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Kate Bove

What Is the Land Back Movement? Ways to Support Indigenous Sovereignty & Activism

ks1 nativity activities

Over the last few years, you’ve no doubt read about — or supported — Indigenous-led movements that center on defending the land and protecting water rights. From the effort to Stop Line 3 to the protests at the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, which were stolen and turned into an emblem of white supremacy and colonization, these causes share a common goal of building lasting Indigenous sovereignty.

Established generations ago, the Land Back movement, which aims to return land and resources back to Indigenous communities, is gaining more mainstream coverage. Land Back, in many ways, is at the core of other efforts to fight for climate justice and Indigenous rights and sovereignty. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the Land Back movement and why recognizing that we’re on stolen Native land — and irrevocably damaging the natural world — is a must.

What Is the Land Back Movement?

Put simply, the Land Back movement is a call for stolen Native lands to be returned to Indigenous people, who are the original stewards of said land. “‘Land Back’ is a war cry for the liberation of Indigenous people and our land,” NDN Collective CEO and president Nick Tilsen (a citizen of the Oglala Lakota nation) told Teen Vogue . “And it’s a pathway forward.”

The Land Back movement (sometimes stylized as LANDBACK) has existed for centuries. In some shape or form, it has been the aim of Indigenous activists since white European colonizers stole the land, drew up unjust treaties, and committed acts of genocide and other violence against Indigenous peoples. Today, NDN Collective , an Indigenous-led organization that’s “dedicated to building Indigenous power” via organizing, activism, philanthropy, narrative change and other means, has become a key part of the Land Back legacy. The organization not only centers Indigenous activism, but aims to create “sustainable solutions on Indigenous terms.”

ks1 nativity activities

Shaped by Indigenous values, NDN Collective wants a more equitable and just world for all people — a core principle that resonates with the Land Back movement, too. “LANDBACK is more than just a campaign. It is a political framework that allows us to deepen our relationships across the field of organizing movements working towards true collective liberation,” NDN Collective states on the official LANDBACK website . “It allows us to envision a world where Black, Indigenous & POC liberation co-exists. It is our political, organizing and narrative framework from which we do the work.”

Of course, colonizers and the U.S. government stole more than land, which means Land Back is more of an all-encompassing term: It’s a call to return Indigenous political sovereignty; to give Indigenous cultures, practices and beliefs the opportunity to flourish; and to ensure Indigenous people have agency over their lives and communities. Yes, it’s about returning ancestral lands to Indigenous people, but it’s also a kind of shorthand for reclamation of all kinds.

The Land Back Movement in Action

While activists involved in the Land Back movement have led many different campaigns, the moment that caught the attention of more mainstream news outlets and white Americans occurred quite recently. On July 4, 2020 — and during the COVID-19 pandemic — the former president, Donald Trump, attempted to rally support in South Dakota.

The site? The sacred Black Hills, which were desecrated and turned into what’s known by many as Mount Rushmore. Not only did the construction of this monument to racism destroy sacred lands, but the United States violated an 1868 treaty that recognized the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation.

ks1 nativity activities

There, Indigenous activists, like Tilsen, made sure Trump knew he wasn’t welcome. In addition to calling for the closure of Mount Rushmore and requesting the Black Hills be returned to Indigenous people, Tilsen explained how the monument is more than just a symbol. “What Indigenous people have been saying for generations, there’s an appetite to have a conversation about symbols of white supremacy, structural racism,” he said . “Now we have to tear down these systems if we want to tear down white supremacy and structural racism in this country.”

Can such change and reclamation happen within a society defined by white supremacists? As we’ve seen with other movements, be it the Black Lives Matter movement or the fight for queer and trans liberation, the need to fight against this fundamentally bigoted and unjust system is urgent.

Ways to Support the Land Back Movement and Indigenous Activists

Returning stolen lands to their original stewards is also critically important when it comes to climate justice and working to mitigate the disastrous effects of the climate crisis. In a society that revolves around capitalism, the land and its resources are valued when there’s economic gain at stake. But it’s clear that this is a broken viewpoint that’s caused irreparable damage. Just look at the record-setting, deadly wildfires blazing up and down the Western U.S. or the unheard of heat waves melting infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

So, what can you do to support Indigenous communities and activists in the fight for sovereignty, justice and the return of stolen lands? In addition to educating yourself, raising awareness, amplifying the voices of Indigenous activists, and attending protests and demonstrations in person, supporting mutual aid and community-led fundraising initiatives is often the most effective way to stand in solidarity and share resources.

ks1 nativity activities

While individuals’ GoFundMe pages  are one route of supporting mutual aid funds, there are organizations that help redistribute resources to frontline activists and communities. Some of these organizers or groups can also be supported via GoFundMe , CashApp or Venmo; these platforms are especially helpful when it comes to supporting bail funds, like the Defend O’odham Land bail fund . Other organizations have dedicated donation pages:

  • Frontline Medics : Self-described as a “womn/femme-led Indigenous autonomous community medic collective.” | PayPal: [email protected]; Venmo: flm-support
  • Pueblo Action Alliance : ​​Self-described as a “community-driven organization that promotes cultural sustainability by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous communities.”
  • Indigenous Climate Action : An Indigenous-led organization that works to support Indigenous-led climate action and climate justice.
  • International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) : Founded at Standing Rock, this group organizes youth through education, spiritual practices and civic engagement.
  • Lakota People’s Law Project : Donating to this organization helps it to “support the rights and sovereignty of the Lakota people, amplify issues critical to Indigenous communities, and empower our mission for justice.”
  • Water Protector Legal Collective : Self-described as a collective that provides “Indigenous-centered legal support and knowledge sharing for Earth Protectors.”
  • Indigenous Kinship Collective : On the Collective’s site, it self-describes, noting, “We are a community of Indigenous womxn, femmes, and gender non conforming folx who gather on Lenni Lenape land to honor each other and our relatives through art, activism, education, and representation.”
  • And, as mentioned earlier, you can directly support NDN Collective  and the LANDBACK  movement too.

There are countless other organizations and collectives doing essential work. Be sure to invest time into researching collectives, funds, and organizations that support your local (and, potentially, less high-profile) Indigenous-led efforts and Indigenous communities as well.

Another great resource? The Native Land Digital Map . This social learning project can tell you whose land you’re on — and we are all on Native land. The organization behind this project puts it perfectly: “Every time you share the Indigenous name for the land you are on, someone gains the opportunity for social learning and expanded curiosity for the land they are on.” In addition to learning more about whose land you’re on and sharing that knowledge with others, you can support Native Land Digital’s mission  through PayPal donations or Patreon pledges.


ks1 nativity activities

Nativity Story Crafts and Activities


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We know how busy schools can be around Christmas, which is why we've made these time-saving Christmas primary resources and lesson planning packs. They're ideal for busy KS1 and KS2 teachers nearing the end of the Autumn term!

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas? Throughout this five-lesson RE scheme of work for children in KS1, your class will find out why people g...

Delightful Decorations

Enter into the Christmas spirit with this festive scheme of work for Year 1/2! Your class will develop their cutting and sewing skills whilst makin...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

These KS1 'Twas the Night Before Christmas lesson plans and activities for Year 2 contain seven ready-to-teach lessons themed around this classic n...

Christmas Celebrations

This Christmas KS1 RE lesson planning pack contains five ready-to-teach lessons exploring Christmas celebrations. Your Year 2 class will learn abou...

The Snowman

This Year 3 English planning pack is based on the magical book 'The Snowman' by Raymond Briggs. Don't forget you can preview our English packs to h...

Multiplying and Dividing

In this fun-filled, festive scheme of work for Year 3, children will first develop their mental recall of multiplication and division facts, focusi...

Seasonal Stockings

Keep your children engaged as the Christmas season draws closer with this festive DT scheme of work for Year 3/4! Children will develop and use the...

Christmas Lessons 1

Get your class into the festive spirit with these 5 ready-to-teach KS2 Christmas lessons for Year 3 and 4. Starting with the Christmas story—and wh...

Christmas Journeys

Download this Christmas Journeys KS2 RE planning pack to take your class back to Bethlehem as they discover the details behind the Christmas story....

Gingerbread Houses

Get in the festive spirit by challenging your class to make their own edible houses. This KS2 DT scheme of work incorporates the key DT objectives ...

Christmas Lessons 2

This festive Christmas unit of work looks at Christmas traditions, and how it has been celebrated throughout history.   #TheCompleteSeries4lessons ...

Christmas Writing Ideas

This set of printable Christmas writing ideas cards gives children an idea for a starting point and a helpful hint to encourage them with their wri...

Christmas Journeys Word Search

Give your KS2 class the chance to find lots of Christmas journey's themed vocabulary, including Bethlehem, Nazareth, Egypt, nativity and Jesus with...

Christmas Activities

Download a set of free, printable Christmas activities – KS1 time-filling tasks, ideal for use with your Year 1 or Year 2 class in the run-up to Ch...

Christmas FreeBee Pack

Here is a pack of some of our brilliant Christmas FreeBees all in one place to help your class get into the spirit of Christmas. A stocking full of...

Draw your own Santa's Sleigh

Challenge your children to complete the picture by adding Santa and his sleigh flying over the roof tops! If you are looking for more Christmas-the...

Christmas Acrostic Poem Templates

A set of free Christmas acrostic poem templates – the perfect festive resource for KS1 or KS2 classes in the run-up to Christmas! 7 printable desig...

Christmas Dot to Dot

These four Christmas dot to dot colouring pages are ideal to download and keep handy for those times when you need a quick time-filler activity at ...

Christmas Colouring Pages

Download these free, printable Christmas colouring pages for use in your classroom during the festive period. They're absolutely ideal if you need ...

Advent Calendar Template

A free, printable Advent calendar template. Includes Christmas-themed doors (and some alternative, blank doors) for children to cut out, fold, colo...

Snow Globe Colouring Pages

These Snow Globe Colouring Pages are a great way to give your children a festive five-minute break in between learning sessions! Find loads more Ch...

Christmas Bingo Game Cards

This free set of printable Christmas bingo game cards is an absolutely ideal time-filler to use with your KS1 or KS2 class near the end of the Autu...

Printable Nativity Scene Set

Let your children tell the story of the nativity themselves using this Printable Nativity Scene Set! If you are feeling extra festive do not forget...

Father Christmas Activity Sheets

Make Christmas film-watching more educational with these fun, festive Father Christmas Activity Sheets! Includes four different activity sheets to ...

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These certificates are well set-out, colourful and are worded perfectly for our year-end Prize-Giving.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, Wendy! We hope that you and the children enjoy the Prize-Giving :-)

Very clear and useful map

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Excellent start to a topic on the ocean. Lovely slides and pupil activities! detailed planning.

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ks1 nativity activities

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KS1 Nativity Story Character Hunt

KS1 Nativity Story Activity

KS1 Nativity Story Character Hunt Guided Reading Activity

This KS1 Nativity Story Activity is in the form of a guided reading resource and has been designed around religious beliefs and practices for pupils to complete during the festive period.

ks1 nativity activities

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What's included in the pack?

This pack includes:

  • KS1 Nativity Story Activity with ten worksheets, teaching information and answers.

National Curriculum Objectives

RE KS1: Recall and name different beliefs and practices, including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out about the meanings behind them.

RE KS1: Retell and suggest meanings to some religious and moral stories, exploring and discussing sacred writings and sources of wisdom and recognising the traditions from which they come.

About this Resource

This PowerPoint has been designed as a quick and interactive guided reading activity which teaches the story of the Nativity. It includes three slides per day for ten days, with a new character introduced and added to the Nativity scene each day. It works in conjunction with Nativity Character Hunt – Characters and Answers .

  • While the children are not present, cut out the day’s character and hide it somewhere in the classroom.
  • Show the children the first slide for the day. It will have a question mark on the shape of the hidden character. Children to search for and find the character in the classroom.
  • Once the character has been found, reveal who they are by moving onto the second slide for the day.
  • Read the text and discuss the questions.
  • Once the discussion concludes, move onto the third slide for the day to show the character, now in the scene.

This resource is available to download with a Premium subscription.

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ks1 nativity activities


ks1 nativity activities

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Christmas Story | Christmas Nativity | Nativity Activities KS1

Christmas Story | Christmas Nativity | Nativity Activities KS1

Subject: Religious education

Age range: 5-7

Resource type: Lesson (complete)

Wolfie's Resources

Last updated

5 October 2023

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ks1 nativity activities

Christmas Story, Christmas Nativity Story activities and story power point for KS1.

Teach children all about the Christmas Story and the birth of Jesus with this power point story and print and go activities.

Children will love learning all about the reason why we celebrate Christmas with these engaging, hands on activities. This Christmas Story product includes no prep activities, display words, cut and paste activities, games, crafts and story cards.

Full list of contents:

Power Point retelling the Christmas Story.

Colour and sequence pictures from the story.

Label the Nativity scene – cut and paste activity

Build a Nativity scene – cut and paste activity

Timeline activity – cut and paste - x2 differentiated

Reading Activities

Early readers – draw picture to match sentence

Comprehension reading sheet

Reading passage and questions x 2 differentiated

Writing Activities

Retell the Christmas Story with pictures and prompts

Retell the Christmas Story with word bank.

Make a bookmark

20 word cards for display, centers and writing prompts…

Make a story wheel – color and black & white versions.

Cut out the front cover circle and cut out the v section.

Cut out the story circle and place underneath the cover.

Attach with a split pin through the middle.

Black and white version will need to be colored.


Print out, laminate and cut out.

These cards can then be used to play snap, pairs, go fish etc.

Also ideal for use in centers or as small group activities.

Story Cards

Use to retell the story, sequence events, as writing prompts or in centers

Colouring sheet

Tes paid licence How can I reuse this?

Get this resource as part of a bundle and save up to 63%

A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.

Christmas Nativity Story | Advent And Christingle | Hanukkah | KS1

This fabulous bundle is just what you need in the run up to Christmas. No prep required. Teaching power points and print and go activities mean time and energy saved for you. Suitable for KS1. Advent and Christingle: Advent and Christingle for KS1. Teach children all about Advent and Christingle. Instructions on how to make your own Christingles. A lovely way for children to celebrate Christmas. Save yourself some time by using this power point and print and go activities. Included in this product: Power Point explaining what Advent is, how churches celebrate Advent, Christingle and 5 printable activities - What happens in church during Advent - writing activity All About Advent - blank fact sheet for children to complete Advent colouring How to make a Christingle - instructions for children to follow Label a Christingle Nativity Activities Nativity activities and story power point for KS1. Teach children all about the Christmas Story with this power point story and print and go activities. This Christmas Nativity product includes: Simple power point that tells the Christmas story. Pictures for children to colour and sequence the story. Alternatively, children can cut out the pictures and use as prompts to retell the story orally or written. Nativity colouring activity Labelling activity Cut and stick build a nativity scene US and UK Spelling versions included. Suitable for children aged 5-7. Hanukkah Hanukkah print and go activities, crafts and teaching power point. This product includes everything you need to teach young children all about how and why Hanukkah is celebrated. It includes fun and engaging activities your students will love and that require little or no prep for you. Suitable for KS1. This product includes: 3 Differentiated reading comprehensions on how to make latkes. Cut and stick activity - match pictures to words and definitions. Label pictures x 2 including a cut and stick activity. Compare Hanukkah with another celebration activity. Writing activity - what I have learnt about Hanukkah? Hanukkah quiz Blank fact sheet for children to complete Colouring page for early finishers Make a concertina book - colour and b/w versions Make a bookmark Crafts: Make a Menorah - colour and black and white versions Make a hanging Star of David - colour and black and white versions

Christmas Big Bundle

Christmas Bundle Have Christmas sorted this year with this selection of Christmas products. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work whilst dealing with overexcited children? This selection includes power points, print and go activities and role play/imaginative play resources to help keep your workload down during this busy period.

Christmas Bundle KS1

Christmas Bundle includes Advent and Christingle, Hanukkah and the Nativity. Save yourself some time and energy during this busy period with this Christmas bundle. It includes power points and print and go activities - no planning required! Check out the previews to see what's included.

A great bundle of Christmas activities to keep your children busy and engaged in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This Christmas Bundle includes reading, maths, role play and RE activities. Suitable for KS1

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ks1 nativity activities

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ks1 nativity activities

Christmas activities – Best festive resources for schools

ks1 nativity activities

Deck the school halls ready for the festive season with these creative and educational activities…


The weather outside may be frightful, but the mood inside your classroom in the build-up to Christmas should at least be jovial. That’s not to say the learning should stop, though. If you’re searching for fun, festive Christmas activities to stop the gradual decline of pupils’ concentration as they dream about impending presents and turkey dinners, look no further…

KS1 Christmas activities

Ks2 christmas activities, more christmas activities for kids, christmas activities for eyfs, christmas activities for ks3-ks4, story starter worksheet.

ks1 nativity activities

This free creative writing Christmas story starter worksheet includes short tips for students on plot, setting and characters, and space to write their short story and draw a picture.

Year 2 Christmas writing resource pack

ks1 nativity activities

Keep pupils in Year 1 and year 2 engaged with writing right up until Christmas with this appealing free Elf Fact File resource pack from Plazoom.

Pupils will read a fact file for one of Santa’s elves, Elliott Sparkles. Using the model text as inspiration, they will then draw and write about their own elves.

The model text includes a variety of grammar and punctuation from the Y2 curriculum including:

  • suffixes -ly, -ful and -less
  • commas in a list
  • noun phrases
  • conjunctions

Christmas number bonds

ks1 nativity activities

This number bonds activity sheet has a Christmas theme. Pupils are tasked with entering the missing numbers in a series of Santa hats, so that the two numbers inside each hat add up to ten.

Christmas home-learning challenges for KS1 and KS2

ks1 nativity activities

This pair of free sheets from Plazoom, one each for KS1 and KS2 , features 12 Christmas challenges. They’re the perfect way to keep children creatively occupied at home during the Christmas holidays – with plenty of learning opportunities along the way!

The challenges could be set as homework task to encourage pupils to be creative and explore the world around them.

AF Harrold festive poetry lesson

ks1 nativity activities

Every December in Trafalgar Square in central London a huge Christmas tree is put up and covered in lights. Did you know that this tree is a gift from the city of Oslo as a token of gratitude for British support for Norway during the Second World War?

Poet AF Harrold wrote a poem about the tree and has provided free worksheets for your class and an outline for his Christmas tree poem. You can use it to produce your very own poems in celebration of friendship.

KS1 Nativity Storytelling and Sequencing Resources Pack

ks1 nativity activities

This free nativity resource pack for KS1 from Plazoom will help pupils retell this traditional story in spoken language and in simple written sentences.

Use the image cards to sequence the story before using the writing sheets to retell it. You get image cards, an answer sheet and themed writing paper.

Letter to Santa

ks1 nativity activities

This is a simple printable letter to Santa template . There are two PDFs included, one with and one without lines.

Write & record a festive poem

ks1 nativity activities

Give the famous poem The Night Before Christmas a school-based twist with this fun Christmas poetry KS2 lesson plan from Adam Jevons-Newman.

Pie Corbett Christmas poems

ks1 nativity activities

Amidst the Christmas celebrations, pupils should take time to reflect on the contrast between festive excess and continuing crises in other countries.

Use these poems from Pie Corbett as an emotive way to explore these differences and have children write their own haikus in the same way.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ lower-KS2 writing and poetry pack

ks1 nativity activities

For Years 3 and 4, this free festive resource pack from Plazoom asks pupils to read and perform the famous poem, explore new vocabulary and the author’s use of language, then write additional stanzas for the poem in a similar style.

Finally, pupils will write their own short poems about Christmas morning, based on the classic poem by Clement Clarke Moore.

Where do Christmas trees come from?

ks1 nativity activities

We all love the smell of a real tree but who grows them and how? What challenges do Christmas tree growers face? What decisions will they have to make to get their trees to market?

This free KS2 lesson , based around the old favourite of Christmas trees, covers many different areas of the curriculum, including maths, science, history, art and design and RE.

Children will learn the life cycle of a tree and what trees need to grow, as well as working on multiplication, division and estimation, and building teamwork, communication and problem solving skills.

Santa’s STEM workshop

ks1 nativity activities

Get your students in the festive spirit with Christmas-themed STEM activities from the IET. There’s a variety of resources to help you add holiday fun to your curriculum, including activities that take 30 minutes or less and ones which require just a few common classroom supplies . There’s also a printable Santa’s STEM workshop activity sheet .

Year 5 & 6 A Christmas Carol writing resources pack

ks1 nativity activities

This free upper-KS2 pack from Plazoom lets students explore characters’ viewpoints using extracts from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. They will read two extracts from this classic literary text and explore Scrooge’s view of Christmas at the beginning and end of the story and compare these viewpoints with his nephew’s.

In the writing tasks, pupils will write diary entries in the role of Scrooge (or another character) describing the events, and his view of them, from the two extracts provided.

Light-themed artwork lesson plan

ks1 nativity activities

When it comes to Christmas it’s tempting to trot out the traditional art and craft activities – after all, there’s always a display board that’s crying out for a little seasonal spirit.

But for many of us our happiest memories of Christmas have little to do with cotton wool and glitter and a lot to do with colour and light. Here’s an opportunity for your class to shine a little light on their preparations for Christmas.

In this project , experiment with some of the resources often found in the classroom at this time of year – balloons, sticky tape and tissue paper – but combine them in an exciting way.

Year 6 A Christmas Carol unlocking inference pack

ks1 nativity activities

This free A Christmas Carol unit from Plazoom is designed to support you in your teaching of inference and vocabulary, and is based on a carefully scaffolded whole-class reading approach, including multiple iterations, enabling all pupils to access even relatively challenging texts.

The extract has been annotated with running questions to help you check that children are creating accurate images in their minds, and to clarify their literal understanding (including of key vocabulary) – an essential step towards them making reasoned inferences as they read.

The running questions are largely retrieval-based; it is the combination of literal retrievals which allows inferences to be made.

Devise a musical Christmas performance

ks1 nativity activities

This simple and appealing song for lower KS2 with lyrics is set to the familiar melody of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ with opportunities for learning accompaniments played on tuned and untuned percussion. This accessible carol is perfect for a class Christmas performance.

Writing a Christmas story – Author in your Classroom podcast

ks1 nativity activities

The brilliant Author in your Classroom podcast is recorded especially for sharing with pupils and features children’s authors sharing writing tips and advice.

In episode 10, Catherine Doyle shares inspiring writing advice with children, as they devise and develop their own, brand-new Christmas story. The free resources pack contains teacher notes, a Powerpoint, planning sheets and wall displays.

Tom Fletcher’s Christmasaurus

ks1 nativity activities

Originally produced to support a Puffin Virtually Live webcast for schools, this resource aims to help primary classes explore the book The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.

The 23-page document contains three lesson plans, each supported by a different extract from the book and a set of accompanying resource sheets, including printable cards, writing templates and instructions for pupils to create their own Christmas cards and doorhangers.

Christmas-themed nets for 3D shapes

ks1 nativity activities

Included in this KS2 classroom resource from Plazoom are the nets for 12 festive 3D shapes, including winter versions of the same nets to cater for children who do not celebrate Christmas.

These templates can be used by primary children to investigate shapes as part of a maths lesson, or to create present boxes for friends and family. Both make a great Christmas activity towards the end of term.

Christmas around the world

ks1 nativity activities

We’re all familiar with the Christmas traditions of the UK, but how is the festival celebrated in other countries? Find out with this free PDF , with added activity ideas.

12 Days of Christmas PowerPoint

ks1 nativity activities

Let your class sing along to the 12 Days of Christmas with this free PowerPoint that features lyrics and images every step of the way.

Image bank for descriptive writing

ks1 nativity activities

This PowerPoint features 18 Christmas images for you to show to your class and use in descriptive writing exercises or as story starters.

Festive page borders

ks1 nativity activities

These free printable page borders come in five separate designs, each with and without lines.

Acrostic poems

ks1 nativity activities

These free printable worksheets feature acrostic poems for ‘Snowman’, ‘Santa Claus’, ‘Reindeers’ and ‘Christmas’.

Crafty Christmas activities

Christmas colouring pages.

ks1 nativity activities

This set of free Christmas colouring pages features baubles, stockings, presents, winter house scenes and holly designs.

Sew a felt robin

ks1 nativity activities

This cheery 3D felt robin sewing craft includes a printable to scale template . Children will love making this little bird and it would make an excellent Christmas craft project.

Print and craft 3D paper reindeer and card

ks1 nativity activities

Create a herd of colourful 3D reindeer and super reindeer card craft with these printable templates for both crafts. Children will love colouring in the designs or making them with scraps of patterned card.

Winter scene 3D Christmas cards

This resource and instructional video shows you how to make these 3D Christmas cards. Download the card templates from Plazoom.

Holly jolly Christmas card

ks1 nativity activities

Use this Holly Jolly Christmas card idea with your students using masking fluid, glue or crayons and watercolour paints. The set includes a printable template design. This is a great Christmas card craft project for you and your students and it’s really effective.

Little angel cards

ks1 nativity activities

Use this free download to help your students create beautiful little angel cards. It includes a printable template for three different designs. Your students will love cutting out the different pieces and sticking them onto their cards – a perfect Christmas craft for them to take home.

Bauble card

ks1 nativity activities

Make a unique layered Christmas bauble card . Suitable for older children, the download includes a printable template page. Let your students colour in the bauble pieces and layer them together to make a great card for them to take home.

Decorate your own Christmas tree bunting

ks1 nativity activities

This free printable Christmas tree bunting comes with three options.

  • A printable Christmas tree ready to hang up in your classroom
  • A green, undecorated tree for children to stick decorations on
  • A plain tree outline for children to colour in and decorate

Festive bunting

ks1 nativity activities

Alternatively, if you just want something ready made, this festive bunting is ready to print and hang up in your classroom or school.

EYFS Nativity storytelling skills and emergent writing pack

ks1 nativity activities

Are you tackling a Nativity this year? This resource pack from Plazoom helps you retell the story with paper puppets. Children can also add words and captions to pictures of themselves in nativity costumes to encourage emergent writing.

Multisensory Christmas activities

ks1 nativity activities

Get your children in the mood for Christmas with this selection of fun, festive-themed games and multisensory activities, ranging from snow-based play to experimenting with socks, stockings and sacks.

More great early years Christmas activities

Enjoy the festive season without abandoning children’s learning with these ideas from Judith Harries, an author and teacher of music and drama. ..

As Christmas approaches, it is fun to try out lots of different seasonal activities. However, it’s also important to continue children’s learning in all areas of the EYFS framework. The activities below encompass most of the Early Learning Goals. Children will:

  • enjoy books and making up stories
  • try out role play activities
  • develop number and shape skills
  • find out about the world and different cultures
  • look at changes in materials
  • develop fine motor control

Sharing stories

Comic strips.

Read or tell the Christmas Story or Nativity to the children. Make a list of main characters and events. Make a collection of comic strips for children to read.

Explain that they are going to try to retell the Nativity story in four or five boxes as a comic strip. Model ideas for them to use.

Reassure them that it doesn’t need to be funny but they must pick out four or five main events to include, then draw them. Can they use bubble speech to tell the story?

Santa’s workshop

Collect books about Santa Claus: Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs, Dear Father Christmas by Alan Durant, The Christmas Bear by Ian Whybrow, The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore, and a book about Saint Nicholas, the man behind the legend.

Set up Santa’s workshop in the role-play corner with dressing-up clothes, boxes for children to wrap and label, a craft table for making toys, a stable for the reindeer, a garage for the sleigh, a kitchen to make reindeer breakfast (oats and dried fruit), and encourage children to act out stories about Santa’s adventures.

Story stones

ks1 nativity activities

Make a collection of flat pebbles and choose some Christmas characters and objects to draw or paint onto them (if your skills are rusty, cut and stick pictures).

Try some of these: Santa, snowman, snowdog, reindeer, robin, gingerbread man, elf, Grinch, tree, star, candle, pudding, candy cane, gift, stocking, snowflake, bells.

Varnish the stones once the pictures are finished so they last longer.

Encourage children to work with a partner and choose some of the stones to make up their own story. What might a snowman and a robin find on Christmas Eve? Where is the gingerbread man taking the candy cane?

Number games

Tree puzzles.

Provide children with thin strips of green card, rulers and scissors. Show them how to measure and cut a 10cm strip of card and write the number 10 on it.

Then cut a 9cm strip and write the number 9, continuing until they have 10 pieces from 10cm to 1cm in length.

Can they build a Christmas tree out of strips in the right order from 10 at the bottom to 1 at the top? Stick down the strips and let them decorate the tree to create a Christmas card.

Count the days

Set up a Christmas-themed counting table. Place a pot of buttons in the middle, 10 white felt or cardboard snowmen and number cards 1–10.

Invite children to choose a number card or use a die, then find the corresponding number of buttons to place on their snowman.

Label Christmas paper cups 1–10 and ask children to place the correct number of buttons or pompoms inside each one using tweezers.

Hang up numbered pegs 1–10 onto a washing line. Let children peg a Christmas tree decoration on each one until all 10 pegs are filled.

Advent numbers

Use an advent calendar to challenge counting and ordering up to 24!

Cut a large Christmas tree out of felt and mount it onto a display board. Make 24 felt shapes and write or stick the numbers 1–24 onto them.

Children can place the shapes onto the tree in order, then mix them up again for the next player. If the felt doesn’t stick, try angling the board so the tree isn’t quite upright, or add velcro!

Each day invite one child to go and fetch the number that matches today’s date for an advent treat.

“Open a story corner with lots of different Christmas-themed books for the children to share. Provide lots of comfy red and green cushions and throws to create a cosy reading spot”

Around the world

Christmas traditions.

ks1 nativity activities

Find out about ten European Christmas traditions from this BBC Newsround article . Ask children and parents to share any traditions they have.

In Italy, gifts are brought to the children on 5th January, Epiphany, by a witch called La Befana, and if they’ve been bad she leaves coal.

Meanwhile, in Germany, children leave their shoes outside the door on St Nicholas Day, 6th December, and find them filled with presents or twigs.

In the Philippines, they decorate star-shaped lanterns or ‘parols’ and hang them outside their houses.

Make a list of traditions appropriate to your setting and try to include some in your festivities.

Christmas food

Talk about the different food children enjoy at Christmas – mince pies, candy canes, roast turkey and Christmas pudding.

Read A World of Cookies for Santa by ME Furman and try some of the recipes.

Create Swedish saffron buns to bake and eat with the children on St Lucia day, 13th December – prove the dough ready for the children to shape the buns. Let them roll small pieces of dough into snakes and shape into the letter S. Just before baking push a raisin into the spiral at each end of the S.

Christmas markets

Look at images of German Christmas markets online. Organise a Christmas market at your setting in a similar style.

Decorate the rooms with paper chains and Christmas decorations. Serve hot mulled wine and mince pies. Sell Christmas cards and gifts made by the children. Sing Christmas carols and play seasonal music. Wear Christmas jumpers.

Invite local craftspeople to come and sell their wares and raise money for charity or for your setting.

Expressive arts

Playdough ho ho.

ks1 nativity activities

Make some green playdough and provide lots of dough tools and Christmas tree and holly leaf cutters.

Let children roll out the dough and make different-sized Christmas trees or leaves to decorate using sequins, shiny stars, beads and tiny strips of tinsel.

Make white playdough and add some glitter. Ask children to shape the dough into cake shapes.

Provide small plastic Christmas cake decorations such as leaves, robins, flowers, trees and so on, for children to decorate their Christmas cakes.

Finally, flavour some brown playdough with ground ginger and let the children make gingerbread men.

Stories in the sand

Watch a sand art retelling of the Nativity story then provide children with shallow trays of dry sand or coloured glitter. Let them draw shapes, or write numbers and letters in the trays.

Can they write their name? Ask children to choose simple Christmas shapes to draw in the glitter such as candy canes, stars and trees. Take photographs of their stories in the sand.

Jingle bells

Listen to lots of Christmas music as you enjoy these Christmas activities. Introduce some traditional carols alongside popular Christmas songs.

Make a selection of jingle bells, hand bells and chime bars, and put them in a Christmas music basket. Bring them out for children to use when you sing Christmas songs. Try these new Christmas rhymes:

Five fat snowmen standing in the snow, The sun came out and one had to go! Four fat snowmen…

I’m a little robin, round and red, Here’s my wing, and here’s my head. When the wind blows, and the air is cold, I tuck my head under here, so I’ve been told.

Christmas maths

ks1 nativity activities

I am organising a Christmas party, but I don’t like anything to be left over. I plan to give each guest one of each of the a variety of Christmas party themed items. What is the smallest number of guests I should invite so that nothing is left over?

Download a PowerPoint featuring this lowest common multiple Christmas maths activity .

Christmas Tree Shaped Poems

ks1 nativity activities

There are many poetic conventions that provide challenge restrictions on wordplay, and this one has a simple festive twist.

Have your students compose a poem about how they will spread joy in the festive season, while fitting the words into the shape of a Christmas tree .

A Christmas Carol

ks1 nativity activities

This handy storyboard template based on the novel A Christmas Carol features a model illustration for stave 1. Students need to illustrate and summarise staves 2–5 and consider Scrooge’s future.

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