1. Designer Sam Ray: "This house is impressive from every angle both

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  2. The Southern Ute Drum

    sam ray projects

  3. Muscular Dystrophy Inspires Sam Ray to Build Mobility

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  4. The Southern Ute Drum

    sam ray projects

  5. Designer Sam Ray: "This house is impressive from every angle both

    sam ray projects

  6. Sam Ray's RV-8

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  1. Sam Ray Lyrics, Songs, and Albums

    Sam Ray is a lo-fi musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has many different projects but is most known for his project Teen Suicide who have undergone a few name changes, most notably ...

  2. Teen Suicide (band)

    History. Teen Suicide formed initially as a solo project of Sam Ray in 2009 and released a 2011 compilation, Bad Vibes Forever, which consisted of "early early demos".Soon after this, Eric Livingston joined the band, making a duo with Ray on vocals, guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, and bass, and Livingston on drums and vocals, occasionally accompanied by various unofficial members such as ...

  3. Sam Ray Wants You To Feel Something

    Since 2010, Ricky Eat Acid has been consistently releasing experimental electronic music that is as melodic as it is textural, emotive as it is transportive. Now, in 2020, Ray is using the project ...

  4. Five years and a near-death experience later, Teen Suicide returns

    Worried that he wouldn't live to see his next album's release, the prolific Sam Ray planned a sprawling opus for the return of his Teen Suicide project. Then he ended up in the ICU.

  5. The 10 Best Songs by Sam Ray's Teen Suicide

    "I Wanna Be a Witch" is an upbeat track that comes from Teen Suicide's summer 2012 EP Goblin Problems, a three-track project performed by Sam Ray with drumming assistance from Eric ...

  6. Trying and Failing Spectacularly: How Sam Ray Defines the ...

    Originally an outlet for Ray's unhappiness and tendencies towards self-destructive behavior, Teen Suicide was a deeply personal project never intended to reach an audience.

  7. Sam Ray returns to Teen Suicide with "coyote (2015-2022)"

    In its final 75 seconds, however, Ray switches gears, singing a simple melody over lightly strummed acoustic guitar chords. Read Next: The 7 projects you should stream right now Listen below.

  8. Nothing's Ever Nice: A Conversation With Sam Ray of Teen Suicide

    When Sam Ray started screaming into a laptop mic three years ago, he had no idea how loud he would get. He and his band Teen Suicide used Bandcamp as a dumping ground for whatever they happened to scratch out between classes, usually loose and sloppy pop punk songs with cast-iron melodies hiding beneath the compression artifacts and overdrive. Some songs, like "Everything Is Fine" and ...

  9. Teen Suicide: It's the Big Joyous Celebration

    Teen Suicide is the old band of Sam Ray, whose other projects include Ricky Eat Acid and Julia Brown. He resurrected the band for a 26-track blowout of an album that is constantly absorbing and ...

  10. 9 True Stories Behind Teen Suicide's Big, Joyous New Album

    Or a similar range of sounds: frontman Sam Ray's many remarkable projects always seem less like distinct entities and more like overlapping blobs on a weird Venn Diagram that encompasses every ...

  11. Album Review: American Pleasure Club

    It would be their final album under the Teen Suicide name, announcing prior to its release that future projects from them will be released under a new moniker. On Christmas Eve 2017, Sam Ray and co. returned as American Pleasure Club and released I Blew on a Dandelion and the Whole World Disappeared , a mini-album that proved how little a name ...

  12. Literally the Least Sus Interview Ever with Sam Ray

    Ray is actually the 22-year-old Baltimore-based musician behind Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, and Ricky Eat Acid. He's never formally studied music, but he has such an impressive understanding of sound that his three main projects are drastically different: Teen Suicide, his melodramatic punk band, broke up in 2012 but recently reunited for a short tour that a posthumous rise in popularity made ...

  13. Ricky Eat Acid: am i happy, singing_ Album Review

    On this three-track album from Sam Ray's electronic project, originally recorded in 2014, samples are absent and stillness is the move. Playlist culture suggests that we take our music with a ...

  14. Free Range Acid

    ABOVE: SAM RAY, AKA RICKY EAT ACID. Sam Ray doesn't do acid. His music doesn't even approximate the drug. Ricky Eat Acid, the name of the 22-year-old songwriter's electronic solo project, links back to subtler things: driving all night with his best friend through long stretches of the Southeast made alien by sleeplessness and euphoria.

  15. The Many Sounds Of Sam Ray

    October 21, 2020. The Many Sounds of Sam Ray. Amidst the chilly winds of Maryland lies a hidden fountain of musical expression, churning out a dizzying number of projects under enough pseudonyms to make the average listener's head spin. Through layers of noise, synths, drums and squealing electric guitar, Silver Spring native Sam Ray has made ...

  16. Ricky Eat Acid: Three Love Songs Album Review

    Ricky Eat Acid is Sam Ray, a Maryland-based musician who has his hand in a few other projects and was booked to open a late-February New York City show by R&B aesthetes Rhye; wonderfully (and ...

  17. Ricky Eat Acid

    Kitty Ray. . ( m. 2016) . Samuel Joseph Ray (born April 25, 1991), also known by the name of his solo electronic project Ricky Eat Acid, is an American musician from Baltimore, Maryland, most well known for his involvement in his band Teen Suicide .

  18. Developing the New with Sam Ray, Part 1

    Wormbrain asked Sam Ray of influential Philadelphia, PA projects Teen Suicide & Ricky Eat Acid to compare making music to taking photos and here's what he said.

  19. teen suicide / starry cat / ricky eat acid

    Subreddit for news, discussion, and content about the band Teen Suicide and other Sam Ray-related projects, such as Julia Brown, Starry Cat, Ricky Eat Acid, and more. NOTICE: THIS SUBREDDIT IS NOT FOR MENTAL HEALTH TOPICS! Posts that don't pertain to Sam Ray projects will be removed, and posts solely about suicide or other unrelated topics will be removed and directed to r/SuicideWatch or r ...

  20. Trying to find every sam ray project : r/lofi

    Trying to find every sam ray project. So far I have: Teen Suicide julia brown starry cat ricky eat aci heroin party cumwolf cute boy kissing booth mad dads dead virgin 16 and pregnant teen mom birthday cake gremlins. any more please comment them :) Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. true.

  21. Developing the New: In Convo with Sam Ray, Pt. 2

    Wormbrain asked Sam Ray of influential Philadelphia, PA projects Teen Suicide & Ricky Eat Acid about songwriting and here's what he said.

  22. Fireworks death: Man killed after lighting firework off Uncle Sam hat

    A man's death has been ruled an accident after he lit a firework off of his Uncle Sam top hat on the Fourth of July, a South Carolina coroner told USA TODAY Monday.. Allen Ray McGrew, 41, died ...

  23. Not All Music Will Last Forever

    After proving he's prolific, the young musician behind Ricky Eat Acid focuses on being great. Things are starting to change for Sam Ray, in often confusing ways. This morning, the 23-year-old ...

  24. Fly Me to the Moon (2024)

    Fly Me to the Moon: Directed by Greg Berlanti. With Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Woody Harrelson, Ray Romano. Marketing maven Kelly Jones wreaks havoc on launch director Cole Davis's already difficult task. When the White House deems the mission too important to fail, the countdown truly begins.

  25. Sam Altman's Crypto Side Gig Hits New Milestone

    Sam Altman's cryptocurrency venture Worldcoin is allowing developers to access the project for the first time. The blockchain project, which aims to combine cryptocurrency wallets with a worldwide ...

  26. Why Africans are signing up to have their eyeballs scanned for about

    CNBC spoke to people on the ground in Uganda and Kenya about their experience with Worldcoin.

  27. Trump pushes new GOP platform softening party's positions on abortion

    Critics have panned some of the project's proposals, and the Biden campaign has repeatedly sought to tie Trump to it. "I know nothing about Project 2025," Trump wrote in a social media post ...

  28. Why Project 2025 is a hateful plan all Americans should fear

    Ray Marcano, a longtime journalist, is the former national president of the Society of Professional Journalists, a two-time Pulitzer juror, and a Fulbright fellow. He is a frequent Columbus ...

  29. Ossipee Valley Fair, Moxie Festival and more happening this weekend

    Ray Routhier has details about Ossipee Valley and several others fairs happening this summer in Bangor, Waterville and Acton, among other locales. Related Go a little farther afield and find a ...

  30. No Class War From Britain's Most Working-Class Government

    Jul 5, 2024 Aaron Reeves and Sam Friedman Labour leader Keir Starmer's incoming cabinet has more people of working-class origin than any British cabinet that came before it, and this remarkable feature will surely bear on policymaking.