

Provide research

Provide research from a current publication/study

Answer in

Answer in discussion board paragraph form for each question

summarize lessons

summarize lessons learned about Human Resources Management

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Creating a Compelling Vision

Unit 2

Unit 2 Individual Project

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice

Explain and

Explain and justify the factors that may have

Twenty six

Twenty six (26) sample gallon containers of milk were selected from a dairy

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Energy mix

Confronting issues

Confronting issues in globalization is a daunting task

LP5.1 Assignment

LP5.1 Assignment Managing Political Risk

Discussion 04

Discussion 04 Social Responsibility

Discussion 03

Discussion 03 Economic Reasoning

Discussion 01.2

Discussion 01.2 Publically Traded Companies

Discussion 03.2

Discussion 03.2 Cash-vs-Accrual Basis

This allows

This allows you to apply those concepts you have


Compare the strategies developed and used by Fredrick Douglass

Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy Project

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Cybercrimes and Computer Security Systems

Explain why

Explain why you picked the different culture that you

Just flick

Just flick on your TV and you will see example after example

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Constructive Dividends, Redemptions, and Related Party Losses

Discussion 2

Discussion 2 Relationships During Adulthood

What changes

What changes have occurred in Sudan since the 1970s?

There is

There is a theory that motivation can only come from within, however

Costs can

Costs can be categorized in the following ways

What are

What are three of the interconnected leadership tasks for strategi

Case Study

Case Study 1 Understanding the Court System

Describe your

Describe your overall experience of locating these primary sources.

HIS 100

HIS 100 Theme 2Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet

For this

For this project, you may choose a project that is of interes

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation and Organizational Learning

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Creating a Flyer

For your

For your Mental Health blog, imagine you have been asked

Select the

Select the Current Events Discussion link above to review

One of

One of the Saint Leo core values, and the on

Application Embracing

Application Embracing Nationalism and Globalism

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Medical Care

Medical Care and Nursing Roles in Long-Term Care

Endogenous Verses

Endogenous Verses Exogenous Growth Theories

Describe a

Describe a method for determining the slope at the middle


Unit VIII Article Review For this assignment, you will locate an article in the CSU

Give an

Give an example of a policy issue in which the federal

an ethical

an ethical analysis based upon the different belief systems

From a

From a legal viewpoint, what do you believe LaConya

Scenario You

Scenario You have just started work as the new Human

The practice

The practice of health care providers at all levels brings

Provide one

Provide one example from the case that addresses

Law impacts

Law impacts how business operations perform

Our legal

Our legal system was established to allow people to determine

Coach Carter

Coach Carter the Movie Write a 2-3 page paper outlining

Leadership of

Leadership of Moses in the Bible

Assume your

Assume your company already markets and sells these products in the U.S

Identify a

Identify a product that you will either MAKE or BUY in a foreign country

prepare a

prepare a short paper which identifies a product with global significanc

Develop a

Develop a 700-word report including the following calculations

QNT/561 Business

QNT/561 Business Statistics

paper summarizing

paper summarizing for the Compensation Manager

Classical Music

Classical Music Early Abolitionist Art and Literature

approaches organizations

approaches organizations take to motivate employees

Create a

Create a strategy memo for communicating and educating

Should state

Should state and federal homeland security grant money

Discuss the

Discuss the features of the Clinton health care reform

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 The Scavenger Hunt

HIS 105

HIS 105 Assignment 1.1 Industrialization After the Civil War

BUS 322

BUS 322 Assignment 1 What Makes the Best Place to Work and Why

Case Study

Case Study Panera Bread Company

Defining the

Defining the Problem and Setting Objectives

Choose 4

Choose 4 articles on your paper topic

Discussion 5

Discussion 5 Shell's Russian Roulette

Discussion 7

Discussion 7 Global Leadership Development An Emerging Need

Discussion 01.3

Discussion 01.3 The Hershey Company

Discussion 6

Discussion 6 An Effective DSS

Ethics in

Ethics in Practice Whistleblower An Ethical Dilemma

discrimination laws

discrimination laws that apply to employee recruitment

Unit 6

Unit 6 Assignment 2 computer related crimes

People of

People of African American Heritage

I consider

I consider the biggest market failure to be in public good

Skills are

Skills are valuable tools to have

Is organized

Is organized crime evolving into a conventional business


Compare needs, values, and motivations for two age

Summary/Analysis Assignment

Summary/Analysis Assignment

How convincing

How convincing is the evidence seen in the four Gospel

Share three

Share three of your best questions to include on your biopsychosocial

Select a

Select a special population of interest

Conduct research

Conduct research on the Internet and back up your discussion

Case Study

Case Study Veterans Affairs (VA)” text sheet

Identify one

Identify one cyberattack that occured in the last 2 years


give a presentation to the CEO and other IT management.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Probability Analysis

As you

As you analyze any modern corporate setup



Write a

Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection on current health care marketing techniques

Alternate Assignment

Alternate Assignment for Theoretical Orientation

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Analysing the role of leaders

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Global leadership challenges and opportunities

BLC Ltd.

BLC Ltd. is a medium-sized UK manufacturing company

Discussion Energy

Discussion Energy for Life / Energy Reactions and Processes

What did

What did Betty do wrong prior to the meeting

HA 3011

HA 3011 Advanced Financial Accounting Assessment item 2

MGT630 Sustainability

MGT630 Sustainability Choose a Middle Eastern company

MGT630 Compare

MGT630 Compare and Contrast Costing Systems


MGT672 Assume you are a manager in a large Middle


ECN600 Explain why most Apple products are made outside the

Mapping and

Mapping and Evaluating the General External Ecosystem

Case Analysis

Case Analysis The Michelle Carter case involved the death of Conrad Roy

Case Study

Case Study I-1 entitled IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc


explain culture and cross-cultural risks as well as explain

Paper One

Paper One Assignment for Film One

the law

the law seems to always be behind when legislating

In the

In the midst of the ongoing rhetoric and movement to achieve

The Panama

The Panama Canal is being expanded

You are

You are a senior production manager for a company

Scenario #1

Scenario #1 Mario is an illegal alien from Mexico

Do you

Do you feel that the media reflect or create the ideal image

Week 4

Week 4 Discussion Trade secrets, copyright, and invention

Property Rights,

Property Rights, Cybercrime, and Cyberpiracy’s Impact on Domestic and Foreign Business

Utilize the

Utilize the Internet to locate a major incident involving

PAD 515

PAD 515 Leadership and Conflict Resolution management

Steps to

Steps to Writing a Persuasive Essay

response paper

response paper based off of readings from either Romans or Titus

Course Project

Course Project instructions Confronting issues in globalization is a daunting task

Describe how

Describe how India's government is attempting to liberalize

How do

How do the assessments inform the following questions

MGT672 Group

MGT672 Group Work A Personal Analysis

MGT630 Organizational

MGT630 Organizational Learning and Change

MGT630 Total

MGT630 Total Value and Sustainable Products

Which factors

Which factors could create the most risk for doing business

Why do

Why do businesses enter into agency relationships

Employment costs

Employment costs are arguably a business's biggest expense

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Legal Analysis Memorandum

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership Application

You have

You have been hired as a consultant in the IT Department

Discuss at

Assignment Description and Requirements

Compare and

Compare and contrast the leadership styles of your two (2) selected leaders

So what

So what is the point of all this study of the New Testament

What is

What is your definition of an “effective” public leader?

Explain the

Explain the importance of organizational culture and codes

compares your

compares your reading of Adventures of Huckleberry

Explain why

Explain why most Apple products are made outside

You are

You are hired by a company in retail industry

The information

The information in this week’s lesson (attached) has identified

Please select

Please select any of the theories from this week’s reading

select any

select any example of the nation-state globalization

Bluebonnet Creameries

Bluebonnet Creameries is a large US ice cream company

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Antitrust laws

Antitrust laws are intended to limit anticompetitive behavior

How is

How is agency law part contract law and part tort law and how

How is

How is agency law part contract law and part tort law

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs Paper #1

Write a

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you define public

To complete

To complete this project you’ll prepare a written memorandum

Watch Global

Watch Global Car Who Really Builds the American Automobile?

Conduct a

Conduct a forty-five- to sixty-minute live observation

Choose one

Choose one of the types of security threats to health information

review the

review the impact of consumer behavior on this organization's

How did

How did the company’s strategy change over time

discuss life

discuss life in America for Blacks for the most recent period


Now that you have commented on the specific film

Prepare a

Prepare a paper in which you address the following

Scenario #1

Assignment 3 Public Admin Environments

Research Paper

Research Paper 1 Cross-Cultural Object Analysis

ACC 561

ACC 561 Week 3 Team Assignment Financial Statement Analysis

presentation for

presentation for a Senior Management audience

LEG 500

LEG 500 Law Ethics and Corporate Governance

Assume that

Assume that you are leading a team composed of members from the UK

Identify an

Identify an industry segment that interests you and that

Identify an

Identify an industry segment that interests you and that has a number

Assume you

Assume you are an instructor presenting an unethical case study

reflect on

reflect on their personal leadership styles

A Practical

A Practical Introduction, Table 6.1; chosen organization's

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Contingency versus situational theory

Case Briefing

Case Briefing Students will be instructed to search the Internet

illustrates the

illustrates the role a company's accounting method plays

This week's

This week's activity illustrates the role a company's accounting

Does the

Does the author create a believable story

ACC 561

ACC 561 week 2 Accounting Methods

Students will

Students will be instructed to search the Internet for a reported

The goal

The goal of this paper is to write how I became a better leader

summary based

summary based on your readings in The Adventures of an IT Leader.

Critically analyse

Critically analyse the notion of aligning human resource management

ACC 561

ACC 561 week 3 Assignment Ratio Analysis

CJA/385 Criminal

CJA/385 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs Paper #2

Briefly describe

Briefly describe the basic mechanics of both electoral systems

The Organisational

The Organisational Context of Projects

CT13 for

CT13 for ECN600 Take another look at U.S. Franchises available in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and assess its readiness to internationalize

Identify and

Identify and discuss several global creative organization

Explain the

Explain the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. economy

Why is

Why is riba not permitted pursuant to the Sharia law?

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

LP04.1 Assignment

LP04.1 Assignment Amazon.com's Business Model

The case

The case study focuses on break-even, margin of safety, and incremental analysis

Scenario Davis

Scenario Davis Skaros has recently been promoted

Write a

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on critical issues in policing

Choose a

Choose a criminal justice agency police courts or corrections

Independent Study

Independent Study Comparative Examination of Electoral Systems

The cause

The cause you are addressing and why it is a worthy cause

Read the

Read the book of Ruth in your ESV Study Bible.

Read the

Read the attached letter of credit, from the Morgan Guaranty

What strategies

What strategies might a creative-minded leader use

paper 3

paper 3 urban affairs paper

Write a

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper related to trends in the management of courts

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership Evaluation

Movie comparison

Movie comparison the movie Thunderheart, and Dances With Wolves movie

Research Topic

Research Topic The impact of mergers and acquisitions on company employees

Read Case

Read Case Study IV-3 entitled IT Infrastructure Outsourcing at Schaeffer

Company work

Company work area. Part II Physical Evidence Acquisition

Choose a

Choose a segment of writing by Descartes and show how

Comparing Leadership

Comparing Leadership Models

Unit 4

Unit 4 Shared Activity Project Planning and Project Completion

How to

How to use order of operations to evaluate an expression


The WTO has a strong concern regarding the protection of Intellectual Property


Explain how an understanding of key cross-cultural issues

Week Two

Week Two Discussion and Answers. Paragraph format for each question

Compare Jefferson

Compare Jefferson to Stanton. Does Stanton's document represent

Select any

Select any case that has been presented in either any international

Promotion is

Promotion is one of the Four P’s of the marketing mix

In the

In the 1980's the U.S. changed to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule

current issues

current issues being faced by correctional managers

Discuss how

Discuss how and why Uber's success can be at least partially

Discussion 05

Discussion 05 International Strategic Alliances Contains unread posts


LVMH in 2016 Its Diversification into Luxury Goods

Select a

Select a current event dealing with a company and discuss


ECONOMIC ISSUE PAPER Your assignment is to complete an economic

discussion Economic

discussion Economic Reasoning


you are a roving reporter from another planet you are from venus.

Both Acts

Both Acts 15 and Galatians 21-10 detail a meeting in Jerusalem

Prepare an

Prepare an Annotated Bibliography with a minimum

week 3

week 3 discussion questions

Case 8.1

Case 8.1 Chapter 8 Page 305 of your text

Communications Challenges

Communications Challenges and Strategies

QRB 501

QRB 501 week 3 individual assignment questions

President Lincoln

President Lincoln was assassinated before his plans

Using the

Using the internet, Google ‘maquilladora’ and see

Image Manufacturing's

Image Manufacturing's Rebate Offer

Final Exam

Final Exam Part 2 Part 2 One essay 20 points

Inner and

Inner and outer game of leadership

The purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to tell the entire biblical

LP10.2 Assignment

LP10.2 Assignment Final Case Study Southwest Airlines

Tutankhamen died

Tutankhamen died young, at approximately eighteen (18) years

Part 1

Part 1 Business Case Presentation (2,500 words)

The third

The third paper is a comprehensive paper/project


SECTION I In the course of this investigation you, as the Data Security

CJA/444 Organizational

CJA/444 Organizational Behavior and Management

Write a

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on decision making

reflective paper

reflective paper that summarizes how new knowledge about juvenile justice

Proceeding from

Proceeding from Aristotle's definition of Philosophy

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs Paper #4

Write a

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing how group norms exert

Select a

Select a topic from the list below and include this topic on your title page

Week one

Week one Individual Assignment Influence of Economics on Household Decision Making

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 1 discussion

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 1 Influence of Economics on Household Decision Making

Observe the

Observe the playground at your local school or daycare center

COMM 542


Prepare a

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that compares these leadership styles

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 2 discussion What is the difference between laissez

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 2 individual assignment

Scenario Imagine

Scenario Imagine you are a business consultant to a firm

experience the

experience the world of humanities beyond a classroom setting

Managing Fixed

Managing Fixed and Variable Costs for Organization

ECO561 Research

ECO561 Research Analysis for Business

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 3 discussion

Inflation and

Inflation and Analyses of Monetary Policies

CJA/454 Write

CJA/454 Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on an administrative

What are

What are primary phases of the business cycle

Assignment 5

Assignment 5 Policy Analysis Paper

Health Assignment

Health Assignment Choose one of the children’s ac

CJA 454

CJA 454 week 2 individual assignment Community Problem Solving Paper

Approximately 15%

Approximately 15% of the nation's police force is female

Effectiveness of

Effectiveness of the Counter-Cyclical Policies

Imagine that

Imagine that you are the Surgeon General of the United States

Comparative and

Comparative and Absolute Advantage

Public Health

Public Health final essay

Why is

Why is it essential to identify children’s chronic health

How do

How do economists integrate the international sector (exports and imports)

ECO 561

ECO 561 Inflation and Analyses of Monetary Policies

ECO 561

ECO 561 Effectiveness of the Counter-Cyclical Policies

ECO 561

ECO 561 Signature Assignment Challenges of Expansion to a Foreign Location

ECO 561

ECO 561 week 6 discussion

Project 2

Project 2 - Research Paper Background

ACC 561

ACC 561 week 1 Individual assignment

Write a

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on present-day

Your boss

Your boss mentions that recently a number of employees

ACC/561 discussing

ACC/561 discussing your small-business idea

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected

Week 1

Week 1 Critical Thinking and Set Theory


Discussion The U.S. crime and victimization rate is staggeringly high


Discussion The U.S. crime and victimization rate is staggeringly

Explain Your

Explain Your Brain Assignment and Group Discussion

Capital Market

Capital Market Efficiency Paper

Describe your

Describe your initial reaction to finding out your top five strengths


REFLECTION PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Address the following 2 topics

Read the

Read the case study posted to the week four projects

CJA 474

CJA 474 / Managing Criminal Justice Personnel Organizational Effectiveness Paper

Refer to

Refer to the Scenario for Assignments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Effect of

Effect of Debt Issuance on Stock Valuation

FIN 571

FIN 571 Week 6 Short-Term Funding

CJA 475

CJA 475 Scanning & Assessment Paper

QNT/561 Statistics

QNT/561 Discussion questions



Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Taking what

Taking what you have learned from the readings and the feedback

QNT 561

QNT 561 WEEK 2 Case Study MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific

Compare and

Compare and contrast the binomial distribution and the Poisson distribution

Week 2

Week 2 Understanding Target Markets

Week 11

Week 11 Participant Perspective and the Mixed Methods Approach


UOP QNT 561 Week 3 Assignment Expansion Strategy and Est ...

MKT 571

MKT 571 Week 3 Assignment Promotion and the Product Life Cycle

week 3

week 3 team product launch


CRJS 4402/HUMN 4402 Assignment Budgetary Expenses

Discussion Political

Discussion Political and Technical Budget Strategies

Evaluate the

Evaluate the practicality of union presence in your selected

Wk 4

Wk 4 instructions Price and Channel Strategy

Unit 1

Unit 1 Shared Activity Defining Your Management Research Topic

Compare and

Compare and contrast at least two of the philosophers

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy (HONEST TEA)


REFLECTIONPAPER INSTRUCTIONS Watch ALL the segments in the First and Second





Wk 5

Wk 5 Team Assignment Media Options

Select a

Select a Middle Eastern company of your choosing and assess

Social, Ethical,

Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications

Healthcare Paper

Healthcare Paper Assignment Lawmakers from both parties have discussed

You are

You are getting settled into your seat for a very long plane ride

Based on

Based on the themes of remnants of the revolution consider

Module 3

Module 3 Assignment 2 Aaliyah continues to struggle with balancing her

In the

In the readings for this week, you will find widely varying debates

Looking at

Looking at your own organization

This week,

This week, our discussion thread is centered on the resource-based

Complete a

Complete a value chain analysis of the organization

CJA 484

CJA 484 Week 2 Individual Assignment Ethics

Operations Management

Operations Management Flowchart Improvement Process

Do a

Do a World view on the movie AVATAR

Module 4

Module 4 Assignment 2 Drunk driving is one of the largest social problems

Unit 3

Unit 3 Project Developing Your Critical Literature Review

Module 5

Module 5 Final Review the case study

Write a

Write a 2-page reflection on the video Address all of the following

How did

How did indigenous groups use trade

week 2

week 2 Lean Techniques Assignment

Human Resource

Human Resource metrics and measurements and write a 7-page paper

Evaluating and

Evaluating and Choosing Data Analysis Techniques

The purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to give students


OPS 571 Individual Assignment Operations Consulting

OPS 571

OPS 571 Discussion questions week 4

CJA 484

CJA 484 Global Perspectives Assessment

Conduct a

Conduct a thorough and well-argued general external ecosystem

Civil Rights

Civil Rights era, and even then, only certain portions of it

Unit 5

Unit 5 Project includes your Business Strategy Sections 4 and 5

For this

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you have been asked by IKEA

You will

You will be responsible for viewing and analyzing an assigned

Ops 571

Ops 571 assignment Operations Forecasting

Use the

Use the same business your team chose and has been

Volunteer Social

Volunteer Social Justice

Operations Forecasting

Operations Forecasting

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training II

Implementing a

Implementing a Global Business Technology Plan - Module 11

Selected Middle

Selected Middle Eastern Organization

Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment for Operations Management

As a

As a consultant, you need to develop an in-depth analysis

LDR/531 week

LDR/531 week 4 Signature Assignment

Using the

Using the attached IDEX Performance Work Statement


HISTORY 252D Second Paper

Freeman-Brown Private

Freeman-Brown Private School Case Study essay

Strategic Management

Strategic Management MGT 460

Discussion Question

Discussion Question 1 One of the more difficult moments

Ethics and

Ethics and the Global Economy Please respond to the following

Risk and

Risk and uncertainty are considered to be at the highest

students may

students may wish to focus on a narrow topic or theme

Write 3–4

Write 3–4 pages describing the effective use of patient-care

Prepare for

Prepare for inter-professional stakeholders a 10–12-slide presentation

Please answer

Please answer original forum with a minimum of 250 words

Select a

Select a Fortune 500 Company from one of the following industries

write a

write a 2 page research based paper on following artists

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Your recent endeavors to convince upper management


research about how to analyze the financial health

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Technology and Organizational Behavior Issues

Task 2

Task 2 Articles These articles must be published within the last 5 years

The works

The works of documentary filmmakers provide critical and analytical

The project

The project is worth 186 points total and will entail researching a disorder relevant

Case Study

Case Study MBA Schools in Asia-Pacific

What function

What function does it perform (e.g. cause movement; help protect the plant, etc.)?


The Practitioner Interviewer assignment comprises 10% of your course grade

Scenario You

Scenario You work in strategy planning for a KSA organization

For this

For this week’s discussion, you will identify a strategy

Public Health

Public Health Reflection paper

You are

You are employed on the staff of the Association for Municipa

Assignment #2

Assignment #2 Personal Identity Paper

The Practitioner

The Practitioner Interviewer assignment

University Homework

University Homework help services

CHE Assignment

CHE Assignment topic Mental Health in College Community

SWK Assignment

SWK Assignment #2 Personal Identity Paper

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities during Adulthood

Essay help

Essay help services for the topic Alzheimer's Disease

Assignment essay

Assignment essay help services for the topic Panic Disorder

presentation essay

presentation essay services for the topic Self harm

Homework help

Homework help services for PowerPoint Presentation

SWK essay

SWK essay writing services for Social Justice Reflection

Assignment #3

Assignment #3 Professional Development and Personal Reflection Paper

essay help

essay help for Week 1 Assignment Compose a Theoretical Perspective

ANT351 Validity

ANT351 Validity Paper for Week 2 Assignment

Final Project

Final Project Case Study Police Department Consent Decree/Agreement

Your organisation

Your organisation is based in two different countries (the UK and KSA). Write a short account

CS2080 Discussion

CS2080 Discussion 07.1 Using Power Verbs and Quantifiers

career connection

career connection Values and Strategy Paper

Leader Analysis

Leader Analysis Paper #2 4-5 page

Week 12

Week 12 Forum Drones and Mobile Computers

Week 12

Week 12 Forum - Drones and Mobile Computers

Case Analysis

Case Analysis The Ford Pinto case

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 Case Study Merger And Acquisition

STR 581

STR 581 Week assignment 1 Knowledge Check

STR 581

STR 581 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

STR 581

STR 581 Week 2 Discussion Question 2

MGMT-00004 Unit

MGMT-00004 Unit 5 Project Finalising Your Research Proposal

BMT8103-8 Ethical

BMT8103-8 Ethical Issues in Research

BMT8103-8 Survey

BMT8103-8 Survey instrument Development

Discussion 2

Discussion 2 - Week 5 1030 EYB Problems for week 5

Which country

Which country has a comparative advantage in producing? ethanol?

Which of

Which of the following events in the market for smartphones illustrates

Uncertain outlook

Uncertain outlook The Commerce Department reported that in

Which of

Which of the following is an example of consumption expenditure??

Cyclical unemployment

Cyclical unemployment is the fluctuating unemployment

Real GDP

Real GDP is the value of the? goods and services produced in a



Write a

Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcomes

MATH 1030

MATH 1030 Assignment 2 Final Exam Reflection Paper

Discussion 5.1

Discussion 5.1 How You Influence and Are Influenced by Economic Growth

Assessment brief

Assessment brief activity Your HR Director is to present a report to the executive

First, review

First, review the SBTM Prospectus Template Find

Task 1

Task 1 Professional Nursing Practice

Task 2

Task 2 Ethical Principle Application

Task 3

Task 3 Portfolio Shell Creation

Application Management

Application Management and Leadership

Provide examples

Provide examples of both gender norms and gender roles

Which of

Which of the nine principles for sustainability do most organizations

Given the

Given the two methods below, develop a hypothetical design

Paper #1

Paper #1 Everyday Toxicants Log & Reflective Analysis

Part 2

Part 2 Reflective Analysis Accompanying your log

Evaluate the

Evaluate the Amazon’s mission statement, vision statement

What is

What is your independent variable and what is your subject variable?

Select one

Select one or two ideas from your reading and discuss how

Write about

Write about 750-word essay about whether or not Dearborn

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Part 3 Strategic Evaluation

Organizational Systems

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 3, SAT1

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment Planning for your research project

Key Concept

Key Concept Exercise Review of quantitative research design KMGT 672

Week 6

Week 6 Collecting and Analysing Qualitative Data – Part 1

KMGT 672

KMGT 672 Week 7 Collecting and Analysing Qualitative Data – Part 2

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment Progressing with your research project

KMGT 672

KMGT 672 Week 8 Key Concept Exercise

MGT 672

MGT 672 Assume the role of a senior level manager

Develop an

Develop an envisioned methodology and design for your dissertation

Should Christians

Should Christians be embarrassed of the doctrine of sin today?

Select one

Select one or two ideas from your reading and discuss how you have

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace and in academia

Write a

Write a double-spaced, 1-2 page MLA-style paper comparing US and UK to Mexico,

The research

The research questions and hypotheses that your design will attempt

week 4

week 4 discussion Measuring organizational effectiveness can be a

MKT/571 week

MKT/571 week 5 group media assignment

Week 5

Week 5 Team paper Mini-Strategy

Project 1

Project 1 Preparing for a Speech Before a Security Professional Organization

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 The Need for Treatment in the Criminal Justice System

Does the

Does the work stoppage by the truck drivers in this case represent


CASE STUDY LABOR RELATIONS 1. What is the rule on the use of a past practice?

Leadership and

Leadership and Management of Organizations

. Which

. Which party has the burden of proof? 2. Which level of proof should be used

In spite

In spite of the Michigan football team's loss on nation

Regarding the

Regarding the Watchperson Project described by Corburn

Assume you

Assume you are a patrol officer in Little Town, Texas, where the sale

When a

When a business is not focused on sustainability, value may

Assume the

Assume the role of a leader of a team that has been assigned

This assignment

This assignment will have you select an ethnographic video from a provided


ANT101 Ethnographic Film Critique Assignment

Who is

Who is the primary audience? Who holds the power to approve and fund the pr

Select one

Select one of possible four ethnographies listed for this assignment in the syllabus


CAREER CONNECTION Values and Strategy Grading Guide

Choose an

Choose an organization as the focus for the Strategic Plan, du

Case Exercise

Case Exercise for Public Sector Human Resources Management

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 LASA 1 Ethical Issues for Forensic Psychologists

Detroit Renewable

Detroit Renewable Energy (a.k.a. the Detroit Incinerator) Zug Island and surrounding industry





Consider the

Consider the organization you have selected for the final strategic plan

Preliminary Poster

Preliminary Poster Assignment

Assignment Requirements

Assignment Requirements generate a rough draft of a research poster

History and

History and Theory of Design Research Paper 1 Analysis – Improving Design

Assessment 1

Assessment 1 ESSAY This asks students to conduct a literature review on

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new phenomenon, but it

According to

According to a recent article from Forbes, retail operations

Based on

Based on the Uber accounting error discussed in the video introduction

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Proposal for a Treatment Plan at a Correctional

Write a

Write a 1,400-word minimum internal environmental analysis in which

Using the

Using the three circles analysis described in your text, examine the

This could

This could be journals such as American Anthropologist, Cultural Anthropology

Include 1-2

Include 1-2 sentence summary, overview of main points

Mini-Ethnography Studyand

Mini-Ethnography Studyand Paper Study You will select a cultural group that is distinct

What are

What are the major effects of the physical separation of group members?

For this

For this assignment (Due February 28) you are asked to prepare

This assignment

This assignment is designed to help you synthesize the course material

In this

In this assignment you are to take two assessments

Describe the

Describe the factors that influence reputation

Analyze how

Analyze how ISO 14001 and AA1000 regulations protect stakeholders

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas are a commonplace for leaders who lead

Assume the

Assume the role of a senior level executive of a multinational

Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis Essay 1, Acts 11–759 In an essay of 750-1000 words, analyze the thematic development

PADM 580

PADM 580 Assignment 2

Write a

Write a 1,050-word minimum strategic evaluation in which

identify an

identify an existing organization that established sustained

Imagine you

Imagine you have been hired to oversee the financial audit of a major

Week 5

Week 5 - Assignment Evaluate the equity of due process in the United States

Prerequisite Expository

Prerequisite Expository Essay (PEE)


The GFOA recommends that governments at all levels forecast major

Identify three

Identify three courses that have had an impact on your professional

Based on

Based on Linda’s case, assess the ethical obligations of a forensic

Wk 5

Wk 5 Individual Strategic Plan Implementation Plan, Strategic

Consider the

Consider the organization you are working with for the final strategic plan. What are the metrics (key success

Using content

Using content from the fourteen chapters of the textbook and about

LP02 Assignment

LP02 Assignment GLO-BUS Practice Round Decisions

Discussion 01.2

Discussion 01.2 Strategic Vision and Objectives Contains

Discussion 02

Discussion 02 Key Factors of Success

MT4450 Discussion

MT4450 Discussion 03 Present Strategy

MT4450 Discussion

MT4450 Discussion 04 Uber

MT4450 Discussion

MT4450 Discussion 05 International Strategic Alliances

MT4450 Discussion

MT4450 Discussion 09 Ice Cream

Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis Essay 2, Acts 81–1225 In an essay of 750-1000 word

New leaders

New leaders were elected during the mid-term elections and

Paper #3

Paper #3 Public Comments w/ Peer Review

As a

As a scholar in criminal justice you have been assigned by the U.S

For this

For this assignment, you are asked to prepare public comments

Post a

Post a 1- to 2-paragraph response to the following prompts as they

Write two-three

Write two-three paragraphs on the most important lesson you learned at one of these event


GUIDELINES Attend one of these three campus events 1. Poverty

PADM 505

PADM 505 Literature Review

best practices

best practices that you can identify, from our textbook

consider how

consider how social media can impact the rights of employees

Review Chapter

Review Chapter 10 in your textbook. Next, consider trait

Review Chapter

Review Chapter 7 in your textbook. Next, visit the EEOC website

Review Chapter

Review Chapter 5 in your textbook. Next, consider the role that strategic workforce

HHS 200

HHS 200 Health Disparities final paper

It can

It can easily be argued that the First World War was the first

Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis Essay 3, Acts 13:1�28:31

Identify current

Identify current trends in complaints being filed with the EEOC

Write a

Write a timeline that identifies the various reform movements and crime control

Policy Issue

Policy Issue Analysis Assignment #2

What will

What will a positive environment or community look like in 2050?


Exam PADM 540 Administration of Financial Resources

Week 3

Week 3 Assignment Summarize Types of Incarceration

consider the

consider the need for organizations to retain their most valued employees

Research Synthesis

Research Synthesis PSY640)

As an

As an analyst in the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Think about

Think about a problem that you personally face as part of your everyday life

Write an

Write an examination interpreting how present-day

Your local

Your local chamber of commerce holds monthly meetings

Individual Case

Individual Case Study Roxanne is a university dean, overseeing 60 faculty

In one

In one or two typed pages, give a criticism of the argument

Identify Lewin's

Identify Lewin's three (3) stages of change implementation and explain the importance

Identify and

Identify and describe the types of intercultural conflict

develop a

develop a plan for research-driven intervention

Write an

Write an analysis identifying current issues, which influence institutional

You will

You will complete a 2-3 page (not including prompt) double-spaced write-up on your case study

Research a

Research a specific problem that is presently occurring in a state or federal prison

Responsible’ has

Responsible’ has a few different meanings a thing is trivially responsible

Write a

Write a 350-400 word reflective essay about the digital divide

Where in

Where in the range of possibilities regarding human freedom

provide a

provide a conceptual and at least one operational

Choose one

Choose one (1) of the following articles as a basis for your main

Recommend and

Recommend and justify a method of survey administration to be used

Write a

Write a thoughtful essay on social revolution Your topic may

Going into

Going into business with a family member makes up a major portion

Consider and

Consider and explain Nokia’s strategy to mitigate risks and improve their relationships

Evaluate the

Evaluate the questionnaire provided to measure the attitude of hospital

Write a

Write a thoughtful essay on the industrial revolution

For this

For this assignment, you will be given a short article or editorial about

Unit 5

Unit 5 Marketing Plan Development and Review of Current Issues in Marketing and Brand Management

Unit 5

Unit 5 Project Marketing Plan and Critical Review of Current Issues in Marketing

The project

The project presentation should demonstrate knowledge in the chosen area

Write a

Write a thoughtful essay on artistic revolution. Your topic may be artistic revolution in general, a specific artistic revolution or revolutionary art, whether broadly defined or more narrowly focused. Your essay should engage Leslie Marmon Silko, Storyteller. Do not write a book review; the essay should instead consider the larger context of art and culture. Consult relevant literature, other publications and productions to help you gather information. Think of answers that may address all perspectives of the topic(s). Organize your essay and answers. Then, write your conclusion and introduction. Your essay must follow the following criteria *Font Times New Roman. Font size 12 *Lines should be double-spaced. Margins on the top, bottom, and sides of the pages should be one inch in length. *If you prefer, you may include only one graph, picture, diagram, map, or image in your essay. It may not exceed 1/3 of a page in length, including the caption. *The page number should be at the bottom center of each page. At least 7 full pages in length.

Part I

Part I Calculate the following ratios based on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Why should

Why should the reader be interested in this topic?

Recommend the

Recommend the steps that should be taken to draw the particular sample described below. In addition, critically analyze the sam

Now that

Now that you have begun to do research in earnest for your project, begin

Case Study

Case Study Analysis – Strong Mayor VS City Manager Argument

LP1 Assignment

LP1 Assignment New Product Development

LP1 Assignment

LP1 Assignment Organizational Behavior

This assignment

This assignment consists of three parts (1) Recommend and justify

What elements

What elements should be included for an acquisition to be considered

Contract termination

Contract termination policy and procedures are identified in federal

CJA/395 -


Write a

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you evaluate past

According to

According to Schroeder, flowcharts "are used to describe and i

Describe the

Describe the benefits of employee involvement and identify the four

In studies

In studies involving the collection of primary data



Provide a

Provide a summary of the components of the Team Effectiveness Model

Identify a

Identify a business that has recently launched a quality improvement

Personality Describe

Personality Describe your personality type. Highlight the areas

ECN-500 Global

ECN-500 Global Economics Module 01 Discussion Forum

ECN-500 Global

ECN-500 Global Economics Module 02 Discussion Forum

ECN-500 Critical

ECN-500 Critical Thinking Factor Endowment Theory (100 points)

Module 05

Module 05 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking

ECN-500 Module

ECN-500 Module 06 Discussion Forum

MGT-560 Leadership

MGT-560 Leadership Development Module 01 Discussion Forum

Module 02

Module 02 Critical Thinking Research

MGT-560 Module

MGT-560 Module 03 Discussion Forum

MGT-560 Leadership

MGT-560 Leadership Development Module 04 Critical Thinking Leadership

A customer-centered

A customer-centered marketing strategy is the key to any successful

Provide an

Provide an example of each title here and then record the journal entries

LP7 Assignments

LP7 Assignments This Assignment will assess Competency

Describe the

Describe the nature, purposes, and components of conceptual

Write a

Write a 500 words paper addressing the marketing mix in global operations

Discussion 03.1

Discussion 03.1 My Two New Best Friends

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Trade Agreements and Transborder Flows of Labor

Learning Plan

Learning Plan 04 Assignment Are You in Alignment?

Research Emotional

Research Emotional Intelligence. What is it?

Discussion 01

Discussion 01 My Professional Development Plan

Comprehensive Literature

Comprehensive Literature ReviewAssignment

Write a

Write a persuasive essay encourages the reader to “give.”

How do

How do fiscal and monetary policies under the fixed exchange

You will

You will complete a revision of one of the five (online) Position

Module 05

Module 05 Course Project - Mock Interview and Thank You Letter

LP1 Assignment

LP1 Assignment The Importance of Customer Service Relations

Find a

Find a topic of legal interest in the news (it can relate to something we've discussed

History-War, Peace

History-War, Peace and Society ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS

Discussion Lead

Discussion Lead Project - Short presentations

In approximately

In approximately 6 pages, using APA style with sub-headings

Explain your

Explain your interpretation of the complexity of social class

Consider this

Consider this Case How Difficult is it to Treat Someone Well

Directions Read

Directions Read the following scenario and then answer the following

LP2 Assignment

LP2 Assignment Financial Analysis

LP11 Assignment

LP11 Assignment Life-Long Learning Personal and Professional Plan

Review the

Review the case study The Disgusting Restaurant

Review the

Review the case study - A Hot Traveler and a Hot Motel Manager

The following

The following criteria for ethical decision making, adapted from

Exceeding Expectations

Exceeding Expectations with Value

The Great

The Great Minneapolis Surplus Store published the following

Directions Review

Directions Review the case study “Consider this Case ‘Service’ at the Donut

Case 6.2

Case 6.2 Woodbine Healthcare Center’s Treatment of Filipino Registered Nurses

Prepare a

Prepare a coaching/consulting profile to apply in the business environment

CI1420 LP06

CI1420 LP06 ASSIGNMENT Programming Assignment


CI1420 ASSIGNMENT Programming Assignment

CI1420 Discussion

CI1420 Discussion 05 Testing Code

CI1420 LP

CI1420 LP ASSIGNMENT Decision Structures

CI1420 Discussion

CI1420 Discussion 04 Functions and Modules

CI1420 LP04

CI1420 LP04 ASSIGNMENT Decision Structures


LP03 ASSIGNMENT Variables, Input, and Output


CI1420LP ASSIGNMENT Programming Assignment

Virginia Woolf’s

Virginia Woolf’s short story The Mark on the Wall was an experimental

Some of

Some of the Filipino RNs were assigned to work as nursing aides and technician

PSY 206

PSY 206 Assignment - Topic Selection for Written Paper/Oral Topic Assignment, and Choice Assignment

ADM 315

ADM 315 Case Study Two Individual Feature 7.3 Frank McCloskey, Vice-President of Diversity,

Module 3

Module 3 Discussion 1 -- Salaries and Performance Reward Discrimination

Module 4

Module 4 Discussion 1 -- Women who are Mothers

ADM 315-Case

ADM 315-Case Study Three Featured Case 9.2 Bad Driving Stereotypes

ADM315-Case Study

ADM315-Case Study Four Organizational Feature 11.1 Cracker Barrel Reverses its Antigay

ADM 315

ADM 315 Module 6 Discussion 1 -- Four Generations in the Workforce

ADM 315

ADM 315 Module 6 Assignment 1 -- Case Study Five

ADM 315

ADM 315 Module 7 Assignment 1 Applied Research Paper

Establishing a

Establishing a culture of sound business ethics within an organization

Module 02

Module 02 Critical Thinking Improving Data Governance

MGT520 Module

MGT520 Module 02 Discussion Forum

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Understanding Financial Statements and Cash Flow

Module 01

Module 01 Discussion Forum

MGT 520

MGT 520 Case 2-2 Performance Management at KS Cleaners

MGT520-Module 03

MGT520-Module 03 discussion Data Management, Analytics, and Business Intelligence

Case Study

Case Study Frank McCloskey, Vice-President of Diversity, 2000–2010

Discussion Strategies

Discussion Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Assignment Academic

Assignment Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

If having

If having high quality customer service were easy, it would be more common

Mobile users

Mobile users and data security Defend your choice of topic in 500 words

Case Study

Case Study Three Featured Case 9.2 Bad Driving Stereotypes

What are

What are the three main influences on the Chinese Legal

Ethics in

Ethics in business relationships include both the external

Module 06

Module 06 Course Project - Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Company Analysis

Module 4

Module 4 Critical Thinking Assignment

Nike Case

Nike Case Study - Ethical Standards

Module 01

Module 01 Written Assignment - Create a Rationale

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper - Name of Tragic Event?

Module 02

Module 02 Discussion - Harassment or Just Annoying?

Module 02

Module 02 Written Assignment - Case Study Pay and Gender

COMM 365

COMM 365 - Maria’s Story Case Study Analysis (30 points)

Choosing a

Choosing a Performance Management Approach at Show Me the Money

Module 06

Module 06 Critical Thinking Leveraging Search Technologies

Large-Scale Open-Source

Large-Scale Open-Source Systems Management Information Systems

Small open-source

Small open-source applications have been around for quite some

Case Study

Case Study Five Organizational Feature 14.1 Applicants and Employees with

Locate five

Locate five peer-reviewed articles published within the past 5

case study

case study The 1920 Farrow's Bank failure a case of managerial hubris.

Identify an

Identify an organization that is using at least one online search technology

Learning Plan

Learning Plan 08 Working with Numbers and Strings


In IDLE, open the invoice_decimal.py file that’s in this folder python/exercises

Define Functionalism,

Define Functionalism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism.

Importance of

Importance of Maintaining an Ethical Culture

How does

How does this model compare to the vision of targeting described in the

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech Should the United States President Candidates requirement be amended

Enterprise System

Enterprise System Recommendation SugarSquared Inc

Assignment -

Assignment - Andragogy Paper As you have read,

Module 3

Module 3 Assignment 1 The Five Hundred Pound Reading Packet

Module 10

Module 10 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Assignment (100 Points)

Module 09

Module 09 Critical Thinking Case Study (100 points)

Module 05

Module 05 Critical Thinking Case Study (100 points) Review the vision and mission statements of any large Saudi

Module 02

Module 02 Discussion Forum Read “Case Study 2-2 Disrupted Links in the Performance Management

ict Revolutions

ict Revolutions Final Paper Rubric and Guidelines

Module 11

Module 11 Discussion Forum It is important for HR professionals a

Students will

Students will complete a series of four different types of negotiation

Read the

Read the scenario regarding Erica and Karen below question 3 and question 5

What do

What do you use technology for the most? Texting? E-mail?

LP6 Assignment

LP6 Assignment Social Movement What are you passionate about?

COM 365

COM 365 Guest Speaker Reaction Paper—Extra Credit

Define what

Define what ageism is. At what age does it generally begin?

B165/MAN1300 Module

B165/MAN1300 Module 01 Written Assignment - Create a Rationale

Module 01

Module 01 Discussion - Four Functions of HR

What investigative

What investigative tools and clues did law enforcement used to solve the murder you are reviewing?

The United

The United States participation in the Second World War began in 1941

Presentation Students

Presentation Students will use the Applied Negotiation Project

1-3 Discussion

1-3 Discussion What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting?

ACC 202

ACC 202 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

4-1 Final

4-1 Final Project Milestone Two Second Part of Workbook Assignment

For this

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a Vice President of a major organization

For this

For this assignment, review four case studies—two from Chapter 1 and two from Chapter 2

LP8 Assignment

LP8 Assignment Informative Abstract

Module 7

Module 7 Assignment 1 Service Learning Project and PowerPoint

HUM2023 Module

HUM2023 Module 03 Written Assignment - Musical Artist

Module 03

Module 03 Discussion - How Does Music Move You? -

Module 04

Module 04 Written Assignment - Pick a Genre

Module 04

Module 04 Discussion - Reality TV and the Theater

Module 05

Module 05 Humanities Project - Final Comparative Analysis is Due

Module 05

Module 05 Discussion - Notes on Religion

Module 06

Module 06 Discussion - My Hero

?LP9.1 Assignment

?LP9.1 Assignment Integrate Graphics

Research Jonestown

Research Jonestown (The Peoples Temple). Summarize the events.

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost In the context of capital budgeting, what is an opportunity cost

ITS 831

ITS 831 Residency Research Assignment 60% of Overall Course Grade

Executive Program

Executive Program Practical Connection Assignment At UC

MBA 5501

MBA 5501 Advanced Marketing Microsoft Case Study

MBA 5501

MBA 5501 - Advanced Marketing Case Study - Marketing Excellence BMW

ECO 202

ECO 202 1-2 Discussion Economic History by Decade

ECO 202

ECO 202 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview

ECO 202

ECO 202 Milestone One Macroeconomic Data Report

ECO 202

ECO 202 Milestone Two Fiscal Policies In Module Four

ECO 202

ECO 202 Milestone Three Monetary Policies In Module

2-1 Final

2-1 Final Project Milestone One Macroeconomic Data Report Assignment

2-2 MyEconLab

2-2 MyEconLab Module Two Homework

4-1 Final

4-1 Final Project Milestone Two Fiscal Policies Assignment

7-2 MyStatLab

7-2 MyStatLab Module Seven Problem Set

Discussion Workplace

Discussion Workplace Environment Assessment How healthy is your workplace?

nurs 6053

nurs 6053 module 4 Assignment Workplace Environment Assessment

ECO-202-Q6766 Macroeconomics

ECO-202-Q6766 Macroeconomics 20EW6

ECO 202

ECO 202 2-1 Final Project Milestone One Macroeconomic Data Report


Scenario You are getting ready to leave for the day when

Read an

Read an article by Paul Kingsbury titled “Harnessing the Influence

Analyze how

Analyze how an Effects-Based Approach bears upon, or relates

Read an

Read an article by Paul Kingsbury titled “Harnessing the Influence of Senior

Select a

Select a concept related to national security, warfare,

module 4

module 4 Assignment Evidence-Based Project, Part 4 Critical Appraisal of Research

Assignment Evidence-Based

Assignment Evidence-Based Project, Part 5 Recommending an Evidence-Based

Write a

Write a 500-600 word essay comparing and contrasting

What methodologies

What methodologies should the Air Force employ to accelerate

ECO 202

ECO 202 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Fiscal Policies

ECO202 3-1

ECO202 3-1 Discussion The Multiplier Effect

2-1 Final

2-1 Final Project Milestone One Macroeconomic Data Report

ECO 202

ECO 202 5-1 Final Project Milestone Three Monetary Policies Assignment

Week 12

Week 12 Research Paper COSO Framework

What is

What is a project, and what are its main attributes?

Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio Project Draft Please submit a draft of your final project

Introduction Include

Introduction Include a brief introduction of the company

HHS 402

HHS 402 Reflective Analysis Internship

How does

How does this segment develop the theme of the geographical/ethnic advance

You have

You have been hired as the first director of human resources (HR) for your organization



CRJS-4160 Understanding

CRJS-4160 Understanding Human Rights and the Rule of Law

crjs Discussion

crjs Discussion - Week 2 Human Rights Violations

An important

An important part of the Capstone Project is gathering scholarly resources

CRJS-4160-Application Outline

CRJS-4160-Application Outline and Annotated Bibliography

This assignment

This assignment consists of three parts (1) Recommend and justify a method

Case Study

Case Study 1 The Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

Module 02

Module 02 Critical Thinking Assignment

Evaluate one

Evaluate one of the three following research studies involving

During a

During a recent interview with a new hire, a candidate was asked several

MGT521 Module

MGT521 Module 03 Analyzing the Need for Change in an Organization

MGT521-Module 02

MGT521-Module 02 Critical Thinking Lewin’s Change Theory

mgt521 Module

mgt521 Module 01 Discussion Forum

MGT530 Module

MGT530 Module 01 Discussion Forum

Module 02

Module 02 Critical Thinking Assignment Operations Management and Factors

Module 03

Module 03 Discussion Forum Demand forecasting

Module 04

Module 04 Critical Thinking Assignment Case Study entitled “Highline Financial Services, Ltd

MGT-510 Strategy

MGT-510 Strategy Planning 13945-Dammam-Males

Module 02

Module 02 Discussion Module 02 Discussion Forum For this discussion

Module 03

Module 03 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Industry Analysi

Describe your

Describe your Cultural Road Trip destination. Where and when did you

What role

What role does power play in the history of art? Who decides

MGT 530

MGT 530 Module 04 Critical Thinking Assignment

Nature vs

Nature vs Nurture section in Module 3

Compare and

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of pay-for-performance

MHR 6451

MHR 6451 - Human Resource Management Methods

CJRS 4150

CJRS 4150 Capstone Project week 5

ACT500 Module

ACT500 Module 04 Critical Thinking Assignment

MGT510-Module 04

MGT510-Module 04 Discussion Forum

MGT530 Module

MGT530 Module 04 assignment Forecasting Applications

In 2000,

In 2000, FBI special agents lured Russian cyber criminals

Did the

Did the FBI act under the color of any international laws or compacts, or did they "go off the reservation?"

MGT 521

MGT 521 Module 05 Critical Thinking Organizational Change

mgt 521

mgt 521 Module 06 Discussion Forum

When the

When the capacity of an organization to produce goods or services

MGT 530

MGT 530 Module 06 Critical Thinking Assignment

This week,

This week, our focus is on organizational structure and strategy implementation.

ACT 500

ACT 500 Module 05 Support Department and Joint Cost Allocation

ACT 500

ACT 500 Critical Thinking Assignment (CVP) Analysis

Milwaukee Dairy

Milwaukee Dairy Company produces cream, whole milk, and 2% milk. The joint cost of producing the three products is SAR 30,000

ACT 500

ACT 500 managerial accounting

The purpose

The purpose of this task is to develop a working knowledge of nursing theor

Briefly describe

Briefly describe each of the following sections by drawing on your clinical experiences

MHR 6451

MHR 6451 - Human Resource Management Methods Employee Performance Review

Discuss the

Discuss the impact of employment law on an organization's policy on equal

You have

You have recently been hired as a Chief Information Governance Officer

his week's

his week's article provided a case study approach which highlights how businesses

Briefly describe

Briefly describe each of the following sections by drawing on your clinical

You have

You have been working as a nurse in the adult oncology unit for the past year

Identify a

Identify a nursing theory that has influenced your values and goals

What sets

What sets jazz apart is improvisation, If I’m not mistaken improvisation is play

You are

You are an information system security professional for CCS International

CT assignment

CT assignment case study, W.L. Gore (Gore) & Associates Rethinking Management

Today, you

Today, you learned that your organization has a significant

Compare and

Compare and contrast your two top leadership styles. Did your results surprise you?

PhotoVoice Project

PhotoVoice Project Part 1 Taking Pictures

ACT 500

ACT 500 Module 06 Critical Thinking Assignment

MGT 530

MGT 530 Module 06 Critical Thinking Assignment Decision Tree

Select one

Select one of the following communicable diseases that has had an outbreak across international borders

QSO 300

QSO 300 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

here is

here is much discussion regarding Data Analytics and Data Mining.

MHR 6451

MHR 6451 Assignment Case Study Employee Union

Management research

Management research is characterized by a diversification of opposing

As the

As the newly promoted vice president of human resources (HR)

INT 400

INT 400 Executive Summary Guidelines and Rubric


SCENARIO Mr. J is a 72-year-old retired rabbi with a diagnosis


SCENARIO It is 330 p.m. on a Thursday and Mr. B, a 67-year-old patient,

Compare the

Compare the U.S. healthcare system with the healthcare system of Great Britain, Japan, Germany, or Switzerland


WGST/HPS/SOC 475 Midterm Exam

You will

You will develop an Equal Employment Opportunity Laws section for your organization’s employee

Module 09

Module 09 Critical Thinking Assignment Six Sigma (100 points)

Module 09

Module 09 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Scope of the Modern Company (105 points)

ACT 500

ACT 500 Module 09 Critical Thinking Assignment

While this

While this assignment is primarily dedicated to intercultural/interracial

Explain the

Explain the Process of Individual Professional Licensure, Certification, and Liability

Part 1

Part 1 of the assignment was to pick a topic and have a field experience

ACT500-Module 10

ACT500-Module 10 Critical Thinking Assignment

mgt530 Module

mgt530 Module 11 Critical Thinking Assignment

Choose a

Choose a Middle Eastern organization in which you are currently

It is

It is always important to go back and remember how

The textbook

The textbook covers Mark Knapp's developmental model for relationships

Identify a

Identify a leader and justify why you selected that particular leader

IDS 401

IDS 401 Analyzing an Issue or Event of Globalization through the Lenses of History and the Humanities

4-1 Discussion-Globalization

4-1 Discussion-Globalization in the Media Discussion Topic

IDS401 5-2

IDS401 5-2 Final Project Milestone Three Globalization You and Society

IDS 6-2

IDS 6-2 Final Project Milestone Four Analyzing an Issue or Event in Globalization

7-1 Final

7-1 Final Project Part One Submission Critical Analysis Portfolio

7-2 Final

7-2 Final Project Part Two Submission Multimedia Presentation

IDS 401

IDS 401 Final Project Part One Guidelines and Rubric Overview

ACT500 Module

ACT500 Module 12 Critical Thinking Assignment

mgt521 Module

mgt521 Module 12 Critical Thinking Comprehensive Change Management Process

Reaction Log

Reaction Log Assignment - 85 words per song minimum



How would

How would you characterize the essence of Wynton Marsalis's observations

5-1 Discussion

5-1 Discussion Science and Globalization

5-2 Final

5-2 Final Project Milestone Three Globalization, You, and Society

IDS-401 module

IDS-401 module 5 Science and Globalization

Nursing is

Nursing is a practice discipline that includes direct and indirect care activities that affect


JLP1-JLP Task 1 Leadership experience

Module 3

Module 3 Global Environments and Management Trends Assessment

Module 5

Module 5 - Assessment Contemporary Management

Refer to

Refer to the "Freeman-Brown Private School Case Study" document for details pertaining to this assignment

How business

How business performance can be evaluated using ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ indicators. (AC3.1) (approx 500 words)

How business

How business performance can be evaluated using ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ indicators.

Describe the

Describe the elements of Group Dynamics and why it is important to understand

For task

For task 4, you will need to access an article from your Home Page on Online

As an

As an experienced HR Manager, you have been asked to produce a discussion

Provide a

Provide a brief business justification for managing HR in a professional, ethical and just manner

What labour

What labour market trends might make it hard for the company

5RSTC Part

5RSTC Part C (AC2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 4.1) (2000 words)

The principles

The principles of effective workforce planning and the tools used in the process. (AC2.1) (approx 150 words)


HRM2SPR 5UINB Part B (AC3.1, 4.1) (2500 words) Based on the group work you h


HRM2SPR 5ENGA Part A (AC1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2) (1200 words) There are many examples of organisations

Define what

Define what is meant by ‘Employee Engagement,’ including its principal dimensions and components, together with a comparison with related

Part A

Part A (AC3.1, 3.2, 3.3 ) (1700 words) This report builds upon Part A in which you were asked to write an initial report against the


HRM2SPR 5ODTB Part B (AC1.1) (1200 words) Your organisation

Explore and

Explore and discuss the origins of OD, leading towards contemporary definitions, and covering ideas of learning theory


HRM2SPR 5ODTC Part C (AC1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1) (1200 words) Your organisation

Project Purpose

Project Purpose and summary (introduction). Include the change context and project objectives


HRM2SPR 5ODGB Part B (A.C. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3) (2,000 words) A member of the senior leadership team


HRM2SPR 5IVPA Part A (AC 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3) (1700 words) As part of an ongoing programme


HRM2SPR 5IVPB Part A (AC2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1) (2000 words) Building upon your research

What performance

What performance management activity is conducted? (in relation to the performance management cycle/stages).

An 83,

An 83, year old woman is recovering from pneumonia. She has Alzheimer’s

Why it

Why it is important for the leaders to be ethical? Role of leadership Starbucks (Refer to the Starbucks Example) 300 words APA format

What are

What are the positives for divorce? How does divorce affect children?

You should

You should identify a case study of entrepreneurial leadership. This may be an individual leader (eg James Dyson) or an organisation

Post your

Post your explanation of who the sample is. Also explain steps researchers took to ensure generalizability

Explain how

Explain how you, as a social worker, might apply the grieving model you selected to your work with families in a hospice environment.

Set out

Set out and compare the differences between primary and secondary sources you have used and justify your

Your answers

Your answers should specifically be written in an academic essay format

What are

What are these Video Clips about? Please describe, explain, analyze, and discuss in grea

HCM 490

HCM 490 Milestone In this milestone, you will submit your introduction to the organization a

HCM 490

HCM 490 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Overview In this milestone



Module 2


As you

As you review the literature regarding measles, what sources will you use to obtain the required information?

Module 1

Module 1 - Case EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH STATISTICS Assignment Overview

You are

You are attending an international journalist event and have been chosen

There is

There is often the requirement to evaluate descriptive statistics for data within

Some may

Some may argue that when the population resorts to force to deal



Each team

Each team is now responsible for the survival of their company in a very dynamic environment.

What similarities

What similarities and differences exist in the top labor strikes in US history?

Week 5

Week 5 Searching for Evidence to Improve Nursing Outcomes

The increasing

The increasing sophistication and enlightenment of modern top business executives in dealing with their subordinates

Explain the

Explain the concept of “submetering” in full. Why is it a good management practice? Give detailed examples

Investigate this

Investigate this story and describe what has happened to Volkswagen since this scandal

Discussion #1

Discussion #1 The Declaration of Independence

Explain the

Explain the role of leadership that may exist within The Phoenix Group and how the structure and culture

To launch

To launch the rich dialogue of what is expected throughout

For our

For our first discussion, let us discuss globalization and decision-making

This writing

This writing practicum will assess the student’s ability to write a short

Visit a

Visit a pre-K through Grade 3 classroom in a nearby school to observe a mathematics

Research technology-based

Research technology-based resources that support math instruction

How might

How might the communication patterns change over the course of a relationship from initial conversation

Create a

Create a developmentally appropriate 1-week instructional math unit for

Part 2

Part 2 Create a case study of 250-words involving a fictitious couple experiencing

using the

using the organization below, prepare a written report that includes the following information

Critically analyse

Critically analyse the recent economic performance of the UK since 2008 (up to date)

How does

How does level of self-esteem typically change during middle childhood? What factors contribute to this change?

short-term debt

short-term debt financing options for a healthcare facility

compare and

compare and contrast the merit of pop psychology and one source of empirical research

Snowy Evening

Snowy Evening by Robert Frost section writer makes experience meaningful, striking, or revealing

Briefly describe

Briefly describe eight types of love described by Sternberg

Create a

Create a developmentally appropriate 1-week instructional math

Critically discuss

Critically discuss the role of reverse innovation in helping to tackle urgent global challenges. word count - 2500

Research instructional

Research instructional strategies for teaching mathematics at the pre-K through Grade 3

1. What

1. What is the purpose and focus of performance improvement in Healthcare? Your response should be no less than 2 paragraphs.

write a

write a 3-6 page paper about a 25-year-old lady named Ms. Canady.

Create a

Create a 1-2 page single-spaced Analysis of Research abstract related to a topic

Find information

Find information about the steps to follow in the process to carry out a quantitative

For each

For each work, identify the artist, the title (in italics), the date, the medium

Analysis of

Analysis of leadership’s skills using the American Organization of Nurse Executive

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 CASE Forondo Artist Management Excellence Inc questions

Read through

Read through Darnell Hunt, Channeling Blackness, Chapter 1

What health

What health care delivery system do you work in?

Describe the

Describe the events that led to the Grand Jury indictment of Ford Describe

Please watch

Please watch this video Corporate Tax Avoidance How it happens

One of

One of the most sociologically significant aspects of Miami is its diversity

Describe the

Describe the pathophysiology of Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)

Are there

Are there overarching questions that the essay proposes or raises?

For this

For this assignment you will be interviewing a nurse

Hoffman Pinto

Hoffman Pinto Case Study Write a 6-page to 8 pages essay opinion essay

After watching

After watching the George Méliès' film A Trip to the Moon (1902) think about

Develop a

Develop a comprehensive analysis that identifies threats and vulnerabilities

Write a

Write a 750- to 1,000-word paper that contrasts ethically responsible

Use a

Use a company you are interested in from the automotive or health/wellness

Imagine you

Imagine you are creating a new and innovative company in the automotive

Consider a

Consider a market in a closed economy. Suppose that its supply function is S = –10 + 2p while

Develop a

Develop a competitive compensation, benefits, and incentive program for a large

Discuss how

Discuss how health care professionals can ensure that patients’ rights are upheld and protected

Discuss three

Discuss three commonalities between stocks and bonds

Conduct research

Conduct research via the internet and provide a brief yet detailed paper

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Intellectual Honesty Confirmation Letter

Identify what

Identify what tools you would use, along with the testing procedures provided

Summarize the

Summarize the arguments for advising SuperFund

Identify and

Identify and explain the two significant events that led to the establishment of the Minnesota Restitution Center

Discuss all

Discuss all personal insights gained about the budgetary costs borne by the U.S

Interview a

Interview a nurse leader from a professional nursing organization to collect ideas

What is

What is the relationship between Naïve Bayes and Bayesian networks?

Develop an

Develop an annotated outline for the Signature Assignment based on the

Provide a

Provide a detailed analysis of the tool you chose to evaluate and include

Application Security

Application Security Compliance Identify what tools you would use

Identify and

Identify and explain the two significant events that led to the establishment of the Minnesota

Careplan/Plan of

Careplan/Plan of CareAssignment Using research and appraisal

Define e-portfolio

Define e-portfolio for graduate student in higher education and

One of

One of your teammates is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work and complexity of the simulation.

Describe the

Describe the selected environmental factor Explain how the environmental factor

Describe the

Describe the partnerships that developed among the early childhood programs

Using Excel,

Using Excel, find the mean, standard deviation, and 5-number summary

Nursing Research,

Nursing Research, Patho And AACN

imagine you

imagine you have been asked to create a team to meet a specific need

From the

From the Chapter Summary Consumer financial information is valuable

The Blum

The Blum Model four key determinants of health discuss implications for the Christian health

Research the

Research the events in the financial markets since the 1990s

Offender Typology

Offender Typology Classifying offenders based on certain characteristics

Jeff is

Jeff is 11 years old and slightly overweight father a truck driver diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Understanding Governance

Understanding Governance and Funding Practices

Most 360-degree

Most 360-degree surveys are not free and in fact are very expensive

Select a

Select a social marketing wicked problem of your choice and develop a social

Describe the

Describe the application of statistics in health care significance to quality, safety, health promotion,

The purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a concise description and appraisal

Defining Collaborative

Defining Collaborative Leadership in Human Service Organizations

You are

You are assigned to care for Ms. C., an 81-year-old patient who was admitted

Describe three

Describe three unique features of PubMed database that sets

As a

As a nursing student, do you share the values of commitment to

What is

What is your topic? Effectiveness of cystic fibrosis drugs. U.S. culpability

Compose a

Compose a 2000 word paper detailing the individual experience of giving up something

Bring to

Bring to mind a wide range of healthcare organizations, such as a long-term

select a

select a clinical question from the Approved List of PICOt/Clinical

Case Study

Case Study 2 Selective Abortion and IVF

Mike, Ana,

Mike, Ana, Tiffany, Josh and Annie are heading to the store to get some snacks

complete the

complete the Work Product Assessment, you will select a recent

Consider the

Consider the following example of a “simple” experiment presented in class

How does

How does the talk help to explain the value of integrating ideas?

What types

What types of facility needs do you believe have the biggest effect on facility design

Paper 1

Paper 1 (P1) Ethnographic Focus

describe the

describe the components of the Good Samaritan Law and how it protects bystanders

Post a

Post a brief explanation of the psychological disorder presented and the decision

share an

share an experience that you have had with intercultural communication at work

One of

One of the many reasons social workers conduct needs assessment

From the

From the video define architecture viewpoints Why are they so important

Assume you

Assume you were counseling people with the following presenting problems

Choose any

Choose any instrument from this page

Use the

Use the Chapter 3 document provided and develop an outline

What is

What is the value of fire detection and suppression systems

A classical

A classical argument presents a well-reasoned, five-part argument

Consider experienced

Consider experienced nurses you know or imagine the qualities

How do

How do these nurses plan and organize their daily assignments?

You have

You have been hired as the first director of human resources (HR)

Based upon

Based upon the ANA Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses Part II

Do you

Do you think that this a methodological or ethical problem

Qualitative research

Qualitative research is considered by some researchers to be less

Identify the

Identify the role of the social determinants of health in the case study

An armed

An armed terrorist from Syria is captured during a firefight with Marines

Which had

Which had the most far-reaching consequences on American culture

How do

How do you describe the importance of data in analytics

Select 1

Select 1 existing or defunct magazine or newspaper, and research its history

Write a

Write a brief summary about your selected publication that answers the

Do you

Do you think Kelly’s approach to job redesign will work?

How will

How will you engage Marie and Peter even though Dan is not ready

Select one

Select one program you believe would be best for a small business of your choice

You have

You have been tasked to secure the latest technology for the sales force coming

This week,

This week, you learned about the historical evolution of international

Some groups

Some groups of nations are forming trade blocs, like North America

The research

The research paper on the RETAIL INVENTORY METHOD

Explain your

Explain your interpretation of what occurred in the dialogue

From the

From the video, define architecture viewpoints Why are they

What types

What types of life insurance policies are available to individuals

Assume you

Assume you were counseling people with the following presenting

How do

How do modern musicians make a living?

Following the

Following the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, the fire service

Identify the

Identify the major changes, including the main reason for the transformation

How do

How do these four features of capitalism relate to you as an individual?

Do you

Do you feel that capitalism is consistently fair to both small-business

an expository

an expository essay on Army values and how you adopted to them

Within an

Within an industry of your choosing, research a company and complete a five forces

Discuss how

Discuss how health care professionals can ensure that patients

In 3

In 3 or 4 sentences, explain the appropriate drug therapy for a patient

Conscious capitalism

Conscious capitalism is reflected in various manners

Redo the

Redo the enterprise data model you created in Chapter 1 to accommodate

what are

what are some specific risk factors that are specific to your area's

CareOnPoint resource

CareOnPoint resource to determine the risk factors associated with this disease

Briefly discuss

Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of planning strategies

which characteristics

which characteristics do you believe to be the most important in this role?

Define merchandising?

Define merchandising? Elaborate with a real merchandising example

Provide a

Provide a brief background introduction to both the company

evaluates your

evaluates your advertising campaign using the TARES test of ethical advertising

do you

do you think ethical advertising is less effective, as effective

Identify a

Identify a current issue your state or our country is dealing with in Health Care

In the

In the section below, please describe a problem in your career field

To facilitate

To facilitate cultural assimilation, IT and non-IT must become more integrated

As leaders

As leaders of organizations we frequently participate in strategic

Through the

Through the lens of Hannah Arendt why did she take issue with the way

Do we

Do we live in a cosmopolitan era In other words, can we achieve global citizenship?

This week’s

This week’s journal article focuses on attribution theory and how it influences

What is

What is the single, underlying philosophy that is articulated within the document

choose one

choose one of the 4 Stages of Piaget’s Cognitive Theory of Development

Choose a

Choose a scholarly journal article from the Herzing Academic Library

Describe sociocultural

Describe sociocultural and economic impacts of housing trends for seniors

Thinking about

Thinking about where we are now in healthcare from an information technology

Choose a

Choose a painting or a painter from the renaissance age to write your paper

What is

What is successful aging? Imagine yourself at 80 years of age

Summarize whatever

Summarize whatever tip most resonated with you, and explain

Identify the

Identify the methodology (quantitative or qualitative) for your proposed

Choose a

Choose a site used by the public such as a supermarket doctor's

explored a

explored a number of different statistical applications and tool

What do

What do you find interesting or compelling about this question?



Find four(4)

Find four(4) videos about the business model canvas

Student-Consultants Individual

Student-Consultants Individual Assignment 1 Proposal Writing

Given the

Given the rich and diverse skills and mindset of an ethical hacker

Use the

Use the Internet or Basic Search Strayer University Online Library

Select a

Select a specific advertising campaign of a product or service to evaluate

Considering the

Considering the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Advertising

How Will

How Will You Measure Your Life?

Through the

Through the lens of Hannah Arendt, why did she take issue

Do we

Do we live in a cosmopolitan era? In other words, can we achieve

Details will

Details will be released upon purchase.this is a higher level writng report

A well-articulated

A well-articulated compensation philosophy aligns pay and other

contemporary Army

contemporary Army issue facing the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention

Please find

Please find a video of the work at McDonalds or Starbucks

3-2 Simulation

3-2 Simulation Team Debriefing Round Two

4-1 Simulation

4-1 Simulation Round Three

5-1 Simulation

5-1 Simulation Round Four


SHNU INT 422 Final Project Assignment

Case study

Case study Viral Nation The Covid 19 Pandemic and The Entrepreneurial Sale

How does

How does the selection from Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels exhibit Juvenalian

Identify the

Identify the future of analytics in healthcare What will it be used for and

What are

What are the challenges facing Clarke as he attempts to bring Kodak

Rock and

Rock and Roll has a history with hearing loss, with artists like Ozzy

Have you

Have you ever considered volunteering to help a camp ministry?

Do you

Do you consider your current workplace to have a culture of blame

Some behavioral

Some behavioral researchers study the complex mental abilities

First, consider

First, consider the cellular basis of long-term potentiation (LTP)

discuss the

discuss the relationship between human resource planning

Why Small

Why Small Business is a Catalyst for Societal Change, give an example.

Wk 2

Wk 2 - Policy Development and Implementation Paper

Many international

Many international non-governmental organizations do not use any form of program

Discuss Global

Discuss Global Health and Environmental Issues as they relate to International

Interview a

Interview a professional in a field of your choice

Choose 1

Choose 1 focal point from each subcategory of practice, education,

Six Steps

Six Steps of Decision-Making framework from this week’s content

Write In

Write In 350-400 Words About Some Of The Differences Between

If you

If you were the social worker at Joshua’s refugee settlement program

Read and

Read and summarize 4 articles on your topic from our library

Read chapter

Read chapter 4 textbook,Describe the operating characteristics

Develop your

Develop your position about the individual rights to control

From the

From the case, during the 25 year period (1991-2006) please

Using your

Using your smartphone and a financial app, how do you deposit

Develop your

Develop your position about the individual rights to control the

For this

For this assignment, read the article indicated below that discusses

While it

While it is generally accepted that behavior is strongly affected

This initial

This initial Q&A assignment is chance to try out your interviewing

Levels of

Levels of Health Determinants Health status and related health

What is

What is your company’s primary revenue, secondary revenue, and gains

Reflecting on

Reflecting on the opportunities you have had throughout your practicum experience

Read the

Read the case study DMV a case study in modernization

three classifications

three classifications of outpatient treatment include a.12 step groups

Identify two

Identify two major problems of health care and analyze the impact

Provide two

Provide two examples of how symptoms of a co-occurring disorder may influence

Describe a

Describe a typical work scenario based on your psychology specialization

Human resource

Human resource development is the integrated use of training and development

What are

What are some of the difference between demand influences and supply influences

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Lecture Participation Assignment 5 points

Research the

Research the particular type of cancer you chose being sure to address

This week

This week we are learning about the various types of studies

CJ3675 Unit

CJ3675 Unit 2AS Assignment Questions Part 1 Cause and Effect

Research Consumers

Research Consumers While your application and evaluation of research design

3.1 Discussion

3.1 Discussion Devotional - Is Competition Evil or Encouraged?

3.2 Discussion

3.2 Discussion Research-based Peer Alternative Response

Discussion Research-based

Discussion Research-based Marketing Plan Initial Proposal

Assignment Research-based

Assignment Research-based Marketing Plan Revised Final Proposal

Craft a

Craft a concise essay (approximately 1000 words) that addresses the prompt

While working

While working as a staffer in the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis

You are

You are the hiring manager within your organization and you are tasked

If you

If you were the director of the HIM department, how would you justify

Read and

Read and Review Nursing Essential I Liberal Education for Baccalaureate

A primary

A primary responsibility of early childhood teachers is to observe

What are

What are the common challenges with which sentiment analysis deals?

Meal Planning

Meal Planning for Carbohydrates Assignment Part A

Select a

Select a product or service for which you would like to develop a marketing plan

You need

You need to build a global picture for the energy issue around the world

When parental

When parental involvement is concerned on the part of males

Identify and

Identify and discuss the content of each of the link(s) from the above listing that you

Select one

Select one of the organizational or behavioral change models which

Discuss an

Discuss an example of how a nurse leader was successful in spearheading

Is monitoring

Is monitoring employee emails, voice mails and telephone calls ethical?

Please choose

Please choose one of the following for your initial posting

In today's

In today's volatile market, what do you think is the most important

Analyze the

Analyze the corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship

Ethical scandals

Ethical scandals in business reach the front pages of newspapers

Using the

Using the Six Steps of Decision-Making framework from this week’s

MGT-672 Decision

MGT-672 Decision Theory within the Glo for Saudi electronic university

How has

How has globalization affected different world regions?

As a

As a leader, Blake Mycoskie’s decision to make the “One for One” philosophy

In the

In the Disney is Asia case study (p. 273), many of the issues Disney

Brief Integrative

Brief Integrative Case 2.1 Coca-Cola in India (p. 248) in International Management

Brief Integrative

Brief Integrative Case 2.1 Coca-Cola in India (p. 248)

Module 06

Module 06 Critical Thinking Euro Disneyland

case study

case study Danone’s Wrangle with Wahaha

Module 09

Module 09 Critical Thinking Wal-Mart’s Global Strategies

Module 10

Module 10 Critical Thinking HSBC in China

Case 3.1

Case 3.1 Google in China Protecting Property Rights (p. 415)

This week,

This week, we learned about motivational strategies

What are

What are the main characteristics of born global firms?

This week

This week you will explain culture and cross-cultural risks

Though sustainability

Though sustainability initiatives are often driven by regulatory

explain the

explain the Porter Diamond Theory of National Advantage

You are

You are the CEO of a midsized software company in Saudi Arabia

explain the

explain the role of government protectionism to promote a country's business

This week

This week you will explain the causes of the recent Turkish financial/economic

discuss a

discuss a Saudi company’s ability to expand internationally

The Boeing

The Boeing 787 depends on globally sourced components

Explain the

Explain the different types of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Saudi Arabia

Provide two

Provide two examples of products sold by multinational enterprises

Understanding Ethical

Understanding Ethical Issues in a Global Business Environment

Stakeholders expect

Stakeholders expect “value” from firms they interact with.

Measuring “value”

Measuring “value” as it relates to social, environmental, and economic

Measuring social,

Measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts

Sustainability impacts

Sustainability impacts the natural environment, social conditions, and economics

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management in Large and Small Organizations

Crisis management,

Crisis management, an important planning process, reached global

Explore Philip

Explore Philip Kotler’s Thoughts on “Service and Value

Explain the

Explain the strategic management process and the role of public

Management Ethics

Management Ethics and Sustainability Initiatives

Organizational ethics

Organizational ethics are the principles by which a leader directs an organization

Analyze the

Analyze the Benefits of Sustainability and Ethics for Organizations and Society

To relate

To relate the material in Chapter One Thinking to the assigned film(s)


CASE STUDY Family Member with Alzheimer’s Disease Mark and Jacqueline

Throughout this

Throughout this unit, you will be planning the first day of lessons

Graded Assignment

Graded Assignment 2 Colombian Premium Coffee

Select one

Select one of the following terms for research economies of scale

Select one

Select one of the following terms for research economies


How ERM can be integrated with an organization’s overall strategy

What is

What is the risk posture for each particular system as it contributes to the overall

This assignment

This assignment consists of two (2) sections a business requirements document

Turbulent Tornadoes

Turbulent Tornadoes in Oklahoma City Area 2013 mainly focus in Planning


Thinking to the assigned film(s) Your paper (3-4 pages) will consist of three sections

Define community

Define community nursing as it relates to nurse practitioner practice

To complete

To complete our knowledge of accounting principles we will calculate

Research effective

Research effective leadership methods that foster collaboration

Imagine you

Imagine you have been hired as a consultant for the United Nations

Who are

Who are the target customers for the company/brand?

Are you

Are you someone who typically would rather avoid conflict or address it 'head on'?

Select and

Select and research a company from the 2019 Fortune 500 list

How does

How does Martin Espada’s poem Federico’s Ghost

For this

For this essay, keep in mind all of the rhetorical devices that you

Explore two

Explore two different job search websites Compare how trustworthy,

Discuss the

Discuss the impact of a clinical practice problem on the patient(s) and the organization

A nurse

A nurse is caring for a client who has been prescribed a medication

In a

In a separate paragraph of 50 words or less in what functional

Why is

Why is financial statement analysis an important area of study

Write a

Write a Reflection Paper based on your study from Chapter 4

Explain the

Explain the role of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

typed outline

typed outline for your Week 5 Informative Speech

Share your

Share your professional or personal if personal, only share as much

Communication with

Communication with a patient can be difficult at times

Describe what

Describe what factors surrounding ineffective documentation


HISTORICAL CASE STUDY #2 Attentiveness and Surveillance

Identify and

Identify and read three articles that discuss the cost and benefits associated

We've now

We've now studied the history of animal welfare, which has established

Marketing insights

Marketing insights provide what type of information about how

What is

What is story that will help you introduce this person, group of people,

What are

What are some of the causes of lack of attentiveness?

Study must

Study must be performed on the interactions between each big data

You may

You may refer to your notes and textbooks at any time during

Discuss the

Discuss the way nurses lead, manage, and follow in the complex Healthcare

You have

You have defined your problem, success, and identified policy

Discuss key

Discuss key elements in Pixar’s external environment that the firm

Nursing leaders

Nursing leaders need a workforce that can provide culturally

The hierarchy

The hierarchy of leaders and followers has changed over time

In part

In part one, you will compose a substantive paragraph replete

Complete the

Complete the following questions and review the suggested

The top

The top two countries in terms of international merchandise trade are

Students should

Students should find Economics articles from the credible sources on the current

Description Problem

Description Problem solving is one of the most important skills

Impact of

Impact of Nurse Manager Leadership style and Subordinate job satisfaction

Describe the

Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management

Imagine you

Imagine you are a criminologist. Select one of the following crimes

Your purpose

Your purpose in this assignment is to identify issues that are argumentative

Explain to

Explain to your classmates what beta means and how it can

An applicant's

An applicant's professional history and qualifications are outlined in a resume

Briefly explain

Briefly explain and summarize the case for this Assignment

How does

How does the concept of Modeling & Role Modeling apply to nursing?

Police officers

Police officers are faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis

You are

You are an intern at an attorney's office and you have been asked to prepare

Based on

Based on your readings, compare and contrast (view any similarities or differences between)

How does

How does the theory of expanding consciousness applies to our healthcare

Part 1

Part 1 Common Holy Days in Jewish Religious Traditions

Let’s think

Let’s think for a moment about the terms right and wrong

You have

You have to watch Moneyball Movie and answer the questions provided

This project

This project provides an opportunity to apply the competencies gained

As we

As we have seen in our readings thus far, the American Family has

What do

What do you think are the important points you would like to discuss from each reading?

Describe two

Describe two clients in a group therapy session (without violating HIPAA regulations),

Briefing Document

Briefing Document Research Paper 2

Students should

Students should find Economics articles from the credible sources

Description Problem

Description Problem solving is one of the most important skills that

One ethical

One ethical issue is regarding the study subjects For example, juveniles

What insights

What insights did you have reading this article

We make

We make many decisions throughout our day based on probability

What are

What are the main reasons why a VPN is the right solution for protecting

Complete an

Complete an analysis of the key internal factors that have implications

In this

In this assignment, you will create a minimum 525-word rough draft

we will

we will assess the influenza pandemic of 1918 and the H5N1

Financial Markets

Financial Markets and Institutions Part 1

Describe the

Describe the organization and its significance to nurses in the specialty area

How do

How do trustworthy and ethical leaders enhance knowledge sharing

Case Study

Case Study I am Feeling Like I’m Going Crazy

Module 03

Module 03 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Assignment

Scenario Suzan

Scenario Suzan has worked for Organization ABC for one year. During her 30-day

To prepare

To prepare for this assignment, review Figures 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5,

Your client

Your client Jennifer Logan is a relatively inexperienced investor and is trying

You are

You are a junior executive of a new cellular phone carrier called Technologies

From an

From an external investor's perspective, which is most important

nurs 66330

nurs 66330 wk 10 assign Assignment Assessing and Treating Patients With Impulsivity, Compulsivity, and Addiction

Write an

Write an essay comparing or contrasting the two topics in your selection

What did

What did you find the most interesting in the video and why?

Several Big

Several Big Data Visualization tools have been evaluated

Given the

Given the growth in telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements

As a

As a global company, how can we deal with this? With a big push for 5G

Why is

Why is it important to ensure an alignment between the business

For months,

For months, a teacher who works at school for disabilities has struggled

Scenario A

Scenario A Imagine for this assignment that you are a literary critic and will

Locate, evaluate,

Locate, evaluate, and integrate credible research into a written document

It is

It is often argued that children in two-parent families do better than single-parent

Explain perimenopause,

Explain perimenopause, surgical menopause, stress menopause

Laura Mulvey’s

Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

select a

select a publicly traded company that you will analyze in the next few

Explain the

Explain the differences between services and goods when planning

Discuss and

Discuss and identify leader traits and attributes that are most beneficial

write about

write about how one health behavior (for example condom use), has been explained

CRJ499 Undergraduate

CRJ499 Undergraduate Capstone in Criminal Justice Week 5 DQ

CRJ499 Undergraduate

CRJ499 Undergraduate Capstone in Criminal Justice Week 5 Journal Entry

CRJ499 Week

CRJ499 Week 5 Assignment 2 Crime Scene Investigation Walk-Through

JGR200 The

JGR200 The Power of People Week 5 DQ Part 1 Reviewing Personality Traits

Give a

Give a brief summary of what your style says about your management

WRK100 Preparing

WRK100 Preparing for the Future of Work Week 5 Discussion Question

You as

You as a volunteer with no special education qualifications and little training

Evaluation Title

Evaluation Title Pop Culture and Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Morality, and Gender

Apply a

Apply a detailed Porter’s Five Forces framework with a graphic representation

What performance

What performance management activity is conducted? (in relation to the performance management

AHVS 121

AHVS 121 Understanding Visual Communication Winter 2021 Assignment 3

Summarize in

Summarize in your own words, the ten guiding principles of policing

Discuss a

Discuss a historical event that has had an impact on the contemporary juvenile justice

To what

To what extent do you feel each of these assumptions are justified?

Patient Safety

Patient Safety in the hospitalized setting during a Pandemic

is the

is the lesson Jane Elliott taught her third-grade class in 1968, necessary today?

If you

If you could pick one of these companies to work for as a salesperson

explain how

explain how the Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) concept works

Choose a

Choose a specific fictional crime-fighting character from the entertainment

Examine the

Examine the Various Tools for Variance Analysis

Is the

Is the lesson Jane Elliott taught her third-grade class in 1968, necessary today?

For the

For the Unit VIII Case Study, you will focus on terrorism and terrorism

This week,

This week, you have two different content areas for your discussion

final essay

final essay you will be doing an analysis of a merger or an acquisition

Describe 2

Describe 2 or 3 ways that mental health care continues to be a challenge

Write a

Write a paper to discuss the assumption or judgment that you made

In your

In your reponses, identify common themes among your post and your peers

Pick one

Pick one of the following terms for your research economies of scale

Now that

Now that you have selected a topic for your final presentation, this week

Choose one

Choose one work that particularly engages you Take time to look

Task 1

Task 1 Considering that offenders (e.g., arsonists, active shooters; or may be negligent

Select a

Select a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and do research on it

Find three

Find three cases that support Cansco’s defense in this case

What types

What types of publicity campaigns have you seen? Did any publicity

Part 1.Take

Part 1.Take a virtual “tour” of FIU’s Career and Talent Development Center

Briefly describe

Briefly describe who the attacker(s) was(were), what weapons were used and the results

Pursuant to

Pursuant to contract law, is the waiver of liability legal and do Brian’s

Consider one

Consider one of the following to identify an example of how quality

How is

How is privacy now being affected by the high-tech companies.

explain the

explain the factors that affect the reliability of confirmations

Identify a

Identify a person you know who has an immune system disorder or cancer

Many social

Many social commentators feel that consumers are becoming more and more

Many social

Many social commentators feel that consumers are becoming more

This assignment

This assignment will help you research and understand what impact


Unit VIII Case Study, you will focus on terrorism and terrorism prevention

Essay Evaluation

Essay Evaluation of a Merger or Acquisition

Race is

Race is often used as a descriptor of disease burden and helps

submit a

submit a written reflection of the interview, using the “4R” method

While driving

While driving on Interstate 40 in North Carolina, Padma became

Should a

Should a business casual dress code be the norm at all organizations?

Response paper

Response paper Benjamin Wigley's Paa Joe and the Lion (2016)

The rapid

The rapid growth of internet fantasy sports has raised the question

Pick any

Pick any Acute Disease from Weeks 1-5

Identify how

Identify how the policy was formulated from a historical standpoint

As the

As the first assignment in the three-part Sport Law Project,

Should restaurants

Should restaurants pay more attention to people’s health?

As a

As a step in creating a comprehensive Sport Outreach Plan

SOC-220 Social

SOC-220 Social Problems Within Education

For this

For this research assignment please see the information below

MGT 672

MGT 672 In the Disney is Asia case study (p. 273), many of the issues Disney had

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 discusses various aspects of strategic planning

This week,

This week, our discussion thread is centered on the resource-based view (RBV)

For the

For the research paper you need to (1) state and describe the topic/movement

How do

How do values impact a leaders’ decision making?

Case Study

Case Study 5 Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital Answers

HTM 424

HTM 424 Tourism Management assignment

Select a

Select a creative individual This person can be someone you know

Holistic and

Holistic and Patient-Centered Care An important area in nursing practice

Your task

Your task is to choose one of the scenarios and write the letter

Write a

Write a comprehensive essay in which you discuss culture and diversity to include

Your analysis

Your analysis of the Symptom and Patient’s Condition. How do you put it together? Does it make sense?

Public policy

Public policy has a major impact on your practice and your patients

How does

How does mass media and morality function combine to connect horror, mass media

Evaluate economic

Evaluate economic conditions that influence company performance

Is there

Is there a financial motivation behind the decisions made by those who employ

The UN

The UN as global police force and negotiation facilitator Reasoning with

Give reasons

Give reasons why a user would protect a file from read or write access

The relationship

The relationship between health and productivity is well documented

Why are

Why are marketing channels and intermediaries necessary in foreign markets?

Why did

Why did they outsource the design and development work to the extent

Create a

Create a written strategic communications plan to open a small business

Many forms

Many forms of prosecutorial misconduct go unno- ticed or unreported. Even when uncovered and

Criminal profiling

Criminal profiling has been proven to be effective in many famous

What type

What type of egg does an amphibian have? What is its pattern of cleavage?

In today’s

In today’s world, globalization came under attack after the spread

What are

What are the five phases of the SDLC?

Are there

Are there tools to help identify these gaps in care?

Apply what

Apply what you have learned about Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Write an

Write an opinion/response/feedback on the posts mentioned in the word document

One of

One of the most difficult challenges in promoting collaboration among

What are

What are your views on technology's role in early childhood education now?

As the

As the average life span increases, the likelihood of developing a chronic

Your analysis

Your analysis of the Symptom and Patient’s Condition

General theories

General theories and concept, its usefulness in the context of managing

compare and

compare and contrast theories of Dr. Marth Rogers and Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse’s

ITS 531

ITS 531 – Business Intelligence Research Project

English 3060

English 3060 Essay analyzing a food-related issue or experience

Analyze the

Analyze the current health care delivery structure in your state

We have

We have read and reviewed Chapters 1 and 2. Chapte 1 discussed

You have

You have been hired as the Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion Director for Google Inc

In 350

In 350 words or more, suggest three reasons why a person with type 2 diabetes might

What did

What did you learn (key chapter highlights/concepts)? Summarize the main themes within each assigned chapte

We each

We each have an idea of what integrity means in our head, but actually

Discussion 3

Discussion 3 - Motivation Compare 3 motivational theories

We each

We each have an idea of what integrity means in our head

The Methodology

The Methodology section is necessary to describe to the reader

present a

present a persuasive speech on a current, controversial topic of state

Compare and

Compare and contrast the major determinants of health care market power.

Provide a

Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories

You are

You are the HR manager in a for-profit Corporation and responsible for employee relations and engagement

Examine the

Examine the financial impact of workforce solutions on organizational strategy

Why might

Why might a customer use physical evidence to form an evaluation for a service?

Americans are

Americans are living longer than ever before, living with chronic pain and suffering

Choose a

Choose a research topic from the chapter readings or from the list provided by your professor

Discuss your

Discuss your experience of the US Healthcare system What seemed to work well?

Assignment #1

Assignment #1 Reaction Paper Governor Hogan’s State of the State Address

Please explain

Please explain fixed and flexible budgeting Provide an example

Women and

Women and Abolition Describe and discuss the role women played

Provide a

Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced)

Describe and

Describe and discuss the relevance of the Diary of Martha Ballard

You have

You have to persuade your audience that the issue you are speaking

You will

You will write two Analysis of Scientific Literature papers Each will be a 3 to 4 page critique

Principles of

Principles of Disease Student Assignment 1

Analyse and

Analyse and evaluate the ways in which The Phoenix Group may build effective

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Organizational Implementation (105 points)

Saudi Vision

Saudi Vision 2030 details the long-term goals that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This week’s

This week’s discussion will focus on cultural decision-making using the case study

PSY 7512

PSY 7512 Psychology of Leadership

Pick one

Pick one speech from American Rhetoric's top 100 speeches list

Analyze the

Analyze the 2016 sanitary napkin market in India Identify the main challenges

What is

What is your opinion of learning in-person vs. on Zoom? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each for you personally?

Choose one

Choose one reading and one visual text from the options below and answer the following questions

In the

In the clinic, a fourteen year old boy is getting examined by a second year medical

In order

In order to complete the next three assignments, you will need to put together an idea

watch the

watch the movie Training Rules No Drinking, No Drugs, No Lesbians

Read the

Read the Case Study, New Manufacturing Facility in China on pages

Complete the

Complete the required reading and presentations in the Reading


MGMT Case Study E-commerce & Mobile Commerce

Imagining yourself

Imagining yourself to be viewing the company's product or service

What are

What are the issues and root causes that necessitates the enactment

What is

What is your opinion of learning in-person vs. on Zoom? What are the main advantages

Choose one

Choose one reading and one visual text from the options below and answer the following

Albert Mitchell

Albert Mitchell is a 36-year-old man who will be traveling to Dubai to give a business

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch – Maximum two sentences that describes your company idea.

Read the

Read the Case Study, New Manufacturing Facility in China on pages 91-93

Each case

Each case study report should be 3-5 pages double spaced. The structure of the report should be as follows

What are

What are the issues and root causes that necessitates the enactment and/or establishment

You are

You are an operations manager at a large car manufacturing

Go to

Go to a job board and research a position as a Business Analyst (BA) and a Business Intelligence

Based in

Based in the scenario of question #1 (Jacob's case)

Describe specific

Describe specific motivational techniques that could be used within your organization

What is

What is bribery? Why is it a problem?

This week

This week discuss a current business process in a specific industry

Executive Program

Executive Program Practical Connection Assignment - 10 points

Men commit

Men commit an overwhelming percentage of violent crime and the majority of property crime in the United States.

Draft a

Draft a paper that critically analyzes a current, domestic or foreign political

Select two

Select two of the following sociological crime theories Anomie, Social Disorganization

An important

An important step in a dissertation is the theoretical basis that might help explain

Should there

Should there be a global standard for toy manufacturing? What are some of the benefits

You are

You are a judge in the fictitious state of Barbieland. As a judge, you

You work

You work for the State Bureau of Prisons, Office of the Inspector General

The attorney

The attorney retained to assist the correctional officers in the correctional officer misconduct

If you

If you agree with the decision or if you support the dissenters, Justices

Module 02

Module 02 Assignment BI and BA Solution to Increase Sales

This assignment

This assignment is an individual-specific assessment of the industry in which

Imagine you

Imagine you work for a police agency and you have been asked to prepare

Research and

Research and explain how socioeconomic forces of change affect police agencies

Why was

Why was Trevor thrown from a moving car? How is this event tied to apartheid laws and rules?

Develop a

Develop a chart or diagram that will illustrate how prenatal development

Please write

Please write about 500 words using references from the material attached

The purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the process of putting a new policy into place

In this

In this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected

Define project

Define project cost terms and tell how each is used in estimating project cost

An 80,

An 80, year old woman was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and weakness

. Use

. Use the “hrdb_part2.sqi" (under Experiments tab in D2L) to create more tables in the “hrdb” database that you

Why has

Why has democratic rule remained fragile and precarious in Latin America?

The Securities

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provides certain protections

Collaboration is

Collaboration is a critical part of business today, to the point where

Why is

Why is it important to understand what sport organizations could be deemed

Use some

Use some of the following questions to help shape a reflection upon the topic

Right now

Right now you are using some type of electronic device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.)

Describe the

Describe the physical beauty norms for American women, including

In April

In April 2005, people in Hamburg, Germany, reported that toads had begun to explode

We have

We have covered the issue of how and why WWI on the Western front evolved


Purpose To experience using a government clinical trial website.

You will

You will write two (2) topic research papers You will be given some flexibility

What other

What other topics would you have liked to have covered in this course?

This week,

This week, we will continue expanding our financial plan that we created

The practice

The practice of health care providers at all levels brings you into contact

Describe the

Describe the differences among the following three types of orders

After having

After having watched the movie Puncture (2011), write a detailed

From the

From the 1800s to today, the education of young children in the U.S. has changed

The Impact

The Impact of Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The U.S.

The U.S. Census Bureau needs to estimate the median income of males in the U.S., they collect incomes from 2500 males

This assignment

This assignment consists of two (2) sections an infrastructure document

How do

How do you respond to color in everyday life? Do you think

Why and

Why and how did you determine the design?

For this

For this assignment, imagine you have been hired as the new Diversity & Inclusion

W3F1 -

W3F1 - Globalization and the Business System

What are

What are your thoughts about the debate regarding whether health care

Share an

Share an example from your nursing practice setting of how a decision

Explain the

Explain the difference between performance management and performance

BCO226 Sales

BCO226 Sales and Purchasing Management MID-TERM ASSESSMENT

This week

This week you were introduced to several decision-making tools

You are

You are the president of the Local Union 312 Chapter As the president of the union,

BSC 2010L

BSC 2010L Asynchronous Week Midterm Study Guide

Exercise 1

Exercise 1 What leads to burnout?

Is the

Is the increase in earning potential from college due to additional knowledge gained

Word 2

Word 2 Assessment (Creating a Research Paper)

The goal

The goal of sex offender legislation is to prevent sexual offending and recidivism

six year-old

six year-old Alex uses both immediate and delayed echolalia

This week,

This week, we learned about types of economies, resources, population

This week,

This week, we learned about types of economies, resources,

While listening

While listening to the podcast, students should have a word document or other notation process available

In 200

In 200 words, describe why you believe the Bible is a Holy book

For this

For this Assignment, you are to answer the questions regarding this case study

You just

You just purchased a food truck and have begun selling in a large college town

According to

According to the Pizza-Hut case, Do a PPT for this two questions

Curing Cancer

Curing Cancer Film - Science in Action

Think of

Think of an organization where you have worked. If you have not yet worked

What are

What are the Key Elements in Managing Negotiations withing Relationships?

To be

To be a professional social worker means embodying the knowledge

Once a

Once a strategy has been developed, success depends on a solid

Do you

Do you ever feel trapped by circumstances that you sense you are powerless

Research topic

Research topic Richard Paul Critical thinking

How is

How is self-defense a defense to certain torts?


SCENARIO Jim and Laura Buyer visit the local car dealership because

This is

This is your personalised link to complete the assessments. This link consists of two assessments that include

Write an

Write an Argumentative Essay articulate a claim about one of the following

For each

For each of video journal entry, you should write one long paragraph

Assigned Reading

Assigned Reading Boundless Learning Co-Teaching, Chapters 1-3

You are

You are a business analyst working in the mortgage banking industry

The foundation

The foundation of the social work profession is rooted

Provide (2)

Provide (2) 150 words substantive response with a minimum

Effective Execution,

Effective Execution, Design / Focus, and Decision Traps

Choose a

Choose a treatment approach of your choice for the target population

For your

For your course project, analyze the training need, the tasks

Write Prior

Write Prior to the 2016 lease standards, companies were able

Discuss the

Discuss the factors that determine whether an entity should lease or purchase

The foundation

The foundation of the social work profession is rooted in two levels

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking The Nature of Change

What were

What were the challenges of technological change for Kodak given “disruptive” digital

Comparative systems

Comparative systems and absolute systems are two types of systems that can be used to evaluate employee

This week’s

This week’s discussion will focus on cultural negotiation using the case study Danone’s Wrangle with Wahaha

INT 433

INT 433 Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric

2-2 Journal

2-2 Journal Economic and Financial Risk and Opportunity Assessment

1-2 Discussion

1-2 Discussion Introduction and Country/Product Selection

INT 433

INT 433 3-2 Journal Political and Legal Risk and Opportunity Assessment

INT 433

INT 433 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

INT 433

INT 433 Module Five Journal Guidelines and Rubric

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 Report Summary of assignment

Herbert Marcuse,

Herbert Marcuse, in the reading excerpt from One Dimensional Man

HIST 1540

HIST 1540 WK1 reflection

What do

What do you think about his critique? Does advanced industrial society over-homogenize us? Does the lack

Throughout this

Throughout this course we’ve engaged the notion that the way in which history

The primary

The primary source analysis essay introduces students to the very basic elements

Write a

Write a 750-1,000 word paper demonstrating an overview of regulatory history

2-1 Discussion

2-1 Discussion Economic and Financial Aspects of Selected Country

3-2 Journal

3-2 Journal Political and Legal Risk and Opportunity Assessment

4-1 Final

4-1 Final Project Milestone One Environment Assessment Assignment

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 1 Because this Ted Talk has a date of 2014, find confirmatory

For this

For this milestone, you will assess the cultural, political, legal, and economic

This week

This week you will discuss Sharia banking and Saudi financial management

Your assignment

Your assignment this week will focus on the case study HSBC in China

Explore Philip

Explore Philip Kotler’s Thoughts on “Service and Value”

Assignment Brief

Assignment Brief Mode C and Q Regulations

International Commercial

International Commercial Law Assignment Number

386CLS Assignment

386CLS Assignment Title Family Law Assignment 2

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Developing and following your Objectives and Choosing Methods

Module 12

Module 12 Critical Thinking Whom to Hire?

For this

For this assignment, you will apply decision-making to the process of international

Module 12

Module 12 Critical Thinking Management Ethics and Sustainability Initiatives

Based on

Based on the article "Hiring the Very Best", consider the approaches to organizational design

Faculty of

Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences School of Nursing and Midwifery

Create a

Create a Job Offer letter for your top candidate

Interview a

Interview a Private sector law enforcement agency about recruitment issues

Based on

Based on the article "How Barbie Lost her Groove", compose a persuasive

Describe the

Describe the organization’s recruitment strategies (i.e., reference the organization’s strategic plan, recruitment


PSY7512 Week 1 - Assignment

PSY7512 Week

PSY7512 Week 2 - Assignment

PSY7512 Week

PSY7512 Week 2 - Journal

PSY 7512Week

PSY 7512Week 2 - Discussion Forum

PSY 5712

PSY 5712 Week 3 - Discussion Forum

Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal Grammarly and RefWorks

Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 3 Annotated Bibliography

Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 2 Assessing Strengths and Limitations

an essay

an essay outlining the advantages and disadvantages of union representation

Create a

Create a chart to compare and contrast the major legislative influences

PSY7512 Reflective

PSY7512 Reflective Journal Grammarly and RefWorks

Leadership Theory

PSY7512 Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 3 Annotated Bibliography

Leadership Theory

Week 4 - Discussion Forum 1

Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 5 Assessing Strengths and Limitations

Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 6 Outline with Revised

Week 5

Week 5 - Discussion Forum 2

Authentic Leaders

Authentic Leaders Are... Conscious, Competent, Confident, and Congruent

Concerns or

Concerns or Questions about the Doctoral Journey

Leadership Theory

Leadership Theory Paper Milestone 9 Draft

How has

How has learning about contemporary psychological theories changed your

discuss how

discuss how the influences of group dynamics and trust-building

Discuss the

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of authoritative budgeting and participative

The author

The author provides a number of ways in which people in rich nations

Fully discuss

Fully discuss the positivist school of criminology. Include the following points

You are

You are a preschool teacher preparing to teach a unit titled Spring

CRJ 560

CRJ 560 Criminological Theory Research Paper Assignment

Criminological theories

Criminological theories are often criticised as being out-dated or too

Country Comparison

Country Comparison Paper Description of the Signature

Criminology 101

Criminology 101 Take-Home Exam

For this

For this week's optional activity, I would love it if you read

Students will

Students will research and write a short essay

Describe your

Describe your thoughts and experiences on the three main roles of human resources

For this

For this discussion post, define the fact pattern in the Netflix case study,

Each student

Each student will choose a prominent theorist, activist, or reformer

In this

In this mid-course entry into your Nurse E-Portfolio for this course

Suggestions regarding

Suggestions regarding how to locate academic articles and newspaper

Compare and

Compare and contrast the key similarities and differences between the crime

Journal Article

Journal Article Review Instructions

Your response

Your response to this question should be one paragraph long

GEN 103

GEN 103 Week 1 Introduction

Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment Presentation Outline

Week One

Week One Signature Assignment Presentation

In the

In the first entry you were asked to give yourself a rating from 1 to 5

In this

In this mid-course entry into your Nurse E-Portfolio for this course,

Compare vulnerable

Compare vulnerable populations. Describe an example of one

You are

You are the web master of a college website. You share a server with other school departments such as accounting and HR.

How does

How does the community health nurse recognize bias, stereotypes,


In-person interviews have for many years been the "gold standard

Who are

Who are the key players contributing to improving the health of the community

Prepare a

Prepare a Strategic plan for Hobart Corporation Consider both internal

In order

In order to identify the determinants of parenting and the impact

In Week

In Week 3, we continue the discussion of strategic planning

2 discussion

2 discussion questions influenced by (The Positivist School)

For this

For this assignment, you will locate two research studies related to the topic

Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment Presentation Outline Please attach a one page outline

In this

In this assignment, you will develop a paper in which you select an industry

you will

you will develop a paper in which you select an industry



As you

As you have learned, many people abuse different substances

Explain the

Explain the k-nearest neighbor's algorithm for prediction

Once you

Once you settle on an experience, describe it to your colleagues

The purpose

The purpose of this paper is for you to reflect on transnational crime

QSO 300

QSO 300 Final Project Milestone One

QSO 300

QSO 300 Final Project Milestone One Guidelines

Choose 3

Choose 3 quantitative elements that you would like to research

Religion and

Religion and Ethics in the Workplace

What can

What can you do to mitigate the risks for failure?

Present Value

Present Value Compute the present value of an $850 payment made in 10 years when the discount rate is 12 percent

Assume the

Assume the role of a research coordinator for the senior research team

Review the

Review the budget of Little Rock AR Public Schools Discuss

Week 6

Week 6 Assignment Drafting The Abstract (Weekly Written Assignment Worksheet)

For your

For your research paper in this course, you will write an analytical research

Please answer

Please answer each of the following questions in detail and provide

Evaluate and

Evaluate and revise ethical issues in visual media communication to improve awareness of social perceptions.

You will

You will write a 4–5-page paper in current APA format that focuses

Using the

Using the material on moral compasses from weeks 1 and 2, write a paper

MBA 6001

MBA 6001 - Organizational Research and Theory

You have

You have been working as a nurse in the adult oncology

you are

you are to prepare a set of emergency contacts for use in your organization

Topic PS505

Topic PS505 Assignment 8 Description Your assignment should be 5-6 pages

Particulars of

Particulars of Claim and Interim Order. Instructions to Counsel

Prepare a

Prepare a 2-3 page paper in response to the requirements outlined below

Scenario Background

Scenario Background A marketing company based out of New York City

RES7 105

RES7 105 Assignments Week 3 Assignment

Explain perimenopause,

Explain perimenopause, surgical menopause, stress menopause,

How would

How would one know if an elderly relative had clinical depression

While life

While life expectancy continue to increase, differences exist between men and women

MBA 6601

MBA 6601 Hofstede's Characteristics Applied to Business Operations

Your company

Your company wants to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa

Week 5

Week 5 Assignment Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan

Choose a

Choose a focus to write about pornography, prostitution, or human trafficking

module 1

module 1 Discussion - Artificial Intelligence and Work

ORG7272 Week

ORG7272 Week 4 - Discussion 2

ORG7272 Week

ORG7272 Week 4 - Discussion 1

Team Project

Team Project RMI Case Study

ORG7272 Discussions

ORG7272 Discussions Week 5 - Discussion 1

ORG7272 Discussions

ORG7272 Discussions Week 5 - Discussion 2

ORG7272 Assignments

ORG7272 Assignments Week 6 - Assignment

ORG7272 Discussions

ORG7272 Discussions Week 6 Points you receive on discussions will reflect the quality

ORG7272 Discussions

ORG7272 Discussions Week 3 - Discussion 2 Your post should be at least 300 words

ORG7272 Week

ORG7272 Week 2 - Assignment High Performing Teams

ORG7272 Week

ORG7272 Week 2 - Discussion post should be at least 300 words

ORG7272 Week

ORG7272 Week 1 Discussion 2 300 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates

ORG7272 Discussions

ORG7272 Discussions Week 1 - Discussion 1

Choose five

Choose five U.S. government policies that affect trade with foreign nations

A. Compare

A. Compare the U.S. healthcare system with the healthcare system of Great Britain

Identify one

Identify one country from the following list whose healthcare system you will compare to the U.S. healthcare system Great Britain, Japan, Germany, or

Compare the

Compare the U.S. healthcare system with the healthcare system of Great Britain

Does the

Does the US Army Futures Command enable the Army to defeat its peer adversaries?

If a

If a free choice is a choice made without any influence from anything

Identify the

Identify the various steps management must take to establish

What do

What do the authors mean when they describe Kauffmann as "shrewd?"

Healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations accredited by the Joint Commission are required

Assume that

Assume that the corporation you work for is having trouble with a partner

Students will

Students will critically analyze the article’s problem statement

Barbara Welter

Barbara Welter describes "the cult of true womanhood" in her article

What is

What is the purpose of documenting the decedent’s medical history? Where/how would you obtain the information?

Discuss how

Discuss how the application of nursing-quality indicators could assist the nurses

How did

How did monastic life foster creativity for women? What sacrifices did they make?

How do

How do you explain the fact that few creative women are found in Ancient Greece?

Briefly discuss

Briefly discuss some of the risks in outsourcing Web hosting to third-party

HSA-301 Forum

HSA-301 Forum Discussion Board Questions

Your task

Your task is to offer a detailed critique of a peer-reviewed article

PHI-368 -

PHI-368 - Module 4 discussion, Cyberethics

CCJS 420

CCJS 420 Medical and Legal Investigations of Death

Describe identification,

Describe identification, authentication, and authorization

Write a

Write a 2-page, double-spaced paper in which you apply

What key

What key financial ratios will be affected by the adoption of FAS 141R and FAS 160?


ECN-500 Critical Thinking International Trade Theories

Case Study

Case Study entitled “Highline Financial Services, Ltd.” in Chapter 3

What is

What is the postmortem interval (PMI), which is also sometimes referred

History of

History of the health care issue that you select (to be approved by the Instructor)

Which staffing

Which staffing framework do you recognize in this case study? Explain its characteristics

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Web Application Security Assessment

How do

How do you determine who needs access to what company data? What happens if we leave all data exposed

Either climactic

Either climactic change is happening or it is not really happening.

Module 05

Module 05 Critical Thinking Trade barriers

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 5 - Assignment Assessing for Emotional Intelligence

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 3 - Assignment Case Study Competency Modeling and Assessment Strategy for the Weston

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 2 - Assignment Evaluating Tests of General Cognitive Ability

Week 4

Week 4 - Discussion 1 180 Degree Leadership Development Assessment Tools

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 4 - Discussion 2 Multi-Rater (360 Degree) Assessment Tools

Week 5

Week 5 - Discussion 1 Using Assessment to Predict Future Success

Week 5

Week 5 - Discussion 2 The Legal Environment for Assessment

ORG7101 wk

ORG7101 wk 5 assignment Assessing for Emotional Intelligence Competence, technical skills, integrity and determination

ORG7 101

ORG7 101 Assignments Week 6 Case Study Leadership Assessment at Robinson Insurance Agency

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 6 - Discussion 2 Perspectives on Assessment

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 6 - Discussion 1 Using Assessments in Multinational Work Environments

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 3 - Assignment Case Study Competency Modeling and Assessment Strategy

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 3 - Discussion 1 Job Analysis and Competency Modeling

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 2 - Discussion 2 Tests of Knowledge and Skill

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 2 - Discussion 1 Personality Assessments

ORG7101 Week

ORG7101 Week 1 - Discussion 1 What to Assess


ECN-500 CTA Trade Policies for the Developing Nations (100 Points)

Scenario You

Scenario You are the network administrator for a regional bank based in Jeddah

For this

For this critical thinking assignment, answer the following questions

You are

You are requested to write review, survey or state-of-art article within the domain

ECN-500 Critical

ECN-500 Critical Thinking Trade Policies for the Developing Nations (100 Points)

Describe the

Describe the roles of the nurse for the program you are currently enrolled

Module 09

Module 09 Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Trade Agreements and Transborder Flows of Labor

Case Study

Case Study - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

What are

What are the legal issues presented in this case? Did the plaintiff

Identify any

Identify any governing labor laws as well as any historical influences, legal precedents

What are

What are the legal issues enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Project 1

Project 1 Case Study You are working in the research unit of a foundation

Week 4

Week 4 Discussion BUS309 Business Ethics



The Nature

The Nature of Capitalism," (beginning on page 117) and Chapter 5, "Corporations

Students will

Students will summarize and critique a current event topic related to the course outcomes and choice

Please read

Please read chapters 5 and 6 from Geuras, Dean and Charles

Why is

Why is it important for the FTC to govern advertising? Provide at least 2

Discuss the

Discuss the concepts related to data and data classification as they relate to the security concept of “Need to Know.

State here

State here the major facts as you see them. Make statements clear and concise for your own

OM 513

OM 513 Individual Case Study I Please read the case The Morrison Company

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis To prepare for this assignment,

MGT-520 Managing

MGT-520 Managing Perform. for Results

MGT-560 Leadership

MGT-560 Leadership Development Module 03 Critical Thinking Assignment

Explain why

Explain why cultural values in some Central/Latin American countries contribute to the problem of human trafficking?

Write a

Write a short essay on the 3 major factors contributing to crime across the country

OL 421

OL 421 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

BUS309 Week

BUS309 Week 6 Discussion Legislating Social Responsibility

BUS310 Week

BUS310 Week 6 Discussion Hiring for Diversity and/or Qualifications

Scenario You

Scenario You work as the chief supply-chain officer at the large international

QSO 321

QSO 321 Project Preassessment Evaluation Summary

Choose a

Choose a publicly held healthcare company for the applied paper The company

Explain the

Explain the Protection Motivation Theory. Should or is this theory being used to perceive the real threat drug cartels are to the border region and by extension the rest of the United States?

At what

At what age are children most influence to commit crime? What do you think are the major

Which of

Which of the two predictions do you believe is the most inaccurate

Describe the

Describe the collaborative initiative- location, date, what are the issues, who was involved with the solution?

Module 4

Module 4 Assignment Listening Activity Reaction Log 4 Bebop Styles

Threats to

Threats to applications or software require mitigation

Describe the

Describe the processes involved in the implementation of access control

Part 1

Part 1 Describe the Full Range of Leadership Model

What obligations

What obligations do you feel companies have to employees and employees have to a company in terms of loyalty?

Regardless of

Regardless of which SDLC model is used, the security requirements

Use the

Use the Case Study Format as described in the "Guide to Case Analysis" to complete

Read the

Read the case study "Southwest Airlines," found in Part 2 of your textbook

PUB 310

PUB 310 BA – First Reflection/Focus Assignment

Analyze Baman’s

Analyze Baman’s strategies for its restaurant and retail supply chains

PUB 310

PUB 310 BA Second Reflection/Focus Assignment 10 points

PUB 310

PUB 310 BA – Methods and Techniques in Public Administration

You are

You are the IT manager for a hypothetical/fictitious organization