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Free Task List Templates for Employees (Excel | Word)

Project managers and leaders must assign tasks to the right team members to ensure their teams are organised and productive. It is a comprehensive checklist that helps individuals or teams stay organised, track progress, and manage their workload effectively.  It is a tool that outlines all of the tasks required for a project from start to finish.

By using a task list, project managers can identify, categorise, and assign tasks to employees or team members in a systematic way. Its contents vary depending on the nature of the project. It typically includes details such as the name of the tasks, descriptions, due dates, assigned individuals or teams, and status updates, provides a clear overview of the work that needs to be accomplished, and helps ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

This article highlights the significance of task lists in ensuring efficient project management and provides practical guidance on customising an Excel template to create a tailored list that meets specific project needs.

What is a Template for a Task List? 

A template for a task list serves as a versatile document that enables efficient organisation, tracking, and management of project activities.

It provides a structured format with various categories of information essential for effective project management . These categories typically include activity descriptions, assigned employees, status updates, priorities, and deadlines. However, the template can be tailored to meet specific task specifications and project requirements by adding or removing relevant entries. 

Using a template is useful as it provides a standardised format for organising and managing the activities of the project. This ensures that consistent information is recorded for each assignment. It also allows managers to formulate their own convenient system of listing activities, assigning duties to team members, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. 

A popular tool for creating templates in Microsoft Excel. It is a convenient program because of its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to use. You can easily navigate through its features and commands. This allows for easy and quick customization.

Also, it has features to simplify various uses of the template, such as calculating task completion times to track progress. It is also easily accessible and compatible with multiple devices. This allows easy collaboration with team members when utilising the template. 

Free Templates

Downloadable Task List Template for Excel Format

Benefits of Using a Task List

Project managers can benefit in many ways when using a task list to manage their teams. This is because they are an effective way to launch projects quickly and ensure activities are identified, prioritised, and assigned to the most suitable employees under each step. 

Here are different ways team leaders can benefit from one:

Increase productivity and efficiency

With this list, employee responsibilities can be clearly defined, ensuring the team remains focused as everyone knows what is expected. This increases productivity. Also, duties can be delegated so that capable members or teams can work on different tasks simultaneously. This ensures goals and deadlines are met due to reduced downtime. This results in faster delivery and the optimization of time and resources, thus completing projects efficiently.    

Prioritise tasks

Tasks can be listed in order of importance, priority, or urgency. Additionally, by displaying the dependencies between tasks in this order, the team is better able to prioritise its efforts and avoid bottlenecks. 

Tracks progress and recurring tasks

The document lists the activity’s status, which can be either completed, ongoing, or pending. This information is needed to track the team’s progress over time. It can also be shared with team members, stakeholders, and clients to ensure they are updated on the project’s progress. 

A list of repeating activities can be duplicated and reused for the corresponding period, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, using a premade template. 

Allows delegation

Listing activities simplifies the delegation of work among the team members. You can identify the strengths of each member and assign them to duties they are suitable for. Additionally, you can more effectively and fairly distribute the workload and responsibilities among the employees to prevent overworking some of them at the expense of others. 

Better time management

You can divide large tasks into smaller, manageable activities with a list. Listing activities allows you to manage them effectively and allocate realistic deadlines.   

Reduced stress

Task lists offer a valuable solution to alleviate the mental burden of remembering every task. By providing a clear structure and a sense of control, they effectively reduce stress and create more mental space for focusing on the current task.

Improved communication

A task list informs team members, stakeholders, and clients about activities, the assigned employee, and the completion timeline. This promotes alignment and fosters collaboration among all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone shares a common understanding and can work together efficiently to successfully meet project deadlines.

Greater accountability 

Task lists establish accountability by clearly assigning tasks to specific team members. Each individual knows their responsibilities and can track their progress against the tasks assigned to them.

How to Make a Task List for Your Team

Understanding how to create a functional and effective activity list for your project is important. This is because a well-prepared document is easy to use and eliminates the risk of any errors due to missed or forgotten tasks or steps. 

Below is the detailed process for making such lists for a project:

Consider the scope of the project

It is important to consider the scope of the project, which is determined by its size and nature. Define the specific deliverables, the number of tasks involved, and the expected final product. This information will guide you in identifying the necessary activities that need to be completed. Subsequently, based on that, you can determine the appropriate format and layout for your document, ensuring its effectiveness and organisation.

Determine the priority of each task based on its importance, urgency, and dependencies. Identify critical tasks that need to be completed first or those that may impact the overall project timeline.

Determine the project’s timeline

Then, determine the timeline by identifying when different activities should be completed and the order in which they should be prioritised. Use this information to set realistic and achievable deadlines for each activity. 

Divide the project into sections

The project should be divided into smaller, manageable tasks. Begin by identifying the significant milestones or phases and subsequently dividing them into more specific action items.

Assign responsibilities

Next, assign the activities to the appropriate employees. Assign tasks to specific team members or stakeholders responsible for their completion. Clearly communicate the assignments and ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

Organise and structure

Determine the most suitable format for your list. It could be a simple checklist, a spreadsheet, project management software, or any other tool that works best for you and your team.

Regularly review and update

Continuously review and update the list as the project progresses. Add new tasks, modify deadlines if needed, and ensure that completed tasks are checked off or marked as complete.

Communicate and collaborate

Share the list with the relevant team members and stakeholders. Encourage open communication and collaboration to address any questions, provide support, and ensure everyone is aligned.This infographic is about tips for using task list templates.

This infographic is about tips for using task list template.

How to Customise a Task List Template in Excel

A template is simply a pre-made outline to guide you on what information to include in your list and the appropriate format and layout to use. Therefore, templates will normally offer you a customization option that allows you to create a document that is specific to your project and fulfils your requirements.

Below is a complete procedure on how to create one using Excel:

Launch excel

Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer by clicking on the Excel icon or finding it in your applications folder. Once Excel is open, you will see a blank workbook. This is where you will create your list. If you have a specific project file, you can open it instead.

Select a task list template

Choose a pre-designed task list template from the available options. You can find templates by selecting “File” > “New” and searching for “task list” in the template search bar. Alternatively, you can also browse online for templates compatible with Excel and download them.

Review the template structure

Take a moment to review the structure and layout of the template. Familiarise yourself with the columns, headers, and data fields already included.

Create column headers 

Then, modify the headers and sections of the template in Excel to match the project steps or workflow. Determine the categories or information you want to have. Common column headers may include task name, description, assigned to, status, deadline, priority, and notes. Enter these column headers in the first row of your worksheet. 

Enter details of the tasks

Starting from the second row, enter the relevant details for each task in the corresponding columns. For example, under “Task Name,” enter the name or title of the task. Add appropriate information for each activity in the other columns, such as descriptions, assigned individuals, due dates, status updates, and any additional notes. 

Add or remove columns

Add or remove columns based on the information you want to track for your tasks. Right-click on the column header and select “Insert” or “Delete” to add or remove columns, respectively.

Adjust column widths

Resize the column widths to accommodate the content in each column. Hover your cursor between the column letters, click, and drag to expand or shrink the width as needed.

Format the cells

Apply formatting options such as font style, size, and colour to enhance the visual appeal and readability of the list. You can also add borders, shading, or cell highlighting to draw attention to important information.

Customise data validation

If your list template includes data validation, customise it to fit your specific needs. Data validation can help ensure that entered data meets certain criteria, such as selecting options from a drop-down list for task status or priority.

Add formulas or conditional formatting

Utilize Excel’s formulas and conditional formatting features to automate calculations and visually highlight specific data based on certain conditions. For example, you can create a formula to calculate task completion percentages or use conditional formatting to highlight overdue tasks.

Save and use the customized template

Once you have made the desired changes and customizations, save the file as a template for future use. Select “File” > “Save As” and choose the file format “.xltx” or “.xlsx” to save it as an Excel template.

By following these steps, you can effectively customise a task list template in Excel to align with your project or personal task management requirements. This flexibility allows you to create a task list that suits your specific needs and enhances your productivity and organisation.

Types of Task List Templates 

You can access different types of templates for listing your project tasks. Below are examples of common types of such templates. They vary in complexity and application:

Simple task list 

This blank template outlines tasks in a straightforward format. It has sections for recording a brief task description, due date, and status. It is meant for small projects with a few team members that do not require extensive planning. This template is simple in design and easy to use when creating lists and managing employees.

Project task list 

It is a generic template designed to organise, track, and manage activities in different projects. The template has sections to indicate the project tasks, deadlines, assignees, priority, and deliverables. It is more detailed and can be used for personal and business projects. This template can also outline potential issues and risks that ought to be mitigated throughout the project.

Daily task list 

The tasks that must be accomplished each day in order to advance the project toward its objectives are recorded on a daily task list. It indicates the starting time for each day and task interval and, as such, can be segmented into hours. It should be flexible to accommodate changes or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the project. Regularly update and communicate the list with relevant team members to ensure everyone is aligned and working towards the project’s objectives.

Weekly task list 

It helps individuals or teams plan and organise their tasks for the entire week. It typically includes tasks that need to be accomplished within that specific week. It has sections for the day, date, task description, due date, status, and keynotes. It can be synced with the calendar to optimise scheduling. This document is an effective time management instrument that helps plan and prioritise weekly activities to ensure they are completed before the deadline at the end of the week.

In conclusion, task lists are indispensable tools for effective task management and productivity. Individuals and teams can stay organised, prioritise their work, and monitor progress toward their objectives by using them. To make task management even easier, there are various free templates available on this website that can be customised to fit specific needs and preferences. Thus, project managers and team leaders must use them to increase employee productivity and manage time and resources effectively. This leads to easier and faster delivery of project goals.  Templates can be significantly helpful in making effective and professional task lists. They record information such as activity description, deadline, and status to organise and manage project activities accurately. Also, they are reusable and can be customised using tools like Excel to ensure they align with your management style and specific project needs.     

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Top 10 Task Assignment Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Task Assignment Templates with Samples and Examples

Simran Shekhawat


A leader’s task is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.   - Former US secretary of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger’s vision of leadership has stood the test of time, and human endeavors. His thoughts on leadership reflect the importance of delegating or task assignment in a group setting, be it politics or business.

The importance of task allocation, management, and delegation of work to reach a pre-defined role cannot be overstated.

If you are large-scale business or a firm, it is tedious or troublesome to conduct meetings, design project outcomes, comprehend the project progress, and manage the nitty gritty of business. To ensure the owner or the management use their energies wisely, it is a better strategy to have a structured plan in place for task assignments across each level of your business establishment.

We, at SlideTeam, present to you our contemporary model of managing and delegating tasks that resolves this major pain point of businesses. It also helps you make efficient use of your time by following a schedule. Use our must-have business task templates to keep track of your business cycles.

Determine the schedule of your day with some of the daily task templates check out now!

The PPT Templates from SlideTeam comprehend your needs and give you both the outcome and the answer. Creating and adhering to a daily routine is essential for all aspects of life. Use these 100% editable and customizable templates with samples and examples to understand the significance of these. We promise to make your professional life easier, as they offer to organize, manage, and track down your project progress and streamline your business processes.

You must keep a record of updates on due dates and status. Check out some of weekly task templates. Click here !

Let’s dive into the task of work management with task assignment templates

Template 1 task assignment powerpoint ppt template bundles.

Delegating and accounting tasks is essential for proper functioning of an organization. To enable that, we have created one of our best task assignment PowerPoint Slides to help businesses distribute their work, use resources optimally, and enhance the working of their team members such that their contribution and expertise help the firm achieve their objectives. Bring in the power of this template to feature quality output, facilitate clear communication, strategic project planning, task budgeting monitoring, and evaluation of team and task performance against the milestones.

Task Assignment

Download Now!

Template 2 Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues 

Use this template as a primary project management document that summarizes work assignments and related problems. Use the slide to reflect changes in task status, issues resolved, and real-time project progress. Encourage team members to contribute to the issue log to foster a collaborative environment that facilitates open communication and efficient problem-solving. Through the integration of linked issues, this template seeks to facilitate the administration of project task assignments and promote a proactive approach to resolution of the issue and project success.

Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

Template 3 Employee Onboarding Process Task Assignment Chart 

To ensure that every stage of the onboarding process is planned correctly and allocated, we welcome you with the PPT Template that lists employee onboarding process with task assignments. This slide is attractive as it visually represents tasks assigned and their status and a column for additional notes. With this, businesses can streamline their onboarding process by establishing project managing techniques of tracking and collaborations. Use the content in this template to help you finish your assignment on time or ahead of schedule. Download it to know more!

Employee Onboarding Process Task Assignment Chart

Template 4 Employee Weekly Task Assignment Schedule with Workload Status 

Creating a schedule demands foresight in that one needs to be prepared for unforeseen events. Make sure your work tasks and processes align with the necessary tasks to be completed. Use our professionally-designed employee task schedule template to facilitate task management. Determine the status of your work schedule, while listing it in workload categories to ensure timely project progress. Use this pre-made employee workload status template to help employees understand the gist of the work needed to be done to reach their goals and to help them provide suggestions on how to lighten their burden for the upcoming week.

Employee weekly task assignment schedule with workload status

Template 5 Task Assignment and Evaluation Matrix PPT PowerPoint Presentation Summary

Establish control over your project by making every team member or firm aware of the roles and responsibilities when performing activities. Ensure that everyone on a project team knows their function and how it fits into the larger picture; this task and assessment template aims to identify the roles and responsibilities of each member. This PowerPoint Template contains information you need. You can implement your daily tasks and present your data in a way that engages and informs.

Task Assignment & Evaluation

Template 6 Weekly Task Assignment List with Status and Hours Budgeted 

This weekly job assignment PowerPoint Slide balances the action and budget hour and the relevant workload status. This comprehensive solution offers a one-stop shop for all your needs related to recording weekly activities. Use this slide to create easily navigable graphics that enhance staff productivity. Lay out your weekly and daily tasks along with those with features to explain project progress.

Weekly Task Assignment List with Status and Hours Budgeted

Template 7 – Task Assignment Tracker with Due Date and Budget Allocation 

This task assignment tracker facilitates the management and monitoring of project tasks by combining task assignment data, deadlines, and budget allocations in an organized manner. Construct an adequate representation of tasks assigned to employees and the time and budget required for completion. To maintain financial control, check the budget summary. Give every task its unique identification. Give a brief description of the assignment. Use this slide to depict how to set aside money for the project’s budget. Arrange the projected  cost and the actual cost incurred in a tabular format to learn the deviations and get better at budgeting. Change the task's state (Not Started, In Progress, or Completed). Tailor it to the listed requirements and match it to the intricacy of your undertaking.

Task Assignment Tracker with Due Date and Budget Allocation

Template 8 – Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

This template offers a thorough overview of project tasks, their assignments, and any associated problems hindering the project's advancement. Modify the template to fit requirements and the scope of your project. List out the task details with due date priority, last check-in, status, related issues, and additional notes if any. This template provides a comprehensive list of task assignments as well.

Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

Template 9 – Task Assignment Schedule with Course Details

For instructional programs, training sessions, or any learning-related projects, arrange your course in a manageable way with this PPT Template. The assignment schedule provides a layout for project details that encompass listing out course details from the day of starting till the progress to date. Adapt the template based on the difficulty of the course. Update the schedule frequently to account for modifications to the dates, subjects, or assignments. Use this timetable to help you plan and monitor the course's progress.

Task Assignment Schedule with Course Details

Template 10 One-Pager Format of Project Task Assignment Sheet Infographic

Use this PPT Template to assess a software application's functionality. Consequently, determine if the generated program satisfies the requirements. This slide depicts project objectives, progress, and challenges. Provide space to include the project's name and basic details. Enlist to segregate tasks with phases, task details, and due dates. Illustrate phases in the project along with project closure. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to highlight the four-week project timetable and current accomplishments. This will enable you to run the programs to help identify software issues.

One Page Format of Project Task Assignment Sheet with Timeline

Create your task with us!

Design and create your business task with SlideTeam’s task assignment PPT Templates. These templates are created professionally to let your business organise and structure their assignments. Provide a comprehensive guide for individuals and team while helping them to track, prioritize, track project progress and manage activities and processes.

Do check out some of your best business task list templates. Click here to know more!

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assignment task sheet

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assignment task sheet

How to Create a Task Tracker in Excel: Free Template

assignment task sheet

Checking tasks off your to-do list feels pretty awesome, right? If only everything in life gave you that instant sense of accomplishment!

A task list earns its keep by helping you schedule, assign, and track all the work that needs to be done for a project. You can also use it to give stakeholders and team members at-a-glance updates on project progress.

With our free Excel task checklist template, you can keep up with all the to-dos you need to knock out—whether you’re focused on an important work assignment or just want to finish up a few projects around the house. We’ve done all the hard work so you can have all the fun marking things done.

Ready to get started? We’ll show you just how easy it is to take your task list from to-do to ta-da! Here’s what we'll cover:

How to create a task tracker in Excel

How to customize your task list template, how to create an online task tracker in teamgantt.

Let’s start with a simple tutorial on how to keep track of tasks at work using Excel.

1. Download our free Excel task tracker template

At TeamGantt, we know how important it is to ensure projects get done on time and on budget. That's why we created this Excel task list template to make tracking project progress a breeze.

Make this task tracker template your own by adding to-do list items and tasks, assigning task owners, and tracking task status, budgets, and costs.

Download your free Excel task tracker template

2. Add to-do list items and tasks

First, find the T ask Name column on your worksheet, and enter a descriptive name for each task you want to track for a particular day of the week.

3. Indicate the status of each task

This sample to-do list template features four different status options—with icons as easy visual cues—so you can see where each task is at a glance: Not Started , In Progress , Complete , and On Hold .

To assign a status to a task, click on the status dropdown menu in that task’s row, and choose the status that applies to the task you’re working on.

assignment task sheet

4. Set task due dates

Set clear expectations for your team by entering the deadline for each task in the Due Date column.

assignment task sheet

5. Assign task owners

Start by specifying which team or department will carry out the work using the Task Type column. Then pair each task with its rightful owner by entering the team member’s name into the Assigned to column.

assignment task sheet

6. Include task budgets and costs

Use the Hours Budgeted column to let team members know how much time has been budgeted for each task.  

‍Once a task is complete, log the time spent on it in the Actual Hours column.

assignment task sheet

Tracking daily and monthly tasks in Excel

We’ve designed this task tracker template to track your weekly to-do list. But you can create additional task lists for monitoring daily and monthly to-dos.

Click Insert > Sheet > Blank Sheet to add a new worksheet. Then give each row and column a header label, and use the formatting tools to design your own daily or monthly task tracker.

assignment task sheet

Once you’ve got the basics squared away, feel free to customize your Excel task list template to ensure it fits your project needs. You can add a title, switch up the colors, add or delete new rows and columns, or even dress your to-do list up with your company logo.

Adding titles

We’ve titled this checklist template “Weekly Task List.” As exciting as that moniker may be, we bet you’ll want to give your to-do checklist your own snazzy (and specific) name.

1. To add or edit the title of your project task list template, double-click your cursor into cell A-2.

2. Enter a new title for your task list. Feel free to include the project name and date range in your title so there’s no doubt what this task tracker covers.

assignment task sheet

3. Format the header text using the same formatting tools you’d use to format any other text in the worksheet.

Changing colors

Want to apply your own brand colors to your task list? Or make it easy to tell Tom’s tasks from Bill’s? No problem!

1. Click to highlight the cell, row, or column you want to change.

2. Go to Format > Cells , and select the Fill tab.

3. Click on the Background Color dropdown, and choose the new color you want to apply to the cell, row or column you’ve highlighted.

assignment task sheet

Adding rows/columns

We’ve outlined a few basic to-do list categories to get you started. But there may be other details you need to track along the way. For example, you might want to add a priority column. Or maybe your Monday has a lot more to-dos than the other days of the week.

1. To insert a new row, click Insert > Rows . A new row will be added above the one you currently have selected, using the same formulas and formatting of the row above.

assignment task sheet

2. To insert a new column, go to Insert > Columns . A new column will be added to the left of the one you currently have selected, using the same formulas and formatting of the column to the left.

assignment task sheet

Removing rows/columns

We may have included details you simply don’t need to track. That’s okay! Deleting extra info won’t hurt our feelings a bit.

1. To delete an existing row, click on the row you want to remove. Go to Edit > Delete , and choose Entire Row .

assignment task sheet

2. To delete an existing column, click on the column you want to remove. Go to Edit > Delete , and choose Entire Column .

assignment task sheet

Adding a company logo

Want to give your project task list template some more flair? Add your company logo to the worksheet.

1. Right-click on the TeamGantt logo/header image in row 1, and select Change Picture .

assignment task sheet

2. Choose the image file you want to add to the worksheet, and click the Insert button.

Printing the to-do list template

By the time you finish customizing your to-do list template, it’ll be so pretty you just might want to print it out and pin it to the wall—and we don’t blame you.

1. First, let’s set the print area. Simply click and drag your cursor to highlight all the cells you want to print out. Then go to File > Print Area > Set Print Area.

assignment task sheet

2. If you want to adjust the scale of the checklist to fit on a single page, click on the Page Layout tab. Then go to Margins > Custom Margins and select the Page tab.

assignment task sheet

3. Once you’ve set the print area and adjusted the scale of your checklist, you’re ready to send your task list to the printer. Click File > Print.

assignment task sheet

Additional resources

  • Project management template library : Use these simple templates in any industry to plan and manage projects, identify and mitigate risk, and communicate effectively at every project step.
  • ‍ Gantt chart Excel template : Save time organizing your project plan with our premade Excel gantt chart template! Simply plug in your tasks and dates, and you'll have a presentation-quality Excel gantt chart.

Want to take the tedium out of task lists? Give TeamGantt’s online gantt chart software a try , and create a customized task tracker in minutes.

With TeamGantt, it’s easy to collaborate on work and streamline workflows. Here are just a few of the handy features you—and your team—will have at your fingertips:

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Reusable project plan templates
  • Project dependencies
  • File storage
  • Time tracking
  • Resource management
  • Planned vs. actual timelines

And because TeamGantt is all online, everyone on the team can update tasks in real-time. No more juggling a million different spreadsheets or scrambling to capture last-minute updates before a big meeting!

Sign up for your free account and get started. (No strings attached, we promise!) Once you’re in, here’s a sneak peek at just how easy it is to create and manage task lists in TeamGantt.

Setting up your task list project

Before you can set up tasks, you’ll need to answer a few quick onboarding questions and then create a new project.

assignment task sheet

1. Start by entering a descriptive name for your project on the project setup page. We called our example project “Weekly Task List.”

assignment task sheet

2. Then, choose a new Start Date , if you want your list to begin on a day other than today.

assignment task sheet

3. Next, decide whether you want to start from scratch with a blank project or choose a template from our handy library of pre-built options . To make things super easy for you, we created a Weekly Task List template .

Simply click on the Preview templates icon, expand the Admin & Personal category, and select Weekly Task List to preview the template. If you’d like to use it, select Use Template in the bottom right corner of the window.

assignment task sheet

4. If not, feel free to choose a different template option or click anywhere outside of the preview window to return to the Create a new project page.

5. Next, select which days of the week you want to assign and track work for this project. The default is Monday through Friday, but you can choose any configuration of days that make sense for your work schedule.

assignment task sheet

6. Finally, select Create new project to save your changes and get to work.

Adding and editing task lists

Now that you have a project, it’s time to set up your task list! We chose the Weekly Task List template for our example, which gives us a labeled task group for each day of the week.

assignment task sheet

1. Simply click on each task group field, if you want to rename it.

assignment task sheet

2. If you need to add more task groups, click +Group of Tasks , and enter the name of your new task group in the blank field that appears below.

assignment task sheet

3. To add a new task, click +Task and enter a name in the blank that appears below. Then, use the drag-and-drop features to adjust the timelines for each task .

assignment task sheet

4. To delete a task, hover over it and select the trashcan icon that appears to the right of the task name.

assignment task sheet

Assigning team members

To invite other users to your project, select the People tab in the top navigation bar of your project. Then, select Invite People to add new users by name and email address.

assignment task sheet

Once a user has been added to your project, designate them to a task by clicking assign in the Assigned column and selecting the checkbox next to their name.

assignment task sheet

Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to invite users and assign them to tasks .

Creating dependencies

Dependencies enable you to control the order of tasks in your project. If one task has to wait for another to get done before it can begin, the dependency will account for that. For example, a designer may not be able to design a landing page until the content’s been written.

1. To add a dependency, click on the gray dot to the right of the first task in the gantt chart.

assignment task sheet

2. Then drag the dependency line to connect it to the dependent task below.

assignment task sheet

Changing task colors

To change the color of a task, hover over the task, and choose a new color by clicking on the colored square that appears to the right of the task.

assignment task sheet

Ready to discover just how easy and fast task tracking can be?

This is just a preview of all the fun you can have with task lists on TeamGantt—but there’s so much more to see!

Sign up for your free TeamGantt account today to learn all about the project management possibilities you could have at your fingertips.

assignment task sheet

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Top 10 Free Task List Templates in Excel & ClickUp to Unlock Efficiency

Praburam Srinivasan

Growth Marketing Manager

February 13, 2024

If you often struggle to stay on top of work tasks, personal responsibilities, and the never-ending to-do lists life keeps throwing at you, don’t worry—you’re not alone. While excelling at work while maintaining a fulfilling personal life is a major puzzle for many professionals, it can be pieced together if you equip yourself with the right tools.

The humble task list is a simple yet remarkably useful tool to boost productivity and regain control of your personal and professional commitments. It provides a clear roadmap of what and when needs to be accomplished, helping you manage time wisely and prioritize tasks effectively. 📑

To be practical, a task list needs a well-structured format, but making one from scratch can be yet another responsibility.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of outstanding blueprints available for free. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the finest task list templates to revolutionize how you manage your daily responsibilities.

What Is a Task List Template?

What makes a good task list template, 1. clickup daily task list template, 2. clickup calendar to do list template, 3. clickup work to do template, 4. clickup task management template, 5. clickup simple to-dos template, 6. clickup simple task management template, 7. clickup activity list template, 8. excel prioritized to do list template by vertex42, 9. excel task list template by teamgantt, 10. excel daily task tracker template.

Avatar of person using AI

A task list template is a pre-designed framework for efficiently listing, prioritizing, organizing, and tracking tasks or activities. It comes in various forms, from simple to complex, and can be used for professional and personal purposes.

These templates typically include essential components such as task names, descriptions, due dates, and status indicators. Some may offer additional attributes like priority levels , task dependencies, and categories to further improve task management and prioritization.

ClickUp 3.0 List view bundle with Gantt and AI

Task list templates provide a systematic approach to managing your daily schedule , coordinating complex projects, or organizing team assignments. They help you track responsibilities and ensure crucial tasks are completed on time, promoting accountability and transparency.

What makes them even more valuable is their flexibility —they can be tailored to fit your specific requirements, whether you’re managing a client project or throwing a birthday party. ⏳

When it comes to task organization, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, you should ensure that your task list template has the following qualities:

  • Clarity : Task names and descriptions should be concise and unambiguous, ensuring that users can quickly understand what needs to be done
  • Organization : The template provides a logical structure for listing tasks, often in a sequential or prioritized manner
  • Flexibility : Users should be able to customize it to suit their specific personal or professional requirements 
  • Due date management : It allows for setting due dates or deadlines, helping users track time-sensitive responsibilities and prioritize work accordingly
  • Status tracking : Good templates include status indicators or checkboxes that allow users to mark tasks as incomplete, in progress, or completed
  • Reminders and notifications : To help users stay on top of upcoming tasks or overdue items

10 Must-Have Free Task List Templates in 2024

In this curated collection, we’ve handpicked the top 10 task and to-do list templates in Excel and ClickUp .

Each is expertly designed to address specific needs and elevate your task management experience. They’re also easy to use, customizable, and completely free. 🆓 

ClickUp Daily Task Template is perfect for managing daily tasks and keeping track of your entire day

The ClickUp Daily Task List Template is your partner in organizing everyday tasks , from the most routine to critical. It empowers you to take charge of your day by setting goals, assigning deadlines, categorizing tasks, setting up reminders, and prioritizing work.

The best part? It’s highly customizable , allowing you to tailor it to your needs and preferences. 

With this template, you have the power to take your task organization to the next level through Custom Fields. You can organize tasks according to particular categories such as type, location, or any other relevant criteria, which makes it simpler to visualize and arrange your workload.

Easily track and maintain streaks with customizable attributes for effective daily task management. ✅

Use the template’s List view for a detailed display of your to-do items, switch to the Kanban view to easily manage task statuses, or pick the Table view if you prefer a spreadsheet-like format. You can also integrate this template with your existing task management tools , ensuring it harmonizes effortlessly with your daily workflow.

Combine your daily checklist and your daily calendar with the ClickUp Calendar To-Do List Template

If you’re looking to master your work hours, expectations, and goals with precision, the ClickUp Calendar To Do List Template has your back. It’s not just a calendar; it’s a powerful organizational tool offering a holistic view of your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly duties.

Use it as a clear roadmap to plan and prioritize all your tasks based on your role and responsibilities or as your go-to weekly task list template for multiple projects. 🗓️

What makes this template extra convenient and functional are its custom views. Imagine having an entire week ahead filled with meetings. The Meeting Request view gives you a quick overview of all your upcoming appointments, the associated tasks, and their deadlines. This ensures you’re always well-prepared and firmly in control of your commitments.

Now, picture working in a team where tasks are assigned based on roles. The By Role view helps you sort tasks according to who’s responsible for them. It makes task delegation a breeze and promotes accountability by ensuring everyone knows what they need to do and when.

Lastly, there’s the Schedules view . It’s like a visual map of your day or week, laying out tasks chronologically. This helps you plan your time effectively by allocating slots for tasks, meetings, and even short breaks. It’s all about staying on top of things and making the most of your precious time.

You can also track task progress with Custom Statuses like Open and Complete and categorize tasks using Custom Fields such as Category, Resources, Productivity Level, and Role.

Successfully tackle all upcoming obligations with the ClickUp Work To Do Template

With the ClickUp Work To Do Template , you can effortlessly prioritize tasks by importance, effort, or urgency, ensuring you stay focused on what matters most. Organize projects into lists, complete with their related tasks, subtasks, and associated due dates, so you’re always on top of deadlines. Plus, you can visually track your progress through intuitive Kanban boards or Gantt charts. 

This template offers three distinct views tailored to your needs:

  • Weekly Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar

In the Task List view, you’ll find a comprehensive list of activities organized by their completion timeframes, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. You can track additional details on the right side of the template, such as task status, due dates, and priority. Plus, the Task Type field allows you to specify the department responsible, adding a touch of accountability to your task management. 💼

The Calendar views are where the magic happens. Use the simple drag-and-drop editor to schedule or reschedule tasks , creating a visual roadmap for your work.

Easily manage tasks across the team and use custom views like Board view to delegate work more efficiently

The ClickUp Task Management Template is your ultimate solution for staying organized and efficiently tackling tasks, no matter the project’s goals. This template takes the information you enter and automatically groups it by priority, department, or task status. With pre-built Custom Fields , you’ll have a quick snapshot of task ownership and expected completion dates, ensuring transparency and clarity. 🌞

Your team can use the template’s List view to meticulously organize task details, such as ownership and deadlines, akin to an advanced to-do list . Project tasks are sorted into three main Lists —Action Items, Ideas, and Backlog—allowing you to find the information you need effortlessly. 

Meanwhile, the Board view empowers you to plan and prioritize tasks by arranging sticky notes on a Kanban board. The Box view offers insights into work distribution, aiding intelligent task assignment, while the Calendar view simplifies scheduling with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

ClickUp Simple To-Dos Template facilitates task management and increases productivity

Introducing the ClickUp Simple To-Dos Template , where effectiveness meets simplicity. This template offers a straightforward approach to task management without unnecessary complications or distractions. 🎯

Start with the List view as your master task list, where columns display essential details like assignees, due dates, priority tags, and comments. The status column provides a dropdown menu with customizable categories, such as Blocked, Complete, In Progress, and To Do.

Want an overview of all your tasks? Turn to the All Tasks view.

Need to prioritize? The Prioritized Tasks view has you covered.

Make your tasks more informative by including subtasks, checklists, and attachments. Experiment with various views like Board and Gantt, and refine your task display using filters to find the best fit for your workflow.

View only the next action of a task for a cleaner to-do list template in ClickUp

Tired of struggling to remember your daily tasks and appointments? The ClickUp Simple Task Management Template is designed to simplify not only work-related activities but also everyday responsibilities like cleaning, vacuuming, or going to the gym.

The to-do list template includes a basic list format for visualizing personal or professional tasks categorized as To Do or Complete. 

This task management template provides a clear structure for adding your daily tasks , complete with labels for due dates, priorities, and task statuses. It’s your key to structuring your day and staying on top of tasks, no matter their size or significance.

You’ll find a range of views, including List , Board, and Doc , allowing you to approach your tasks in a way that best suits your workflow. Its powerful customization options set this template apart—add fields, prioritize tasks, and easily set up reminders.

Origanize and plan all your activities in one place with the ClickUp Activity List Template

The ClickUp Activity List Template can transform the chaos of your to-dos into a well-organized and efficient system. It’s a versatile template that covers everything from creating to-do lists and checklists to managing project timelines and sprints. With this template, you can organize all your activities in one place, making it easy to prioritize and plan them with precision. 🙌

Use the template’s Custom Fields to: 

  • Specify project name
  • Assign a project manager
  • Track completion progress

What’s even more convenient is that this template structures activities as subtasks , allowing you to provide in-depth details for each one, including dependencies between activities. It’s a comprehensive solution for effective activity management and project planning, simplifying complex tasks and ensuring your projects run smoothly.

Excel Prioritized To Do List Template  by Vertex42

Excel enthusiasts, here’s a handy tool for your task management needs: the Excel Prioritized To Do List Template by Vertex42. This template simplifies the collection, evaluation, and tracking of your day-to-day tasks. It features a printable , hand-fillable design with a dedicated space for your top three priorities. 🖨️

In the first column, list your tasks or projects. Use the subsequent columns to set due dates, update statuses, specify priorities, and add notes. You have the flexibility to prioritize tasks using various methods, like symbols, numbers, or formatting.

Excel Task List Template by TeamGantt

The Excel Task List Template by TeamGantt is your ticket to task management success. This template simplifies scheduling, assignment, and tracking of tasks for various projects, making it a valuable addition to your task list template Excel collection. It offers adaptability, whether you’re handling critical work tasks or personal projects.

The template simplifies task management by allowing you to create a comprehensive to-do list . You can easily add tasks, assign owners, set due dates, and track task status. Its clear status options make progress monitoring a visual breeze, and you can prioritize tasks effortlessly by assigning due dates.

You can track your progress on work assignments, ensuring you never miss a deadline or manage your household projects more efficiently, keeping costs in check and tasks on schedule.

Excel Daily Task Tracker Template

The Excel Daily Task Tracker Template is a versatile tool for efficiently managing multiple tasks. Its user-friendly, visually attractive design incorporates built-in filtering controls , allowing you to sort and filter projects based on their due dates, priority, and status. Whether you prefer a digital or hard copy, this template suits both options.

With complete customization options , you have the freedom to adjust text, images, and other elements to suit your unique requirements. You can tap into a world of creativity with access to a diverse range of photos, graphics, fonts, and dynamic features like animations, transitions, and videos. 🎨

This template offers a straightforward and efficient solution for task tracking, helping you prevent oversights and boosting your productivity.

Task List Templates: Overview

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from each template:

ClickUp Daily Task List TemplateManaging daily tasks and prioritizing them to achieve maximum productivity
ClickUp Calendar To Do List TemplateTake full advantage of the calendar to manage work hours, expectations, and objectives
ClickUp Work To Do TemplatePrioritizing tasks, organizing them into lists, and visualizing progress with ease
ClickUp Task Management TemplateCustomizing and streamlining task management with multiple views, including lists, boards, and calendar
ClickUp Simple To-Dos TemplateMaintaining a clear structure for daily tasks, including due dates, priority, and status
ClickUp Simple Task Management TemplateEasily managing tasks with customizable statuses and fields, prioritization options, and various views
ClickUp Activity List TemplateOrganizing, prioritizing, and collaborating on various project activities in one centralized location
Excel Prioritizes To Do List Template by Vertex42Collecting, evaluating, and tracking tasks with flexibility, using a spreadsheet-style approach
Excel Task List Template by TeamGanttUtilizing its user-friendly interface to list, prioritize, and track tasks while having the flexibility to customize task details and statuses
Excel Daily Task Tracker TemplateEasily adding, assigning, and monitoring tasks, complete with due dates, priorities, and status updates

Checkmate Your Tasks with the Best Task and To Do List Templates

If tasks were your soldiers, task list templates would be the strategies and tactics you apply to take control of them and lead them to victory. So, don’t just try to manage tasks—command them with the right template! 💂

From simple to-do lists to detailed project tracking tools, these 10 templates combine simplicity, flexibility, and effectiveness to match your specific needs. If you need more ready-made frameworks to streamline all kinds of professional and personal activities, we encourage you to check out  ClickUp’s extensive library of templates and supercharge your productivity.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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Templates for college and university assignments

Include customizable templates in your college toolbox. stay focused on your studies and leave the assignment structuring to tried and true layout templates for all kinds of papers, reports, and more..

college tools photo

Keep your college toolbox stocked with easy-to-use templates

Work smarter with higher-ed helpers from our college tools collection. Presentations are on point from start to finish when you start your project using a designer-created template; you'll be sure to catch and keep your professor's attention. Staying on track semester after semester takes work, but that work gets a little easier when you take control of your scheduling, list making, and planning by using trackers and planners that bring you joy. Learning good habits in college will serve you well into your professional life after graduation, so don't reinvent the wheel—use what is known to work!

Task List Templates

The Excel task list templates on this page demonstrate some of the many ways that you can track tasks using a spreadsheet, from simple to do lists to more advanced Gantt charts. These templates demonstrate using icon sets to display priorities, using conditional formatting to display a progress bar, creating a gantt using using a stacked bar chart, and using a check mark to cross out tasks when they've been completed.

Tell me what you think about these templates: Leave a comment on the related blog article " Add Cool Features to Your To Do Lists ."

This Page (contents):

  • Project Task List
  • Simple Task Tracker
  • Task List with Gantt Chart

Task Checklist Template

Printable task list templates, project task list template.

Project Task List Template

License : Private Use (not for distribution or resale)


This spreadsheet demonstrates the use of conditional formatting to highlight the Priority column, to add a progress bar to the % Complete column, and to create a functioning check box via data validation. It also includes columns for entering budget and hours spent on each task.

Update 9/23/2019: Added the Google Sheets version - replaced the icon sets with in-cell checkboxes. Google Sheets does not yet have in-cell data bars (for the % Complete column).

Simple Task Tracker Template

Screenshot of the Task Tracker Template in Excel

This task tracker template demonstrates the use of custom icon sets via conditional formatting to show a priority rating of 1-4 with different color circles. It uses a similar technique for the checkbox in the Done column.

Project Task List with Gantt Chart

Project Task List Template with Gantt Chart

A gantt chart can be created from a task list using a stacked bar chart in Excel. This is a functional template that can be used for real project management tasks, but the primary purpose is to demonstrate how the data table is set up to create the gantt chart.

Screenshot of the Task Checklist in Excel

This task list template demonstrates how to create a checkbox using a data validation drop-down and how to use simple conditional formatting conditions to display HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW priority values. It also uses conditional formatting to change fonts to a gray strike-through when the checkbox is checked.

► How to Insert a Check Mark in Excel (on youtube)!

More Templates For Tracking Tasks

Thumbnail - Action Items Template

  • How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel at vertex42.com
  • Create a Drop Down List in Excel at vertex42.com

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Related templates.

Thumbnail - Personal Planner Template

Project Management

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  • Task Management
  • Task Management Templates

Free Task Management Templates

Use free task tracker templates for Excel and PowerPoint to simplify your work and manage project tasks more efficiently.

Free Task Management Templates

Using templates for task management and tracking

Project managers and team leaders working on small to mid-size projects can use pre-built templates to manage their team's tasks manage their team's tasks more easily. Task management templates provide a starting point that can be used again and again, saving you from having to reinvent the wheel every time you need to create a plan, track task progress, or report status to clients and execs.

On this page, we have collected a series of free task tracker templates for Excel and PowerPoint to help professionals get started faster. Browse through all of them or use the links below to jump straight to the template category that suits your needs best.

  • A) Free task management templates for Excel
  • B) Free task management templates for PowerPoint

Free task management templates for Excel

With its handy grid format, formulas, and data filters, Excel is commonly used for making schedules, analyzing data, and tracking task status. Although not ideal for advanced project management, task management spreadsheets provide a good framework for planning and monitoring small projects. They're compatible with other applications outside the Microsoft Office suite, which makes them easy to share and synchronize across task manager apps .

Below you can find a few Excel task tracker templates, from simple list-type spreadsheets to more complex visual tracking frameworks.

Project Management Task List Template

With so many variables in a project, a simple task list such as the one below can help professionals organize their work, prioritize it, and see at a glance when each individual task is due. The free project management task list template allows users to assign a status to each task, sort assignments into multiple categories, and see exactly who's responsible for what. It also calculates the tasks' planned and actual durations automatically, enabling teams to easily make comparisons and see if work is progressing as scheduled.

Project Management Task List in Excel

Excel Task Tracker Template

This Excel task tracker template was designed for project or task managers who wish to apply Scrum principles when planning and monitoring their team's tasks. The free task tracker spreadsheet splits tasks into short sprints for easier management and allows users to define priorities, see task status at a glance, and track assignments as they are completed. It also includes a simple  Gantt chart  that auto-updates whenever the data in the task list changes.

Excel Task Tracker Template

Task Management Spreadsheet Template

Effective task management requires precise knowledge of all assignments and the time remaining for completing them. A task management spreadsheet like the one below can help teams track their tasks by the hour and organize their work more efficiently. The template automatically calculates the hours left for finishing each task, shows the percentage of work already completed, and highlights the tasks that are overdue. In addition, this task tracker spreadsheet also estimates the assignments' start and end dates and displays them on a Gantt chart, providing an overview of the whole project.

Task Management Spreadsheet in Excel

Free task management templates for PowerPoint

Excel task tracker spreadsheets are good for ensuring clarity and alignment within the team, but, when communicating to high-level audiences such as clients or upper management, professionals may find that they need something more graphical. In such cases, PowerPoint task management templates might prove more efficient, as they can show summarized data on a single visual slide, in a manner that's easy to digest. Below you can find a few such templates to get you started.

Free Task Planner Template

This free task planner was built for professionals who need create an executive-level view of their project tasks for client meetings or project proposals. Designed as a simple Plan-on-a-Page, it is a  Gantt chart   that uses color codes to group tasks by categories or departments, making it easy to see key data at a glance. Download the free task planner template file and edit it manually in PowerPoint or use the Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in to automate the process and update it effortlessly.

Free Task Planner

PowerPoint Task Tracker Template

Clients and execs usually don't have the time to read lengthy documents or untangle complicated task management spreadsheets to see how a project is progressing. To efficiently communicate task status to high-level audiences, project managers and team leaders can use a more familiar PowerPoint slide such as the one below. This task tracker template keeps things simple by providing only essential tracking information such as the due dates of key tasks, percentage complete, or important events along the way. The free task tracker can be downloaded and edited in PowerPoint and updated easily as plans change.

Task Tracker Template

Agile Task Management Template

Agile task management is an iterative, incremental approach to managing projects, often used in software development. The methodology focuses on delivering work fast and in small increments, while incorporating feedback from customers in each iteration. This allows the team to easily adapt to changing requirements and ultimately deliver higher quality products that satisfy customers’ needs better. This agile task management template is ideal for team and client communications, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of your project’s tasks. Built directly in Microsoft PowerPoint, the template can be edited and shared easily with anyone who has the popular presentation tool installed.

Agile task management Template

PowerPoint Task Manager App

For client and executive communications, managers and team leaders can use a free task tracker to manage their plans and schedules as PowerPoint visuals. The Office Timeline PowerPoint add-in integrates with Excel to import existing task data and convert it into easy-to-understand timeline and Gantt chart slides.

Free Task Manager App

assignment task sheet

  • Daily Planner Templates
  • Daily with To Do List

Task sheet templates

assignment task sheet

  • Morning Routine
  • Afternoon Routine
  • Evening Routine

assignment task sheet

  • Emails & Calls
  • Unfinished Tasks

assignment task sheet

  • Due & Progress

assignment task sheet

  • Tasks / Deliverables
  • Deadline & Progress

assignment task sheet

  • Free download sample
  • Completed Date

assignment task sheet


To Do Lists To-Do List Templates read more..

To-do 8 of the Best Simple To-Do Apps to Get Things Done read more..

Printed planners

assignment task sheet

Task sheet print-ready planners

assignment task sheet

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  • Digital Recipe Book PDF for iPad (Dark Theme)
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Assignment Tracker Template For Students (Google Sheets)

Assignment Tracker Template For Students (Google Sheets)

  • 6-minute read
  • 18th May 2023

If you’re a student searching for a way to keep your assignments organized, congratulate yourself for taking the time to set yourself up for success. Tracking your assignments is one of the most important steps you can take to help you stay on top of your schoolwork .

In this Writing Tips blog post, we’ll discuss why keeping an inventory of your assignments is important, go over a few popular ways to do so, and introduce you to our student assignment tracker, which is free for you to use.

Why Tracking Is Important

Keeping your assignments organized is essential for many reasons. First off, tracking your assignments enables you to keep abreast of deadlines. In addition to risking late submission penalties that may result in low grades, meeting deadlines can help develop your work ethic and increase productivity. Staying ahead of your deadlines also helps lower stress levels and promote a healthy study-life balance.

Second, keeping track of your assignments assists with time management by helping prioritize the order you complete your projects.

Third, keeping a list of your completed projects can help you stay motivated by recording your progress and seeing how far you’ve come.

Different Ways to Organize Your Assignments

There are many ways to organize your assignment, each with its pros and cons. Here are a few tried and true methods:

  • Sticky notes

Whether they are online or in real life , sticky notes are one of the most popular ways to bring attention to an important reminder. Sticky notes are a quick, easy, and effective tool to highlight time-sensitive reminders. However, they work best when used temporarily and sparingly and, therefore, are likely better used for the occasional can’t-miss deadline rather than for comprehensive assignment organization.

  • Phone calendar reminders  

The use of cell phone calendar reminders is also a useful approach to alert you to an upcoming deadline. An advantage to this method is that reminders on your mobile device have a good chance of grabbing your attention no matter what activity you’re involved with.

On the downside, depending on how many assignments you’re juggling, too many notifications might be overwhelming and there won’t be as much space to log the details of the assignment (e.g., related textbook pages, length requirements) as you would have in a dedicated assignment tracking system.

  • Planners/apps

There are a multitude of physical planners and organization apps for students to help manage assignments and deadlines. Although some vow that physical planners reign superior and even increase focus and concentration , there is almost always a financial cost involved and the added necessity to carry around a sometimes weighty object (as well as remembering to bring it along with you).

Mobile organization apps come with a variety of features, including notifications sent to your phone, but may also require a financial investment (at least for the premium features) and generally will not provide substantial space to add details about your assignments.

  • Spreadsheets

With spreadsheets, what you lose in bells and whistles, you gain in straightforwardness and customizability – and they’re often free! Spreadsheets are easy to access from your laptop or phone and can provide you with enough space to include whatever information you need to complete your assignments.

There are templates available online for several different spreadsheet programs, or you can use our student assignment tracker for Google Sheets . We’ll show you how to use it in the next section.

How to Use Our Free Writing Tips Student Assignment Tracker

Follow this step-by-step guide to use our student assignment tracker for Google Sheets :

  • Click on this link to the student assignment tracker . After the prompt “Would you like to make a copy of Assignment Tracker Template ?”, click Make a copy .

assignment task sheet

Screenshot of the “Copy document” screen

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2. The first tab in the spreadsheet will display several premade assignment trackers for individual subjects with the name of the subject in the header (e.g., Subject 1, Subject 2). In each header, fill in the title of the subjects you would like to track assignments for. Copy and paste additional assignment tracker boxes for any other subjects you’d like to track, and color code the labels.

Screenshot of blank assignment template

Screenshot of the blank assignment template

3. Under each subject header, there are columns labeled for each assignment (e.g., Assignment A, Assignment B). Fill in the title of each of your assignments in one of these columns, and add additional columns if need be. Directly under the assignment title is a cell for you to fill in the due date for the assignment. Below the due date, fill in each task that needs to be accomplished to complete the assignment. In the final row of the tracker, you should select whether the status of your assignment is Not Started , In Progress , or Complete . Please see the example of a template that has been filled in (which is also available for viewing in the Example tab of the spreadsheet):

Example of completed assignment tracker

Example of completed assignment tracker

4. Finally, for an overview of all the assignments you have for each subject throughout the semester, fill out the assignment tracker in the Study Schedule tab. In this tracker, list the title of the assignment for each subject under the Assignment column, and then color code the weeks you plan to be working on each one. Add any additional columns or rows that you need. This overview is particularly helpful for time management throughout the semester.

assignment task sheet

There you have it.

To help you take full advantage of this student assignment tracker let’s recap the steps:

1. Make a copy of the student assignment tracker .

2. Fill in the title of the subjects you would like to track assignments for in each header row in the Assignments tab.

3. Fill in the title of each of your assignments and all the required tasks underneath each assignment. 

4. List the title of the assignment for each subject and color code the week that the assignment is due in the Study Schedule .

Now that your assignments are organized, you can rest easy . Happy studying! And remember, if you need help from a subject-matter expert to proofread your work before submission, we’ll happily proofread it for free .

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5 Free Assignment Tracking Templates for Google Sheets

Posted on Last updated: November 18, 2023

It’s that time of year again—assignments are piling up and it feels impossible to stay on top of everything. As a student, keeping track of all your assignments, due dates, and grades can be overwhelmingly stressful. That’s why using a Google Sheet as an assignment tracker can be a total game-changer.

With customizable assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can easily create a centralized place to organize all your academic responsibilities. The best part? These templates are completely free. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets and provide links to some excellent templates that any student can use to get organized and take control of their workload.

The Benefits of Using Assignment Tracking Templates for Google Sheets

Assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets offer several advantages that can help students stay on top of their work. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Centralized tracking: Rather than having assignments scattered across syllabi, emails, and other documents, an assignment tracking spreadsheet consolidates everything in one place. By leveraging assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can kiss goodbye to hunting for due dates or double-checking requirements.
  • Customizable organization: Students can add or remove columns in the template to fit their needs. Thanks to this, they can effectively track due dates, point values, grades, and other helpful details. They can also color code by class or status for visual organization.
  • Easy access: Google Sheets are accessible from any device with an internet connection. With this, you can easily view, update, or add assignments whether you are on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Shareable with others: For group assignments or projects, assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets make collaboration seamless as you can share the sheet with a study group or entire class to coordinate.
  • Helps prioritization: Sort assignments by due date or point value to always know what needs your attention first. With prioritization added to assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can stay on top of bigger projects and assignments.
  • Reduces stress: There’s no better feeling than looking at your assignment tracker and knowing everything is organized and under control. Saves time spent scrambling, too.

Picking the Perfect Assignment Tracking Templates Google Sheets

When choosing assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you’ll want one with specific fields and features that make it easy to stay on top of your work. Here’s what to look for in a homework organizer template:

  • Assignment Details: A column for writing down each assignment’s name, instructions, and notes will help you remember exactly what you need to do.
  • Due Dates: Columns for listing the due dates of assignments, tests, and projects allow you to see what’s coming up and schedule your time wisely.
  • Status Tracker: A place to mark assignments as “Not Started,” “In Progress,” or “Completed” lets you check on what still needs your attention.
  • Subject and Type: Categories or labels for sorting assignments by subject or type (essay, presentation, etc) keep your spreadsheet tidy.
  • Big Picture View: Some templates include a calendar view or semester schedule to help you plan assignments week-by-week or month-by-month.

The right spreadsheet has the fields you need to fully describe your homework and organize it in a way that works for you. With the perfect template, staying on top of assignments is easy

Top Assignment Tracking Templates

Now that you know the benefits and what to look for in an assignment spreadsheet, we have compiled a list of top assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets that will help you seamlessly track your assignments. 

And guess what? You don’t need robust experience with Google Sheets to maximize these templates, as they are easy to use.

Convenient Homework Planner Template

assignment task sheet

The Convenient Homework Planner Template is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets. It’s an excellent fit for students seeking an all-in-one solution to organize their work.

This template includes separate tabs for an overview calendar, assignment list, and weekly schedule. The calendar view lets you see all assignments, tests, and projects for the month at a glance. You can quickly identify busy weeks and plan accordingly.

On the assignment list tab, you can enter details like the assignment name, class, due date, and status.

The weekly schedule tab provides a simple agenda-style layout to record daily assignments, activities, and reminders. This helps you allocate time and schedule focused work sessions for tasks.

Key Features

  • Monthly calendar view for big-picture planning
  • Assignment list with details like class, due date, and status
  • Weekly schedule with time slots to map out days
  • Due date alerts to never miss a deadline

With its intuitive layout, useful visual features, and thorough assignment tracking, the Convenient Homework Planner has all you need to master organization and time management as a student. By leveraging this template, you’ll spend less time shuffling papers and focusing more on your academics. 

Ready to explore this assignment tracking template? Click the link below to get started. 

The Homework Hero Template

assignment task sheet

The Homework Hero is an excellent assignment-tracking template tailored to help students conquer their academic workload. This easy-to-use Google Sheet template has dedicated sections to log critical details for each class.

The Subject Overview area allows you to record the teacher’s name, subject, department, and timeline for each course. This provides helpful context and reminds you of important class details.

The main homework tracking area includes columns for each day of the week. Here, you can enter the specific assignments, readings, and tasks to be completed for every class on a given day. No more guessing what work needs to get done.

At the extreme end of this sheet is a section for additional notes. Use this to jot down reminders about upcoming projects, tests, or other priorities.

Key features

  • Subject Overview section for every class
  • Columns to record daily homework tasks
  • Extra space for notes and reminders
  • An intuitive layout to map out the weekly workload
  • Easy to customize with additional subjects

The Homework Hero assignment tracking template empowers students to feel in control of their assignments. No more frantic scrambling each day to figure out what’s due. With this template, you can approach schoolwork with confidence.

Click the link below to get started with this template. 

The A+ Student Planner Template

assignment task sheet

The A+ Student Planner is the perfect template for students seeking an organized system to manage assignments across all their courses. This Google Sheet template has useful sections to input key details for flawless homework tracking.

The Weekly Overview calendar makes it easy to see your full workload at a glance from Sunday to Saturday. You can note assignments, projects, tests, and other school events in the daily boxes.

The Class Information section contains columns to list your class, teacher, room number, and times. This ensures you have all the essential details in one place for each course.

The main Assignment Tracking area provides space to log the name, description, due date, and status of each homework task, project, exam, or paper. No more scrambling to remember what needs to get done.

  • Weekly calendar view to map out school events and tasks
  • Class information organizer for easy reference
  • Robust assignment tracking with all critical details
  • An intuitive layout to input assignments across courses
  • Great for visual learners

With a structured format and helpful organization tools, The A+ Student Planner provides next-level assignment tracking to ensure academic success. Staying on top of homework has never been easier.

Ready to get started with this assignment tracking template? Access it for free via this link below. 

The Complete Student Organizer Template

assignment task sheet

The Complete Student Organizer is an excellent minimalist assignment tracking template for focused homework management.

This straightforward Google Sheets assignment template includes columns for the date, total time needed, assignment details, and status. By paring down to just the essentials, it provides a simple system to stay on top of homework.

To use this template, just fill in the date and time required as you get assigned new homework. In the assignment details column, outline what needs to be done. Finally, mark the status as you work through tasks.

  • Streamlined columns for date, time, assignment, and status
  • Minimalist layout focused only on crucial details
  • Easy input to quickly log assignments
  • Track time estimates required for assignments
  • Update status as you progress through homework

The Complete Student Organizer is the perfect template for students who want a fuss-free way to track their homework. The simplicity of the grid-style layout makes it easy to use without extra complexity. Stay focused and organized with this efficient assignment tracking sheet.

You can get access to this template by visiting the link below. 

Assignment Slayer: The Ultimate Planner Template

assignment task sheet

Assignment Slayer is the supreme template for tackling schoolwork with military-level organizations. This comprehensive planner is ideal for students taking multiple classes and juggling a heavy workload.

The template includes separate tabs for each academic subject. Within each tab, you can log critical details, including the assignment name, description, status, due date, and associated readings or tasks. With this assignment tracking template, no assignment will fall through the cracks again.

Plus, it has additional columns that allow you to record scores and grades as they are received throughout the semester. This level of detail helps you better understand your standing in each class.

The Ultimate Planner also contains an overview dashboard with calendars for the month, week, and each day. With this, you can visually map out all upcoming assignments, tests, and projects in one view.

  • Individual subject tabs for detailed tracking
  • Robust assignment logging with name, description, status, due date, and more
  • Columns to record scores and grades when received
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily calendar dashboard
  • Visual layout ideal for visual learners

Assignment Slayer equips students with military-level organization. Its comprehensive features give you command over academic responsibilities, resulting in stress-free homework mastery.

Want to explore how this template can make your job easy? Click the link below to access this free assignment tracking template now. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of These Assignment Tracking Templates For Google Sheets

The assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets we reviewed in today’s guide offer significant advantages that can make managing homework easier. Here are some of the top reasons students love using these digital planners:

Get Organized

The templates allow you to sort all your assignments neatly by subject, type, due date, and status. No more fumbling through papers to find the next thing you need to work on. Plus, the level of organization you get with these templates helps reduce stress.

Manage Time Better

Knowing exactly when assignments are due helps with planning out your week. You can see what needs to get done first and schedule time accordingly. No more last-minute assignment crunches.

Access Anywhere

You can view and update your homework template from any device as long as you have an internet connection. The templates are ready to go as soon as you make a copy – no setup is needed. Easy access keeps you on track.

With useful tools for organization, planning, and accessibility, these assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets make managing homework a total breeze. Boost your productivity and reduce academic stress today by using these templates for your assignment. 

Final Thoughts

Today’s guide explored some of the most accessible and useful assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets. These handy templates make it easy for students to stay organized and on top of their workload.

As a busy student, keeping track of your homework, projects, tests, and other responsibilities across all your courses can be daunting. This is where leveraging a spreadsheet template can make a huge difference in simplifying academic organization.

The assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets reviewed today offer intuitive layouts and customizable features to create a centralized homework hub tailored to your needs. 

Key benefits include:

  • Inputting all assignments in one place for easy reference
  • Tracking due dates, status, grades, and other key details
  • Customizable columns, colors, and more to fit your study style
  • Easy access to update assignments from any device
  • Helps prioritize your time and tasks needing attention
  • Reduces stress by helping you feel in control

By taking advantage of these assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can reduce time spent shuffling papers and focus your energy where it matters – knocking out quality academic work. Make your life easier and get a digital organizational system in place. 


Assignment Sheet

Ai generator.

assignment task sheet

One of the many sheet uses specifically directed toward academic purpose is the assignment sheet. Students are given assignments and have to submit a research regarding the topic given for assignment in an assignment sheet.

As with the balance sheet, assignment sheet examples in the page provide further information in the sheet uses and functions of an assignment sheet. Feel free to scroll down and get a closer look on the samples provided for in the page. The sheets in word are all available for download by clicking on the download link button below the sample. So stay awhile and have a good look around.

Assignment Sheet Example

Assignment Sheet Template

  • Google Docs
  • Editable PDF

Size: A4, US

Assignment Cover Sheet Example

Assignment Cover Sheet Example

Size: 82 KB

Name Sheet for Assignment

Name Assignment Sheet

Size: 159 KB

Repossession Assignment Sheet

Repossession Assignment Sheet

Size: 260 KB

Sheet for Student Assignment

assignment task sheet

Size: 98 KB

Homework Assignment Sheet

Homework Assignment Sheet

Portfolio Assignment Sample Sheet

Portfolio Assignment Sample Sheet

Size: 213 KB

What Is an Assignment Sheet?

An assignment sheet is a document written for the statement of purpose of delegating or appointing a task or research and discussion on a topic or purpose.

General  sheet examples in doc  provide further aid regarding an assignment sheet and how it is made. Just click on the download link button below the samples to access the files.

Reviewing an Assignment Sheet

In reviewing an assignment sheet, the following questions need to be asked or satisfied:

  • What is it that the assignment is asking me to do?
  • Are there clear instructions in completing the assignment?
  • What needs to be done in order to be successful in the assignment?
  • Are the due dates clearly stated and shown?
  • Are the technical requirements stated clearly?
  • Is there any resource or resources included?
  • Is the assignment stated in a clear language?
  • Is the tone appealing to students?
  • Do I have clear understanding why the assignment is being done?

Day Shift Assignment Sheet Example

Day Shift Assignment Sheet Example

Size: 448 KB

Sheet for Multimedia Assignment

Sheet for Multimedia Assignment

Size: 15 KB

Missing Assignment Sample Sheet

Missing Assignment Sample Sheet

Size: 141 KB

Sheet for Faculty Assignment

Sheet for Faculty Assignment

Size: 232 KB

Sheet for Clinical Assignment

Sheet for Clinical Assignment

Video Assignment Sample Sheet

Video Assignment Sample Sheet

Size: 27 KB

How to Make an Effective Assignment Sheet, for Students

In creating an effective assignment sheet, the following have to be considered:

  • Plan the task or purpose of the assignment. Ensure that the students understand critical tasks that need to be done which includes research, simple analysis , synthesis, and summary of the assignment.
  • Schedule the whole process. Make a step by step instructions of what the project plan seeks to accomplish.
  • Explain the requirements for the assignment.
  • Decide on the due dates for the assignments. Include detailed instructions for important writing assignments.
  • Include all important information that would make up a strong paper during submission. Help the students to understand the importance of sources. Discuss on formatting of the assignment and other suggestions in connection to the assignment.
  • Include the grading criteria for your assignments.

Sample sheet templates and sheet examples in pdf are found in the page for your review. The examples further show how an assignment sheet is structured and the format it follows. To download an example, click on the download link button below the example.


Text prompt

  • Instructive
  • Professional

10 Examples of Public speaking

20 Examples of Gas lighting

  • Contact sales

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15 Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Tracking Tasks, Costs and Time


Still using spreadsheets to manage your projects? Revolutionize your project management with ProjectManager. Plan projects, manage resources and track progress with powerful features the whole team can use.

Excel spreadsheet templates are a great tool to track the costs, time and performance of your team. We’ve collected ProjectManager’s 15 best Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking that you can download and use for free.

1. Dashboard Template

A dashboard is how you keep track of your work, including the time spent on tasks, what you’re spending and if you’re making progress as planned. ProjectManager’s free dashboard template for Excel gives you an overview of how you’re doing on your work. This information is vital to know if you’re overspending or running behind on your schedule.

Project Dashboard Template for tracking

ProjectManager’s free dashboard template has several widgets that monitor metrics in your work. For example, there’s a color-coded task graph that shows if your tasks are complete, in progress, not started or overdue. There’s also a workload chart for managing teams and making sure their workload is balanced.

There’s another task graph that measures the duration of the tasks, which is helpful in seeing what’s getting done on time and what’s taking too long. Finally, there’s a cost bar chart to help you stay on budget.

This Excel dashboard template can manage your work, but it’s a static document that must be updated manually. Project tracking software automates that process. ProjectManager is better than Excel spreadsheet templates as it helps to accumulate real-time data, crunch the numbers and display it. Get started with ProjectManager free today.

ProjectManager's real-time project management dashboard

Not all project management software offers the same project dashboards. ProjectManager’s project dashboard comes equipped with the right project management features to help you keep track of time, tasks, costs and more.

2. Task Tracker Template

ProjectManager’s free task tracker for Excel template can organize and keep track of your work. It’s similar to a to-do list, where you just need to add the work and manage it. Having a task list is the first step to controlling your work.

This task tracker spreadsheet captures the details of your work. Add the name of the task and include dependent tasks. You can assign it to yourself or someone on your team.

free task tracking template

Next, set the priority and when you expect to finish. Finally, there’s a column to mark its status, which is essential to track your work. It has everything you need to track your tasks at a basic level with an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Budget Spreadsheet for Cost Tracking

Managing costs in your work is as important as meeting deadlines. ProjectManager’s free budget template for Excel helps you keep to your budget by tracking your financial details on one spreadsheet.

Project budget spreadsheet for tracking

Tasks cost money, and the budget defines the costs of the resources you’ll employ to deliver those tasks to completion. First, the spreadsheet template has a numbered list that corresponds to your work breakdown structure (WBS) . Then, there are labor costs including planned vs. actual hours plus the cost per hour. Materials are broken down by units and cost per unit.

There’s also room for other line items on your budget, which include travel, equipment, fixed and miscellaneous costs. Finally, there are columns to collect the budgeted and actual cost for each line item, then a balance showing if the line item is above or under budget.

Related: How to Track Project Expenses

4. Timeline Template

ProjectManager’s free timeline template in Excel is perfect for scheduling your project from start to finish in Excel. It’s a way to view all your tasks and keep on schedule. You can even add milestones!

Timeline template for tracking

To get started with this free timeline template, you first need to list your tasks and give them a name. Each task must have a start date and an end date, plus the time you think it’ll take to complete.

You add all that data to the left side of the template, which is a normal tracking spreadsheet. Then, on the right, you’ll see the timeline that lays out your tasks as horizontal bars across a timeline. It’s easy to see how long it’ll take to complete each task.

Excel spreadsheet templates are good for beginners, but if you want to take your planning even further, upgrade to online software that lets you build timelines in minutes. ProjectManager has online project timelines that update instantly as the team collaborates on tasks. Track costs, workload, planned vs actual progress and more. Get started for free.

Online project timeline for tracking projects

5. Action Plan Spreadsheet

Managing work means outlining the steps you must complete to achieve your goals. Use ProjectManager’s free action plan spreadsheet for Excel to track tasks and detail the strategy you’ll use to complete your work on time and within budget.

Action plan spreadsheet for task and project tracking

We’ve broken up this action plan template into three sections. The first is the action steps, which note the priority and list tasks, phases and assignments. There’s also space to note the status of your tasks and track their progress.

Section two of this Excel spreadsheet template is a timeline, with start and due dates, including planned hours. Finally, section three focuses on resources; for example, which department is responsible for which task, what materials are needed and what are the resource costs?

6. Status Report Template

Knowing where you are at any particular point in the project life cycle is how you manage time and costs. Our free status report template is a great tool to track your progress and stay on schedule.

Status report template for tracking in Excel

This free status report template is made up of five sections: project information, project status summary, project health, risk management overview and a conclusion that includes recommendations for the future.

A status report is a cornerstone of tracking your work. It’s used in project management and work management alike because it gives managers a picture of their planned vs actual progress. It’s also a powerful tool when presenting to stakeholders.

7. Risk Tracking Spreadsheet

No matter how well-planned your work is, there are unknowns that can impact your progress. Use ProjectManager’s free risk register spreadsheet to help you plan for risks in your work.

Risk tracking spreadsheet for Excel

This free risk register for Excel has columns to ID the risk to make it easier to track. There’s a column to describe the risk and explain how it’ll impact the work you’re doing if it goes from a risk to an actual issue .

For each risk you identify on the template, you can add a risk response, which is the response you’ll take if the risk actualizes. You can also note the risk level. Then, if you’re working in a team, you can assign the risk so that the team member is responsible for identifying and rectifying it.

8. Change Tracking Spreadsheet

Download ProjectManager’s free change tracking spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel to manage change when it impacts your work management. It’ll help you control change so it doesn’t make you spend too much overtime or incur additional costs.

Change log template for tracking changes

A change log Excel spreadsheet is one of the most important Microsoft Excel templates we offer. It’s a spreadsheet template that captures change when it happens. You can number changes for better tracking and note when the change first came up and who discovered or requested it.

You can then prioritize the change, and you or a team member can take ownership to see it through to completion. The Excel spreadsheet tracks the change from discovery to recovery and ensures that no change order is lost in the cracks.

9. Time Tracking Spreadsheet

There’s no better template to track the time you spend on your tasks than with ProjectManager’s free time tracking spreadsheet . This timesheet is great for you or team members to record the amount of time spent on work.

Timesheet template for time tracking

This timesheet Excel spreadsheet template has space for your name or the name of the employee, their department, supervisor and hourly rate. The template collects their hours, such as their start time and end time for their workday. There’s even a place to add overtime and lunch.

Then, the total for the week is added and multiplied by the pay rate to show the total amount the employee is owed. Finally, there’s a line for the employee to sign and the supervisor to look it over and sign it, if accurate.

10. Multiple Project Tracking Template

When you’re managing a portfolio or program, you have to monitor all your projects in one place to make insightful decisions as to how to allocate resources. Using our free multiple-project tracking template for Excel gives you a high-level overview of every project for which you’re responsible.

ProjectManager's multiple project tracking template for Excel

Once you download the free Excel template, you’ll find it’s formatted with three projects, one stacked on top of the other. You can copy and paste to add as many projects as needed. You can also add columns if you need to track something not already on the template.

Each project spreadsheet allows you to list all the project tasks by name and description, as well as if they’re dependent on another task. There’s space to add who’s assigned to each task. Each task has a start and planned end date, and planned cost, with an actual end date and actual cost to help you track the project.

11. Issue Tracking Template

Issues are problems that arise while executing your project. These issues must be quickly identified and resolved to keep the project on schedule and within its budget. With our free issue-tracking template for Excel , you have the tools to monitor the progress of resolving those issues.

ProjectManager's free issue tracking template for Excel

The free template is ideal to capture risks, which become issues if they in fact show up in your project. When they do, you already have them described in the template and what their potential impact is. Next, you can define its priority, from low to critical, which helps you determine which risks need your immediate attention.

There’s also a place to note the date the issue first was discovered and when it was closed, as well as the team member who’s responsible for resolving it. Finally, the free template states the department that’s handling the issue and there’s a column to note its status when tracking the issue.

12. To-Do List Template

Everyone has work to do, and getting that work done efficiently requires task management. At its most basic, that means having a list of your tasks. It’s the first step to getting organized. That’s where our free to-do list for Excel comes in handy.

Free to-do list template in ProjectManager

A to-do list is a simple but highly effective tool. Simply list the tasks you’ve been assigned or you can even use it for household chores. Next, you’ll want to give each task a start and due date. This is the duration or timeframe in which you want the work completed.

Now, you’ll want to track your progress. The free to-do list template shows the percentage complete for each task. It’s a satisfying feeling to see the cell move from 25 percent to 100 percent. Then there’s a column to note the progress. Before you know it, your work is done.

13. Inventory Template

If you’re a manufacturer or have a company with which you carry stock that you need to run your business, then you need our free inventory template for Excel . Use it to prevent production delays by keeping track of what you’re warehousing.

Inventory tracking template for Excel by ProjectManager

Use this free template to record the level of your inventory and track its turnover. First, each line is numbered to make it easier to find the item you want. Then the item is listed and described, with the unit price noted and the quantity you have in stock.

Now you can calculate the inventory price, which is the unit price multiplied by the number in stock. This Excel spreadsheet template does this automatically. There’s a column to note whether you need to reorder, what level to reorder, how long it takes to restock and what that reorder quantity should be.

14. Progress Report Template

Project reports are essential for a number of reasons. One, they help you monitor your progress and performance, and two, they’re a great tool for keeping stakeholders updated. Our free progress report template for Word captures an overview of the activities and tasks that occurred over a specific period.

ProjectManager's progress report template for Excel

The free progress report is broken up into a number of different sections. There’s a summary, which provides a quick overview of what’s to follow, including pertinent data, such as the project scope, schedule, cost and risk for the time period being reported on.

Then there’s a section in this Excel spreadsheet template that goes over the tasks that have been executed over a period of time covered in the report. There’s space to note the status of tasks that aren’t yet completed and a section to list issues, talk about the budget and more. It’s a great way to capture a snapshot of the project in time.

15. Work Schedule Template

Need help managing your human resources or operations planning? Check out our free work schedule template for Excel . This free template lists all your employees and their working hours, including responsibilities, over a day, week or month.

ProjectManager's free monthly work schedule template for Excel

Use the work schedule template to keep your employees productive and help with tracking your resource utilization and scheduling. You can also use it to prioritize tasks and balance your team’s workload, which leads to greater productivity and happier employees.

Our free spreadsheet template has a weekly and monthly work schedule. Both list your employees, their tasks, which project they’re working on and then their hours, either day-by-day or over the course of a month. This will help most organizations and even long-term projects.

Use ProjectManager to Track Time, Costs and Tasks Better Than Excel

Templates and Excel spreadsheets for tracking are great, but as noted, they can only do so much. ProjectManager is online work management software that connects everyone, no matter where they work, what time, department or skill level. It does so in real-time to ensure that everyone is collaborating and working on the most recent data.

Automatically Fill Out Timesheets

Take timesheets, for example. Instead of having your employee fill out the timesheet, ProjectManager’s timesheets autofill their tasks and update the time they’ve spent. This streamlines payroll but also offers a window into tracking the time they spend on their tasks. That way, you know if they’re meeting their quota. Once submitted, timesheets are locked and secure.

ProjectManager's timesheet view

Work the Way That Suits You

Multiple project views allow everyone on the team to work how they want. Managers can plan ahead on Gantt charts that show all their tasks on a timeline. The duration bar that connects each task’s start and end dates automatically shows progress based on how much of it is shaded. Teams can use task lists, kanban boards or calendars if they prefer, all of which are updated and show progress. No tool is more flexible for planning and tracking work.

A screenshot of a gantt chart in ProjectManager

Generate One-Click Reports in Seconds

Tracking time, costs and more is easy with ProjectManager’s one-click reports. Get status reports, reports on tasks, timesheets, expenses and more. These reports take complicated data and turn it into insightful and easy-to-read reports to monitor progress and more. Reports can also be filtered to see only the data you want and then shared to keep stakeholders updated.

ProjectManager's status report filter window

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While Excel is not a project management software, it can still be a very helpful for managing various aspects of your projects. That’s why we’ve created dozens of blogs, templates and guides to help you use Excel for project management.

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  • Free Manufacturing Excel Templates
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  • 25 Must-Have Project Management Excel Templates and Spreadsheets

ProjectManager is award-winning project management software for teams. Our real-time tool tracks time, costs and more to ensure you’re always on schedule and never spending over your budget. Join the 35,000+ people using our software to track tasks, cost and time. Get started with ProjectManager free today.

Click here to browse ProjectManager's free templates

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Start planning your projects.

The Free Google Sheets Task List Template [Easy Guide]

  • Last updated January 12, 2024

There are so many paid to-do list apps out there. But why use them when you can just use the Google Sheets task list template? In this article, we’ll show you how to use the template, a few cool ways to customize it, and how to start from scratch. Read on to learn more.

Table of Contents

How to Make a To-Do List in Google Sheets With the Template

When creating a to-do list , you can start from scratch and make your own, or use a Google Sheet checklist template. In this first lot of examples, we’ll use the built-in daily to-do list template and customize it to improve it.

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Here are the steps you will need to follow to create a Google Sheets to-do list template :

assignment task sheet

  • Go to Google Sheets and click on Template Gallery  in the top right part of the screen. This will open a list of templates built by Google.
  • Scroll down to the Personal  section and find the template names To-do list . Click on it to open the spreadsheet template in a new spreadsheet.

Adding Extra Columns

You will now be presented will a basic to-do list. Now let’s look at how you can add columns to it. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this:

  • Right-click on the column bar. This will open a drop-down menu.

assignment task sheet

  • Click on either Insert 1 column left  or Insert 1 column right, depending on your preferences. This will add another column in the desired location.
  • After the column is added, add a name for that column in the naming cells. In this case, we named our column Notes  and assigned the name in cell D3 .

Apply Conditional Formatting

Now that we have the names assigned, let’s use conditional formatting so that if our notes contain a specific word, the cell is highlighted. For this example, we’ll highlight cells with “Urgent” in red. To do this:

  • Select the cells on which you want to apply the conditional formatting. In this case, it is the cell range D4:D50 .

assignment task sheet

  • Click on Format  in the top main bar of the spreadsheet. This will show a drop-down menu.
  • Click on Conditional formatting . This will open a sidebar on the right side of the screen.
  • There, click on Add another rule . This will open a new section where you can specify the requirements and the effect that takes place when those requirements are fulfilled. We want to make the cell turn red if it contains the word “Urgent.”
  • To do this, we select the Text contains  an option in the Format cells if  section.
  • Under Formatting style , we can select the color we wish to fill the cell with.

assignment task sheet

  • Click on Done  to add the rule to the conditional formatting list.

assignment task sheet

Add a Progress Bar to the Template

  • Right-click on the row 3 header and click Add 1 row below
  • Type Progress  into cell B4
  • Put the following sparkline formula into cell C4 =SPARKLINE(COUNTIF(A5:A,TRUE),{"CHARTTYPE","BAR" ; "MAX",COUNTA(C5:C) ; "COLOR1","Orange"})

assignment task sheet

Make Your Own To-Do List From Scratch

  • Open a new blank spreadsheet.
  • Merge calls A1 and A2 and give your to-do list a title, then center the text.
  • Highlight the cells you wish to have checkmarks in column A.

assignment task sheet

  • Optional: You can add conditional formatting, extra columns, and a progress bar if needed, as we demonstrated with the template.

Note:  You can add the strikethrough conditional formatting to your custom to-do list with the following settings from the menu under Format > Conditional formatting . Just change B2:B14  to the range that your list lies within.

assignment task sheet

More Tips to Format Your To-Do List on Google Sheets

The best part about utilizing Google Sheets as a to-do list is that many formatting options allow you to make your own personalized list. Not only that, you can add and remove columns and rows depending on your needs. You could even add drop-down menus .

Let’s say you wish to add a column that allows you to indicate tasks of higher priority. You have full creative freedom on how you could do this. You can simply add a text in the heading and bold it, or you can use conditional formatting to color-code it so you and your team will instantly know what to look for as we showed you above.

Here are a few more tips for formatting your to-do list:

Freezing Particular Rows and Columns

Often, we wish to keep certain data in view at all times. The freezing option in Google Sheets allows you to do this. Using this option, you could freeze certain rows  and/or columns so that the data always stays in your view even when you scroll.

The most common use case is freezing the spreadsheet’s top row so that the labels can still be seen when you scroll to see the tasks. This way, you won’t have to scroll up again if you forget the data’s label in a particular cell.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do this:

assignment task sheet

  • Click and drag to select the cells you wish to freeze. The selected cells are indicated using a blue outline and shading around the cells.
  • Click on View in the top toolbar on the spreadsheet page.
  • Click on Freeze in the drop-down menu that shows up.
  • Here, you can select the number of columns or row you wish to freeze. Note that if you want to freeze both columns and rows, you have to freeze a column or row first, then the other.

The freeze drop-down allows you to freeze up to two columns and rows. If you’re looking to freeze two or more columns, then click the cell on the column or row to which you want to freeze. Now, head over to the freeze option, and there you can either select the Up to Current Column (X)  or Up to Current Row (X).

Hiding Particular Rows and Columns

We often don’t need some of the data in our spreadsheet for some time. Deleting these cells would mean that the data is gone forever unless you revert to an older version using the version history .

Thankfully, Google Sheets has a feature that allows you to hide the data for as long as you want. This method follows similar steps to how we froze the cells in the previous section.

Here are the steps you need to follow to hide rows and columns :

assignment task sheet

  • Click and select the rows and columns you wish to hide. Ensure the column/row indicator is grey; otherwise, you won’t have an option to hide the rows and columns.
  • Once selected, right-click your mouse. This will open a drop-down menu.
  • Here, click on Hide . You might see a slight variation of this option depending on the context, which means if you’re hiding rows, you might see something like Hide rows X-Y.

Note that although similar, hiding rows and columns differ from deleting them. When a row is hidden, it will disappear from your view, but the data is still in the spreadsheet. If you hide row 4, you will see the rows as 1,2,3,5,6. However, if you delete row 4, the rows will still be shown as 1,2,3,4,5,6, but the data in row 5 will be moved up to where the data for row 4 was.

Google Sheets Checklist Template Best Practices

Collaboration on a to-do list spreadsheet.

One huge reason for using Google Sheets instead of other software is that it allows you to share your spreadsheet with your team seamlessly. You can give access to specific people by entering their emails or creating a link that can provide access to anyone with it.

You can do this by clicking on the screen’s green Share button on the top-right side.

After giving access to someone, you can also set the amount of control you wish to give that user. Here are the three permission levels you can assign to a user:

  • Editor:  This permission level allows anyone to view and edit your spreadsheet. They can also add comments to the to-do list.
  • Viewer:  This permission only allows you to view the spreadsheet. You can not make any changes or add comments with this permission.
  • Commenter:  This permission allows you to view the spreadsheet and leave comments. However, you can not make changes to the spreadsheet. This permission is sort of a middle ground between the Viewer and Editor permissions.

Another way to do this is by sharing a link. Although you can still assign the same permissions over links, we recommend only giving viewer access to keep your privacy and stop unauthorized people from making changes to the spreadsheet.

Once the spreadsheet is shared, the team members and collaborators can view the sheet, add comments, and make changes depending on your permissions.

Adding Comments to a Checklist Google Sheets Template

You and your team can make comments to the data in the spreadsheet. You can even add notes on each task. To add comments,

  • Right-click on a cell and click on Comment  in the drop-down menu. A small window will show up.
  • There, you can type the comment in the text box . You can even @mention people, so they know the comment is for them.

People can also reply to a comment. This can be done by simply clicking the comment and then on reply underneath it. If a comment is not needed anymore, you can simply click on the tick, and it will be marked as resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i create a task list in google sheets.

When creating a to-do list, you can start from scratch and make your own, or you can use a Google Sheet checklist template. You can start by using the built-in daily to-do list template and customizing it to make it your own. To open it, just click To-do list from the Template gallery . Once loaded, you can add extra columns and conditional formatting to fulfill your needs.

How Do I Track Tasks in Google Sheets?

You can add the tasks you want to keep track of using a to-do list. You can also assign dates to the specific tasks, and you can track them by using checkmarks. You can also add a progress bar to know exactly how much progress your team has made while performing a large set of tasks.

Can You Link Google Sheets to Tasks?

There are several third-party solutions, as well as the Google Tasks API that allows you to connect your Google Sheet spreadsheet to your Google Tasks. However, beware that using API integrations does require advanced knowledge. We’d recommend using a third-party app like Zapier to make it easier.

Is There a Google Checklist Template?

You can download a to-do list from the Template gallery. Alternatively, you can create custom checklists by adding checkmarks to your spreadsheet and saving them as templates. Saving the sheet as a template will allow you to save it for future use.

How Do I Manage Tasks in Google Sheets?

A to-do list template in Google Sheets is a good way to manage a project . You can add the tasks you need to do alongside their status, date, and other information. To create one, you can either start from scratch or use the template provided by Google in the Template gallery on the main page of Google Sheets.

Wrapping Up

Now that you can customize the Google Sheets Task List Template, nothing can stop you from getting stuff done. All that’s left is to actually do it. Get cracking!

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Free Daily Schedule Templates

By Kate Eby | May 12, 2016

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Use daily work schedule schedule templates to help get organized and manage your time. Use these templates to plan your day, make a to-do list, or make sure the kid’s homework is getting done. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a daily work schedule template , a blank daily planner template , a daily to-do list template , a daily task list template , and many more.

Daily Work Schedule Template

Daily Work Schedule

Download Daily Work Schedule Template

Excel | PDF |  Smartsheet

This daily work schedule template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, view a week at a glance, and add important notes. Keep your work day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use the note section to keep track of priority tasks and important reminders. You can also share this template with employees or colleagues so they know your schedule and are able to work around it.

See how Smartsheet can help you be more effective

assignment task sheet

Watch the demo to see how you can more effectively manage your team, projects, and processes with real-time work management in Smartsheet.

Watch a free demo

Daily Log Template

Daily Log Template

Download Daily Log Schedule Template

Keep track of important appointments, meetings, and events with this daily log template. The template is designed in a simple format that’s easy to read, and you can schedule tasks by the half-hour. This log template is useful for planning ahead or creating a record of the day’s events.

Daily Schedule Template

Daily Schedule Template

Download Daily Schedule Template

This simple, blank schedule template allows you to plan each day to the half-hour as well as plan ahead for the week. Set the starting time and then organize your daily schedule with whatever activities you choose to include. This daily schedule template is appropriate for work, school, family activities or personal goals.

Printable Daily Planner Template

Printable Daily Planner Template

Download Printable Planner Template

This printable template has sections for appointments, important events, notes, and prioritized tasks to help you stay organized throughout a busy day — but don’t forget to schedule free time to make sure you get a break. Create your own planner and customize it to match your needs.

Daily To-Do List Template

Daily To Do List Template

Download Daily To-Do List Template

This daily to-do list template lets you assign a priority to each task. It also allows you to track progress for ongoing projects and assign due dates. The template is simple to use, straightforward, and offers flexibility. This is a to-do list with enough functionality to actually keep you organized, while still being easy to use.

Blank Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template

Download Blank Daily Planner Template

With sections for prioritized tasks, appointments, important events, and notes, this daily planner template can help you stay organized throughout a busy day. Plus, if you schedule free time for yourself, you will be sure to actually get a break during your day. This free, printable template allows you to create your own planner and customize it to match your needs.

Daily Task List Template

Daily Task List Template

Download Daily Task List Template

Plan your daily and weekly tasks with this free Excel template. Create a list of pending tasks and mark off those that have been completed. A visual calendar facilitates planning at a glance, and you can easily print the template for reference.

Daily Employee Schedule Template

Employee Schedule Template for Excel

Download Employee Schedule Template

Excel  |  Smartsheet

Create a detailed schedule for your employees while tracking work hours and labor costs. This employee schedule template shows each day of the week, so you can see an employee’s daily shifts while also reviewing the weekly schedule. Include vacation time and holidays for a comprehensive schedule. Both employees and business owners can benefit from this template.

Daily Shift Schedule Template

Shift Schedule Template

Download Shift Schedule Template

If your business involves daily employee rotation between different workstations, this shift schedule template can help keep everyone organized. Enter the tasks or work area to be assigned and then match the associated code with an employee. Each day is broken down hourly to make it clear when work assignments change mid-day. The template also tracks the number of hours worked for each employee and allows you to plan shifts for an entire week.

Daily Sales Report Template

Daily Sales Report Template Updated

Download Daily Sales Report Template - Excel

This free template is suitable for retail, restaurants, and other businesses that need to keep track of daily sales. This sales report template allows you to track inventory, view the total daily sales, and look up individual items that were sold. With this data on hand you can identify trends and monitor daily sales goals. 

Project Schedule Template

Project Schedule Template

Download Project Schedule Template

Excel | PDF

Keep track of each phase of a project, mark milestones, and get a visual overview to share with others. This project schedule template would work well for a presentation and is suitable for any project timeline, whether for business or school. Project managers can use it to keep their team on task and create progress reports. This is a simple schedule template with an eye-catching design.

Daily Agenda Template

Daily Meeting Agenda Template

Download Daily Agenda Schedule Template

Plan your daily meetings with this simple template, which includes room to list members in attendance, outline a meeting agenda, take meeting notes, and track ongoing action items. This agenda template is a simple yet powerful tool for meeting planning and facilitation as well as communicating with attendees.

Daily Inspection Report Template

Daily Inspection Report Template

Download Daily Inspection Report Template

This daily inspection report template is intended for construction contractors. The template offers a straightforward layout and includes numerous important details, including weather conditions, the number and type of workers on site, delays, safety concerns, material shortages, and more. If you need to inspect additional factors, you can edit the template to meet your needs. There is also space for daily progress notes and a signature to verify the inspection.

Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Download Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Print or fill out this daily schedule, which is broken down into hourly blocks. Use it to manage your day and mark when each task is complete. Create one for each day of the week, or just for those extra-busy days.

Daily Checklist Template

Daily Checklist Template

Download Daily Checklist Template

Stay on top of your daily and weekly tasks with this checklist template. This template provides easy organization, and allows you to mark off items from the list as you complete the. Planning your to-dos for the week can help ensure you don’t take on too many tasks in one day, and that you keep your agenda manageable.

Class Schedule Template

Class Schedule Template

Download Class Schedule Template

Students can keep track of their class schedule and other school activities with this free template. Once you add time to study or work on projects, the class schedule also works as a time management tool. If you’re a new college student, you’ll feel less overwhelmed knowing exactly when and where your classes occur on each day of the week.

Homework Schedule Template

Homework Schedule Template

Download Homework Schedule Template

Organize your homework assignments and study time for each class with this homework schedule template. Enter the start date, add your class names, and assign blocks of time for each homework-related activity. You can manage your daily homework while planning for the week and keeping track of deadlines.

Daily School Schedule Template

Daily School Schedule Template

Download Daily School Schedule Template

Track your day-to-day class schedule, whether you are going to class or learning at home. The template includes sections to list to-dos, what to bring to class, and homework assignments, so you can keep organized and prepared.

House Cleaning Schedule Template

House Cleaning Schedule Template

Download House Cleaning Schedule Template

Use this template to create a schedule to manage your housecleaning. Once you’ve assigned cleaning tasks for each day, print out and hang the schedule for reference. Some tasks may happen daily while others only need to be done once a month. This template can help you stay on schedule with housecleaning without trying to do too much in a single day.

How to Make a Daily Schedule

Once you’ve chosen the template that best suits your needs, you can adjust the design by changing colors and fonts or adding a logo, alter the format by removing unwanted sections or adding new ones, and save a blank copy for future use. If you’re creating an employee schedule, sales report, or other detailed report, you’ll need any relevant data on hand to fill in the template. You can also choose a simple checklist or calendar template to print and fill out by hand. 

Improve Daily Scheduling with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.  Try Smartsheet for free, today.

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Free Task List and Checklist Templates

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May 28, 2024 12 min read

Discover why over 90% of Fortune 100 companies trust Smartsheet to get work done.

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Employee Task List Template

Employee Task List Template

Add unique label colors for task statuses, put your deadlines into a calendar, or add new rows and columns to include new employees. It takes just a few clicks to customize this Employee Task List Template to your liking! No matter the size of the team you’re in charge of, using an online spreadsheet can help your team stay on track — so use Jotform’s free Employee Task List Template to manage employee tasks and boost productivity.

More templates like this

Prioritized Daily Task List Template

Prioritized Daily Task List

Prioritize your tasks with an online Prioritized Daily Task list. Switch between spreadsheet, calendar, or card view. Customize and update on any device.

Task Tracker Template

Task Tracker

Stay on track with your tasks using our free online Task Tracker. View info in the calendar or spreadsheet format. Easy to customize, download, and share.

Project Task List Template

Project Task List Template

Manage your work tasks in a professional online spreadsheet. Auto-populates via a shareable online form. View in spreadsheet, card, or calendar format.

  • Table Templates /
  • Task List Templates /

Task List Templates

Employee Task List Template

Assign tasks to your employees and monitor progress with a free Employee Task List Template. Easy to customize. Available in spreadsheet or calendar view.

Daily Task List Template

Daily Task List Template

Track daily tasks with this free online spreadsheet. Easy to view and fill out on any device. Customize, download, share, and print in seconds. No coding.

Yearly Lesson Plan Template

Yearly Lesson Plan Template

Create and track your yearly lesson plan with Jotform. Great for teachers and professors. View information in a spreadsheet or calendar. Customize without coding.

Task Checklist Template

Task Checklist Template

Keep track of your tasks with this free task checklist template. Easy to customize and share. Works great on any device. No coding required.

Information Request Tracker Template

Information Request Tracker

Store and manage information requests easily and online. Use advanced filtering and labeling capabilities. Customizable without coding.

IT Service Request Tracker Template

IT Service Request Tracker

Store and manage IT requests to better manage your tasks. Don’t miss any important task. Customizable and free. Accessible on all devices.

Personal Study Plan Template

Personal Study Plan Template

Keep track of your educational milestones with a personal study plan. Easy to customize and share. Great for schools or educational programs. Store data.

About Task List Templates

Whether you’re monitoring tasks at work or in your personal life, Jotform’s selection of online Task List Templates can help you prioritize tasks, mark their completion status, and keep track of important information like contact details, file uploads, and more! Once you’ve chosen a task list template and added your tasks through the attached online form, manually by hand, or by uploading a CSV or Excel file, you can easily view and manage your tasks from any device.

Don’t see a template that suits your specific needs? Quickly customize one with Jotform’s user-friendly interface — update the layout, add color-coded labels, and use extra tabs to organize tasks into separate groups. You can also work together with teammates using Jotform Tables’ sharing feature, download your task list as a CSV or PDF file, and even switch between spreadsheet, card, or calendar view to see your Task List Template in a way that works best for you!


  1. Free Task List Templates for Employees (Excel

    Select "File" > "Save As" and choose the file format ".xltx" or ".xlsx" to save it as an Excel template. By following these steps, you can effectively customise a task list template in Excel to align with your project or personal task management requirements.

  2. 30+ Free Task and Checklist Templates

    Gantt Chart Task List Template. Get a visual picture of your scheduled tasks with this Gantt chart template. Often used in project management, a Gantt chart shows the duration of each task as a horizontal bar that spans start and end dates. Thus, it's easy to see the different phases of a project, identify dependencies, and prioritize tasks.

  3. Free Microsoft Word Task List Templates, Planners & Checklists

    Download the Printable Daily Task Planner Template for Microsoft Word. This fillable daily task planner template is easy to use and designed for printing. Organize and prioritize tasks for each day. Add the date for the day of its use and breakout to-dos, top priorities, people to contact, places to go, and activities you can move to another day.

  4. Top 10 Task Assignment Templates with Samples and Examples

    Template 8 - Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues. This template offers a thorough overview of project tasks, their assignments, and any associated problems hindering the project's advancement. Modify the template to fit requirements and the scope of your project. List out the task details with due date priority, last ...

  5. Free Excel Task Tracker Template & To-Do List

    Make this task tracker template your own by adding to-do list items and tasks, assigning task owners, and tracking task status, budgets, and costs. Download your free Excel task tracker template. 2. Add to-do list items and tasks. First, find the T ask Name column on your worksheet, and enter a descriptive name for each task you want to track ...

  6. Free Assignment Tracking Template for Google Sheets

    This assignment tracking template has only three fields that you can update. The first field is the (1) Date, which is located under the seven days of the week (with a total of fifteen weeks in the spreadsheet as per the American semester.) The second is the (2) Tags field, which allows you to categorize your tasks according to the subject.

  7. Free Project Task List Templates for Project Management

    Use this simple project task list template to list each project task and set its status, deadline, assignee, and priority. The template includes columns that help you track the percentage done, fixed cost, estimated cost, and actual hours for each task. You can also use the template to list tasks for several projects and to track their real ...

  8. Top 10 Free Task List Templates to Track Responsibilities

    8. Excel Prioritized To Do List Template by Vertex42. This template streamlines the process of collecting, evaluating, and tracking your daily tasks. Excel enthusiasts, here's a handy tool for your task management needs: the Excel Prioritized To Do List Template by Vertex42.

  9. Task Assignment Form Template

    The task assignment form is a form template that is used for management to assign tasks to employees. This is commonly used by project managers to delegate tasks to team members. A task assignment form is an easy way to assign a task to someone and keep track of the progress, in one place. You can assign a task to one or more individuals ...

  10. Task Sheet

    Usages of a Task Sheet. A task sheet can be used by the following entities: Students can use sheet examples in word used for task listing to ensure that they keep track of their assignments, project deadlines, examination review dates, and other tasks related to their academic life.; Employees can also create a professional task sheet to develop full awareness about their duties and ...

  11. Templates for college and university assignments

    Work smarter with higher-ed helpers from our college tools collection. Presentations are on point from start to finish when you start your project using a designer-created template; you'll be sure to catch and keep your professor's attention. Staying on track semester after semester takes work, but that work gets a little easier when you take control of your scheduling, list making, and ...

  12. Free Task List Templates for Excel

    Download. ⤓ Excel (.xlsx) For: Excel 2010 or later. ⤓ Google Sheets. License: Private Use (not for distribution or resale) Description. This task list template demonstrates how to create a checkbox using a data validation drop-down and how to use simple conditional formatting conditions to display HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW priority values.

  13. Free Task Management Templates for Project Managers

    This Excel task tracker template was designed for project or task managers who wish to apply Scrum principles when planning and monitoring their team's tasks. The free task tracker spreadsheet splits tasks into short sprints for easier management and allows users to define priorities, see task status at a glance, and track assignments as they ...

  14. Daily task list templates

    50+ Daily task list templates, task sheet samples, monthly tasks templates & task tracker templates available for download in PDF (A4, A5, Letter, ... and set deadlines for the completion of particular assignments. Begin to tackle your duties easily, whether it's work, chores, starting a new project, business development process, or any other ...

  15. Task sheet templates

    Ideas. Free download sample. Completed Date. EDITABLE. Simple Weekly Planner with Notes, To-Do, Goals, Wins Template. EDITABLE. 25+ Task sheet templates, to do list format, task lists, daily task list templates available in PDF, print-ready in A5, A4, Letter, Half letter.

  16. Top Free Google Sheets Task List Templates (To-Do List)

    With Google Sheets task list templates, you can create prioritized to-do lists, assign due dates, mark tasks as complete, and more, all within the simple and intuitive Google Sheets interface. ... Assignment Column: Enables the allocation of tasks to specific individuals, aiding in clear delegation and accountability. Priority Level: Classify ...

  17. Assignment Tracker Template For Students (Google Sheets)

    1. Make a copy of the student assignment tracker. 2. Fill in the title of the subjects you would like to track assignments for in each header row in the Assignments tab. 3. Fill in the title of each of your assignments and all the required tasks underneath each assignment. 4.

  18. 5 Free Assignment Tracking Templates for Google Sheets

    The assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets reviewed today offer intuitive layouts and customizable features to create a centralized homework hub tailored to your needs. Key benefits include: Inputting all assignments in one place for easy reference. Tracking due dates, status, grades, and other key details.

  19. Assignment Sheet

    An assignment sheet is a document written for the statement of purpose of delegating or appointing a task or research and discussion on a topic or purpose. General sheet examples in doc provide further aid regarding an assignment sheet and how it is made. Just click on the download link button below the samples to access the files.

  20. 15 Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Tracking Tasks, Costs and Time

    We've collected ProjectManager's 15 best Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking that you can download and use for free. 1. Dashboard Template. A dashboard is how you keep track of your work, including the time spent on tasks, what you're spending and if you're making progress as planned. ProjectManager's free dashboard template for ...

  21. The Free Google Sheets Task List Template [Easy Guide]

    Related: Google Sheets Grocery List Template. Here are the steps you will need to follow to create a Google Sheets to-do list template: Go to Google Sheets and click on Template Gallery in the top right part of the screen. This will open a list of templates built by Google. Scroll down to the Personal section and find the template names To-do list.

  22. Free Daily Work Schedule Templates

    Download Daily Work Schedule Template. Excel | PDF | Smartsheet. This daily work schedule template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, view a week at a glance, and add important notes. Keep your work day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use the note section to keep track of priority tasks and ...

  23. Employee Task List Template

    An employee task list template is an online spreadsheet used to keep track of employee tasks. Great for managers or department heads, this free Employee Task List Template lets you assign employees tasks, set deadlines, and monitor their progress — just add your employee and tasks and update the spreadsheet as you go along!