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How to Use TikTok for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

TikTok for business is a whole social marketing discipline unto itself. Learn our top steps to get started now.

TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users. It’s the place to see and be seen, which means ample opportunity for businesses to engage with audiences in a whole new way by tapping into trending topics and hashtag challenges, experimenting with TikTok live streams , and creating compelling content with dynamic editing tools and trending sounds .

Read on to learn how to use TikTok for business — from setting up an account from scratch to measuring your success.

(To be clear, this article is about using TikTok to market your business in organic and paid ways and not exclusively about the “TikTok for Business” platform. If you’re looking for intel on TikTok for Business specifically, head here !)

make a tiktok business account

Schedule posts, analyze them, and respond to comments from one easy-to-use dashboard.

How to use TikTok for business

Step 1: get a tiktok business account.

If you’ve already got a personal TikTok account, it’s easy to switch over to a Business Account: just skip right to step 3.

A business account on TikTok is free. TikTok’s business accounts give you access to insights about your video performance and followers and allow you to access Business Suite tools like advertising, auto-messaging, and more. You’ll also be limited to the music you can use, but it’s actually a good thing: TikTok prevents businesses from using copyrighted music, so you don’t accidentally set an ad to Harry Styles’ latest bop.

1. Download and open the TikTok app.

2. Create a new personal account. You can use your email or log in with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account.

3. Tap Profile in the lower right corner, then hit the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.

TikTok edit profile

4. Tap Settings and Privacy.

settings and privacy

5. Tap Account.

account tiktok

6. Tap Switch to Business Account .

business account on tiktok

7. Now, pick the category that best describes your brand and tap Next .

choose a category that best describes your account

8. Add an email address to your profile.

profile completed create video now

And that’s it! Congrats on your new TikTok Business Account!

Step 2: Create a winning TikTok strategy

Even if you’re a whiz at Instagram or Facebook marketing , it’s important to remember that TikTok is its own beautiful, chaotic beast that requires a specific game plan. And building that game plan starts with gathering information.

Get to know TikTok

Before you build a TikTok strategy, you need to get to know the platform inside and out. Get familiar with TikTok: spend time browsing through the videos on the For You page . Play around with the editing features, filters, and effects . Spend a few hours losing yourself in the infinite variations of whatever the latest dance craze is.

@senpaiblackfoot PARTY ANIMAL🎉Dancetutorial‼️Dc:? #partyanimal #charlyblack #luisfonsi #dancetutorial #GenshinImpact33 ♬ Gyal You a Party Animal – Sped Up – Charly Black

Understand the TikTok algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is constantly evolving, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Read up on how TikTok ranks and distributes videos and just what trending videos have in common.

This quick video about TikTok hashtag strategy is going to be helpful viewing, too:

Brush up on your TikTok vocab

TikTokers speak a different language—one that’s constantly evolving. Words and emojis have different meanings. (e.g., 💀=😂). Trying too hard to emulate this digital slang reeks of “hello, fellow kids” energy (and may not be a fit for your specific brand voice!), but understanding common phrases, tropes, and usage can help you avoid looking too out of touch.

For starters, learn about how certain emojis are used on TikTok .

Learn about the key players

At this point, TikTok stars have parlayed their fame into not just lucrative sponsorships but also reality shows , movie roles, and business ventures. These are the characters around which the TikTok world revolves, but your industry or niche likely has its own power players. Keep your eye on those rising stars… like Sengalese-Italian content creator Khaby Lame, with his 153 million followers.

@khaby.lame Let’s see if you guys can DUET with me!! I love the new Pixel7! I will repost all duets with me on my iG Stories🤯 @googlepixel #BroughttoyoubyGoogle #teampixel ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Identify your target audience

Before you dive into making your first video, know your audience. While TikTok is extremely popular with teenagers and Gen Z, a wide range of demographics have fallen in love with the app.

age groups that use tiktok

Where does your target market overlap with TikTok users? Or is there a new or unexpected audience to reach here? Once you’ve got a good grasp on who you’re talking to, the content planning can begin.

Scope out your competitors

Is your business nemesis already on TikTok? Watch what they’re doing to get a sneak peek of what’s working and what’s not with your shared audiences.

TikTok influencers or creators may fall into the category of “competition” here on the app, too, so don’t rule them out as sources of inspiration or information, either.

Set goals and objectives

Once you’ve compiled all this intel, it’s time to set some goals. Your TikTok strategy should establish what you hope to achieve on the platform.

A good place to start is with your business objectives: how can TikTok help you accomplish them? Try applying the SMART framework to ensure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

make a tiktok business account

See how a local candy company used Hootsuite to gain 16,000 TikTok followers and increase online sales by 750%.

Plan out a loose content calendar

There’s certainly something special about a spur-of-the-moment when inspiration strikes post (especially on fast-paced TikTok), but plotting out content in advance is typically a good idea for a busy social media marketing pro.

A social media content calendar ensures you don’t miss important dates and allows you enough time for creative production. A social media scheduler like Hootsuite can even help you pre-load important content so it goes up on TikTok at the optimum time. (More on that later!)

Hootsuite new post social media scheduler

Look for opportunities to capitalize on holidays or events or develop themes or series that can guide your creativity. Creating content pillars—topics or themes—can help focus your brainstorming and make sure your posts align with your overall brand goals.

That being said, trends come and go fast on TikTok. What’s cool one day is cheugy the next, so it’s important to also plan for the unplannable. When you see a trend that’s a good fit for your brand on TikTok, jump on it and never look back.

Keep the aesthetic authentic

For brands with limited resources, TikTok offers a very low barrier to entry. You don’t need to invest in a video production team or equipment to make a splash here — in fact, creating polished content may actually hurt your success on the platform.

According to a 2021 study by Marketing Science, 65% of TikTok users agree that professional-looking videos from brands feel out of place or odd on TikTok.

Of course, having clear audio and decent lighting makes a video more enjoyable for the viewer, but using your phone in a bright and quiet space will do the trick just fine and fit with the authentic TikTok aesthetic. Even Taylor Swift shoots her TikToks fast-’n’-loose… and you know she’s got access to audio equipment.

@taylorswift Tonight we mayhem til the morning! AND release vinyls with pics I signed in them on my site! Gonna be a wild ride 😜 #TSmidnighTS #SwiftTok #MidnightsMayhemWithMe ♬ Midnights Mayhem episode 9 – Taylor Swift

Step 3: Optimize your TikTok profile

You’ve only got a few lines and one opportunity to share a link, but your TikTok profile is basically your digital storefront, so do it up right.

Be particular about your profile photo

Make sure your profile photo looks good and represents your brand. Ideally, it should connect your TikTok account visually to your other digital platforms, using the same logo or colors to make it clear this is part of the same family as your website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Booster Juice tiktok profile

Keep your bio short and sweet

With only 80 characters to work with, your TikTok bio needs to cut to the chase and include a CTA. Use an emoji if it’s appropriate for your brand voice: it can add personality and save on the character count. Win-win.

our place tiktok bio

Here are 130 TikTok bio ideas to inspire.

Pick your URL wisely

Should it direct users to your ecommerce site, a specific landing page, your other social accounts, or a current blog post? That all depends on your strategic goals.

Get verified

Verified TikTok accounts benefit from increased exposure and a certain amount of cred. A verification badge is basically a stamp of approval from the TikTok overlords, one that can help give your brand an aura of authority and confirm its authenticity.

You don’t have to be super famous to get one, and lots of businesses (even paint companies ) have them. You can request to be verified through the Settings and Privacy menu, but many sources believe there are other actions you can take to speed up the process and earn that beautiful blue check.

Read more about how to get verified on TikTok here , or watch the video recap (you’re busy, we get it!):

Step 4: Create content that people will want to watch

There’s no secret recipe for making a successful TikTok video, but there are some good rules of thumb to follow.

Make sure your video looks good

It may seem obvious, but the better your sound and video quality, the more enjoyable your content will be to watch. That doesn’t mean you need to invest in pricey equipment, as mentioned above, but be conscious about filming in well-lit spaces where the audio is going to be clean… like at a holiday light display, for instance.

@thethethe.thegrinch The nerve of these Wholligans, challenging me to the sturdy! Is that all you got?! Is that all you got!!!! #getsturdy #grinch #grinchtiktok #foryou #fyp Lets see Santa do that! HA! ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

If clean audio is impossible, add a trending track to your video instead of the original sound. Here’s how to find business-friendly sounds to use on your TikTok.

How-to videos and tutorials are always popular

Whether it’s a fitness video or a cooking demo, audiences tend to like a little bit of education in their TikTok feed. Create videos that show off your expertise or reveal some behind-the-scenes intel to keep them watching.

@benjaminmoore Johnny K’s Painting is sharing his #protip when cutting in tight edges. Share your pro tip in the comments! #benjaminmoore #paint #painttok #cuttingin #paintingcontractor #experttips #protip ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Team up with other creators

Try out the Duets feature to engage with other videos or commission an influencer for a partnership.

@chefreactions #duet with @Amaury Guichon 🍋 perfection #chef #fyp #chefreactions ♬ Up – Movie Theme – Giampaolo Pasquile

Dive deeper into our guide to getting more TikTok views here and explore ideas for creative, engaging TikTok videos here .

Like going live on any social media channel, doing a livestream on TikTok is a chance to connect in real time with your audience. Followers can engage with you in the moment, asking questions or sharing feedback: it’s spontaneous and authentic, and downright exciting (not to mention a great way to drive social commerce .)

go live broadcast on tiktok

Anything could happen when you’re broadcasting live … for better or for worse. Try sharing a live tutorial, putting on a performance, or broadcasting a conversation or interview. Whatever you’re putting out into the world, it’s a hyper-engaging way to spotlight your brand’s voice and values.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to going live on TikTok.

Use hashtags

TikTok hashtags will help your content get discovered via search and help the TikTok algorithm identify what kind of topics you’re covering.

Learn more about the best TikTok hashtags to use to grow your reach and view counts.

Bonus: Get a free TikTok Growth Checklist from famous TikTok creator Tiffy Chen that shows you how to gain 1.6 million followers with only 3 studio lights and iMovie.

Step 5: Master the art of SEO

Hashtags, as mentioned above, are a vital part of getting your content discovered. But TikTok has leveled up its keyword and caption search ability in recent months (no wonder that Gen Z uses TikTok as a search engine more frequently than Google !).

Savvy brands can take advantage of TikTok’s growing search capability by applying good old-fashioned SEO rules to get over to the For You Page. Do your keyword research, think strategically about how your target audience would use search, and share your TikTok in a microblog that is also jam-packed with your sweet, sweet keywords.

Learn more about TikTok SEO strategy and general social media SEO strategy over on the blog.

Step 6: Post at the right time

To get your content in front of people, it doesn’t just have to be good: it has to go up at the right time.

Of course, the “right time” varies by audience and day of the week, and how the stars are aligned, but broadly speaking, you’ll see positive results if you post on Thursday at 7 p.m. (Check out our full explanation of the best time to post on TikTok for the full data breakdown.)

best times to post on tiktok

But what happens if you’re busy on Thursdays at 7 p.m.? That’s where a scheduling tool steps in to save the day.

You can schedule your TikToks right in the TikTok app… however , the platform has a few limitations. You can only schedule up to 10 days in advance, and only on a desktop computer. What if you’re on vacation without your desk?!

Luckily, Hootsuite offers workarounds to both of those issues. With Hootsuite, you can schedule your TikToks weeks and months in advance, on your computer or on your phone. Plus, after you’ve used it a few times, Hootsuite will automatically calculate the best times to post for your unique audience.

Hootsuite Planner calendar view

Check out our detailed walk-through of how to schedule a TikTok post:

Step 7: Engage your audience and grow your following

First off: Don’t buy followers! We tried, and it’s a very bad idea ! Stop it! Put that credit card down.

Ultimately, creating great content (see above!) is the #1 way to get those sweet, sweet views and follows. To keep those followers interested and engaged once they’re on board, the same rules of thumb apply as to any other social media platform:

  • Try out interactive live streams.
  • Experiment with polls and questions.
  • Respond to comments and questions.
  • Comment and like content on other TikTok accounts.
  • Practice social listening to make sure you’re on top of trending topics in your TikTok community.

Step 6: Dig into analytics

Once you’ve been playing around with TikTok for a while, it’s important to look objectively at how things are going. How are your reach and engagement metrics doing? Are those tutorial videos actually hitting? Who is actually watching and following your content?

Analytics take the guesswork out of content strategy: they prove what’s working — and what’s not. TikTok’s in-platform analytics tool can show you some really interesting metrics to help inform your next steps.

tiktok analytics overview of performance

Learn more about TikTok analytics.

Step 7: Explore TikTok’s advertising options

Some hot numbers for you: TikTok ads can now reach an estimated adult (18+) audience of 825 million people worldwide.

Advertising isn’t a fit for everyone’s social strategy, but if paid reach is something you’re interested in, check out our guide to TikTok ads here.

And if you’re marketing to a younger audience, especially women, you’ve got even more of a reason to get in there — 36% of TikTok users are aged 18 to 24, and women in that age group make up almost 20% of TikTok’s advertising audience .

TikTok’s commercial influence is huge. TikTok reports that 67% of users have been inspired to shop by the app, while 66% say that TikTok helped them decide what to buy. And if that’s not enough to convince you, there’s always the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag.

#tiktokmademebuyit search results with ads

On TikTok, you can promote your posts (spend some money to boost content you’ve made) or find creators to partner with via TikTok’s Branded Content portal.

branded content manage your creator collaboration all in one place

Those are just the more organic ad options. There are also traditional ad placement formats accessible via the TikTok ad manager: place your ads in-stream, on the For You Page, invest in a paid branded hashtag challenge, and more. Find more details about all your options here, in our ultimate guide to TikTok ads.

@tiktokforbusiness Put your business on the #FYP in time for the year’s biggest shopping season. 🛍 Hit the link in bio to download our 2022 #Holiday Playbook! ♬ original sound – TikTok for Business

Okay, there you have it: TikTok for Business 101! Get your account up and running and start exploring all the opportunities this wild and wonderful platform has to offer and explore the rest of our expert TikTok guides to deepen your knowledge even further.

Grow your TikTok presence alongside your other social channels using Hootsuite. Schedule and publish posts for the best times, engage your audience, and measure performance — all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Try it free today.

Get Started

Do it better with Hootsuite , the all-in-one social media tool. Stay on top of things, grow, and beat the competition.

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We compare the features of TikTok business vs. personal accounts to help you decide which is best for your brand.

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TikTok Business vs. Creator account: What’s the difference?

Written by by Chloe West

Published on  August 9, 2022

Reading time  5 minutes

If you haven’t heard it already: TikTok is here to stay. And whether you’re a business, content creator or individual user, it’s important to understand the differences between a TikTok Business vs. creator account. Do you know which type of TikTok account is going to be the best for your brand?

Both of these TikTok account types have different features and benefits—but which one will be best for you? We’ll address the pros and cons of each account type, then walk you through how to choose which account type you should use.

Let’s get started.

What is a TikTok Business Account?

A TikTok Business Account is a public, professional account that has access to TikTok’s entire marketing suite of tools. This type of account is ideal for brands and businesses who are looking to make a splash on the platform and create a cohesive marketing strategy.

Pros of a TikTok Business Account

Access to TikTok’s Business Suite. One of the biggest benefits of having a Business account is access to TikTok’s Business Suite. This includes access to:

  • TikTok analytics regarding your profile, video, content and LIVE videos.
  • TikTok ads and promoted videos to help get more people to discover your videos, navigate to your website and hopefully gain more followers .
  • the Commercial Music Library of over 1 million commercially licensed songs and sounds. Brands can also create their own TikTok trends and sounds through the tools and resources available.
  • the Business Creative Hub to view trending videos and for tips on best practices on creating content and strategy.

Having access to all of these features is a great way to monitor your performance and make sure your brand gets in front of the right audience.

Use of an ecommerce storefront. Another major perk—especially for ecommerce brands —is the ability to create your own TikTok store. Social shopping is the next generation of ecommerce, and with a TikTok store, you can highlight all of your products right on the app, making it extremely easy for customers to make a purchase. Followers can browse your products, then immediately check out through Shopify.

Ability to connect to Sprout Social. Simplify how you work across different platforms and apps by connecting all your accounts through a social media management tool like Sprout Social . TikTok Business Accounts can be connected to your Sprout account, making it easy to plan calendars, schedule content and monitor performance alongside the rest of your social media channels.

make a tiktok business account

This makes social media management even easier, with the ability to manage all social accounts in a single Sprout dashboard.

Cons of a TikTok Business Account

While having a Business Account comes with a lot of perks, every rose has its thorn.

Limited library of sounds. Because brands have more legal loopholes to jump through, TikTok provides access to royalty-free, commercial sound clips to business accounts rather than the entire audio library.

This can limit the sound bytes your business can use, but it also gives you the opportunity to work to be even more creative with your video content. This is your silver lining! Plus, brands can always create their own sound bytes when making their own rendition of an ongoing TikTok trend .

Limited duet or stitching options. With this limitation on sound bytes, it means brands are also limited on which TikTok videos they’re able to stitch or duet. Any video with non-commercial audio cannot be stitched or dueted by a brand.

What is a TikTok creator account?

A TikTok creator account is also considered a personal account.

While TikTok used to have two types of professional accounts—Business or creator—that were separate from a personal account, they converted all creator accounts to a personal account in August of 2021.

Influencers are still able to partner with brands, become verified and grow massive followings, even with what’s considered a personal account.

Pros of a TikTok creator account (personal accounts)

Full access to the audio library. This is probably the biggest perk of having a TikTok creator account. You’ll have full access to popular songs, trending sound bytes and any other audio clip available in the app. Creators and influencers are able to utilize any available sound clip, as well as create their own.

Ability to stitch and duet. In addition, creator accounts can stitch or duet any video , giving them the ability to react to or add to stories of any other creator or brand video.

Access to TikTok analytics. Both types of TikTok accounts have access to analytics and performance insights. For creator or personal accounts to access analytics, they must post at least one public video. Because analytics aren’t limited to business accounts, like on other apps, this gives individual creators a leg up on their reach and engagement.

Potential to promote videos. Creator accounts also have access to the “Promote” option just like brands and Business Accounts do so that they can extend the reach of some of their videos—especially sponsored ones.

Eligibility to join the TikTok Creator Fund. Creator accounts can access the TikTok Creator Fund as a way to monetize their account and be incentivized for creating more awesome content.

Similarly, creator accounts can access the TikTok Creator Next Program, which allows TikTok users to accept monetary tips from their top followers.

Cons of a TikTok creator account (personal accounts)

Cannot add website to profile. TikTok Business Accounts can immediately add a website link in their bios, whereas creator accounts have to hit 1,000 followers before they’re able to add a link.

Native-only account management. Unlike the Business Account, creator accounts can’t connect to social media management tools like Sprout Social. Brands should stick with a Business Account, even if they aren’t able to access all sound bytes. This is especially because brands may face litigation if they are an actual business and use unlicensed music.

Deciding between a TikTok Business vs. creator account?

Before you start a new social media account on TikTok, you should have answered several questions, including: is my target audience on TikTok and will TikTok help me reach my social media goals?

As for which type of TikTok account you should create, TikTok wants to be extremely straightforward: businesses opt for a Business Account and creators stick to a creator or personal account.

However, sometimes it’s not that simple. There are perks to each one, and no account type can “have it all.” Which one should you go for?

Consider all of the pros and cons for each account type to see which one is really worth it. For example, as a business, it’s a bummer not to have access to the full sound library. But is it worth it to be at risk of litigation because you want to use a trending sound?

Once you’ve weighed all of the benefits versus the limitations, choose your account type and stick with it. Although TikTok lets you switch back and forth, it’s better to just stick with the account type you choose for the extent of your time on the platform.

Get started with your own TikTok account

Get started with your own TikTok account, whether it’s a Business Account vs. creator account—you’ll now know which account type is going to be the best option for you and your business.

To learn even more about how to get the most out of TikTok, check out our full guide to TikTok for business .

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Published October 3 rd 2022

TikTok Business vs. Creator Account

With over 1 billion users every month , TikTok has proven to be a leading social network that's here to stay. But where do you start if you're considering your brand's presence on TikTok? First, you need to decide what type of account will best meet your business needs.

There are two types of accounts on TikTok: Creator and Business accounts. They each offer different opportunities and have certain limitations. To pick the right match for your brand, read our insights in this blog and dive into the TikTok world with a clear strategy in mind.

What is Creator vs. Business account on TikTok?

Let's look at the primary purposes of the two types of accounts one can create on TikTok. 

Business account

The business accounts address the business needs and offer an array of features to help you build, manage, and monitor your brand's activities on TikTok. 

They are public and enable you to connect with your audience in real-time more easily than with a personal account. The Business account offers tools like analytics, creator studio, third-party integration, etc., to help you shape and improve your marketing strategy.

Creator account

The Creator account is a personal type of account. Its primary purpose is to serve the needs of any creators, like artists, musicians, influencers, and anyone who wants to express themselves on TikTok. 

Therefore, the account's features are based on enabling those talents to shine through on the social network.

Until August 2021, TikTok also offered a special creator account , which is now part of the personal account.

If you are still wondering what type of account suits your needs best, read on for the main differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

Let's look at the differences between the Business and Creator account on TikTok.

Advantages of the Business Account

Holistic marketing approach.

This type of account on TikTok is specifically designed for businesses. Therefore, we recommend this type of account if you are running a company.

The account's tools can help you see the bigger picture of your performance on TikTok and adjust your strategy and activities accordingly.

Access to special features 

The Business account helps you get more insights and features compared to the creator one, like:

  • Ads: The Business account offers more sophisticated advertising tools than the creator one, which can help you reach a broader and better-targeted audience on TikTok. TikTok's Workspace contains the Promote tool, which is the one to guide you in your advertising efforts.
  • Analytics: This tool will help you understand your performance on the social network so you can manage your marketing strategy in the right direction.
  • Business Creative Hub: This space is dedicated to providing you with inspiration, tips, and trends to strengthen your marketing efforts on TikTok.
  • Commercial Music Library: The library contains over 1 million commercially licensed songs and sounds you can experiment with in your TikTok videos. Brands can also create their own TikTok trends and sounds through the tools and resources available.

Messaging opportunities

The Business account lets you message anyone, whereas, with the Creator account, you are limited to your friend list. 

You can also set up automated responses to new direct messages to start proper communication with your audience.

TikTok store for eCommerce brands

If your brand is into eCommerce, you can set up a special catalog and store and showcase your products. This will help you boost your sales right on the platform.

Traffic generation to external websites

As a Business account, you are allowed to add a link to an external website in your bio. Use that opportunity to generate some traffic to your website or a specific marketing campaign.

Scaling efforts with third-party tools integration

This type of account is the only one of the two that allows you to integrate with third-party tools and thus optimize your marketing efforts further.

Our suite enable you to plan, manage, and analyze your TikTok accounts easily. With Brandwatch, you can seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues while working on your next TikTok video. 

You can also access all your users’ comments in one social inbox and easily address them so that no comment goes unread. 

And finally, you can look at your videos’ performance on Brandwatch dashboards and access interesting insights, such as the video sources, which are useful to understand where your video was seen: on the feed, via hashtag search, etc.

If you want to learn more about how Brandwatch can help you, reach out here .

Brandwatch image

Disadvantages of the Business Account

Limited access to the library of sounds.

Businesses face legal limitations regarding the sounds they use in their TikTok videos. Therefore, the Business account owners are restricted from using the entire spectrum of the audio library and have access only to the royalty-free commercial sound clips.

This is the moment to be creative and create your own sounds for your brand videos.

Limited duet and stitching options

Due to the limitations in the usage of sounds, brands with Business accounts are also limited on the duet and stitch capabilities on TikTok. The last ones are available but only in the cases where only music and sounds from TikTok are used directly. Videos with non-commercial audio cannot be stitched or dueted by a brand.

Lack of access to Creator Programs

When you use a Business account, you don't have access to all Creator Programs that give you additional opportunities for monetization like Fund, Creator Next, etc.

Advantages of the Creator Account

Full audio library access.

With the Creator account, you can access all popular songs, sound bytes, and all types of audio clips available on TikTok. This provides unlimited opportunities to empower your videos on the social network.

Stitch and duet opportunities

Unlike the Business account owners, you can stitch or duet with the Creator account with any video.

Access to limited TikTok analytics

As a Creator, you will be able to monitor your account's analytics and thus shape your strategy. The insights you get in the Creator account are more limited than the ones in the Business account, but they can still help you understand your performance and results on TikTok.

Promotion of videos

You can boost your content with the Promote option on TikTok. This feature has more limited capabilities compared to the advertising tools in the Business account, but it can still help you reach a larger audience.

Access to Creator Programs

The Creator account makes you eligible to apply for the TikTok Creator Fund and thus monetize your efforts. It also allows you to join the TikTok Creator Next Program and get monetary tips from your top followers.

Disadvantages of the Creator Account

No website link in the profile.

Unlike the Business account, in the Creator profile, there is no option to add an external link, which is an excellent opportunity to create traffic to your website.

Once you reach 1,000 followers, though, you will be granted this even without a Business account.

No advanced management tools

The Creator accounts can't be integrated with third-party tools, which could help them optimize their social media marketing efforts. Those accounts can use only the native TikTok tools available.

No direct messaging with the broader audience

The Creator accounts can have direct communication only with the people on their friend list, while the Business account owners can reach out to everyone on TikTok. This may limit your communication options to a certain extent.

That's a wrap!

Did you make up your mind on what type of account best suits your brand on TikTok? If you are still in doubt, we recommend sticking to a Business account if you are a business and to the Private one if you are a creator. 

Keep in mind that you can also switch from one type of account to another, but TikTok don't recommend you to do that too often. Better to be consistent.

Learn more about using TikTok to boost your marketing strategy in our guide .

Roza Tsvetkova

Marketing Content Specialist

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