460 Excellent Political Topics to Write about in 2023

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Now, without further ado, let’s get started! Below, you’ll find political topics and questions for your task.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • ✅ Main Political Concepts
  • 🇺🇸 American Politics Topics
  • 🌐 Global Politics
  • 📚 Political Science
  • 🏛️ Political Philosophy
  • ⚖️ Comparative Politics
  • 💵 Political Economy
  • 🍴 Food Politics
  • 🌱 Environmental Politics
  • 📖 Political Case Study Topics
  • ✍️ How to Write a Political Essay

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🔝 top 10 political topics to write about.

  • The political causes of terrorism
  • Why do we need political parties?
  • Is politics connected to religion?
  • Does an ideal political system exist?
  • How to prevent ideological conflicts
  • Electoral systems around the world
  • The role of the UN in the world politics
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned?
  • The importance of international relations
  • Should the government control the internet?

✅ Main Political Concepts to Focus On

Politics is an exciting and versatile subject. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not confined to senates and debate chambers. It also takes place on the streets and in your home. You can even say that everything is political.

Politics has so many areas to study—it may be hard to decide what to choose. Let’s see what interesting concepts you can focus on:

  • Government and all that concerns the state. It includes actions that involve state institutions and people serving them. You might want to concentrate on voting, transnational interactions, or acts of politicians.
  • We’ve all heard that conflict is a healthy part of every relationship. Do you believe that politics should embrace the differences? Then you may want to study the mechanisms of protests and revolutions.
  • Or, you can focus on methods of nonviolent conflict resolution .
  • Execution of power . Here the question is: what is power? Study various definitions and choose the ones you like best.
  • Maybe you consider politics a social activity . You can also think of it as more of a public activity . Look into these concepts and see where politics takes place.

Does any of these ideas seem particularly interesting to you? Write an essay about it! Or, if you want inspiration, check our extensive list of ideas covering every major branch of politics. Below you will find current political topics as well as historical ones.

🇺🇸 American Politics Essay Topics

Inner social and economic tensions have led to drastic changes in America’s political climate. The divide between Democrats and Republicans grows more resonant by the minute. What is your opinion on these developments? Have a closer look at it with one of our engaging topics: 

  • Discuss gun control measures and crime rates reduction in the US.  
  • Analyze Kanye West’s presidential campaign. 
  • What are the crucial current issues to voters in America? 
  • Do national politics in the USA neglect older adults? 
  • Why isn’t the right to privacy listed in the US constitution? 
  • The American government has extensive plans concerning the closure of Purdue Pharma. But are they acting in the public’s best interest? 
  • Pros and cons of raising the number of justices at the Supreme Court . 
  • Write about American neutrality and contribution in the Great War.  
  • Discuss the pros and cons of building a fortified border wall between the USA and Mexico . 
  • What would happen to California if it became an independent country? 
  • Who should pay for essential healthcare services in America?  
  • Does the two-party-system do more harm than good? 

Bill Gindlesperger quote.

  • What did President Trump achieve by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord? 
  • Describe how the American states collaborate in the federal system . 
  • Is a cap on immigration to the US necessary? 
  • How does wealth inadequacy affect American democracy?  
  • The role of freedom in American politics . 
  • How does the Electoral College work? 
  • What are the implications of Donald Trump’s revealed tax statements? 
  • Political impact of the body positivity movement in America. 
  • The BLM movement as covered by Fox News vs. CNN . 
  • The US-Australian cooperation and its implications.  
  • Should the US seek tighter bonds with China ? 
  • What’s the easiest way to become politically involved in the US? 
  • Why should you join a political party? 
  • Effects of the war on drugs.  
  • Debate implementing more restrictive gun laws nationwide. 
  • America’s role in restoring Europe after World War II . 
  • How does social media influence political decisions in America? 
  • Is capitalism the best system for the US? 
  • Why don’t LGBT people in America have the same rights as straight people? 
  • How did the legalization of dispensaries in California impact consumer behavior ? 
  • What branches does the American government consist of? 
  • How is poverty affecting rural communities in the US? 
  • Explore law enforcement in the US on local, state, and federal levels.  
  • Discuss the limits of executive power in New Jersey. 
  • Should Oregon implement a cap on the price of medicines? 
  • What caused healthcare in America to become so expensive? 
  • Religious extremism in the US after 9/11.  
  • Your position on the American intervention in Syria . 
  • What caused many people to lose trust in President Trump’s government? 
  • Describe the state of affairs that allowed Donald Trump to win the 2016 election.  
  • What laws restrict campaign financing in Florida? 
  • Discuss the budgeting of the US Environmental Protection Agency.  
  • Evaluate President Trump’s crisis response. 
  • Outline the ideas of American politicians from parties on the margin. 
  • The importance of the Hispanic vote. 
  • The Patriot Act : facts and controversies. 
  • How do stereotypes towards Asian Americans influence their opportunities? 
  • The power of line-item vetoes in Wisconsin. 

🌐 Global Political Topics to Talk About

Global politics studies basic political ideas on an international scale. This subject combines multiple social sciences to analyze political activity worldwide. Choose between the topics concerning human rights, development, conflict, and international relations.

  • Why did Reporters without Borders build a library in Minecraft? 
  • How influential are NGOs? 
  • What are the main functions of the UN ? 
  • Discuss how the 2015 migrant crisis affected European politics. 
  • What are the drawbacks of being stateless ? 
  • African socialism in the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • Has the US become estranged from its European allies? 
  • What is the Human Development Index? 
  • Explain the three waves of democratization . 
  • Why do some countries suffer from terrorism more than others? 
  • Discuss methods of conflict resolution used by the African Union.  
  • At what point does a crisis justify international intervention? 
  • Trace the events of the 2020 election in Belarus . 
  • What caused the Eastern Mediterranean to be war-torn? 
  • Discuss the role of gender in modern Africa . 
  • How did the California Gold Rush in 1848 impact global politics? 
  • The development of Latin American cities in the past 30 years. 
  • Why was Germany hesitant to participate in colonization ? What led to the change of heart? 
  • Israeli-Palestine conflict and the global community.  
  • How do countries reconcile after being at war with each other? 
  • What is the Spratly Islands dispute? 
  • Why does China claim ownership of the South China Sea? What makes it a globally important issue? 
  • The threats of transnational organized crime . 
  • What are the effects of Brexit on the UK and international relations?  
  • How does a country’s geography shape its politics? 
  • US foreign policy : criticism and problems. 
  • The purpose and importance of global health . 
  • Discuss how Sub-Saharan Africa can become independent of foreign aid. 
  • Global citizenship : characteristics and responsibilities. 
  • How does feminism influence global relations? 
  • What does deterrence theory entail? 
  • Explain how the International Court of Justice works. 
  • Global war in terrorism: what are its main challenges?  
  • What causes interdependence between nations? 
  • Why do states need to be internationally acknowledged? What happens if they aren’t? 
  • Structural effects of uneven resource distribution. 
  • Gender bias in global politics . 
  • Explore the history of Cambodian politics. 
  • Kazakhstan : the proposal to switch the alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin. 
  • What factors determine if a country is safe to travel to? 
  • Discuss Daniel Drezner’s theories of global politics.  
  • The development of the UK’s global political influence. 
  • Compare how various countries protect their indigenous cultures . 
  • Should the EU be dissolved? 
  • What is Wilsonianism? 
  • Characterize America’s foreign affairs in the Middle East.  
  • What rights does a stateless person have? 
  • Amnesty international: criticism and controversies. 
  • What has the Pan-African movement achieved? 
  • How did American government respond to the Arab Spring?  

📚 Political Science Topics to Research

Political science studies collective decisions and their consequences. Part of this process is analyzing the structure and mechanisms of government. Researchers in this field consider psychological, social, and cultural aspects of political activity.

  • The rise of Austria’s Freedom Party in 2000. 
  • What can game theory tell us about society? 
  • Discuss the concept of nationhood, its benefits, and pitfalls.  
  • Trace the development of the Nigerian government from the ’60s up to now. 
  • The impact of celebrities on political campaigning . 
  • Describe the goals of the anti-globalization movement. 
  • Why did all Germany’s attempts to form a republic fail until after World War II? 
  • The effects of poverty on Australian indigenous peoples . 
  • What type of events affect voting behavior the most? 
  • Examine historical examples of anarchist societies. 
  • Does a president need to represent all of their country’s citizens ? 
  • What are the advantages of polling?  
  • Can monarchies be democratic? 
  • What influences people’s political beliefs? 
  • The regulation of water supply in Latin American countries. 
  • Describe how the media affects cultural globalization . 
  • Compare right and left-wing terrorist groups.  
  • What constitutes tyranny ? 
  • How does the Saudi Arabian government work? 

Globalization is.

  • The relationship between the automobile industry and politics in Japan . 
  • Crisis theory, its strengths, and its weaknesses.  
  • What are the goals of the alt-right? 
  • The historical significance of the treaty of Westphalia. 
  • Was the Equal Rights Amendment doomed to fail? What is its current status? 
  • How does tourism affect Caribbean politics? 
  • What makes someone a leader?  
  • Discuss how powerful states influence poorer ones.  
  • How does the EU make decisions? 
  • Examine the success rate of petitions. 
  • The psychology behind supporting extremist groups . 
  • The mechanics of propaganda : when language becomes a political tool. 
  • Class 12 political education: preparing students to vote in their first election. 
  • Analyze the structure of the Chinese Communist Party. 
  • What does the Lemon test determine? 
  • Is fear a good instrument of control? 
  • The political danger of fake news . 
  • How do civil wars happen? 
  • Political culture: why did democracy in Iraq fail?  
  • Investigate the conflict between China and Tibet. 
  • Should institutions benefit society’s poorest members? 
  • The role of poverty in driving the popularity of Boko Haram in Nigeria. 
  • Why do some people miss the Soviet Union ? 
  • What are the differences between the IS and al-Qaeda?  
  • Organization of the Taliban government in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. 
  • Political radicalization on the internet. 
  • The importance of women in governments . 
  • Balance of power theory and modern world order.  
  • The dangers of neopatrimonialism in African politics. 
  • Why was the French Revolution an important event in history? 
  • What influences outside the government can impact policymaking ? 

🏛️ Best Political Philosophy Essay Topics

What type of systems can ensure a happy life for everyone? Political philosophy, or political theory, seeks to answer this question. Its goal is to create a social standard by applying ethics to politics. Get contemplative with our interesting political theory paper topics:

  • How ethical is capitalism ? 
  • Explore the ideological connection between liberalism and feminism. 
  • How close is your community to Plato’s ideal society? 
  • What would happen if we leave capitalism behind? 
  • Discuss the concept of democracy in political theory.  
  • Ethical issues concerning globalization . 
  • What would Aristotle say about the world’s current state of affairs? 
  • Marx’s and Lenin’s imperialism theories.  
  • Was Jean-Jacques Rousseau right in saying that a civil society began with a fence? 
  • Is restricting immigration an ethical way to increase wages? 
  • How relevant is John Locke’s social contract theory today? 
  • Explore the problems of democratic transition and consolidation.  
  • Analyze the shortcomings of positivism. 
  • Discuss John Rawls’ position on justice. 
  • What is philosophical anarchism ? 
  • How does Michel Foucault explain the development of Western penal systems in Discipline and Punish ? 
  • Discuss grounds on which war is morally permissible or even necessary. 
  • The influence of existentialism on Western politics. 
  • What events sparked the foundation of the Paris Commune? 
  • How can governments and communities cooperate?  
  • Can religion have a positive influence on lawmaking? 
  • What does it mean to have authority ? 
  • Should governments provide stability or freedom of choice? 
  • The influence of revisionism on the German Social Democratic Party policies. 
  • Is gerrymandering always unjust? 
  • How did the idea of democracy change from ancient Greece to modern times? 
  • Is the law always morally right? 
  • The role of violence in the ideologies of Pyotr Kropotkin and Mikhail Bakunin. 
  • Police corruption: understanding and prevention.  
  • Is democracy indeed a rule by the people? 
  • What’s the difference between nationalism and patriotism? 
  • The role of power from the post-structuralist perspective. 
  • Is there a big divide between Asian and Western political ideology? 
  • What motivates someone to be politically active? 
  • Why are students typically engaged in politics? 
  • Is populism ethical? 
  • Provide an advanced perspective of public policy.  
  • Should the state be allowed to decide whether an individual can end their life? 
  • The meaning of the term “ liberalism ” from its origins to this day. 
  • What do feminists mean by saying “the personal is political”? 
  • How do you define the word “ political ”? 
  • Discuss dehumanization and its evolution in warfare.  
  • If you could start a whole culture anew, what would its principles be? 
  • Analyze how pornography can be political. 
  • Policymaking: systemic thinking on various levels.  
  • Are liberal government models the end of political development? 
  • How did the US government morally justify the Vietnam war ? 
  • According to Thomas Hobbes, why do citizens need a Leviathan ? 
  • Describe Machiavelli’s position concerning the role of religion in politics. 
  • The influence of Ayn Rand’s objectivism on libertarian movements. 

⚖️ Comparative Politics Essay Topics

Have you ever wondered how the state influences a nation’s economy? Scholars of comparative politics know the answer. They analyze governments by comparing and contrasting them. Choose a topic in this category to discover the differences between various political systems. 

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  • What causes nations to transform their governments? 
  • Define the differences between a nation and a nation-state . 
  • Causes of war: comparative politics and peace studies.  
  • The politics of baby boomers vs. millennials . 
  • Is the “ tyranny of the majority ” an unavoidable weakness of democracy? 
  • Characteristics of authoritarian vs. totalitarian regimes. 

Contemporary forms of government.

  • What are the differences between laws and executive orders ? 
  • How does bureaucracy work in Norway vs. Russia? 
  • Living conditions in South African squatter settlements and Brazilian favelas. 
  • Compare conservative ideology in the US vs. the Netherlands. 
  • What is the ideological difference between liberalism and conservatism?  
  • Discuss the advantages of a participatory vs. a representative democracy . 
  • What are the current trends in democratization ? 
  • Compare the contents of the French vs. the British constitution . 
  • Describe the differences between federal and unitary governments. 
  • The executive’s role in Japan vs. China. 
  • Political parties in Canada: ideological analysis.  
  • What does it take to pass a law in Finland as compared to Sweden? 
  • How does the naturalization process work in Canada vs. the US? 
  • What factors impact political participation in different countries? 
  • How does a country’s education influence its citizens’ political activity? 
  • Analyze the role of interest groups in the USA and Poland. 
  • How do presidential systems work in comparison to parliamentary systems?  
  • Idealism versus realism in international politics   
  • Ownership laws in Nigeria vs. Eritrea. 
  • Compare Saddam Hussein’s regime with societies from Orwell’s 1984 .  
  • Identify current trends in voter turnout . 
  • What constitutes the civil society in India and Pakistan? 
  • Contrast the structures and influence of the top five grassroots movements. 
  • The role of independent media in political education. 
  • What factors determine whether a societal change is successful? 
  • Compare American and Icelandic healthcare systems.  
  • Protest votes: in which system do they work best? 
  • Which fundamental ideologies do most of the world’s democracies share? 
  • The social consequences of corruption in Mexico vs. Venezuela. 
  • The perception of conservatism in the US vs. other countries. 
  • Analyze Indian and Brazilian democracies.  
  • Revolving door politics in Japan vs. Australia. 
  • How is gender equality institutionalized in different countries? 
  • Why are green parties more successful in Europe than in the US? 
  • Contrast political education across the states of the former Soviet Union . 
  • The influence of the military on the government in the US vs. New Zealand. 
  • Achievements of the LGBT movement in Poland and the Czech Republic. 
  • What are sustainability measures in South Africa vs. Senegal? 
  • The evolution of women’s rights in Russia vs. Switzerland. 
  • How does federalism in Brazil differ from the one in America? 
  • Compare Peru’s and Lesotho’s unitary systems. 
  • Comparison between Florida and Maryland’s legislative frameworks.  
  • Contrast various military governments. Can they be beneficial for the public? 
  • Political socialization in France vs. India. 

💵 Political Economy Topics to Write About

Are you interested in how trade relates to a nation’s law and government? Then this section is for you. Scholars in this field study how economic theories influence societies. On top of that, they advise governments on economic policies and proposals. Find a great topic in the list below:

  • Economic interdependence theory and future of trade.  
  • How do oligopolies influence the market? 
  • What are the economic effects of taxation ? 
  • Do democratic countries have better economies than autocratic states? 
  • Did NAFTA overall benefit Mexico’s economy? 
  • The oil industry in Saudi Arabia: analysis and strategies.  
  • Globalization and the economy: interrelations and consequences. 
  • What are the goals of the WTO? 
  • How did the foundation of OPEC shape oil trade? 
  • What factors influence the global GMO market? 
  • Explain the concept of the invisible hand.  
  • What are the characteristics of public goods? 
  • Does private ownership necessarily lead to inequality? 
  • How did mercantilism affect colonized countries? 
  • Define critical political economy theory. 
  • What role does mass media play in a nation’s economic decisions? 
  • The current revival of neoliberalism . 
  • Why does the exchange rate matter? 
  • The role of competition in politics. 
  • How did the development of financial systems impact governments? 
  • Why did President Trump’s tax reports cause a scandal? 
  • How did economic troubles lead to political tensions in the EU? 
  • What policies did countries in South-East Asia implement to drive economic growth? 
  • Can guaranteed income prevent socio-economic crises? 
  • How are pension age policies connected to a country’s economic situation? 
  • The impact of terrorism on oil prices and production. 
  • What were the political pros and cons of the gold standard ? 
  • Does the trade war between the US and China have the potential to affect global trade? 
  • What types of governments are more likely to engage in protectionism ? 
  • How is America “weaponizing” the dollar? 
  • Discuss risk management strategies during the financial crisis in the US.  
  • Utilitarian ethics in political economy. 
  • What is the minimum wage , and how do you calculate it? 
  • Do big companies have too much political influence? 
  • The effects of gender-biased laws on economic systems . 
  • What are the economic concerns behind sustainable policies? 
  • Why are European countries struggling to convert to green energies ? 
  • Does turning away from fossil fuels automatically mean a decrease in economic growth? 
  • How do policies create wealth gaps? 
  • What do wealthy countries do to stay rich? 
  • Describe the political consequences of outsourcing . 
  • The connection between political instability and widespread poverty . 
  • The political economy of financing conflicts in the Middle East. 
  • Why do countries export weapons to war-torn areas? 
  • How do political power balances create inequality? 
  • The politics of free markets vs. planned economies. 
  • What are the key elements of the political economy, according to Marxism ? 
  • Explain the 19th-century socialist ideology.  
  • What effects do a country’s political institutions have on the development of organized crime ? 
  • Feminism in the political economy . 

🍴 Food Politics Essay Topics

Decisions concerning packaging labels and food safety regulations belong in the realm of food politics. This branch also encompasses aspects related to food production, distribution, and consumption. Dive into the world of food politics with one of our popular writing ideas: 

  • How much should the government influence our food choices ? 
  • What’s political about our diet? 
  • How do food politics influence our eating habits ? 
  • Why do most American food production companies add sugar and syrup to bread? 
  • The politics of kid-targeted food advertising.  
  • What are the differences between the major labels of organic food ? 
  • Should conventional agriculture still be subsidized? 
  • What are the most dominant conflicts of interest in the agricultural industry today?
  • What can governments do to make fresh and healthy foods more accessible? 
  • Compare various government-sponsored programs to promote a healthy diet . 
  • How does the demand regulate the market in terms of food products ? 
  • Will we ever be able to eradicate hunger globally?  
  • How can policies and restrictions make the food industry more sustainable? 
  • Why are food politics crucial to achieving development goals? 
  • Should governments ban plastic bags and packaging? 
  • Following the annexation of Crimea , Russia received heavy sanctions . It prompted President Putin to ban the import of food products from Europe and the US. How does this affect the country? 
  • Monsanto : the political influence of America’s former biggest GMO seed distributor. 
  • What issues are associated with eco-friendly food packaging?  
  • What would be the consequences of outlawing alcohol ? 

Charlotte Biltekoff quote.

  • Should there be a ban on advertisements for unhealthy foods? 
  • Lobbying tactics in the alcohol industry. 
  • Discuss the benefits of implementing higher taxes on soft drinks. 
  • When can a company label their product as “natural”? 
  • Discuss the problems related to US school cafeterias.  
  • The danger of alcopops: policies that prevent early alcohol consumption . 
  • Challenges of regulating deceptive health claims. 
  • How does sponsored research influence nutritional guidelines? 
  • The biopolitics of nutrition and food distribution . 
  • What should all food labels contain to ensure safe consumption? 
  • The vegan movement’s impact on the organic food market.  
  • How did industrialization change the way we eat? 
  • Is ethnic food underrepresented in nutritional guidelines? If so, why? 
  • Discuss the role of price in alcohol consumption.  
  • Why is cannabis banned in many countries, but cigarettes aren’t? 
  • Sin tax: what are its unintended social repercussions? 
  • How do gruesome pictures on cigarette packages influence smoking behavior? 
  • Consumption of harmful products in states with and without a sin tax. 
  • Treatment of migrant fruit pickers in Texas . 
  • California removed sugary drinks and sweets from its public schools. Did this lead to a decrease in youth obesity? 
  • Food safety: a policy issue in agriculture today.  
  • What would sustainable policies on regulating food waste be? 
  • Should governments allocate more resources into cloning research to satisfy the meat demand? 
  • The political influence of the American meat industry. 
  • Should animal rights be secured in the constitution? 
  • The development of whale hunting laws in Japan. 
  • What type of regulations could ensure sustainable fishing ? 
  • What’s the problem with “Big food”? 
  • Examine the food vs. fuel dilemma. 
  • Discuss the court case in which a Colorado bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. 
  • Denial of food access as a war weapon. 

🌱 Environmental Political Research Topics

Issues like sustainability and climate change need coordinated political decisions. That’s where environmental politics comes into play. This branch analyzes policymaking as well as political theories and ideas concerning the environment. Besides, it investigates what position political parties and social movements have on the matter. If you want to address environmental concerns in your essay, this section is for you. 

  • How can the global power of the church be used to drive sustainability agendas? 
  • Why do some arid countries want to tow icebergs? What are the environmental consequences of this practice? 
  • What are the goals of the carbon tax?  
  • Why should cities endorse greenways in their urban planning ? 
  • How did Nigerian activists react to the environmental consequences of the country’s excessive oil production? 
  • Political strategies to preserve biodiversity . 
  • What did the Kyoto protocol achieve? 
  • Why didn’t Iran and Turkey sign the Paris Agreement ? 
  • Explore the environmental positions of various parties across the political spectrum. 
  • Is sustainability a viable aspiration for a community?  
  • Why are liberal governments more likely to address environmental concerns than conservative ones? 
  • Does it take an authoritarian state to combat global warming effectively? 
  • The benefits of environmental education in class 11. 
  • How do interest groups manipulate political action against environmental problems ? 
  • Is lobbyism responsible for the hesitation in terms of setting strict sustainability goals? 
  • The Clean Water Act: achievements and shortcomings.  
  • Are governments doing enough to tackle environmental issues ? 
  • The success of market mechanisms in environmental policymaking. 
  • Discuss the progress made to control air pollution in China. 
  • What roles do NGOs play in driving policies to protect nature? 
  • Are environmental politics mostly moving forward in times of a crisis? 
  • Geoengineering : should governments rely on changing the weather instead of adjusting regulations? 
  • Discuss the correlation between energy crisis and climate change.  
  • How will Indonesia’s new Omnibus Law impact environmental politics? 
  • The influence of social movements in making the fishery industry more sustainable. 
  • How can governments ensure green conservation without reducing their country’s living standards? 
  • Is ecoterrorism a good way to bring attention to under-discussed problems? 
  • Investigate how environmental politics can reconcile its proponents with its adversaries. 
  • How did Hannah Arendt influence modern political thought about nature? 
  • What is ecofeminism , and what are its goals? 
  • Implications of the Gaia hypothesis for environmental politics. 
  • Provide an outline of an environmental conservation project.  
  • Al Gore’s influence on environmental decisions during his time as vice president. 
  • Sustainability initiatives in the US vs. Europe. 
  • The significance of environmental politics in international relations. 
  • Discuss the link between social justice movements and the rise of green parties. 
  • Should the California government promote native fire tending techniques to save the state’s forests ? 
  • An Inconvenient Truth : legacy and criticism. 
  • Do not let Belgrade d(r)own: environmental activism in the Balkans. 
  • The role of the military in protecting nature. 
  • What plans does the New Zealand government have to reduce carbon emissions ? 
  • Responsible mining practices in the Philippines. 


  • Political cooperation efforts for protecting the Caspian Sea. 
  • Discuss the benefits and costs of the US acid rain program.  
  • How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact environmental policymaking? 
  • The role of populism in addressing climate change . 
  • Radioactive waste management policies in the EU. 
  • Contrast the methods of various climate justice organizations. 
  • How can we use AI to protect the environment ? 
  • Combating food waste in Norway: consequences of introducing the phrase “best before, often good after” on food labels. 

📖 Political Case Study Topics to Look Into

Case studies are valued among all social sciences. They are an excellent method to learn from real-life examples. What’s even better, you can apply the information you’ve gathered from them to a broader framework. If you prefer a practical approach to politics, check out these compelling ideas:

  • The 2011 drought caused the Yangtze River to carry significantly less water. How did this affect Chinese politics? 
  • The Arctic ice is melting at an unprecedented pace. How do politicians cooperate in combating it? 
  • Pollution has caused an ecological disaster in Kamchatka. What was the Russian government’s response to the crisis? 
  • The economic growth of Asian countries has put them on the radar of potential Western allies. What stands in the way of a successful partnership? 
  • Apartheid in South Africa didn’t end until the 1990s. What events led up to the system’s abolishment? 
  • Botswana used to be one of the world’s poorest countries. Now, it’s considered a role model for African development. How did it achieve its wealth? 
  • Environmental NGOs have positioned themselves against fracking from the very beginning. How do their actions impact congressional decision making? 
  • Guinea-Bissau is a haven for the illegal drug trade. Politicians are not able to contain it. How did the situation develop? 
  • In Nigeria, ethnic minorities and the state claim ownership over the country’s oil reserves. How did this conflict emerge? What has been done to solve it? 
  • In 2016, military troops attempted to overthrow the Turkish government. Why did they fail? 
  • In 2020, the military took over the Mali government. How did it happen? What was the international response? 
  • Kenya remained under British rule until 1963. Describe the consequences colonization had on the country. 
  • Nornickel is a Russian Nickel and Palladium production company. In 2020, it has caused two major environmental disasters: an oil leakage and a wastewater spill. What were the consequences? What did officials do to cover it up? 
  • In the 20th century, Latin America was home to many dictatorships. To this day, some countries in the area are struggling with their governments. How did this happen? 
  • The Universal Child Allowance is a conditional cash transfer designed to help underage Argentinian children from low-income families. Investigate their impact. 
  • Microfinancing has created a debt trap for women in Sri Lanka . As a result, they formed a cooperative movement with better credit conditions. Could such cooperatives be an alternative to microfinancing worldwide? 
  • Greece’s refugee camps are notorious for their harsh living conditions. Investigate their access to healthcare. 
  • Few countries are as affected by HIV as India . Identify how this phenomenon connects to the nation’s high poverty rate. 
  • Civil conflict in Columbia between the far-right, far-left, and the government has been ravaging the country for decades. What strategies could restore peace ? 
  • Bhutan has recently transitioned from an absolutist monarchy to a democracy. How did religion influence this development? 
  • Class identity has been a central topic in post-apartheid South Africa . How are changes in identity perception impacting politics? 
  • Incarceration rates among black citizens in America are significantly higher than among white people. Discuss how this is linked to racial profiling . 
  • The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán funds populist propaganda campaigns. How does he instrumentalize the national identity to drive his agenda? 
  • During the 2020 elections in the United States , there was no clear result on the election night. Yet, Donald Trump has falsely declared himself the winner before the official announcement. What political intentions did he have? 
  • In 2014, Scotland tried to gain independence from Great Britain through a referendum. Why did it fail? Would it be more likely to succeed now? 
  • Women’s rights in countries under Islamic rule are often underdeveloped. How did the Musawah movement influence lawmaking in these nations? 
  • Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion is the world’s most secure airport. Explore its history. What makes it unique? 
  • Ever since its foundation, the US has been a dream destination for many immigrants. How did this situation change since President Trump promised to build the wall  
  • The Antarctic has plenty of lands to offer. Currently, governments are engaging in territorial disputes. Who does this land belong to? Why is this debate relevant? 
  • Since 2019, Hong Kong people have been protesting laws that potentially impose closer legal bonds with mainland China. How did these protests influence the legislature so far? How did the governments in Hong Kong and China react? 
  • The Gaza strip has been a center of an ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. How did its latest developments influence Israeli security politics? 
  • Child labor is a significant problem in the Philippines. What does the country do to tackle it? 
  • South Ossetia is a Caucasus region fighting for autonomy. It is officially recognized as part of Georgia by most countries. Plans to integrate the de facto state with Russian North Ossetia have failed. What caused the fights? What can be done to solve the conflict? 
  • Asian countries are developing rapidly. It causes economic competition for the neighboring nations. What factors led China and Japan to emerge as global players? 
  • In Vietnam , agriculture has undergone significant changes in the past decades. How have these transformations impacted farmers? 
  • The Ottoman Empire used to be an enormous state. It encompassed most of Southeastern Europe and much of Arabia. How did its dissolution lead to modern-day conflicts on the Arabian Peninsula? 
  • Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. How does the government ensure enough housing opportunities? 
  • The Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammad bin Salman was celebrated for his liberal economic and social reforms. Why was he suspected of ordering the assassination of journalist and government critic Jamal Khashoggi ? 
  • Colton is a valuable mineral found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The excessive mining of the resource has led to increased criminal activity and conflict. How is this impacting the local civilians? What solutions have been proposed? 
  • Sierra Leone was engaged in a war with the Revolutionary United Front for 11 years. How did foreign intervention resolve the conflict? How did this experience impact the current political situation? 
  • Until its criminalization in 1997, cannabis has been a medicinal staple in Pakistan . Recently, the government approved the industrial production of the drug. What were the reasons for it? How is this going to affect the country’s economy? 
  • In Japan, decreasing birth rates have led to a steep decline in the population. What plans does the government have to tackle this problem? 
  • 4chan is an anonymous forum that caters to all kinds of interests. It is infamous for spreading hate and online radicalization . Some of America’s recent mass shooters were connected with the site, as is QAnon. What led to this development? Should the website be taken down? 
  • In 2019, American colleges were at the center of a bribery scandal. Celebrities tried to enroll their children with substandard grades into prestigious schools such as USC and Yale. How can colleges maintain their funding while ensuring equal opportunities for the less wealthy candidates? 
  • In the Ice Bucket Challenge , people poured a bucket of ice water over their heads. It was supposed to raise awareness for ALS. How did this activity impact disease research funding? 
  • In 2017 and 2018, Finland studied the consequences of universal basic income . What did the findings suggest? Should other countries adopt this strategy? 
  • Tesla electric car company has reinvented the automobile industry with its vehicles. What role did the company play in raising awareness of sustainability issues? 
  • Facebook is financed by targeted ads and data trade. How is this influencing voter behavior? 
  • The Interview is a 2014 political satire film in which American journalists plot to kill Kim-Jong Un. The film sparked outrage in North Korea . How did this impact US-North Korean political relations? 
  • In the US, advertisements for prescription drugs aren’t illegal. How does this influence consumer behavior in comparison with the countries where such advertisements are banned? 

✍️ How to Write an Essay on Politics

Are you eager to start your paper right away? Check these helpful essay writing tips! Keep them in mind when talking about political issue topics:

Just 13.00 10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

  • Research. Read your notes first, then search the internet. Academic journals and government sites are an excellent place to start. Stay on point; don’t waste your time with sources that are not relevant to your topic.
  • The introduction presents all the essential terms and relevant literature. Your thesis statement belongs there.
  • Your paper’s body includes your arguments and supporting evidence. Use topic sentences to introduce your point.
  • The conclusion contains a summary of the essay’s key points.
  • Style and format. Write concisely in a formal manner. Ask your tutor for formatting requirements such as font, size, space, or margin. Don’t forget to include a reference list at the end.
  • Editing and proofreading. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure all your arguments are directly connected to your topic. Lastly, make sure to cite all your sources properly.

That’s all we’ve got for you. We hope this article was useful and wish you good luck with your assignment!

Further reading:

  • 512 Research Topics on HumSS (Humanities & Social Sciences)
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  • Overview of Comparative Politics: Oxford Handbooks
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240 Interesting Biology Topics for Essays & Research Papers

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Grad Coach

Research Topics & Ideas: Politics

100+ Politics-Related Research Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Political science research topics and ideas

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation or thesis. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a politics-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. Here, we’ll explore a variety of politically-related research ideas across a range of disciplines, including political theory and philosophy, comparative politics, international relations, public administration and policy.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. Also, be sure to sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic from scratch.

Overview: Politics-Related Topics

  • Political theory and philosophy
  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Examples of politics-related dissertations

Topics & Ideas: Political Theory

  • An analysis of the impact of feminism on political theory and the concept of citizenship in Saudi Arabia in the context of Vision 2030
  • A comparative study of the political philosophies of Marxism and liberalism and their influence on modern politics
  • An examination of how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the relationship between individual freedom and collective responsibility in political philosophy
  • A study of the impact of race and ethnicity on French political philosophy and the concept of justice
  • An exploration of the role of religion in political theory and its impact on secular democracy in the Middle East
  • A Review of Social contract theory, comparative analysis of the political philosophies of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau
  • A study of the concept of the common good in political philosophy and its relevance to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe
  • An examination of the relationship between political power and the rule of law in developing African countries
  • A study of the impact of postmodernism on political theory and the concept of truth, a case study of the US
  • An exploration of the role of virtue in political philosophy and its impact on the assessment of moral character in political leaders

Topics & Ideas: Comparative Politics

  • A comparative study of different models of federalism and their impact on democratic governance: A case Study of South American federalist states
  • The impact of ethnic and religious diversity on political stability and democracy in developing countries, a review of literature from Africa
  • An analysis of the role of civil society in promoting democratic change in autocratic regimes: A case study in Sweden
  • A comparative examination of the impact of globalization on political institutions and processes in South America and Africa.
  • A study of the factors that contribute to successful democratization in authoritarian regimes, a review of the role of Elite-driven democratization
  • A comparison of the political and economic systems of China and India and their impact on social development
  • The impact of corruption on political institutions and democracy in South East Asia, a critical review
  • A comparative examination of the impact of majoritarian representation (winner-take-all) vs proportional representation on political representation and governance
  • An exploration of Multi-party systems in democratic countries and their impact on minority representation and policy-making.
  • A study of the factors that contribute to successful decentralization and regional autonomy, a case study of Spain

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Topics & Ideas: International Relations

  • A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of diplomacy and military force in resolving international conflicts in Central Africa.
  • The impact of globalization on the sovereignty of nation-states and the changing nature of international politics, a review of the role of Multinational Corporations
  • An examination of the role of international aid organizations in promoting peace, security, and development in the Middle East.
  • A study of the impact of economic interdependence on the likelihood of conflict in international relations: A critical review of weaponized interdependence
  • A comparative analysis of the foreign policies of the EU and the US and their impact on international stability in Africa
  • An exploration of the relationship between international human rights and national sovereignty during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • A study of the role of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)s in international politics and their impact on state behaviour
  • A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of international regimes in addressing global challenges such as climate change, arms control, and terrorism in Brazil
  • An examination of the impact of the rise of BRICS on the international system and global governance
  • A study of the role of ideology in shaping the foreign policies of states and the dynamics of international relations in the US

Webinar - How to find a research topic

Tops & Ideas: Public Administration

  • An analysis of the impact of digital technology on public administration and the delivery of public services in Estonia
  • A review of models of public-private partnerships and their impact on the delivery of public services in Ghana
  • An examination of the role of civil society organizations in monitoring and accountability of public administration in Papua New Guinea
  • A study of the impact of environmentalism as a political ideology on public administration and policy implementation in Germany
  • An exploration of the relationship between public administration and citizen engagement in the policy-making process, an exploration of gender identity concerns in schools
  • A comparative analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration, decentralisation and pay and employment reform in developing countries
  • A study of the role of collaborative leadership in public administration and its impact on organizational performance
  • A systematic review of the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion in police services
  • A study of the impact of corrupt public administration on economic development and regional growth in Eastern Europe
  • An exploration of the relationship between public administration and civil rights and liberties, including issues related to privacy and surveillance, a case study in South Korea

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Public Policy

  • An analysis of the impacts of public policy on income inequality and poverty reduction in South Sudan
  • A comparative study of the effectiveness of legal and regulatory, economic and financial, and social and cultural instruments for addressing climate change in South Korea
  • An examination of the role of interest groups in shaping public policy and the policy-making process regarding land-use claims
  • A study of the impact of globalization on the development of public policies and programs for mitigating climate change in Singapore
  • An exploration of the relationship between public policy and social justice in tertiary education in the UAE
  • A comparative analysis of the impact of health policies for the management of diabetes on access to healthcare and health outcomes in developing countries
  • Exploring the role of evidence-based policymaking in the design and implementation of public policies for the management of invasive invertebrates in Australia
  • An examination of the challenges and opportunities of implementing educational dietary public policies in developing multicultural countries
  • A study of the impact of public policies on urbanization and urban development in rural Indonesia
  • An exploration of the role of media and public opinion in shaping public policy and the policy-making process in the transport industry of Malaysia

Examples: Politics Dissertations & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a politics-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various politics-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • We, the Righteous Few: Immoral Actions of Fellow Partisans are Judged as Less Possible (Varnam, 2020)
  • Civilizing the State: Civil Society and the Politics of Primary Public Health Care Provision in Urban Brazil (Gibson, 2012)
  • Political regimes and minority language policies: evidence from Taiwan and southeast Asia (Wu, 2021)
  • The Feminist Third Wave: Social Reproduction, Feminism as Class Struggle, and Contemporary Women’s Movements (Angulo, 2019)
  • The Politics of Immigration under Authoritarianism (Joo, 2019)
  • The politics of digital platforms: Sour Dictionary, activist subjectivities, and contemporary cultures of resistance (Okten, 2019)
  • Vote choice and support for diverse candidates on the Boston City Council At-Large (Dolcimascolo, 2022)
  • The city agenda: local governance and national influence in the policy agenda, 1900-2020 (Shannon, 2022)
  • Turf wars: who supported measures to criminalize homelessness in Austin, Texas? (Bompiedi, 2021)
  • Do BITs Cause Opposition Between Investor Rights and Environmental Protection? (Xiong, 2022)
  • Revealed corruption and electoral accountability in Brazil: How politicians anticipate voting behavior (Diaz, 2021)
  • Intersectional Solidarity: The Political Consequences of a Consciousness of Race, Gender and Sexuality (Crowder, 2020)
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Coalitional Representation of Latinxs in the U.S. House of Representatives (Munoz, 2019)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. In other words, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Get 1:1 Help

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about how to find a research topic for your dissertation or research project, check out our Topic Kickstarter service below.

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Topic Kickstarter: Research topics in education

Interesting thesis.

Manu Adamu

I really appreciate your work which will greatly help me rethink on my topic

Ibrahim Abdullahi

Please how can I get the full thesis?

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Loyola University Chicago

Department of philosophy.

PHIL 327: Topics in Political Philosophy

The Generic Catalog Description

This course will concentrate on a specific issue in political philosophy. Typical topics include civil disobedience, war and peace, theories of political revolution, theories of utopia, and punishment and criminal justice.

PHIL 327: Topics in Political Philosophy: Liberalism and Feminism (class is linked with Dr. Ingram's PHIL 480)

This course will examine the liberal and feminist traditions in contemporary social and political philosophy.  We will begin by considering the foundational liberal social contract theory of John Rawls.  We will then address the ways that feminists have incorporated and rejected liberal thought within their theories of justice and care.  The course will also address radical feminist approaches that question the dominant liberal rights-based framework.  We will consider issues such as distributive justice and the family, the gendered basis for care and caregiving, multiculturalism and feminism, and liberal versus radical feminist positions on pornography.  Readings for the course will draw from the Anglo-American tradition in philosophy, possibly including works by authors such as John Rawls, Susan Moller Okin, Martha Nussbaum, Eva Kittay, Catharine MacKinnon, and Shulamith Firestone.

PHIL 327: Topics in Political Philosophy: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy

How should we, as social beings, live together?  This is the fundamental question of political philosophy.  This course will address this question directly.  Following the example of Plato, we will think about an Ideal Society.  Specifically, we will ask, given the knowledge and resources that we possess, what is the best form of society that we, in the United States today, might construct? 

Virtually everyone would agree as to the basic political structure of our ideal society.  It should be a democracy.  Democracy has proven itself to be a durable and contagious ideal.  The history of the past several centuries has witnessed a steady deepening of democracy to include all citizens of a society and a steady spread of democracy--at least as an ideal--throughout the world.

There may be agreement about political structure, at least in broad outline, but there is no agreement about that other fundamental feature of a society--its economic structure.  It is this disagreement that will be the focus of this course.  Should our economic structure remain capitalist?  If so, to what sort of capitalism should we aspire, a conservative free-market economy that gives keeps governmental intervention to a minimum, or a more liberal version that would, among other things, allow the government to regulate the economy more and significantly redistribute income and wealth.  Or should we aim for something more drastic.  Should we aim for a "green" economy that incorporates both capitalist and socialist structures.  Or should we try to move beyond capitalism altogether?  Does there exist an economically viable socialist alternative to capitalism, or has the socialist project been wholly discredited?  If an economically viable alternative to capitalism does exist, is it worth fighting for?

To clarify the issues, we will read three books and a set of articles, each representing a contending view: conservative, liberal, green and socialist.  The conservative position is represented by the most influential economist of the post-World-War-Two period, Milton Friedman. We will read his classic statement, which is still, as you will see, highly relevant. The liberal position is represented by several figures, the philosopher John Rawls, the British philosopher/political scientist, Brian Barry and the economist James Galbraith.  The green position will be represented by another classic text, E. F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful.  The socialist position will be set out in David Schweickart’s After Capitalism. 

These readings will comprise the first two-thirds of the course.  During the last third the class will divide into four groups, each of which will draw up a blueprint for its own Ideal Society, based (at least loosely) on one of the above perspectives.  The course will culminate in a Great Debate, in which each group attempts to defend its vision against the alternatives.

PHIL 327: Topics in Political Philosophy: Globalization Ethics

Thomas Wren

In this course we will explore economic and cultural issues of globalization, with particular attention to their normative dimensions of economic and cultural issues such as nationalism, colonialism, immigration,  cultural identity, group rights, and related topics such as global ecology.

We will draw on a variety of sources, including videos as well as books and articles. We will begin the course with excerpts from classic works such as Aristotle's Politics , Rousseau's Social Contract , Immanuel Kant's Perpetual Pea ce, and perhaps Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels's Communist Manifesto .    We will then look at texts from contemporary authors such as John Rawls. Jurgen Habermas, Thomas Pogge, Iris young, and  Seyla Benhabib.  The readings will be supplemented with several videos about some of the disturbing by-products of globalization.

This class will meet with Dr. Ingram's graduate seminar (PHIL 480) for lectures and video presentations, though not for the scheduled discussion sessions. 

Philosophy 327: Critical Theory: Classical and Contemporary Readings

David Ingrim

The course will survey some of the major themes and thinkers associated with the Frankfurt School of critical social theory. Besides examining issues  - most notably the dialectic of enlightenment, the authoritarian personality, and the problem of technology - that preoccupied first-generation critical theorists  Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, and Max Horkheimer, we will also discuss problems of communicative intersubjectivity, moral development, and self-identity that have dominated the thought of second-generation critical theorist Jürgen Habermas. We will then examine a major contemporary work on globalization and global solidarity by one of Habermas’s former students, Hauke Brunkhorst.

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate/ Professional
  • Adult Education

Loyola University Chicago


130 Powerful Philosophy Research Topics to Get Started

Table of Contents

If you are a philosophy student who needs a good topic to prepare your research paper, then have a look at this blog post. Here, to make your topic selection process easier, we have presented a list of the best 100+ philosophy research topics and ideas. In addition to that, we have also shared some key tips on how to identify one ideal philosophy research topic out of many. Just explore and get interesting ideas for your philosophy research paper writing.

What is a Philosophy?

Philosophy is an interesting subject that deals with the study of fundamental and general questions about knowledge, existence, reason, language, values, and the mind. It is a vast discipline that revolves around reality, truth, and goodness. Some popular areas of philosophy include Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology, and Political Philosophy .

Philosophy Research Topics

Philosophy Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

In order to write a powerful philosophy research paper, instead of just focusing on the facts, you need to critically analyze, identify hidden arguments, build logical arguments, and should also persuade your readers that your argument is reliable. Most importantly, for writing a good philosophy research paper, you must have an impressive philosophy research topic.

If you have no idea how to identify the right topic for your philosophy research paper, then simply follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Select a topic that pleases you.
  • Pick a topic that allows you to identify and fill the areas that are lacking.
  • Always go with a topic that has ample references or resources to make your thesis writing process easier.
  • The ultimate goal of your research paper should be to attract the readers and hence choose a philosophy research topic that is impressive and informative to your readers.
  • Select a topic that has a wide scope of presenting your ideas and arguments with relevant examples or a piece of evidence.

List of Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Till now, we saw the tips for selecting the best philosophy research topics. Next, let us move on to the philosophy research paper topic ideas.

To make your search process easier, here we have shared a list of top philosophy research topics for you to consider.

Philosophy Research Topics

Simple Philosophy Research Topics

  • What is loneliness?
  • Dog and cat: Which is superior?
  • What are utopia and anti-utopia?
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • What are the pros and cons of capital punishment?
  • Why is cloning banned in many countries?
  • Can belief in God change human nature?
  • What is eternity?
  • What is harmony?
  • What is power?
  • How achieving harmony helps to increase empathy?
  • Inner harmony and peace are the key factors of psychological well-being: Explain
  • Impact of good and evil on the society
  • How do virtue and integrity play a pivotal role in the formation of good character?
  • Is happiness a chemical flowing through the brain or something else?
  • What in life is not subjective but instead truly objective and why?
  • Analyze the civilizational approach in understanding the development of human society
  • Critically analyze the African traditional philosophies
  • Comparative analysis between epistemology and psychology
  • Describe the opportunities and challenges for understanding phenomenology
  • Analyze the philosophy of phenomenology
  • Discuss the direct and indirect realism in philosophy
  • Analyze the philosophy of transcendentalism in New England in the early 1830s
  • Critically analyze the  political philosophy behind transcendentalism in Britain

Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • Can a person be happy without a family?
  • What is the Supernatural? Is there any proof of its existence?
  • Is it possible to be rich without having a lot of money?
  • Should people always obey the rules?
  • What is the value of truth?
  • What makes people kill in the name of religion?
  • Can we connect traditions supported by science and force people to follow them as customs?
  • Is it possible to change the main characters that define a person?
  • Discuss crucial modern-life values.
  • What is your definition of happiness?
  • Monistic, pluralistic, and dualistic understanding of the substance of thinking
  • Discuss French philosophy of the XIX-XX centuries
  • Discuss the philosophical anthropology about the essence of man and how it was reflected in ancient philosophy
  • Compare and contrast the philosophical ideas of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
  • African philosophy echoes the deep-seated subjectivity of the African as an African: Explain
  • Analyze the philosophy of Anselm’s ontological argument for God’s existence

Philosophy Research Topics on Human Life

  • Why is it complicated to live a happy life?
  • What things make human life senseless?
  • Is there life after death?
  • What is the perfect life?
  • What makes human life meaningful?
  • Should death be treated as the final point in human life or as the beginning of something new?
  • Would you like to live your life more than once?
  • Evaluating life’s existence: Are humans the only living organisms?
  • Human life and culture
  • How to lead a happy life?

Read more: Best Humanities Research Topics To Explore and Write About

Impressive Philosophy Research Ideas

  • What makes people commit crimes even when they know that they will face capital punishment?
  • What makes women physically less strong as compared to men?
  • To love or to be loved: Which is more important?
  • Is it possible to always think positively?
  • Can torture be justified?
  • A vacation or well-paid job: What would you take?
  • Why is religion important above anything else for a lot of people around the globe?
  • Can we declare humanity as a supreme religion?
  • How can the custom of dowry be eliminated from people’s minds?
  • Is it possible for parents to be the best friends of their children in a real sense?
  • How is the age of maturity and the age of marriage defined by society?
  • What is the best way to boost a person’s creativity?
  • Why can’t social behavior and ethics be separated?
  • Are animals different from people?
  • Why do some people live without feeling alive?

Captivating Philosophy Research Topics

  • Is it possible to create an ideal society?
  • What are the best ways to reach peace in the world?
  • Should the church be involved in politics?
  • What are the pros and cons of genetically modified objects?
  • Is euthanasia ethical?
  • Evaluate the relationship between war and peace.
  • How has social media affected people’s moral behavior?
  • Analyze the impact of beauty on human development.
  • Should parents be held responsible for the actions of their children?
  • Can animal experiments be justified?
  • What are the pros and cons of committing suicide?
  • Can we justify the experiments on human beings?
  • What is the ethics behind Bitcoin or other cyber-currency applications?
  • How to increase the level of IQ?
  • What are the pros and cons of utilitarianism?

Excellent Philosophy Research Questions

  • Is there a moral obligation to be honest?
  • Should we allow incarcerated criminals to have children?
  • What are the pros and cons of marriage?
  • Should human beings claim a stake in other planets such as the moon and Mars?
  • What are the pros and cons of childless families?
  • Is it ethical to use steroids to enhance results in athletics?
  • What are the pros and cons of communism?
  • Positive and Negative features of Machiavelli’s ideas
  • Are humans really the kings of the universe?
  • What are the pros and cons of total control?
  • Is it really true that early to bed, early to rise can make a person stay healthy forever?
  • Should modern celebrities be considered positive models for contemporary youth?
  • Does genetics contribute to human behavior?
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.
  • What does the term ‘to cross the border of ethical conduct’ mean?
  • Ethical ideas concerning abortions.
  • Video games and their effects on the moral behavior of people.
  • Is morality objective or subjective?
  • What are the roles of Good and Evil?
  • What is the effect of binary opposition on the development of humankind?

Read also: Leadership Research Topics and Ideas To Deal With

Amazing Philosophy Research Topics

  • What is your attitude to “artificially designed babies”?
  • What is the future of humankind and humans?
  • Is 1 + 1 really equal to 2?
  • What is the sense of your existence?
  • Is there a possibility of working out a universal language?
  • The postmodernism ideas in philosophy.
  • What ideas or principles should an ideal family possess?
  • Should patriotism be regarded as a virtue?
  • What are the pros and cons of organ transplantation?
  • Is it ethical to have circuses?
  • Is it reasonable to tell a white lie?
  • Can murder be justified?
  • How to solve an issue between parents and children?
  • Why are humans cruel and evil?
  • Should religion be banned by law?
  • Are morals related to culture?
  • Do human beings deserve to have children?
  • Reasons and solutions for mass panic and hysteria
  • Is it worth sacrificing health in order to become more beautiful?
  • Is science compatible with religion in the contemporary world?

Informative Philosophy Research Topics

  • A critical analysis of the phenomenon of values through Axiology.
  • Write about Contextualism in Epistemology.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of idealism and realism.
  • Explain the theory of modern liberalism.
  • Examine the influence of Greek philosophers on human sciences.
  • Conduct a critical analysis of the literary movements of transcendentalism.
  • A theoretical framework for the teacher’s philosophy of education
  • Philosophy and religion in Buddhism.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of feminism and pragmatism.
  • Discuss the philosophy of stoicism.

Philosophy Research Paper Writing Tips

Choosing a perfect topic for philosophy research is a difficult task. Once you have selected a topic for your philosophy research, follow the below-mentioned writing tips to make your philosophy research paper stand unique in the crowd.

  • Structure the essay or research paper by including the following elements- Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
  • Write a strong thesis statement in the introduction paragraph suitable to the philosophy research paper topic that you have selected.
  • Explain your points or arguments on the topic with supporting evidence and other credible information in the body section of the research paper.
  • Present your ideas in a logical order to avoid confusion.
  • The sentence flow should be natural throughout the essay or research paper.
  • Present your arguments or points in a way to persuade your readers.
  • Do a complete revision so as to make your final draft free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Final Words

Out of the different ideas recommended in this blog post, choose any topic of your choice and craft an excellent philosophy research paper as per your university guidelines. In case, you need an expert to offer you help with philosophy research paper topic selection, writing, and editing, feel free to approach us.

Based on your requirements, the subject professionals on our platform will offer high-quality philosophy assignment help online. Most importantly, the philosophy research papers that our scholarly writers create and deliver would be flawless and plagiarism-free. Also, with the support of our specialists, you can complete your work in advance of the deadline and score top grades.

Without any second thought, place your order on our website and earn all the extraordinary benefits that our service provides.

political philosophy research paper topics

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Read and Understand How to Write a Research Proposal

Controversial Research Topics

100+ Controversial Research Topics and Ideas to Focus On

About author.

' src=

Jacob Smith

I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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7 key conversations that are dominating the field of political philosophy today

Even if you’ve never taken a course in political philosophy, odds are that you’ve spent time thinking about questions of political philosophy. What does it mean to be free? What is a fair way of distributing wealth and income? What do we owe citizens of other countries?

Getting started on the systematic study of these questions can be a daunting prospect, however. Even if you’ve studied political philosophy on your own or in a class, it can be hard to know what’s cutting edge in the discipline. In this post, I’ll give you of a sense of some of the topics that have captured the attention of political philosophers in recent years. By no means is this an exhaustive list; it’s just one political philosopher’s rough and incomplete impression of the state of the field.

Climate Change

As you might expect, what’s cutting edge in political philosophy partly tracks what’s cutting edge in real-world politics. Climate change is a case-in-point. What to do about climate change is not simply a question for scientists, politicians, and economists—it’s a question for philosophers, too. Should we sacrifice some of our material well-being today to leave a better world for our grandchildren? How can we have moral obligations to future generations when those generations don’t yet exist? Do you have an obligation to cut back on your pollution even though in the grand scheme of things your actions as a single individual won’t make any difference?

For those interested in climate ethics and politics, John Broome’s book Climate Matters is an excellent place to start. Broome tackles questions of what citizens and policymakers ought to do in the face of the problems posed by climate change. In “ It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and Individual Moral Obligations,”

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong argues for a counterintuitive conclusion: you do not have an individual moral obligation to reduce your carbon emissions. Because the scale of climate change is so enormous and your individual contribution is so small, driving your SUV for fun won’t make anyone worse off than they otherwise would be. On Sinnott-Armstrong’s view, it’s the job of the government rather than individual citizens to mitigate climate change.

Mark Budolfson, a philosopher at the University of Vermont, has a number of interesting papers on topics in environmental ethics. Much of Budolfson’s work tackles the aforementioned problem of “causal impotence”—what are our individual moral obligations in a world in which many of our individual actions make no difference? For a provocative book on the ethics of procreation, check out Sarah Conly’s One Child which argues that we ought to limit ourselves to producing one child.

Global Justice

Philosophers have been at the forefront of the increasingly popular “effective altruism” movement, which advises us to send our charitable donations to the places where they will do the most good. Peter Singer is the founding father of the movement and his book The Most Good You Can Do serves as a nice introduction to his thoughts on giving. William MacAskill’s Doing Good Better is also an accessible and informative overview of effective altruism. Of course, effective altruism is not without its critics–see, for instance, this discussion in the Boston Review .

Immigration also remains a topic of great interest in political philosophy. Important recent books on immigration include Joseph Carens’s The Ethics of Immigration and David Miller’s Strangers in Our Midst . Miller is skeptical about the case for open borders, whereas Carens argues for relaxing immigration restrictions. Other important pieces on immigration have been written by Javier Hidalgo , Michael Huemer , Chandran Kukathas , Loren Lomasky and Fernando Teson , Kieran Oberman , and Christopher Wellman and Phillip Cole .

One issue at the core of this debate is the nature of the special obligations (if any) that we have to our fellow compatriots. May states restrict immigration in order to prop up the wages of native-born citizens or preserve a particular sort of national culture? For excellent work on cosmopolitanism, see, e.g., Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers and Richard Arneson’s “Extreme Cosmopolitanisms Defended” .

Race and Justice

Political philosophers often make use of social contract theory to understand the nature of justice and the state. Although specific theories differ in their details, the rough idea is that the state is justified as a means of enforcing mutually agreeable terms of social cooperation. However, the adequacy of social contract theory is the matter of much debate in recent work on race and justice. Tommie Shelby argues that a Rawlsian-contractarian approach, with an emphasis on impartiality and fair equality of opportunity, contains theoretical resources to help illuminate racial justice.

Other work on race and justice has a less sanguine perspective on the social contract framework. Charles Mills’s book The Racial Contract argues that the traditional understanding of the social contract served not to secure the rights and liberties of all people but rather to perpetuate racial injustices. Mills offers a direct challenge to Shelby’s arguments in his paper, “ Retrieving Rawls for Racial Justice? ” Elizabeth Anderson, in her book The Imperative of Integration argues that Rawls’s original position, in which parties choose principles of justice without any knowledge of themselves or their particular social and historical circumstances, wrongly withholds crucial information about society’s past and present record of racial injustice. Christopher Lebron’s The Color of Our Shame objects that Rawls’s focus on formal principles of distributive justice unduly ignores questions of character, attitudes, and actions that are crucial to understanding racial justice.

Democratic Theory

Philosophers have been talking about democracy for thousands of years, but the recent election has reignited interest in the justification of democratic institutions. Jason Brennan’s Against Democracy might be the most discussed work in political philosophy right now. Making use of empirical social science on the biases and ignorance of voters, Brennan argues against equal suffrage in favor of “epistocracy”—roughly, rule by an intellectual elite. For a skeptical take on deliberative democracy in particular, I’d recommend Guido Pincione and Fernando Teson’s Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation . Influential defenses of democracy include Thomas Christiano’s The Constitution of Equality and David Estlund’s Democratic Authority . Christiano argues that the justification of democracy lies is, in part, its equal treatment of all citizens. Estlund rejects epistocracy partly on the grounds that political justifications must be acceptable from all qualified points of view.


What can the state force you to do for your own good? The topic of paternalism is of perennial theoretical and practical interest. The United States bans many drugs, imposes heavy taxes on cigarettes, and restricts activities like gambling and prostitution.

But should it?

A recent book from Sarah Conly, Against Autonomy , argues for an uncompromising pro-paternalism position. Conly reviews findings from psychology and behavioral economics that suggest we do a poor job of pursuing our own long-term interests. So, Conly argues, the state should forcibly prevent us from doing things that are bad for us. For instance, rather than tax the sale of cigarettes to discourage the smoking, the state should simply ban smoking outright for the good of would-be smokers themselves. (William Glod notes some of the problems with Conly’s and others’ arguments in his forthcoming book, Against Paternalism: A Liberal Case for Self Direction as a Basic Right . He offers a preview of some of his arguments here .)

Another interesting read on paternalism is Peter de Marneffe’s Liberalism and Prostitution , which makes the case for regulations and restrictions on prostitution. De Marneffe also co-wrote The Legalization of Drugs: For and Against with Douglas Husak, which is of interest to those working on the topic of drug criminalization.

For a detailed exposition of an anti-paternalist position, I’d recommend Jessica Flanigan’s forthcoming book Pharmaceutical Freedom . Flanigan defends a robust right of choice in the context of pharmaceutical use in particular.

Ideal and Nonideal Theory

Much has been written in the last decade about John Rawls’s ideal theory . Rawls theorizes about justice and institutions on the assumption that society is fully (or at least nearly fully) just. We study the perfectly just society to, among other things, give us an ideal to guide our real-world actions.

Charles Mills’s groundbreaking paper “ ‘Ideal Theory’ as Ideology” argues that ideal theory is unable to provide useful real-world guidance and ignores decidedly nonideal problems, such as gender and racial inequalities. Amartya Sen’s influential The Idea of Justice criticizes ideal theory partly on the grounds that we don’t need to a conception of the perfect to have a workable conception of what counts as better . To use Sen’s example, I don’t need to know that Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain to know that one mountain is taller than another. Gerald Gaus’s The Tyranny of the Ideal builds a sustained critique of ideal theory as well. Gaus argues that utopian political theorizing is by nature a speculative enterprise and that the pursuit of perfect justice might mean that we fail to correct immediate injustices. My own book, Unequivocal Justice , argues against using the assumptions of ideal theory to analyze different types of political systems.

On the other side of the debate, G.A. Cohen’s Rescuing Justice and Equality criticizes Rawls for not being ideal enough . Cohen thinks that Rawls was wrong not to insist that people internalize an “egalitarian ethos” to motivate equality-minded decisions in their private lives. David Estlund’s “Utopophobia” argues that our theoretical account of justice need not be constrained by the likelihood of achieving that account of justice in practice. Other valuable insights into ideal theory can be found in the work of A. John Simmons , Zofia Stemplowska and Adam Swift , and a recent Social Philosophy and Policy volume .

Classical Liberalism and Social Justice

John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness argues that classical liberal economists and philosophers have long endorsed a conception of social justice according to which institutions should be arranged to preferentially benefit society’s poorest members. Adam Smith and John Rawls might not be so different after all. More generally, Tomasi argues that a classical liberal political regime (in Tomasi’s terms, market democracy ) can satisfy Rawlsian standards of justice and legitimacy. Another exposition of this kind of “neoclassical” liberal position can be found in Jason Brennan’s Libertarianism: W hat Everyone Needs to Know .

As you might expect, these arguments have generated a flurry of responses. An online symposium on Tomasi’s book was hosted by Bleeding Heart Libertarians . For interesting criticisms of Tomasi, see articles from Samuel Arnold , Jeppe von Platz , and a recent symposium in Critical Review .

As I mentioned at the outset, this was not a complete account of the state of the field. Rather, it was an introduction to some—and only some—of the debates that are currently gripping political philosophy. There are many others that are worth exploring further.

Christopher Freiman

Christopher Freiman

Previous post the 7 rules for completing and publishing your first academic paper, next post how to prioritize (and complete) the coursework for your phd program.

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political philosophy research paper topics

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100+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics

philosophy paper topics

One of the most difficult tasks philosophy students faces each year is in having to come up with a philosophy topic to write a paper on. Students can get notifications of big projects months ahead of time and then spend weeks trying to figure out whether their philosophy essay topics are good enough to earn a good grade.

We get it. It’s hard to pull this task together with schedules and responsibilities. This is why we work to find philosophical topics that are current and relatable. We stick to important issues that are at the forefront of the discipline and bring them to you in one convenient philosophical topic for the essay list.

Finding the right philosophy topics can turn regular assignments into A+-winning assignments and we’ve done the work to help you and hundreds of other students get started with these philosophy paper topics. Here are our top 100 philosophy topics for the current school year:

Argumentative Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • Do people naturally have good and bad qualities?
  • Do we need family support to find happiness?
  • How humans can be happy without reproduction?
  • What is the definitive explanation of happiness?
  • Do most people feel they aren’t living their full lives?
  • Would you marry for money if it meant you could never be happy?
  • Would you like to live your life more than once?
  • Would you rather work vocationalation job or a high-paying job?
  • Are personalities unique or are they just template?
  • Do you think that it is moral to follow all the rules?

Good Philosophy Paper Topics for All Levels

  • Does one need to lead a moral life to achieve happiness?
  • Why do people find life harder than expected?
  • Which is the better teacher? Experience or learning?
  • Do people always do what they want at that moment?
  • Is truth universal or does it change because of perspective?
  • Do animals have a better sense of morals than humans?
  • Can people gain an education without proper schooling?
  • Does one need to be literate to understand philosophy?
  • Which ie preferable? Determinism or Free Will?
  • Is capital punishment ethical in today’s world?

Controversial Topics in Philosophy

  • How does society shape a person’s life and beliefs?
  • Do you need a lot of money to live a rich life?
  • Why are some people living without actually experiencing things?
  • Is spiritual power more important than free will?
  • Do genetics play a bigger role in the way people behave?
  • What impact does the word “love” have on positivity?
  • What is the real reason we live our lives?
  • Is it possible to form a perfect world?
  • Do religion and philosophy contradict one another?
  • Can a world exist without laws or regulations?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics for High School

  • What would be your form ideal government?
  • What are the different ways in which humans understand each other?
  • How is the concept of happiness defined by different philosophers?
  • Is existence simply a dream experienced by a larger being?
  • If you can spend a week in any period, which would it be?
  • Are we alone in our galaxy or are there other intelligent life forms?
  • What does it mean to have free will versus determinism?
  • If you can change one thing from your past, what would it be?
  • Does religion limit our abilities to explore the meaning of life?
  • What does it mean to be loved or to love others?

Topics for Philosophy Paper on the Classics

  • What does it mean to understand our universe?
  • Does happiness come from our actions toward others?
  • Are our thoughts evidence that we exist?
  • What is the definition of evil as it relates to the modern world?
  • Could societies exist without laws and regulations?
  • Are people born good or evil or are they raised to be one or the other?
  • Is torture a justifiable form of punishment?
  • How can past leaders influence today’s youth positively?
  • Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?
  • Can we refocus our minds to think more positively?

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics for High School

  • What does it mean to be moral in today’s world?
  • Can wars be justified if it supports the greater population?
  • What does it mean to be a postmodern philosopher?
  • What are today’s most important life values?
  • What is the current perspective on the definition of loneliness?
  • How does one prepare for life after death?
  • Would you like to repeat your life with full knowledge of the prior?
  • Does something better than nothing always lead to benefits?
  • Do people choose to suffer or is it a feeling beyond our control?
  • Should people have to right to die by suicide?

Philosophy Topics to Write About Quickly

  • Do we exist in some form after death?
  • Do supernatural entities exist in the world?
  • Are video games negatively impacting people’s moral values?
  • How does one boost his or her ability to be creative?
  • Is it important to spend your entire life learning?
  • What does it mean to be mentally conscious?
  • What is the definition of loneliness and have you experienced it?
  • What are the most important character traits for leaders to have?
  • Does one need a lot of money to be considered rich?
  • Are we alone in the universe or is there another life?

Philosophical Topics for Essays on Current Issues

  • Are parents responsible for how their children behave?
  • Are the U.S. and U.K. meritocratic societies?
  • Has social media had an impact on people’s morals?
  • Do you agree with the notion that love only exists for 3 years?
  • Are humans more likely to cause trouble because of boredom?
  • Is capital punishment morally justified in modern society?
  • Do humans have the same ideas about what is right and what is wrong?
  • How does death affect how humans view life?
  • Is it complicated to live a life of happiness?
  • Should teenagers be given the responsibility to make their own choices?

Philosophy Thesis Topics for a Big Project

  • Do religion and the belief in God change a person’s behavior?
  • Are Machiavellian ideals still relevant in today’s government?
  • Is animal experimentation ever justified to protect humans?
  • What are the pros and cons of a utilitarian society?
  • What are the pros and cons of a communist government?
  • Why are humans the only species to be violent?
  • Is economic justice more important than legal justice?
  • Should women have univerabortion rightstion?
  • What impact did the 20th-century wave of philosophy have on the U.S.?
  • How do you know that you are different from other people?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  • What are the tendencies we see most in humans?
  • Are our morals connected to or influenced by culture?
  • Would you live your life a second time?
  • Should religion have a voice in a nation’s government?
  • What do you think makes for an ideal society?
  • Are truths relative to specific situations or circumstances?
  • What is the most important aspect to gain human knowledge?
  • What is something that veritably upsets you?
  • What is something in your life that you would like to change?
  • What is the most effective way to increase one’s IQ?

Getting a good grade on a philosophy research paper requires you to consider several different options and narrow down those options to a topic you feel you can conduct complete philosophy research on. The topic should also be something that interests you and verges into new areas in the discipline and area of study. This can be a difficult task for many students, so we create custom philosophy research topics to suit every situation. If you can’t find a topic you like from this list, just give us a call, email us, or send us a message via chat. We can direct you to a qualified philosophy expert writer to create a custom list of philosophical ideas to fit your assignment needs.

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Essays on Political Philosophy

The end of history: a perspective on societal evolution, my views in politics and philosophy, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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Analysis of Hannah Arendt’s Opinion About Collective Dynamics

My attitude to political philosophy, the concept of individualism, analysis of augustine's political and social opinions, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Political Philosophy of Anarchism

A comparison of political philosophy and political ideology , analysis of rawls's and arendt's perspectives on freedom, ideas of thomas hobbes and john locke on the relationship between the government and its citizens, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Comparison of The World We Live in Today to The Philosophies of Ancient Greece

Hannah arendt and her political ideas, educational and political ideologies in the pedagogy of the oppressed, traditional versus behavioral approach to political science, analysis of aristotle’s idea of polis as the greatest form of human association, analysis of noam chomsky’s principles of concentration of wealth and power, comparison of john locke and thomas hobbes in terms of social understanding, the origins of totalitarianism by hannah arendt: the issue of minorities’ rights, classical republicanism and the natural right philosophy, research of whose philosophy made the most sense for america in the 1960’s, the use of philosophy in politics, "post modern" political sociology, analysis of the liberalism political view, experiences of the survivors in night by elie wiesel and maus by art spiegelman, analysis of hannah arendt’s views on the cause of evil, analysis of john winthrop’s speech a model of christian charity, john locke and thomas hobbes’ views on the role of government, political philosophy: comparative analysis of spinoza’s and hobbes’s approaches to the state, relevant topics.

  • Personal Philosophy
  • Child Observation
  • Enlightenment
  • Individualism
  • Values of Life
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • Utilitarianism

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political philosophy research paper topics


Political Science Research Topics: 200+ Captivating Ideas

Political Science Research Topics

Students with politics major already understand the profound evaluation in the field of politics and potential power from the domestic, global and comparative outlook. Their supervisors ask them to write a dissertation paper that shows their understanding of the exposition of existential political ideas, behavior, schemes, and procedures and how the nation scrutinizes the law, foreign affairs, communities, and much more.

Political science exhibits theories and conventions of the nation. As a student drafting a political science research paper might be time-consuming, complex, and strenuous for you. Finding interesting political topics to write about can deter you. Your supervisor expects you to draft a concrete research paper, but how can you gather the strength to draft your paper when it seems like your biggest nightmare?

Don’t worry; we have selected 200+ advanced political science research paper topics to help you.

But before we dive into that section, how about understanding a few couples of things?

Table of Contents

Significance of Political Science Research Paper

Drafting an academic research paper is enormously challenging. It comes with many hurdles, but unlike other topics, political studies come with massive dynamics, and its tendency can shift to a great extent. The ideology of your approach and your entire paper makes a huge difference in your content. Political science research paper aims to understand polity-related matters to your readers better.

The excellent approach to drafting your political science research paper is to seek inspiration from your current environment. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into controversial events. Don’t feel shy to provide a new perspective on the previous matters. Fortunately, when it comes to politics, the inspirations are already scattered around us. That’s why a political science research paper is significant in your academic year. A political science research paper is exceptional when it’s original and innovative. It includes much more than just synthesizing and drafting already published content. Researchers aim to prove to their supervisors that their research is worth publishing. A research work helps you to showcase why your research work is crucial and highlights important practical methods to solve those critical issues.

Limitations of a Political Science Research Paper

Since a research paper has enormous significance in your academics, you must provide accurate context with enough descriptions of your field of study. It helps you to evaluate the relevance and influence of your political study. A political science research paper   is not an easy task. The limitations in your research paper are the general flaws and shortcomings of your content. A research paper requires descriptive and comprehensive content; you do not want to present it with limitations and drawbacks. Your study might have multiple drawbacks and limitations. Keep reading to identify those limitations.

Implementation of Research Data and Statistical Collections:

Since you are a beginner in collecting primary data and information, there are huge chances that your implementation of the source collection procedure might be flawed . It is a potential  methodological  issue that can significantly impact your political research paper.

Conflicts Arising from a Biased Point of View:

Some researchers might hold biased perspectives because of their opinions of specific phenomena or cultural backgrounds. It has the potential to affect your political paper’s authority .  Besides, researchers with biased views of their data and results may support their theory and arguments. Pay considerable attention to the problem statement and effective data gathering.

Limited Access to Data:

Your political research may require the opinion of people and organizations; access to these respondents is extremely difficult for students. It might result in modification of your paper.

Time Constraints:

Needless to say, all research work comes with a deadline .  Researchers might have to submit a draft of their study or face trouble meeting the deadlines of their political science research paper. Time constraints can hugely affect the quality of your study.

Scope of Information:

Most likely, students do not have much understanding in conducting this complex research and writing a political research paper of such vast individuality. The depth and scope of a political paper are compromised at variable levels compared to experienced researchers with immense expertise.

Essential Factors for Choosing Political Science Research Paper Topic

When it comes to politics, some fields require comparison. Political science carries an empirical approach for variable political aspects. Before selecting your political science research topic, you must understand what fascinates you the most.

For starters, look over your local politics and analyze what you can dig out from there. Since the existing political dynamics are taking constant turns, you can use a fine piece of news to draft a magnificent research paper. It will make things much easier for you. However, if you still feel confused, we have listed a few steps that will guide you in selecting the best topic for your political science research paper:

Select the Topic Per Your Interests:

while narrowing down your topics, you must have already anticipated what political aspect fascinates you the most. Perhaps there is a topic that you find the most interesting. Identify those topics and start researching them. You can start narrowing down those political topics and begin studying them. While exploring those, remember not to dive into every detail regarding them. A little preliminary research would do the job.

Identify the Topics that Awaken Your Curiosity:

Writing a political science research paper does not imply you have to write something about an already published case. Instead, you are expected to write a magnificent work that makes everyone curious at every step of their reading. For that, you need to think about the political topics that always made you curious, but you didn’t have the time to explore more. It is your opportunity; use it to make an exceptional political science research paper.

Choose a Challenging Political Topic:

Selecting a challenging political topic will catch your supervisor’s and professors’ attention. They would want to read more about it. Although selecting a politically demanding topic can deter students as it involves a lot of research work. It increases your workload, But isn’t it worth it? A challenging political science topic would enhance your arguments and theories about it. An excellent research paper assures high grades in your academic year.

200 Political Science Research Topics

Our political world is exceptionally expansive. Thus, if you have chosen politics as your field, you know you have proclaimed an abundance of creative ideas for yourself. After getting a rough image of how you can draft your research, it’s time to pick up the scattered pieces and frame the big picture.

Some Amazing Political Science Topics

Suppose you want to understand how something as hideous and significant as political science can be fascinating. In that case, you first need to understand how reachable and astonishing even the most straightforward topics can be.

Nevertheless, if you lack ideas, here are a few great political science topics for your research paper:

  • Can we classify nationalism as the right school of leaders in history?
  • Post-war conflicts and art legacies
  • American foreign policies and their effects on the European policies in the 20th century?
  • Why is it vital for the news reporters not to be politically biased?
  • Fascism and its faces pre and post world war 2
  • Iran oil conflict and how did it devastate the oil market?
  • The political and the distribution structure of the Arctica island
  • Playing with principals in this political era
  • Choosing whom to betray? A compromise between left and right-wing parties.
  • Personal ambitions of our political leaders
  • Karl Marx: his life and influence on the politics of the 20th century
  • Voting made easy: what is the impact of technology on the voting process
  • Modern political culture and its dependency upon technology

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Comparative Politics Research Topic Ideas

It involves institutional analysis, domestic policy management, foreign issues, and much more. All these factors can be examined by comparative evaluation. Comparative politics research topics would help you make an authentic impression in front of your professors.

For a general idea, you can take a look at these given topics and choose the best one that you like the most:

  • The nature and significance of comparative politics.
  • A comparative analysis of the domestic policies of the UK and the USA
  • A detailed comparison of Abraham Lincoln’s lyceum address with modern political speeches
  • How would segregation have worked without Supreme Court?
  • Detailed comparison and contrast between foreign policies of the UK and Russia
  • Examine the communist structure of the USSR and China
  • Comparison and contrast of the Soviet Union’s ideology
  • Detailed analysis and the significance of the cultural gap between China and Japan
  • Examination of the cultural revolution in the USSR
  • Examine the behavioral approach between the US and the UK
  • Comparative analyses of liberalism and republicanism
  • Examination of the American commercials films and hidden political messages in them
  • The triangular relationship between China, America, and India
  • Comparative review of the female education in Afghanistan
  • The economic battle between China and America
  • The complicated relationship between business and politics
  • Critical analyses of the American and European federal crimes
  • Critically analyze religion as a social power
  • Culture as a formidable social strength
  • Online crime shows and their impact on constructing crime
  • Comparative analysis of any of the two parties of your nation
  • Comparative analysis of politics
  • Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism: Strategies for democratization
  • Comparison between the American and the African political heritage
  • Comparative analyses of egalitarianism with utilitarianism
  • The reasons behind conflict and resolutions in the US
  • The modernization theory and the sociological study of developments
  • A decade of feminism: Relationship between women and the modernization theory
  • Research, theory, and realities of modernization
  • The methods and theories of comparative politics
  • Rationality, religion, and structure in comparative politics
  • New identical tools and methods in comparative political economy
  • The new comparatively political economy
  • Comparative analyses of the political economy of the UK and the USA
  • The theory and critique of the political economy
  • Concept and theories of global political economy
  • Theory of political economy of Karl Marx
  • Principles of comparative politics

Research Topics on International Politics

From international poverty to global ethics, human rights to environmental issues, globalization to international security, these things happening in the international arena cannot go unnoticed. If you are still considering topics for your  research proposal , international politics would significantly impact your research.

Here are some research-related topics that you might use in your political science research paper.

  • Detailed analysis of the human rights in Uganda
  • Syrian collapse: how did Syria end up between two political fronts?
  • Regional and political effects of Shiite jihad
  • Understanding global poverty causes
  • Injustice and resistance to global poverty
  • Mexico: the problem of forced and illegal migrants
  • Excluding illegal migrants from the USSR
  • Illegal migrants: why are the union citizens converting themselves into illegal migrants?
  • Capturing illegal migrants in Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia
  • The causes and effects of the Syrian conflict
  • Russian aggression against Ukraine and its impacts
  • China: the new overlord of the 21st and 22nd century
  • The economic war between Russia and Ukraine: why does Putin remain tight to his chair?
  • Impacts of 2019 protests and how did it embrace the future of France
  • The characteristics and impacts of the sanctions imposed on Russia as the consequence of the aggression against Ukraine
  • European social model and the post-national Europe
  • Measurement of Global security network analysis
  • The battle of Syrian refugees and the race of legal status of the united states
  • A descriptive analysis of the international monetary fund structure
  • Perception and the misconception of the rational theory of the international politics
  • Global poverty crises and the Amnesty international controversy
  • Industry, war, and arctic circle battles
  • Research on international designs in political science
  • Political battles of ideas and discourses’ between nations
  • The feminists around the international political grounds
  • Comparison analysis of modern versus traditional international economy

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Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

Everyone knows that political science research topics can be extremely fragile and complex. There are numerous ideas dispersed throughout your research paper. This polity section deals with the most abstract levels of government, liberty, legal code mechanics, democracy, and arguments involved in political opinion.

This subject is concerned with arguments and discussions on how society needs to be set up and what new implications should be applied.

Here are some of the philosophical and political topics to write about:

  • Nationalism versus philosophies
  • Role of Greek-Roman philosophers in building modern politics
  • Philosophies practiced by the Germans and Karl Schmidt
  • Writings and political philosophies of Karl Marx
  • Decision-making powers of the judicial
  • Why did Rome fail: A critical analysis of the declined empire
  • Comparative analyses of the modern and ancient political philosophy
  • Jean Bodin and his mixed critics of sovereignty
  • Globalization issues and political events that lead to Nazism
  • Introduction to contemporary political philosophy
  • Contemporary political philosophy: how it shaped and changed the modern political science
  • The traditional disciplines of political philosophy
  • Greek: the philosophical hotspot in ancient times
  • History of the western political philosophy
  • Anthropology of Western contemporary political philosophies
  • Social and political philosophies of the Rousseau
  • A contemporary analysis of the western political philosophies
  • The USA followed the similar Trajectory as Ancient Rome
  • Jean Bodin and his concept of sovereignty: what failed him to see about sovereignty
  • Modern capitalism: culture and critical features that define modern capitalism

Few Controversial Political Science Research Questions

There are a few topics that trigger a specific section of our society. It triggers controversies and is prone to up-heave variable issues. These issues consist of conflicts and controversies.

Here are a few controversial political science research questions and topic examples:

  • Amnesty International report : 2020-2021 The state of the world’s human rights
  • An international perspective on violence against women
  • The political response to terrorist attacks over the globe
  • Corruption: the impacts and how can police unions minimize it?
  • What is the nation doing to deal with the massive wave of immigrants?
  • The ideal punishment for rapists and serial killers
  • Measurement of the severity of the violence against women scale
  • Prevention of domestic violence against women?
  • The implications of controversies in politics
  • Gender identity and expression: what is the nation doing to prevent transgender people?

American Politics Research Topic Ideas

American politics is something that will never bore you. If you find American politics attractive, you can also consider choosing a topic from this section.

For starters, you can have a look at these few American politics research topic ideas:

  • African and American prisoner conflicts
  • Australia and America: how do the economic policies differ?
  • Political polarization in America during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The political and economic battle between America and China
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with political polarization
  • Public relations of America with other nations
  • Role of the American Government in public relations with other nations
  • American government and its role in shaping its democracy?
  • Tools and the propaganda used by the American parties to win the elections?
  • Democracy in America: principles used by Americans to establish democracy in the nation
  • Comparative analysis of the current American parties to their 1960s predecessors
  • The impact of the American civil war on the modern American government
  • Foreign direct investment: Democracy and corruption in South America
  • Political corruption and reform in South America
  • American political culture: the vision of a developed society and redemption in modem America
  • Detailed analyses of the modern political structure of America
  • The congress and the court: the study of American political cultures
  • 1952-1996: the era of political decline of the American political parties
  • The consensus and Agendas of American politics.’
  • A history of the American political cultures
  • Political preferences and theories of the American Government
  • Agendas and polarization of American political cultures
  • The public relations actors in the American economic politics
  • Mass media and political elections
  • Transformation of American politics
  • The political evolution of America from the 1960s
  • False equivalences: online activism in theory and in practical
  • Online Activism, mediated politics, and social movements in contemporary America
  • The behavioral approach to the growth and development of contemporary America
  • Renaissance of the current political culture of America
  • Idea and concept of American political culture
  • The American Democracy: effects of 2020 elections on the American democracy
  • American Civil war: what were the political and economic crises that led to the civil war
  • American politics during the Civil war
  • The republican culture: how it was introduced and evolved in America
  • The economic and political relationships between America and North Korea
  • The significant place of Hispanic US politics currently
  • Importance of news coverage of US elections
  • Examine the analysis of the Donald Trump and Barak Obama administration
  • Security leadership conflicts post-9/11
  • Post 9/11, security collaboration and leadership conflicts
  • Establishing development to converse terrorism: post 9/11 transformation of US aid to Africa
  • The USA in preserving its national security
  • The conflicts of the American – African prisoners
  • American foreign policy and how it changed after the war?
  • Public opinion and the United States foreign policy
  • American heritage: the political history of the United States

Current Research Topics in Political Science

The field of political science focuses on the branch of empirical approach, using comparative methods. The current US politics is rocky, which makes it much more enthusiastic.

If you find the current events exciting and want to research more about them, we have selected the top 20 fantastic topics for you:

  • Attempt an analysis of the traits of typical American politics
  • Examine the analysis of the administration of Donald Trump and Joe Biden
  • Examine the role of American nationalism in the face of Globalization
  • Definition of social constructivism in the American context
  • Submit the evaluation of fraud in US elections
  • Life of African American politicians
  • Analyze the significant levels of minorities in the US
  • Law of the United States: the civil law traditions
  • Life of Jimmy Carter and his impact on America
  • Life of Saddam Hussein and the essential impacts on the American politics
  • The Vietnam War: what made it turn into the American war?
  • The US VS Russia: the political and economic similarities between Russia and America
  • Significance of falling to vote for shaping political tenures
  • Relationship between politics and the poverty in the Sub Sahara African politics
  • Significance of meme culture in building political awareness
  • Modern and Apartheid Segregation in modern America
  • Significance of the internet in shaping modern political awareness
  • The obligations and the rights of voters in Modern America
  • The Electoral College: should the American government abolish it or give it more power?
  • The Democrats and the Republicans: alike or the same?

Topics on Constitution and Constitutionalism

If you find these topics attractive, here are the top 9 topics regarding constitution and Constitutionalism:

  • Existential western constitutionals law
  • The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  • Existentialism in modern constitutional law
  • Constitutional laws: Why every state has different constitutional laws?
  • Duel constitutionalism and the amending process in America
  • The American Constitutionalism: the rights and liberties of an American citizen
  • Non-liberal Constitutionalism in the US
  • Revolutions in the American constitution
  • Constitution and Constitutionalism in modern America

Topics on Democracy and Democratization

Democracy and democratization refer to the transition to a more democratic political environment. Researching more about this would help you to draft a magnificent research paper.

If you already have a few ideas on your mind, that’s excellent, although if you still cannot figure out the topic, here are some impressive topics on democracy and democratization for you:

  • The incomplete democracy and democratization in America
  • Difference between presidential and parliamentary democracy
  • Explain liberal democracy justification
  • The democratic government: legitimacies of an authorized democratic government
  • A comparative analysis of the democracy laboratories of contemporary America
  • Prospects of democracy and democratization for globalization
  • The comparative politics and concepts of democracy and democratization
  • Radical democracy in America
  • The evolution of democracy to democratization
  • liberal prospects and the limitations of democratization

Conclusion –

When there are individuals involved, situations tend to become more complicated. It is why political research topics are complex to analyze and study.

Most students who plump for politics as their significant subjects do not only desire to become politicians. Instead, they prefer to become professional experts in politics, making them the future of our economy.

Considering you attended all your lectures and exemplified your research papers- you are already doing your best, and you will be fine. Nevertheless, if you still feel difficult to move forward with your research proposal, you can also consider seeking research paper help service from Edumagnate . They can guide you to build a good cornerstone for establishing political wisdom.

We salute those students and wish them good luck with the challenging hurdles coming ahead in their political science studies.

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By Alex Brown

I'm an ambitious, seasoned, and versatile author. I am experienced in proposing, outlining, and writing engaging assignments. Developing contagious academic work is always my top priority. I have a keen eye for detail and diligence in producing exceptional academic writing work. I work hard daily to help students with their assignments and projects. Experimenting with creative writing styles while maintaining a solid and informative voice is what I enjoy the most.

100 Political Science Research Topics in 2023

10 November, 2020

14 minutes read

Author:  Mathieu Johnson

As a student, it's a no-brainer that you'd be required to do a lot of writing. From writing projects, to research papers and essays, there's no limit to the amount of writing you may have to complete. However, when it comes to writing political essays, a lot of students get stuck. Here's why: political science is a really broad subject. If you have to choose your own topic, you'd definitely feel overwhelmed.

Political science research topics

Remember how it felt to get lost in a huge park as a toddler? That’s exactly how choosing a political science research topic feels like.

If you’re carrying out political science research and you’re in a limbo, we can help you choose the perfect topic.

Ready? Let’s get started.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Topic 

You’re probably itching to get to the part where you choose a topic for your political science research. However, choosing an essay topic isn’t as easy as deciding if you want pancakes or waffles for breakfast. It has to be a deliberate and cautious journey.

Ready to choose a topic for your essay? Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Get Familiar with all the Branches of Political Science 

Political science is just like a tree with several branches and fields. If you aren’t careful, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of fields under this umbrella.

Familiarising yourself with all the branches of political science is the first step to take when it comes to choosing the right topic for your essay.

After researching and getting familiar with each branch, you can then go on to choose a topic.

Select a Subject Area and Narrow it down

Now that you know everything you need to know about each branch of political science, you would need to select a subject area under your preferred branch.

For instance, under the branch of political conflict, you could have subject areas ranging from elections to even economic battles.

Select an area that appeals to you the most and then narrow it down to one particular topic. If the subject of elections fascinates you, you could narrow it down to electoral procedures in European countries.

Read Articles Written by Credible Analysts

Once you’ve chosen a topic, the next step is to carry out research on the topic of your choice. What have other experts written about it? To help you do justice to your essay, you may have to read articles written by credible analysts and experts.

This way, you’d have a clear idea on how to draft your essay.

Avoid Bias or One Sided Narratives 

As humans, it’s completely normal for our bias to slip in when writing a research paper in political science. However, if you’re trying to write a completely objective and credible essay, it is important to avoid any form of bias or partisan politics.

When choosing a political issue to write about, ensure that the topic has sufficient facts and evidence to give you a clear picture of the different perspectives surrounding the issue.

Ensure that Your Topic is Interesting and Unique 

No one wants to read a paper that has been recycled so many times, it now sounds like a broken record. Just before you decide to write an essay on a particular topic, ensure that it hasn’t already been over flogged.

Imagine if everyone on earth wrote an article about green jelly beans. Your eyes would probably roll into the back of your head each time you saw the words “green” and “jellybean” in the same sentence.

That’s exactly how it feels to write about an over flogged topic without introducing a fresh perspective.

Ensure that your topic is both unique and interesting enough for your audience to want to read it.

Categories in Political Science 

When it comes to political science research topics, there are several categories anyone can choose from. Here are the different categories and branches of political science.

Comparative Politics

This field uses the comparative or empirical method to explore politics and its dynamics within countries.

Within comparative politics, you may find issues related to political behaviour, conflicts and of course, political institutions.

Some research topics you may find under this field include:

  • Policies within the Soviet Union.
  • The relationship between ethnic/cultural conflict and the destabilisation of countries.
  • Strategies in the implementation and design of international treaties.
  • A study of the apartheid phenomenon and its long-term effects.
  • An in-depth analysis of democracy models among European countries.
  • A comparative analysis of foreign policies of the Soviet Union vs United States.
  • The relevance of the parliamentary system in today’s democratic world.
  • Government authority vs individual liberty: where the line ends.
  • Political dynamics and the role of the government in Third World countries.
  • Political dissent and its impact on the economic development of countries.

International Relations 

International relations encompasses state sovereignty, globalisation, conflicts and negotiations all over the world and between countries. It also focuses on other critical issues such as terrorism, human rights, global finance and diplomatic relations.

Some political science research paper topics under this field include:

  • The causes and effects of global poverty.
  • The violation of human rights by governmental bodies in Nigeria.
  • The impact of China’s relations with West African countries on economic development.
  • Negotiating for hostages and victims of war in war-torn countries.
  • Socialist approaches to international treaties and policies.
  • The impact of Brexit on the UK and other European countries.
  • An in-depth analysis of globalisation and the anti-globalisation movement.
  • Causes and effects of the Syrian conflict.
  • Facilitation and implementation of diplomatic relations between European countries.
  • The impact of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on globalisation.

Philosophy Research Topics

This is yet another field under the huge umbrella of political science. It focuses on issues and areas such as democracy, liberty, government, justice, as well as other essential state legislation.

Typically, essays and research papers within this field are centred on the structure of society and the application of ethics.

Some philosophy research topics include:

  • Electoral and democratic ethics.
  • The causes and global impact of the American revolution.
  • A comparative analysis between liberalism and Republican ethics.
  • Carl Schmitt and the New Authoritarianism agenda.
  • The correlation between post-socialism and the neoliberal policies of the 1990s.
  • Exploring the development of Western Constitutional law within the 19th century.
  • The extent of Civil Society influence on neopatrimonial politics in African countries.
  • The rise of neoliberalism in Post-Socialist European countries.
  • An ethical approach to the concept of tolerance as a political virtue.
  • Democracy and social justice in schools.

Public Administration 

Public Administration encompasses the study of government bodies and the essential functions of public administrators. It also focuses on other agencies responsible for the drafting and implementation of laws and policies.

Some research topics under this field include:

  • Strategies involved in fiscal management and budget planning.
  • Ethical issues in the non-profit sector.
  • Community development approaches, methods and strategies.
  • An in-depth analysis of the American Public Administration and the constitution.
  • The administrative state and the study of administrative constitutionalism.
  • An organisational and empirical study of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • A comparative analysis of innovations in the private sector vs the public sector.
  • Balancing public safety, democracy and individual rights.
  • Re-imagining and restructuring public safety within the United States.
  • The hurdles of public coordination.

Public Law Topics 

This field of political science focuses on the relationship between administrative bodies and citizens. Under this field, you can find issues such as criminal legislation, taxes, constitutional law, and so on.

However, don’t let the scope of this field scare you away. It has a wide range of topics, some of which you may find interesting. These include:

  • The relationship between gender politics and child custody battles.
  • Effects of maximisation and minimization methods in police interrogation.
  • A critical review of human rights in Britain since the Human Rights Act of 1998.
  • Morality in criminal law and criminal procedures.
  • A functional analysis of judicial review and the political question.
  • The impact of the 1998 Human Rights Act on judicial review.
  • The perpetual case against judicial review: A critical analysis.
  • Maximising female access to justice in post-conflict societies.
  • Legal empowerment and group-based inequality in post-conflict situations.
  • Balancing civil liberties and national security.

Researchable Topics in Political Science 

When it comes to political science research, this is the main crux of the matter. It covers all political processes, and equally involves a cause-effect study of deep issues.

If you do decide to choose a topic under this field, it has to be one that has adequate research materials and academic sources.

Here are some topics from which you could draw inspiration:

  • A critical journey through the genealogy and development of federalism.
  • A review of different theoretical approaches to policy change and implementation.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct and legal solutions.
  • Crime and criminal justice systems among European countries.
  • A comparative analysis of crime reporting factors in African countries.
  • Causes of war: the correlation between political instability and armed conflicts.
  • Power, religion and the methodologies of social control.
  • The culture of interdependent leadership in organisations.
  • An overview of the Presidential power of pardon and its legal effects.
  • Major social movements in post-war american societies.

Political Theory

This involves the study of topics such as liberty, justice, rights, law, politics and the legitimacy of governments. It also addresses the rights and freedoms which governments ought to protect, as well as the duties owed to a legitimate government by citizens.

Sample topics under this field include:

  • The concept and antecedents of sovereignty.
  • Conflicting notions of national and constitutional sovereignty among scholars.
  • Plato’s political philosophy.
  • A critical analysis of Plato’s “The Republic”.
  • Karl Marx’s theory and vision of communism.
  • The role of anarchism in the history of political philosophy.
  • Social justice and the crisis of liberty in America.
  • The problem of parliamentary supremacy.
  • Foucault and the concept of power.
  • The theory of revolution.

Conflicts in Politics

Just like the name implies, this field encompasses elections, economic battles and social issues. Under this field, it is advisable to take a cause-effect approach when treating any topic.

Some political science research questions and topics under this category include:

  • A comparative analysis of police brutality and electoral violence in Nigeria.
  • An overview of war crimes and Nazi war criminals.
  • The human cost of conflict in Afghanistan.
  • Conflict resolution methods in war-torn countries.
  • A critical analysis of the causes of civil conflict.
  • The structure and reality behind Syria’s political repression.
  • The impact of social media platforms on Civil Rights protests.
  • The global migrant and refugee crisis.
  • Understanding the state of anarchy in the Central African Republic.
  • The politics involved in international agenda-setting.
In case you face some issues with writing your Research Paper, you can always count on our Essay Writers !

Conflict Resolution 

Conflict resolution focuses on all peaceful strategies and methods employed in the resolution of conflicts. These conflicts may be large-scale. For example, the resolution of international conflicts. On the other hand, they may be on a smaller scale e.g court custody battles.

Some research topics related to conflict resolution are:

  • Identifying media bias in news articles.
  • Peace and conflict issues after the Cold War.
  • Conflict among prison inmates.
  • The impact of foreign policies on European countries.
  • Racial conflicts after 9/11.
  • The oil conflict between the Nigerian government and Niger-Delta militants.
  • The US-Iran conflict and oil price tensions.
  • The implications of political ambitions in democratic states.
  • A critical analysis of the US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement.
  • Legacies of armed conflict on lasting peace.

Mediation and Negotiation

Mediation and negotiation centres around providing compromises for the resolution of issues. Topics under this field include:

  • Understanding and assessing the role of wartime negotiations.
  • Paradoxes of negotiating hostages with terrorists.
  • Mediation as a method of international conflict resolution.
  • Making the most of mediation.
  • The role of whistleblowers in navigating conflict.
  • Mapping modern mediation methods in civil law jurisdictions.
  • Correlation between social movements and activist-protest volunteering.
  • Transnational corporations in conflict-prone zones.
  • The mediation process and dispute resolution.
  • Mediation in judicial review.

With this guide, you should be able to find a suitable political science research topic and write extensively on it. Good luck on this task!

If you are still unsure on whether you can cope with your task – you are in the right place to get help. HandMadeWriting is the perfect answer to the question “Who can write my paper?”

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Ethical Research Paper Topics

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170 great philosophy research paper topics you will love.

philosophy research paper topics

If you’re reading our blog post, it means you are on the prowl for some awesome philosophy research paper topics. We know, it can be very difficult to find quality topics these days. The problem is that most of the topics that are on the Internet are already used by your classmates. You want something new. You want something original and interesting. And the good news is that you have arrived at just the right place.

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Your Philosophy Topics Really Matter

Not sure whether to choose one of these topics or not? You probably don’t know the importance of finding some great philosophy topics. Here is a short list that will show you why finding a unique topic is so important:

  • Your professor will appreciate all the effort you’ve dedicated to finding a captivating topic
  • You will most likely get some bonus points simply because the topic is interesting and original
  • Your paper will stand out from all the rest because of the topic you’ve chosen
  • A good topic makes writing the paper easier because you can find plenty of information on the Internet

Yes, finding some exceptional philosophical paper topics really makes a difference. Don’t worry, you can find all sorts of topics on this page, and all of them are provided to you for free.

The Best Topics in Philosophy for 2023

We have the absolute best topics in philosophy right here. And the best part is that our writers are adding new topics periodically, so there is a big chance you can find an idea that nobody else thought of. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these ideas and start writing the paper right away:

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics

We are your best option if you are looking for some easy philosophy paper topics that can help you write the paper faster which at the same time doing a great job:

  • Does being rich mean one has a lot of money?
  • Discuss living without feeling alive.
  • Describe loneliness and talk about its effects
  • How much does love last?
  • Talk about the emotions that are helpful
  • Discuss the role of society in your life
  • Talk about the best ways to boost creativity
  • Discuss the role of education in your life
  • Good traits and bad traits
  • What would you choose: a well-paid job or your dream job?
  • Discuss the determinist theory
  • The principles of democracy

Good Philosophy Paper Topics

In this list, we will post all of the topics that stand out from the rest. Pick one of these good philosophy paper topics and start writing your research paper right away:

  • Discuss the differences between humans and animals
  • A philosophical discussion about superstitions
  • What would you prefer: to be loved or to love?
  • Talk about the essence of time in philosophy
  • Why are you staying up late every night?
  • Talk about age and wisdom
  • The truth behind myths
  • A philosophical discussion about science
  • Talk about the differences between modern life and ancient life
  • Honor in Medieval Europe
  • The most prominent philosophers of the 20th century
  • Talk about the relation between power and reason
  • Talk about the rights of robots in the near future
  • How important is science in our life?

Philosophical Thesis Topics

Do you want to start on your thesis? Our exceptional writers have put together a list of great philosophical thesis topics that you can use for free right now:

  • A philosophical discussion about robots
  • Can you accept a fact without questioning it?
  • A philosophical discussion about artificial intelligence
  • Discuss the American dream and its implications
  • An in-depth analysis of the Socratic method
  • A philosophical discussion about your pet
  • Research the life and death of Plato
  • Discuss the concept of honor in ancient Rome
  • What is the life of reason?
  • The importance of education in the 21st century
  • What does it mean to have good judgement?
  • An in-depth analysis of the power of slogans
  • Things that cause you to be attracted by a person
  • The main causes of corruption at high levels

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

Who said writing about a topic in philosophy can’t be fun? To the contrary, we have a list of fun philosophy paper topics right here for you:

  • Talk about the concept of moral virtue
  • A philosophical discussion about the exploration of space
  • What does your cat think about you?
  • A philosophical discussion about religion
  • The effects of weather on our mood
  • Talk about a controversial aspect of modern life
  • A philosophical discussion about poverty
  • What does your dog think about you?
  • A philosophical discussion about life
  • The effect of video games on our perception
  • An in-depth look at polygamous marriage
  • Humanity vs. divinity: an analysis
  • The perception of death in 3 different communities
  • The effects of music on human development

Philosophy Research Topics

Are you looking for some of the best research topics you can find? Check out our list of philosophy research topics and select the one you like the most:

  • A philosophical discussion about death
  • Is sorcery a real thing?
  • Are people really the loving beings they think they are?
  • What does self-development mean for you?
  • A philosophical discussion about divinity
  • The effects of Autism on cognitive behavior
  • A philosophical discussion about good and bad
  • An in-depth look at witchcraft in ancient times
  • Where does our conscience go after we die?
  • A philosophical discussion about the concept of power
  • Uncovering evidence to support the existence of magic
  • The link between a person’s name and his traits.
  • Who decides what is good and what is bad?

Philosophy Paper Topics For College

If you are a college student looking to impress his teacher, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some of the best possible philosophy paper topics for college:

  • Discuss the concept of the beauty of the heart
  • Talk about law and ethics (balancing the two)
  • A philosophical discussion about reincarnation
  • Is the truth really an effective way to win an argument?
  • A philosophical discussion about popular legends
  • Talk about what it means to be proud of something
  • The impact of art on children in the United States
  • Can too much knowledge be dangerous?
  • Why do women love their hair so much?
  • A philosophical discussion about lies
  • Do we owe anything to robots?
  • A philosophical discussion about life and death
  • Talk about the bottom line in large corporations
  • An in-depth look at the concept of capitalism

Philosophy Paper Ideas For High School

We know many high school students are looking for topic for their next philosophy paper, so we have a whole list of philosophy paper ideas for high school:

  • A philosophical discussion about the voting age
  • Talk about the subconscious
  • Discuss abortion in modern society
  • A philosophical discussion about money
  • Can we justify torture?
  • A philosophical discussion about forgiveness

Philosophical Argument Topics

Do you want to write about a philosophical argument? Or perhaps you’ve been assigned an argumentative essay. Here are some of the best philosophical argument topics possible:

  • How objective is morality?
  • A philosophical discussion about homework
  • Talk about the future of the human race
  • A philosophical discussion about society
  • Problems with artificial intelligence
  • A philosophical discussion about ancient Rome gods

The Best Philosophical Questions

Our experienced writers managed to come up with the best philosophical questions for our readers, and you can now use them to write a paper for free:

  • The pros and cons of socialism
  • A philosophical discussion about biblical parables
  • Talk about the concept of an utopia
  • A philosophical discussion about the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Ethical dilemmas related to cloning
  • Discuss the implications of heavy smoking

Moral Philosophy Topics For Essays

Are you looking for some topics that are related to moral dilemmas in philosophy? Take a look at the list of moral philosophy topics for essays and pick one:

  • Talk about alcohol consumption
  • A philosophical discussion about tall people
  • An in-depth look at the colonization of America
  • A philosophical discussion about planet Earth
  • Colonizing other planets
  • A philosophical discussion about greed

Controversial Philosophy Paper Ideas

Students are encouraged to write on controversial ideas if they want to get top grades. In fact, we can help you with some interesting controversial philosophy paper ideas right now:

  • A philosophical discussion about abortion
  • Controversial philosophers in ancient Greece
  • A philosophical discussion about euthanasia
  • The moral implications of genetic engineering
  • The rich and the poor of America
  • A philosophical discussion about free will

Topics Related To Ethics In Philosophy

Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch that discusses concepts such as right and wrong. Check out our list of topics related to ethics in philosophy:

  • A philosophical discussion about standardized testing
  • Are people evil by nature?
  • Talk about the concept of ethical egoism
  • A philosophical discussion about nuclear weapons
  • Talk about metaethics in philosophy
  • A philosophical discussion about same sex marriage

Ancient Philosophy Ideas

You’ve surely heard about ancient philosophers and their immense contribution to our society. Here are some ancient philosophy ideas for your next research paper:

  • A philosophical discussion about eating disorders
  • An in-depth look at Immanuel Kant
  • Talk about philosophy in ancient Greece
  • A philosophical discussion about the concept of reality
  • The life and death of Socrates
  • Peculiarities about the Roman philosophy
  • A philosophical discussion about mythology

Philosophy Topics for an A+

Over the years, we’ve come to know which topics have the potential to get an A+. Here is an entire list of philosophy topics for an A+, just for you:

  • A philosophical discussion about Platonic realism
  • Caring for the environment is our duty
  • A philosophical discussion about the concept of universalism
  • What are designer babies?
  • A philosophical discussion about the human soul
  • Talk about steroids in sports

Political Philosophy Topics

Yes, there is such a thing as political philosophy. It’s not an easy subject to write about, but it can get you a top grade if you pull it off. Here are some relatively easy political philosophy topics:

  • A philosophical discussion about intellectuals
  • Race and justice in the United States
  • A philosophical discussion about magic in ancient times
  • What is Classical Liberalism?
  • A philosophical discussion about the spiritual aspects of life
  • Talk about the concept of social justice

The Best Philosophy Topics for 2023

Want to know which topics will work great in 2023? No problem, here is a well-researched list of the best philosophy topics for 2023:

  • A philosophical discussion about the concept of free will
  • Define low moral standards
  • A philosophical discussion about the concept of irony
  • Do you have a moral obligation to be honest?
  • A philosophical discussion about beauty standards
  • An in-depth look at Aristotle’s life

Practical Philosophy Ideas

Of course, you can write about putting philosophy concepts and principles in practice. We have some interesting practical philosophy ideas right here if you want to give it a try:

  • A philosophical discussion about our IQ
  • Discuss war and peace in the modern world
  • Philosophical implications of suicide
  • A philosophical discussion about state borders
  • Define love and explain why it’s important for happiness
  • The role of globalization
  • The relativity of truth
  • A philosophical discussion about
  • The moral implications of the death penalty

Our Most Interesting Topics

Of all the topics and ideas we’ve come up with, some were better than others. This is why we have created a separate list with our most interesting topics:

  • A philosophical discussion about a happy life
  • The concept of power in modern society
  • What is harmony?
  • What do you understand by eternity?
  • Does love last more than 3 years?
  • How can you boost your creativity?
  • The concept of law and order in our society
  • A philosophical discussion about zoos

The Best Philosophy Essay Questions

Perhaps you just need a good question to figure out the best topic for your next essay. These are the best philosophy essay questions we can think of:

  • What is an ideal world?
  • What does money mean to you?
  • What are the pros and cons of suicide?
  • What is a meaningful life?
  • How can we achieve world peace in the 21st century?
  • What is a meritocratic society?
  • How can one justify murder?
  • Are your parents responsible for your actions?
  • What is the role of society today?

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Popular request:

150 hot philosophy paper topics and writing tips.

March 25, 2020

Philosophy is one of the areas of study that leaves plenty of space for students and scholars to explore. But this vast space has proved problematic to most students, especially when it comes to selecting philosophy paper topics for their papers. Therefore, if you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen and wondering where to start, know that you are not alone.

Philosophy Paper Topics

But you need not to worry anymore because we are here to help. We have listed the best 150 philosophy research paper topics that you can use. We have also provided pro tips for selecting great topics

Brilliant Philosophy Paper Topics

  • To love or be loved: What is more important?
  • Do all people require education?
  • What is a perfect life? What are the obstacles prevent you from living it?
  • Can you evaluate the reason that makes beauty standards to change?
  • If not 100% sure about success, should you take or ignore an opportunity?
  • Think of yourself as a time machine: What situation in your life would you change?
  • What role does the community play in an individual’s personality development?
  • Is it possible to have only good traits and no bad traits?
  • What are the best strategies for boosting an individual’s innovativeness?
  • Are emotions important?
  • Are people different from animals? Justify
  • According to you, what is the meaning of love?
  • Is it possible to be happy without having a family?
  • What is the definition of happiness according to you?
  • A vacation or well-paying job: What would you select?
  • Are there times when people should not obey rules?
  • Evaluate the modern life values.
  • What is loneliness?
  • What are your thoughts about life after death?
  • What is the greatest treasure in your life? If given an opportunity, what would you change?
  • Is it possible to increase an individual’s IQ?
  • Do we acquire knowledge via experience or learning?
  • According to you, what is the meaning of power?
  • Is it possible to achieve harmony in society?
  • Genetics: Does it play any role in defining a person’s behaviour?
  • Is there a time when we can justify murder?
  • Can we justify torture?
  • Do video games have an impact on a person’s behaviour?
  • Should we allow the use of animals in circuses?
  • Should laboratory experiments with animals be banned?

Interesting Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Do you agree with the statement: “Life is hard.”
  • Can we achieve peace in the world?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their children’s behavior?
  • Supernatural: Do you believe in it?
  • Why do students lie?
  • Is there a time when lying can be justified?
  • Re-imagining a world without laws and regulations.
  • Is morality associated with an individual’s education level?
  • What are the best ways to address the problem of corruption?
  • That person is rich: Does this means he has a lot of money?
  • Should we be allowed to break the rules for the greater good?
  • Do good and evil have any significance?
  • What situations make you feel upset?
  • Does boredom always result in trouble?
  • Is it possible to rewire the mind for positive thinking?
  • Should we grant people the right to die by suicide?
  • Sexual desire: What does it tell us about human behaviour?
  • Can social media affect a person’s morals?
  • Free will or determinism: Which one do you support?
  • Animals versus people: What are the differences?
  • Discuss the things that make a person’s life meaningful.
  • Evaluate the things that make a person’s life senseless.
  • What is harmony?
  • Do you believe in eternity?
  • Analyzing the impact of binary opposition on humankind development.
  • What is the relationship between peace and war?
  • What is the future of humankind?
  • What are the best methods for solving parents and children issues?
  • Believe in God: Can it change a human’s nature?
  • Are science and religion incompatible?
  • Discuss utopia?
  • Discuss anti-autopia?
  • What are the pros and cons of egoism?
  • Human morals: Are they related to culture?
  • Why is cloning banned in most countries across the globe?
  • Are experiments on human beings justified?
  • Should we pass laws to legalize genetic engineering?
  • Analyzing the modern application of rationalism.
  • Exploring feminism epistemology.
  • Discuss the theory of black holes.
  • Analyze the relationship between functionalism and sociology.
  • A closer look at the philosophy of language.
  • Analyzing the theory of post-structuralism.
  • What are the impacts of medical ethics globally?
  • What is the relationship between philosophy and peace?
  • What is the best way to always think positively?

Political Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Is corruption central to dictatorship?
  • Should we pass laws to protect hate speech?
  • Can leaders impact youth in a positive way?
  • Where did politics start?
  • Can you bring out the connection between religion and philosophy?
  • Compare the two most popular electoral systems in the globe.
  • What are the merits and demerits of democracy?
  • Analyze the correlation between power and morality.
  • What are the pros and cons of totalitarianism?
  • Explore the impact of international relations in the EU over the last five years.
  • War or diplomacy: What is more effective?
  • Do revolutions result in more harm or good?
  • Should the US build a wall on its border with Mexico?
  • What is the history of international relations?
  • Can we justify funding political systems?

Controversial Philosophy Topics

  • What are the best steps to creating an ideal state?
  • Should criminals be allowed to bear children?
  • Does the American dream really exist?
  • What are the pros and cons of marriage?
  • Is it justifiable for governments to hide evidence on extraterrestrial visitors?
  • Dogs or cats: Which is more superior intellectually?
  • Should humans claim a stake in other galaxies?
  • Girls of boys: Who suffers more?
  • Genetically modified objects: A closer look at their pros and cons.
  • Is it possible to finally have a single universal language?
  • To place the elderly in specialized care centers: Who should make the decision?
  • How has the marriage institution changed over since the enlightenment era?
  • What are the causes of rape, and how can we avoid it?
  • Child-free families: What are their pros and cons?
  • Should we consider patriotism as a virtue
  • How should we behave if aliens visited the earth from other galaxies?
  • Should all religious sects be banned?

Great Topics in Philosophy and Religion

  • Comparing philosophy and religion.
  • Analyzing the history of religious philosophy.
  • Religion and philosophy: The search for truth.
  • If there is God, who created him?
  • Analyzing the relationship between the existence of God and the existence of life.
  • Death is inevitable, and religion only offers comfort from the inevitable.
  • God is all-loving and all-knowing: So how do you explain the evil in the world?
  • God only exists in believer’s imaginations: Discuss.
  • Can you justify the existence of God in the face of modern disasters, from global warming to pandemics like HIV/AIDS?
  • Analyzing the notion of atheism in the modern world.
  • Discuss the evolution of religious beliefs in the 20 th century.
  • Budhism: Is it a philosophy or religion?
  • A closer look at the big bang theory and religion.
  • Is Islam a peaceful religion?
  • Should every person has a religion?
  • Is Satanism as bad as it is depicted?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

  • Distinguishing between knowledge and vagueness.
  • Are modern celebrities good role models?
  • Is the current minimum wage in the US too high?
  • Who is to blame for homelessness?
  • Should we make the weeks shorter?
  • What should be the ideal age allowed for taking alcohol?
  • Should homework be abolished in all schools?
  • What is the right age to start teaching sex education?
  • Should we make all colleges faith-based?
  • What reasons make people adopt unfair practices at work?
  • Should we allow gun holder to take weapons to school?
  • Should women be allowed into extreme sports today?
  • Do animals experience dreams?
  • If you had a chance to make only one wish, what would it be?
  • Is it really important to share personal worries with a close friend?
  • Thinking of how life would be if people had everything they always wanted.
  • Exploring the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness.
  • Having total control: What are the pros and cons?
  • Should our lives always be based on already established laws?
  • What are the worst and best decisions that you have ever made?
  • What do you think of people who live without feeling alive?
  • What do you think about life after death?
  • Should we allow convicts to pick between the death penalty and life sentence?
  • Early to bed early to rise: Is it true that this can help to extend your lifespan?
  • Living many years or living forever: What would you prefer?
  • Do we have a moral obligation, to be honest?

Pro Tips for Selecting Good Topics for Philosophy Paper

Before listing the best philosophy paper topics, it is important to start by answering the question: “How do you select Interesting Philosophy Paper Topics?”

  • Start by understanding the prompt from your professor. What does your teacher what? Does he/she require you to get philosophy topics to write a paper on from a specific area of philosophy or the assignment is open?
  • Think about your targeted readers. Although it is true that your paper will be read by the teacher, it should appear as if you are targeting a specific audience. For example, you can pick easy philosophy paper topics that address students.
  • Go for a topic that is interesting to you. If you make a mistake and select a topic that is less interesting, there is a danger of getting bored midway. So, go for fun philosophy paper topics in the areas that you like more for a winning paper.
  • Your topic should have ample resources to help you prepare the paper. No matter the philosophy topics you select, you are likely to find it a serious challenge writing your paper if there are no related resources. So, carefully check to ensure you have ample resources, such as books, journals, reports, and reviews, to support your arguments.

After the Topic, What Next?

After selecting the best philosophical topics, the next step is writing your paper. Make sure to craft a good format, write a good introduction, develop a strong thesis, and present your arguments coherently. Note that if you find how to write a great paper difficult, it is advisable to seek writing help from experts .

political philosophy research paper topics

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Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Are you searching for ideas for a philosophical paper? Then you are in luck to have found our page. Our compilations of standardized research themes are sure to inspire you to write a grade A+ essay. You ought to know that the contents of your research must meet academic standards set for sciences, and our suggestions are meant to steer you in the right trajectory. The first step of the writing process begins by looking for research topics in philosophy. This post helps in providing you with lists of philosophy research topics for your paper. Check title ideas prepared by our papers writing service and get ready to write your own paper. 

What Are Philosophy Research Topics?

Most philosophy paper topics require a good amount of devotion to writing. Philosophy involves the study of axiology, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of the mind, and aesthetics, to name just a few. Each of these branches can seem broad and complex, which is why most students find selecting a handful of philosophical research topics to be hectic.  In fact, some people make the mistake of picking very intricate social science research topics of discussion in an attempt to impress their professors. The best approach, however, requires one to choose a simple but researchable subject matter. Identifying appropriate philosophy topics for a research paper is crucial in writing. Doing so narrows down your search significantly.

Characteristics of Good Philosophy Research Topics

Writers who earn high grades begin their research journey by choosing good research topics for philosophy. Doing so carries benefits, such as being able to write on a theme you like and understand well, which makes the process enjoyable. These merits later reflect in your final score on your philosophy paper. Looking out for these traits given below will allow you to find a unique subject matter for your essay easily. You should:

  • Select a fascinating topic because it activates your imagination.
  • If your theme is original, then you stand a higher chance of earning extra points compared to students who recycled from a list of overused philosophy research topics.
  • Your preferred research issue ought to have plenty of information available in published resources, including books and the Internet.
Read more: What Is a Research Paper & How to Write It?

How to Choose a Philosophy Research Paper Topic?

Successful formulation of your research topic, to a great extent, determines your final grade. You want to avoid the mistake of picking a philosophy paper topic that exceeds your grasp of knowledge. For example, if you are in your first year of college, you cannot tackle a philosophy research paper topic in the Ph.D. category. When picking your preferred theme, you should:

  • Consider the relevance of philosophy paper ideas to your specific area of study.
  • Refer to your class assignments as a source of inspiration for developing your interests.
  • Pick a topic that interests you, as this will allow you to research quickly in a fun and rewarding process.
  • Ensure that your preferred research issue aligns with your professor's instructions.
  • You need to discuss your selection with your instructor.

Top List of Philosophy Research Topics

In your search for writing ideas, you may consider top-tier philosophy topics to write a paper on. These themes, at times, prove to be a challenge. However, they are relatively popular, allowing you the chance to work with a vast amount of already existing resources. A wide variety of materials that are available and published make it easy to defend one's thesis with peer-reviewed findings. Here is a top-tier philosophy topics list.

  • Free will from a philosophical perspective.
  • An exploration of low moral standards.
  • Irony through a philosophical lens.
  • Are people morally obligated to be honest?
  • Beauty standards from a philosophical stance.
  • Aristotle's life and his influence on society.
  • Philosophical role in the globalization process.
  • The truth's relativity.
  • Philosophical implications of the love-happiness dynamic.
  • Race and justice in America.

Have a term paper due? Reach out to professional term paper writing service by StudyCrumb and get expert assistance with your project.

Interesting Philosophy Research Topics

There are numerous options within the interesting philosophy paper topics category. You need to have a good eye when picking from this collection because what you may consider attention-grabbing at times seems mundane to some people. Remember that your choice of essay topic should impress your professor. We have narrowed down the most thought-provoking themes and prepared a list of excellent philosophical paper topics that will captivate your instructor.

  • Supernatural claims: real or myth?
  • Can an individual find happiness despite them not having a family?
  • Truth as a virtue and its value in society.
  • Can one be rich without owning monetary wealth?
  • Why do people kill for religious reasons?
  • The psychology surrounding rules and obedience.
  • Can the main characteristics that make a person be changed?
  • Is it ethical to force people to observe science-backed traditions?
  • Notable modern life values.
  • Personal definition of happiness.
  • Three approaches to the substance of thinking: monistic, dualistic, and populistic.
  • French philosophies of the XIX-XX centuries.
  • The essence of man is reflected in ancient philosophy.
  • Comparing Plato's, Socrates', and Aristotle's philosophies.
  • Common notion regarding life after death.

Easy Philosophy Research Topics

If you want to write your paper faster, it makes sense to look for easy research topics in philosophy. Such themes are not hard to come by as they address commonly encountered philosophical questions in people's daily lives. You may decide to note down two or three philosophy topics to talk about from the list below and discuss them with your instructor.

  • What makes love last?
  • Society's role in your personal life.
  • The benefits of human emotions.
  • What constitutes an ideal world?
  • Good versus bad traits.
  • The role education plays in your personal life.
  • What are the principles of democracy?
  • What would you choose between pursuing your passions and landing a well-paying job?
  • Living without feeling alive.
  • Strengths associated with the Determinist theory.
  • In what ways does fear influence your everyday life?
  • Does faith change human nature?
  • Should abortion be made legal?
  • Why do most countries not allow human cloning?
  • What is harmony?

Fun Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophical research topics can be fun and enjoyable, depending on the subject of discussion. Writing such themes is very engaging. Philosophy research paper topics in this category can be academic, informative, or for entertainment purposes.

  • Morality as a virtue.
  • Philosophical views in relation to space exploration.
  • What your cat thinks of you.
  • Why do people get irritated?
  • The irony in poverty and its philosophical perspectives.
  • Philosophical thoughts on what determines people's moods.
  • Humor and mental health : Is laughter the best medicine?
  • The irony of dying to live versus living to die.
  • Video games and how they affect our perception of the comedy of tragedy.
  • Machiavelli's ideas: Negatives and positives.
  • Analyzing humanity in contrast to divinity.
  • False beliefs about causes of death.
  • Have you ever felt like a minority in any aspect of your life?
  • Controversial aspect of modern life.
  • Is joy the same as happiness?

Good Philosophy Research Topics

To assist you in succeeding in writing philosophical essays, we have availed a list of good philosophy research paper ideas to inspire your writing. Also, if you are a teacher in need of topics for a philosophy paper for each student, you can pick from the following list.

  • Distinctions between humans and animals.
  • Would you prefer to love or be loved?
  • What does feminism mean to the world?
  • The essence of time as it relates to philosophy.
  • The age and wisdom.
  • Have you faced any ethical dilemmas in the last decade of your life?
  • Myths and the truth behind them.
  • Science from a philosophical standpoint.
  • Distinctions between ancient and modern life.
  • Honor as a concept applied in medieval Europe.
  • Top philosophers who lived in the 20th century.
  • Examining the connection between power and reason.
  • Possible rights of sentient robotics in the future.
  • Science's significance in humanity's daily living.
  • Is torture justifiable in any context?

We also have great ideas for psychology research topics and education research topics , to name a few. Browse our Blog for more title suggestions. 

Intriguing Philosophy Research Topics

If you are looking for adequately formulated philosophy paper ideas, you are in luck, as we have a collection of topics that you may find very intriguing. You can share this resource with others who might be having a hard time acquiring topics for philosophy research paper for their writing assignments.

  • Is the subconscious mind physiological or abstract?
  • Similarities associated with ethics and behavior.
  • Maturity age and marriage age as defined by the social realm.
  • Pros and cons of total control over society's behavior by totalitarian regimes.
  • Beauty's effects on an individual's self-esteem.
  • The two sides of suicide: For and against it.
  • How are parents, in general, responsible for the actions of a child?
  • Ethical Issues surrounding the topic of experimentation on animal subjects.
  • Pros and cons associated with artificial intelligence.
  • Do animals have souls?
  • Do animals perceive human emotional states?
  • The ethics associated with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
  • What is a "necessary evil?"
  • Pros and cons associated with marriage.
  • Is morality objective or subjective?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics for Students

Philosophy research topics are distinctively academic in nature. When presented with the task of delivering a philosophical essay, the best option for students is to read guides and examples of essays similar to the task at hand. Then they present proposed research topics in philosophy to their professor. The search can be odious, but we have made it easy for you to quickly settle on a topic and begin writing. Here is a list of philosophy topics for a research paper in high school or college.

Philosophy Research Topics for High School

Many high school students are searching for their next philosophy project ideas. If you are in such a situation, our philosophical paper topics resource below should at least help narrow your search.

  • Voting age dilemma: 16 or 18-year-olds.
  • The abstract nature of the subconscious.
  • Abortion as a question in life and death cycle.
  • Philosophical views on the subject of taxing the super-rich.
  • What lessons can younger people learn from your generation?
  • The philosophical view on forgiveness.
  • Positive thinking techniques.
  • Egg versus hen: Which came first?
  • Ethics and euthanasia.
  • Are social protests a practical approach to demand change?
  • Your greatest possession or treasure in life.
  • Utopia as critically reviewed through a philosopher's lens.
  • Missing ethical values in immortality.
  • What created the concept known as the " American dream ?"
  • Importance associated with philosophical studies.

Philosophy Research Topics for College Students

If you have been stressing thinking about philosophy term paper topics and you are lost on where to start, you are in luck, as you have landed on the right page. Here you will get a free list containing unique philosophical paper topics that you can use for your essay and impress your professor.

  • "Beauty of the Heart": is the concept probable?
  • Balancing law and ethics.
  • A philosophical view on reincarnation.
  • Does the truth always win an argument?
  • Philosophical thoughts on the epic of Gilgamesh and how it changed approaches to human conflict resolution.
  • What it means to "be proud of something."
  • Art's impact on children's creative thinking.
  • Is excessive knowledge dangerous?
  • Will technological advancements reach an end?
  • Inside a lying person's mind.
  • Do humans owe anything to robots?
  • The cycle of life and death.
  • Is "the bottom line" an American cultural phenomenon?
  • Is predatory capitalism in American healthcare ethical?
  • Celebrities as role models for the youth.

Extra Philosophy Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Philosophy is a broad discipline with numerous applications. It explores areas such as law, history, politics, art, ethics, and human life, among others. We have tried as much as possible to cover common philosophy research paper topics in our lists. You can navigate to any section in this post that relates to your current project and borrow philosophy paper ideas for free.

Ancient Philosophy Research Topics

Ancient philosophy research paper topics cover historical aspects. It is interesting to learn about early theories and developmental stages of philosophical notions. The advantage of selecting a theme from the category of ancient research topics in philosophy is that there are enough materials to base your paper on in numerous publications.

  • An ideal world as dreamt by Plato.
  • An in-depth look at Immanuel Kant.
  • Beliefs in ancient Greece.
  • Reality as conceptualized by Aristotle.
  • The life and death of Socrates.
  • Unique elements associated with Roman philosophy.
  • Philosophy and mythology.
  • Philosophy's role as a theoretical doctrine in ancient times.
  • Philosophical aspects in anthropology that are no longer relevant today.
  • Cosmological nature of early Greek philosophy .
  • "Know Thyself": Socrates.
  • Roman stoicism and the rise of Christianity.
  • Positive social changes as a result of Seneca's stoicism.
  • The concept of honor in medieval culture.
  • The evolution of ancient philosophy.
Read more: History Research Paper Topics  

Political Philosophy Research Topics

This section contains a list of political and philosophical research topics and ideas. Philosophy has a keen focus on politics in all aspects, including political science. This relationship allows for a variety of research areas that you can explore. Here are 15 philosophy topics for a research paper that you should consider.

  • Enlightenment: political and philosophical ideas.
  • Do political lies amount to abusing freedom of speech?
  • Political revolution in Africa: Robert Mugabe.
  • What drives people to engage in civil disobedience?
  • Freedom and justice as political capital.
  • How the synthesis of Freudianism and Marxism in Fromm's literature is reflected in the national policies of some countries.
  • Political history as seen from a philosophical and ideological perspective.
  • Human freedom and responsibility as reflected in the policies of certain countries.
  • How politicians perceive the concept of superman in Nietzsche.
  • Changes to the political foundations with respect to the challenge of unity and diversity.
  • When does the truth become an epistemological and political problem?
  • Pessimism and optimism as approaches to the development of society when considered political Strategies.
  • Exploring the cultural and political self-determination of a human.
  • National idea and its role in the formation of civil society.
  • Roles of correctional institutions in punishment and criminal justice administration in America.

>> More ideas: Political Science Research Topics

Philosophy Paper Ideas on Ethics

Ethics and morality in philosophy is a branch that specializes in the idea of right and wrong. See our list of philosophy paper ideas. Checking through the compilation allows you to select a suitable philosophy research paper topic that makes you a candidate for a passing grade in your ethics essay .

  • A philosophical review of standardized tests.
  • Is evil naturally present in people?
  • Ethical egoism: good or bad?
  • Philosophical thoughts on the use of nuclear weapons.
  • Philosophical metaethics in the context of experimental science.
  • Same-sex marriages as seen through a philosopher's mind.
  • Alcoholism in the modern age.
  • Colonization in Africa and its moral implications.
  • American corporate greed as the main drive for neoliberalism.
  • Is venture capitalism evil?
  • Neoliberalism's effects on global labor markets.
  • An ethical and philosophical discussion of death sentence punishment.
  • Political manipulation and its effects on social trust.
  • Racism and gender discrimination's role in interstellar society.
  • What is the most effective way to discipline your children?

Philosophy Research Topics on Human Life

Human life philosophy is concerned with the study of the status of human beings in the universe, and it also investigates the purpose and meaning of life. In an attempt to answer these critical questions, students may be asked to write essays that are based on research topics for philosophy. If you find yourself in need of assistance with ideas for your essay, our suggestions list for philosophical paper topics is an excellent place to start looking.

  • Why happiness is such a complex life goal.
  • Things that cause human life to seem senseless.
  • Law and order as a recipe for peace.
  • What qualifies human life as meaningful?
  • What is a "perfect life" like?
  • Why do Africans, especially children, have a high happiness index despite impoverished states?
  • Would you desire to reincarnate?
  • Role of culture in human life.
  • Is there human-like life on other planets?
  • Mental health and its effect on living standards.
  • How AI will impact life in the next century.
  • What modern life custom is likely to fade over time?
  • What trajectory would life have followed without the Internet?
  • Distrust in long-distance relationships.
  • Do clones have souls?

Philosophy Research Topics About Art

Art is a testament to the creative human spirit, which links art to philosophy. If you are a student of art, you may be given a list of philosophy topics to talk about. Check out the art philosophy paper topics provided below.

  • Philosophical Ideas in Poetry and Architecture.
  • Leonardo da Vinci's painting is the true philosophy of the Renaissance.
  • Is photography an art?
  • Literature and philosophy as applied in political criticism.
  • Ideality in creativity as a manifestation of consciousness.
  • Creativity and art as a window to a person's inner spiritual world.
  • Artistic value vs aesthetic value.
  • Relationship between knowledge and creativity.
  • Philosophical aspects and art.
  • How will NFT (non-fungible tokens) usage change the future of art?
  • Is art simply a human spiritual activity or ritual?
  • Thoughts on art's lack of rational reproducibility and its bias towards symbolism and figurative forms of expression and cognition.
  • Philosophical exploration: The intersection between art, religion, and science.
  • Historical evolution involving the relationships between philosophy and history.
  • Existentialism as noted by A. Camus, G. Marcel, and J.P. Sartre.

Philosophy Research Topics From Experts

If you are interested in conducting research in your area of expertise, the following are current philosophical research topics that you can consider depending on your specialty. Looking through our compilation of expert philosophy topics can help you identify a research gap in your field to gain several philosophy paper ideas for your project.

  • An ideal world consisting of liberalism and fascism in political ideas.
  • Philosophy and mediation, according to Rene.
  • A summary: Charles Pierce's fixation on belief.
  • A summary of Buddhist philosophical ideals.
  • The ethics involving free will.
  • Post-Colonial and feminist philosophy.
  • Aristotle's friendship conditions.
  • Is there evidence for God's existence?
  • John McTaggart's unreality of time.
  • Apology by Crito and Plato.
  • A well-paid task versus a passion.
  • Life after death: What is the popular African viewpoint?
  • Modern life values that foster peace.
  • The most prominent bother that comes with loneliness.
  • How do religions die?

Philosophy Thesis Topics

Formulating proper thesis topics in philosophical subjects can prove challenging. Get started on any one of the philosophy topics for a research paper or thesis presented to you in this post. Our expert writers keenly formulated every proposition in the listing containing topics in philosophy for your thesis.

  • The robotics industry as seen from a philosophical angle.
  • A situation where humans have considered things as facts without evidence.
  • Views on artificial intelligence in philosophy.
  • The American dream's implications.
  • The classical Socratic method.
  • Hate crimes and how to combat them.
  • The remarkable life and death of Plato .
  • Honor was a social concept in ancient Rome.
  • What thoughts does the term "a life based on reason" invoke in your mind?
  • What is the ideal education in the 21st century?
  • Intuition is a human trait.
  • The power associated with slogans.
  • The flaws of fixation of belief.
  • Family values and how they influence personal character development.
  • Implications of time's relativity.

Bottom Line on Philosophy Research Paper Topics

This post is meant to provide both students and professionals with a resource where they can look up philosophy topics for a research paper. The importance of topic selection as a critical step in the writing process is evident. It influences the process that follows after leading up to your final grade or the quality of your final essay. As long as you pick an interesting and researchable topic, you are not likely to encounter extreme difficulties in your writing process. We hope that you have found the research topics in philosophy in this post helpful.


Order an academic work from our philosophy essay writing service . Get an excellent paper with ease and don’t worry about deadlines anymore.


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TPanelists Tarek Masoud (from left), Amaney Jamal, David Makovsky, Khalil Shikaki, and Shai Feldman at Klarman Hall.

National & World Affairs

Panelists Tarek Masoud (from left), Amaney Jamal, David Makovsky, Khalil Shikaki, and Shai Feldman at Klarman Hall.

Photos by Niles Singer/Harvard Staff Photographer

Can the Israelis and Palestinians find peace? Scholars discuss — and debate — long history of conflict, prospects for a durable accord

By Christina Pazzanese Harvard Staff Writer

Date November 22, 2023 November 27, 2023

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Scholars revisited the long history of Israel-Palestine conflict leading up to the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas and weighed potential steps toward peace before hundreds of Harvard community members at a recent Klarman Hall event.

“We’re here because of dead civilians, Jewish and Arab,” said moderator Tarek Masoud, faculty chair of the Middle East Initiative and Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Governance at Harvard Kennedy School , which co-hosted the Nov. 20 discussion  with Harvard Business School .

The third such gathering convened by the Middle East Initiative in recent weeks, the event, which unfolded as Israel and Hamas negotiated a cease fire and hostage deal, was an attempt to share scholarly expertise with students so they can make better sense of the crisis and perhaps contribute to a solution, Masoud said. Srikant Datar, dean of the Business School, urged attendees to approach the talk “with open-mindedness and a commitment to empathy and learning.”

Amaney Jamal talking.

"If violence were going to solve this conflict, it would have already," said Amaney Jamal (center), dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

It’s important to separate the terror unleashed by Hamas from the plight of Palestinians in Gaza, said David Makovsky, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy who served as senior adviser to the State Department’s Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations from 2013 to 2014.

“This was a deliberate decision by the Hamas leadership to do [these] atrocities,” he said. “The people of Gaza did not commit these atrocities.”

Hamas chose to attack at a moment when its leadership believed Israel had been weakened by internal strife over the overhaul of Israel’s judiciary by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Makovsky. Another key factor was the worry that a normalization pact between Saudi Arabia and Israel would be “game over” for the terror group, leaving Hamas isolated from the other Arab nations that had struck accords with Israel.

Panelists agreed that Hamas members are terrorists, not freedom fighters. They also agreed that Netanyahu has used Hamas in the past to help thwart peace efforts.

“The current Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, is the same government that has been trying for most of the last 16 years to create conditions, or to support conditions, that have essentially prevented any progress in that direction,” said Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah. “Hamas was very instrumental in providing that kind of environment.”

At times, Masoud politely refereed passionate disagreements among the scholars over who did what during the decades that precipitated this crisis, further underscoring the enormous challenge facing those who wish to engage in reasoned debate on the subject.

On what the way forward looks like, the panelists were uncertain.

For Netanyahu, success in the short term would be to eliminate Hamas’ fighting and governing capacity and to free the hostages held in Gaza, said Shai Feldman, a professor of Israeli politics and society at Brandeis University. But eventually, the Israeli people will force a “major reckoning” internally about the policies and strategies the prime minister and his allies adopted.

Asked what role the international community can play to facilitate peace, Feldman said that if Hamas is defeated, perhaps a regional coalition made up Egypt, Jordan, and/or Saudi Arabia could temporarily take control in Gaza and make an effort to rejuvenate the Palestinian Authority, which was pursuing a two-state solution with Israel before Hamas rose to power in 2006.

“If violence were going to solve this conflict, it would have already,” said Amaney Jamal, dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and a daughter of Palestinian immigrants. “I would rather see our policies and efforts and the Palestinian Authority … make the message of peace and reconciliation far more attractive than any other message.”

She added: “This starts with people seeing tangible changes on the ground, but also political leaders to step up and sanction their leaders when they’re espousing violence and vitriol and hatred and the dehumanization of the other. We have been victims of this conflict since we were born. We would love to turn the page and be able to live with peace and dignity as Israelis, as Palestinians.”

Test with pencil.

Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topics

academic writing services

This page presents a comprehensive list of philosophy of education research paper topics , offering students a profound dive into the intricate intersections of philosophy and educational theory. Spanning across historical viewpoints, modern debates, and ethical considerations, the topics encapsulate the vast spectrum of philosophical inquiry in the realm of education. As the academic landscape continues to evolve, such topics stand testament to the enduring influence and relevance of philosophical foundations in shaping pedagogical practices and beliefs.

100 Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topics

Philosophy of education serves as a critical lens through which we can inspect, understand, and shape the educational landscape. This discipline intertwines historical, ethical, and epistemological strands of philosophy, casting a light on the intentions, methods, and outcomes of educational practices. Choosing the right topic from the vast expanse of the philosophy of education can not only provide a solid foundation for a meaningful academic pursuit but also spark transformative debates that can reshape the future of education.

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1. Historical Evolution of Philosophical Thoughts in Education

  • The Platonic model of education.
  • Aristotelian perspectives on teaching and learning.
  • The Renaissance and humanistic education.
  • Enlightenment thinkers and their impact on education.
  • The Romantic era: A shift towards individualism in education.
  • Industrial Revolution: Standardization in schooling.
  • Existentialism and its emphasis on individual choice in education.
  • Postmodern critiques of traditional education.
  • The influences of Eastern philosophies on Western educational thoughts.
  • Progressive vs. traditionalist educational philosophies in the 20th century.

2. Educational Theorists and Their Philosophies

  • John Dewey and experiential learning.
  • Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”
  • Maria Montessori’s child-centric approach.
  • Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education.
  • Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development.
  • Lev Vygotsky and socio-cultural learning theories.
  • Jerome Bruner’s spiral curriculum.
  • Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.
  • John Locke’s “tabula rasa” and its implications.
  • B.F. Skinner and behaviorism in education.

3. Philosophical Underpinnings of Modern Educational Systems

  • The purpose of education: Socialization vs. individualization.
  • The banking model of education critique.
  • Standardized testing and its philosophical critiques.
  • The hidden curriculum in schools.
  • Holistic education: A philosophical examination.
  • Home schooling: Autonomy and individualized learning.
  • The philosophy behind special education.
  • The rise and implications of e-learning and virtual classrooms.
  • The “factory model” of education: Origins and critiques.
  • Lifelong learning and its philosophical significance.

4. Ethics and Morality in Education

  • Character education: Purpose and strategies.
  • The role of religious education in secular schools.
  • Addressing discrimination and bias in educational settings.
  • The debate over sex education in schools.
  • Punishment and reward systems in education.
  • Educating for global citizenship.
  • Academic integrity and the cultivation of moral values.
  • The ethics of educational research.
  • Moral dilemmas faced by educators.
  • The purpose and implications of ethical education.

5. The Role of Logic and Critical Thinking in Education

  • Logic in curriculum: Why and how?
  • The significance of argumentative skills in schooling.
  • Philosophy for children: Rationale and outcomes.
  • Critical pedagogy and its implications.
  • Analytic reasoning in classroom settings.
  • Problem-solving skills and their development.
  • The Socratic method in modern classrooms.
  • Logical fallacies: Identifying and avoiding in educational discourses.
  • Teaching philosophy in primary and secondary schools.
  • The balance between emotional intelligence and logical reasoning.

6. Political Philosophy and Education

  • Education as a tool for political socialization.
  • Democratic education: Principles and practices.
  • Totalitarian regimes and their educational doctrines.
  • The politics of curriculum design.
  • Citizenship education and its philosophical underpinnings.
  • The school as a microcosm of societal structures.
  • Critical theory and its implications for education.
  • Neo-liberalism and its influence on educational policies.
  • Radical pedagogy: Origins and implementations.
  • Education as a means of social justice.

7. Aesthetics and Education: The Role of Art and Beauty in Learning

  • The philosophical justification for arts in education.
  • Beauty and its pedagogical implications.
  • The transformative power of music in education.
  • Drama as an educational tool: Benefits and challenges.
  • The aesthetic experiences and their cognitive benefits.
  • The role of creativity in holistic development.
  • The relationship between artistic expression and emotional intelligence.
  • Philosophical debates on the art curriculum.
  • Aesthetic appreciation as a lifelong skill.
  • The balance between arts and sciences in curriculum.

8. Social and Cultural Perspectives in Education

  • Multicultural education: A philosophical exploration.
  • Gender issues in education and their philosophical roots.
  • The philosophical debates on bilingual education.
  • Social reproduction theory in education.
  • The school as a social system: Dynamics and implications.
  • Cultural relativism and its impact on education.
  • Indigenous knowledge systems and mainstream education.
  • Education and the debate over cultural assimilation.
  • Socio-economic factors and their philosophical implications in education.
  • Globalization and its impact on educational philosophies.

9. Metaphysical Perspectives on Learning and Knowledge

  • The nature of knowledge: A philosophical inquiry.
  • Constructivism and its metaphysical roots.
  • Realism, idealism, and their educational implications.
  • The debate over the existence of innate ideas.
  • The metaphysics of learning environments.
  • Mind-body dualism and its implications for education.
  • The nature of consciousness and its role in learning.
  • The metaphysical debates over intelligence.
  • Knowledge, belief, and truth in educational contexts.
  • The metaphysical underpinnings of experiential learning.

10. Epistemology and Learning Theories

  • Empiricism and its educational implications.
  • Rationalism in the classroom.
  • Pragmatism and its impact on educational practices.
  • The epistemological foundations of constructivist teaching.
  • Knowledge acquisition: Passive reception vs. active construction.
  • The challenge of skepticism in education.
  • The role of intuition in knowledge acquisition.
  • The epistemological debates on memory and learning.
  • The nature and limits of human understanding in educational contexts.
  • The balance between subjective experience and objective knowledge in education.

Navigating through the myriad philosophy of education research paper topics showcases the boundless depth and diversity of the field. As the nexus of philosophical thought and educational practice, these topics offer rich avenues for exploration, critique, and transformation. In both academic and practical realms, the philosophy of education remains a pivotal discipline, challenging educators and learners to question, understand, and reimagine the foundations of learning and pedagogy.

The Range of Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topics


Education, in its myriad forms, has always been at the core of human civilization, guiding societies towards enlightenment and progress. Yet, it is the philosophy of education that provides the critical compass, helping delineate the underlying principles, methods, and objectives of teaching and learning. Understanding this philosophy is not merely an academic exercise but a foundational endeavor that molds the spirit and structure of educational systems worldwide.

The Multitude of Topics Under Philosophy of Education

At its heart, the philosophy of education seeks to answer foundational questions about the nature, purpose, and methods of education. Is the primary goal of education to transfer knowledge, cultivate virtues, or foster critical thinking? How should educators balance the need for standardized curriculum with the unique needs of individual learners? Such questions span a vast array of philosophy of education research paper topics, each examining specific facets of educational thought and practice.

The Rich Historical Tapestry and Evolution of Educational Philosophies

Historically, the philosophy of education has evolved in tandem with broader philosophical movements. Classical thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle laid the groundwork with their discourses on the ideal state and the nature of knowledge. The Renaissance rejuvenated educational thought, emphasizing the potential of the individual, while the Enlightenment championed reason and empirical knowledge. In the 20th century, existentialists like Jean-Paul Sartre and phenomenologists like Martin Heidegger brought forth questions about freedom, existence, and the essence of learning. This historical journey is not just a chronicle of past ideas but a vibrant dialogue that continues to shape educational practices today.

Impact of Philosophy on Global Educational Systems and Practices

From the Vedic Gurukul systems of ancient India to the liberal arts colleges of modern America, educational systems worldwide have been deeply influenced by philosophy. For instance, Confucian principles emphasizing respect, discipline, and moral integrity have long informed East Asian pedagogies. Meanwhile, the Socratic method, which promotes critical inquiry through question and answer, remains a staple in Western classrooms. Moreover, contemporary global challenges, such as digitalization, globalization, and societal shifts, have given rise to new philosophical inquiries. These include debates on the role of technology in classrooms, the nature of global citizenship, and the purpose of education in an ever-changing world. Every educational system, with its unique practices and priorities, is a testament to the profound impact of philosophical thought.

Significance of Philosophy of Education in Academic Research

Academic research in the philosophy of education serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it promotes a deeper understanding of educational processes, guiding teachers, policymakers, and educators in refining pedagogies. On the other, it acts as a mirror, reflecting societal values, aspirations, and challenges. Engaging with philosophy of education research paper topics equips students and researchers with the analytical tools to dissect educational conundrums, propose innovations, and, importantly, contribute to the rich legacy of philosophical discourse. From examining the ethics of standardized testing to exploring the epistemological foundations of e-learning, these research endeavors are at the forefront of educational transformation.

As we stand at the cusp of unprecedented educational challenges and opportunities, the philosophy of education research paper topics holds more relevance than ever. They beckon scholars, educators, and students to delve deep, question established norms, and chart new frontiers in the realm of education. The exhaustive scope of these topics, spanning historical epochs to contemporary dilemmas, is a testament to the enduring and profound significance of the philosophy of education. As societies evolve, and the nature of knowledge itself transforms, these philosophical explorations will remain a lighthouse, guiding the educational odyssey towards greater horizons.

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Elevate Your Philosophical Quest with iResearchNet

As you stand at the crossroads of academic exploration, poised to delve deep into the intricate layers of the philosophy of education, consider not just the journey, but the allies you choose for the voyage. Philosophy, with its vast horizons and nuanced intricacies, demands not only passion but precision, not just thought but technique.

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Embrace this opportunity. Let the profound expertise and unwavering support of iResearchNet illuminate your path. Choose excellence. Choose depth. Choose a future where your research in the philosophy of education stands out, not just as another paper, but as a testament to your dedication, intellect, and the impeccable support of iResearchNet. Take that decisive step today. For a brighter academic tomorrow, entrust your philosophical explorations to iResearchNet.


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    100 Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics Political philosophy holds an esteemed position in the vast realm of philosophical inquiry, examining the fundamental nature of governance, rights, freedom, and societal structures. As societies evolve, so too does the need for a deepened understanding of the principles that guide them.

  2. 460 Excellent Political Topics to Write about in 2023

    Print 460 Excellent Political Topics to Write about in 2023 (7 votes) If you have an assignment in politics, look no further—this article will help you ace your paper. Here, you will find a list of unique political topics to write about compiled by our custom writing team. Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

  3. 100+ Research Topics In Politics (+ Free Webinar)

    Topics & Ideas: Political Theory An analysis of the impact of feminism on political theory and the concept of citizenship in Saudi Arabia in the context of Vision 2030 A comparative study of the political philosophies of Marxism and liberalism and their influence on modern politics

  4. PHIL 327: Topics in Political Philosophy

    The Generic Catalog Description This course will concentrate on a specific issue in political philosophy. Typical topics include civil disobedience, war and peace, theories of political revolution, theories of utopia, and punishment and criminal justice.

  5. 130 Powerful Philosophy Research Topics to Get Started

    It is a vast discipline that revolves around reality, truth, and goodness. Some popular areas of philosophy include Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology, and Political Philosophy. Philosophy Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

  6. 600+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics

    Political Philosophy René Descartes Social Philosophy Socrates Stoicism Thomas Hobbes Utilitarianism This list of more than 600 philosophy research paper topics has been constructed to assist students and researchers who wish to ... READ MORE

  7. PDF A Brief Guide to Writing the Philosophy Paper

    turn. Good philosophy proceeds with modest, careful and clear steps. Structuring a Philosophy Paper Philosophy assignments generally ask you to consider some thesis or argument, often a thesis or argument that has been presented by another philosopher (a thesis is argument, you may be asked to do one or more of the

  8. 800 Political Science Research Paper Topics

    The History and Future of American Democracy Supreme Court Decisions and Their Political Implications Environmental Policies and Climate Change in the U.S. Media Bias and Political Discourse in America The Role of Super PACs in Campaign Financing Civil Rights Movements and Their Impact on U.S. Politics

  9. Political Theory: Sage Journals

    Political Theory (PT), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, serves as the leading forum for the development and exchange of political ideas.Broad in scope and international in coverage, PT publishes articles on political theory from a wide range of philosophical, ideological and methodological perspectives. Articles address contemporary and historical political thought, normative and ...

  10. PDF Social and Political Philosophy Philosophy 320 Term Paper Assignment

    Social and Political Philosophy Philosophy 320 Fall 2011 Term Paper Assignment Due: Wednesday, December 7 Write an 8-10 page (double-spaced) paper in which you reflect on the relevance to current events on any topic covered in this course. The paper should include both an exposition of the thought of at least two of the philosophers

  11. 100 Original Political Science Research Topics

    100 Political Science Research Topics Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics This study field focuses on empirical approach, including comparative methods. Practical examples may include domestic politics, institutions analysis, and diverse conflicts related to domestic or international issues.

  12. 7 key conversations dominating the field of political philosophy today

    Jason Brennan's Against Democracy might be the most discussed work in political philosophy right now. Making use of empirical social science on the biases and ignorance of voters, Brennan argues against equal suffrage in favor of "epistocracy"—roughly, rule by an intellectual elite. For a skeptical take on deliberative democracy in ...

  13. Philosophy Research Paper Topics: 100 Excellent Ideas

    Everything is processed securely: your information will never fall into the wrong hands. Feel your project is not up to scratch? Your expert will fix it. Immediately, and free of charge. This set of 100 research paper topics for projects in philosophy covers a wide range of areas and is great for all educational levels. So read and use them!

  14. Aristotle Research Paper Topics

    Aristotle on the nature of reality: Being and becoming. A comparison of Aristotle's and Plato's metaphysics. The concept of form and matter in Aristotle. Aristotle's views on the existence of God. The role of teleology in Aristotle's Metaphysics. Aristotle's critique of Plato's theory of forms. The concept of change in Aristotle's Metaphysics.

  15. ≡Essays on Political Philosophy. Free Examples of Research Paper Topics

    2 pages / 701 words. Introduction The body of knowledge we call politics is broad and it comprises of different independent yet interrelated units, that are prone to be confused. In this essay, we will conduct a comparison of two independent political units: Political Philosophy and Political Ideology.

  16. Political Science Research Topics: 200+ Captivating Ideas

    Everyone knows that political science research topics can be extremely fragile and complex. There are numerous ideas dispersed throughout your research paper. This polity section deals with the most abstract levels of government, liberty, legal code mechanics, democracy, and arguments involved in political opinion.

  17. Political Science Research Paper Topics

    100 Political Science Research Topics in 2023 As a student, it's a no-brainer that you'd be required to do a lot of writing. From writing projects, to research papers and essays, there's no limit to the amount of writing you may have to complete. However, when it comes to writing political essays, a lot of students get stuck.

  18. 170 Philosophy Research Paper Topics: Awesome Free List

    Here are some ancient philosophy ideas for your next research paper: A philosophical discussion about eating disorders. An in-depth look at Immanuel Kant. Talk about philosophy in ancient Greece. A philosophical discussion about the concept of reality. The life and death of Socrates. Peculiarities about the Roman philosophy.

  19. 340 Political Science Research Topics & Ideas for Your Paper

    General Dissertation & Thesis Guides Research Paper Guides Political Science Research Topics: 340 Best Ideas to Choose From Joe Eckel Jun 27, 2023 15 min read Relevant and contemporary Balanced in its scope Well-documented and containing enough material Interesting to you as well as your readers

  20. Best Philosophy Paper Topics For Students In 2022

    We have listed the best 150 philosophy research paper topics that you can use. We have also provided pro tips for selecting great topics Brilliant Philosophy Paper Topics To love or be loved: What is more important? Do all people require education? What is a perfect life? What are the obstacles prevent you from living it?

  21. 200+ Philosophy Research Paper Topics to Impress

    Philosophy involves the study of axiology, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of the mind, and aesthetics, to name just a few. Each of these branches can seem broad and complex, which is why most students find selecting a handful of philosophical research topics to be hectic.

  22. Philosophy of Law Research Paper Topics

    Ten Categories with Topics: Origins and Evolution of Legal Philosophies Early legal thought: From Hammurabi's Code to the Twelve Tables of Rome. Canon Law and the influence of the Church. Renaissance and the rediscovery of natural law. Enlightenment thinkers and the law: From Locke to Rousseau.

  23. Scholars revisit the long history of Israel-Palestine conflict— Harvard

    "The current Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, is the same government that has been trying for most of the last 16 years to create conditions, or to support conditions, that have essentially prevented any progress in that direction," said Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah.

  24. Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topics

    100 Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topics. Philosophy of education serves as a critical lens through which we can inspect, understand, and shape the educational landscape. This discipline intertwines historical, ethical, and epistemological strands of philosophy, casting a light on the intentions, methods, and outcomes of educational ...