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Gardening Essay

Gardening is indeed a favourite pastime for us. With our busy and concrete lifestyle, gardening is the only way that keeps us connected to mother nature. Gardening gives us immense joy, as we can see the shrubs and the flowers growing right from their tender stage till it completely shoots and lush into their green life. This literally gives us a sense of mortality which the living creatures have on this planet.

Gardening keeps our daily life fresh, watering the plants, nurturing them, cleaning them all gives us a sense of freshness and calmness in our mind.

Essay on Gardening for Students

In this essay on gardening, the gardening paragraph has been described in detail. A garden can be defined as a piece of property that is structured near or around our house. Different kinds of trees, beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables, and so on are cultivated. 

People are fond of grooming many types of gardens. A flower garden which consists of varieties of beautifully scented flowers, a fruit garden that holds nutritious fruits, a vegetable garden is very much loved by the households as they bear healthy vegetables which are then cooked and included in their meal are the best examples. Apart from these, botanical gardens and medicinal herb gardens that cure diseases are also included in the hobby.

We love to grow fruit or vegetable gardens near our homes, as this gives us the opportunity to savour the fruit of our hard work in real. These kinds of gardens are known as gardens of the kitchen. Colleges have their own gardens in order to work as a learning lad for the students. Gardening gives us an insight into some of the best practices of the same.

Gardening as a Hobby Essay

Gardens are a good and enjoyable pastime. Enjoying in the fenced lap of nature is something which would seem artificial to the common people but quite peaceful to the city people as they are busy in the other parts of their life, hustling to get something, but gardening helps them to re-start fresh their mornings or evenings. The garden is surrounded by a fence to protect them from stray animals like dogs, cats, or cows. Usually, these fences are made of wood or bamboo.

The garden is designed into splits, the splits are the various parts. All the sections split into flower beds. While every bed is surrounded by an earthen uplift. For these flower crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, some parts are intended to be cared for.

In different seasons, people also plant seasonal vegetables. Pumpkin, gourd, lettuce, bitter gourd, garlic, tomato, potato, brinjal, bean, pea, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower, radish, carrots, chilies, and other vegetables. While, among fruit trees apples, chikoos, oranges, plums, etc. In addition to this people also grows climbers and creepers to decorate their garden. Among these includes a money plant, various shrubs. All of these come under the kingdom of plants.

How to Take Care of Plants Essay

People root the grasses, prepare the beds, sow the seeds, plant the trees, and water the crops on a routine basis. People work in their gardens both during the morning and evening, they keep their garden neat and tidy.

We must love and nurture the gardens as well. We must keep in mind to take care of the insect crops in the garden. For these crops, insects can be dangerous. On the crops, flowers, and fruit crops, insects lay eggs, thus we need to sprinkle insecticides that can destroy these eggs. In the soil as well, lime should be occasionally blended to kill the germs and the bacteria that breed in it. This helps the soil’s fertility to improve.

If we attempt to write any 5 Simple Sentences about Garden it can be as follows:

Gardening refines the mood and calms the life of the individual practising it.

In the gardens, we grow various flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

We tender and care for the life of these beautiful crops, thus we grow them with utmost love and care.

These plants in our garden purify the air around us, thus making the air healthy which we breathe.

Also, watching greenery is good for our eyesight. Gardening gives us the scope for the same.

Short Essay on Pleasure of Gardening

Gardening gives us pleasure as we watch the plants grow. With our care, love, and nurture we see the plants growing and flowers blooming, this is a sight to cherish, thus we say gardening gives us a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. From our garden we can get fruits, vegetables and flowers, by this we can enjoy our own hard work. We can get healthy fruits, vegetables, and flowers to decorate. Thus, in this manner too, gardening helps us.

If you will take the time to stop and enjoy gardening, you will realize that it can offer you many pleasures. Finding the perfect plant for your garden can even make you feel an essence of accomplishment. If you’ve got enough space in your garden, you can plan a small pond or a recreation spot into your garden, creating a haven for yourself to simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

If there are certain flowers you like, you can incorporate them into particular places in your garden. Each time you step out you will see those flowers blooming giving you a true feeling of well-being.

Short essay on Gardening in 100 Words

Gardening is a really good practical activity. You can grow your own vegetables and fruits and thereby you can ensure that you have healthy organic food on the table. When you cook vegetables from your garden, you do so knowing that you’re getting the freshest meal. Gardening necessitates learning about different plants that thrive in various conditions and planning the layout of the garden. Achieving all these gives obvious mental happiness and it opens up our mood.

Gardens can provide a healthier diet, a healthier lifestyle, and also financial relief. Gardening is also a great life lesson that is passed on through generations. it is a great learning experience, no matter the age.

Benefits of Gardening

Health Benefits: Regular gardening activities can be really health-promoting. Gardening can help you encourage mindfulness, lower the stress level and improve the quality of life.  

Environment Benefits:   We all know that human activities have had a serious impact on the environment. Plants and trees generate fresher and cleaner air by releasing oxygen after absorbing carbon dioxide, thereby reducing pollutants in the atmosphere. Plants also prevent erosion because roots hold soil in place.

Vegetable Growth:   Vegetable gardening provides us with various benefits. Growing your own vegetables enables you to know what you have used to help the vegetables grow, and not worry about pesticides and other chemical residues that may have been spread around on the vegetables . 

Importance of Garden in Our Life

Gardening may seem like a hobby, while in reality gardening is actually useful and thus essential to us.

Gardening includes physical activity, like - weeding, plant watering, mulching, trellising, and harvesting–all of these involve the gardener’s physical labour input. Therefore, gardening becomes a great booster to our workout routine as well.

Gardening is indeed a very practical activity. We can develop our own vegetables and fruits, which will allow us to have good food on the table.

Aesthetic gardening brings a sense of pleasure to human beings. Ornamental gardening is a real beauty. Furthermore, these flowers that we grow serve as decorative items for most occasions like births, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and funerals.

Characteristics of botanic gardens

The following is a list of criteria that may be met in part or whole by any institution that is considered to be a botanic garden:

Open to the public

A fundamental scientific basis for the collections

Adequate documentation of the collections, including the wild origin

Observations of the plants in the collections

Appropriate labelling of the plants

A source of information to other gardens, institutions, and the public

Exchange of seed or other materials with other botanic gardens, arboreta, or research institutions

The undertaking of technical or scientific research on plants in the collections.

Maintenance of research programs in plant taxonomy in associated herbaria.

Tips for writing an essay on gardening

Identify the requirements

Follow the traditional structure of an essay

Start writing early 

Stick to your topic

Use relevant sources 

Don’t forget to pay attention to the conclusion 

Proofread your essay

Gardening is one way to express our love, care, and nurture. Gardening is quite similar to watching and growing an infant. While gardening one can imagine the life cycle of the plant starting from the embryo till the plant shoots up to bear fruits. Gardening gives us immense pleasure and soothes our minds.


FAQs on Essay on Gardening

1. Define a Botanical Garden?

Botanical Garden is a garden which is dedicated to collection, cultivation and they are displayed in a wide range of plants which are labelled with their botanical names.

A botanical garden is also known as the botanic garden, this is a collection of living plants that are designed chiefly to illustrate the relationships which exist among the plant groups. The botanical garden is a type of display garden that concentrates on woody plants like shrubs and trees. Botanical Garden acts as a germplasm collection and helps the development of new hybrids.

2.What Type of Plants is Best for the Garden?

Different types of vegetables which we like to eat are the best plants to grow in the garden. Plant head lettuce, a lettuce cutting mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots are a good start to this. Most of the plants need space and if you don't let them have their own little piece of territory, there may be hell to pay. You should be realistic with your garden plant ideas by starting simply with a piece of paper, a tape measure, and a ruler to measure up the size of your plot.

3.How can I Design my Garden?

We can give a shape to our garden lawn, we can plan our planting, the paving can be done beautifully in order of distinct levels. Gardening is not very tough, but also not too easy. It needs a perfect combination of hard work and knowledge. The hard work is that you need to do, no one can help you with that. Knowledge is something that can be gained by reading books, blogs, and watching videos. You can start by learning the sunlight and wind exposure of your place, as well as your soil structure and health. You need to decide how you want to use the space within the limits discovered above, and be sure to do some reading on the different flower bed styles and about how you can design them.

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research essay on gardening

Essay on Gardening for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Gardening

Garden is a piece of property near or around our house where various trees, flowers , fruits, vegetables and so on are cultivated. There are many types of garden, including flower garden, fruit garden, vegetable garden, botanical garden, and medicinal herb garden. People like growing fruit or vegetable gardens near their homes. These gardens are known as gardens of the kitchen. Some of the colleges also have their own gardens to work in for their learners. Thus, the Essay on gardening is an insight into some of the best practices used for gardening.

Essay on gardening

Gardening is a good and enjoyable pastime. Each garden is surrounded by a fence. Usually, fences are made of wood or bamboo. The green fence is raised around the garden sometimes.

The garden is split into various parts. Each section is split into beds. Every bed is surrounded by an earthen uplift. For flower crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal herbs, some parts are intended.

In distinct seasons, people raise distinct types of vegetables. Pumpkin, gourd, bitter gourd, garlic, tomato, snake gourd, brinjal, bean, pea, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower, radish, spinach, ladyfinger, etc. It is also possible to grow fruit trees such as apples, chickoos, plums, etc. In addition, it is possible to grow various types of shrubs, creepers, and trees in a garden. Everything comes under the kingdom of plants.

Read 500 Words Essay on Trees here

People are spotting gardens, rooting grasses, preparing beds, sowing seeds, planting trees and watering crops on frequent bases. By working both morning and evening, they keep the garden neat and tidy.

The manure the gardens as well. It is very essential to take care of insect crops in the garden. For the crops, insects can be dangerous. On the crops, flowers, and fruits, they lay eggs. Sprinkling insecticides can destroy these eggs. In the soil, lime is occasionally blended to kill the germs and bacteria in it. So the soil’s fertility improves.

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Importance of Gardening

While many crops grow in the wild, in their homes or yards, individuals also grow and grow certain crops, bushes, and trees. This activity is referred to as gardening. Although it may seem to some as a hobby, the reality is that gardening is truly quite useful and therefore essential to us.

Gardening is an activity that is quite physical. It includes weeding, plant watering, mulching, trellising, and harvesting–all of which involve the gardener’s physical labor. It, therefore, becomes a great complement to your workout routine.

Gardening is a very practical activity as well. You can develop your own vegetables and fruits so that you have good food on the table.

Aesthetic gardening appeals to the need for beauty in human beings. Ornamental gardening is happy with beauty to our side. Furthermore, flowers are a component of most occasions like births, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and funerals.


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Essay on Gardening in English for Children and Students

research essay on gardening

Table of Contents

The term “ Gardening ” is used for the practice of growing plants in an area especially assigned only for such activities. The area where gardening is done is called the “Garden”. Many houses today, have their own gardens; though, big or small, depending on the available area. These gardens are used mainly for growing decorative plants and flowers to augment the overall beauty of the house.

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Though, sometimes people also grow leaf vegetables (spinach, cabbage, lettuce etc), root vegetables (carrot, potato, onion etc) and sometimes herbs (basil, mint coriander etc). Apart from making the house look more refreshing and beautiful, a garden also supplements its kitchen supplies. Today gardening has become a favorite activity, a kind of hobby for many city dwellers as well as villagers. In the succeeding long and short essays on gardening we will know much more about this useful hobby of many.

Long and Short Essay on Gardening in English

Below we have provided Long and Short Essay on Gardening of varying lengths in English.

These Gardening essay will improve your knowledge about gardening and motivate you to adopt it as a hobby.

These Gardening Essays have been written in simple and easy to grasp language, making it easy for you to reiterate or write it down whenever the need arises.

These essays will prove useful in your school essay and debate competitions and several similar occasions.

Essay on Gardening: Importance of Gardening – Essay 1 (250 words)


Plants are absolutely essential to life. None of our basic functions from breathing to eating to drinking would be possible without plants. Plants not only act as food sources but also release oxygen and help maintain the water table. The simple fact of the matter is that without plants we would not survive.

Importance of Gardening

While there are many plants growing in the wild, people also cultivate and grow certain plants, bushes and shrubs in their homes or yards. This activity is known as gardening. While it may appear as a hobby to some, the fact is that gardening is actually quite beneficial and, therefore, important to us.

  • Gardening is a fairly physical activity. It involves weeding, watering of plants, mulching, trellising and harvesting – all of which require physical labour from the gardener. Hence, it becomes an excellent addition to your exercise routine.
  • Gardening is also a very practical activity. It allows you to grow your own vegetables and fruits thus ensuring that you have healthy food on the table. When you harvest vegetables from your garden, you do so knowing that you’re getting the freshest produce possible.
  • Gardening for aesthetics appeals to the human need for beauty. Ornamental gardening caters to the side of us that is delighted by beauty. In addition, flowers are a part and parcel of most occasions such as births, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and funerals.
  • Gardening also helps sharpen problem solving skills. Researching the best methods to make your garden grow, experimenting with different techniques and designing irrigation systems that work for you all help in improving your skills at creativity, problem solving and planning.

Most people dismiss gardening as a mere hobby. They ignore or downplay the benefits you can get from gardening regularly. The fact is that it is much more than a recreational activity. Imagine what the world would look like without any gardens.

Essay on Gardening: Pleasure of Gardening – Essay 2 (300 words)

Although gardening is a fairly physical activity, it can also be a very relaxing one. It is also remarkably versatile; a garden can range from a single potted plant to an entire greenhouse or yard. In addition, watching something come alive, grow and thrive because of your efforts can be a very satisfying experience. Gardening is often called pleasurable for which there are several reasons.

Pleasure of Gardening

The modern world is a fast paced world. Everyone is in a hurry or extremely busy. Even when people have spare time, they prefer to fill it up with chores of some kind. However, gardening by its very nature is a slow activity. It encourages you to slow down, reconnect with nature and learn to find joy in doing something rather than doing it because it is necessary.

Gardening can offer you many pleasures if you just take the time to stop and enjoy them. Finding the right type of plants for your garden can make you feel a sense of accomplishment. If you have enough space, you can plan a small pond or a recreation spot into your garden, creating a haven for yourself to simply relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. If there are particular flowers you like, you can incorporate them into specific places in your garden. Each time you step out you will see these flowers blooming giving you a feeling of well-being.

To many it may seem that gardening doesn’t fit into the 21 st century which is all about moving fast and getting quick results. However, the opposite is true; gardening provides you with a safe haven from the rigours of the world and your life allowing you to slow your frenetic space and simply be.

Essay on Gardening: A Hobby – Essay 3 (350 words)

The whole point of having a hobby is to spend one’s leisure time in a manner that is both relaxing and useful. Different people have different hobbies, i.e. people differ in their ideas about what helps them relax. Some common hobbies enjoyed by plenty of people are philately, numismatics, swimming, photography and gardening. Having a hobby doesn’t only relax you, but also provide you with boosts of energy that help you in your professional life.

Gardening as a Hobby

Gardening requires quite a bit of manual labour on the part of the gardener. For this reason, some people wonder how it can relax you as a hobby is supposed to. However, for people who like gardening it can be relaxing just to feel the earth on your palms or getting quiet moments or even help you create beauty.

If you decide to take up gardening as a hobby and have no prior experience with it, it is best for you to research gardening. You can do this with the help of books on gardening and online websites. Also keep in mind that caring for different plants can be easy or difficult, depending upon the plants. New gardeners can get confused quite easily. However, following a few basic tips helps enormously in growing your garden.

The best part about having gardening as a hobby is that it can be done anywhere. If you have a yard, you can garden there. If your living space is small you can arrange a few potted plants and take care of them.

Gardening is a great hobby for everyone from working professionals to retirees. It allows you to connect with your environment and with nature. However, it is important to remember that you should not just jump in with both feet or your attempts at gardening are bound to fail. Instead, learn as much as you can, take in basic tips and tricks and take baby steps. You will find that when given proper attention, a garden can soothe your soul and gardening can calm and centre you.

Essay on Gardening: Recreation to Mind – Essay 4 (400 words)

The 21 st century is the era of instant everything – instant coffee, instant meals, instant orders, instant mails, instant communication and, most importantly, instant results. Theoretically, all these instant things are meant to free up your time. However, in reality, the more time you free up, the more chores you have to do. As a result, not only do you have to have everything done in an instant but also add more things that need to be done instantly. It is no wonder people burn out relatively fast these days. We are setting a pace that is impossible to keep up without negative consequences. Not only does our body protest through various conditions and syndromes but also our mind through mental illnesses and strain.

Gardening as Recreation for the Mind

Gardening requires quite a bit of physical labour, a factor that makes many people reject it as too much on top of everything else. However, that is only one aspect of gardening. The other lesser known aspect, or rather the aspect that only becomes obvious when you actually garden, is the immense restfulness your mind can experience while gardening.

By its very nature, gardening is a slow process. There is no instant gratification here. Instead, it yields its best results when you take time over it and pay attention to details. More importantly, the manual labour exercises your body while leaving your mind free to ruminate over anything and everything – something that is becoming increasingly rare in the frenetic pace of life. It also teaches you the value of waiting for some things; they are better for the wait and you enjoy them more. Think of the fragile begonia plant that you have babied into blooming. The attempt takes time and energy on your part, but the end result is beautiful to the senses.

Gardening also allows you to be in the presence of nature even if that presence is a small potted plant. As the plant grows and thrives, you feel satisfaction from a job well done. The hours that you put into your garden yield beautiful results that please and satisfy your mind, lowering stress and allowing your mind to relax.

In a life that is increasingly fast-paced, frenetic and stressful, your garden becomes an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Spending even an hour working on your garden can help you relax, lower your stress levels and allow your mind to rejoice in the peace that your garden offers. There can be no better recreation for your mind.

Essay on Gardening: Advantages – Essay 5 (450 words)

Gardening is often seen as too slow an activity in a modern fast-paced world. People wonder why they should spend time on something as leisurely as gardening when every free moment is taken up with doing more chores. However, gardening isn’t just about making your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing; it is also about the many benefits it provides you.

Advantages of Gardening

Health benefits –.

Gardening is a very physical activity. Incorporating an hour or so of gardening can do wonders for your health, the most obvious benefit being weight loss. It doesn’t stop there – studies have shown that gardening helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce stress and depression. Studies even show that merely looking at a garden is enough to affect blood pressure, heart, muscles and even the electric activity in the brain. It generates feelings of tranquillity and peace and can be very therapeutic overall.

Environmental Benefits –

There can be no denying the fact that human presence has impacted the environment drastically. However, we can reduce and mitigate this impact by gardening. Plants release oxygen after taking in carbon dioxide thereby generating fresher and cleaner air. Plants also prevent soil erosion because their root systems hold the soil in place. Rain gardens allow you to collect rainwater and prevent pollutants from mixing with lakes and streams. If you have an efficient landscape design around your house, it can help keep the house warmer in winters and cooler in summers, thereby, reducing your energy consumption by as much as 20 percent.

Property Value Increase –

From a purely aesthetic point of view, a well-maintained garden adds to the property value of your house by enhancing its curb-appeal. It can also encourage people to put in offers for the property faster than they would for an average home.

Vegetable Growth –

Growing vegetables in your garden has a twofold advantage for you. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about what pesticides and chemicals have been used on the vegetables because you know exactly what you have used to help them grow. Secondly, you get an immense sense of self-satisfaction from providing for yourself and your family in the most basic way.

As you continue down the gardening path, you will learn more and become more proficient. As you know more, you will also be able to contemplate more possibilities for your garden. Gardening doesn’t just help you physically, it also helps you mentally. In addition, it allows you to contribute to environmental health and even your own table. Although gardening yields relatively slow results, those results leave a deeper impact and are much more long-lasting.

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Essay on Gardening

Our physical body is made by mixing five elements of nature. Out of them, the earth is an element that provides stability to life. How often when we feel stressed, sad, or depressed, we like to visit a quiet place that holds flowers, trees, birds, and a flowing river near the site. We feel relaxed and at home in nature’s lap. Out of different ways to connect with nature, gardening is a nature’s technology where we interact with nature through planting, seeding, harvesting, and by appreciating the beauty of nature.

Short and Long Essay on Gardening in English

Read here a few nicely worded essays on this topic to have more idea about:

Gardening Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Gardening is the art of growing plants and vegetables on a small piece of land.

2) Gardening is mostly done either in the backyard or front space of the house.

3) Some people plant flowers to decorate their garden.

4) Gardening gives us fresh and healthy vegetables.

5) Gardening helps to produce happy hormones in the human body.

6) Gardening is a good way to keep oneself engaged with nature.

7) It also helps in maintaining good physical fitness.

8) Gardening is also good for mental health and peace.

9) Many people prefer gardening as their hobby.

10) Organic gardening, miniature gardening, kitchen gardening, etc are some types of gardening.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – What is a Gardening and it’s Advantages?


A Garden is a bounded piece of land which is situated either in the front or backside of our home. The art of planting trees, flowers, grass, shrubs, and vegetables by using fertilizers, small agricultural tools in a limited space of our home is called gardening.

Advantages of Gardening

Gardening is a branch of horticulture. Gardening is also considered as a therapy that helps our body in increasing the happy hormone level. Gardening helps us to grow the vegetables that are sufficient for our needs. Vegetables grown in our garden are more healthy, tasty, nutritious, and chemical-free. We can easily grow vegetables according to our choice. Along with growing vegetables, we can also plant flowers of different varieties. Flowers of lively color soothe our eyes and bring positive vibes in our home.

Gardening helps us to decorate and add beauty to our home. In this hectic lifestyle, gardening is the best activity that keeps us fit and healthy. Doing gardening regulates our glands for metabolism. It also provides serum vitamin D to our bodies. Vitamin D is a good natural source in providing calcium for our bones to stay stronger, and boosting our immune system.

Gardening does not only lifts our physical performance but is also good for mental health. Gardening acts as a tool in combating loneliness which is common nowadays. Elderly people often complain about social issues. So, engaging in the activity of gardening can sort out this problem of loneliness.

Gardening is a physical activity that requires minimum weights to lift in building our body. Gardening can be a hobby for everyone, where we work, toil, sweat, and relax. It has a lot to offer to us from physical to mental if we really want to work with nature.

Essay 2 (400 words) – How to do Gardening

Gardening is no more just a hobby to do. Gardening requires several activities from planning to planting. In order to design our own dream garden, we must have knowledge of different activities involved in gardening. Though gardening sounds simple, it incorporates a lot of complexities to deal with. Just like anything, the garden also requires good content for gardening. Here is a few content that we can use to enhance the beauty of our garden.

Content for Gardening

  • Ornamental Plants

As the name suggests that these plants are used for decorative purposes. The ornamental plants include flowers, trees, and grasses. These ornamental plants are used in the garden, landscape, as cut flowers and houseplants.

The ornamental plants have focused features like flowers, leaves, stem, texture, scent, fruit, and artistic form, cultivation of that is called floriculture. The main aim of using these ornamental plants is to give pleasure in the eyes of the visitors, guests, and the public.

  • Growing Vegetables

The vegetables used in gardens can be broadly divided into root vegetables, leaf vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Root vegetables are plants that store the edible portion as root under the soil. The root vegetable gardening can be easily done in pots or directly into the soil. Similarly, leaf vegetables are plants that consist of leaves as their edible part.

They are usually the green leaf of the shrubs. While the other two vegetables like fruit and herbs are used primarily for consumption, medicinal benefit, spices, dyes, and natural cosmetic items. Gardening of all these vegetables not only saves money but also provides 100% organic vegetables.

  • Hedges and Lawns

In most countries, neighbour doesn’t have a brick wall for separation. The brick wall occupies a good space of the land and a huge amount of money too. So people in these countries build hedges as fencing for their garden. A hedge not only gives the privacy but also adds a stunning look to the garden.

The other thing that people include in their garden is the lawn. The lawn is made from the special grass like fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, etc. The lawn gives a feel of a carpet to the garden where the family can sit down and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

  • Garden as Art

For some people, the garden is an inside reflection of their home. So they pay special attention, in noting even minute irregularities of the garden. Various statues, lights, fountains, wood furniture, steel, etc are available in the market. The gardeners can use these accessories to design their creativity.

The maintenance of all this content in our garden motivates us to take a keen interest in gardening. Gardening helps us to visualize and give wings to our creativity. Creativity brings the best out of us and improves our style of living. Gardening no more remains a monotonous hobby that lacks thrill, excitement, and zeal in our routine.

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Different Types of Gardening and their Beauty

Gardening is not only associated with planting trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and fruit, but also has different types of gardening. In metropolitan cities, the space for living is a major problem. This problem of living is solved by apartment culture with no backyard for gardening. But still, people have managed to find ideas and enjoy their time in gardening.

Types of Gardening

  • Organic Gardening

In organic gardening, the plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, urea, or any other chemical material. The plants are grown with self-made compost in our backyards. This compost is mixed with the soil in our garden. The compost consists of high nutrient-rich micro-organism that makes the soil fertile and chemical-free.

  • Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen gardening has a historical link with the French. Kitchen gardening is done separately from the residential garden. This form of gardening requires a small space for growing vegetables prominently useful in our kitchen. Generally, kitchen gardening can be of two types. The first type is growing vegetables from waste food and the second one is growing fresh vegetables on the window sill. They are a more organized way of doing gardening in which symmetrical beds are used to give aesthetic value to the garden.

  • Miniature Gardening

Miniature gardening is creating a small modeled garden inside a garden. They are just a replica of the big garden. These gardens are grown inside a small pot, tank, or tub. According to space, the under the covering of the garden is done. In matching to the undercover shrubs, miniature artificial items, pebbles, and dwarf plants are combined to give a modeled effect. They can be easily kept inside the home, office, or even in personalized living space.

  • Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a technique of doing gardening in a very small space without comprising the scale of the plantation. In this type of gardening, the plants are grown in the panel. The panel can be a freestanding or attached to a support. The panel is designed in a vertical structure with a hydroponic system. The gardening can be done in a space of the size of a photo frame to a large wall. The vertical system of gardening finds its application both internally or externally in compliance with the interior and exterior of the space.

  • Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is done to maintain a balance within the ecosystem. This type of gardening is done without harming the other creatures of nature. The more focus is given on developing the coordination between human and nature. More help should be taken from the natural habitat insects, composts, companion plants, and integrated pest management.

  • Permaculture Gardening

In Permaculture gardening, the plants best suited for the land are used. While in conventional gardening we grow every plant without considering the weather, soil nature, wind, and demography of the place. In other terms, permaculture can be also called as selective gardening. Permaculture gardening is a self-sustainable method that revitalizes the soil and gives good value to the plant.

  • No-till Gardening

No-till gardening is done without the special preparation of the land. The concept of ‘no-dig’ or ‘no-till’ is being applied in gardening. The basic purpose of no-till gardening is to keep the land fertile without using any heavy toiling or digging. Mulching is done by using decayed old leaves, plants, and flowers as a layer for gardening. The layer makes the surface fertile, retains water level, and protects the plants from unwanted weeds.

In this modern world where technology is gaining its upper hand over nature, gardening can be a solution for minimizing the ill effects of technology. For those who think gardening is for old people, must look as their option for a career. Along with career, we can help ourselves, the community, and other creatures of the planet in establishing a more sustainable environment for living.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . Gardening helps in relieving stress and is good exercise for our body and mind.

Ans . The gardens came into existence in the 16th century.

Ans . Orto Botanico di Padova in Italy is the oldest garden in the world.

Ans . The common hand tools used in gardening are axe, sickle, scythe, shovel, spade, fork, and rake.

Ans . The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden.

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