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High World History

Number of credits, estimated completion time.

2 Semesters


World History is a broad survey of the most significant world events since 500 CE, a period of roughly 1,500 years. Segment 1 focuses on the period 500 to 1500, which has been called the Middle Ages, between the end of the Roman Empire and the Modern Age. Review essential information about what made the Roman Empire so significant, as well as essential information about Judaism and Christianity as background to the rise of the third major monotheistic religion, Islam. Study the earliest civilizations of sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas, and then wrap up the segment with three simultaneous major events: the Age of Discovery, Protestant Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. The Middle Ages ended with a tornado of changes!

In Segment 2, focused on 1500 to present, you’ll learn about advancements in science and thought during the Age of Enlightenment, as well as the social and political revolutions that followed as a result. As you meander through the 19th century, you will learn about the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial world and the many changes that resulted from that shift. Then, learn about the interconnectedness of nationalism and colonialism and the two massive world wars that were the end result. As you explore the modern era, students learn about developments in today’s world and the implications that historical events have on each of us.

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Topics and Concepts

  • Roman Empire
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Monotheistic Religions
  • Golden Age of Islam
  • Medieval Society and Arts
  • The Crusades
  • Medieval Japan
  • Rise of African Kingdoms and City-states
  • Major Civilizations of Mesoamerica and the Andes
  • Rise of the Italian City-States
  • Renaissance
  • Reformation and Counter-Reformation
  • Age of Discovery
  • Columbian Exchange
  • European Geography
  • Constitutional and Absolute Monarchies
  • Scientific Revolution
  • 20th Century Science
  • Enlightenment
  • French Revolution
  • 19th Century Latin American and Caribbean Independence Movements
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Economic and Political Ideologies
  • Imperialism
  • Italian and German Unification
  • Modern Reform Movements
  • World War I
  • Great Depression and Rise of Totalitarianism
  • World War II
  • Cold War and Proxy Wars
  • Decolonization and New Nationalism 
  • Collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Globalization

Required Materials

Grading policy.

Besides engaging students in challenging curriculum, the course guides students to reflect on their learning and evaluate their progress through a variety of assessments. Assessments can be in the form of practice lessons, multiple choice questions, writing assignments, projects, research papers, oral assessments, and discussions. This course will use the state-approved grading scale. Each course contains a mandatory final exam or culminating project that will be weighted at 20% of the student’s overall grade.***

***Proctored exams can be requested by FLVS at any time and for any reason in an effort to ensure academic integrity. When taking the exam to assess a student’s integrity, the exam must be passed with at least a 59.5% in order to earn credit for the course.  

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    Catherine the Great is the most renowned and longest-ruling female leader of Russia. She reigned from 1762 until she passed away in 1796. Under her reign, Russia thrived and grew in power. Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, was an absolute monarch. Catherine liked to consider herself enlightened.

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    World History is a broad survey of the most significant world events since 500 CE, a period of roughly 1,500 years. Segment 1 focuses on the period 500 to 1500, which has been called the Middle Ages, between the end of the Roman Empire and the Modern Age. Review essential information about what made the Roman Empire so significant, as well as ...

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    FLVS World History Module 5 DBA. The empires are gone, the wars over religion and territory have stopped for now, and the population has skyrocketed. Modern Europe is no longer like the Europe that existed in 1650. These days Europe is known for its religious tolerance and stable political systems. This, however, did not happen over time.

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    2.03 crusades, world history.docx. Report #1- The year is 1095. I'm here reporting from the front lines in Anatolia. Due to the recent repeated attacks against the Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land by Seljuk Turks, emperor Alexius I Comnenus the first was prompted to appeal to Pope Urban. WORLD HISTORY 2.03.

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    6.02 world history.docx. In the time of the Industrial Revolution, there were factory systems that were adopted in England for the first time. The thought of the machines creating things so much faster is amazing. It gave the idea of building factories. The factory's main goal wa.

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    World History FLVS 1.02 Travel Journal. 22 terms. laine_oconnor. Preview. 01.09 Module Exam. 30 terms. Morganshoumaker. Preview. sunni islam- 6 articles of faith. 6 terms. Theoc1234. Preview. ... 2,286,000,000; 33% of the world in North and South America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Australia. How many followers does Islam have? Where are ...

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    Date: 1095. Emporer Alexius I Comnenus requested for my help in defending the Byzantine Empire and take over the Holy Land again. I will ask European lords to join forces with each other to reclaim the Holy Land from the Muslims.

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