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Writing Jobs: 21 Great Places To Find Work That Pays

Finding a writing job is tough if you don’t know where to look. Discover your best options.

Well, good news. If you want to get paid to write, you have more opportunities than ever. The days of the starving artist are over thanks to:

  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Freelance writing online
  • Self-publishing

Today you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month income from expressing your creative ideas, telling stories and sharing your expertise through the written word.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article: I’ve listed 21 websites, services and platforms that offer writing jobs for all types of writers. Each section includes:

  • An analysis of the website
  • What kinds of jobs they offer

Keep in mind some sites offer other types of writer jobs than what I’ve included in this guide. Rates also vary widely depending on your niche, location and time of year. Writing is a diverse career that offers many different ways to earn money. Let’s get started.

Writers Work contains freelance writing opportunities for writers who want to start their career

Writers Work

Where Can You Find Writing Jobs That Pay?

1. problogger, 3. bloggingpro, 4. iwriter, 5. freelance writing jobs, 6. flexjobs, 7. freelance writers den, 8. freelancer, 9. craigslist, 10. constant content, 11. writers work, 12. writeraccess, 13. scripted, 14. mediabistro, 15. all freelance writing, 16. online writing jobs, 17., 18. american writers and artists, inc. (awai), 19. listverse, 20. medium, 21. linkedin, salaries and rates for writers, how i earn an income from writing, what to do with your writing income, diversify your writing income, how do i turn my writing into a career, what jobs are in creative writing, is writing a good career choice, what jobs can you do as a writer, what writing jobs are in demand, what jobs require a lot of writing, what writing jobs pay the most, what jobs can you get with a phd in creative writing, what are entry-level writing jobs, what 4 jobs in writing did edgar allan poe have, where can i find high-paying content writing clients, how can i get paid for writing with no experience, what type of freelance writing pays the most, is there a high demand for writers, need help getting paid to write.

Praise be for the internet. Now you can write from anywhere and get paid for your hard work. Be it Miami, Seattle or Dublin, online writing jobs that pay well are available without any geographic restrictions. However, smart writers know where to look.

You could write for content mills–a site or service that churns out cheap articles for other websites–but those don’t pay much.

Instead, set up job alerts on popular writing sites (I’ll give you all the details below.) and stay up-to-date on the best writing gigs available.

ProBlogger is one of the best job boards for bloggers. It’s a great place to find copywriting jobs and a fantastic way to recruit freelancers.

The site includes several resources that bloggers can use to improve their blogs and attracts some of the best writers and authors from around the world.

The job boards attract some of the highest paying and some most prestigious writing opportunities and editing jobs. Many top bloggers I know advertise here looking for part-time and full-time writers.

Types of Writing Jobs Offered

  • Blog post and content writers
  • Copywriters
  • Ghostwriters
  • Editors and proofreaders
  • Journalists
  • Researchers
  • Content marketers
  • Social media managers
  • SEO consultants

Similar to Upwork, the rates of ProBlogger jobs are based on the work. Determine your price ahead of time based on average time and effort needed and make that clear to the job advertiser. Note:  This job board will help you find prospects. It’s up to you to make sure they’re the right fit and meet your income requirements.

  • One of the leading marketplaces for blogging jobs over the past 10 years
  • No sign-up process or profile creation needed
  • Job advertisers required to pay at least $70, a fee that weeds out bottom feeders
  • Only five or so leads every day
  • Difficult to earn full-time income right away
  • Site doesn’t screen jobs

Upwork , previously known as oDesk, is a one-stop solution for all kinds of writer jobs.

BloggingPro is a free job site that classifies jobs according to type—freelance, internship, contract, part-time or temporary. Simply browse for work using these categories.

Known for freelance jobs, Upwork makes it easy and cost-effective to find, hire and work with the best professionals around the world.

Whether you are looking for creative writing jobs, greeting card writing gigs or medical writing projects, this is a good platform to start. I’ve used Upwork to source a video editor, podcast editor, designer, bookkeeper and more.

  • Social media marketing
  • Content writing
  • Information security
  • Freelance writing

Pay rates on Upwork vary, as nearly all listings in the job search are freelance. Potential workers define their payment rate (or bid) in their proposals.

Upwork charges a small fee depending on your account type. This starts at 20% for the first $500 billed and drops to 5% for lifetime billing once you exceed $10,000.

Novice freelancers might find it hard to make good money at first because of the complicated bidding system.

You’ll also need to take on some low-paying work at first until you’ve built a reputable Upwork profile.

Fortunately, you can take expert skill tests for freelancers. Once you pass the criteria, you can display it on your profile and show your expertise to clients.

  • Long-term contracts
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Ability to build long-term relationships with clients
  • Return and referral clients
  • Free to join
  • A lot of spam jobs
  • 20% commission for the first $500 billed with a client (higher than other platforms)
  • Low-paying jobs
  • A lot of competition
  • Takes time to build a profile that stands out on Upwork

The BloggingPro job board caters mostly to bloggers. Online freelancers can find the latest jobs offered, like blogging, content writing, creative writing, journalism or working as a content strategist. BloggingPro is a free job site that classifies jobs according to type—freelance, internship, contract, part-time or temporary. Simply browse for work using these categories.

YouTube video

Once you find a job you like, send an application. Most employers require a resume and previous work as a reference.

On that last point, no matter where you look for work as a writer, it’s a good idea to  start your own site  and capture client testimonials.

  • Content strategy

BloggingPro recommends that employers pay a minimum of $15 per hour or 500 words; however, rates on the site vary like on most other writing job boards.

  • BloggingPro job board updated daily
  • Job searching done for you
  • Free for job seekers
  • BloggingPro charges $30 for 30 days to those looking to hire writers.
  • Writer job descriptions do not indicate compensation.

iWriter is an easy-to-use place to find online writing jobs.

To start, sign in and take a short writing test. Once you pass the test, you can pick articles and start writing.

As you receive positive reviews, your writer level increases and makes you more desirable to those hiring.

  • Article rewrites
  • Product descriptions

Writers receive 65% of the price of each article from the general writing queue. The actual dollar amounts vary based on your writer “level,” i.e., standard, premium, elite or elite plus) and the length of the article.

For example, an experienced writer can earn $80 for a 500-word article.

Writers get paid via PayPal and must have a valid PayPal account. Unfortunately, that means some additional fees and a lousy exchange rate.

Building trust by consistently delivering high-quality work will result in the highest pay on iWriter.

Job advertisers can send you special requests once you have established yourself. Moreover, writers receive 70% of the article cost for these special requests.

  • Large variety of writing niches
  • Freedom to choose how much you want to write each day
  • Ability to earn up to $80 per 500 words once established
  • Opportunity to build a client base and receive special requests
  • Can write only basic articles when starting on iWriter
  • Pay discussed above requires elite writer status on iWriter

Freelance Writing Jobs , also known as Freelance Writing Gigs, helps writers and authors find jobs that pay well.

The site hand-picks work from job sites, classified ads and company websites i.e. more than just   remote writing jobs . They include positions that might not directly involve writing but are still writer- and editor- related.

  • Remote writing
  • Short story writing
  • Freelance copywriting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Paid internships

The job ads on this site don’t include compensation rates. You negotiate compensation with the person/company that hires you or you learn the payment rate after they hire you.

  • Jobs updated Monday through Friday
  • Multiple posts about job sightings and helpful freelance writing articles
  • Site doesn’t accept low-paying jobs
  • Doesn’t include rates in job postings
  • Job seekers limited to the jobs the blog chooses to feature

FlexJobs is a career site geared toward people looking for flexibility in a job. They focus on work-at-home, part-time and freelance jobs. FlexJobs promises that each job they list is flexible and scam-free.

  • Content manager
  • Managing editor
  • News writer
  • Technical writer

Wages vary based on word counts, kind of work, level of expertise and the advertiser. Anyone who wants a job with some flexibility such as telecommuting, freelance or flexitime jobs should use FlexJobs. If you are searching specifically for telecommuting jobs, check out Virtual Vocations .

  • One of the most accredited resources for job seekers
  • Scam screening
  • No advertisements
  • More than 50 categories and subcategories
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • A 10-year track record of providing freelance jobs
  • Membership costs $14.95 per month (There are also options for yearly or 3-month memberships and coupon codes are regularly available.)
  • Some writing jobs not exclusive to FlexJobs.

The Freelance Writers Den is a well-known community for part-time and full-time freelance writers. It claims more than 1,400 members and is run by well-known blogger Carol Tice, for whom I’ve written guest blog posts .

This membership-based website and community is dedicated to helping good writers make more money. You can get help from other motivated freelance writers from around the world on the Den’s 24/7 forums, saving you time and helping you achieve your  writing goals .

  • Health writing
  • Technical writing
  • Creative writing

This website doesn’t indicate publicly the average pay you can earn. You can get paid per hour, per month or per project.

I found one listing that offered $40 per hour and another that offered up to $1,000 per month. The Den job board is known as the “junk-free job board,” in that it doesn’t accept any jobs below $50 per blog post or $100 per article.

  • Provides more than 300 hours of mini-courses on different aspects of freelance writing
  • Offers access to an informative forum where members can discuss boot camp material and ask for advice about freelance writing
  • Includes collection of useful resources
  • Features only jobs paying decent rates
  • Posts one live event and one prerecorded podcast monthly that features experts discussing topics related to freelance writing
  • Contains a collection of all of the Freelance Writers Den’s podcasts and webinars
  • Most job ads cater to U.S. writers and authors.
  • Membership in Freelance Writers Den costs $25/month.
  • Membership opens twice per year rather than whenever you want. (Get on the waiting list to be notified if a seat opens up sooner.)

Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, determined by the total number of jobs and users.

Freelancer is a job board that offers different types of job listings and work opportunities. If you’re a copywriter, editor, grant writer, content strategist or creative writer, you’re sure to find a suitable writing job. You can get work in three easy steps:

  • Browse jobs matching your niche and skills
  • Apply for the job
  • Newsletters
  • Grant writing
  • Resume writing

You’ll define your payment rate (which is your bid) in your proposal.

  • Flexible hours
  • Lots of writing job offers
  • Organized tech support
  • Regularly refreshed writing opportunities available
  • Free sign-up
  • Withdrawing money takes a while (14 days to receive your payment after the withdrawal request).
  • Offers are not sorted according to the area of expertise, though there is a keyword search.

There’s more to Craigslist than buying and selling. It’s also a popular place for people to find job openings at businesses in their area. It’s a good source of freelance writing and editing jobs.

If you’re searching for a more permanent writing opportunity or even a part-time job, Craigslist offers a variety of permanent positions, including staff writer, content lead and SEO specialist.

Search for writing jobs under the “Writing/Editing” category of the job listings. Unfortunately, you’ll have to browse through each city’s listings first.

  • Column writing
  • Magazine work
  • Guest post writing

Rates vary based on jobs and employers

  • Established classified ads site
  • Good source of freelance jobs
  • Classifieds for specific cities and metro areas
  • Variety of jobs in many niches
  • Employers can post jobs anonymously, so you don’t know who is hiring.
  • Writing jobs are not verified.
  • You need to browse each city first to look for a specific job.
  • Listings are very general, meaning it takes time to find a good part time job .

Constant Content is one of the largest and most established marketplaces for ready-made content.

Essentially, this content marketing service connects top writers with large companies like Uber, Walgreens and eBay.

Constant Content helps writers and authors feature and sell their work, while editors and proofreaders on the site give detailed feedback and support to writers.

However, like many premium writing jobs sites, acceptance criteria is stringent.

  • Freelance writing  
  • Custom content writing service
  • Press releases

Set your price. Their top writers earn thousands of dollars per year.

  • Established platform
  • Flexible schedule and workload
  • Can build long-term relationships with clients
  • Ability to work alone, on a team or in an expert group
  • Every content writer must pass a quiz and provide a  writing sample.
  • Only a fraction of applicants is accepted.
  • Constant Content takes a commission from your client free.

Writers Work connects writers with companies that need an expert in the written word. It’s an all-in-one platform for landing paid writing gigs. They’ll offer career training, writing tools, an online portfolio, portfolio assessment, and more.

Writers Work positions include part-time, full-time, and contract positions that are   remote gigs or freelance projects. The site provides training through videos, courses, and live support.

Writers Work minimizes time spent searching for jobs by curating writing job listings from many sources. If you want to learn more about using this service to finding writing jobs, read our Writers Work review.

  • General content
  • Social media posts

Freelance writers can earn from $20-$65/hour. Payment varies depending on skill level and average time spent on each job. 

  • Distraction-free text editor with readability functions
  • A variety of places to pitch writing work
  • Effective training videos
  • Easy to navigate
  • Membership requires one-time fee of $47.
  • You can’t filter older opportunities.
  • The goals feature needs far more options.

WriterAccess is an award-winning online marketplace connecting thousands of customers, writers, copy editors, proofreaders, and translators.

Their platform makes it easy for companies and agencies to find good writers and translators in any industry.

I often use Writer’s Access to hire other people who have a skillset like copywriting or understand a particular niche.

A platform like Writers Access is good if you have expert knowledge in specific areas like healthcare, the law, security, and so on.

To stand out on Writers Access, it’s a good idea to upload a writing sample for your profile. You may also want to identify your niche (e.g. healthcare, personal finance, etc.) and specialisms (e.g. copywriting).

Many editors and owners of popular B2B websites and blogs use Writers Access to hire writers for short-term gigs e.g. Write 1,000 words about the latest healthcare trends in XX.

If you want to stand out from the pool of writers on Writer Access, I’d recommend honing your SEO skills. The job listings are varied and even include poetry submissions.

Services include everything from public relations tasks to editing jobs.

  • Whitepapers
  • Translating
  • Website copy

You are paid based on your rankings and ratings.

Ratings are determined by the number of stars your   writing skills earn, proficiency, and years of experience. Your star rating sets the per-word payment you’ll receive. Writers get 70% of the order price.

Ranking System

The ranking or rating system pays in accordance with ability. Currently, the levels and their minimum per word pay is as follows:

  • The most basic payment level offers 2.8 cents per word.
  • The most advanced payment level offers $1.40 per word or $105 per hour.

The higher your star level, the more you’re paid for writing projects, ranging from 1.4 cents to more than 7 cents per word.

However, if you are an elite writer who is part of the Pro Marketplace tier, you negotiate a price leveraging your certifications, awards, and verified pay rates.

  • Can match your writing skills and interests with brands and agencies
  • A higher star rating yields a higher expected rate per word
  • Most communication occurs between client and writer.
  • In many cases, writers compete for articles.
  • Entry-level writers rarely get to choose which articles to write.
  • New writers may find the payment system complex.

Scripted is an online marketplace that connects companies with freelance writers who can fulfill different writing gigs like blogs, articles, and even bulk social media posts.

On Scripted, you write as a ghostwriter for clients who need fresh content. Your name will not be published on what you create, and all rights to the content belong to the client when they accept the article.

Scripted considers writers in the U.S. and other countries, including Canada, Australia and in Europe.

  • Digital marketing
  • Consumer reports

How much you earn varies according to the type of content, article length, and topic. You can set your own prices. Some assignments pay about $20 apiece, while other writers claim they’ve earned four figures a month.

Writers are automatically paid five days after their work is accepted. They can also qualify for partial payment on any rejected assignment.

  • Opportunity for clients to “favorite” your writing, which gives you first dibs on assignments from those clients
  • More than 158 writing niches to choose from
  • Quick payments
  • Work isn’t often available.
  • Writers must pass tests to gain acceptance on the site.
  • Reviews are mixed

Mediabistro is a well-known freelance writing job board and career destination for savvy media professionals.

This site will be of help if you’re searching for new online writing opportunities or want to improve your skills. The job search board is primarily for finding work in media in the U.S. They also offer freelance work and remote jobs from time to time.

Mediabistro serves as a network to connect you with other media professionals.

  • Graphic design
  • Digital production

Rates vary, however, these are a few of their recent writer job descriptions:

  • Freelance research analyst – remote – $15–18 per hour
  • Copywriters/Researchers for magazine database – $100+ per post
  • Freelance Fiction Writer – $50 per 1,500 words

Note:   Premium members gain access to full-length articles that provide advice for newbie freelance writers. You’ll also learn how to make a compelling pitch and format content properly.

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Free basic offering
  • Lots of opportunities to sort through. You’ll need a good idea of what you want.

All Freelance Writing has helped freelance writers build their writing careers since 2006.

It’s a job board for   novice writers  who are looking for new writing gigs.

The site displays pay rates upfront, so you know what to expect before even deciding to write a cover letter. All Freelance Writing includes a writer’s market or jobs board for print jobs and writing opportunities.

It also offers a collection of resources and tips for advancing your professional writing career. All Freelance Writing is an excellent site for mastering the business side of freelancing.

The job listings are varied and even include poetry submissions.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Guest posts
  • Blog writing
  • Web content
  • Prose/Poetry
  • Business writing
  • Healthcare or medical writing
  • Magazine writing

Rates vary. The site categorizes between low pay and pro-rate. Some of the advertised writing jobs go up to $500 or more. Here is how jobs are categorized:

  • Very low: $1–35 e.g. for a 400-word blog post
  • Low: $25–$50
  • Semi-pro: $50–$100
  • Pro: $250–$500+
  • Free service for job seekers
  • Includes only freelance writing jobs and rate information
  • Limited number of writing jobs
  • Smaller jobs board than other sites in this guide

Online Writing Jobs , previously known as, is a free website for U.S. freelance writers. It offers writing opportunities for those at any skill level, including entry-level writers.

You will need to know SEO (search engine optimization) to work on this site, as the clients usually want to increase website visits.

  • SEO content writers

Pay for most articles ranges between $10 and $50. Several factors can influence your remuneration, including your authority within given writing niches.

  • Writers paid weekly
  • Helpful resources available to writers
  • Available to U.S. freelance writers only is a supplier of freelance writing jobs. They’re looking for writers who are proficient in their respective fields and who can deliver high-quality articles or papers on time.

There are 4 simple steps to join:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Pass a test that will assess your grammar and formatting skills.
  • Write from a brief prompt and upload a sample essay.
  • Find and scan your higher education certificate for uploading to their site.

Other than writing skills and a strong desire to make money, all you need to begin working with them is an internet connection..

  • Freelance writing jobs, both academic and nonacademic

Though the site does not indicate specific rates, lists the top ten writers’ profit for the past 30 days. At the time of this writing, the highest listing was $6,563.

  • No registration fees and free lifetime membership
  • Competitive rates
  • Wide variety of exciting projects and assignments
  • Room for personal growth
  • 24/7 writer support team
  • Freelance work can be demanding and often lacks a reasonable time frame.
  • seems to prefer writers who are always online on their system.
  • Your level of education should be a bachelor’s degree or above.

American Writers and Artists, Inc. , teaches nonfiction writers how to earn thousands of dollars through copywriting (writing words that sell products or services).

This type of writing gig is quite profitable. For example, a B2B company may hire a copywriter to produce copy for a series of landing pages . Instead of getting paid per word, the copywriter may receive a commission based on the number of conversions that the landing page generates.

They’re one of the more established providers of writing training in the industry today. They also teach content marketing and direct response. One of their courses even specializes in teaching writers how to work at home and earn a living.

AWAI offers a “ten thousand” challenge that allows you to build your portfolio (and earn some decent cash) before you finish the program. I’ve taken some AWAI copywriting courses, and their materials are first-rate.

  • Direct response writing
  • Banner ads and text ads

Rates vary, however, AWAI provides a  free pricing guide  to the work their website offers. Here are some of the examples from the guide:

  • Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting: $1,500–$3,000
  • Product Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copy: $50–$100 per page
  • Article of 1,200–2,000 words with SEO: $250–$500
  • E-book: $2,000–$7,000
  • E-newsletter/E-zine: $800 – $1,500
  • Lots of online writing opportunities for freelance work
  • Translates to other types of writing, e.g., blogging
  • AWAI requires a joining fee. Their basic copywriting programme costs $497.
  • Copywriting and direct response writing require specific skills and training.
  • Building a name for yourself and acquiring high-profile clients takes time.

Listverse is a popular site featuring list articles. It will pay you $100 for writing a 10-item “listicle.” Typically, you’ll need excellent English, knowledge of pop-culture, and a sense of humor.

  • Writing list posts or listicles

$100 per approved listicle

  • Listicles are fast to write
  • Relatively modest pay
  • Supports only Paypal, so you’ll face fees
  • They might reject your listicle

Medium places much of its content behind a paywall for premium readers. They allocate some of this fee toward paying writers who are part of the partner program based on the post’s member rating.

The Medium partner program enables any member of Medium to get paid for writing stories for members each month. I’m a member and receive more or less than one hundred dollars each month depending on what I wrote.

That doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t focus too much on this platform.

I’m also in a Medium group and members in that group receive five figures a month from writing on Medium. They usually cover topics like entrepreneurship or personal development and work from home.

You can write about whatever you like in Medium. The trick is finding an audience who will read it!

You don’t need to worry too much writing long-winded writing to get paid by Medium. The platform is less about landing a writing gig and more about attracting traffic and readers to your published articles. Because anyone can press publish.

That said, top Medium writers publish on publications. If you want to write for those, build a relationship with the editor on Medium, or look for submission guidelines.

Medium copy editors and proofreaders will work with top writers on their stories and even promote them.

  • Self-help advice
  • Entrepreneurship advice

Here’s an update from the Medium partner program team for June 2019:

  • 55% of writers who wrote at least one story earned something.
  • 7.8% of active writers made more than $100 in a month.
  • $13,577.33 was the most collected by a writer for June, and $3,913.74 was the most received for a single story at time of writing.
  • Great for building a name for yourself
  • Easy to use
  • Contains a built-in readership
  • Relatively easy to earn a modest amount each month (approximately one hundred dollars)
  • Only top Medium writers earn four- or five-figures a month.
  • You might not get any feedback on your work if people don’t read it.
  • Medium, like any social media network, takes a few months to master.

LinkedIn is a relatively useful social media network for writers and editors looking for work.

Firstly, if you’re a freelance writer, you can reach out to your connections and pitch them relevant ideas. You’ll need a LinkedIn premium membership to get the most out of this InMail service.

Secondly, many LinkedIn users share updates when their company has a vacancy. So it’s worth checking your feeds for updates once or twice a week if you’re looking for part-time or full-time work.

Finally, reputable companies all have dedicated pages on LinkedIn. These pages feature high-quality vacancies and will appear in your feed provided you’ve set your interests accordingly. These vacancies cover a range of disciplines from copywriting to content marketing.

  • High-quality writing jobs and vacancies from reputable companies.
  • Competition is high.
  • You will probably have to go through a standard recruitment process with an HR team or interviewer.
  • Not specific to just writing

How Much Can Writers Get Paid?

Table of freelance writing services

Rates for writers vary depending on what you write and where you sell your work. According to the  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics   (BLS), writers and editors in America earn up to $98,840 per year.

I asked my editor about this salary and she said it sounded too high. Salary reports for writers vary a lot. Therefore, here are five more sources that provide detailed data regarding how much writers are paid for their work.

Like most online jobs , these rates and salaries vary by time of year, location, and industry.

I’ve captured the rates at the time of writing this article (August 2019). If you’d like me to update a figure, leave a comment below.

1. Glassdoor

According to Glassdoor, freelance writers earn an average of €48,252 per year in the United States. You can earn more if you specialize in an area like copywriting or content writing. Source

2. PayScale

A freelance writer can expect to earn $21.59 per hour, excluding commissions and bonus sharing. They can also expect an average salary of $40,148 depending on their industry and experience.

My takeaway?

This industry rate is on the low-side and covers too many specialisms.

Freelance copywriters, for example, regularly earn over six figures.

(Just take any of the AWAI courses !)

You can also earn a lot more by providing additional services like SEO, consulting, or even coaching.

Alternatively, consider turning your work into a book or course that you sell for a higher price-point. Source

3. Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Similar to PayScale, the EFA provides salary data for subcategories of writing.

Here is the data from their 2019 report: Source

  • $40–50/hour; 20–25 cents/word
  • $50–60/hour; 26–50cents/word
  • $50–60/hour; 30–95cents/word
  • $40–50/hour; 26–50cents/word
  • $60–70/hour; 80–95cents/word
  • $40–100/hour; 20cents–$2/word
  • $50–60/hour; 45–55cents/word

4. The Irish Times

Much of the data provided above concerns, American writers and authors.

However, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco aren’t the only hubs for earning money as a writer. Just ask me. I’m an Irish writer!

The Irish Times  says many new authors struggle to sell more than 100 copies of their book in a single year and   earn less than $500 .

However, writers can earn more money by investing in a good book  and advertising their books. Amazon pays writers as follows:

  • Books sold for $2.98 or under: 35% of the price
  • Books sold for $2.99 to $9.99: up to 70% of the price

If a writer sells a thousand copies of a book for $9.99 in year one, they can earn up to $7,000 for one book. If a writer self-publishes multiple versions of their book (Kindle, print, large print, audio, etc.), this is achievable.

5.   The Society of Authors

In a 2015 survey of 317 writers, the Society of Authors found average earnings for British authors are £12,500, or $15,000, per year.

The report states, “This figure is just 55% of average earnings in the U.K., coming in below the minimum wage for a full-time job at £18,000 and well below the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s minimum income standard of £17,100.”

That’s a social policy research and development charity in the U.K. Source

I’ve always loved to write, so after graduation from secondary or high school, I trained as a journalist between 2000 and 2004.

I worked as a print, news, and technology journalist for Irish newspapers and radio stations. I earned an income from writing in the traditional sense—getting paid by an employer for my work.

During the recession in 2008, many freelance journalists were let go, and some prominent Irish media publications went out of business, including a few I worked for.

I worked in social care (or in a residential care facility) for a few years, and I wrote mostly fiction as a hobby. I entered my stories into writing competitions that paid winners a small amount, but I didn’t have much luck.

So while out of work, I decided to start a blog about technology, thinking I could start the Irish version of popular US technology and productivity blog Lifehacker. 

I called it WorkReadPlay, which was a terrible name for a site.

Eventually, I realized I’m more interested in topics like creativity, writing, and productivity. So in 2014, I relaunched my site as Become a Writer Today .

After I relaunched my site, I wrote articles that no one read. Wondering how I could find readers, I started reading articles and then taking courses in blogging.

I also worked with the owner of a successful site who later became a mentor, Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger. His articles and courses laid out the path to earning a living from writing online.

After I’d found some readers, I faced extra costs like website hosting and my email service provider.

Next, I wondered how I could pay for these. So I studied how other online writers earn an income from their work on my own time.

Today, I earn money from writing through self-publishing books, freelance writing and creating courses.

I also earn money as a copywriter and content marketer in the B2B industry. I spend about 10-15 hours a week on freelance writing activities.

I earn money from recommending courses, software, and services that writers on my email list find beneficial. I

In some cases, I review these services for writers, and in other cases, I simply explain how I use them in my business via a video, email, or article.

I’ve taken dozens of courses in online business, entrepreneurship, and self-publishing.

They all recommend variations of the same business model: Figure out your ideal audience, create content that helps your audience then create or recommend relevant products, services or even books.

Invest in your education as a writer.

When you start earning an income from writing, my best tip is to set aside a small amount for learning each month.

At first, that might simply be a budget for buying business books. As your income grows, set aside a larger budget for taking online writing classes or   MasterClasses online classes  that help improve your craft.

The first time I spent a thousand plus dollars on an online course, I worried that I was being scammed and giving my money to a random person on the internet.

That person later became my mentor and taught me a lot about online business, over the course of five years.

Almost every course I have taken paid dividends directly in revenue or indirectly in soft skills.

I also recommend gaining expertise in areas like content marketing and diversifying your writing skillset.

Your path to getting paid to write might look different than mine, but most successful online writers earn more by diversifying their income streams.

Most successful nonfiction authors, for example, earn more money by offering additional services like courses or consulting.

Getting paid to write is easier than ever once you figure out your niche and who your ideal reader is. Lots of new jobs come online every day for writers. The question is do you have the right skill set?

Your niche could be creative writing jobs, greeting card writing, writing jobs for beginners, targeted ads, technical writing, content marketing, or academic writing. More writing jobs are online now than ever. You just have to know where to look.

Writing Jobs FAQ

Combine your ability to write about a particular topic with a secondary skill set. For example, learning the basics of SEO means you can write articles that rank in search on Google. Companies will hire your for this combination of unique skills.

Consider studying content marketing. This type of work combines creative thinking and ideas with traditional writing and marketing. Content marketers are also in high-demand as the internet thrives on content.

Writing is a fantastic career choice. Thanks to the internet, writers have more opportunities than ever today. Even if you don’t earn a full-time living from writing, the ability to think clearly by writing is a secondary skillset useful for most professions.

Traditional writing jobs include working as a journalist, magazine writer or editor. Some better options today include freelance writing, working as a digital copywriter or in content marketing. Employers are looking for writers with skillsets in all of these areas as the internet thrives in content. You could also write and self-publish a book or start a blog.

Writing is a universal skill that can be useful in almost all careers. However, if you are looking for a job where writing is a central element of your daily tasks, then there are many jobs out there for you right now. They include the likes of online content, as well as technical writing jobs, not forgetting all the work currently available within both the marketing and communications industries.

If you love writing, then you should know that these are just some of the jobs that require a lot of writing: communications executive, marketing executive, technical writer, PR executive, copywriter, and researcher. 

You can make excellent money working as a content marketing manager, with the average salary of this role about $70k per year. However, if you want to become a millionaire, you may need to succeed in your creative writing pursuits and have a lot of luck too!

Your PhD in Creative Writing could help you get a job as a reporter, copywriter, editor or within marketing. In fact, your PhD could help you in any job hunting scenario, as it proves that you have an ability to work independently and creatively and shows you are a hard worker. 

Entry-level writing jobs include junior copywriter, junior reporter, proofreader, and content executive. That is not an exhaustive list. New writing jobs emerge as the tools and platforms for writers evolve. For example, the title of e-commerce copywriter didn’t exist in the early 2000s.

Edgar Allan Poe was a short-story writer, a poet, a critic, and an editor. He was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts and died on October 7, 1849. Poe is famous for his macabre storytelling.  

To find high-paying content writing clients, consider utilizing freelance marketplaces (Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr), job boards, and cold pitching to businesses in your niche. Networking at industry events and leveraging referrals from satisfied clients can also help you connect with high-paying clients. Additionally, use social media platforms to showcase your writing skills and attract potential clients.

To get paid for writing with no experience, consider writing for content mills, guest blogging for established blogs, pitching articles to websites and magazines, offering your services to local businesses and non-profits, and starting your own blog. These opportunities can help you gain experience, build a portfolio, and eventually attract paid writing gigs.

The type of freelance writing that pays the most varies depending on several factors, such as the writer’s experience, expertise, and the demand for their services. Some of the highest-paying freelance writing jobs include: 1. Copywriting for businesses 2. Technical writing for software, engineering, or medical industries 3. Grant writing for non-profit organizations 4. Ghostwriting for books, speeches, and articles 5. Content creation for high-traffic websites or blogs 6. Scriptwriting for television shows or movies.

Yes, there is a high demand for writers in various industries and sectors. With the rise of digital content, businesses and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of quality written communication to engage their audiences, drive traffic to their websites, and promote their products or services. Here are a few reasons why there is a high demand for writers: Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Digital Media and Publishing E-commerce and Product Descriptions Copywriting and Advertising Technical Writing Freelance Opportunities

Do you want an intensive course in non-fiction writing for fun or profit, plus the help you need to succeed as a blogger, freelance writer or non-fiction author? The Savvy Non-Fiction Writers Club will help you get paid to write fast. It’s the only resource you need if you want to become more prolific, earn more money or make an impact .

Where to find easy part-time jobs

The best side hustle ideas for creatives

Top freelance job ideas

Writers Work review

Best freelance writing websites

paper writing jobs

Bryan Collins is the owner of Become a Writer Today. He's an author from Ireland who helps writers build authority and earn a living from their creative work. He's also a former Forbes columnist and his work has appeared in publications like Lifehacker and Fast Company.

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Essay writing jobs: Become a writer with EssayHub

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Advantages of partnering with EssayHub

Join the EssayHub crew and dive straight into a world without the hassle of sifting through countless platforms, hoping to find the right fit. With us, you handpick orders tailored to your expertise and timetable. Plus, no need to risk resources on a personal website.

Our platform is buzzing with students searching for the "get paid to write my essay " solution. So, why search elsewhere when you can optimize your time, boost your income, and craft essays precisely here? Welcome to the smart writer's haven.

Swift payment withdrawals

Expand your professional circle, boost your expertise, earn online by crafting essays, set your own rhythm, craft genuine content from your chosen spot, find out if you are the perfect fit.

Here are the four essential criteria we prioritize, determining if you're the perfect match to collaborate with our dynamic team.

English proficiency required

For the optimal results everyone expects, an essay writer must master all integral elements of the English language.

Recognized educational credentials

We require our essay writers to hold at least a BBA in their specialization. More credentials mean more writing opportunities.

Prompt response essential

For our online writing jobs, timely communication with customers is essential. Promptly address their questions to ensure a positive experience and uphold our service standards.

Experience matters here

For our online essay writing jobs, we recommend candidates with 2-3 years of educational writing experience. This ensures high-quality work with minimal revisions needed.

Our freelance writers saying a word!

Explore EssayHub more deeply by reading reviews of our freelance writing services and understanding why our platform stands out.

freelance writer

Fill out the form and provide your email if you wish to become a writer for EssayHub

Earn by writing papers for others.

In today's competitive landscape, we recognize an increasing number of talented individuals attaining higher academic credentials, potentially making them suitable candidates for our essay writing jobs. However, increasing numbers don't always translate to a consistent rise in quality. As we prioritize excellence, we urge all applicants to diligently follow our assessment process, which evaluates not only writing acumen but also efficiency. Those who navigate this process effectively will swiftly transition into our team and start their journey to get a writer career, earning remuneration for crafting papers for our esteemed clients.

Begin your journey with us by submitting a well-organized professional resume that underscores your educational qualifications. To strengthen your application, provide a concise rationale explaining why you're the right fit for our platform. Should your profile resonate with our requirements, we'll reach out to discuss the subsequent phases of our comprehensive assessment. Please note a segment of this evaluation gauges psychological well-being, given the significance of mental health in ensuring consistent quality.

Ready to become a writer with us? Proceed with the form provided below.

Embrace this golden opportunity to merge passion with profession. Don't merely write, but flourish in a role where your expertise is valued and rewarded.

Experiencing freelance writing at EssayHub: What's it like?

Dipping your toes into the world of freelance writing jobs can feel a bit overwhelming, right? Trust us, you're not alone in feeling that the industry sometimes doesn't give writers the love (or the paycheck) they truly deserve.

Here at EssayHub, we're all about empowering our freelance writers. You get to decide on your prices and choose your projects. Plus, we make sure your hard work gets rewarded properly, and, between you and me, we tend to pay a bit more generously than many other spots out there.

Why not start that dream with us?

We like to think of ourselves as a cozy little bridge connecting talented writers like you with students who need a hand. Our platform? Super user-friendly. And because we know the freelance life can have its ups and downs, we've got a dedicated manager on standby, ready to help you make the most out of every gig.

Steps to start freelance writing

Venturing into the world of freelance writing jobs can be both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. Here's your roadmap to becoming a writer with us:

Step 1: Fill out our detailed application form. The verification process is streamlined, ensuring we collaborate with genuine talents.

Step 2: Your diploma isn't just a piece of paper. It's a testament to your dedication and hard work. Please upload it, letting us acknowledge your educational prowess.

Step 3: Demonstrate your expertise and previous successes. Send us your top-notch writing samples along with your CV. This step is crucial in proving you're a seasoned professional, ready for diverse online essay writing jobs.

Step 4: Every stellar writer has been through it - the test assignment. Embrace the challenge, showcasing your unique voice and impeccable skills.

Step 5: Last but not least, set up your payment account. With everything in place, you're ready to earn for your exceptional writing.

Become a Writer & Get Essay Writing Jobs by Teaming Up with Edu Board!

Online writing jobs from edu board ensure:, get your high-paying writing job at edu board in 5 basic steps, frequently asked questions.

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paper writing jobs

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Did you know that

of our writers are loyal and do not look for other sources of income

A number of writers at is growing since 2008

paper writing jobs

Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online

Online writing jobs are opportunities enabling you to realize your knowledge and creativity maximally while working as you want. Our service offers such conditions that both beginners and experts may find suitable. We are always open to new views and ready to start our collaboration with skilled freelance writers. Yes, freelance academic writers wanted! Prowriterstime has good conditions and offers for you.

Get Academic Writing Jobs With Us 24/7

Just imagine – you can work from anywhere and when you want. You need only keep in mind and adhere to our flexible collaboration standards and strict requirements for writing. But, there is nothing complicated about that, especially for the professional academic writer or editor.

This collaboration can open enormous opportunities for extending and gaining new writing experience. Online writing jobs with our service are flexible, convenient, and sometimes even challenging. But, you are not afraid of that, aren’t you? You may be probably a writer who likes good opportunities and challenges and ready to get good earnings for that.

Why Better to Choose Prowriterstime Service for Collaboration

Prowriterstime is a place where management does its best for ensuring the best working conditions and opportunities for writers:

  • Diverse academic writing jobs where nearly any writer may find something suitable.
  • The vast experience of providing writing and editing services – good standards to follow.
  • Great flexibility for organizing your time and workloads.
  • Rewarding academic writing job.
  • New freelance writer vacancies opened nearly all the time.
  • A permanently updated list of tasks where you can make something interesting and suitable for you.

Here is a place for professional academic writers or editors. If you are one of such kind, submit your application. We are looking forward to communicating with you about this more closely.

What Academic Writers Can Get with Prowriterstime

Any freelance writer vacancy opens not only good opportunities for professional growth but also ensures great flexibility of working conditions. You may easily enjoy the comfort of your home and raise good money at the same time. You may forget about working under pressure permanently as for all office jobs. Release yourself from a dress code, burdensome corporate rules, and choose flexible and convenient freelance writing jobs online.

How to Become a Freelance Academic Writer?

Getting online academic writing jobs is more than easy. Here is how the procedure of selection and the experience of the first collaboration may look like you:

  • Apply for the existing job opening.
  • Wait a little bit while our HR reaches you if your profile matches directly the description of the freelance writer profile we are looking for at the moment. Don’t become upset if we have not reached you nearly instantly. Your information is saved.
  • After our HR has contacted you, you get interview questions and tests to identify the suitability of your skills and experience to the existing job opening.
  • We hope that everything will go well, and we will be glad to add you to our database of writers and editors. After that, the entire list of all writing tasks will be available to you. So, you may easily pick something that suits you well and start your productive work with us. Our policies and guidelines are always available. So, you will have documents to rely on.
  • Pick any project you find interesting and start writing it instantly. We appreciate very much prompt performance before a deadline. If you find the customer’s requirements unclear, you may discuss such with him/her easily.
  • After the ready paper has been completed, you need only upload it and increase the balance of your earnings. We wish you to have plenty of such earnings.

Get good money, enhance your writing skills, and expand your experience with us easily! Good freelance academic writers wanted!

FAQ about Our Academic Writing Jobs

  • How to choose the best freelance academic writing jobs online? You should carefully review the job opening, policies a certain freelance writing service has. Review what types of writing tasks they deal with most and whether such may be suitable exactly for you. Prowriterstime ensures the diversity of writing tasks for completion. So, each writer may find something suitable for him/her according to one’s specialization.
  • What are the requirements for joining your company? You need to be a professional writer. This means you need to have a degree in the respective field of your specialization, possess successful writing experience, and the same good skills. We will check that during the initial stages of negotiations and ask you to complete a couple of tests. We hope to see you among our professionals.
  • What standards should freelance writers follow? All of them have to be familiar with the main formatting styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.). Apart from this, our professionals should have good analytical skills to expend each task they get properly. They need to generate good ideas for future content and organize it well. Strong writing skills are also essential for collaboration with us. You need to create easy-to-read and meaningful content. Of course, applying all those skills could be hardly possible without proper time-management skills. If you have all these skills, be confident about applying.
  • What about the schedule for online academic writing jobs? You arrange such on your own. You take as many tasks as you can to fulfil in time. You will see each deadline before which you should provide the ready paper. Observing deadlines is compulsory while collaborating with us.
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  • Should I pay any registration fee? There is no need to pay anything to start working with us. We will pay you for your dedicated work according to the Terms of Service we have. If you are ready for the dedicated work and the respective payment, we are waiting for your application.

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Z News Service

Z News Service

The 5 Best Paper Writing Services for College Students in 2023

Posted: November 7, 2023 | Last updated: November 7, 2023

In the throes of college education, students frequently confront the formidable challenge of producing papers that showcase depth, insight, and scholarly research. The relentless tick of the clock towards looming deadlines compounds the anxiety, often resulting in a maelstrom of stress and work overload. For many, the hurdle isn't just about crafting a coherent piece but also imbuing it with a quality that reflects academic rigor and intellectual honesty.

It is within this context that paper writing services have risen as an essential ally for students. A reputable service offers more than just a written document; it is an avenue for learning and refining one's writing aptitude. Through custom written papers tailored to specific academic requirements, these services provide a dual benefit: they not only help students navigate through the immediate academic pressures but also equip them with insights into structuring and formulating ideas effectively.

This article aims to dissect the offerings of the top 5 paper writing services of 2023, examining each through the lens of quality, reliability, features, and pricing. The goal is straightforward: to assist students in making an educated decision that aligns with their academic pursuits and ethical boundaries, ensuring they select the service that best caters to their individual needs.

Reviews of Top 5 Paper Writing Services

  • Background and Overview: 99Papers is known for its wide-ranging services catering to college students. It has built a reputation over the years for its personalized approach to academic writing.
  • Quality : The platform is recognized for its rigorous writer selection process, ensuring that each writer is well-qualified in their respective fields. It also offers quality guarantees, including revisions and, in some cases, refunds.
  • Reliability: Reviews often highlight 99Papers' ability to consistently meet deadlines, with a customer service team that is prompt in addressing any issues or special requests from clients.
  • Key Features : The service covers a variety of disciplines and offers a broad spectrum of assignments, from essays to dissertations. Extras like editing, proofreading, and plagiarism checks are also available.
  • Pricing : Prices are competitive, with various discounts and promotional offers, especially for repeat customers or bulk orders. Pricing structures for common paper types are transparently presented on their website.

1. EssayBox

  • Background and Overview : EssayBox positions itself as an affordable and speedy option for students, specializing in a quick turnaround for urgent academic writing tasks.
  • Quality: While EssayBox offers a large pool of writers, there are mixed reviews regarding quality consistency. They provide limited quality assurances compared to some of their competitors.
  • Reliability : Their strong suit is meeting tight deadlines, which makes them a go-to for students under time constraints.
  • Key Features: They have a wide range of disciplines and assignment types they cater to. However, some additional services may come at an extra cost.
  • Pricing : They promote affordability with their pricing, and often run promotions and discounts, which can be particularly beneficial for students on a tight budget.

2. BookwormLab

  • Background and Overview: BookwormLab has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on humanities and social sciences, attracting students who require more specialized assistance in these areas.
  • Quality : Quality is one of their hallmarks, with a focus on delivering well-researched and thoughtfully written papers. They provide a selection of writers that have expertise in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Reliability : They have a track record of reliability, though their specialized nature means they might be less suited to handle extremely tight deadlines compared to broader services.
  • Key Features : Apart from standard writing services, they also provide assistance with more complex assignments that require in-depth analysis and extensive research.
  • Pricing : Their pricing reflects the specialized service they offer, tending towards the higher end. They do offer various pricing plans and occasional discounts.

3. EssayFactory

  • Background and Overview : Based in the UK, EssayFactory serves an international clientele with a promise of ENL (English Native Language) writers and custom writing services.
  • Quality : They tout a premium service with writers who are purportedly certified and highly experienced, backed by quality guarantees.
  • Reliability : Their reliability is well-regarded, with positive feedback about their adherence to deadlines and effective communication channels for customer support.
  • Key Features : They offer comprehensive writing services, including proofreading, editing, and plagiarism checking, with a focus on high academic standards.
  • Pricing : Their services are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but they offer a structured discount system that rewards long-term customers.


  • Background and Overview : markets itself as an all-encompassing paper writing service with a broad array of paper types available for order.
  • Quality : This service offers competitive pricing but has received mixed reviews on quality, indicating potential variability in writer expertise.
  • Reliability : The service promises on-time delivery, though there have been reports of issues with meeting deadlines and responsiveness to custom requests.
  • Key Features : They cover a wide range of subjects and provide a comprehensive list of services, including writing, editing, and proofreading.
  • Pricing : is known for below-average pricing, aiming to attract students who are budget-conscious. They also offer occasional promotions and discounts.

Services to cover

99Papers has cemented its status in the realm of academic assistance through its commitment to high-quality and reliable service. It stands out in the crowded marketplace with a roster of proficient writers, a factor that has contributed to its strong reputation among college students. With a focus on delivering custom written papers that resonate with academic integrity, it has managed to strike a balance between affordability and excellence. The pricing model is tailored to be reasonable, ensuring that students are not financially overstretched. Furthermore, 99Papers incentivizes its users with discounts, which could be particularly attractive to students who need recurring help. Testimonials frequently applaud the platform for not only meeting but often exceeding expectations, solidifying its standing as a trustworthy partner in education.

EssayBox is tailored for students who are running against the clock, prioritizing affordability and expediency. With a vast pool of writers, the service aims to match student orders with suitable writing talent swiftly, ensuring that even the most pressing deadlines are met with precision. The service prides itself on being a solution for last-minute paper needs without breaking the bank. However, it is worth noting that some users have reported limitations regarding the quality guarantees. This points to a potential trade-off between speed and meticulousness. Nonetheless, for students whose primary concern is a fast-approaching deadline, EssayBox presents a viable option that promises to deliver timely results within a student-friendly budget.


BookwormLab presents itself as a connoisseur of humanities and social sciences, offering an array of services specifically designed for these disciplines. The service is recognized for its above-average pricing, which is justified by the high-quality papers it delivers. With an understanding that humanities and social science papers require a depth of thought and a nuanced approach, BookwormLab ensures that its writers are equipped with the necessary expertise to handle such complexities. The company's dedication to excellence in these specific areas has earned it accolades from students who seek out expertly crafted arguments and analyses. For those who prioritize the quality of content and are willing to invest a bit more financially, BookwormLab stands as a premium service provider.


Operating from the UK, EssayFactory serves an international customer base with its team of certified English Native Language (ENL) writers. This service aligns itself with higher educational standards and targets students who are willing to pay a premium for a certain caliber of writing. The service justifies its higher pricing with the promise of impeccable language, in-depth research, and adherence to the rigorous demands of academic writing. Despite the cost, the company makes an effort to be accessible through various discount schemes, particularly for repeat customers, making it a more attractive option for ongoing academic support. EssayFactory's focus on maintaining a high standard has resonated well with students who require assistance that aligns closely with native English standards. offers an expansive catalog of paper types to cater to a diverse student population. With its below-average pricing strategy, it aims to attract a broader audience, including those constrained by tight budgets. This competitive pricing is one of the key reasons for its popularity, especially among those who need regular writing assistance. However, this affordability has been accompanied by reports of inconsistent quality. While many students find the service satisfactory, others caution potential users to set realistic expectations regarding the outcome. could be a fit for those willing to navigate the variability in quality for the sake of cost-effectiveness, especially when dealing with less critical or less complex writing tasks.

Overview of Paper Writing Services

Paper writing services are third-party providers that offer academic writing assistance to students and professionals alike. These services have become a considerable part of the educational support system, aiming to ease the burden of those overwhelmed by their workload. They operate by allowing customers to commission essays, research papers, theses, and other written assignments by connecting them with professional writers who specialize in various academic disciplines.

Here’s how they typically work: A student submits a request for a paper, including details such as the topic, length, style, and deadline. The service then matches the request with a writer who has the appropriate expertise. The writer completes the assignment, and it is then delivered to the student, often after going through a quality check to ensure it meets the required standards.

  • Time-Saving : One of the significant advantages is time-saving. Students juggling multiple deadlines can outsource their writing tasks to focus on other academic or personal commitments.
  • Expert Writers : These services boast a roster of writers who are often experts in their fields, providing a level of insight and proficiency that students may not possess.
  • Improved Grades : For some students, especially those who struggle with writing, these services can contribute to better grades, helping them to meet the academic standards required by their courses.

Statistical data shows a rising trend in the use of these services, often correlating with periods of intense academic pressure, like finals or midterm seasons. While exact figures vary, surveys have indicated that a substantial percentage of students admit to using these services at least once during their academic career, reflecting both the growing demand and the normalization of these services in student communities.

When comparing these services, the criteria of quality, reliability, features, and pricing are paramount:

  • Quality encompasses the expertise of writers, the originality and depth of the work, and customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability refers to meeting deadlines, the consistency of the quality, and the service's ability to handle revisions or problems.
  • Features include the range of services offered, such as writing, editing, formatting, and the variety of subjects covered.
  • Pricing evaluates whether the cost is reasonable, transparent, and provides value for money, considering the student budget constraints.

Students contemplating the use of these services must weigh these factors against their needs and ethical considerations to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paper Writing Service

Choosing the right paper writing service requires a careful assessment of various critical factors to ensure that the service aligns with academic needs and ethical standards.

  • Type of Paper Needed : Services often specialize in certain academic fields or types of assignments. It's essential to select a service that has a proven track record with the specific type of paper you need, whether it's a complex research paper, a creative essay, or a technical report.
  • Your Budget : Financial considerations are paramount. Compare pricing structures of different services and be mindful of the cost-effectiveness of each option. It's not just about finding the cheapest service but getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality.
  • Quality Assurances : Reliable services provide clear guarantees about the quality of their work. Investigate each service’s writer selection process, their qualifications, and the mechanisms they have in place to ensure high-quality output. Guarantees such as free revisions or refunds can also be indicative of a service's commitment to quality.
  • Reputation : Research the service's reputation through reviews and complaints. A consistent track record of positive reviews can be a good indicator of reliability, while a history of complaints might be a red flag.
  • Features : Look for additional features that add value, such as editing, proofreading, and plagiarism checks. These features can enhance the quality of your paper and ensure it meets academic standards.
  • Ethics : Ensure the service is committed to producing original work and has a strict policy against plagiarism. The ethical implications of using such a service are significant, and the work provided should always be used in a way that upholds academic integrity.
  • Customer Support : Effective customer support is crucial. The service should offer responsive and accessible support, available 24/7 to address any issues or concerns that might arise during the process.

Taking these factors into account will help you choose a paper writing service that is not only professional and reliable but also respects the ethical boundaries of educational assistance.

FAQ about Paper Writing Services

Are there any legit paper writing services.

Yes, there are legitimate paper writing services that operate within the bounds of the law and provide services intended to assist students with their academic work. To find reputable companies, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, checking their policies on plagiarism, privacy, and quality. Reading reviews and testimonials, and asking for recommendations from peers can also guide you to legitimate services.

Are paper writing services worth it?

Paper writing services can be worth it for students who need assistance in meeting deadlines or aiming to improve their grades, particularly if they are struggling with specific aspects of writing or facing personal challenges that impede their ability to complete assignments. However, it is essential for students to use these services as a form of assistance and not as a means to bypass the learning process.

How do I find the best paper writing service?

To find the best paper writing service, compare potential services based on crucial factors such as the quality of work they produce, their reliability in meeting deadlines, the range of features they offer, their pricing structures, and their reputation within the market. Also, consider the qualifications and selection process of their writers, as well as the level of customer support they provide.

What are the cons of essay writing services?

The potential cons of essay writing services include the risk of receiving plagiarized work, which can have serious academic repercussions. High costs can also be prohibitive for some students, making these services less accessible. Ethical issues are another concern, as submitting work that isn’t your own can violate academic integrity policies and undermine personal development. Additionally, dependency on such services can impede the acquisition of essential writing and research skills.

How can I ensure the paper writing service is ethical?

To ensure a paper writing service is ethical, look for ones that provide papers for research, reference, and learning purposes only. Check their commitment to producing original content and providing plagiarism reports. Ensure that the service emphasizes the importance of using their work as a guide or a reference, rather than submitting it as your own original work.

In choosing a paper writing service, students should prioritize services that combine high-quality writing, reliability in meeting deadlines, comprehensive features, and fair, transparent pricing. While these services can be a valuable resource for managing heavy workloads and improving grades, it's important to use them ethically and responsibly. By considering the factors highlighted in this article—such as the type of paper needed, budget constraints, quality assurances, and reputation—students can make informed decisions that support their academic success without compromising their integrity. With careful selection and judicious use, paper writing services can be a strategic tool in a student's educational arsenal.

The 5 Best Paper Writing Services for College Students in 2023

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  • 06 November 2023

‘ChatGPT detector’ catches AI-generated papers with unprecedented accuracy

  • McKenzie Prillaman

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A person using ChatGPT on a laptop computer.

A new AI detection tool can accurately identify chemistry papers written by ChatGPT. Credit: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa via Alamy

A machine-learning tool can easily spot when chemistry papers are written using the chatbot ChatGPT, according to a study published on 6 November in Cell Reports Physical Science 1 . The specialized classifier, which outperformed two existing artificial intelligence (AI) detectors, could help academic publishers to identify papers created by AI text generators.

“Most of the field of text analysis wants a really general detector that will work on anything,” says co-author Heather Desaire, a chemist at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. But by making a tool that focuses on a particular type of paper, “we were really going after accuracy”.

The findings suggest that efforts to develop AI detectors could be boosted by tailoring software to specific types of writing, Desaire says. “If you can build something quickly and easily, then it’s not that hard to build something for different domains.”

The elements of style

Desaire and her colleagues first described their ChatGPT detector in June, when they applied it to Perspective articles from the journal Science 2 . Using machine learning, the detector examines 20 features of writing style, including variation in sentence lengths, and the frequency of certain words and punctuation marks, to determine whether an academic scientist or ChatGPT wrote a piece of text. The findings show that “you could use a small set of features to get a high level of accuracy”, Desaire says.

paper writing jobs

How ChatGPT and other AI tools could disrupt scientific publishing

In the latest study, the detector was trained on the introductory sections of papers from ten chemistry journals published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The team chose the introduction because this section of a paper is fairly easy for ChatGPT to write if it has access to background literature, Desaire says. The researchers trained their tool on 100 published introductions to serve as human-written text, and then asked ChatGPT-3.5 to write 200 introductions in ACS journal style. For 100 of these, the tool was provided with the papers’ titles, and for the other 100, it was given their abstracts.

When tested on introductions written by people and those generated by AI from the same journals, the tool identified ChatGPT-3.5-written sections based on titles with 100% accuracy. For the ChatGPT-generated introductions based on abstracts, the accuracy was slightly lower, at 98%. The tool worked just as well with text written by ChatGPT-4, the latest version of the chatbot. By contrast, the AI detector ZeroGPT identified AI-written introductions with an accuracy of only about 35–65%, depending on the version of ChatGPT used and whether the introduction had been generated from the title or the abstract of the paper. A text-classifier tool produced by OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, also performed poorly — it was able to spot AI-written introductions with an accuracy of around 10–55%.

The new ChatGPT catcher even performed well with introductions from journals it wasn’t trained on, and it caught AI text that was created from a variety of prompts, including one aimed to confuse AI detectors. However, the system is highly specialized for scientific journal articles. When presented with real articles from university newspapers, it failed to recognize them as being written by humans.

Wider issues

What the authors are doing is “something fascinating”, says Debora Weber-Wulff, a computer scientist who studies academic plagiarism at the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Many existing tools try to determine authorship by searching for the predictive text patterns of AI-generated writing rather than by looking at features of writing style, she says. “I’d never thought of using stylometrics on ChatGPT.”

But Weber-Wulff points out that there are other issues driving the use of ChatGPT in academia. Many researchers are under pressure to quickly churn out papers, she notes, or they might not see the process of writing a paper as an important part of science. AI-detection tools will not address these issues, and should not be seen as “a magic software solution to a social problem”.


Desaire, H., Chua, A. E., Kim, M.-G. & Hua, D. Cell Rep. Phys. Sci. (2023).

Article   Google Scholar  

Desaire, H. et al. Cell Rep. Phys. Sci . (2023).

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Boston, Massachusetts

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The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500

FACT SHEET: President   Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Today, President Biden is issuing a landmark Executive Order to ensure that America leads the way in seizing the promise and managing the risks of artificial intelligence (AI). The Executive Order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, protects Americans’ privacy, advances equity and civil rights, stands up for consumers and workers, promotes innovation and competition, advances American leadership around the world, and more. As part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s comprehensive strategy for responsible innovation, the Executive Order builds on previous actions the President has taken, including work that led to voluntary commitments from 15 leading companies to drive safe, secure, and trustworthy development of AI. The Executive Order directs the following actions: New Standards for AI Safety and Security

As AI’s capabilities grow, so do its implications for Americans’ safety and security.  With this Executive Order, the  President directs the  most sweeping  actions  ever taken  to protect Americans from  the potential  risks  of  AI  systems :

  • Require that developers of the most powerful AI systems share their safety test results and other critical information with the U.S. government.  In accordance with the Defense Production Act, the Order will require that companies developing any foundation model that poses a serious risk to national security, national economic security, or national public health and safety must notify the federal government when training the model, and must share the results of all red-team safety tests. These measures will ensure AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy before companies make them public. 
  • Develop standards, tools, and tests to help ensure that AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology will set the rigorous standards for extensive red-team testing to ensure safety before public release. The Department of Homeland Security will apply those standards to critical infrastructure sectors and establish the AI Safety and Security Board. The Departments of Energy and Homeland Security will also address AI systems’ threats to critical infrastructure, as well as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and cybersecurity risks. Together, these are the most significant actions ever taken by any government to advance the field of AI safety.
  • Protect against the risks of using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials  by developing strong new standards for biological synthesis screening. Agencies that fund life-science projects will establish these standards as a condition of federal funding, creating powerful incentives to ensure appropriate screening and manage risks potentially made worse by AI.
  • Protect Americans from AI-enabled fraud and deception by establishing standards and best practices for detecting AI-generated content and authenticating official content . The Department of Commerce will develop guidance for content authentication and watermarking to clearly label AI-generated content. Federal agencies will use these tools to make it easy for Americans to know that the communications they receive from their government are authentic—and set an example for the private sector and governments around the world.
  • Establish an advanced cybersecurity program to develop AI tools to find and fix vulnerabilities in critical software,  building on the Biden-Harris Administration’s ongoing AI Cyber Challenge. Together, these efforts will harness AI’s potentially game-changing cyber capabilities to make software and networks more secure.
  • Order the development of a National Security Memorandum that directs further actions on AI and security,  to be developed by the National Security Council and White House Chief of Staff. This document will ensure that the United States military and intelligence community use AI safely, ethically, and effectively in their missions, and will direct actions to counter adversaries’ military use of AI.

Protecting Americans’ Privacy

Without safeguards, AI can put Americans’ privacy further at risk. AI not only makes it easier to extract, identify, and exploit personal data, but it also heightens incentives to do so because companies use data to train AI systems.  To better protect Americans’ privacy, including from the risks posed by AI, the President calls on Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation to protect all Americans, especially kids, and directs the following actions:

  • Protect Americans’ privacy by prioritizing federal support for accelerating the development and use of privacy-preserving techniques— including ones that use cutting-edge AI and that let AI systems be trained while preserving the privacy of the training data.  
  • Strengthen privacy-preserving research   and technologies,  such as cryptographic tools that preserve individuals’ privacy, by funding a Research Coordination Network to advance rapid breakthroughs and development. The National Science Foundation will also work with this network to promote the adoption of leading-edge privacy-preserving technologies by federal agencies.
  • Evaluate how agencies collect and use commercially available information —including information they procure from data brokers—and  strengthen privacy guidance for federal agencies  to account for AI risks. This work will focus in particular on commercially available information containing personally identifiable data.
  • Develop guidelines for federal agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques,  including those used in AI systems. These guidelines will advance agency efforts to protect Americans’ data.

Advancing Equity and Civil Rights

Irresponsible uses of AI can lead to and deepen discrimination, bias, and other abuses in justice, healthcare, and housing. The Biden-Harris Administration has already taken action by publishing the  Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights  and issuing an  Executive Order directing agencies to combat algorithmic discrimination , while enforcing existing authorities to protect people’s rights and safety.  To ensure that AI advances equity and civil rights, the President directs the following additional actions:

  • Provide clear guidance to landlords, Federal benefits programs, and federal contractors  to keep AI algorithms from being used to exacerbate discrimination.
  • Address algorithmic discrimination  through training, technical assistance, and coordination between the Department of Justice and Federal civil rights offices on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI.
  • Ensure fairness throughout the criminal justice system  by developing best practices on the use of AI in sentencing, parole and probation, pretrial release and detention, risk assessments, surveillance, crime forecasting and predictive policing, and forensic analysis.

Standing Up for Consumers, Patients, and Students

AI can bring real benefits to consumers—for example, by making products better, cheaper, and more widely available. But AI also raises the risk of injuring, misleading, or otherwise harming Americans.  To protect consumers while ensuring that AI can make Americans better off, the President directs the following actions:

  • Advance the responsible use of AI  in healthcare and the development of affordable and life-saving drugs. The Department of Health and Human Services will also establish a safety program to receive reports of—and act to remedy – harms or unsafe healthcare practices involving AI. 
  • Shape AI’s potential to transform education  by creating resources to support educators deploying AI-enabled educational tools, such as personalized tutoring in schools.

Supporting Workers

AI is changing America’s jobs and workplaces, offering both the promise of improved productivity but also the dangers of increased workplace surveillance, bias, and job displacement.  To mitigate these risks, support workers’ ability to bargain collectively, and invest in workforce training and development that is accessible to all, the President directs the following actions:

  • Develop principles and best practices to mitigate the harms and maximize the benefits of AI for workers  by addressing job displacement; labor standards; workplace equity, health, and safety; and data collection. These principles and best practices will benefit workers by providing guidance to prevent employers from undercompensating workers, evaluating job applications unfairly, or impinging on workers’ ability to organize.
  • Produce a report on AI’s potential labor-market impacts , and  study and identify options for strengthening federal support for workers facing labor disruptions , including from AI.

Promoting Innovation and Competition

America already leads in AI innovation—more AI startups raised first-time capital in the United States last year than in the next seven countries combined.  The Executive Order ensures that we continue to lead the way in innovation and competition through the following actions:

  • Catalyze AI research across the United States  through a pilot of the National AI Research Resource—a tool that will provide AI researchers and students access to key AI resources and data—and expanded grants for AI research in vital areas like healthcare and climate change.
  • Promote a fair, open, and competitive AI ecosystem  by providing small developers and entrepreneurs access to technical assistance and resources, helping small businesses commercialize AI breakthroughs, and encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to exercise its authorities.
  • Use existing authorities to expand the ability of highly skilled immigrants and nonimmigrants with expertise in critical areas to study, stay, and work in the United States  by modernizing and streamlining visa criteria, interviews, and reviews.

Advancing American Leadership Abroad

AI’s challenges and opportunities are global.  The Biden-Harris Administration will continue working with other nations to support safe, secure, and trustworthy deployment and use of AI worldwide. To that end, the President directs the following actions:

  • Expand bilateral, multilateral, and multistakeholder engagements to collaborate on AI . The State Department, in collaboration, with the Commerce Department will lead an effort to establish robust international frameworks for harnessing AI’s benefits and managing its risks and ensuring safety. In addition, this week, Vice President Harris will speak at the UK Summit on AI Safety, hosted by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
  • Accelerate development and implementation of vital AI standards  with international partners and in standards organizations, ensuring that the technology is safe, secure, trustworthy, and interoperable.
  • Promote the safe, responsible, and rights-affirming development and deployment of AI abroad to solve global challenges,  such as advancing sustainable development and mitigating dangers to critical infrastructure.

Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI

AI can help government deliver better results for the American people. It can expand agencies’ capacity to regulate, govern, and disburse benefits, and it can cut costs and enhance the security of government systems. However, use of AI can pose risks, such as discrimination and unsafe decisions.  To ensure the responsible government deployment of AI and modernize federal AI infrastructure, the President directs the following actions:

  • Issue guidance for agencies’ use of AI,  including clear standards to protect rights and safety, improve AI procurement, and strengthen AI deployment.  
  • Help agencies acquire specified AI products and services  faster, more cheaply, and more effectively through more rapid and efficient contracting.
  • Accelerate the rapid hiring of AI professionals  as part of a government-wide AI talent surge led by the Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Digital Service, U.S. Digital Corps, and Presidential Innovation Fellowship. Agencies will provide AI training for employees at all levels in relevant fields.

As we advance this agenda at home, the Administration will work with allies and partners abroad on a strong international framework to govern the development and use of AI. The Administration has already consulted widely on AI governance frameworks over the past several months—engaging with Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the UAE, and the UK. The actions taken today support and complement Japan’s leadership of the G-7 Hiroshima Process, the UK Summit on AI Safety, India’s leadership as Chair of the Global Partnership on AI, and ongoing discussions at the United Nations. The actions that President Biden directed today are vital steps forward in the U.S.’s approach on safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. More action will be required, and the Administration will continue to work with Congress to pursue bipartisan legislation to help America lead the way in responsible innovation. For more on the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to advance AI, and for opportunities to join the Federal AI workforce, visit .

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Writing ‘Maid’ Pulled Stephanie Land Out of Poverty. She’s Fine Now, Right?

Despite writing a best seller that became a hit Netflix series, Ms. Land says she still worries about her job security.

Stephanie Land, wearing overall and a red t-shirt, stands with her hands in her pockets in a field with mountains in the background.

By Ron Lieber

What do you do with the money you earn from a story you wrote about not having much for too many years?

As a single mother cleaning houses, Stephanie Land dusted and polished a catalog of possible answers to this question and chronicled them in her memoir “ Maid .” Her new book, “ Class ,” which comes out on Nov. 7, picks up where “Maid” left off, recounting her struggle to use food stamps to feed herself and her daughter while going deep into student loan debt.

When “Maid” became a surprise best seller in 2019 and then a hit Netflix series in 2021, it looked to the world like she had become rich.

A local nonprofit requested a donation in the range of $25,000 to $30,000. Friends asked for loans, large ones. A fan seemed surprised — and not exactly approving — to see her sitting in first class.

The reactions were a lot to absorb, given that she wasn’t that far removed from living in a homeless shelter with a toddler. But what she wanted as much as anything was a house, in her name — one without black mold or roommates or unpredictable landlords.

It wasn’t easy to get one.

When you sell a book, you usually get your money in up to four separate payments over at least a couple of years. Agents take up to a 15 percent cut, and you have to set aside money for taxes.

When Ms. Land, 45, got her first book payment in 2016, she had nearly $50,000 in student loans. She also had about $16,000 in credit card debt, which she paid off immediately.

Her two children had been on state-subsidized health insurance, but her book earnings rendered them ineligible, so she needed to purchase new insurance, which at one point cost her family over $30,000 per year. She spent $7,000 on a very used Subaru.

“I had years of not being able to make ends meet to make up for,” she said. “And that includes mental health and our physical health.”

So down-payment money was scarce. Ms. Land got married in 2019 to a veteran who is eligible to receive disability payments through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, but two late student-loan payments had left him ineligible for a V.A. home loan. They tried to move from Missoula, Mont., to Raleigh, N.C., in early 2020 and were seeking a mortgage of about $350,000.

But her book deal and its promise of future payments weren’t enough for her to qualify for one. “I couldn’t prove to them that I had a job,” she said.

She didn’t really believe she did, either. “The book advance felt like some kind of weird loan,” she said, given the standard contractual provision in the book industry that a publisher can reject a finished manuscript. “It was scary.”

A Netflix deal is also no guarantee of riches. With an adaptation like the one of Ms. Land’s book, you generally get a small amount up front once your agent sells the rights — this happened several months after the book came out and became a best seller — and much more only when the cameras turn on. But if the show doesn’t get made at all, no more money generally comes your way — and production hadn’t started yet when Ms. Land was trying to buy a home.

A long-term source of guaranteed income would also have been helpful to qualify for a mortgage. Like many nonfiction authors, Ms. Land turned to speaking. An author of her renown should be able to command $15,000 to $20,000 or so for a speaking engagement, before agent fees, taxes and any discounts or freebies for nonprofit clients.

But this too is precarious. Bookings can be sporadic, and her income dried up during the early months of the pandemic. Speakers may have a shelf life of only a handful of years before their book gets old and the topic seems stale.

The subject of poverty is, alas, always timely. The further Ms. Land gets from the lived experience of it, however, the more she worries that she seems like an impostor. “I’m still really struggling with job security,” she said. “My job depends on people finding me interesting, and I worry that people are thinking that I’m not authentic.”

There was no evidence of that earlier this month when Ms. Land spoke to an audience of University of Delaware freshmen who had read her book . The queries at the end were reverential. “You ask me questions like I’m a white guy or something,” she said, drawing peals of laughter from the crowd.

In September, she’d politely declined to write a $30,000 check to the nonprofit with the bold ask, though she had paid a week’s worth of camp tuition for a dozen low-income families in her community. Friends who approached her with financial needs ended up with $15,000 in loans over time, and she forgave them all. When she sits in first class, it’s almost always because clients pay for her ticket.

And that house? She finally got it, when a miracle worker mortgage broker finagled a deal for her in Missoula. The down payment was low enough that mortgage insurance was necessary. She’ll be on the road a lot in the coming years to pay for it all. (Ms. Land declined to comment on the terms of her second book contract.)

Inside the house, there isn’t much that resembles the lavish homes she cleaned and described in “Maid.” There is no hot tub or deep fryer or Lazy Susan with fancy salts and a variety of hot sauces.

Instead, there are 45 or so houseplants and a kitchen crammed with jam jars and Fiestaware plates in rainbow colors. Three dogs live there too, slobbering all over everything and shedding so much that twice-daily vacuuming is sometimes necessary. Ms. Land and her husband clean; she can’t bring herself to hire someone to be on their hands and knees while she is still walking around. When she stays in hotels, she leaves $20 per night near the phone with a note of gratitude.

Her children have their own rooms, which they’ve fixed up as they please.

“As a house cleaner, the thing that really got to me was the kids’ bedrooms,” she said. They had places for their clothes. They had new clothes that weren’t from Goodwill, and lots of them.

“I wanted that for my kids,” she said. “Everything else is just a bonus.”

Ron Lieber has been the Your Money columnist since 2008 and has written five books, most recently “The Price You Pay for College.” More about Ron Lieber

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iOS 17's Journal App: An Early Look at Apple's New Writing Companion

The new iPhone writing tool will likely arrive with iOS 17.2.


  • Apple software beta tester, "Helps make our computers and phones work!" - Zach's grandparents

The Apple logo next to a smartphone with the Journal app logo on the screen

When Apple unveiled iOS 17 at its WWDC event in June , the Journal app drew a lot of attention. However, the tech giant didn't release the app with iOS 17 on Sept. 18 or with the iPhone 15 series . But Apple gave beta testers and developers a first glimpse of the app in iOS 17.2 beta 1 . 

Journaling has been linked to many mental health benefits, including managing anxiety , reducing stress and helping cope with depression . But some people might have a difficult time remembering to journal or won't know what to write. Apple's Journal app makes it easy to jot down a few thoughts when you're on your phone, and it provides you with writing prompts and other reminders about what you've done in a day.

Here's what you should know about Journal and how it works. Note I tested the app on iOS 17.2 beta 1, so some features could change in the final version of the app.

What is Journal?

Journal is an app developed by Apple to write journal entries and insert pictures, videos and other content into entries. Your entries are stored locally on your iPhone, and you can have backups of your entries on iCloud.


Journal can suggest Reflections or other moments to write about.

Journal can provide you with prompts, called Reflections, that you can write about. Some Reflections the app gave me included, "Think about something you love to do and why it brings you joy," and "Describe someone in your life who you really appreciate but forget to thank."

The app can also access certain data and give you suggestions about what to write based on that data. For example, on my first weekend with Journal it suggested I write about a coffee shop my wife and I went to, as well as a local park that we visited. You can control what types of data and other apps Journal can access to create these suggestions. 

How secure is Journal?

According to Apple , the app has end-to-end encryption between your device and iCloud, and the app uses on-device processes to create journaling suggestions, like Reflections. That means the data your app uses stays on your iPhone.

"No one but you can access your journal -- not even Apple," the company wrote online.

Beyond that, you can require the app to ask for your FaceID or passcode after it's been inactive for a certain amount of time. You can set the app to require your FaceID or passcode after one, five or 15 minutes of inactivity. And if you don't want to take any chances, you can set the app to immediately lock when you switch apps or your iPhone goes to sleep; you know, in case of snooping siblings or roommates.

How do you write an entry in Journal?

On the Journal homepage, you'll see your recent journal entries and a plus ( + ) sign across the bottom of your screen. Tap the plus sign and you'll be taken to a new menu.


You can write about Podcasts you listened to earlier in the day. 

In this new menu, you'll see your app's suggested Reflections as well as moments from throughout your day you can write about, like a picture you took or a Podcast you listened to. Tap into any of these for a short overview of the suggestion, like when a photo was taken, and then tap Start Writing . You'll be taken to a new page that looks similar to a new note in the Notes app, but the suggestion will show across the top of the screen. You can write your entry on this page, and you can add other content like photos, videos or voice notes to the entry from this page, too.

You can also just write an entry without a suggestion. After tapping the plus sign on the Journal homepage, there is an option across the top of the new menu that reads New Entry . Tap this, and you can jot down any thoughts or feelings you're having at the moment, or you can add your own content here, as well.

Once you're finished with your entry, tap Done in the top-right corner and the entry will be saved to the Journal homepage. You can also edit or update entries once they've been saved to the homepage. Tap the three dots ( ... ) in the bottom-right corner of the entry you want to edit, then tap Edit and you can change your entry. 

What if I need help keeping a journaling schedule?

Have no fear, you can set the app to remind you to journal. You have to go to Settings > Journal > Journaling Schedule and tap the switch next to Schedule . A menu will appear below Schedule which will allow you to set a reminder for every day -- or certain days -- of the week at a certain time. 


You can schedule reminders to journal every day or for select days. 

When will Journal be available?

Apple's website still says the app will launch later this year. And since Journal was included in the software for the first beta of iOS 17.2, I expect the app to be available when Apple releases iOS 17.2 to the public. Apple hasn't announced a release date for iOS 17.2, though.

The good news is Journal was included in the download for iOS 17.2 beta 1. That means when you download iOS 17.2 after its release, Journal should automatically download with the update, so you won't have to find the app in the App Store.

Apple already launched its Journals Suggestion API . That means third-party journaling apps, like Reflectly and Day One , can also use the journaling suggestions as well, but those third-party app developers must adopt the API first.

17 Hidden iOS 17 Features and Settings on Your iPhone


For more Apple news, check out my review of iOS 17 , what other features that could be included in iOS 17.2 and our iOS 17 cheat sheet .


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