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50 Easy DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

These simple tasks will have your space looking like a million bucks in no time.

woman working on a DIY project

Interior design influencers are all over social media, inspiring their followers to do more with their humdrum surroundings. And while learning to drywall or repaving your own patio may take more time and money than you're inclined to spend, there are plenty of easy projects you can take on to completely transform your home in a couple of days or less. That's why we've teamed up with DIY experts to bring you some amazing and easy DIY projects you can complete in just a few hours! Read on to see what you can achieve with a minimum of time, effort, and even experience.

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These DIY Home Projects Are Sure to Elevate Your Space

Have some extra wood laying around? Maybe a few rolls of craft paper? Use these affordable materials to create amazing home projects and knick-knacks!

1. Make your own hand-painted wallpaper.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Cassandra | DIY & Home Design (@casscreateshome)

No budget for expensive wallpaper? No problem! Cassandra Campana of Cass Creates says that this project cost virtually no money and was quick to complete . "I used a level and long piece of scrap wood to draw the vertical lines along the wall. Then, I cut two pieces of scrap wood at an angle and glued them together to make a template for the rest of the pattern," she explains. After penciling the design on the wall, she painted it using a thin brush.

2. Create your own DIY coffee station.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jes & Madhu (@yeawebuiltthat)

Tired of running out of countertop space or finding too many mismatched mugs in your cabinet? Consolidate your collection and keep your morning pick-me-up essentials in one place with this easy coffee station from Jes and Madhu Das of Yea We Built That.

After you've sanded your wood and sprayed it with lacquer, "put the pieces together [and] be sure the shelf is at a 90-degree angle so your shelf contents don't slide off," says Jes. She adds that the mug hooks under the station can be purchased at any hardware store.

3. Build your own slide-out crate organizer.

If you want more entryway storage but don't have a lot of space, these sliding milk crates might just be the best way to combat your clutter.

"We had a couple of [crates] lying around so we decided to turn them into functional items where we could actually store things we need access to on a regular basis," says Jes. After spray painting the crates, she attached sliding drawer tracks to the crate and wall, making sure to measure and re-measure to ensure functionality.

4. Create your own custom mirror.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sarah | Dream of Home (@sarah_dreamofhome)

Transforming that lackluster mirror into a statement piece is easier than you might expect. "I recently turned a plain wooden mirror into a gorgeous rose gold piece using only white paint, tape, and a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint in rose gold," says DIY blogger Sarah Macklin of Dream of Home. She simply painted the corners with white paint, covered them with tape once they were dry, and used spray paint for the rest.

5. Reupholster your headboard.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Amanda Poe 🌿 Colorful Boho Home (@bohofrisco)

Want to brighten up your bedroom in no time? All it takes is a weekend and some elbow grease to make this gorgeous headboard . "This update was inexpensive and made a huge impact, but it did take a couple of coats to cover the gray color of the original upholstery," says DIYer Amanda Poe of BohoFrisco.

6. Stencil and paint your nightstand.

Now that you've done your headboard, why not upgrade that boring nightstand in your bedroom, too? It only takes a couple of hours to create a custom piece. "I used chalk paint and a stencil to create this bone inlay look for a fraction of the cost [of a new piece]," says Poe.

7. Use milk paint to transform an old dresser.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Eileen @ Just Measuring Up (@justmeasuringup)

Instead of taking that beat-up old dresser to the dump, try transforming it a la DIY home bloggers Ash and Eileen Annesley of Just Measuring Up. "We had an old dresser from the '50s and completely changed the look of it with milk paint and brand new hardware," the pair explains.

8. Make your own picture ledge.

You don't have to crowd every bookshelf and mantle to find enough space for your photos. "These are gorgeous picture ledges that we made from scrap wood that now house a collection of photos," say the Annesleys. The best part? This project cost less than $10.

9. Make your own map wall art.

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Great art doesn't have to cost a fortune. Case in point: This gorgeous map from Just Measuring Up. "This is a simple three-piece world map made with just wood, paint, and a stencil," explain the Annesleys.

10. Create a built-in bookcase.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Danielle @ DIYDanielle (@doityourselfdanielle)

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11. Construct your own entertainment center.

Want to make your TV and cable box a stylish part of your décor instead of an eyesore? Pientka says this project is a bit more complicated, but it's well worth the effort. "We mounted the cabinets then added feet for additional support," she explains. "The cabinets give us lots of hidden storage space without a lot of work."

12. Install your own peel-and-stick backsplash.

Upgrading your kitchen doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money—or even hiring a contractor. Poe says that removable tiles are an easy way to transform your space, noting that it took just one weekend to complete this project. Better yet, "these tiles are removable so you can take them out when you leave your rental space, or when you want to change your kitchen again!," she explains.

13. Make over your pantry with custom shelving.

Kitchen remodels can be pricey, but you can upgrade your pantry in a single weekend with custom shelving . "We took the old wire shelves out of our pantry and replaced them with beautiful wooden shelves and home drawers," say the Annesleys.

14. Build kitchen shelves from old doors.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kristi | Chatfield Court (@chatfieldcourt)

Remodeling your home ? Put that old hollow core door to good use with this fun DIY project from Chatfield Court. "This is an easy project to do and makes a huge difference in any space," says DIYer Kristi Haight .

15. Make your own farmhouse dining table.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Austin and Liz (@buildingourrez)

Large dining room tables can be prohibitively pricey—unless you make your own, that is. "Just sand down the wood with an orbital sander, add a coat of stain, and wipe it off. Let it dry and then apply whitewash to the entire table ," says Austin Alvarez of Building Our Rez.

16. Build your own fire pit.

Keeping warm outdoors doesn't have to mean dragging your blankets into your backyard. "Go to your local hardware store and grab 30 pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, a bag of pea pebbles, and a bag of paver base," says Alvarez. "Two hours later you'll be roasting all the marshmallows with the closest of friends and family."

17. Create your own compost bin.

Large cedar wood compost boxes with composted soil and yard waste for backyard composting

Turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden with this easy DIY. "You can use any wood you want to build, including scrap wood that is free," says Allen Michael , editor of DIY site SawsHub. "Just make sure it isn't treated—you don't want chemicals in your compost !"

18. Make your own succulent wall.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Amanda (@tantrumsandtools)

Want to flex your green thumb? This succulent wall is the ideal way to display your prized potted plants . "All you need is shiplap, 2×2 pots, and clips," says Amanda Badgley of Tantrums and Tools. "Make a few straight cuts, nail everything together, screw in your clips, and you're done!" Think of it kind of like a gallery wall, only greener.

19. Create your own succulent terrarium.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chicfully Party Kreations (@chicfully.kreations)

You can bring the outdoors in with these easy terrariums from Karla Perez of Chicfully Kreations. "You fill the apothecary jars with pebbles and just insert the succulent of your choice," she explains.

20. Make your own front door wreath.

Want to give your front door a fun seasonal makeover? One that you can put together in less than an hour? Try this gorgeous paper wreath project from Chicfully Kreations. "I used a floral garden natural willow wreath, different plastic ferns, white paper plates, feathers that I dipped with gold glitter, and a cutout of [Peter Pan's] silhouette," says Perez. She notes that she first rolled the plates to make the flowers, then glued the other materials on.

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21. Build an elevated garden bed.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by DIY single mom | 📍CT (@ifonlyapril)

Raised beds just got a chic upgrade, thanks to this easy DIY from April Reade of If Only April. "Just cut the wood, make a box from it, and add legs for convenience. Add planks on the bottom of the box and cover the bottom with black fiberglass screen to protect soil from falling through," says Reade.

22. Make an easy entryway organizer.

entryway shelf with jacjets hanging

Don't let your mail and keys clutter up your entryway any longer. Reade says she attached hooks and small shelves to some scrap wood and voilà, "the entryway organizer was ready!"

23. Construct a set of floating shelves for your garage.

Has your garage gotten so cluttered you can hardly see the floor? These simple DIY shelves are perfect for getting rid of that mess once and for all. "I attached a frame to the wall, then made another matching frame and connected them with cleats between," explains Reade. "Then I cut a sheet of plywood in three parts and lined shelves with it."

24. Make a lazy Susan pencil holder.

colored pencils

Give your desk an easy upgrade with this lazy Susan pencil holder . "I measured the thickness of pencils, drilled holes into the wood, attached a lazy Susan on the bottom, and it was ready!" says Reade.

25. Build your own baby gym.

Not loving the look of your kids' clunky plastic toys? Making this gorgeous wooden baby gym is easier than you'd expect. "Simply take one 1×2, make four legs out of it, attach the dowel, and decorate as you like," says Reade. "I used beads on elastic cord, but ideas are unlimited."

26. Install your own custom closet.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alyssa | Boston Blogger (@alyssaloring)

You don't have to have contractor-level skills—or a huge budget—to create your own custom closet . Using a ClosetMaid Selectives system, DIYer Alyssa Loring of Feathers and Stripes created this bespoke storage space for her daughter. "I love the drawers for extra organization, so I have a place to put her swimsuits, extra sheets, and other things that just don't fit well in her dresser," she said. "One drawer usually has some items that are a little too big but will fit soon-ish."

27. Create your own couch sleeve.

wooden couch sleeve

One dropped mug of coffee is too many—but you don't need another table cluttering up your space to give yourself extra room for those drinks. Just spend a day making this wooden couch sleeve . After cutting your wood to size, "glue and clamp the sides to secure the bottom two pieces to the top, and let it dry," says Brandon Smith , editor at The Saw Guy. Follow it up with wood stain and polyurethane finish, and you're done!

28. Build a stylish blanket ladder.

model living room with diy blanket ladder

Draping a blanket over the arm of your couch can add a touch of rustic chic, but there are only so many textiles your sofa can handle. Enter: the DIY blanket ladder. "You don't even need power tools to make this simple blanket ladder. All it requires is a miter box, a hand saw, and a few boards," says Vineta Jackson , founder of The Handyman's Daughter.

29. Resurface your fireplace.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Vineta Jackson 🔨 DIY Blogger (@the.handymans.daughter)

This easy DIY home project can completely transform a room , but, surprisingly enough, it doesn't require a contractor. If you're over your existing brick fireplace, "smooth out the rough surface with mortar, then give it a new look with modern tile," suggests Jackson.

30. Or give it a serious cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!

woman cleaning the smoke stains from a fireplace

Smoke stains are notoriously hard to clean, but don't let that discourage you from remodeling your fireplace. "When the cleaning didn't remove the smoke stains, I turned to a semi-transparent concrete dye," says Kate Terhune of Mama Kate Knows Best .

31. Redo your worn-out bathroom floors.

Even if your bathroom flooring is looking a little worse for wear, you don't have to rip up all that tile. According to Jackson, it's easy to "give your bathroom floor a bold new look with floor paint and a graphic stencil."

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32. Create a simple bespoke laptop stand.

That laptop stand you bought at your local big box store may serve a purpose, but it's not exactly pretty. Luckily, transforming it is simpler than you might expect. "It's so easy to swap out the faux-wood top of this store-bought laptop stand for a custom design," explains Jackson. "You can glue several contrasting boards together to make a larger piece, or add a pop of color with recycled skateboards."

33. Transform a piece of wood into an easy candleholder.

Have one too many mismatched candles kicking around your house? Turn them into a stunning centerpiece by creating your very own wooden candle or plant holder. "Dig through your scrap wood pile to put together this simple DIY candleholder that doubles as an air plant stand," says Jackson. "Just glue up the layers, trim off the sides, and drill a hole for the candle on top." Simple as that!

34. Make a fancy plant hook.

35. redo your cabinet doors with contact paper..

A full kitchen makeover is a pretty exhaustive and expensive undertaking. However, you can "give your flat front cabinets a quick makeover with peel-and-stick contact paper," says Jackson. This is also a great way for renters to transform their kitchens without losing their security deposit.

36. Paint your kitchen backsplash.

You don't need to tear out your existing backsplash to give it new life. Instead, "brighten it up with a coat of bonding primer and floor paint that holds up to cooking messes and sink splashes," suggests Jackson.

37. Add crown molding to your cabinetry.

Carpenter nailing crown moldings in the kitchen cabinets framing trim worker using air brad nail gun

Looking for a way to transform your kitchen that doesn't require a contractor? Adding some trim above your cabinetry is so simple, even a DIY novice can do it. "Purchase the molding and trim and then paint it to match the cabinet color," explains James Judge , a Phoenix-based designer and realtor . "The finished look makes it look like the cabinets expand to the ceiling."

38. Install some interior wall paneling.

green wall panelling in a modern bedroom

If you're bored of your drab walls—and even paint won't do—a great way to transform them is to add paneling, which is easier to install than you might think. "Buy 1×1 boards and then create a graphic pattern," suggests Judge. He recommends drawing the pattern on the wall first before hanging the panels. Then, attach the boards to the walls and paint them in the color of your choice. "This is a great inexpensive way to achieve a new look and a nice alternative to wallpapering," Judge says.

39. Sew a new set of curtains.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Alisa Bovino (@aglassofbovino)

Curtains can cost a pretty penny, but you can easily make your own with a little DIY know-how. DIY blogger Alisa Bovino of A Glass of Bovino says it takes just about an hour to hem a set of four panels . Her only warnings about these pleated beauties? "Be sure you're using the same amount of fabric per pleat, you're spacing them about equal distance apart from each other, and you're also clipping in the same place."

40. Revamp an Ikea media center.

shelving unit next to gray wall

Ikea furniture may be a staple in many homes, but on its own, it doesn't do much to stand out. If you want to change the look of your media center, try this Kallax hack from blogger JZ of Just Might DIY. "With some thin wood, stain, wood glue, drawer pulls, and a free afternoon, I turned this piece from meh to wow," she explains. The best part? It cost her just $40 to complete!

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41. Upcycle an old record cabinet.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Just Might DIY (@justmightdiy)

Have an old record cabinet that's seen better days? Try JZ's trick for repurposing a family heirloom and giving it new life. "We decided to use the bones of the old [record cabinet] and cover it with red oak veneer so it would still be the piece that my mom used to store her records," she says.

42. Build your own surfboard headboard.

Whether you live at the beach or just wish you did, creating a surfboard headboard is a great way to liven up your bedroom. Despite her lack of experience and limited collection of tools, JZ managed to create this gorgeous piece. "This headboard is proof that with enough determination, you can make anything you put your mind to," she says.

43. Create a sola flower centerpiece.

Want to add some natural elements to your space but not great with plants ? Try this sola wood flower centerpiece , via Just Might DIY. "A little bit of water mixed with craft paint, and you can dip dye these amazing [sola wood] flowers and create a beautiful centerpiece that will last," says JZ.

44. Make your own postcard wreath.

View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tara | Hammer & a Headband (@andaheadband)

This easy DIY postcard wreath is another piece that will look amazing on your wall all year round. "This wreath has it all: a funky Sputnik shape, silvery glitter, and a place to display retro postcards," says Tara Besore , founder of DIY blog Hammer and a Headband.

All she used was pre-cut pieces of wood and glue to craft the frame. "I created this wreath to hold holiday and special occasion cards, but for the rest of the year it's a perfect spot to showcase my favorite postcards," she says.

45. Paint a mid-century-style work of art.

Transforming your home with new art doesn't have to mean spending hours browsing Etsy or galleries for inspiration. "Since mid-mod art involves a lot of simple shapes and clean lines, anyone can DIY this kind of painting using a few basic shapes," says Besore. "Think footballs and bowling pins."

46. Create a cool frame for your favorite pieces.

Not thrilled with the frame selection at your local store? No problem. According to JZ, creating this acoustic foam frame is pretty simple. "I created what we call the 'Soundboard Frame' out of square-edged pine, black stain, and lots of patience. But it was definitely worth the effort!" she says. "Now this cool painting is showcased in a piece of art itself."

47. Build your own floral board wall art.

couch in front of large floral painting

Want an eye-catching design element to liven up an otherwise bland wall? Try making your own piece of floral wall décor. "I had this wooden frame kicking around that was used as a packing element for a large appliance [and] could easily cover it in fabric via staple gun [to] have a gorgeous focal point," explains blogger Katie Hellmuth Martin , founder of Tin Shingle and A Little Beacon Blog . By simply stapling the fabric to the frame, she created this amazing piece of art, but you can also do the same with a piece of corkboard if you want to create your own custom message center.

48. Make a chalkboard wall calendar.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tatertots & Jello – DIY blog (@tatertotsandjello)

With just a little tape and some chalkboard paint, you can create a gorgeous reusable wall calendar . According to blogger Jen Hadfield of Tater Tots and Jelly, it's easy to tailor the project based on the amount of space you have available. That said, some careful planning is important. You might want to reserve this one for when you have a couple of days to spare instead of just a few hours.

"Once you get your wall painted, let it cure and then season the wall by chalking the wall all over with the blunt side of the chalk," she writes. "This will make the wall take the chalk and instead of the chalk going into the paint… so it can be washed off later."

49. Make your own pendant light.

DIY pendant light

A new light fixture can be an expensive investment—so if you're looking for a simple low-cost DIY lighting project to revamp your space, look no further than On the Fly DIY. "Pendant lighting is so easy and inexpensive to make yourself. There's no reason to purchase new fixtures at retail prices," says Vicki Liston in On the Fly DIY's video tutorial .

She made this fixture from pieces at a local hardware store, but you may find all the materials you need in your basement! "Start with a basic wiring set up and you can incorporate almost any type of DIY shade to perfectly coordinate with your style," she explains.

50. Build a theft-proof mailbox.

DIY mailbox

This easy home DIY project isn't just decorative—it's incredibly practical, too. "We use online shopping for almost everything, but porch pirates are putting a damper on this convenience," explains Liston in a video tutorial for this super secure mailbox . With some wood, a table saw, a drill, screws, hinges, and spray paint, she managed to create her own theft-proof mailbox to outsmart those thieves—and you can, too!

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of DIY home projects, but be sure to check back with us soon for even more ways to keep yourself busy. You can also sign up for our newsletter  so you don't miss out on what's next!

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Site search, 100 diy home projects for under $100.

We’ve rounded up our favorite budget ideas to inspire your next DIY home improvement project.


You don’t need a large budget to give your home a noticeable boost. Whether you’re looking for functional fixes, to enhance visual appeal, or just a small refresh—there are a number of ways to update your home cheaply and easily.

100 DIY Home Improvement Projects for Under $100

The editors of This Old House share their favorite home projects you can do yourself on a budget.

Add Carved Corbels Under Your Breakfast Bar

home projects simple

How to do it: Check salvage yards for Victorian-era ones with patina for an extra flourish in the eating area.

Estimated cost: Two 30-inch-high-by-19-inch-deep Queen Anne–style corbels, about $95

Plant an Evergreen Screen

home projects simple

How to do it: Plant an evergreen screen on the north side of your house to block winter winds. Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ can climb 3 feet in one year.

Estimated cost: $92 for two; Jackson & Perkins

Laundry-Room Chandelier

home projects simple

How to do it: Suspend a chandelier in the laundry room for a bit of sophistication in an unexpected place. White Capiz pendant with cord kit.

Estimated cost: similar to shown, $80; World Market

Hook Yourself Up

home projects simple

How to do it: Wall-mount a row of hooks above your kitchen counter to keep dish towels and measuring cups at the ready.

Estimated cost: Polished chrome Alno utility hooks, about $8 each

Make Your Sink Do Double Duty

home projects simple

How to do it: Fit an undermount sink with a cutting board for more prep space. Measure the length and width of the basin, adding ½ inch to each side. Trim a piece of butcher block to size with a jigsaw. Then create a lip around its underside so that it will rest on the edge of the counter.

Estimated cost: 18-by-12-inch maple block, about 86; Butcher Block Co.

Display Your Display

home projects simple

How to do it: Display your flat-screen TV on a tabletop easel with adjustable clamps.

Estimated cost: Academy Deluxe Table Top Easel, about 80; Madison Art Shop

Wallpaper a Door

home projects simple

How to do it: Use paper and paste left over from a big job to dress up door panels, letting stiles and rails frame the decoration. For slab doors, trace a shape on the back of the paper, cut it out, and center it on the door.

Estimated Cost: Nothing

Hang Natural Fiber Shades

home projects simple

How to do it: Use natural fiber shades to highlight the transition between indoors and outdoors and help insulate windows.

Estimated cost: Bamboo Roman Shade, similar one shown, about $32; Target

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

home projects simple

How to do it: Unhinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves—a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage.

Estimated cost: One 20-by-24-by-¾-inch and two 12-by-24-by-¾-inch white melamine shelves, metal standards, and shelf brackets, all by Elfa, about $95; The Container Store

Turn Upper Cabinets to Instant Shelving

home projects simple

How to do it: Remove the doors on a bank of upper cabinets, then paint the interiors for instant open shelving.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of Elements Zero VOC 100 percent acrylic paint with a washable semigloss sheen, about $35; California Paints

Create Cubbies in a Bookcase

home projects simple

How to do it: Cut vertical dividers to the depth of the unit minus ¾ inch, and secure them in place with glue and finish nails. Face dividers with 1×1 trim flush with the shelf fronts.

Estimated cost: One sheet of ¾-inch plywood and three 1×1 strips,$26; Home Depot

Install a New Doorbell

home projects simple

How to do it: The Lighted Visitors Button shown here will impress your guests.

Estimated cost: About $70; Rejuvenation Inc.

Add a Doormat

home projects simple

How to do it: Polish up an entry hall with a dirt-grabbing doormat to protect the finish on wood floors.

Estimated cost: Chilewich woven vinyl mats wash out in the sink, about $50; Crate & Barrel

Raise the Lighting

home projects simple

How to do it: Flank your sofa with matching pendants to open up space on end tables.

Estimated cost: Two Eden pendant lamps with drum-style fabric shades, about $99; CB2

Tone Down Brassy Hardware

home projects simple

How to do it: Take the gleam off like-new brass hinges and doorknobs with a simple rub of a darkening solution.

Estimated cost: 8-ounce bottle of Brass Antiquing Solution, about $7; Constantine’s Wood Center

Doorway Display

home projects simple

How to do it: Add a shelf above a doorway, paint it to match the trim, then use it to display pottery.

Estimated cost: 40-inch-long 1×6 red oak shelf and two 7-inch Classic Oak Brackets, about $32; Rockler

Clear the Counter

home projects simple

How to do it: Build in a soap dispenser beside the kitchen faucet to keep that Palmolive bottle out of sight.

Estimated cost: Whitehaus’s Beluga Soap/Lotion Dispenser in polished nickel, about $90; KitchenSource.com

Install a Ceiling Fan

home projects simple

How to do it: Install a vintage-look ceiling fan to recirculate warmed air in winter. Reverse the blades’ spin to lower summer cooling costs.

Estimated cost: 52-inch Energy Star Capri with “tarnished” oiled-bronze finish, shown at right, about $90; Lamps Plus

Cover Your Lawn With Flowers

home projects simple

How to do it: Plant a mass of bulbs with grasslike foliage in your lawn. Early-spring bloomers will be ready to mow when your turf perks up.

Estimated cost: 100 scilla siberica bulbs, similar to shown, under $20; John Scheepers, Inc.

Add Floating Shelves

home projects simple

How to do it: Add floating wall-mount shelves in place of a bookcase to free up valuable floor real estate. The shelves’ hidden hardware gives them a sleek, airy look.

Estimated cost: 3-foot-long wood Chunky Wall Shelf, about $34 each; West Elm

Conceal Your Air Conditioner

home projects simple

How to do it: Hide a through-wall air conditioner inside a stock kitchen cabinet you can close when the unit’s not in use. Paint the cabinet the same color as your walls so it’ll “disappear,” or choose wood-veneer doors to mimic a pricey built-in.

Estimated cost: 36-by-18-inch Akurum fan cabinet with oak-veneer doors, about $88; IKEA

Waterproof a Kid’s Bath

home projects simple

How to do it: Adhere rubber floor tiles to the wall for a lively waterproof backsplash in a kid’s bathroom. Coat the tile backs with adhesive and stick them up.

Estimated cost: BR Profile Studded Tiles in 20 colors, about $4.25 per square foot; ACTiVA Rubber Flooring

Upsize Your Windows

home projects simple

How to do it: Make small windows look larger by hanging drapes at ceiling height.

Estimated cost: Pair of 108-inch Brimfield 4-in-1 Panel Drapes in Carafe, about $70; JCPenney

Paint Your Front Door

home projects simple

How to do it: Brush on a vibrant color, such as a rich red, for a more welcoming entry.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of RedSeal Exterior Latex Eggshell House & Trim paint, about $25; Pratt & Lambert

Add Vintage Sparkle

home projects simple

How to do it: Swap out a plain powder room doorknob for a vintage glass sparkler. Leave the hallway-facing knob in place for a unified look with the rest of your doors.

Estimated cost: Multifaceted 1900s glass knob with a brass shank that fits most spindles, about $38; Liz’s Antique Hardware

Use a Louvered Shutter to Sort Mail

home projects simple

How to do it: Mount it on the wall, stick letters and bills in the slots.

Estimated cost: Unfinished 12-by-41-inch Western red cedar fixed-louver shutter, about $91; Shuttercraft .

Hide Home Office Wiring

home projects simple

How to do it: Run wiring behind a beadboard panel in the knee-hole at the back of your desk. Velcro the panel to blocking mounted on the rear legs or sides of your desk so that you can pop it off to access the outlet.

Estimated cost: 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood beadboard, about $20; Lowe’s

Cover a Scuffed Toekick

home projects simple

How to do it: Mask a messed up kitchen toekick with stainless-look peel-and-stick laminate strips.

Estimated cost: 6-inch-high toekick cover, about $12 per linear foot.

Unclutter Your Workbench

home projects simple

How to do it: Organize workbench clutter on a simple pegboard rack.

Estimated cost: DPI’s 4-by-8-foot white perforated pegboard wall panel, about $16; Lowe’s . Crawford’s 43-piece pegboard organizer with hooks, baskets, and jars, about $11; Ace Hardware

Paint a Tile Backsplash

home projects simple

How to do it: Brighten up a dark, dated tile backsplash with cheery paint. Scuff the surface with sandpaper and apply two coats of adhesion primer. Let dry and roll on two coats of oil-based semigloss paint.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon each of Adhesion Primer and ProClassic Alkyd Interior Enamel, about $96; The Sherwin-Williams Company

Crown Your Roofline with a Weather Vane

home projects simple

How to do it: Perch a classic rural wind spinner on top of your peak.

Estimated cost: Verdigris resin rooster, shown below, about $89; The Weathervane Factory

Decorative Stair Brackets

home projects simple

How to do it: Trim out your staircase with decorative brackets fastened to the outside of the stringer just below the treads.

Estimated Cost: $100~

Dim the Lights

home projects simple

How to do it: Install a dimmer switch in your dining room to set the mood—and save energy. You can even get them in colors to match your wall or trim paint.

Estimated cost: Lutron’s Diva C.L dimmer, starting around $31, including a tinted switch cover; Pro Lighting

Brighten Cabinet Insides

home projects simple

How to do it: Highlight the inside of a glass-front cupboard by brushing on a bold hue.

Estimated cost: Aquarium Blue latex paint, $16 per quart; Benjamin Moore

Give Bookshelves the Once-Over

home projects simple

How to do it: Group hardcovers and paperbacks separately and sort them by size for a tidier look. Use heavy decorative items, such as a stone bowl or vintage cast-iron tub claw-foot, as bookends.

Estimated cost: Salvaged tub foot; about $20; The Old House Parts Company

Cover with Climbers

home projects simple

How to do it: Put a trellis over an exterior window for clematis to climb on. Coat decorative wood brackets with primer, then paint and secure them to the studs on either side of the window with deck screws. For the top, rip a piece of 5/4×6 red cedar decking into three strips, space them evenly across the brackets, and secure with trim-head screws.

Estimated cost: Two Victorian wood brackets, about $38; Premier Wood Products . Deck board, fasteners, preservative, and paint, about $42; Do it Best

Bring It Down to Eye Level

home projects simple

How to do it: Lower your art to eye level, about 64 inches from the floor.

Estimated cost: Reposition 17 pieces with the OOK Valu-Pak Pro Hanging Kit. about $9; OOK

Fix Up Your Fixture

home projects simple

How to do it: Spruce up a home-center ceiling fixture by swapping out the generic white globe for a colorful, vintage-look schoolhouse shade.

Estimated cost: 10-inch opal drum shade with a painted blue stripe, about $62; Schoolhouse Electric Co.

Use a Ladder as a Bath-towel Rack

home projects simple

How to do it: Lean it against a wall and sling bath sheets and washcloths over its rungs. The white metal ladder shown here is new.

Estimated cost: For even more character, try a colorful, vintage five-rung wood ladder, about $43; A Rustic Garden

Bulk Up Door Trim

home projects simple

How to do it: Build up a wimpy entry door casing in your foyer with applied moldings to create a more substantial first impression of your home.

Estimated cost: Four 6-foot-long-by-3¾-inch-wide primed white miterless moldings, about $80; Van Dyke’s Restorers

Faux Your Floor

home projects simple

How to do it: Paint worn vinyl flooring to look like stone tile. Use two similar colors­ for the “stones” and white paint to create faux grout lines. Seal the surface with three coats of polyurethane.

Estimated cost: 2 quarts of Valspar latex Porch and Floor paint and 1 quart of Cabot Water Based Polyurethane, about $54; Lowe’s . One 4-ounce tube of Pearl Acrylic Artist Paint for “grout,” about $3; Pearl Paint

Skirt a Sink

home projects simple

How to do it: Wrap a pedestal sink with a skirt and conceal your waste bin and toiletries below. Stick fabric to the basin edge with adhesive-backed Velcro.

Estimated cost: 60-by-32-inch white ruffled cotton sink skirt, about $60

Cover Door Scuffs

home projects simple

How to do it: Fasten a kickplate to your front door as a traditional and stylish way to protect the bottom from scuffs.

Estimated cost: 30-inch solid-brass kickplate, about $64; Signature Hardware

Strip Paint-Caked Door Hardware

home projects simple

How to do it: Buy a thrift-store Crock-Pot and fill it with water and 2 tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent. Drop in hinges, knobs, and escutcheons. Heat on medium overnight. By morning, the paint will be falling off the metal.

Estimated cost: About $5 for the pot

Install New House Numbers

home projects simple

How to do it: Add eye-catching house numbers to make sure your address isn’t missed.

Estimated cost: Arts and Crafts 2¾-by-3¾-inch glazed ceramic tiles $14 each; Pewabic Pottery

Ornament Your Newel Post

home projects simple

How to do it: Top your newel with a carved wood finial for a more stately staircase.

Estimated cost: Antique Ivory Knewl Post Finial, about $86; Layla Grayce

Create a Luxe-Look Bathroom Shelf

home projects simple

How to do it: Support a 4-inch-wide marble door threshold with decorative metal brackets.

Estimated cost: 36-inch-long threshold, about $28; at most flooring retailers. Two Mini Pennsylvania Dutch Motif 3-by-4-inch cast-iron brackets, about $11; House of Antique Hardware

Tear Out Old Carpet on Your Stairs

home projects simple

How to do it: Refinish the treads and paint the risers white—or get creative and paint a runner-like pattern.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of white paint, sandpaper, wood putty to fill tack holes, 1 quart of stain, and 1 gallon of clear polyurethane, about $95; Lowe’s

Add a Stained-glass Window in Your Bath

home projects simple

How to do it: If you can’t find an exact fit to replace your existing window, simply hang one from chains in front of it.

Estimated cost: eBay store Bell Antique Mall has Art Deco windows similar to shown, starting at $69; Ebay

Gloss Over a Frame

home projects simple

How to do it: Refinish a dull mirror frame with glossy paint for an upscale look.

Estimated cost: 13-ounce can of Mohawk Colored Lacquer Enamel, about $6; Pond Cove Paint & Supply

Increase Mobility

home projects simple

How to do it: Put casters on a table for a dual-purpose dining and food-prep surface in a small kitchen.

Estimated cost: Four Waxman swivel casters with brakes, about $15; Lowe’s

Screen Your Fireplace for Warm Weather

home projects simple

How to do it: Retool your fireplace for spring with a screen made from a salvaged section of iron fence. Get one that’s slightly larger than your firebox opening so that you can secure it to the surround. Add hook-on hangers to hold potted blooms.

Estimated cost: One 50-inch-wide-by-36-inch-tall iron section with a fleur-de-lis detail, about $75; Sarasota Architectural Salvage . Ace flowerpot holders, about $9 each; Ace Hardware

Shine Some Light on Your Work

home projects simple

How to do it: Brighten countertops instantly with battery-powered LED undercabinet puck lighting.

Estimated cost: Four adhesive-backed Bell & Howell Mini Power Pods, about $20

Make Candlesticks from Wood Spindles

home projects simple

How to do it: Use a spade bit to drill a recess in the tops for the candle. Group sticks of varying heights for a stunning tabletop display.

Estimated cost: Two 12-inch and two 7½-inch turned redwood spindles, about $9; Vintage Woodworks

Create a Sense of Uniformity

home projects simple

How to do it: Unify unmatched bedroom furniture by painting pieces the same hue.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of eco-friendly Inside Palette acrylic paint, about $45; YOLO Colorhouse

Get a Stencilied Look in Your Kid’s Room

home projects simple

How to do it: Decorate the walls with easy stick-on decals in fun animal shapes.

Estimated cost: 22-by-30-inch elephant design, about $25; Janey Mac at Etsy

Assemble a Wall Display

home projects simple

How to do it: Group small prints, photos, and vintage plates and hang them together for the look of a large, expensive piece of art. Arrange the display on the floor first to limit nail holes.

Fill the Paver Cracks

home projects simple

How to do it: Plant low-growing English thyme to prevent weeds from sprouting between pavers. Just sow seeds in early spring so that they’ll sprout as the temperature rises.

Estimated cost: 400-seed packet, about $2; Diane’s Flower Seeds

Brush On a Welcome Mat

home projects simple

How to do it: Make this diamond-patterened rug like mat on your stoop by mapping the design with painter’s tape and using a roller to put colors in their places.

Estimated cost: 2 quarts of Valspar latex Porch and Floor paint, about $24; Valspar

Switch Out Your Island Hardware

home projects simple

How to do it: Change the hardware on your kitchen island to give it the look of custom furniture. Leave the existing knobs and handles on the cabinets alone.

Estimated cost: Melon Knob and Melon Handle, about $26 for both; Anthropologie

String Dazzling Lights

home projects simple

How to do it: Run rope lighting along the bathroom vanity toekick for a soft ambient night-light.

Estimated cost: SuperBright’s 2-foot strand, about $8; LAMPS PLUS $14 each; Pewabic Pottery

Flank the Bed

home projects simple

How to do it: Build a wall-mount bedside table with wood corbels topped by a slate roof shingle.

Estimated cost: Two 6-inch oak Legacy hand-carved corbels, about $80; Van Dykes Restorers . 7-by-13-inch salvaged shingle, about $5; Recycling The Past – Architectural Salvage

Install a Cross-Handle Faucet

home projects simple

How to do it: Swap in a cross-handle faucet to warm up a bathroom. A compact, centerset design—for basins with holes spaced 4 inches apart—preserves sinktop space.

Estimated cost: Randolph Morris 4-inch centerset bathroom faucet in chrome, about $84; Vintage Tub & Bath

Crown Your Cabinets

home projects simple

How to do it: Top stock kitchen cabinets with crown molding for the look of custom casework. 32 feet of crown to trim out the average kitchen.

Estimated cost: About $80; Lowe’s

Mount a New Mailbox by Your Front Door

home projects simple

How to do it: A bold-colored locking model will make your entry more eye-catching—and protect your privacy.

Estimated cost: Priority Mailbox in red, about $58; chiasso

Use Bin Pulls as Sash Lifts

home projects simple

How to do it: Screw classic bin pulls onto double-hung windows to keep frames free from fingerprints. Twenty Victorian-style cast-iron decorative bin pulls will outfit 10 windows in first-floor rooms, where guests are more likely to see them.

Estimated cost: About $82; House of Antique Hardware

Give Your Porch Some Space

home projects simple

How to do it: Paint your porch ceiling sky blue to create a more spacious feeling.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior paint in Niagara Falls, similar to shown, about $36; behr.com .

Protect Your Corners

home projects simple

How to do it: Put turned wood corner moldings on the outside corners of foyer walls to protect paint and add architectural detail.

Estimated cost: Traditional 22-inch cherry Corner Guard, about $15 each; Van Dykes Restorers

Give a Wall a Glimmering Two-Tone Effect

home projects simple

How to do it: Roll stripes or stencil a pattern of shiny glaze over a wall painted with a solid matte finish.

Estimated cost: 1 quart of Studio Finishes latex glaze, about $9; Benjamin Moore

Free Up Your Sink

home projects simple

How to do it: Hang a wall-mount cup and toothbrush holder in the bathroom to declutter the sink deck.

Estimated cost: Banner Concave Design Porcelain Toothbrush & Tumbler Holder in chrome, about $23; Vintage Tub & Bath

Frame Your Reflection

home projects simple

How to do it: Transform an unadorned mirror by wrapping it in wood molding.

Estimated cost: A simple frame kit containing four mitered Pemaquid Slim molding strips in a distressed silver finish, the clips and glue to secure it together, and hardware to mount it, about $97; MirrorMate

Bring the Outlet Closer

home projects simple

How to do it: Drop in a floor receptacle so that you don’t have to string long cords between table lamps and wall outlets.

Estimated cost: Carlon Drop-In Floor Box, about $58; tselectronic.com

Help Guests Be Heard

home projects simple

How to do it: Dress up your entry door with a handsome knocker.

Estimated cost: Colonial-style bronze door knocker, about $50; Restoration Hardware

Divide and Conquer

home projects simple

How to do it: Install a chair rail in your bedroom and paint the wall below a serene accent color.

Estimated cost: Enough red oak Colonial-style moldings to wrap the walls of an 8-by-10-foot room, about $75; Baird Brothers

Flank Your Front Door with Sconces

home projects simple

How to do it: Try barn-style caged lights to accent a traditional entry, then screw in outdoor-rated CFLs to save on your energy bills.

Estimated cost: Two cast aluminum vapor-tight lights, about $99.60; Warehouse Lighting


home projects simple

How to do it: Connect two rooms with a pass-through carved out in a nonload-bearing wall. Frame the opening with 2x4s, cover with drywall, and finish the edges with corner beading.

Estimated cost: Lumber, sheet of drywall, beading, and 5-gallon bucket of joint compound to coat it all in mud, about $55; Do it Best

Design a Mudroom Area Rug

home projects simple

How to do it: Use stick-down carpet tiles. Use six tiles for a runner or nine for a square. Mix and match colors for a custom pattern.

Estimated cost: Six 20-by-20-inch textured tiles, about $54; FLOR

Fit a Window Seat in an Alcove

home projects simple

How to do it: Support a ¾-inch plywood seat deck on 2×6 hanging strips anchored into the side and back walls. To form the cubbies, glue and nail in place two plywood dividers. Face the unit with 1×4 poplar.

Estimated cost: Materials for a seat similar to this one, about $60; at lumber yards. 16-by-26-inch Gripper Sensations Microsuede Window Seat Cushion, about $30; JCPenney

Shine in the Darkness

home projects simple

How to do it: Make your house easy to find at night with solar-powered LED numbers.

Estimated cost: Matterinc’s aluminum address placards, about $19 each; Target

Add a Ceiling Medallion

home projects simple

How to do it: Highlight a hanging light fixture with some decorative interest at the ceiling.

Estimated cost: Paintable 18-inch polyurethane medallion with floral-and-leaf pattern, similar to shown above, about $57; Creative Trim

Switch Out a Switchplate

home projects simple

How to do it: Change out the plastic switchplate cover in your dining room with an embossed metal one.

Estimated cost: Single-toggle, lead-free, pewter-finished Lattice switchplate, about $65; Eleek

Build a Wood Planter

home projects simple

How to do it: Build an outdoor planter from leftover deck boards and railing balusters. Frame the box with balusters, then clad the sides and bottom with cut boards. Drop in a plastic liner to hold the soil and protect the wood from rot.

Estimated cost: Square liner, about $15; Lowe’s

Create an Instant Collection

home projects simple

How to do it: Mass like objects—vases, candle-sticks, bowls—and displaying them together. Follow the designer’s rule of thumb and group items in odd numbers for a look that’s more pleasing to the eye.

Estimated cost: Nothing

Tone Down the Contrast

home projects simple

How to do it: Paint trim lighter or darker than walls, rather than bright white, for a more subtle contrast.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of Farrow & Ball’s Water Based Eggshell yields a saturated color and a slight sheen. About $99; Farrow & Ball

Blur Room Lines

home projects simple

How to do it: Use a folding screen in the corner of a small room to make the space appear larger by blurring the line where walls come together.

Estimated cost: Espresso Shinto Screen, about $99.99; DHDTV Specialty Hardware

Seal for Delivery

home projects simple

How to do it: Swap in an insulated mail slot to keep out weather and muffle noise.

Estimated cost: Polished aluminum Draft Dodger insulated mail slot, about $45; DHDTV Specialty Hardware

Mirrored Tiles

home projects simple

How to do it: Affix mirrored tiles to the soffit above kitchen cabinets. The reflective surface will bounce light around the room, making it appear bigger and brighter.

Estimated cost: Twenty 4-by-4-inch peel-and-stick tiles, about $10; A mazon.com

Hang a Mirror

home projects simple

How to do it: Hang an oval-shaped mirror like a pendant from a decorative chain for an elegant look in a bath, bedroom, or foyer.

Estimated cost: Frameless oval mirror, about $84; Bellacor

Lock Up in Style

home projects simple

How to do it: Screw in vintage-look sash locks for a tight seal between double-hungs to prevent drafts.

Estimated cost: Bronze bamboo-pattern sash window lock as below, about $13; House of Antique Hardware

Accent a Wall

home projects simple

How to do it: Create an accent wall in the living room by papering the fireplace or sofa wall with grasscloth. Choose one with a tone that picks up the surrounding paint color.

Estimated cost: Double roll of Oriental Grasscloth Knot Textiles, about $70; Creative Wallcovering

Cap Lamps with Colored Shades

home projects simple

How to do it: Change the quality of the light with a hue other than off white.

Estimated cost: The medium-size Mica drum shade shown above creates a warm glow in any room.About $59; Pottery Barn

Go Stainless

home projects simple

How to do it: Update an old fridge with a faux stainless-steel painted finish.

Estimated cost: 1 quart of Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel TM Base Coat, about $56; Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel

Flower Box Boost

home projects simple

How to do it: Mount flower boxes planted with colorful perennials to front-facing windows to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Estimated cost: 18-inch cedar window box with liner, about $29; Hooks and Lattice . Flat of flowers, about $10; at garden centers

Whitewash Interior Exposed Brick

home projects simple

How to do it: Brush on a tinted latex stain, wipe, and repeat until you achieve the desired look.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of Studio Finishes latex glaze, about $23; Benjamin Moore

Recess Electronics Wires

home projects simple

How to do it: Banish flat-screen TV wires using a recessed outlet and an open-back wall plate to route wires behind the wall.

Estimated cost: Vanco Rapid Link Power Dual Recessed Outlet Flat Panel TV Power Kit w/Romex and Signal Cable Wall Plates, about $86; Amazon.com

Seagrass Hallway Runner

home projects simple

How to do it: Roll out a seagrass hallway runner. It’ll stand up to heavy foot traffic and make your house smell beachy.

Estimated cost: 2¼-by-7½-foot basket-weave seagrass runner, about $60; Overstock.com

Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight

home projects simple

How to do it: Clear counter clutter by installing a pop-out appliance lift in a base kitchen cabinet.

Estimated cost: Heavy-duty mixer lift, about $99.99; Rockler

Tile Over Your Hood

home projects simple

How to do it: Trim the wood vent hood cover above your range with a tile border.

Estimated cost: 6-by-6-inch Interceramic Antique Metals Hammered Ceramic Tiles in bronze, about $10 each

Add a Stainless Backsplash Behind Your Stove

home projects simple

How to do it: Nail an easy-to-clean panel on the wall or right over tired tile.

Estimated cost: 1½-by-4-foot stamped Design 204 panel, about $70; Classic Ceilings

Get Fido’s Bed Off the Floor

home projects simple

How to do it: Create a crawl space in an existing built-in. Remove lower cabinet doors or place his cushion below a window seat or on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, as shown below.

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7 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do in a Day

Keeping it short and sweet is the way to go.

Create an Accent Wall

Install peel-and-stick wallpaper, swap out your hardware, makeover your doors, create a photo wall, make your own art, paint a tile backsplash.

Some DIY projects can be long and drawn out. From renovating a kitchen to retiling a bathroom , many of these things can take a lot of money, time, and skills. But a good, impactful DIY doesn’t have to take a long time to complete. With a little bit of patience and skill, you can change the look and vibe of a room before the weekend is over. Here are seven DIYS you can do in just one day. 

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Getty Images

Artist and designer Elizabeth Sutton tells me an accent wall is an easy DIY that's short and sweet. “Paint a solid color accent wall or do stripes, which create a wallpaper-like accent. I love white and silver or black and gold alternating for something really bold.”

Or instead of paint, just go for the wallpaper with a roll of peel-and-stick . “The installation is definitely a job for two, so call your most meticulous friend to help you in order to make sure this gets done perfectly and properly.” Sutton also suggests using a plastic clipboard to help prevent air bubbles. 

Kat Christie, licensed contractor, DIY Expert, and founder of She Fixed That, recommends swapping out your old kitchen or bathroom faucet for a new one. “You can easily enhance the look, feel, and function of your kitchen or bathroom with a new faucet. It will make the whole space feel cleaner, and if you choose a more stylized faucet, it will modernize the entire space too. I love a gooseneck with a pull-down sprayer, which leaves plenty of room to wash large items.”

If dealing with plumbing sounds a little beyond your scope of skills or you’re a renter, consider switching out the knobs and pulls in your bathroom, kitchen, or even on pieces of furniture instead. “While it can be costly to perhaps upgrade the handles on all of your kitchen cabinets, you can still upgrade the handles on smaller pieces of furniture, like hope chests, closets, and drawer sets,” says Christie. “You can even get vintage handles at antique shops or hit up those garage sales! Clean them up, install them, and have a chic vintage upgrade.”

This is a two-parter but the overall amount of time isn’t more than a day. “Spend a weekend re-painting your doors so they look and feel brand new, and pick out some new knobs at your local big box store. You'd be shocked at how fast your space feels upgraded and sleek,” says Christie.

Sutton says that creating a photo wall is a DIY that takes some planning but the installation can be done in an afternoon. “Spend an hour selecting your very favorites and then deciding on the sizes and layout of the frames. Based on the configuration you’ve chosen, order the frames. You can find stylish and affordable sets on Amazon.”

Once they arrive, she suggests carefully measuring your wall to ensure the layout is perfect. “Make sure to use pencils or tape when marking the wall, as well as a level to make sure everything is perfectly straight.”

If you don’t have photos you want to display or want a truly unique look, Sutton recommends an art collage wall as an alternative. “Spend some time gathering your ‘collection’ from flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, and sidewalk street art for some inexpensive options.”

Interior designer Mina Lisanin of ML Interiors recommends creating your own canvas art to put a personal touch on any wall. Start by purchasing a canvas and some acrylic paint. “Acrylic paint is a versatile medium for this project. It dries quickly, allowing you to complete your artwork in a single day. Pick a color that complements your room's color scheme.”

If you're not confident in your freehand lettering, you can buy stencils. On a budget? Lisanin tells me you can create your own stencils in Canva and print them out. 

“A quick DIY project that makes a huge difference is painting your tile backsplash. You can do this in the kitchen or the bathroom,” says Siobhan Alvarez-Borland, lifestyle and DIY Expert. “I was skeptical at first, but after some research and finding the right paint, I went for it, and it makes a huge difference—at a fraction of the cost and time of replacing tile.”

DIY Expert and founder of Bouquet Box, Courtney Sixx is also a proponent of painting tile. However, she advises being very intentional about the prep work. “Scrub the tiles really well and use rubbing alcohol after to degrease. It’s important to wait a few hours to let it set in and allow the grout to dry. Then use an oil-based paint primer and two coats of gloss oil-based paint. Once it dries, don’t forget to add a clear coat.”

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29 easy DIY projects to update your home over the weekend

Upgrade your home without spending too much time or money

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terracotta painted wall effect in bedroom with hanging pendant light

Social media is awash with easy DIY projects to tackle, but if you're a bit of a novice it can to daunting still. That's why we've rounded up a few paint ideas , a couple of IKEA hacks and other projects that you can tackle over a long weekend and build up your confidence. 

Once you've nailed the basics, even home repairs can be tackled yourself so it's worth brushing up on your DIY skills to avoid having to get the professionals in for jobs you can take on yourself.

Easy DIY projects to update your home 

We generally spend more time thinking about doing easy DIY projects than the time it actually takes to get them done. And whether it's putting up shelves or giving the garden gate a fresh lick of paint, ticking these home improvement jobs off our lists is very satisfying. 

As long as you've got the essential tools , these DIY ideas are relatively easy and can be achieved on a budget.

The good news is, they won't take too long to complete. Below we've rounded up loads of simple projects that will allow you to give any room of the home a fresh new look, so you can really put your stamp on your space.

1. Tile a splashback

Lisa Dawson utility room with Ca Pietra pink tiles

Protect the wall behind a sink or oven with a newly tiled splashback. You can give a kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom a whole new look in just an afternoon! 

Watch a few tutorials on how to tile a splashback so you can approach the task with confidence. A backsplash will protect walls and add a splash of style to your decor scheme.

2. Go big with indoor greenery

An olive tree sits in the corner of a dining room, with a corner sofa and wooden chairs

Tackle a tired living room with an easy project that you can get done in an afternoon. If there’s an area of empty wall space that you can’t decide what to do with, how about installing an indoor living wall? A winning idea for decorating the wall behind the sofa . Adding living, breathing greenery to your space will instantly revitalise it and having greenery indoors is a fabulous way of boosting mindfulness and well-being.

Install wall planters in multiples, with rows positioned on the wall above a sofa or sideboard to create symmetry and a stunning alternative to a regular picture wall. Fill with easy-care ferns and trailing plants that will pop against a plain colour.

These clever eco-wall planters by Wallygrow incorporate hidden watering channels so that water hits the roots directly, with perforated holes that allow plants to breathe. Otherwise, La Redoute's Ikebana Wall-mounted Flower Pots piece is super stylish and practical. It's also ideal for minimalist or modern decor schemes.

3. Build a mini outdoor kitchen

Stuck with a bijou balcony, cosy courtyard or petite patio? Don't let your lack of external space deter you from creating a mini outdoor kitchen . This one has a mini footprint that can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. 

Start by taking a single wooden trellis panel and painting it in a colour of your choice. Next, take four wooden crates of the same size, and paint the outside surfaces of these too. Once dry, turn them onto their side, stack them together and secure them with fixings, then attach them to the bottom of the trellis panel using screws. Then simply position against a wall and adorn with all your outdoor cooking kit.

4. Make a sink curtain

The current fascination with traditional kitchen ideas and cottage kitchen ideas has seen the return of the cupboard curtain . This is the perfect budget hack for anyone looking to hide part of an unsightly kitchen, it can easily work for renters too. 

Start by selecting a piece of fabric, you can repurpose some old curtains, or even an old tablecloth will work. Cut it down to size and hem the edges, then create a loop at the top to thread either a thin curtain rail or a tension rod through like this one from Dunelm . If sewing isn't your strong point, you can skip the sewing machine by hemming with hemming tape and attaching clip-on curtain rings .

5. Take a painted headboard up over the ceiling

terracotta painted wall effect in bedroom with hanging pendant light

Use a leftover tin of paint to transform your bedroom with an imaginative DIY headboard idea . This instant four-poster paint trick brings drama and a cocooning feel to your sleep space. Choose a rich, deep tone to contrast against the rest of the wall and extend it out onto the ceiling. 

Or, you could create an arch-shaped painted headboard: 'Creating a perfect semi-circle with paint is easier than you think,' says Judy Smith, Crown Paints Colour Consultant. 'First of all, measure the length of your wall and mark its centre, or wherever you want the centre of your semi-circle to be.'

'Hammer a nail into the spot you’ve just marked, just above the skirting board. Depending on how wide you want your semi-circle to be, measure out some string and cut to size. The longer the string, the bigger the semi-circle. Tie one end of the string to a pencil and the other end to the nail. If you’re not allowed to use nails on your wall, extra strong tape will hold the string in place.'

'Once you’re all set, start tracing out your semi-circle on the wall from one way to the other. Making sure you’re pulling the pencil tight on the string. Once you’ve drawn the outline, use a small paintbrush to create a precise edge at the top of your semi-circle. You can then go in with a paint roller or larger brush to fill in the rest of the shape.'

6. Upholster a footstool

If you're looking for a satisfying but incredibly easy DIY project then have ago as reupholstering a footstool. All you need is a footstool, if you don't have one you can easily pick one up using home decor discount codes , or even second-hand on eBay . You'll also need some fabric and a staple gun. 

'Before buying your fabric, check the measurements of your footstool so you can make sure that it will cover the top and sides with some extra fabric leftover to conceal any mistakes,' recommends Ideal Home's Deputy Digital Editor (and DIY enthusiast) Rebecca Knight. 

'If your footstool is already in good condition, I'd recommend saving your time and wrapping your new fabric on top. However, you can strip it back for a completely new start and add in some extra padding for a proper revamp.'

7. Tile a coffee table

Give an old coffee table a bold and on-trend refresh by tiling the top and repainting it. This project is best saved for a bank holiday as you'll need time for the grout to dry. 

Our Deputy Digital Editor, Rebecca Knight , tried this project out recently with a secondhand table and tiles all sourced from eBay . 'What I learnt from the project is that preparation is key, and you should double and triple check that the tiles are going to fit before you start laying any of them.

'Overall, I was shocked at how easy it was to do, all my friends were really impressed and couldn't believe that I'd made it myself. However, my top tip is to use a pre-mixed tile adhesive and grout to keep mess to a minimum and speed up the make.'

8. Paint a nautical-stripe feature wall

Blue and white stripe feature wall with bar table and colourful chairs in dining room

If you're looking for how to paint a room , an easy yet effective way to add some character and whimsical pattern to your space is with paint, in these neat, floor-to-ceiling stripes. Keep it classic with white and navy or if you’re feeling braver, pick two contrasting shades like pink and red.

Start by painting the whole wall in your base colour, in this instance, crisp white. Next, using wide decorator tape or masking tape, apply to the wall in stripes, from floor to ceiling, leaving the same width as the tape between each stripe. Once you're happy that the stripes are straight and in the right place, use a roller to apply your second colour, in this instance, navy, over the entire wall, covering the tape as well as the gaps in between.

Leave the first coat to dry, then apply a second, but before it dries completely, remove the tape to reveal your neat striped wall.  

9. Make a simple pillow headboard

Pillows hung on the wall to make a headboard

An easy bedroom idea , update a simple divan bed base and take your headboard style up a notch, with this super-simple, super-cost effective, pillow-hanging-hack. 

First, work out where you’d like your pillow headboard to hang- how high above your bed and what distance apart- then mark this in pencil on the wall. Next measure four lengths of slim leather straps around 150cm each and attach in place on the wall using metal tacks. You want to make sure the loops you make can snugly hold your pillows so they don’t fall out easily but still keep their shape. Slide your pillows into the loops and make sure they are supported evenly.

Use basic pillowcases (rather than fancy silk ones) so it means washing your headboard is a breeze.

10. Create a panelled feature wall

Mural wall with painted wooden panels over the top to create feature wall

Create a living room feature wall idea with a difference with this clever wallpaper hack. Choose a mural wallpaper that depicts a view or scene rather than an all-over pattern. Start by choosing a full-scale, floor-to-ceiling mural that you love and paste to the wall. Murals often come in 3-4 large panels rather than rolls but adhere to the wall in the same way. Next cut strips of MDF approximately 10 cm wide to create panelling and fix in place over the top of the mural, using nails. Use filler to fill the dents and holes made by the nails, then sand until smooth, before painting all the wood in the same shade. You might need two coats to cover it perfectly.

To give it a twist, paint the panelling a darker shade of grey or black, to give the illusion of a view through black steel-framed windows. 

11. Makeover a kids bed with wallpaper

Kids bedroom with bunk bed decorated with wallpaper and scalloped decorated wall behind

Upgrade a simple Kura bunk bed, £189, Ikea , with a fun, jungle-print wallpaper. Simply measure and cut your paper to size, then paste the surface of the bed’s front and end panels and fix the wallpaper in place. You could even paint the frame too, but do this before you add your chosen wallpaper. Add cushions, fairy lights and books to the bottom bunk to make a hideaway reading nook. 

Add a decorative layer to your kids' bedroom by painting a scalloped wall too.

12. Wallpaper a kitchen island

Kitchen island covered in patterned wallpaper with black accessories in room

Hit refresh in your kitchen and wallpaper one side of a kitchen island to add a touch of pattern to a pared-back scheme. Start by measuring the surface area of the island so you know how much wallpaper you’ll need. You might be able to get away with leftovers from a previous project, or just buying a single roll.

Next, ensure the surface of the island side is dust and dirt-free. Give it a wash with a cream cleaner, then wipe again with a damp cloth. Leave to dry. Using a strong adhesive, (which one you use will depend on the material of the island- a permanent spray mount, strong wallpaper paste or multi-surface glue are all options) carefully attach your chosen wallpaper, smoothing out any air bubbles or lumps as you go.

Use a clear varnish to seal and protect, or cover it in a sheet of coloured Perspex for a modern, practical feel. 

13. Elevate drawer fronts with dowelling

white chest of drawers with white fluted detailing and lamp

Give an old set of drawers a brand new look with this simple IKEA hack, that will take as little as an afternoon but will create a show-stopping transformation. Start by choosing a width of dowelling you like, to create this designer-look, fluted front. 

The slimmer the dowels, the fiddler the hack but it will still create a pleasing update. Next measure the height of each drawer and then cut the dowels to size. Attach the dowels in vertical strips to the drawer fronts with strong wood glue, or alternatively, tiny tacks to secure them into place.

Once dry, paint the dowels to match the colour of the unit. To give it a twist, paint the whole cabinet a bold, stand-out colour by using furniture chalk paint, or matt eggshell paint.

14. Jazz up a pinboard with statement paper

home office with navy wall and patterned pinboard

Pick up a basic cork pin board, £11.99,  Amazon and cover in a bold patterned wallpaper to create a practical feature for the home office , kitchen or kids' bedroom. Pick an impactful print with nods to the room’s colour scheme to break up a wall and keep paper in one place, from tickets and postcards to bills and memos.

15. Paint inside shelving nooks in a tonal palette

boxy shelving with painted interior recesses with everyday objects inside

Stack together inexpensive bookcases and paint the inside recesses to create a dramatic backdrop for styling everyday objects, from bowls and mugs to glass storage jars.

Safety first: ensure the bookcases are secured to the wall when stacking. Alternatively, you could use leftover wallpaper instead of paint for the interior of the shelves.

16. Transform windows and doors with film

Glass fronted display cabinet covered with reeded window film in a living room

Window film is available to buy online, but you can also buy designs at the likes of B&Q and Screwfix. Use it to create an on-trend fluted pattern on plain glass doors, or to give yourself more privacy by covering the bottom half of windows. Browse all of the window film, at Amazon .

17. Create a breakfast nook

Kitchen with fluted pendant lights over table.

Carve out a corner seating area that's perfect for a family breakfast nook idea . Take an IKEA shelving unit as the base and combine with an upholstered headboard attached to the wall to make a backrest. 

Place your dining table next to it and nestle dining chairs around it for extra seating. Add cushions and blankets to cosy up the look and store baskets beneath to curb clutter.

18. Create an ‘easy-change’ gallery wall

couch with cushion

Got lots of pictures and prints that you haven’t got around to putting up yet? This easy display idea can be sorted in less than a day and makes an alternative to a fixed gallery wall as pictures can be moved around or added to if you fancy a change later down the line.

You’ll need two or three narrow wooden picture ledges to create this effect. Either make your own using a couple of lengths of timber or buy ready-made ledges – IKEA’s Mosslanda ledges start at just £5 each and are ideal. Otherwise, these Amazon picture ledges come highly recommended by reviewers and they come in a pack of 3. Arrange the ledges in rows on your wall, using a spirit level to make sure that they are straight. The gap between each ledge should depend on the height of the tallest item you’ll be displaying.

Ledges can be painted to match the wall for a seamless look or opt for a contrasting colour that will stand out against the backdrop. Once up, simply prop pictures against the wall and fill in any gaps with small ornaments.

19. Try a two-tone paint treatment

dining table with chair

If you’ve a plain white room that’s lacking a little oomph, try this easy but effective paint idea that can be completed in just a day, rather than tackling a full room redo. Half-painted walls are super on trend at the moment and are a clever way of giving tired rooms new focus with a bold shot of colour.

Starting off with a white or pale-coloured wall is the simplest option. Apply a band of masking tape to the wall where you want your dividing line to be – the tape will help create a crisp edge – then fill in with darker-coloured paint. Using a dark colour on the bottom section of walls and skirting helps a room to feel more grounded and gives a darker backdrop to showcase furniture and accessories. A lighter colour at the top will make a room feel more lofty.

20. Add a pop of unexpected colour


Try this quick trick to brighten up a tired room – it’ll cost the price of a tin of paint and won’t take longer than a couple of hours to do.

Perfect for a neutral living room that lacks energy, simply paint the fireplace or a large piece of furniture in a statement shade that will grab the attention and give the room a focal point. Bring in extra touches of colour here and there to give the room symmetry and balance, but take care not to overdo it or you’ll ruin the effect.

21. Give an old piece of furniture a colourful makeover

Annie Sloan pink bedroom with woodwork painted in same colour.

Do you have an old piece of wooden furniture such as a chest of drawers, sideboard or wardrobe that is looking dated and in need of a new look? A simple coat of furniture paint goes a long way to make something old feel brand new. Let this fine example inspire your own DIY project. 

This wardrobe transformation is the work of Ideal Home's Editor Heather Young who has upcycled an old family heirloom for her young daughter's room. See Heather's upcycled wardrobe transformation for yourself.

22. Give your shower door a steel-framed makeover

bathroom with bathtub and wash basin

Next up, we've taken a tip from savvy DIYer Jasmine of Instagram’s @_OhAbode . She gave her shower screen this cool Crittall-style finish using black electrical tape.

The crittall effect shower door hack hack cost a grand total of £2, but looks super stylish. You can source your electrical tape from Amazon , otherwise, you can use window lead adhesive for a similar effect.

23. Panel your walls

room chair with armchair with cushion

Another big trend going nowhere is wall panelling. We promise it's easy as it's now readily available in DIY stores as primed-to-paint, stick-to-the-wall panels. But you can also have a go creating a bespoke look with MDF batons or strips. 

There are lots of wall panelling ideas out there, and the fact you can now buy a wall panelling kit from Homebase complete with cut-to-size FSC-certified wood, it's easier than ever. You simply stick them onto your wall and paint.

24. Paint the stairs

hallway with staircase

Sick of the sight of that stained old stair carpet? Tear it up and replace with a gorgeous paint job. You could try a graduated ombré effect using a range of tester pots on the risers, keeping to one colour on treads, or alternate colours.

Learn how to paint a staircase and you'll be able to dramatically transform your hallway without spending much money.

25. Hang your photos

wooden console table underneath gallery of prints

It's one of those jobs we never get around to doing, so why not dedicate a morning to auditing all the photos on your phone, then print a few out and create a wall of photos?

Play with composition – especially in areas like stairways or hallways, where walls are often bare and uninspired. For a smarter look, stick to photo frames of the same colour, and print all photos in either colour or black and white, rather than mixing and matching.

26. Fake a marble side table

brown sofa with marble wrap side table and vase with black coffee table

You could revamp a side table or DIY coffee table with an easy-to-use marble effect film. The adhesive film simple sticks to your existing work surface to provide a new look in an instant.

Browse a whole selection of worktop vinyl at Amazon . If you have a small old storage unit knocking around that could easily be updated as shown above - you'd never know this elegant platform was a basic display plinth covered in marble wrap.

27. Build a living plant wall

plant wall

Go green indoors or out with the ultimate plant wall. Our friends at Dobbies have explained exactly how to get wall of fabulous foliage. Embrace the biophilic trend in your outdoor seating area or kitchen and make a living plant wall that will bring all the happy vibes and make a talking point.

28. Upcycle a bathroom vanity unit

bathroom with white wall designed floor and white wash bain

Be super resourceful and give an old table or chest a second chance, and potentially create more storage in the bathroom. Discover how to upcycle a vanity unit and create a super-stylish piece of furniture.

29. Make your own 'stoneware' vases with spray paint

Rust-Oleum Stone Spray Paint

Become a craft potter without the mess of moulding clay. Learn how to create a stunning stone-effect vase for just £6 using a can of spray paint and give your living room shelves a stylish update. You can buy this Rust-Oleum spray paint at Amazon for £10.69.

How to upcycle furniture

If you're on the hunt for a simple DIY project that you can achieve in an evening or a weekend, then upcycling is the way forward. Whether you choose to upcycle a piece of furniture that you already own or you source something secondhand, it's a great way of breathing new life into something for very little money.

You can even upcycle for money by reselling your upgraded items. It's super simple to spruce up an old chest of drawers, table or dressing table with some innovative painting or even an IKEA hack that makes the furniture look brand new and bang on trend.

There are even ways to complete an easy DIY project entirely for free. 'Gumtree’s Freebies category is full to the brim of great items that others in your community no longer need – and are happy to give away for nothing,' says secondhand expert Hannah from Gumtree. 

'Giving walls a lick of paint is a quick and simple way to update a room, but often there’s surplus paint that can be hard to dispose of. On Gumtree you’ll find free full tins of paints from all the major brands – and being open to the colours you might find could make you more adventurous with your design choices.'

Which weekend project takes your fancy?

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Amy Cutmore is an experienced interiors editor and writer, who has worked on titles including Ideal Home , Homes & Gardens , LivingEtc , Real Homes , GardeningEtc , Top Ten Reviews and Country Life . And she's a winner of the PPA's Digital Content Leader of the Year. A homes journalist for two decades, she has a strong background in technology and appliances, and has a small portfolio of rental properties, so can offer advice to renters and rentees, alike. 

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built in ovens in white kitchen

Super sleek and contemporary, black appliances are a surprisingly versatile choice

By Lindsay Blair

Blue shaker kitchen with butlers sink

Light blue is officially the colour of the season - here's how to make it look its best

By Holly Cockburn

Dehumidifier in a kitchen

Which is the right appliance for your home?

By Jullia Joson

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Outdoor DIY Projects

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How To Build A DIY Compost Bin + Free Plans & Cut List!

How to paint a door the easy way, how to make a diy pulley clothesline, tips for installing airstone on an exterior foundation wall, popular projects, simple diy laundry basket dresser, diy rolling crate for easy book storage, how to reupholster an office chair, diy pull out trash cans (in under an hour).

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11 DIY Patriotic Project Ideas!

Diy wall-mounted baby mobile for the changing table, all things green: 11 creative green ideas, 11 awesome valentine’s day ideas.

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The 36 Best DIY Projects We Did This Year

Pass the time while social distancing— and upgrade your space.

pegboard shelves

Paint a Front Door

preview for Here's How to Paint a Front Door and Make It Last

Whether your front door is drab or in need of a new paint job, it's not hard to fix it up to up your curb appeal. Here's our step-by-step guide , so you can have a front door that looks brand new in no time!

Paint a Door Inside of Your Home

preview for How to Paint a Door

Don't have a front door that you can paint? Try livening up a door inside your space instead. Here's our tutorial with tips on how to make your door a design statement.

Reupholster a Chair

preview for How to Reupholster a Chair Seat

Swapping out a chair seat is shockingly easy—and it takes very little fabric, so you may even already have scraps at home that will work. Watch the video tutorial and get a step-by-step here.

Upgrade Your Closet Doors

room, red, property, furniture, door, interior design, bedroom, house, floor, home,

Cursed with ugly, builder-grade closet doors? Try this surprisingly easy hack from our friend designer Keita Turner to give them a bespoke look with just a few yards of fabric and a staple gun.

Propagate a Plant

flowerpot, plant, houseplant, leaf, flower,

Have plants at home? Great news: You can turn them into more plants. Here's our step-by-step guide to growing a new plant with cuttings from an older one.

Make a Cozy Window Seat!

window seat with throw pillows

No sewing machine? No problem! This cozy window seat was made using safety pins—all in under 20 minutes! Get the step-by-step guide here.

Swap in a Cool Doorknob

person unscrewing door knob

This is one of those small changes that makes a big impact. With just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, swap out old, boring doorknobs for something prettier. Here's how.

Upgrade Your Lamp Shades

marble lampshade

Bet you wouldn't have guessed that this expensive-looking shade was actually handmade with decorative paper found on Etsy. Yep, a bespoke lamp topper for just a few dollars. Here's how to make your own.

Create a Faux Brick Wall

preview for How to Create a Brick Accent Wall

Love the look of exposed brick walls? You can easily DIY a faux one using wood panels and caulk. Here's everything you need to know to do it .

Whitewash Brick Walls

preview for How to Whitewash Brick

Or, perhaps, you prefer a more modern look that the exposed brick in your home can't provide? Here's an easy fix: Whitewash the brick wall. Follow our step-by-step guide to get a finish you'll love.

Make Candles + Soaps

preview for These Kits Have Everything You Need For a Spa Day at Home

These DIY kits from Craftzee let you create candles, soaps, and bath bombs customized in classic scents like fresh cotton and cherry blossom. Their pre-mixed bases are safe to use (read: no lye-mixing) and include plenty to make for friends and neighbors. Shop here .

Make a Set of No-Sew Curtains

person putting up curtains

Want new window treatments but no sewing machine (or seamstress skills) at home? No problem. I made this set in my apartment just using double-stick fabric tape. Get the tutorial here.

Put Together Closet Shelving

preview for A Designer's Trick for Creating Closet Shelving That Won't Ruin Your Walls

If you love the look of a custom walk-in closet but want a cheaper solution to getting built-ins, use bookshelves to create faux ones. Here, designer and blogger Victoria Lee Jones shows how it's done in just three easy steps. Get more details here .

Give Your Furniture a Distressed Look

preview for How to Distress Painted Furniture

Anyone who's into a farmhouse antique look will adore this DIY. With some paint, a sander, and a few other materials, you can easily turn any piece of furniture into one that'd surely be Joanna Gaines-approved. See our step-by-step tutorial here .

Make Professional-Grade Curtains

long hair, tree, drawing, fashion accessory, black hair, illustration,

If you can sew, why not make sone professional-level curtains? We had the founder of Stitchroom show us how to do it. Watch here.

Cover Up an Old Appliance

countertop, cabinetry, room, kitchen, furniture, blue, turquoise, property, tile, interior design,

Steal this idea from Danielle Rollins and pretty up your ugly appliances with contact paper or vinyl wallpaper. Here's how.

Restyle Your Shelves

gold bookcase with knick knacks

Once you've been staring at your bookshelves long enough, they're bound to start bothering you. Get Eddie Ross's advice for three ways to style them here. (Just please don't do any of these things. )

Marbelize Your Countertops

white, blue, footwear, yellow, shoe, leg, joint, ankle, jeans, photography,

Yes, you can fake marble yourself—one of our editors tried it. Here's what she found out.

Hang Some Art!

peach room with tape on wall in place of frames

What better way to add visual interest to the place you're holed up in than to hang some art on the walls? Here's our tutorial for hanging art or, if you want to do something a little different, try this plate wall.

Contain Your Pillows

white, furniture, product, chair, room, interior design, table, wood flooring, cushion, floor,

Keep pillows and throw blankets contained in these adorbs pom pom baskets. Bonus: They could also double as laundry hampers.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth .

Headshot of Hadley Keller

Hadley Keller is the Director of Editorial and Community Engagement at the Design Leadership Network , a community of top interior designers. She has covered design, interiors, and culture for over 10 years. 

contemporary living room with white painted fireplace

A Former Home on a Vineyard Is Now an Event Space

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11 Ways to Bring Good Luck Into Your Home

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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Just Bought a $200 Million Mansion

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home projects simple

30 Best DIY Home Projects & Ideas

  • By Michelle Authorson
  • Tags, Categories

Even if you are limited by time or experience, you can give your space a boost with these top DIY home projects.

Homeowners are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their homes, whether it’s through renovations, updates or DIY projects. These projects can range from simple fixes to more complex renovations that can transform a space completely. Not only can DIY projects be a fun and rewarding way to personalize a home, but they can also save homeowners money in the long run. These are the top DIY home projects and ideas that homeowners can take on to improve their living spaces. From easy-to-implement updates to more involved projects, there is something for every skill level and budget.

What Are The 10 Easiest DIY Home Projects?

For those who are new to DIY or simply want a quick project, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Below are the 10 easiest DIY home projects that anyone can take on to improve the look and feel of their homes in just a few hours or a weekend.

home projects simple

Build Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a simple yet stylish way to add storage to any room. With just a few basic tools and materials, this is a relatively easy build and installation.

home projects simple

Create a DIY Headboard

A custom headboard is a great way to add a personal touch to your bedroom. It’s also a fairly straightforward project that comes together without the need for advanced know-how or techniques.

home projects simple

Add a Planter Box

Building a planter box for your home is a great way to bring some greenery indoors. Whether you want to create an herb garden or simply add flowers to you space, a planter box is an easy and affordable DIY project.

home projects simple

Put Up Shelves

Shelves are a great way to add storage and display space to any room. Whether you want to create a gallery wall or add some extra storage, installing shelves is a simple DIY project that anyone can tackle.

home projects simple

Build an Adirondack Chair

An adirondack chair is a classic piece of outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and stylish. With some basic woodworking skills, you can easily build your own adirondack chair for your backyard or patio.

home projects simple

Build a Bookshelf

A custom bookshelf is a great way to display your book collection.

home projects simple

Install a Closet Organizer or Shelving

A well-organized closet can make a big difference in your daily routine. Whether you want to install a custom closet organizer or simply add some extra shelves, this is an easy DIY project that can improve the functionality of your space.

home projects simple

Create a Window Seat or Reading Nook

A window seat or reading nook is a cozy addition to any home. With some basic skills, you can create a custom seating area that is perfect for relaxing.

home projects simple

Install a Garage Storage System

If your garage is cluttered and disorganized, installing a custom garage storage system can help you make the most of your space.

home projects simple

Build a Birdhouse or Bird Feeder

Adding a birdhouse or bird feeder to your backyard is a great way to attract wildlife and add some charm to your outdoor space.

What Are The 10 Most Popular Home DIY Projects?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project, there’s no better place to start than by seeing what other homeowners are doing. With so many different DIY projects out there, it can be hard to know where to begin, and looking at what’s popular among others can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect project for your needs. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the most popular DIY home improvement projects that are sure to inspire you.

home projects simple

Build a Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed is a great way to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in your backyard.

home projects simple

Create a Bed Frame

A custom bed frame is a great way to add some personality to your bedroom. Whether you want a farmhouse frame or a modern style, building a bed frame is a relatively easy DIY project that can make a big impact.

home projects simple

Make a Picnic Table

A picnic table is a must-have for outdoor entertaining. With some basic skills, you can build your own picnic table that is perfect for backyard barbecues and family gatherings.

home projects simple

Add a Compost Bin

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Adding a compost bin to your backyard is an easy DIY project that can have a big impact on the environment.

home projects simple

Build a Workbench

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just need a place to work on projects, a custom workbench is a great addition to any garage or workshop.

home projects simple

Build a Bar

If you enjoy entertaining, building a custom bar is a great way to add some fun to your home and provide a perfect spot for hosting parties and gatherings.

Coffee Table

Make Your Own Coffee Table

A custom coffee table is a great way to add some personality to your living room.

home projects simple

Set Up a Shoe Rack

If you struggle with keeping your shoes organized, setting up a custom shoe rack is an easy DIY project that can make a big difference.

home projects simple

Make a Kitchen Island

A custom kitchen island is a great way to add some extra counter space and storage to your kitchen.

home projects simple

Build a Desk

Whether you work from home or you just need a place to pay bills and do paperwork, building a custom desk is an easy DIY project that can improve the functionality of your space.

What 10 DIY Home Projects Can You Do Yourself?

Some DIY projects are more complex than others and require more experience and skill. These are some of the easier-to-follow projects that homeowners can do that don’t require a big time commitment or a ton of woodworking knowledge.

Raised Garden Bed

Add a Garden Bed or Raised Planter

Building a garden bed or raised planter is an easy DIY project that can enhance the look of your backyard while providing a good space for growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs.

home projects simple

Make Your Own Wooden Picture Frames

Creating custom wooden picture frames is a fun DIY project that can add a personal touch to your home decor.

home projects simple

Create Tool Storage

Keeping your tools organized and easily accessible is important for any DIY enthusiast. Building a custom tool storage solution can help you stay organized and make the most of your workspace.

Wine Rack

Make a Wine Rack

Building a wine rack is a simple DIY project that can add some sophistication to your home decor.

home projects simple

Put Up a Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Adding a wall-mounted coat rack is an easy DIY project that can help keep your entryway or mudroom organized.

home projects simple

Build a Plant Stand

Displaying your plants on a custom plant stand is a great way to add some greenery to your home decor.

home projects simple

Make a Wooden Toy Box

Creating a custom wooden toy box is a great way to organize your child’s toys while adding a personal touch to their playroom or bedroom.

home projects simple

Make a Magazine Rack

Building a custom magazine rack is an easy DIY project that can keep your reading material organized and easily accessible.

home projects simple

Set Up an Outdoor Side Table

Adding a custom outdoor side table is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space.

home projects simple

Make a Bar Cart

Building a bar cart is a fun DIY project that can add some glamour to your home and provide the perfect touch for hosting parties and entertaining guests.

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home projects simple

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20 Easy Home Projects You Can Start and Finish in a Weekend

home projects simple

If you’re anything like me, you have a long list of home projects and vision board ideas that you just can’t seem to get done. Our dear friend procrastination (or, you know, good old anxiety ) can make it all too easy to push these sorts of things aside for another day. But as we head into the colder months, holiday gatherings and cozy nights at home are right around the corner—which means it’s high time you and I both give our respective homes the pampering they deserve. To help transform your house or apartment ahead of the busy winter months, here are 20 of the best home projects and DIYs you can tackle in a single weekend.

airplane etiquette rules

1. Put up new curtains

Hanging curtains is one of those home projects that sounds like a huge headache, but it actually doesn’t take much time or effort to pull off. The key is to measure carefully so you purchase the right curtain size and hang them at the correct height. In general, your curtains should measure about two times wider than the window itself to ensure they’ll completely cover the window and hang nicely even when they’re closed. To determine the right curtain length, measure from the curtain rod (which should be about 4-6 inches above the window frame) to the floor. Curtains typically come in standard lengths (84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches), so purchase the length that is closest to your needs.

2. Paint a piece of furniture

Paint can work wonders, especially on wood furniture that’s got great bones but a dated finish. If you have an old or thrifted piece that could use a fresh look, start by giving it a light sanding to rough up the existing finish. Then add a coat of primer and let it dry before brushing on your paint color of choice. The actual painting won’t take very long, but since you’ll have to allow for drying time in between coats, you’ll likely need a full weekend for this project.

3. Install some new lighting

Installing new light fixtures would typically require hiring an electrician, but with plug-in options, you can easily add new lighting wherever you’d like. There are tons of different styles to choose from, including wall sconces and pendants that hang from the ceiling, and installing them is as simple as mounting the fixture on the wall and plugging it in. Bonus: This project is totally renter-friendly !

home projects simple

4. Hang a gallery wall

Sourcing the art for a gallery wall may take longer than a weekend, but once you’ve collected all the pieces, hanging them is easier than you’d think. To create your arrangement, lay out everything on the floor and rearrange the pieces until you’re satisfied with the layout. When you go to hang everything, start with the centermost piece in your arrangement and work outward from there. And don’t forget to use a level to make sure everything is straight!

5. Apply peel-and-stick wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way in the last several years, and it’s now easier than ever to add a pop of pattern or texture to your walls. Thanks to peel-and-stick options, you can easily install wallpaper in just an afternoon. But since you’ll need to patch any holes and make sure the wall is as smooth as possible before you get started, it’s best to save this home project for a weekend.

6. Replace your showerhead

If you’re sick of dealing with crappy water pressure (or just an ugly showerhead), you’ll be happy to know that replacing your showerhead is an easy project nearly anyone can do in just a few minutes. All you have to do is unscrew the old fixture and screw on the new one in its place. That’s it! If you’re dealing with hard water (which can wreak havoc on your skin and nails), consider opting for a filtered showerhead that can help purify your shower water.

7. Hang a new shelf

In need of more storage or display space? Hanging a shelf is an easy project that works in nearly any room. If the shelf and its contents will end up weighing more than a few pounds (which is highly likely), you’ll need to mount the shelf into a stud or use drywall anchors that are rated for the appropriate amount of weight. Always err on the side of caution—you don’t want that new shelf falling out of the wall!

home projects simple

8. Replace your cabinet hardware

If your kitchen is looking boring and dated, I’d be willing to bet your hardware is to blame. Old or unattractive pulls and knobs can make the whole space feel lackluster. Luckily, switching out the hardware is a simple, inexpensive home project you can easily get done in a day. Opt for a new shape or finish (brass is super popular right now, while matte black is great for a sleek, modern look) and simply screw them in. If you’re changing the style of hardware, you may need to create new screw holes, but a drill makes this super easy. 

9. Revamp a table lamp

Great lighting can be difficult (and expensive) to find, but it’s surprisingly easy to customize any cheap or hand-me-down lamp with a new look. Update the base with a fresh coat of paint, or slap on some plaster to create a textured look. To revamp an old lampshade, decorate it with a painted pattern, cover it with new fabric, or add a decorative trim.

10. Paint your front door

A cool fall day is the perfect time to tackle a front-door painting project. You can either keep the door in place and carefully paint around the hinges, or take the door down and remove all the hardware before you begin. Then clean, sand, and prime the door to achieve a nice smooth finish before painting. Whether you go classic with a neutral or choose a fun accent color, make sure to use exterior paint so your new finish stands up to the elements.

home projects simple

11. Re-style a bookshelf

Styling bookshelves is an art in and of itself, but it’s actually pretty simple when you break it down. If your shelves are looking cluttered or haphazard, start by taking everything off the shelves. As you put things back, group items together that vary in height, size, and shape. You don’t want everything to look too matchy-matchy, so variety is key. A few of my favorite shelf-styling hacks? Stack books horizontally to add height, or lean art against the back wall and arrange smaller items in front to create different layers.

12. Roll out a new area rug

Out of all the decorative elements in a room, I would argue that area rugs have the most impact. Swapping out your rug is a bit more subtle than, say, investing in a brand-new sofa, but this change can still have a transformative effect on a room. Whether you go for a classic neutral or a bold, colorful pattern, the right rug can make the space. Because this swap typically entails moving around a bunch of furniture, home projects like this are best left for the weekend. While you’re moving stuff around, you might even want to try out a new furniture arrangement. A new perspective can work wonders, too. 

13. Upgrade furniture with new hardware

If you’ve got an old piece of furniture lying around that doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic anymore, try switching up the hardware before you give up on the piece. The same way that changing out cabinetry hardware can instantly update your kitchen, swapping the pulls and knobs on furniture is simple but transformative.

home projects simple

14. Organize your drawers and cabinets 

I’ll be frank: This is something I always dread doing and will put off for months. Then actually doing it only takes a couple of hours, and I roll my eyes at myself after I’m done.  

For the kitchen, begin by sorting out your mail/junk drawer, and shred any papers, letters, and receipts you no longer need. Look through all other drawers to organize similar things like silverware, take-out menus, or stationery. For your bathroom or vanity, go through your makeup drawer and beauty cabinets to toss out anything old and expired, swatch your makeup to decide whether you want to keep something, and bring in some organizers to make everything nice and neat.

Some organizations to donate any unused beauty or hygiene products to:

  • I Support the Girls (sealed feminine hygiene products)
  • Ronald McDonald House (personal care items)
  • Project Beauty Share (gently used makeup and personal care items)
  • Family-to-Family Share Your Beauty (unopened makeup, hair, and skin-care products)

15. Clean your makeup brushes 

We all love to hate doing this, but now is the perfect time to give our makeup brushes a nice little beauty sesh of their own. Brushes can gather a ton of bacteria and residue over time, which can often cause our skin to do less-than-ideal things. So if you haven’t made it a habit to clean your brushes regularly, now’s the best time to start.

16. Deep-clean your bathroom and kitchen

You might give your countertops a quick wipe-down on the regular, but every once in a while, you should go in for a deeper clean. Get into all those spots you’ve been pretending are fine (but are really more like Ross Geller’s version of “fine”). Scrub down your shower, tub, bathroom and kitchen sinks, drains, toilets, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. Toss those bath and kitchen mats into the washer, get out the vacuum, and shine up those wood floors. Bonus: All this cleaning can easily double as a workout! You’ll end your cleaning ritual with a rush of endorphins and, ultimately, a satisfying sense of calm.

17. Clear your fridge and pantry of expired or stale foods

If your pantry and refrigerator are starting to look like they’re overflowing, it’s time for a clean-out. Dig through the stuff in the back and toss out any expired foods or opened items you know you won’t finish. If you have any unopened, unexpired, and non-perishable foods left that you can spare for those in need, don’t hesitate to find a local food bank or organization to donate to.

home projects simple

18. Start a windowsill herb garden

For those of you who love cooking at home, now is a great time to create your own herb garden! Many grocery stores and hardware stores sell herb seeds and small plants that can quickly blossom and thrive—you can also order these online. Start a collection of small pots on your windowsill so you can enjoy fresh herbs whenever you want. 

19. Paint an accent wall

Got a wall in your home that could use a little livening up? Grab some paint and try out a fun new color as an accent wall. Going bold on a paint color can often feel intimidating, but worry not! It’s just paint and you can always go back over it with a different color.

20. Sort out your wardrobe

We Everygirls love our fashion. We’ve been known to add in some new seasonal trends to our usual capsule wardrobe—but with that comes the responsibility of having to declutter and reorganize our existing collection of items. Start by going through all of the things you own and sorting them into piles to keep, donate, or toss (for items that have been heavily worn out). Then, organize what’s left by color, function, season, or whatever works best for you. For donations, some amazing organizations we recommend are:

  • Dress For Success (workwear)
  • I Support The Girls (bras)
  • Project G.L.A.M. (formal dresses and unopened makeup)
  • One Warm Coat (coats)
  • Blue Jeans Go Green (jeans)
  • Goodwill stores or local shelters (all other gently used clothing and accessories)

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home projects simple

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21 Home Improvement Projects to Put on Your To-Do List for 2021

By Rachel Brougham

Updated on Dec 29, 2020 3:59 PM EST

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Home Improvement Projects Worth Tackling

home projects simple


If you’re looking to make some improvements to your home in 2021, there are plenty of projects worth taking on. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate a kitchen, add a home office or just change up some of your fixtures, there’s a project for you. We took a look at some of the trends emerging over the last year and made this list of 21 home improvement projects—from big to small—that are worth considering in 2021.

Kitchen Upgrades

home projects simple

Expect to see upgrades in home kitchens, whether full-on renovations or upgrades to appliances in 2021. Bill Darcy, CEP of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, told Remodeling Magazine that the kitchen has emerged as a prominent multitasking room. He expects to see larger kitchen island hubs and increased functionality. In addition, the association says gas and induction cooking are currently popular, with induction expected to replace traditional glass electric cooktops.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

home projects simple

If you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, you’re not alone. Over the last year, many outdoor design and architect firms have reported a big demand for those looking to improve their outdoor living area, according to Forbes . This project can be as big or as small as your budget allows. Consider adding a deck or patio, building a pergola , enclosing a porch, or upgrading your old patio furniture. To make the space more inviting, just adding an outdoor rug or lantern can help set the mood.

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Replace Old Windows

home projects simple

Is it time to upgrade your home’s windows? If so, consider adding large windows in different areas of the home to allow in more natural light and make the space appear bigger than it actually is. Not to mention, new windows can increase your home’s value, bring a sense of enhanced home security and improve energy efficiency.

Update Your Bathroom

home projects simple

For those considering updates to their bathroom, consider the shower. The National Kitchen and Bath Association ’s 2021 Design Trends Research report showed respondents were looking for large, freestanding showers with zero-clearance entry and linear drains. Other emerging trends included self-closing toilet lids, leak detection hardware and bidets.

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Statement Walls

home projects simple

Want to give a tired room a new look? Go for a statement wall! Whether it’s some wallpaper you’ve had your eye on or a rich, bold color, statement walls are becoming more popular. “Next year, I believe we’ll continue to see the resurgence of rich, saturated hues, from jewel tones like ruby and sapphire to earthy shades like cypress and saffron. Designers and homeowners won’t shy away from interiors lavishly swathed in color,” Marie Flanigan, principal of Marie Flanigan Interiors said of 2021 home design color trends.

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Home Offices

home projects simple

Having a room dedicated as a home office is a big bonus according to Zillow , which reports many Americans currently working from home would like to continue even after the pandemic ends. A dedicated home office space —whether it be a guest bedroom or an area in a finished basement—makes it easier for those who work from home to concentrate and separate work life from home life.

Kitchen Organizing Solutions

home projects simple

If kitchen improvement is at the top of your to-do list but you don’t have a big budget, consider a plan for upgrading your storage solutions . Try pull-out drawers, banquettes that can double as seating and storage, and wall built-ins. Even investing in bins to store items in your pantry and cupboards can help with organization.

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Throwback Styles

home projects simple

Mid-century design isn’t dead and even Victorian-era and Art Deco styles are reemerging according to a survey by interior design service Modsy . Mid-century furniture is appealing because it’s not only stylish, but it’s functional and comfortable and it works well in smaller spaces, so consider adding a piece or two to your collection in 2021.

Closed Floor Plans

home projects simple

If you’re building, buying or planning a big home renovation in 2021, take note: Many families are finding out that open floor plans may not be for them anymore with so many both working and doing school at home. Many homebuilders have reported over the last few months that buyers are having second thoughts when it comes to open floor plans. “People are feeling like they need more privacy, so we’ll see more doors—especially for home offices—more insulation for noise control, and separate spaces to keep the kids busy while parents work,” Katie Detwiler, vice president of marketing at Berks Homes told Zillow .

Make it Comfortable and Clean

home projects simple

Marie Kondo and her system of organizing became a sensation over the last few years for good reason: No one wants a space that feels cluttered or cramped. Make 2021 the year you vow to keep your home comfortable, clean, and uncluttered. This home improvement project is an inexpensive way to make your space feel less cramped and gives you the opportunity to decorate with simplistic decor, which is in strong demand according to Remodeling Magazine .

Update Your Home’s Exterior

home projects simple

Whether you plan to sell soon or stay for several more years, improvements to your home’s exterior are worth your money and your time. You’ll recoup 74 to 77 percent of your costs with a siding replacement and 68 percent of your costs with an entry door replacement, according to a 2020 cost vs. value report . Roof, garage door and window replacements are also top options.

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Create a “Zoom Room”

home projects simple

If you’re going to be doing regular video conferencing from home, considering adding a “Zoom room.” It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or for school, this space can be a dedicated room or corner of your home that features an aesthetically pleasing background for those video calls. Realtor.com predicts the dedicated video room trend will likely persist beyond the pandemic.

Matte and Brushed Finishes

home projects simple

An inexpensive home improvement project that is worth your time is an upgrade to your finishes and fixtures . Right now, matte and brushed finishes are the most popular when it comes to the kitchen, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report. Hands-free features are also a must-have for many homeowners.

Two-Tone Cabinets

home projects simple

Another budget friendly improvement is painting your kitchen cabinets . If you take this project on in 2021, don’t feel like you need to keep your cabinets all the same color. Two-tone cabinets have become more popular over the last year and the trend will continue into 2021. For example, paint your overhead cabinets white and your lower cabinets in a bold color such as a deep blue or green.

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Go Big with Color

home projects simple

Speaking of color, now’s a good time to update the paint color in the rooms you spend the most time in. Trending colors going into 2021 lean toward warmer tones and those that bring a comfortable feel to the home, according to Consumer Reports . Colors such as blush pinks, soothing greens, pale blues and vibrant cobalts are big right now, according to major paint manufacturers such as PPG, Valspar, Behr and Sherwin-Williams.

Easy Care Materials

home projects simple

Families with children and/or pets are looking for easy-to-clean materials in an attempt to stop the spread of germs inside the home. Think non-porous materials such as quartz , metal and glass, all of which are easy to clean. Washable rugs will help stand up to daily wear and make a great option for those with pets or with young children doing distance learning at home.

Cheery Laundry Rooms

home projects simple

Perhaps 2021 is the year to make your laundry room a more enjoyable space to spend time in. After all, if you have to do laundry you might as well make it as pleasant as possible. Houzz , a website that focuses on interior design, architecture, and decorating, reports they are seeing laundry rooms in fun, bright colors and patterns that add plenty of personality to traditionally dull areas of the home.

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Sustainable Design

home projects simple

Expect to see homes with eco-friendly designs in 2021. From smart homes and living walls and roofs to bamboo flooring and even tiny homes , builders and homeowners are looking for sustainable options when it comes to home improvement. “As people are beginning to become more environmentally aware, builders all over the world are starting to adapt different environmentally friendly ways to create beautiful, livable homes that are not detrimental to the environment. Designers are also striving to create aspects of the home that will be practical and attractive while also being kind to the environment,” notes Modlar , a company that connects the architecture and design community with leading brands.

Radiant Floor Heating

home projects simple

No one wants to step on a cold floor on a frigid winter morning. When it comes to home comfort, radiant floor heating rises to the challenge and homeowners are taking note. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report lists radiant flooring as one of the top bathroom trends to keep an eye on.

Exercise Rooms

home projects simple

With more people spending time at home in 2020, it’s no surprise that home gyms are becoming more popular and show no sign of slowing down in the next year. Sales of fitness equipment grew by 170 percent during the coronavirus lockdown according to Business Wire . In fact, nine in 10 Americans who exercise regularly say they plan to continue home workouts even after the pandemic according to Beachbody , a health and fitness company in California.

Wood Accents

home projects simple

Designers note a mix of materials, especially wood, will be big when it comes to interior design and decorating in 2021. Wood not only gives a cozy feel to a space, but is easy to decorate with and every piece is unique, thanks to the veins and shades of colors and imperfections. Try adding a wooden coffee table, dining chairs or furniture with wood accents.

Your Biggest Questions About Heat Pumps, Answered Your Biggest Questions About Heat Pumps, Answered

By Tony Carrick

Anker’s New Home Battery Tower Is a Sleek, Modular Step Toward Complete Energy Independence Anker’s New Home Battery Tower Is a Sleek, Modular Step Toward Complete Energy Independence

By Chase Brush

5 Easy Home Projects You Can Actually Complete in a Day

home projects simple

Spacejoy / Unsplash

Anyone who isn’t a DIY pro but has tried their hand at a home project knows one thing to be true: doing it yourself often can take a lot more time—and cost a lot more money—than we’re usually led to believe. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case.

With the help of some of our favorite DIYers, we’ve rounded up a few great home projects that can be completed in a day or less, but still make a major impact on your home.

Meet the Expert

  • Jenn Pike is a lifestyle blogger and creator of Wild Rose Country Home .
  • Bryce Capp is the head of Product and Brand at Milton & King .
  • Luke Goodman is the Marketing Manager of The Wood Veneer Hub

Colorblock Your Furniture

Wild Rose Country Home

If you’re working with furniture that could use a small refresh but you don’t need—or want—to paint the whole thing, Jenn Pike of Wild Rose Country Home gave us an amazing tip: try color blocking.

In case you’ve never heard of this trend, color blocking is when an item is painted in two distinct shades without any gradient between the two. In Pike’s case, she painted the bottom few inches of white barstools a subtle gray, instantly elevating the look of the seating around her kitchen island. 

It’s as easy and straightforward as it looks, especially if you don’t need to paint the entire piece. Plus, it’s a completely versatile DIY project.

“Don’t be afraid to try color-blocking other items around your house, like a coffee cart, a pantry door, or a dresser,” Pike says.

Make Your Own Sconces

As far as easy, one-day activities go, making your own wall sconces doesn’t sound like it fits the bill. But Pike assures us it can! And her own version made of scrap wood is proof. 

“You can make these out of any type of scrap wood you have laying around,” says Pike, who made her own version from salvaged barn wood and recycled mason jars.

While Pike assures us this is a very fun project, she also suggests wearing gloves to avoid splinters. Pike advises that, if you don’t have mason jars on hand, antique markets are a great place to sort some or something similar. The options are truly endless, down to the aesthetic and style. 

“If you didn’t want to make these look antique you can go modern depending on what supplies you have and what color you’d like to go with," says Pike. "Always do YOU!”

Add an Accent Wall

If you’re itching to paint a room but don't have the time required, Pike says doing just an accent wall can be easily accomplished in one day. The best way to maximize the effect of this project is to go with something bold and unexpected. For Pike, this meant a matte black to frame her TV and fireplace.

“Don’t be afraid to paint with black,” she says. “I can’t tell you the number of people that would walk in and find it such a striking modern feature.” 

If you do go this route, Pike suggests going with a matte paint that’s both hard to scuff and washable, and ideally has a primer in it. 

Wallpaper Your Powder Room 

Milton & King

Much like painting an accent wall, Bryce Capp, Head of Product and Brand at Milton & King , says hanging wallpaper is one major way to make a big change in minimal time. Plus, according to Capp, if you choose a small space, wallpaper can take as little as an hour or two.

“It will make your home feel like it has a whole new room,” he says. And if you're really short on time, try a small room.

"Installing a bold wallpaper all over a small powder room is our go-to for major impact," Capp says. "Not only does the small space make it so it only takes a few hours to accomplish, but the effect that a bold design has in small quarters brings the wow factor you want, every time!"

Add Wood Paneling 

The Wood Veneer Hub

When you first hear the phrase "wood paneling” your mind might go immediately to that '70s-era warm wood in wide, flat planks. Luckily, the current look is far more versatile and chic. In fact, this is a major trend on the rise, largely thanks to aesthetics like biophilic , japandi , and organic design. 

Best of all, Luke Goodman, Marketing Manager of The Wood Veneer Hub , says adding wall panels is an easily achievable DIY look that can take minimal time, depending on the scope and size of your room. 

“These panels are simple to install, and you can customize the design by choosing different wood species, finishes, and colors,” Goodman says. 

You also don’t have to do an entire wall. With slatted wood wall panels, Goodman says you can create the effect on everything from headboards to room dividers to decorative wall art—all in less than a day. 

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Interior designers share 12 ways to make your home look better without buying anything

  • We asked interior designers to share their best decorating tips that didn't cost money to follow.
  • To spruce up your space , try moving pillows from one room to another and color-coding bookshelves.
  • Interior designers also suggested using leftover paint or branches from outside to decorate with.

First off, decluttering your space can make a huge difference.

home projects simple

Javier Fernandez, an interior designer at Transitional Designs , said decluttering can change the look and feel of any room.

"Look at your dining room," he said. "Is the dining table stocked high with mail and projects that you had planned to get to? Well, there's no time like the present to clear and organize it."

Give the carpets in your home a deep, thorough clean.

home projects simple

Washing your carpets is another free way to spruce up your space, Courtney Turk, the owner of and interior designer at Courtney Turk Interiors , told Business Insider. 

"Get your hands dirty and scrub your rugs," Turk said. "By giving your rugs a deep clean, it will refresh your home and also help to prolong the life of your carpet as well."

Rearrange some items you already have and turn them into decorative, or useful, accents.

home projects simple

Once you've decluttered , consider adding streamlined accents. These types of carefully curated accents can accentuate a room while keeping the space clean and uncluttered, according to Christina Nielsen, an interior designer at Christina Nielsen Design .

Nielsen suggested placing a bowl of fruit or a stack of lemons on top of some cookbooks in your kitchen or adding a small plant or floral arrangement in your entryway. These accents can be practical, too.

"If you have a console table in the foyer, make sure everything is easily accessible ," she said. "Create a spot for your keys — I love leaving a little dish out for this."

Organize your bookshelves and try sorting them by color or separating them with pretty knickknacks.

home projects simple

Turk said that if you have shelves filled with books, you should try displaying them in a more unconventional way.

"Stack them on top of one another, and add in a few favorite pictures or vases you may have stored away to create some depth and character on the shelf," she told BI.

You can also place books of similar colors together and try to create variations to display them.

Go "shopping" in your home to find items you may not be using or could be displaying somewhere else.

home projects simple

Sometimes the best "shopping" is quite literally done in your own home, Fernandez said.

"Check the attic, storage room, and closets. You'll likely find something you put away a while ago," he told BI. "Now, with fresh eyes, you can see how it might work in one of your rooms."

For example, he said, a den or a living room can be easily transformed if you hang up different curtains or change the wattage on your light bulbs to create mood lighting .

Try angling your furniture differently or positioning it in a new way.

home projects simple

Rearranging your accent pieces and furniture is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of a room , according to Fernandez. 

"Adjust the lines of your room by angling your sofa and chairs differently, making sure natural light is the highlight here to enhance the spatiality of a room," Nielsen added. 

Use leftover paint to breathe new life into a room.

home projects simple

"Just about everyone I know has some leftover paint sitting in storage," Fernandez said. "In my opinion, there's nothing like a fresh coat of paint."

If you don't have enough paint to freshen an entire room, you can just paint one wall as an accent. Or, he added, you can use painter's tape and a bit of precision to create a pattern on the ceiling.

Use branches and wildflowers from outside to add natural decor into your home.

home projects simple

Flowers can help brighten up a space and  bring nature indoors , Fernandez said. 

"Gather some branches and florals [from] outdoors for a seamless and cost-effective way to update your home instantly," Nielsen told BI. "In the spring, a large array of cherry blossoms are my favorite."

Try adding accents and new touches to pieces you already own.

home projects simple

If you want to get crafty, try using some of the leftover fabrics, buttons, and lace you may have found while decluttering.

These adornments can be used to revamp curtains , throw pillows, or blankets, Fernandez said. 

"Taking a simple ribbon and adding it as trim to your existing curtains will immediately change the look of them," Fernandez told BI. "Go through the bag of spare buttons, take out the colorful one, and go to town applying them to that old throw pillow."

Rearrange your pillows or move them to a different spot.

home projects simple

Moving your pillows from one room to another is also a way to update your home's look , Nielsen said.

"Rearrange them on your sofa, swap in a pillow from another room, eliminate some pillows to create a sleeker space, or stack pillows on top of your bedding — preferably all white — for a crisp effect," she told BI.  

Find a new way to hide your wires and cables to create a neater space.

home projects simple

Another great way to neaten up your space is to hide the unsightly cables and wires that may be sticking out of your television or internet router.

"By doing so, it immediately upgrades the space from feeling disheveled and incomplete to put-together and high-end," Turk said.

Numerous hacks exist to hide them from sight, such as pushing them behind furniture , tucking them into a drawer, or using cord covers.

Swap out the photos in your frames.

home projects simple

Another great way to update your space is to swap out photos in your picture frames with newly printed ones or old ones that you've stored away. 

If you have wall space, you can also create a gallery wall of your favorite photos, Fernandez added.

This story was originally published on April 6, 2020, and most recently updated on June 25, 2024.

home projects simple

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