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Pop Culture Tourism: A Research Model

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Tourism’s New Markets

Valeriya Radomskaya

Despite the excitement and activity generated by popular culture tourism (PCT) in recent years, some critical voices question whether PCT is a promising direction in the development of cultural tourism. Perhaps, it is simply a well-publicized but passing trend, a trend driven by the popularity of ‘fast’ culture - a ‘pervasive cultural craving for immediate amusement' (Aho, 2007). Perhaps, it will gradually subside and shift to the periphery of cultural geography. If we were to interpret the success of PCT as a result of feverish consumption of goods and services (one dictated by our overstimulated environment), would there be a point of saturation beyond which PCT would not be able progress? If so, can PCT, after reaching a point of stagnation, face rejuvenation or will it fall into decline? Radomskaya, V. (2020). Popular culture tourism: Trend or transition? In Tourism’s New Markets (p. Chapter 9). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.

pop culture research paper pdf

Özlem Güzel

Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management

noridawati abd rahman

Film products to induce tourism is a new phenomenon for tourists to visit a destination that inspired by films and television. For example; film The Beach (Thailand), Tomb Raider (Cambodia), Entrapment (Malaysia), Lord of The Rings trilogy (New Zealand), Harry Potter trilogy (UK) and others. Many of this destination has turned into a popular tourist attraction. However, film products to induce tourism can also be unpredictable. The success of any film or television is not guaranteed, and the effects on inducing visits can be complex. Thus, this paper will analyze six of the characteristics of film products namely on location, off location, storyline, celebrity, film genres and film festivals. By understanding these characteristics of film products, this paper can help to increase a better understanding of the context of film products to induce tourism. Indeed, this paper also opens an opportunity for future researchers to study film products as a new strategy to induce the tourism i...

Graham Busby


"This paper outlines the correlation between the power of film (both movies and television series) as a motivational and image-making tool and the attractiveness of tourism destinations. In the light of this relationship, our research analyses the phenomenon of film-induced tourism. Even this phenomenon has been recognized and reported, very few comprehensively studies of it have been published. The evidence that has been put forward to date has mostly been anecdotal, pointing towards the capacity of popular films and television series to attract tourists, in the form of enthusiastic fans and interested audience members. Despite the fact that statistics concerning directly the impact that films have had on tourism are limited, there are still some remarkable figures. Countries like UK, Australia, and New Zealand have an increasingly interest in studying and developing the film-induced tourism. Given the existence of this type of tourism and the potentially significant economic value of this strand of tourism to the economy, understanding the drivers of film-induced tourism and exploiting its effect are crucial issues to comprehend. This paper evaluates a number of key questions and provides a stronger insight into the nature of productions which can induce tourism and recommends ways in which this relation can be strategically maximized from the economic and cultural point of view. In the current context of decreasing the Romanian tourism and film industry development, approaching together their augmentation can represents a valid solution for both industries."

Glaiza May Tamayo

Marketing of destinations through films by product placement is a new phenomenon apllied by DMOs since they have realized its economic impact on driving tourists to destinations by creating a desirable image visually and literally in films. In order to support film tourism that enhances the brand image of the destination, DMOs adapt many activities to attract filmmakers through various strategies. In this regard, film tourism is studied by many scholars but for the first time this research aims to center both qualitative and quantitative research in addition to the literature review. This study targets all the members of DMAI with their activities related to destination marketing before and after the release of films through a quantitative research. In addition each destination website was examined to find out how destinations benefit internet technology through a list of items in terms of destination marketing. The results provide fruitful implications both for scholars and practitioners.

greg richards

Regional Formation and Development Studies

Donata Bocullo

Film induced tourism or film tourism is a result of destination image formation and development through film industry with collaboration of other destination image stakeholders (policy makers, private and public investors, scholars and etc.). This postmodern tourism phenomenon links film driven emotions to the filming locations and at the same time is responsible for positive or negative destination image formation. In Lithuanian academic discourses this theory, as well as the impact of films towards local tourism, was not yet recognized. Therefore this article, according to the collected film tourism theoretical material, analyses Lithuanian potential for film induced tourism and how can it be turned into a destination promotion strategy. The conclusions show that there are real opportunities for Lithuania to use film industry as a tool of destination image formation, however it needs further analysis, a clear strategic plan, strong collaboration with Baltic region and the use of two recommendation models, which were presented in this paper. This research can be used for dynamic analysis as well as strategic planning in any specific institution related to filmmaking, tourism and regional image formation.

Thesis extract

This thesis is concerned with the marketing possibilities of popular culture tourism (PCT). There is promise in developing alternative forms of cultural communication and cultural representation in tourism. PCT is explored as a way to enhance and reshape the current approach to destination promotion in Australia. Through the arrival of new and diversified cultural experiences, Australia can improve the existing tourism portfolio. Although there have been many studies which describe the marketing practice of using elements of popular culture in destination promotion, few, if any, effectively address the issue of usability of such methods in Australia.


Rizza Jamahari

Academica turistica

Samiha Chemli

Tourism & Management Studies

Rui Carvalho

Profesional de la información

Beatriz M Gómez Morales



Veronique Labuschagne

Collegium antropologicum

Daniela Jelincic

Ilie Rotariu

Irena Emilova

Annals of Tourism Research

John Gammack

Philip Long

Education Sciences

Ignacio Sacaluga Rodríguez

Latente: Revista de Historia y Estética del Audiovisual

Raquel Sola Real , Claudia Medina Herrera

Tourism in Southern and Eastern Europe

Lidija Petrić

European Journal of Tourism Research

yeşim coşar

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

Nelson Graburn

Gulcin Bilgin Turna

Asian Journal of Research in Marketing

prasanna Mohan Raj

Academica Turistica

Orsolya Lele

Mariana Bueno , Beatriz Gondim , Maria de Lourdes de Azevedo Barbosa

Dr Noëlle O'Connor

Arthur B Araújo

Tourist Studies

Alessandro Inversini

Andi Caragea

Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism

Proceedings Public Policy and Event International Seminar: Popular Culture and Cultural Values from the Perspective of Public Policy

Ayu Putu Utari Parthami Lestari

In: Khovanova-Rubicondo, K. (ed.) Impact of European Cultural Routes on SMEs’ innovation and competitiveness. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing, pp. 21-39. Tourism

greg richards , Lénia Marques

"Il Capitale Culturale/Studies on the Value of Cultural Heritage", suppl. 04/2016

Giulia Lavarone , Sandro Savino

International Journal of Scientific Management and Tourism, 2015, Vol.2 pp 179-215

António S . Queirós


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Queer Popular Culture

Literature, Media, Film, and Television

  • Thomas Peele

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Table of contents (15 chapters)

Front matter, introduction: popular culture, queer culture, the three phases of ellen: from queer to gay to postgay.

  • Jennifer Reed

Queering/Quaring Blackness in Noah’s Arc

  • Gust A. Yep, John P. Elia

All My (Queer) Children: Disrupting Daytime Desire in Pine Valley

  • Cathy Leaker

Queer as Folk and the Spectacularization of Gay Identity

  • Giovanni Porfido

Fashionably Femme: Lesbian Visibility, Style, and Politics in The L Word

  • Aviva Dove-Viebahn

“Reading for It”: Lesbian Readers Constructing Culture and Identity through Textual Experience

  • Sheila Liming

Reading and Queering Plato in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Diva interventions: dana international and israeli gender culture, arse bandits: exploring nostalgic representations of queerness in gangster films.

  • Sharif Mowlabocus

Straight Shooters, Stainless-Steel Stories, and Cowboy Codes: The Queer Frontier and American Identity in a Post-Western World

  • Christopher Le Coney, Zoe Trodd

New Queer White Trash Cinema

  • Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Identity Unmoored: Yaoi in the West

  • Mark McHarry

Why (not) Queer?: Ambivalence about “Politics” and Queer Identification in an Online Community in Taiwan

Reconfiguring differences: radicalizing popular culture pedagogy.

  • Laura Gray-Rosendale, Kendra Birnley

Back Matter

"Queer Popular Culture is a particularly valuable contribution to the dialogue regarding how meaning is made - how the massage of media and popular culture influence, when left unexamined, can shape attitudes for better or worse." -

'This isn't your uncle's LGBT studies, and that's a good thing! Thankfully free of turgid prose, these engaging essays range across the landscape of popular culture in the U.S. and beyond. If this is the future of queer cultural studies, we're in good hands.' Larry Gross, Professor and Director, School of Communication, Annenberg School, University of Southern California, USA

'These essays show how a new generation of queer scholars are seizing and shaking our prior understandings of the intersection points between popular culture and sexual identities. Productively risky and thoughtfully provocative, exploring cultural spaces from the prime-time sitcom to the British gangster film, this collection shows how vital it is for queer thinkers to engage with popular texts and their implications for audiences of all persuasions.' Andy Medhurst, University of Sussex Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence, UK

'Performances of queerness in popular practices and commercial media have involved courage and compromise, bold openness and calculated covering, innovation and complex interactions with stereotype. The essays in this book - careful, politically insightful, and vivacious- trace a wide range of recent public negotiations of queerness. The lucid exposition and numerous references to other relevant studies make the book a terrific resource.' Fred Everett Maus, University of Virginia, USA

Book Title : Queer Popular Culture

Book Subtitle : Literature, Media, Film, and Television

Editors : Thomas Peele


Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan New York

eBook Packages : Palgrave Social & Cultural Studies Collection , Social Sciences (R0)

Copyright Information : Thomas Peele 2007

Hardcover ISBN : 978-1-4039-7490-7 Published: 08 June 2007

Softcover ISBN : 978-0-230-10559-1 Published: 05 April 2011

eBook ISBN : 978-0-230-60438-4 Published: 30 April 2007

Edition Number : 1

Number of Pages : XIII, 262

Number of Illustrations : 6 b/w illustrations

Topics : North American Literature , Twentieth-Century Literature , Gender Studies , Regional and Cultural Studies , Sociology, general , Cultural Studies

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Pop Culture Essays

How does pop culture impact our lives.

Pop culture impacts citizenry through the making of the media-cognizant purchaser resident. Because of globalization, the influence of pop culture in nearly and progressively affluent East Asian nations has made territorial and transnational progressions of cash and thoughts that are attempting to reclassify the connections between the truly associated—yet now and again hostile—nations of Japan, China and South Korea. This marvel warrants extensive scholarly examination. In my Asian Languages and Civilizations fixation I intend to examine the cultural, political and […]

Semiotics in American Pop Culture

1. Semiotics in American Pop Culture: The visual images, signs and symbols of pop culture are important for you to understand if you want to understand Americans. It is not enough to be able to speak and understand the language when you come to the U.S.A. you also need to be able to interpret the messages contained within the signs and symbols. These signs and symbols are shorthand representations of the culture’s abstract ideas and concepts. But how does one […]

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Social Media and Pop Culture

Social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are societal means for the 21st-century generation to interconnect, meet new people, and keep up with the latest news and trends. While enjoying these social sites, people feel connected to others, near and far, from the use of technology in the comfort of their homes or work environment. Social media has become a piece of everyone’s life, that influences individuals to obtain information quick and easy. The use of its […]

Animation Influence in Pop Culture

Just like in animation, culture is varied throughout all the parts of the world, from food, style, history, traditions, art, fashion and even in religion. In other parts of the world, the word has a complicated meaning, since culture is varied worldwide and has no fixed meaning. However, no matter what the meaning is or the differences, the one thing culture has in common everywhere is that it can be learned and understood, if one wants to understand the culture […]

Orientalism in American Pop Culture

In today’s American technological society, the power of media has a profound impact on shaping the way the public view and/or develop personal opinions about certain topics. By using popular culture as a tool to spread news and information to the public, the power of media has created depictions, whether it be accurate or not, about other parts of the world. Edward Said was a Palestinian America scholar who was widely known for his novel Orientalism and for being one […]

Gender Issues and Pop Culture

Pop culture has a considerable influence on society. One of the major trends in pop culture, which has influenced most of our youth is the popularity of Disney movies. Disney has been around for over 80 years, and most people grew up watching Disney movies. They have played a role in how society displays gender roles. One way to define gender roles is that they are a perceived set of behavioral norms that are usually linked in association to males […]

Dragon Ball: an American Pop Culture Icon

On August 31, 1998 America was introduced to Dragon Ball. It has been ingrained in millions of American children’s minds ever since. It has introduced many children into a completely new genre(Japanese animation or Anime). There are few people living in America who haven’t seen Goku’s signature orange gi and spiky black hair. Even some of the Dragon Ball’s catch phrases such as Kamehameha and It’s over 9000 could be their own pop culture icons. How has a cartoon from […]

The Evolution of Vampires in Pop Culture

Vampires have long been discussed and portrayed in books and movies. Originally, vampire folklore depicted vampires as savage, parasitic and, of course, bloodthirsty monsters. However, over time the way vampires have been portrayed has markedly changed. We now see handsome/beautiful creatures that have a more sensitive soul, more intelligent, and of course let’s not forget the romance. Tales of vampires are told in many cultures around the world. Throughout history these undead beings have evoked fear and intrigue from us. […]

Influence of Buddhism Different Areas of our Pop Culture

Buddhism has started to influence a lot of different areas of our pop culture, meditation is being suggested by doctors for anxiety and stress relief, mindfulness retreats are becoming popular, yoga classes are offered all over, zen teas, herbal supplements and zen candles are being sold to name a few examples. With the rise in popularity of Buddhism I was curious as to how America has Westernized Buddhism. I chose Buddhism as my religion of study for the semester and […]

Religion: Popular Culture and LGBT Community

There was never a massive distinguish difference between contemporary pop culture and religion. Religion has always been a part of world. From the music industry to books, food, media and science, religion is in all. Even in controversial topics religion has its place. One major controversy has been going on in the world for the longest now is religion and the LBGT community. As we all know, the majority religion in the United states is Christianity and Christians are the […]

How Popular Culture Affected Contemporary Christian and Worship Music

It is important to note that Contemporary Worship Music (CWM) is often seen as a sub-genre of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) however both intertwine and throughout history have developed along a similar path. Popular Culture’s influence on both types of music can be grouped together because artists can be easily found to cover both of these genres. Only in the last few decades has CCM and CWM become a world wide industry. Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is a genre which […]

Korean Popular Culture and it’s Influence in India

Popular culture is something that keeps on changing from time to time. Every one of us have a different understanding of the term popular culture. Scholars and ordinary men both have a tremendous confusion over the term and its definition. Since 1980s historians of the neo-Marxist cultural school of thought believes popular culture is the study of post-industrial commercial phenomenon. Stuart Hall broadly classifies popular culture as a phenomenon that grew 1880 onwards. Mostly it is believed that following the […]

About how Popular Culture Captures Traits and Presents them in Films

From an early age we are told many stories from a variety of people and especially in the media that surrounds us. Some of these stories can be one-sided narratives and the meanings can be interpreted in a various ways. One-sided stories or “a single story” can be problematic because there are many interpretations or beliefs involved. Although it is nearly impossible to dig deeper to find out the whole story, it is significant to not take one side of […]

How the Popular Culture Tends to Ignore Situations of Male Dominance and Sexual Privilege: Animals by Maroon 5

Music videos originally served the purpose of creating another world in which artists could gain public relations, expand their popular appeal, and entertain their audience. Over the years, the visual imagery in music videos have increasingly become very critical as they’ve become major outlets for publicizing views and stereotypes that influences society. One of the most prominent features of modern music videos is the portrayal of gender roles. In the music video, Animals by Maroon 5, the portrayal of male […]

Mass Media and Popular Culture

* * * * * * * * * * Mass Media and Popular Culture Paper SOC/105 * * * * In today’s society mass media has a huge impact on enculturation. Enculturation is a process where individuals learn a specific culture by instruction, experience and observation (wordnet princeton, 2010). Mass media can be described as the means by which the media is used to reach a large audience. Some of the most common examples of mass media are books, […]

K-pop as a Popular Culture

Living in a period characterized by a diverse, addictive, and ever-evolving change in culture and entertainment, America is a country formed by the sphere of popular culture. The term “”popular culture”” was coined in the 19th century and represents a blend of ideas, images, attitudes, and perspectives that characterize a given culture. The categories of popular culture can range from the mass media to technology, music, fashion, and entertainment (such as music, movies, video games). As music and people’s taste […]

How Hip-Hop Became Popular Culture

Abstract This paper will be examining Hip-Hop/Rap music up close in the context of how it moved from a very edgy genre of music with a small target audience to a dominating genre which can be consumed as Pop Culture. This phenomenon will be examined using Adorno’s On Popular Music to explain how Hip-Hop/Rap has become standardized to be safe an appeal to the general population. In complementary form to this theory, the Relations of productions portion of Stuart Hall’s […]

World’s most Talented and Inspirational Pop Artist

Michael Jackson was the world’s most talented and inspirational Pop artist. He changed the way we listened to music and was the first to make a short film along with his music “Thriller.” He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary Indiana. He was the child of Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson and the eighth of ten children. In many ways, Jackson was not like any other five year old child since he worked and went on tours instead […]

Batman: a Potent Pop-Culture Icon of Self-Actualization and Ambition in the Face of Adversity

Batman as a Cultural Icon The superhero has actually penetrated American culture for more than a century. Comic illustrating heroes like Superman, Green Lantern, and also The Flash grab the creative imagination, taking advantage of both the reader’s deep seated longing for the suitable as well as his dreams of titanic power. The exemption to the god-in-tights trope that otherwise defines the style is The Batman. Unlike his legendary foil, Superman, Batman battles to the very best of his capability […]

No to Body Shaming in the Twenty-first Century

Change is a natural component of life, whether it is intentional or not. As Americans move into the twenty-first century, pop culture has changed the way they look at women’s body types. While body shaming of females used to be acceptable, now judging women based off of their looks is frowned upon by mainstream society. Women are encouraged by pop culture to embrace their bodies and be comfortable in their own skin. In the early 2000s, women were constantly judged […]

Japanese Fashion’s Connections with U.S.

Cultural fashion is very unique in its own ways. In this research paper, I want to demonstrate how fashion and style is so different depending on the culture/religions. Also, how these fashion styles play a huge role in people’s wardrobe even if there not connected to that culture. Fashion nowadays is so highly inspired by cultures out of the U.S. for example japanese culture, and that’s what makes fashion more interesting and fun to play with. One question I have […]

Running Head: who am i Fein 1

Abstract Many cultures have common interests, while others may have customs that differ greatly from that of another. You associate yourself with the larger group of which you are a member. Ever since I have been a little kid, I have always been fascinated in finding out about where my grandparents came from and their life stories. Whereas I have lived in the United States for most of my life, my family’s background has engaged me in European and Jewish […]

Taylor Swift

It’s unlikely for an artist to restrain how Taylor is learned. Simply a professional can predict those thoughts, which is nearly as great (“Taylor Swift Interview” Klosterman). The success of this alone-focused obsession is cleared. Swift is entitled to perform whatever story she desires, based on the understandable discussion that she conjectures her particular place in history further strongly than anyone nearby her. The building of 1989 is an excellent model: She declares everyone at her description (the Nashville-placed Big […]

Popular Culture’s Perception

In the cartoon that I have chosen an old man is at his doctor’s office inquiring about Viagra, a popular sexual enhancement drug for men. The doctor is holding an article that clearly states one of the side effects of Viagra is blindness the man is still eager to use it. The message that this cartoon is conveying is that even while in an older age sex is still a part of life. While there are many similarities between the […]

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The Influence of Pop Culture on People

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Beyonce and Rihanna as Examples of Powerful Women in The Pop Industry

Analysis of k-pop transformation in the 1990s to the present, development of k-pop industry in a globalized world, pop culture as part of native american literature, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Depiction of Systemic Oppression in Pop Culture: Analysis of Movies

The sapphire, mammy, and jezebel: stereotypes of african american women in the modern media, the decline of pop culture amidst the zombie attack, analysis of super junior's strengths and weaknesses, analysis of the reception history of famous 80’s pop hit, comparison of western pop and k-pop artists, amy winehouse – a soulful voice, winged eyeliner, and record breaking albums, k-pop: breaking down cultural barriers in the usa, reflection of contemporary social issues in south park, review of the film v for vendetta, the relevance of austen’s emma and heckerling’s clueless in contemporary culture, a case study of the show, keeping up with the kardashian's in regards to the influence of famous personalities to society, critical discussion: pop music is a tool of social control, relevant topics.

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pop culture research paper pdf

pop culture research paper pdf


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pop culture research paper pdf

Popular Culture Term Paper

Writing a Remarkable Popular Culture Term Paper

Pop culture is everywhere. Singers and movie stars are among the most influential people on this planet. Even rock music was affected by pop culture, and as a result pop-rock has appeared. They say that the day The Beatles became popular is the day when pop culture entered our lives. It came to stay with us forever. We care so much what is happening to Madonna or Justin Timberlake. At the same time the phenomenon of pop culture is being actively studied. Arts students often analyze popular culture in their essays and research papers.

Popular Culture Term Paper Page Navigation

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  • How Can We Help
  • Mass Culture: History and Nowadays
  • Types of Popular Culture
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  • Music Term Papers
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Popular culture paper sample

If you are writing about popular culture for the first time, you should definitely look for popular culture paper sample . First of all you will learn some information on possible topics for such researches. For instance, you can write about music industry, movies or fashion. Secondly, a research sample will provide you with information on paper structure and outline . Traditionally, popular culture term paper starts with an introduction of a thesis statement. You have to give your reasons for choosing a particular topic. A thesis statement should get readers interested in your term paper topic. You have to create some intrigue. Term paper sample will help you better understand the phenomenon of mass culture.

Popular culture or also known as pop culture is the preferred ideas, attitudes and phenomenon of a given culture. Despite the preference of the general public, particularly the younger generation, on these ideas – it remains to be criticized by conservative groups, especially those who are religious and elitist, by nature. Many say that ideas propagated and promoted by popular culture is very superficial, sensationalized, and only consumer oriented. At the start, pop culture was not equated to what is popular or on the mainstream. The term popular culture finds its origins in the 19th century when it originally referred to as the lower classes’ culture and education.

Trivial and generally unintelligent – this is the common perception on this type of culture before. However, there was a great shift that happed in the turn of the century as demonstrated by the varied individuals and groups who took interest in it. In fact, many businesses find themselves catering to the needs and demands of those who are following the dictates of popular culture. Popular culture originated in the United States of America, by the end of the Second World War. However, this did not remain stagnant as several countries adapted to it, having developed their own version of pop culture. Aside from the dependence of pop culture in demographics and geography, another definitive characteristic of popular culture is its reliance on the era. Since pop culture tends to alter relentlessly, each decade has created a set of ideas, phenomenon and concept that are distinctive of the inclusive period. is a company dedicated to provide you with all your needs in custom essay paper writing . To assist you, we have provided a list of phenomenon that has been of interest to the pop culture generation. Going through the list of pop culture ideas over the decade can give you several term paper ideas on how you can write your popular culture term paper .

For your convenience, we have enlisted varied interests, concepts and ideas that took the attention of many individuals in the past few decades. provides you with these concepts to help you identify a workable term paper topic for your academic paper on popular culture for the 20th century.

1900 to 1950

Soundtracks of movies were also introduced in this era. Aside from this, many began to appreciate jazz music

The dependence of the music industry began in this era. Aside from promoting the record industry, radio enjoyed the status of being pioneers of news. Then and now, radio broadcasts was a popular venue for soap opera, commentaries, and comedy shows.

The increase on demand for newspapers was very remarkable in the 1930s. Aside from newspapers, magazines with pictures also proliferated – promoting the demand for photojournalism. Moreover, detective novels became popular as well.

1950 – 2000

Different genres of film have been developed, with the unlimited creative mind of many individuals. Technology allowed for the improvement on sound and images of film. Cinemas remain as one of the most frequented places for entertainment. However, home theaters (from beta-max, to VHS, to discs) have also greatly gained the interest of many families.

The impact of Elvis Presley’s Rock and Roll did not only influence the music industry. Truth be told, this music genre became a forceful element in influencing varied societal components. This music did not only serve to entertain – but many rock groups opted to express their political ideas through music. The flourishing music industry and its continuous development and evolution find its basis on rock and roll. Today, it is an undeniable fact that punk rock, pop alternative and its varied variations find its root on Rock and Roll.

  • Youth culture

Youth culture goes beyond identifying pop culture in the context of tri-media. Youth culture is a way of life, which indicates interest on fashion, language, and behavior. Some of the culture propagated by the youth has not always been correct – as demonstrated by the intense experimentation on drugs in the 1970s.

How can we help?

Writing a popular culture term paper is easy, especially if you opt to stick to your line of interest. If you need help in constructing a reliable term paper on pop culture , then better consult the professionals of .

We are a custom term paper writing company who can provide you with anything you need on academic paper writing. Call us now through our 24/7 hotline and purchase term paper from now. is an outstanding custom writing company. We have over 500 expert writers with PhD and Masters level educations who are all ready to fulfill your writing needs no matter what the academic level or research topic. Just imagine, you place the order before you go to sleep and in the morning an excellent, 100% unique essay! Or term paper, written in strict accordance with your instructions by a professional writer is already in your email box! We understand the pressure students are under to achieve high academic goals and we are ready to take some of it off you because we love writing. By choosing us as your partner, you achieve more academically and gain valuable time for your other interests. Place your order now !

Mass culture: History and Nowadays

Mass culture appeared in the second half of the 20 th century. They say that we have to thank The Beatles for it. Well, maybe it is so. These guys from Liverpool started creating music that was understood by ordinary people. “ Mass culture: History and Nowadays ” is a great topic for a pop culture research paper . If you study history of mass culture you will be able to answer so many questions and perhaps explain phenomenon of popular culture. Indeed, it is not easy to explain popularity of pop, rock and movie stars. Late John Lennon used to say that The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ. This controversial statement caused so many debates, but it is partially true. If you study mass culture history you can give answer to the question “Why mass culture appeared in the first place?”

Types of popular culture

There are several types of popular culture that may be studied in your term paper. The key types are of course music and movies. Who doesn’t want to be a rock or Hollywood star? Who doesn’t want to be the next Brad Pitt or Jimi Hendrix? Everyone dreams of being rich and famous, and becoming either music or movie star is the shortest way. Popular culture describes true life stories of ordinary people who managed to change their lives and become icons in music or movies world. We all know that, for example, Eminem or Ozzy Ozbourne come from poor families. By studying various types of popular culture you can study people’s life stories which can be very interesting. If you choose to write a term paper on types of popular culture you have to study theory of mass communications as well in order to understand how artists influence mass consciousness.

Term papers on cinema

What can be easier than term papers on cinema ? This is what many students think. However, it is not entirely so. Indeed, cinema is a very interesting topic, but you still have to write quality analytical texts if necessary. A term paper on cinema is not about describing your favorite actor or movie. You have to conduct a thorough study of cinema history and a deep analysis of cinema ideas development. Finding relevant critique material can be also necessary, especially if you are writing about certain epoch in the history of movies.

Music term papers

Similar to term papers on cinema, music term paper cannot be considered easy to write. Indeed, there is nothing difficult in writing about your favorite performer. But what if you have to analyze a music period or a trend? What if you have to compare different styles? What if you have to write a cause and effect essay on jazz and blues? What if you have to write an essay on modern music styles? This is certainly not easy. When writing a music term paper you have to listen to dozens or even hundreds of records. You have to feel in order to write about music. If you are required to make conclusions, then write your personal attitude to various music styles and trends.

Other types of popular culture papers

Movies and music are not the only topics for term papers on pop culture. There are other types of popular culture papers . For example, you can write on modern trends in photography or modern paintings . Post modern art is so diverse, so that you can certainly find an interesting topic. Look around you. Mass culture is everywhere, even in architecture and advertising. All you have to do is just to pick an interesting topic.

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pop culture research paper pdf

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DEADLINE EXTENDED! CALL FOR PAPERS: 2024 Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference


Call for Papers

Southwest Popular / American Culture Association (SWPACA)

Annual Conference

45th Annual Conference, February 21-24, 2024

Marriott Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Extended proposal submission deadline: November 14, 2023

Pain and Pleasure

The English Department at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in  Sousse (TUNISIA)

The Research Laboratory Ecole et Littératures “The School and Literatures Laboratory”

Laboratory of Approaches to Discourse (LAD)

organise a n international conference on


Pain and PleasureDate: April 25- 26, 2024Conference Venue: Conference Room 

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Call for Papers: Myth and Fairy Tales

Myth and Fairy Tales

From North Carolina Out: Charles Olson, Black Mountain Poetics, and the Later Years

The Charles Olson Society will sponsor a session at the annual American Literature Association Conference, to be held in Chicago, May 23-26. This year, the Society is interested in abstracts that examine the later periods of Black Mountain Poetry. After the closure of Black Mountain College, the liquidation of the property in 1957, and the folding of the Black Mountain Review in the same year, poets like Olson, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, John Wieners, Ed Dorn, and Larry Eigner had to find new centers of community where they could continue the advances of their experimental poetics. Gloucester, Buffalo, San Francisco, New York, Boston, and New Mexico – different locales became important for fostering exchange for these poets.

Whither postcolonialism? New directions in postcolonial studies

Whither postcolonialism?

New directions in postcolonial studies

A Two-day International Online Conference

1-2 December 2023

Jazz and American Poetics: From The New American Poetry to Contemporary Verse

The Charles Olson Society and the Amiri Baraka Society will co-sponsor a session at the annual American Literature Association Conference, to be held in Chicago, May 23-26. This year, our two societies are pleased to announce a collaboration around the theme of jazz and its relation to the development of experimental American poetry. As Charles Olson once stated in a series of talks titled “On Black Mountain”: “Boy, there was no poetics. It was Charlie Parker. Literally, it was Charlie Parker.” Olson was thinking back to his 1950s correspondence with Robert Creeley, who consistently wrote to Olson about the importance of Parker’s bop rhythms for his own poetics. In the talk, Olson equates the entirety of the New American Poetry with just Charlie Parker.

"Dreams, Phantasms and Memories" 6th International Interdisciplinary Conference

Conference online (via Zoom)

23-24 November 2023

Reorienting the Sublime

Call for Papers: Reorienting the Sublime

McGill University

Department of Art History and Communication Studies

Graduate Student Symposium

Deadline for Submissions: December 29, 2023

“The sublime is something added that expands us, overstrains us, and causes us to be both here , as dejects, and there, as others and sparkling. A divergence, an impossible bounding. Everything missed, joy—fascination” -- Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror.

Edited collection: Heaven, Hell, and Everything In-Between: Critical Perspectives on Good Omens

Heaven, Hell, and Everything In-Between: Critical Perspectives on Good Omens

First issue of new journal: Fandom | Cultures | Research

Fandom | Cultures | Research

Call for Abstracts (Issue 1/24)



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    pop culture research paper pdf

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    pop culture research paper pdf

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    pop culture research paper pdf

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    pop culture research paper pdf

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    pop culture research paper pdf

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    pop culture research paper pdf


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  1. (PDF) A Critical Analysis of Pop Culture and Media

    PDF | Studies have revealed that in the age of digital media, popular culture has emerged as a powerful phenomenon. With this in mind, this article... | Find, read and cite all the research...

  2. (Pdf) Culture and Society: Popular Culture in A Changing World

    (PDF) CULTURE AND SOCIETY: POPULAR CULTURE IN A CHANGING WORLD PDF | This paper explores popular culture as the people's culture which prevails in any given society, results from...

  3. (PDF) "Social Change Through Popular Culture"

    "Social Change Through Popular Culture" November 2015 Authors: Patricia LeeAnn Freeman Liberty University Abstract Popular culture consists of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images and other...

  4. PDF A Study of Popular Culture and its Impact on Youth's ...

    chosen as a focal point to represent pop culture (popular culture) and its representation in youth. e main variable here is cultural identity. e present paper has taken the following points to analyse the impact of pop culture on youth. • Ethnicity and fashion, • Digital transformation, • Media-based transformation

  5. PDF The impact of popular culture on the social identity of young adults

    The Impact of Popular Culture on the Social Identity of Young Adults: Harry Potter and the Search for Belonging A thesis presented by ... research has not explored how or if popular culture creates social identities. Using the Harry Potter books, due to their popular culture dominance during the youth of the millennial generation, this study ...

  6. (PDF) Reflecting on Popular Culture

    Literature, visual arts, graphic arts, plastic arts, decorative arts, performing arts, music, architecture, and other expressionist forms of human intellectual accomplishment, when regarded...

  7. PDF Popular Culture: Introduction

    Popular Culture: Introduction Since the late 1960s, "popular culture" has become a privileged topic of research in American Studies. At that time, the impact of TV and of advertising was becoming no-ticeable: both became the culturally hegemonic force, evident in the running of presi-dential campaigns no less than in the work of avant-garde ...

  8. PDF Pop Culture and Course Content: Redefining Genre Value in First-Year

    writing—particularly with regards to popular culture—and contributes to conversations about what constitutes "valuable" course content. The dissertation study, which was conducted in two sections of an FYC course during the Spring 2016 semester, uses three genre domains as a foundation: academic genres, workplace genres, and pop-culture ...

  9. The Journal of Popular Culture

    The Journal of Popular Culture Edited By: Novotny Lawrence Impact factor (2022): 0.2 Articles Most Recent Most Cited ORIGINAL ARTICLE Coin-Op conspiracies: Nostalgia and moral panic in the video arcade Eric Hahn First Published: 20 October 2023 Abstract Full text PDF References Request permissions ORIGINAL ARTICLE Open access

  10. Hop on pop: the politics and pleasures of popular culture

    The emergent scholarly approach that Hop on Pop's editors ascribe to the volume's contributors possesses six putative tendencies (described as "family resemblances") that address questions of authenticity with regards to research in the realm of popular culture: 1. to embrace immediacy as opposed to maintaining "the ideal of a ...

  11. Pop-culture references in peer-reviewed scientific articles

    Beyond classroom education, pop-culture references can be useful tools to share our research to fellow scientists, especially those outside our field of expertise (Figure 1).Science communicators and popular science magazines provide a simpler and spicier version of these stories to the general audience. 6 Making a connection to the reader has significance not only in popular science articles ...

  12. Popular Culture: A Vital Component of Humanity

    Popular culture is the growth of cultural activities such as music, art, literature, fashion, dance, films, television and radio that are practiced by the people of society. In other words it is the ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images of the existing society. Popular culture is everywhere.

  13. PDF POP Culture: Interaction of and Influence on the Youth

    The popular culture, which is very popular with the youth, and their aggressive indulgence in the social media, mass media and other media like mobile phones, English cinema and English music, this paper examines and understands the ways by which popular culture forms can be used .This study looks at how popular cultural forms like internet, soc...

  14. (PDF) Youth and Popular Culture Popular Culture and Youth Capacity for

    (PDF) Youth and Popular Culture Popular Culture and Youth Capacity for Societal Development in Nigeria PDF | Popular culture has become one of the most popular issues of discourse in...

  15. (PDF) A Study of Popular Culture and its Impact on Youth's Cultural

    (PDF) A Study of Popular Culture and its Impact on Youth's Cultural Identity PDF | With the advent of technology and globalization, the level of interaction is very high, and people are...

  16. General Submissions

    For documentation, The Journal of Popular Culture follows the Modern Language Association style. Consult the most current editions of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers and The MLA Style Manual. This style calls for a Works Cited list, with parenthetical author/page references in the text.

  17. (PDF) Pop Culture Tourism: A Research Model

    Conclusions The purpose of this paper was to develop a model of central elements for pop culture tourism research and its linkages for the benefit of innovation in the creative industries and tourism. The identified elements are 1) innovation in destinations and attractions, 2) fans and fan culture, and 3) technology mediation.

  18. Pop-culture references in peer-reviewed scientific articles

    Contextualizing our research using pop-culture references can be a way to connect with the general audience as well as students. Pop-culture plays a major role in influencing people's understanding of science and scientists. In addition, scientific concepts (such as new chemical elements) in books, TV shows, and movies also fascinate readers.

  19. Hip Hop Culture: History and Trajectory

    This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Graduate School at OpenSIUC. It has been accepted for inclusion in Research Papers by an authorized administrator of OpenSIUC. For more information, please [email protected]. Recommended Citation Riesch, R J., "Hip Hop Culture: History and Trajectory" (2005).Research ...

  20. PDF Queer Popular Culture

    on the visibility of queer teens in popular and visual culture. Jennifer Reedreceived her Ph.D. in Comparative Culture from UC Irvine. She is an assistant professor of Women's Studies at California State University Long Beach. She writes on sexuality and representation in popular culture and has published several essays on the work of Ellen ...

  21. Pop Culture Essay Examples, Topics, Titles

    Explore a big database【WITH NO SIGN UP】- 100% FREE essays about Pop Culture Essay Examples All popular types of essays Argumentative, Persuasive, Analysis & Research Papers.

  22. ≡Essays on Pop Culture. Free Examples of Research Paper Topics, Titles

    3 pages / 1149 words. Pop Music is a distinguished genre of music that uses elements from other styles such as dance, urban, Latin, rock and country. Originally derived from Rock and Roll in the Western world around 1950's, it is the largest genre of consumed music today and is... Beyonce Music Industry Pop Culture. 8.

  23. Popular Culture Term Paper Writing

    Traditionally, popular culture term paper starts with an introduction of a thesis statement. You have to give your reasons for choosing a particular topic. A thesis statement should get readers interested in your term paper topic. You have to create some intrigue. Term paper sample will help you better understand the phenomenon of mass culture.

  24. cfp

    Call for Papers: Reorienting the Sublime McGill University. Department of Art History and Communication Studies. Graduate Student Symposium Deadline for Submissions: December 29, 2023 "The sublime is something added that expands us, overstrains us, and causes us to be both here, as dejects, and there, as others and sparkling.A divergence, an impossible bounding.