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Papercut by Linkin Park Lyrics Meaning – The Personal Battle Within

by SMF AI · Published December 21, 2023 · Updated March 30, 2024

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The Incessant Voice of Doubt and Self-Reflection

Whirlwind of chaos: the mind’s unseen turmoil, shadows at sunset: betrayal by the light, combat in the mirror: the song’s hidden meaning, memorable lines that resonate with the listener.

Like a face that I hold inside face that awakes when I close my eyes face that watches every time I lie face that laughs every time I fall (and watches everything) So I know that when it’s time to sink or swim That the face inside is here in me, right underneath my skin

It’s like I’m paranoid, lookin’ over my back It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin

I know I’ve got a face in me Points out all my mistakes to me You’ve got a face on the inside too Your paranoia’s probably worse I don’t know what set me off first but I know what I can’t stand Everybody acts like the fact of the matter is I can’t add up to what you can

But everybody has a face that they hold inside face that awakes when I close my eyes face that watches every time they lie face that laughs every time they fall (and watches everything) So you know that when it’s time to sink or swim That the face inside is watching you too, right inside your skin

It’s like I’m paranoid, lookin’ over my back It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin It’s like I’m paranoid, lookin’ over my back It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin

The face inside is right beneath your skin The face inside is right beneath your skin The face inside is right beneath your skin

The sun goes down I feel the light betray me The sun goes down I feel the light betray me (the sun)

It’s like I’m paranoid, lookin’ over my back (the sun) It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within It’s like the face inside is right beneath the skin (I feel the light betray me)

Full Lyrics

On the brim of the millennium, Linkin Park catapulted into the rock stratosphere with a sound that molded the angst of a generation. One of their grittiest anthems, ‘Papercut,’ articulates an internal struggle that is timeless in its relevance. It is a raw and intense admission of the paranoia and insecurity that haunts the corners of the mind, showcasing the band’s knack for merging the personal with the universally relatable.

Peering beneath the surface of aggressive riffs and impassioned lyrics, ‘Papercut’ is more than a track on their groundbreaking album, ‘Hybrid Theory.’ It represents a moment in time, a psychological snapshot where inner turmoil and the search for identity rage like a storm. Let’s dissect the layers of this complex narrative, revealing how this composition resonates with listeners in an almost visceral manner.

At its core, ‘Papercut’ serves as an audible expression of insecurity and the relentless inner critic that every individual endures. The lyrics speak of a voice inside one’s head — a condemning observer shadowing each move, mistake, and thought. Linkin Park masterfully encapsulates the insidious nature of this internal dialogue, framing it as an unavoidable presence, always lurking.

The portrayal of this inner voice as a ‘face’ that ‘watches everything’ amplifies the chilling sense of being under constant scrutiny by oneself. It questions the uneasy alliance we have with our self-image, and the struggle to maintain control when our darker aspects claw their way to the foreground, challenging our perception of who we are.

The metaphor of a whirlwind inside the head conveys the confusion and chaos that can dominate mental processes when anxiety and paranoia take the helm. Likening the state of mental unrest to natural disasters, the song delivers a sensory illustration of the tumultuous experience — the inability to ‘stop what I’m hearing within’ magnifies the sense of losing grip on one’s sanity.

This line cuts to the heart of listeners who have ever felt overwhelmed by their thoughts, and Linkin Park’s driving instrumentation underscores this psychic disarray, echoing the turbulence within.

A pivotal turn in the song is the mention of sunlight and its betrayal, suggesting moments when clarity can ironically usher in darkness of self-doubt and fear. The transition from day into night is a time-honored metaphor for revelation turning into uncertainty and dread. It strikes a chord with those who associate darkness with the unknown parts of themselves.

Just as daylight fades, so too can one’s sense of self and security, leaving them in a state of vulnerability and paranoia. It epitomizes the fleeting nature of confidence and how it can slip away just like the setting sun.

Exploring beneath the overt message of mental agitation, ‘Papercut’ carries a clandestine narrative on the human condition — the ceaseless battle between the self and its mirror image. The song reflects on the oscillating relationship we have with our identities, which can at times be our own worst enemy.

Linkin Park brings to the forefront the concept that we all have a version of ourselves we keep hidden, ‘a face on the inside.’ This internal antagonist personifies the parts of ourselves we often fight against, yet cannot escape, illustrating the eternal conflict residing within our psyche.

Lyrics like ‘It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin’ leave an indelible mark on the consciousness of listeners. The imagery is powerful, fostering a connection with anyone who has ever been haunted by their insecurities or inner demons.

The universality of the experience, the poetic license to envisage our hidden faces, and the raw energy of the delivery coalesce into a chorus that not only reverberates through the speakers but also through the annals of alternative rock.

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the meaning of paper cut

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Lyrics submitted by Matt

Papercut Lyrics as written by Brad Delson Delson, Chester Charle Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Robert G. Bourdon

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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the meaning of paper cut

Honestly, although I agree that it is about paranoia, I also think Papercut could be about schizophrenia. But I know just what it feels like To have a voice in the back of my head It's like a face that I hold inside Like a face that awakes when I close my eyes A face watches every time I lie A face that laughs every time I fall (And watches everything) It's like a whirlwind inside of my head It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

I have skitz, and this pretty much sums it up. Just to add a new point of view to this convo.

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@thechickwiththeguitar , I'm pretty sure the lyrics say, "it watches everything" not "and watches everything"

This is about a tormented soul that has a "face", a voice, an evil manevolent conscience, that has total autotomy from this person. He has no control over it{yet it is in him and a part of him and he can't extricate himself from it} and it pursues him/her , without mercy or compassion to drive home every mistake, foult, sin and failing that this person shows or does. It is a very POWERFUL voice that is internalized {underneath the skin}, and is not at all concerned with this person's wellbeing, but acts to be a PROSECUTING LAWYER, JUDGE & EXECUTIONER/PUNISHER. It accuses him, it mocks him and laughs at him/her for failing, for falling , For Not Measuring up{I CAN'T ADD UP TO WHAT YOU CAN} It's like the DEVIL HIMSELF designed them as his little imps, henchmen do do his dirty work. It has gotton to the point that it has taken over his mind and though he hates it{I kow what i can't stand} but keeps him on constant edge{why am i so uptight today} like a shell-shocked battle worn soldier that has been so rentlessly bombarded, that even a small "shot" makes him jump in fear, he's trying to swim,(just suvive this attack), but he's sunk because its there ready again beneath the skin to get him. And its so pervasive its all he's got its his new reality/exhistance{ paronias all i got left} and its pushing into the realm of insanity{parania:its in here {my mind}and it's out to get me} and its a wirlwind in his head {a force that is powerful and is uncontrollable blowing him away} . But get this it's worse when the sun goes down.{ decrease the light, increase the voice/face } i can imagine someone laying on there on the bed alone and in the dark and the face attacks and keeps attacking, The light could represent his ablility to see the truth beyond the evil face's voice, or it could mean the light{Goodness, God, the Truth about his/her true value} has abandonded him{the sun goes down I feel the light betray me}. He may feel God has abandoned him. There is no escape the face inside the skin. I think people get this in there heads by heaping abuse of some authority, some evil parent, or caretaker that doesn't really care for some young child, but because they are god-like, they can set impossible standards and rules out to the minutia and then come down hard {i mean abusively hard physically verbally and emotionally} on this child who can never live up to it. In fact it is not designed to let the person succeed , but to fail. It might have happenened so early that the person can't remember how they got that way or what triggered it today{I don't know what stressed me first or how the pressure's fed} but there plenty of condeming voices in this world that can support this "Voice" that that's all this tormented soul hears feels and experiences. It is like the voice of that evil parent internalized now , still no escape. For me it was my Ass-hole father, though dead he lives with-in. I rebel but it pursues. I can't even see God as a Father because of this "face inside it's right beneath my skin."

' a voice that is more than a conscience, but is a split and independently atonomous entity{alter personality?}, that relentlessly pursues his host to show, accuse, enumerate, every fault, mistake, sin, and is a legalist , a judge and and punisher. He has no control over it, he can't escape. The face is not concerned with the wellbeing of the person, but is ruthless in its goal, to torment this soul with every mistake...and it is stressing him so much he wants to sleep just to escape, but even that will not give relief...infact its gotten to the point that this tormented soul is crossing over to insanity, he feels constantly under tension that its a whirlwind , a black spinning vortex that spins him/her mind around

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man gosh i love this song i can relate to it so much cuz i know people exactly like this (stuck in depression-caused paranoia) and ive been everywhere in the lyrics of this song. i can almost imagine people i know like this in the music video with LP and singing along when they say "the suuun... goes dooowwn... i feel light betray me; the suuun go-oes do-own... i feel the light betray me; the suu-u-uuun..." with tears in their eyes, all emo.. i know how it feels to think like when the sun goes down youre being left behind in the darkness thats already too much to bear, and you realize the darkness inside you now matches the darkness outside of you. this song is simple in meaning: LP is looking at all the people out there who have had horrible, disturbed-for-life things happen to them that leads to depression then that eventually goes to your head and causes paranoid symptons becuz of the pain and stains inside (kids whove watched their loved ones die graphically in front of them; girls whove been raped)... and it makes you say crazy things when youre feeling this way, like everyone has this darkness in them and it prods at you all day, and gets worse at night... this song reaches out to those people. what LP does a lot is they sing about how horribly off they are, yet they say that the person theyre talking to is even worse, trying to paint a picture of just how bad things get that we cant understand.

Of all the songs on this CD, I like this one the most. Mostly because of the lyric, "Everybody has a face that they hold inside", because that's true. This band has a way of taking people who are miserable or who are feeling alone and basically just making them feel better - especially this song - because it shows them that they really aren't alone. At least that's what this CD does for me.

Yeah I totally agree!!! Not just this CD, but almost all of their work! The band sings about stuff that ways heavy and everybody's hearts. Every song is a new feeling, a new bad feeling! But it feels good to have a successful band sing about stuff that break my heart, hurt me, and cut me the deepest!!! I am not alone, you are not alone, we are not alone!

best linkin park song ever. no arguments. this song says everything you want to say about linkin park. simply awesome. two gold stars for mike shinoda and the boys here!!

IMO. The song is about a person who is very 'self critical'. A person who looks back on past desisions and critisises themselves for them. The whole 'paranoia' element, is about being afraid to make choices, beleiving they'll be poor ones.

Onviously its about PARANOIA. "its like im paranoid looking over my back" A great song. A great way to start the album from

Chester said in one interview with “I was doing some looking through my diary I made when I was fifteen to find something that my parents did that really ticked me off so I could write a song about it. Then, alas, my little pinky finger collided with page and grazed me. Yes, I couldn’t believe my terrible luck, while other luckier than me or dying of hunger, I had in fact gotten, A PAPERCUT!?!?! I was shocked and confused. This piece is about how I feel when I got that papercut. Angry, confused, scared, sad, bitter and abused. I felt so many emotions at once, I knew I had to compose some beautiful lyrics to this deeply spiritual event.”

Chester continues “Did I tell you how much I hate my parents? My mum actually asked me to take out the garbage once when she broke her back when I used her as a trampoline. The nerve of that female, I am ashamed of being brought into world from. When I was five years old, I asked my father if I could borrow his gun so I could shoot him in the face and he said no!?!? The nerve of some people (I did it anyway though) The face refers to my overprotective single mother, she was everywhere. She was there in the morning to get me up for school and she was sometimes there when I got back if she wasn’t out working to buy me toys. She never left me time to be me. That is why I started this band, so I could tell the world how evil she was. She never used to laugh when I failed or ‘fell’ but I want people to feel sorry for me so we can get a load of followers to hate our parents and, with enough power, hopefully overthrow the current government and kill them all for ever wanting us to be part of a society that failed US. Have you ever seen that movie Logan’s Run?”

The interviewer responds “No, sorry can’t say that I hav…”

Chester interrupts “Silence you festering ulcer on the lip of the planet! You speak too gosh darn much. Stop whining you wimp or I’ll get my lawyers to sue you! I have lawyers and six of them are called Charlie so you have no chance to defeat my elite army of darkness. You’ve had your moment in the sun, this is my time to shine, my generation, have you heard that song?”

Interviewer responds again “Yes, The Who are my favo…”

Chester interrupts yet again “SHUT UP! Who asked for your opinion anyway, and who are the Who? They sound like a bunch of amateur wimps called the Who. I’m talking about Limp Bizkit, he is so hardcore. He once composed a piece that had the ‘F’ word forty-six times? I’m angry at you, I’m going to visit my mum so I can yell at her for raising me to be a bitter old man and watch her cry and hopefully she’ll attempy suicide again. I will spit in your face now because you are poor like our angst teen bopping fans.”

Interviewer screams “ARRGGGH!! It is like poison acid burning through my skull.

Chester laughs menacingly “Foolish human! Nothing can stop the race of the Blorg, we will crush your dimension and rule with an iron fist of pain and suffering and pain and maybe some more suffering. Bow down before your new god of hate!”

This was a real interview with Chester, I urge all of you to boycott all his albums, protest outside all his shows and when you see him walking down the street headbutt him hard. He is arrogant, cruel to his mother, disrespectful to his fans and also an brain sucking alien from the outer realms of the Gerxyoius galaxy.

  • 4 Replies Log in to reply

ya right if this really happened then what was the channel that this happened on

also if he really shot his dad then he would have been in jail and couldnt have started the band to write the song

Hahaha xD<br /> Wow, that was pretty long, funny though :p

@Yournewgod , either the 2nd half of this is bullsh*t, or chester was joking around...

Hybrid Theory is an amazing CD.

As for this song, I'd argue its meaning is not specifically regarding paranoia, but low self esteem in general. After all, the less confidence that an individual has, the more (social) paranoia they seem to experience ... the two often go hand in hand.

These social fears and insecurities, as my interpretation of the song conveys, are something which nearly all of us possess ... yet, we instinctively hide them. We hide our real "faces," (feelings, emotions, personalities, etc), under our skin. These faces, or as Freud would say, the human unconscious, are the entities which overtake us when we go to sleep and feel strong emotions, including embarrassment and anger.

These "faces," or human unconscious, for people with low self esteem, has the power to rip them apart ... to make them question everything they do, especially in social situations. This, I believe is where the paranoia references come into play.

Everyone has a hidden face ... what we actually see in each other are simply masks, fragments of one's true self. This song seems to discuss the raw power behind these faces, of the human unconscious' control over an individual's confidence level. Indeed, these faces can help us fulfill our dreams, or, as is the case for the person in this song, make our life a nightmare.

I get the "paranoia" theme (rather evident, considering the lyrics mention the word "paranoia" at least 10 times. What I don't get is why the song is titled "Papercut."

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Papercut by Linkin Park

the meaning of paper cut


  • The first song on Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theory , "Papercut" is about people who have annoyed you for years and how you hate them. >> Suggestion credit : Dean - Chalfont, England
  • In 2007, when performing this song live at a concert in Melbourne, part of the performance was for Chester Bennington to jump on to the stage, but he got his foot caught in a step, fell backwards and he broke his wrist. He and the band decided that "his wrist will be just as broken now as it will be in an hour" so Chester sang through the rest of the concert with a broken wrist. >> Suggestion credit : Toby - Dalby, Australia
  • In the video, the band performs in the swank lounge of a house, unaware of the sinister events unfolding in the surrounding rooms. Drummer Rob Bourdon is bored with just sitting on the couch, and starts noticing something isn't quite right with the room, which starts to shape-shift. A baby picture on the wall (painted by Mike Shinoda the day before the shoot) starts to bulge as dragonflies from the nightmarish rooms try to break through. Twenty years later, Shinoda still didn't know what the video is about. "The only thing about that song that didn't age well, in retrospect, is the video," he told Kerrang . "If you watch the video, I'm sorry, I don't know what we we're doing." >> Suggestion credit : Mandy - St. Louis, Missouri
  • A live version from London appears on their 2002 album, In the End: Live & Rare . The song "Points of Authority" was included on this single.
  • A version of this also appears on their 2002 album, Reanimation . It was remixed by Cheapshot from the group Styles of Beyond, as well as MC Planet Asia and Rasco. The entire album is comprised of remixed versions of Linkin Park songs.
  • The video is a thank you to Linkin Park's fans in the UK. If you look carefully at one point in the video you can see the creature from the room run past Chester and Mike. >> Suggestion credit : Pawl - London, England
  • This is one of the Linkin Park songs the supposedly influenced Charles Andrew Williams to go on a shooting spree in Santee, California in 2001. On an NBC Dateline interview, one of Williams' friends said that Linkin Park's music inspired him to kill.
  • Shinoda wasn't too fond of the plaid outfit Bennington chose to wear for the video, but he kept quiet to keep the peace. "I remember Chester showing up in all-plaid, a whole plaid outfit on, and I was thinking, 'That's a very weird choice,'" he told Kerrang . "It was the type of thing where you have to choose your battles because at that point there was so much on the line, we were just breaking, and there were minor disagreements on things all the time, so I wasn't about to get into a conversation with him about the outfit when we're just trying to shoot a great video."
  • This was used in the 2001 Jet Li film The One .
  • With nearly 5 million copies sold, Hybrid Theory was the best-selling album of 2001. By September 2020, sales reached 12 million in the US.
  • Looking back on the song in a 2020 Vulture interview , Shinoda said the tune is a perfect representation of Linkin Park's early style. "I always felt like 'Papercut' was so much of the band in one song," he explained. "It starts off with this really bouncy hip-hop beat. I was influenced by everyone from Jay-Z to Timbaland - Timbo a lot. That bounce, that beat in the beginning, it was probably part him and part the rock bands that were imitating that bounce, like ourselves. But the thing is, it starts out with this hip-hop bounce, then it immediately kicks in with a very at the time cutting-edge [version of] what you would now call a nu-metal riff. Over the top of that, if you listen, there's a jungle beat, which is a subgenre of electronic music that never hit the mainstream. And then there's the rap chorus, plus all the glitching effects on the vocal, and then you hit the end and it's a huge melodic release. I think between the sounds, emotions, and lyrics, it's very much [in the style of] first couple Linkin Park albums."
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Comments: 37

  • Anonymous Papercut (nice boy who always been hurt)
  • Brandon from Cape Town The term papercut means (urban dictionary) to be more impressive on paper than in person, when listening to the lyrics or rather feeling the lyrics i am of the opinion that even LP was letting the listener know that they too are the same as most other people. While their fans adore them and place them on a pedestal (of sorts) they suffer from the same things that their fans and many others do. They see their pain as less than some people (who have faced serious tragedy or shock) hence the words, 'your paranoia is probably worse' but are informing the listener that the same things we struggle with, contend with, are silent and embarrassed about, they struggle with too. With all the songs, self love books and marketing informing sufferers to speak out, it is still a struggle which is kept beneath the skin, a secret kept from the eyes of others. Where many people tell you to see the light at the end of the tunnel they say the light betrays them, once again alluding to the darkness that envelopes the person. In short, i think the name 'Papercut' is relevant to the song as it speaks to the confidence we portray to others but the unsecurity we hide from them at the same time but can never be hidden from ourselves.
  • Zero from Nowhere, Nj To say that this band doesn't understand hardships is wrong. Chester was molested as a kid, got picked on in school, and had serious drug problems. They are writing from the heart (not to mention the fact that alot of time and thought goes into writing their songs). As for the angsty, or as some say immature nature of their lyrics; remember they were still young at the time they made these songs. If you listen to their later material they have more positive and uplifting lyrics in their songs (Mike even says, "I am not the fortune and the fame, NOR THE SAME PERSON TELLING YOU TO FORFEIT THE GAME," in one song. If you don't like their music that's fine but don't fasely accuse them just because the don't fit your personal tastes.
  • Dominic from Lawton, Ok I'd prefer to say their songs sound similar well at least the earlier stuff every band has their sound and about chester not being able to sing is crazy to me but 1 thing about rock is you dont have to be and R&B style singer to come out with something good but its not like these guys are just bringing out just anything alot of this stuff takes talent not everything is going to be to everyones liking. Anyway I think this song is about someone being overly cautious in other words paranoid
  • Jennie from Ansonia, Ct Stephanie Meyer was listening to this song while writing the scene where Bella gets a papercut in New Moon and how disastrous the results were.
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, Ar From my point of view, this song is acctually about dealing with the paranoia of your problems while everyone around you is terrorizing you about it, while they probably have similar problems. I felt this way quite often at the begining of the school year.
  • Matt from Houston, Tx I am a musician and songwriter and honestly, I can't find signifigance in it. when I write a song,I have lyrics in my head nagging at me. then, i get a paper and it just pours out. it's called soul. as for it's adolescent "guidance" I have attempted suicide 3 times from ages 13 to 15. the only music that helped me was my own and bands that actually understood
  • Matt from Houston, Tx Actually I am split. I think christy is right because linkin park's songs sound the same. Technichally though, they started their own sound. I hate modern day music, say a few bands, but I could understand someone liking this.I"s not like my type. I think they could better spread the message by bieng dark and inconspicuous but that is just my opinion.
  • Ian from Chilli, Oh christy, they are a very original band. while u may not like them, thats fine, but dont go on a tangent about how they dont know anything about music theory. correct me if im wrong, but led zeppelin and other classics werent started based on musical education and theory. they just went, and people loved them. same with linkin park. they are a sensation, whether u like it or not. and i love linkin park, disturbed, slipknot, and other modern bands. u can argue that they are just a bunch of idiots making uneducated music, but in truth, all the aforementioned bands are very lyrical and intelligent. and if u dont buy into that, listen to system of a down, if they cant make u think, u are obviously not as intelligent as u would like to think u are. today's music, at least some of it, it way better than people like you give it credit for. linkin park and soad are better than most "classic rock" bands. nobody cares if you're sixteen, that doesnt make u an expert, that just reveals u as ignorant. if u dont like it, fine, but dont publicly criticize it unless u know what ur talking about.
  • Minh from Strongsville, Oh Christy, i am a classical musician, and i can respect this music. in music today, its all about the words. and even though they dont put lots of work into the details and making it difficult, for them its all about the chord progression and the sound. when i say "they," i am talking about all of today's artists, everyone from Slipknot to Brad Paisly to T-Payne. Linkin Park all sounds the same, and i love it every time. i love this song too. PS no one is going to respect your opinion more because your 16 and not an old person. f off if you cant respect today's music. go post a more positive comment on a song you actually like.
  • Christy from Palm Springs, Ca the lead "singer" can't actually sing I just hope you know and all of Linkin Park songs sound the same and they don't know about melody, harmony, instrumentation, or music theory. Thats why music today sucks and I am not an old person saying this, I'm sixteen.
  • Tilsen from Lewiston, Id hey i think this song is about having a little voice in the back of ur head telling you to do stuff u know is wrong you know like as LP says "a face right beaneath the skin" Linkin park rocks!
  • Garrett from Islip, Ny I definitely agree with Alex from Cupertino, CA. I have schizophrenia, and a lot of the lyrics describe how it feels. They talk about a bunch of things like how the face points out your mistakes, and laughs at you. Whenever I'm around people I don't know, or are uncomfortable with, I sort of turtle up, and over-analyze everything. "I don't know what stressed me first Or how the pressure was fed, but I know just what it feels like To have a voice in the back of my head" Perfect description there. Thank you for your time.
  • Alex from Cupertino, Ca After studying for my Psychology final, I listened to this song... and it totally reminded me of Schizophrenia... or Multiple Personality disorder. But realistically it's probably about our inner-critic. God knows, I have a few of those.
  • Sadman from Pittsburgh, Pa I think this video is the coolest!! But I still don't understand the meaning of this song.
  • Dan from Greater Detroit, Mi IMO, The title "Papercut" is a metaphor for the feelings described in the song wherein, it may not look like a big deal on the outside but can be extremely painful to experience, referred to with the line "right beneath your skin". When I listened the first time I immediately thought it was about social anxiety, aggravated by a "perfect" older sibling or some other role model.
  • Daniel from Ada, Ok I started feeling sort of paranoid when I was 14. I'm 16 now. I thought I knew what the song meant. Then I figured I wasn't old enough to understand. Now I'm like "Damn I"m feelin' this song." Linkin Park use to be my favorite band.
  • Schatten from Seattle, Wa I don't particularly think that Papercut is about paranoia, as everyone seems to believe. I think it's more about having part of your subconscious nagging at you and constantly reminding you of every time you screw up or do something wrong, and how the thoughts can drive you mad.
  • Ryan from Pembroke Pines, Fl this song is awesome its my one of my favorite songs to play guita to.
  • Ashley from Moncton, Canada Linkin Park have really weird titles for dome of theri songs, like Cure For The Itch and Figure.09. I don't even know how to say that.
  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca mikes rapping in this song is incredible. and while they were making the video, they had to speed up the song so they could play it back slow to make it look like the words are coming out of the boys' mouths a bit slower, meaning mike had to get the already fast lyrics out EVEN FASTER. p.s. i belive the title "papercut" was a working name for the song that just stuck after it was finished.
  • Corey from Dothan, Al Linkin Park gives names to songs before they actually decide what the official name is. Papercut is an instance where the working name they gave to it became the real name. An example where they changed the name is the song "Rhinestone" that they later renamed "Forgotten". I just thought I should inform all of you looking for some meaning in the name that there isn't one.
  • Mercedes from Portland Yah!, Or I Think It About U Knowing Yur Messing Up And Yet U Do It Anyways And Like Not Soo Much Paranoia But Like Someone Is Always Looking Over Your back Like Yur Parents or Teachers Watching U Screw Up Your Life But Not Help And Its Like There Always there Even When There Not It Beneath U And In Yur Heart like U Know There Watching
  • Matt from Tulsa, Ok Mariah was inquiring about why the song was about paranoia yet it was called papercut. Well, my take on subject, is that some people worry more than others, and often about little, insignificant things, such as papercuts. In a literal sense, some people actually go out of their way to handle paper cautiously just to ensure their "safety." It sounds silly, but that's what makes the title so fitting. Paranoia is all about worrying about things that do not matter much at all, but eat at you as badly as any meaningful concern should.
  • Fungus from Here, Scotland I reckon the title comes from the lyrics being a tiny glimpse at what lies beneath his skin.
  • Josh from Reading, Pa The papercut video was freakin wierd, but I will tell you one good video, the best music viedeo of all time if you ask me...Points of authority, the graphics are AWSOME.
  • Mariah from Miami, Fl I suppose, but, it's still kind of confusing to me, for I don't see them implementing any sort of injury. Maybe I'm looking too far into this?
  • Dude from Tx, Tx Possibly the vision of a face glaring at you from inside the cut? The face inside is right beneath the skin.
  • Mariah from Miami, Fl So... I if this song is about paranoia... Then, why is it called "Papercut"? This is the only element of the song I don't quite understand...
  • Rebecca from Peoria, Az i like my music dark i'm kinda the dark music type person i just love lp so much and i agree with u chloe...........lp forever
  • Chloe from Hampshire, England Linkin Park are the best songwriters! Its great that they talk about teen issues like low self esteem, depression, peer pressure, self harm and suicide in their songs. They really know what they're on about! Thanks
  • Gabe from Utica, Ny This song is great to wake up to. It's rythem is awesome. I think the song really describes your conscience.
  • Honeybunny from Kkkkkk, United States I think this is about the thought that starts usually around the ages of 12 or 13 that your worthless, you cant do nothing right, this usually leads to teen this song really makes a really strong point to its teen listeners
  • Rabi from Zionsville, In This is 1 of the songs that is so obvious. Listen to the song, the word "paranoid" is used quite a lot.
  • Heather from Fruita, Co Actually, This song is about being paranoid. On the Frat Party DVD they tell you this (you have to put on audio commentary).
  • Chronometer from Somerset West, South Africa It's about the voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough or that you're not gonna make it, that you're too weak or too stupid.
  • Sarah from Morganville, Nj The video for "Papercut" was directed by DJ Joe Hahn and Nathan "Karma" Cox. If you watch closely, there are little things inserted in the video you might otherwise miss, like at one point, Mike's fingers get really long, and as mentioned before, you can see part of Rob's face being distorted for a brief moment. :D

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  • 1.1 Alternative forms
  • 1.2 Etymology
  • 1.3.1 Derived terms
  • 1.3.2 Translations

Alternative forms

paper +‎ cut

the meaning of paper cut

paper cut ( plural paper cuts )

  • ( medicine ) A wound caused by a piece of paper or any thin , sharp material which can slice through a person's skin .
  • 2015 , Steven Savile, David Sakmyster, NDE: The Lazarus Inititiative ‎ [1] : The muscle hurried around to stand in front of Gregor. Jonah held up a hand. “Hey, easy there. Your boss isn't in any danger, unless he's prone to paper cuts .” Gregor rolled his eyes and stepped through the security guards.
  • 2013 , Scott Blagden, Dear Life, You Suck ‎ [2] , page 86 : You'd think a nurse would want to get blood on her uniform to show people she did something useful with her day instead of just saving schoolboys from paper cuts .
  • 2010 , J. B. Loewen, Money Magnet: How to Attract Investors to Your Business ‎ [3] : Investors do cope with more challenges than paper cuts as they count cash
  • 2009 , Jill Milligan, Grandma Rules: Notes on Grandmotherhood, the World's Best Job ‎ [4] : You are totally gaga over your husband of thirty years, the handsome and athletic CEO of a non-profit that's dedicated to finding a cure for disease, world hunger, and paper cuts .
  • 2009 , Rick Balsiger, Branding You Marketing You: A Guide to Maximizing Job Search Success ‎ [5] : While this too may appear painfully obvious, it is amazing how easy it is to sometimes overlook the little things. (As someone used to say, “It's the paper cuts that kill you!”)
  • 2008 , Kathy Copeland, Craig Copeland, Hiking from Here to WOW: Utah Canyon Country: Utah Canyon Country ‎ [6] : They range from gaping wounds— Mexico's Copper Canyon, for example—to mere paper cuts like Willis Creek Canyon
  • 2004 , Karen Haber, Exploring the Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present ‎ [7] , page 203 : Where every day is devoted to minimize the mental and emotional paper cuts of fear and helplessness.
  • ( film and video editing ) A text-based description of the cuts to be made in raw footage to make finished video.
  • A decorative ornament made by artful cutting of paper, as into silhouettes .
  • ( software ) a paper cut bug : a bug which causes harm and would be easy to fix.

Derived terms

  • death by a thousand paper cuts

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Guild of American Papercutters

6 Traditional Papercutting Styles

There are many styles of papercutting throughout the world, each with its own unique look.  Below are examples of six traditional styles.

Lucy P. Liu teaches Chinese traditional papercutting at Heritage Museum of Asian Art, Chicago, IL

It is possible that the Chinese have been creating cut paper since paper was invented there in the 2nd century CE.  The art was practiced by wealthy families who could afford the expensive paper; often brides prepared them as part of their dowry. As paper became more affordable, jianzhi grew into a folk art, mastered by the general population. Created for festivals, marriages and birthday banquets, the imagery is rich with symbols. Traditional paper cuts are often created with scissors, using “lucky” red origami paper.

Kathleen Trenchard works with traditional mallet and chisels on papeles picados

Papel Picado

An early form of papercutting originated in ancient Mexico, where the Aztecs collected amatl , a paper-like bark from fig and mulberry trees.  They used obsidian knives to cut spirit figures out of  the amatl . Papel picado (“perforated paper”) as we know it today began in the Spanish colony of Puebla in the 16th century, where a Chinese silk paper ( papel de China ) was was used for cut decorations and lanterns.  Today, Mexican artists use inexpensive tissue paper to create papel picado for both religious and secular purposes. Paper designs decorate altars and tables and stretch across windows, ceilings, plazas and narrow streets as colorful banners to announce weddings, funerals, baptisms, Mexican Independence Day, Christmas, the Day of the Dead, etc. These banners begin with a single pattern laid on a stack of up to 50 layers of tissue paper on a thick piece of lead. Then, with a mallet and various chisels called fierritas (“little irons”),  artisans punch out designs of suns, birds, flowers, skeletons, etc. The cut sheets are then hung on strings or on wooden dowels. Today plastic, mylar, foil and coated papers are also used for increased durability.

the meaning of paper cut

Jewish Papercutting

There is no better example of a popular art form that took its inspiration from the and Talmud than Jewish papercuts, all of them serving some religious, ritual or mystic purpose. … even the poorest Jew had access to the humble materials and tools — paper, pencil, penknife, watercolors and colored crayons — with which he could express his own form of hiddur mitzvah [beautification of the commandments and rituals] by making a papercut. “My Jewish Learning,”

The origin of Jewish paper cutting is unclear. Ashkenazi Jews in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries practiced this type of art, and its popularity in Europe peaked in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, Jewish papercuts can be traced to Jewish communities in Syria, Iraq, and North Africa, and the similarity in the cutting techniques (using a knife) between East European Jews and Chinese papercut artists may indicate that the origin goes back even further. Papercutting has been used among the Jewish people to enhance the artwork hung in their homes, to decorate their book covers , to beautify their marriage contracts, and in many other ways. Traditional papercut artwork often shows symmetrical designs with traditional Jewish symbols such as lions, menorahs and crowns. Often the word Mizrach , or East, was written on the papercutting and hung on the east wall, towards Jerusalem. Ketubot, Jewish Marriage contracts, have also been decorated with papercutting. Today there are many Jewish papercut artists who practice older style designs, while others adapt the tradition into contemporary forms.

the meaning of paper cut


Scherenschnitt (“Scissor Cutting”) is a traditional folk art dating from the 1500s in Switzerland and Germany. Symmetry, an important design element in the Swiss work, is achieved by cutting the paper while folded. Germanic design tends to be more surreal, while Swiss cuttings are characterized by intricate borders and themes depicting landscapes and local traditions. The Pennsylvania Germans brought the art of scherenschnitte to America in the 1700s and used the cut work to decorate birth, baptismal, and marriage certificates.

the meaning of paper cut

Wycinanki ( vih-chee- nahn -key ) were most popular in the late 19th century in Poland. It is likely that the first papercuttings were cut from white paper and used as curtains and to decorate mirrors and holy pictures in peasant cottages. Later, they were cut from colored paper using sheep shears and glued onto walls and wooden ceiling beams. The cuttings were traditionally created by women prior to Easter, when the cottage was spring-cleaned and the walls whitewashed. There were many regional types, but most began by folding a colored paper at least once to make  symmetrical designs.  Motifs include circles, stars, squares, trees, flowers, roosters, and other birds. Some were overlaid with colored papers. Today, tourists and collectors continue to value the traditional techniques and motifs used by wycinanki artists in Poland and abroad.

the meaning of paper cut

Wayang Kulit

Wayang , also known as wajang or wayang kulit , is a traditional form of puppet theatre play originally found in the cultures of Java, in Indonesia. This art grew up and is found in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. A dramatic story is told through shadows thrown by puppets and sometimes combined with human characters. The puppets themselves are made from cut paper or leather and mounted on sticks or wires; the flat puppets, when pressed up against a lighted screen from behind, produce from the audience’s perspective a kind of silhouette shadow play. The art form celebrates Indonesian culture and artistic talent; its origins are traced to the spread of Hinduism in the medieval era and the arrival of leather-based puppet arts called thalubomalata from southern India. Wayang refers to the entire dramatic show. Sometimes the leather puppet itself is referred to as wayang .

Performances of shadow puppet theatre are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra in Java, and by gender wayang in Bali. The dramatic stories depict mythologies, such as episodes from the Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata , as well as local adaptations of cultural legends. Traditionally, a wayang is played out in a ritualized midnight-to-dawn show by a dalang , an artist and spiritual leader; people watch the show from both sides of the screen. UNESCO designated wayang kulit , a shadow puppet theatre and the best known of the Indonesian wayang , as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on 7 November 2003 . In return for the acknowledgment, UNESCO required Indonesians to preserve the tradition. Wikipedia, “Wayang (shadow puppets)” from Java, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia generally. Accessed 28 Jan 2020.

the meaning of paper cut

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What to Know about Paper Cuts

the meaning of paper cut

Paper cuts occur when a piece of thin and sharp material, such as an individual paper sheet, slices your skin. Paper cuts, although termed specifically for cuts caused by paper, can also result from other abrasive, thin materials. 

Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?

The human body has many nerves which spread throughout the whole body. However, the tips of your fingers have densely packed nerve endings. For this reason, the fingertips are more sensitive to touch, pain, and sensation. 

Since the nerves are located in the epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, a microscopic paper cut slices the nerve endings. As a result, you feel extreme pain.

Usually, the cut is superficial and does not go into the dermis, where the blood capillaries are. So, a paper cut typically doesn't bleed a lot.  

What Is the Treatment for a Paper Cut?

For minor scrapes, like a paper cut, you can take some immediate measures: 

  • Wash your hands.  Make sure you wash your hands to prevent infection. 
  • Stop the bleeding.  Mostly, the bleeding stops on its own. You can also apply gentle pressure on the area with a clean cloth or a bandage. 
  • Clean the wound.  If you get a paper cut on your finger, wash it with soap and water. Doing this will reduce the risk of infection. Also, clean the surrounding area with soap. Avoid getting soap into the wound as it may sting. Do not use iodine or hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. Instead, apply an antibiotic ointment to the affected area. 
  • Cover it.  If the paper cut was too deep, it is better to cover it with a bandage. This will keep the underlying wound clean.

If you have  neuropathy  or nerve damage, you may experience greater pain.  Fibromyalgia , an immune disease, also decreases your pain tolerance by changing how your brain recognizes pain. 

If the pain doesn't go away and you run a fever, consult a doctor.

How Long Does It Take for Paper Cuts to Heal?

Typically, it takes a few days for paper cuts to heal. For example, some cuts may get better in two to three days. However, if the cut doesn't heal in this duration, you should seek medical attention immediately. 

Also, consult your doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms.

  • Increased redness
  • Persistent pain

Can You Prevent Paper Cuts?

You can take a few measures to prevent paper cuts. One of the measures includes applying moisturizers to your hands to avoid dryness. Your skin is more susceptible to cuts and scratches if it is dry. 

You should also wear gloves or use a letter opener to open envelopes in order to prevent common paper cuts. If you work with paper frequently, it is wise to wear latex gloves. Latex gloves will act as a barrier between the paper and your skin. 

Since it is common to get paper cuts on your fingers and hands, you should avoid tasks such as gardening and cleaning. If you can't avoid it, make sure that you wear gloves. 

Also, avoid grabbing the paper quickly. Instead, handle paper stacks with care and work your way around them cautiously. 

photo of man with vitiligo on face

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the meaning of paper cut



What does paper cut mean?

Definitions for paper cut pa·per cut, this dictionary definitions page includes all the possible meanings, example usage and translations of the word paper cut ., did you actually mean price cut or paperweight , wiktionary rate this definition: 0.0 / 0 votes.

paper cut noun

a wound caused by a piece of paper or any thin, sharp material which can slice through a person's skin

Etymology: paper + cut

Wikipedia Rate this definition: 0.0 / 0 votes

A paper cut occurs when a piece of paper or other thin, sharp material slices a person's skin, often the upper part of the finger, and often the index finger. Notably, "paper" cuts can also be caused by other thin, stiff, and abrasive materials other than just paper. Paper cuts can be highly painful, even though they may bleed very little, if at all. Although a loose sheet of paper is usually too soft to cut, it can be very thin (sometimes as thin as a razor edge), thus being able to exert high levels of pressure, enough to cause a cut. Paper cuts are most often caused by paper sheets that are strongly fastened together (such as brand new sheet of paper out of a ream), because one single sheet might be dislocated from the rest. Thus all the other sheets are holding this dislocated sheet in position, making it stiff enough to act as a razor. Paper cuts can be painful as they can stimulate a large number of skin surface nociceptors (pain receptors) in a very small area of the skin. Because the shallow cut does not bleed as much, the pain receptors are left open to the air, causing continued pain. This is exacerbated by irritation caused by the fibers in the paper itself, which may be coated in chemicals such as bleach. Additionally, most paper cuts occur in the fingers, which have a greater concentration of sensory receptors than the rest of the body.

Wikidata Rate this definition: 0.0 / 0 votes

A paper cut occurs when a piece of paper or other thin, sharp material slices a person's skin. Paper cuts, though named from paper, can also be caused by other thin, stiff materials. Although a loose paper sheet is usually too soft to cut, it can be very thin, being then able to exert high levels of pressure, enough to cut the skin. Paper cuts are most often caused by paper sheets that are strongly fastened together, because one single paper sheet might be dislocated from the rest. Thus all the other sheets are holding this dislocated sheet in position, and the very small part held away from the rest can be stiff enough to act as a razor. Paper cuts can be surprisingly painful as they can stimulate a large number of skin surface nociceptors in a very small area of the skin. Because the shallow cut does not bleed very much, the pain receptors are left open to the air, ensuring continued pain. However, the cut can also be very deep, in which case a puddle of blood pools around a longer gash. This is exacerbated by irritation caused by the fibers in the paper itself, which may be coated in chemicals such as bleach. Additionally, most paper cuts occur in the fingers, which have a greater concentration of sensory receptors than the rest of the body.

How to pronounce paper cut?

Alex US English David US English Mark US English Daniel British Libby British Mia British Karen Australian Hayley Australian Natasha Australian Veena Indian Priya Indian Neerja Indian Zira US English Oliver British Wendy British Fred US English Tessa South African

How to say paper cut in sign language?

Chaldean Numerology

The numerical value of paper cut in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

Pythagorean Numerology

The numerical value of paper cut in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Examples of paper cut in a Sentence

Joshua Morley-Hammond :

This ending of this love, while short, is like a paper cut . You get so caught up in the story that you are uncovering that you fail to see the edge begin to bite. It cuts deep and it stings no better than the last time but in a week or two, you will forget that it even happened;

Amit Agarwal :

Even a seller, who wants to sell out of their state, has to get a tax registration in the new state. How many small business owners would go through the onerous job of doing that? the number of basic paper cut opportunities out there are so many.

The number of basic paper cut opportunities out there are so many.

  • ^  Wiktionary
  • ^  Wikipedia
  • ^  Wikidata cut

Translations for paper cut

From our multilingual translation dictionary.

  • قطع الورق Arabic
  • Papier geschnitten German
  • corte de papel Spanish
  • gearrtha páipéir Irish
  • 종이 컷 Korean
  • corte de papel Portuguese
  • cắt giấy Vietnamese
  • פּאַפּיר שנייַדן Yiddish

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the meaning of paper cut


The Meaning Behind The Song: Papercut by Linkin Park


Table of Contents

Title Papercut
Artist Linkin Park
Writer/Composer Mr. Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda & Chester Bennington
Release Date September 25, 2001

Linkin Park’s “Papercut” is a song that holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Released on September 25, 2001, as part of their debut album “Hybrid Theory,” it quickly became one of their most popular and iconic songs. Produced by Don Gilmore, it showcases the band’s unique blend of rock, hip-hop, and electronic elements. With powerful vocals from Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, the song captivates listeners and explores themes of frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt.

As a long-time fan of Linkin Park, “Papercut” has always resonated with me on a personal level. The lyrics delve into the struggles of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by the pressures and expectations of society. The metaphor of being cut by paper represents the small, seemingly insignificant issues that can accumulate and weigh heavily on one’s mind. It speaks to the constant battle against our own inner demons and the challenges we face in trying to find our place in the world.

The opening lines of the song, “Why does it feel like night today? Something in here’s not right today,” set the tone for the rest of the track. It captures the unease and disorientation of feeling disconnected from oneself and the world around them. The repetition of the phrase “cut my life into pieces” emphasizes the desperation and the desire to escape from the pain and turmoil within.

Linkin Park’s ability to express these emotions so rawly and authentically is what sets “Papercut” apart. The combination of Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda’s vocals provides a perfect balance between aggression and vulnerability. The melodic chorus contrasts with the intense rap verses, showcasing the band’s versatility and ability to navigate between different musical styles seamlessly.

For me personally, “Papercut” has been a source of comfort during challenging times. Its cathartic and relatable lyrics have provided solace when I felt overwhelmed by my own struggles. The song’s energy and intensity have the power to ignite a fire within, giving me the strength to persevere and face adversity head-on.

Moreover, the song’s themes of insecurity and self-doubt are universally relatable. We all face moments of doubt and uncertainty, wondering if we are living up to the expectations placed upon us. “Papercut” reminds us that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and to question ourselves, but it also encourages us to find the strength to confront those insecurities and strive for personal growth.

Over the years, “Papercut” has become a staple in Linkin Park’s live performances, with the band often closing their shows with this powerful anthem. The energy and passion they bring to the stage only amplify the impact of the song’s lyrics, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

In Conclusion

“Papercut” by Linkin Park is more than just a song; it’s an emotional journey that speaks to the universal struggles we all face. Its powerful lyrics and dynamic musicality have made it an enduring favorite among fans. Whether you are a long-time listener or hearing it for the first time, “Papercut” has the ability to touch your soul and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. So next time you listen to “Papercut,” let the music envelop you, and embrace the raw emotions it evokes.

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paper cutter

Definition of paper cutter

Examples of paper cutter in a sentence.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'paper cutter.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

1771, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Dictionary Entries Near paper cutter

paper curtain

Cite this Entry

“Paper cutter.” Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, Accessed 28 Jun. 2024.

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Chinese Paper Cutting, Popular for Its Low Cost and Artistry


Paper cutting is one of the most popular decorative Chinese handicrafts. It is popular for its low cost and artistry. Rural women often make paper cuttings in their spare time when farming is not busy.  As a reflection of its philosophical origins, paper cutting is as comprehensive as it is attractive. Moreover, folk paper cutting conveys the content and nature of traditional culture with its own particular language.

The history of paper cutting can be dated back to the 6th century. From the 7th to 13th century, paper cutting became popular especially during Chinese festivals. The art spread to the rest of the world in the 14th century.

In rural areas, paper cutting is traditionally a handicraft for women. In the past, every girl was supposed to master it and brides were often judged by their skills. Professional paper cutting artists are, on the other hand, usually males who earned guaranteed incomes by working in workshops.

Paper cuttings were mainly used in regional rituals, decorations and styling. In the past, paper  was cut into images of people or things such as money and clothes, which were buried with the dead or burned at funerals. This is a superstition that these things burned or buried would accompany the dead in another world. Paper cuttings were also used to decorate sacrifices.

Today, paper cuttings are used as decorations, and they are usually made with red paper, which is the most popular and propitious color in Chinese culture . They adorn walls, windows, doors, pillars, mirrors, lamps and lanterns, and they themselves can also be given as gifts. Paper cuttings were also used to serve as the mould pattern for making embroideries and spray paintings.

Paper cuttings are popular because of their expression of wishes and hopes. In ancient times, limited territory, restricted culture together with the occurrence of natural disasters made people desire for a happier living. Wishes for wealth, health and longevity are conveyed through paper cuttings. For example, during the Chinese New Year , the character ' Fu (福, blessing)' is pasted upside down on the door to express people's wish for the coming of 'Fu'. At a wedding ceremony, a red paper cutting with the character 'Xi (囍, double happiness)' is a traditional and essential decoration, while patterns of dolls, gourds or lotus symbolize wishes for children. At a birthday party of an old person, paper cuttings with the character 'Shou (寿, longecity)' are often seen.

The Making of Paper Cuttings

It is easy to learn how to make paper cuttings, and required tools are simply a piece of paper and a knife or a pair of scissors. But to master this art is not easy at all because it requires much effort, practice, craftsmanship and imagination.

There are two methods of making paper cuttings, one is using scissors, and the other is using knives. Scissor cuttings can make several paper cuttings at one time by cutting several papers together, while knife cuttings are made on a swampy mixture of ashes and tallow, which can make only one piece at one time.

There are mainly 3 categories of paper cutting, each with different features.

The South School

The representatives are Foshan paper-cutting in Guangdong Province and Fujian Province folk paper cuttings. The former is rigorous, decorative, elegant, and splendid. The latter has different features in terms of its  themes, among which the gift flowers of Putian are the most special.

The Jiangzhe (Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces) School

The representatives are Yangzhou paper cuttings in Jiangsu Province, and Zhejiang Province folk paper cuttings. The former is spiritual and elegant. The latter focuses on themes of flowers, fruits, birds and fish.

The North School

The representatives are Shanxi Province paper cuttings, Shaanxi Province folk paper cuttings and Shandong Province folk paper cuttings. Paper cuttings in Shanxi Province are relatively simple and concise among the three. Shaanxi Province paper cuttings have odd shapes and interesting connotations. Paper cuttings in Shandong Province have unique aesthetic and unrestrained styles with rich patterns.

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Chinese Paper Cutting


Paper-cut refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings.

Chinese paper cutting originated in ancient ancestor worship activities which people pray the God, rooted in profound traditional Chinese culture. Two thousand years of history, so that concentrates the transitional concept of Chinese culture which evolution in art and pottery, rock art and other art intertwined , also deferred the human spirit and idea of the pulse of the ancient people. Paper cutting becoming an integral part of Chinese traditional culture, traditional belief’s and a microcosm of the Human moral, but also observe the folk culture of a nation’s heritage windows.

With their long history, paper cut which originates in China, have been very poplar among the ordinary people of China.

Chinese paper cutting art has its own manual formation and development process.  Chinese paper cutting was invented in 3rd century BC, the Spring and Autumn Period.  In that Period, people use sheet material, made by techniques hollow carved crafts before the paper appear. Han Dynasty invented the paper which is prompted emergence of paper cutting, development and popularization.

Chinese paper cut works first discovered in 1967 by archaeologists in the Turpan Basin, Gaochang Ruins which is nearby the Northern ancient tombs in Astana.


the earliest Chinese paper cutting

Development History

In Tang Dynasty, paper cut is already in the Tang period of great development.  The possession of the British Museum has the Tang Dynasty paper cut which can seen that handmade paper cut had a high level. This paper cut have a complete screen composition, and expression an ideal of heaven on the earth.

In Song Dynasty,  various paper provided the condition for paper cut. For example, a folk gifts such as “fire works”, posted in the “grilles” on the window, or illumination , decorative for the cup tea.

In Ming and Qing Dynasties handmade paper cut are matured and reached the peak. The art of folk paper cut using a wider range.  Folk paper cut became poplar, people often use paper cut to decorated home accessories, beautification the living environment, used flowers to decorate the roof windows, such as the door stack, window grilles, cabinets flowers.

Meaning Auspicious

Chinese paper cut are good at multiple images together and produce the ideal of a better result.  Whether conformation with one or more images both based  on the image of the graph to express meaning, rather than based on objective to produce natural form. While it also adept at using traditional Chinese techniques to created  a variety of mascots, the image of the convention into a vulgar combined to express their psychology.  People pursue the moral of auspicious was the purpose to created paper cutting. Why the paper cut can able to widely circulated, the main reason is that people wish lucky can coming. Because of geographical limitation and culture closed as well as the natural disasters, people want to stay away from the disaster and desire a happiness  life. People desire to have a flourishing population, health and longevity, good luck and affluence. Through used these rich meaning of paper cutting decoration the home and express their simple desire.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Paper cut is a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Chinese paper cut has a strong influence in Asia, like in Japan, the Tang Dynasty paper cut of relics still retained;  In the southeast Asia which is the region of Buddhist culture,  paper cut and paper carving  of temple were both from China.

Present Situation

It is amazing because traditional Chinese paper cut are still alive in the daily life from different nationalities.

In 2009, Chinese paper cut has entered the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Chinese paper cut showing diverse trends in current  status.

Why I choose the Chinese paper cut as a field guide, there are three reasons. Firstly, I come from China, as we all know Chinese culture is profound, and Chinese paper cut is the popular art form. A piece of paper hidden magical story, a simple pattern is behind the best wishes. Paper cut not only represent the extensive and profound Chinese culture, but also no limit to the high demand of creation, because it created by common people and comes from folk.


                                                                                                                                                                                                               “福”paper cut

Secondly, my hometown Shanxi province which is the north of China, is the heritage of region can representatives paper cut culture. Every Spring Festival’s, my grandmother always cut the paper, “福”,then posted on the doors and windows. Hoping the good luck can coming in the new year. I think the paper cut not only represent the local culture, national culture, but also represent the world culture. Thirdly, with the development of cultural diversity, more and more begin to enjoy and study Chinese culture. I think the paper cut are include rich Chinese history and culture, so starting from the paper cut to understand Chinese is a good choice.

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What Is Chinese Paper Cutting?-10 Types Of Jianzhi

As a child, you must have enjoyed arts and crafts when you were taught how to cut out strings of paper snowflakes and other interesting shapes. The art of paper cutting can be a fun activity even for adults. In China, however, paper cutting isn’t just a fun DIY but a serious art form with a long history. Like many things in Chinese culture, paper cutting carries a lot of symbolism and is a very useful art.

what is paper-cutting art?

Paper cutting, known as “剪纸” (jiǎnzhǐ) in Chinese, is one of the traditional folk arts in China that is beloved for its unique artistic form and rich cultural connotations. This art involves cutting or carving patterns on paper with scissors or knives, creating a distinctive and captivating aesthetic. Paper cutting not only adorns people’s daily lives but also becomes an essential element in various folk activities.

The preservation and development of paper-cutting art are of paramount importance. It is not merely a cultural heritage but also the inheritance of cultural legacies. Through the inheritance and promotion of paper-cutting art, we can gain a better understanding of China’s traditional culture and history. Furthermore, it can facilitate international cultural exchange and strengthen cultural communication between different ethnic groups .

As a profound reflection of Chinese culture, paper cutting conveys a sense of beauty, symbolism, and cultural identity. It embodies the wisdom and creativity of the Chinese people throughout history. Its intricate designs, skillful execution, and profound meanings have made paper cutting an enduring and cherished art form in China, appreciated and admired both domestically and internationally.

what is paper-cutting art called?

Paper cutting is a traditional folk art in China, known by different names such as “刻纸” (kèzhǐ) and “剪画” (jiǎnhuà). It involves using scissors or knives to cut or carve patterns on paper, creating a unique sense of beauty. Paper-cutting art originated in the Han Dynasty and gradually developed into an independent art form. It is widely used in the social life of people of all ethnicities in China, serving not only as a means of artistic expression but also as an art form closely connected to folk customs.

What Is Chinese Paper Cutting Called?

There is also the window paper cut style, whose design is usually free except always includes a flower pattern at the corner. There are also wide ranges of window paper cut themes with the most popular one inspired by the Chinese opera .

Chinese Paper Cutting History and Origin.

There is no clear and conclusive proof of when the art of Jian Zhi originated from. Despite being called Chinese paper cutting, art existed long before paper was invented. During that time other materials were used including, large leaves, leather, gold and silver sheets, and tree barks among others. The art dates as far back as the Zhou dynasty , where leaves were mostly used by commoners. The rich would use the gold and foil sheets. Women would paste the foil on their hairs while men would use the cuttings for sacred rituals.

During the Han dynasty , when Cai Lun invented paper, it became the most widely used material for art. This was because people realized that paper was an easier material to cut, preserve, and dispose of. By the Tang dynasty , paper cutting became widespread. Men, around this time begun using paper cuts as the hair decorations. By the Ming and Qing reign, the Jian Zhi experienced the peak of its development.

What Does Chinese Paper Cutting Symbolize?

The Jian Zhi, as mentioned earlier is highly symbolic in Chinese culture. Over time many patterns have come up, aside from the Chinese zodiac signs . Each of these patterns holds a certain meaning. Some are considered to represent happiness, while others represent successful business and so on.

Overall, the Chinese Paper cuttings are considered a source of good luck. Many of them are done using red paper because the color red is said to symbolize happiness, good luck, and fortune. That is why at weddings and during festivals like the Chinese New Year , you are likely to see many red paper cuttings of patterns that symbolize good luck. That’s however not to say that other colored papers aren’t used in this art form.

Generally, you can say, that while to the rest of the world paper cutting is simply a form of art, to the Chinese it is more than that. People in China find hope and comfort in expressing their wishes through Jian Zhi. It is therefore an integral part of Chinese beliefs and traditions.

Furthermore, paper cutting can also symbolize life and hope. In traditional Chinese culture, red paper cuttings are often seen as symbols of life and good fortune, while scissors are seen as symbols of women and family.

How To Do Chinese Paper Cutting.

When using scissors , you need to first stack and fasten several pieces of paper together. Once that’s done, using a pair of sharp and pointed knives, you can then cut out the desired pattern. When using a knife, you need a soft foundation like a waxing board or a mixture of tallow and ashes, to place the several layers of paper. This protects the knife from getting spoiled.

While holding the knife vertically and ensuring it is sharp you can then cut out your pattern. Knives are easier to use for intricate patterns and small details. The more skilled you are the easier it is for you to cut out the patterns in a fluid motion without stopping.

types of paper cutting art

Paper cutting can be classified into different categories based on geographical regions, artistic styles, and purposes:

Artistic Styles: Based on the artistic styles, paper cutting can be divided into three major types – monochrome paper cutting, colored paper cutting, and three-dimensional paper cutting. Monochrome paper cutting includes silhouette cutting, torn paper cutting, and folded paper cutting.

Purposes: Paper cutting can also be classified based on its use, such as for decoration, display, embroidery patterns, and printing purposes. Some examples include window flowers , wall decorations, and embroidery templates.

Types of Paper Cutting

Joy Flowers (喜花)

Used to adorn various objects and interior settings during weddings and celebrations. They are often placed on tea sets, soapboxes, basins, and even dressing mirrors. The patterns on joy flowers emphasize auspicious and joyful meanings. The color used is predominantly bright red. The shapes include circular, square, rhombus, peach-shaped, and pomegranate-shaped, decorated with various auspicious patterns such as dragons , phoenixes, mandarin ducks, flowers, and peonies. The composition often uses the method of “flowers nested within flowers.”

Used as embroidery templates for fabric shoes . There are three main forms: small cluster flowers or scattered flowers for the toe of the shoe, known as “toe flowers”; crescent-shaped flowers suitable for the vamp, called “vamp flowers”; and flowers that extend from the vamp to the shoe collar, known as “collar flowers.” Additionally, there is a type called “sole flower,” which was used in olden times for “longevity shoes” or embroidered on the soles of cloth socks. Shoe flower compositions are generally sparse and include themes such as flowers, plants, and small birds. Some shoe flowers are cut without creating holes, known as “hidden knives,” which serve as guidelines for changing colors while embroidering.

Also known as “hanging pennants,” “hanging coins ,” “red pennants,” “joyous pennants,” “door decorations,” or “sacrificial plaques.” They are typically used above door lintels or on the two beams of the main hall. The pennants often have a flag-like shape with a larger top and wider sides, hanging with tassels at the bottom. They are usually made of red paper, but other colors or layered colors are also used. The designs mostly feature geometric patterns or incorporate figures, flowers, dragons, phoenixes, and auspicious words, such as “universal celebration,” “national peace,” “abundance year after year,” “smooth weather,” “abundance of wealth and honor,” “magpies on a plum branch,” “happiness, emolument, longevity, joy, and wealth,” and “prosperity in all five trades.” They are displayed in sets, with five pennants being the most common. The purpose of posting door pennants is not only to welcome the arrival of spring and dispel evil but also to pray for blessings and drive away misfortunes.

Cluster Flowers (剪纸团花)

Paper cuttings shaped like flags used for various folk activities. For example, during the Double Ninth Festival , triangular flags made of colored paper are inserted into Double Ninth cakes, making them look attractive. In the old customs of Zhejiang during the Song Dynasty , paper-cut dragon and tiger flags were used by shamans to drive away evil and disasters for sick patients. For funerals, there were “flower flags” made of plain paper. In memorial ceremonies for the deceased’s anniversary, there were “soul-calling paper flags,” as well as “shu” (similar in shape to a flag) hanging on the beams in the memorial hall. The paper-cutting pennants are related to the banners held by guiding Bodhisattvas in Buddhism .

Distribution by Region

Zigong paper cutting is an ancient traditional folk art that originated in the early 1940s. Its works are simple, rustic, vivid, and combine the techniques of movement and stillness, yin and yang , block and line, sparse and dense. It integrates various folk arts into paper cutting works, forming a unique artistic style that is plain, rich, fresh, clever, extraordinary, and with a strong artistic taste, appreciated by both refined and popular tastes.

Folk paper cutting art is a passing art, and its long-lasting tradition is mainly based on “inheritance.” The previous generation passes down folk cultural concepts, artistic symbols (i.e., patterns), and their own innovations and experiences in paper cutting to the next generation. This transmission can be within one’s own family or to others, without expecting any compensation. It is completely open and continuously passed down from generation to generation through rural women.

Festival customs: During the Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, there are many joyful activities that lead to the widespread use of paper cutting. Every household decorates their rooms with paper cuttings like “plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum,” “ rooster announcing dawn,” “ fish leaping over the Dragon Gate,” and more to express good wishes for the New Year, good luck, abundance, and peace throughout the year.

Wedding customs: Before proposing a marriage, the matchmaker would first assess the woman’s paper cutting and embroidery skills. If a man is chosen, the woman would give him a pair of exquisitely made embroidered socks or cloth shoes as a token of love. Paper cutting and embroidery are commonly used in weddings to symbolize good luck, harmony, and blessings for a happy marriage and healthy children.

Shamanistic customs: Ruichang was once a place where shamanism was prevalent until the mid-1950s. Shamanistic activities aimed to cure various diseases since modern medicine was not advanced enough. Shamans would instruct artisans to create paper figures, paper boats, and other paper cutting works, and through shamanistic rituals, they would use these paper cuttings to perform healing and blessing ceremonies.

Agricultural customs: Two agricultural activities in Ruichang are closely related to paper cutting. During tea-picking season, female villagers dress up with various paper cutting decorations for socializing and entertainment while picking tea. For rice planting, paper flowers are inserted into the field as a symbol of celebration.

Regarding paper, there are no specific rules for the type of paper used. For ordinary female paper cutting artists, regular scissors are used. However, professional male paper cutting artists use specialized chisels made by blacksmiths to create various patterns on the paper. The choice of paper color is based on the needs of the occasion and may include black , red, white, or blue paper.

In the past, during wedding and festive occasions in Nanjing, artists were often hired to create various red paper-cut decorations, such as auspicious flowers, which were used to embellish dowry items like chests, cabinets, quilts, and pillows. Other types of paper-cut designs, such as “Douxianghua” (a type of paper-cut flower) and shoe flowers, had distinct local characteristics. The artistic features of Nanjing Paper-cutting include “flowers within flowers, themes within themes, coarseness with finesse, and ingenuity within simplicity.” For example, auspicious flowers are typically designed with specific themes surrounded by scattered flowers and leaves, harmoniously forming complete patterns that are auspicious and rich in meaning.

Included in the second batch of the national intangible cultural heritage expansion project list.

According to the technical classification, Chinese paper cutting can be categorized into the following forms:

Monochrome paper cutting is the most basic form of paper cutting, made from various colors such as red, green, brown, black, and gold. It is mainly used for window decorations and embroidery patterns. There are three main techniques: negative cutting, positive cutting, and a combination of both. For embroidery patterns, a combination of cutting and poking techniques is commonly used. Folding paper cutting, silhouette cutting, torn paper cutting, etc., are all forms of monochrome paper cutting.

Silhouette Cutting

Torn paper cutting is a new type of paper cutting derived from traditional folk paper cutting. It involves tearing and shaping paper in a freehand manner. This technique results in a rustic and bold style, creating a natural and spontaneous atmosphere in the artwork.

As paper cutting forms evolved and developed, colored paper cutting techniques increased in variety, including point dyeing, overlaying colors, splitting colors, filling colors, woodblock printing, spray painting, tracing, and color weaving. Each technique has its own characteristics and uniqueness.

Overlaying colors paper cutting is primarily based on positive carving, with large areas hollowed out to leave room for overlaying colors. Different color papers are used to fill different parts of the design, such as skin tones, clothing, objects, and flowers. Overlaying colors create vibrant and decorative effects.

Splitting colors paper cutting, also known as collage paper cutting, involves combining two or more monochrome paper cuttings into one composition. It is still based on monochrome paper cutting but uses different colors to create the final artwork. Care should be taken to ensure harmony between the colors and avoid excessive complexity.

Woodblock printing paper cutting combines printing and carving. It can be done by carving after printing (called “opening the phase”) or directly printing the paper cutting effect on the paper. It is often used to depict characters from operas and mythological stories.

Color Weaving Paper Cutting

Color weaving paper cutting combines various colored paper strips, cutting, and weaving them into various geometric patterns, flowers, animals, and figures. It serves both decorative and practical purposes and is used in weaving, embroidery, and children’s handicrafts.

Paper-cutting factions

Southern-style paper-cutting.

Zigong folk paper-cutting has a long history dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, with a history of more than 400 years. It is a spiritual and cultural form in which ordinary people pray for a better life. Zigong paper-cutting is characterized by its simplicity, richness, freshness, agility, and modernity. [26-27] It mainly consists of various auspicious and auspicious patterns. In the late 1940s, a person named Yu Manbai from western Hubei settled in Zigong and integrated the essence of paper-cutting styles from the north and south to form the unique cutting method of Zigong paper-cutting. In 1989, Shen Chenglin’s paper-cutting work won the second prize in the first Chinese paper-cutting competition. Compared with other regions in Sichuan, Zigong paper-cutting has a more elegant and delicate overall style, with graceful shapes and intricate lines. Therefore, it is known as one of the two major schools of Sichuan paper-cutting art (Zigong paper-cutting and northern Sichuan paper-cutting). In 2009, “Sichuan Handmade Paper-cutting,” including Zigong paper-cutting, was listed in the Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage List. [36]

Foshan paper-cutting originated in the Song Dynasty and flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since the Ming Dynasty, Foshan paper-cutting has become a specialized industry with large-scale production. The themes of Foshan paper-cutting mostly include flowers, birds, insects, fish, opera characters, and folk stories, such as “dragons,” “phoenixes,” “carps,” “peacocks,” “Hehe Erxian,” “the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea,” “ Chang’e Flying to the Moon,” and “the Eight Immortals Making Trouble in the East Sea,” among others. It is classified based on materials and methods, such as copper lining, paper lining, copper engraving, silver engraving, woodblock printing, copper chiseling, and pure color, and various patterns are created using techniques such as cutting, engraving, and chiseling with locally produced copper foil and silver foil.

Fujian Paper-cutting

Jiangsu and Zhejiang Paper-cutting

Nanjing paper-cutting is mainly popular in Nanjing and its surrounding areas in Jiangsu Province. According to historical records like “Bai Xia Suo Yan” by Gan Xi during the Qing Dynasty , Nanjing paper-cutting was already popular in the early Ming Dynasty. In the 1950s, folk paper-cutting production cooperatives and folk craft factories were established in Nanjing, producing paper-cutting works for export. Nanjing paper-cutting stands out with its distinctive characteristics, combining the boldness of northern paper-cutting and the delicacy of southern paper-cutting. It is full of flowers and patterns, with themes and titles that are harmoniously matched, offering a profound artistic form. Traditional types of Nanjing paper-cutting include happiness flowers, fighting incense flowers, door letter paper-cuttings, and embroidery patterns, including shoe flowers. These fully embody the unique style of Nanjing paper-cutting and enrich the treasure trove of Chinese folk art. Nanjing paper-cutting is created without preliminary drafts, and the lines are continuous as if drawn with a single stroke, demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship.

Yangzhou is one of the regions where paper-cutting was popular earliest in China. As early as the Tang Dynasty , there were customs of paper-cutting to welcome the spring in Yangzhou. On the day of the Beginning of Spring, folk paper-cutting works such as flowers, spring butterflies, and spring coins were hung above the heads of beauties or arranged under flowers and trees to bring joy and happiness. It is said that during the Jiaqing and Daoguang reigns, the famous artist Bao Jun’s paper-cutting works featured flowers, birds, fish, and butterflies, all lifelike, earning him the title of “master cutter.” After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Yangzhou paper-cutting received attention from the national and local governments. In 1955, a folk craft cooperative was established in Yangzhou. In 1979, the paper-cutting artist Zhang Yongshou was awarded the title of “Chinese Arts and Crafts Master” by the state. His three collections of paper-cuttings, “Myriad Flowers in Full Bloom” from the 1950s, “Hundred Chrysanthemums” from the 1970s, and “Blossoming Flowers and Dancing Butterflies” from the 1980s, are representative works of Yangzhou paper-cutting. Yangzhou paper-cutting covers a wide range of subjects, including figures and flowers, birds, beasts, insects, fish, and various landscapes and cultural relics. It is particularly skilled in depicting seasonal flowers.

Northern-style paper-cutting

Hebei Weixian paper-cutting, also known as “Living Fossil,” has a unique way of preserving the Yin and Yang philosophical thinking and the worship of reproduction and reproduction in Chinese culture. Ancient patterns like “fish body and human face” and “lion body and human face,” “clawing hair dolls” similar to the Zhou culture, and “plowing cattle pattern” similar to Han portraits have been passed down in various regions of Weixian. These folk paper-cutting patterns have extremely ancient symbols, and many of the folk paper-cutting patterns are called the reproduction of the art images of the source of Chinese culture. They are “living fossils” of Chinese folk culture history.

Shanxi Paper-cutting

type of paper cutting

The content of lantern flowers includes characters from operas, plants and fruits, domestic animals and poultry, flowers, birds, fish, insects, as well as auspicious symbols like “Fu” (fortune), “Lu” (prosperity), “Shou” (longevity), and “Xi” (happiness), adding to the festive atmosphere.

In traditional customs, “Xi Hua” is ubiquitous in various aspects of wedding celebrations. Anything related to the newlyweds, such as food, drinks, clothing, belongings, and accommodations, should be adorned with “Xi Hua.” It is commonly placed on the door, as well as on items like camphorwood trunks, cosmetic boxes, dressing mirrors, jewelry boxes, the car or sedan used by the bride, tables, chairs, kitchenware, furniture, flower vases, teacups, and bowls in the new home. The bride wears the “Double Happiness Colored Flower” on her head, while the groom wears the “Double Happiness Gift Flower” on his chest. Female guests wear a string of red “Xi” characters as headdress, symbolizing congratulations upon arrival and hopes for joy throughout their journey.

“Xi Hua” comes in various sizes, ranging from several feet long, such as the roof decorations for weddings, and large floral displays for the ceremony, to small ones less than an inch, like the delicate ones placed on tea trays.

In addition to seasonal customs, folk paper cutting plays an essential role in daily life, especially in the processing of clothing accessories like embroidery and picking flowers. Traditional clothing items such as embroidered robes, skirts, stomach covers, embroidered shoes, and handkerchiefs were made using “flower pattern” paper cuttings as templates.

For example, shoe flower paper cuttings include the vamp, the shoe tongue, the sole, and the shoe pad. Embroidery styles include “full bottom,” where the design covers the entire vamp; “symmetrical,” with the same pattern separated on the left and right sides; and “corner,” where decorations are applied only to a corner of the vamp. Additionally, there are styles like “follow,” “scatter point,” and “freehand,” where the paper cutting is first done to create a template that is then applied to the actual material.

In the long process of development, folk paper cutting has developed its own unique artistic language. With just a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, rural women can instantly create exquisite works of art.

Paper cutting can be classified into positive carving and negative carving. Positive carving involves cutting off the parts outside the image’s outline, similar to “red text” in seal engraving. Negative carving, on the other hand, is the opposite, where the image is displayed through the blank spaces left after cutting, akin to “white text.” Positive carving and negative carving are the two fundamental techniques in paper cutting, and some artworks combine both. For example, Shandong Gaomi paper cutting uses this technique with positive carving for the figures’ heads and negative carving for the clothing patterns, achieving a balanced and rich effect.

From a national perspective, the situation is similar. Northern paper cutting is known for its ruggedness, boldness, and concise forms, while southern paper cutting is renowned for its lush composition, delicacy, and beauty. Apart from Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, and other areas are also significant regions for paper cutting in the northwest. The style of their paper cuttings often features the distinctive bold and unrestrained traits of northwestern people. In Northeast China , Jilin, Hailun, and other places have larger paper cuttings that are hearty and simple, with lively and unpolished character images. In addition to cutting flowers from red paper, they are often smoked to darken the back of the paper cutting. Then, bright colored paper, wax paper, gold and silver foil, and other materials are applied to the back, creating vibrant colors and a strong local flavor. Fushan paper cutting in Shanxi integrates the rugged and lively characteristics of northern paper cutting. Apart from window flowers and ceremonial flowers, it connects twelve months’ “bridge flowers” to celebrate children’s birthdays, giving it a distinct local style. The paper cuttings from Fuyang and Bozhou in Anhui province are skilled at combining thick and thin lines, alternating positive and negative carving, and integrating the boldness of northern paper cutting and the delicacy of southern paper cutting. As a result, they display a harmonious and graceful artistic style.

Each region’s paper cutting has its unique features: Yangzhou’s paper cutting is refined and delicate; Jintan’s paper cutting is flowing and elegant; and Foshan’s paper cutting is vigorous and unrestrained. Additionally, paper cuttings from Quanzhou and Chaozhou regions are also well-known.

“Different winds in ten miles, different customs in a hundred miles.” It is precisely because of the diverse folk customs and traditions that various regions have developed rich and colorful artistic styles of folk paper cutting, demonstrating their vibrant vitality. Without this diversity, folk paper cutting would lose its foundation and brilliance.

C hinese paper-cutting history

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, several sets of paper-cutting called “团花剪纸” were unearthed near Flaming Mountain in Turpan, Xinjiang. These paper-cuttings depicted various designs, including horses, monkeys, chrysanthemums, and more.

During the Ming Dynasty, “夹纱灯” (jia sha lantern) became famous, which involved placing paper-cut designs between layers of gauze and using candlelight to project the patterns, similar to modern “走马灯” (carousel lantern).

The art of paper-cutting has evolved over the centuries and remains an important part of Chinese culture and folk art.

Historical Records

In the Tang Dynasty, there are poetic verses mentioning “宜春帖子” (Yichun characters), which refer to the familiar “paper-cutting art pieces” in modern times. The poet Li Shangyin wrote in his poem “人曰” (“People Say”): “镂金作胜传荆俗,剪彩为人起晋风” (“Carving gold creates a victory, passing on the custom of Jing, cutting colors to initiate the Jin style”). This also refers to paper-cutting.

In “志雅堂诗杂钞” (“Zhiya Hall Miscellaneous Poems and Notes”), it is written that in the old capital, there were skilled paper-cutting artists who were extremely ingenious in cutting various floral patterns. It also mentioned a person named 余承志 (Yu Chengzhi) who specialized in cutting characters from various scripts. Another young artist mentioned in the text was skilled in cutting characters and flower patterns on sleeves with great precision.

In the “建德县志” (“Jiande County Annals”), it mentions 林文辉 (Lin Wenhui), a paper-cutting artist known for his craftsmanship. The text describes his paper-cutting as “飞动如龙蛇” (“moving like dragons and snakes”) and that he used it for home decoration and to make a living. He was highly regarded for his skill and was called “剪” (Jian), which means a paper-cutting artist.

Timeline of Paper-Cutting Art in China

Southern and Northern Dynastie

The earliest known paper-cutting artwork is from the Northern Dynasties period (386-581 AD), discovered near the Huoyanshan in Turpan, Xinjiang. These paper-cuttings employed repeated folding techniques and non-overlapping treatment of images.

During the Southern Song Dynasty, paper-cutting had become a profession with specialized artisans in Hangzhou known for cutting characters and various floral patterns.

Paper-cutting art reached maturity during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, becoming a widespread art form among the people. It was used to decorate various aspects of daily life, including lamps, fans , embroidery, and home decorations such as doorways, windows, cabinets, and roofs.

Due to the nature of paper-cutting as a folk art form and the difficulty in preserving materials, very few genuine artworks representing different historical periods have been passed down to us. However, we can find some traces from historical records and the writings of literati from various dynasties.

As a companion to folk customs, folk paper-cutting has persisted in Chinese folk culture to this day, showcasing its enduring vitality. It is the skilled hands of those living at the grassroots level in rural areas, their ancestors passing down the silent chapters of the history of ethnic art.

C hinese paper-cutting origin

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, paper-cutting reached its pinnacle and became a mature art form. It was extensively used in various folk applications, such as adorning colored lanterns and creating patterns for embroidery. The influence of paper-cutting could be seen in a wide range of decorations and crafts during this period.

who invented C hinese paper cutting?

During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the craft of paper-cutting gradually matured, and there were even professional craftsmen specializing in paper-cutting, leading to significant development in this art form. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, paper-cutting had reached its pinnacle, and its history continued to evolve.

The history of paper-cutting art can be divided into the following stages:

Song Dynasty: Paper-making became well-established, leading to the widespread popularity of paper-cutting in folk applications, such as folk gifts, window decorations, and colored lanterns.

Ming and Qing Dynasties: The craft of paper-cutting had become mature and was extensively used in various aspects of life.

when was C hinese paper cutting invented?

Chinese paper cutting is believed to have been invented during the Han Dynasty, which was around the 4th century AD. However, the exact date and inventor of paper cutting are not well-documented in historical records. Paper cutting likely originated shortly after the invention of paper in China, as people began to explore creative ways to utilize this new material. Over time, paper cutting evolved and developed into the intricate and beautiful art form we know today. It became deeply embedded in Chinese culture and has remained a popular folk art and decorative craft throughout history.

Paper cutting covers a wide range of social content, involving seasonal celebrations, life rituals, and various aspects of daily life. For example, during the Spring Festival, the most representative paper cutting forms are window flowers and door couplets .

Window flowers cover a wide range of subjects, representing all aspects of daily life. All of life’s elements become the subjects of window flower designs. Additionally, there are specific themes for different occasions, such as “attracting wealth and treasures,” “fattening pigs under the arch,” “ God of wealth as a child,” and “ zodiac animals,” all of which are well-received by people.

Another form of paper cutting during the Spring Festival is “Diaojian’er” (hanging decorations). It is also known as “menjian’er,” “guajian’er,” “huajian’er,” or “zhijian’er,” derived from the homophonic sound “diaoqian’er” (hanging money). It resembles small flags or pennants and is hung on the door lintel. The tradition of hanging Diaojian’er during the Spring Festival dates back to the Tang Dynasty. It is said to have evolved from “caisheng” (colorful ornaments) in ancient times. Caisheng was a type of decoration worn on the head. According to the record of Duan Chengshi’s “Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang,” on the day of the first solar term “Li Chun,” noble families would cut paper into small flags and hang them above beautiful women’s heads or string them below flowers. Additionally, they would cut paper into images of spring butterflies and spring coins for playful enjoyment. Another belief is that hanging Diaojian’er serves to ward off evil spirits. According to legend, in ancient times, there was a vicious monster called “ Nian ,” which would prey on people during the Spring Festival, especially targeting young boys and girls. To avoid calamity and misfortune, people created colorful paper Diaojian’er, hanging them on the door lintels to make the evil monster afraid and bring peace to their homes.

In folk culture, in addition to window flowers and Diaojian’er, “Denghua” (lantern flowers) is also an important category of paper cutting during the Spring Festival. There is a popular saying that “on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, people celebrate Yuanxiao ( Lantern Festival ) by lighting lanterns.” It was a tradition to hang lanterns, with houses decorated in lights and staying awake all night.

what is the purpose of C hinese paper cutting?

Celebrating Life: Paper cutting works show people’s love for and appreciation of life. Symbols like deer, tortoises, pine trees, and cranes are often used as representations of longevity.

what are the C hinese paper cutting used for?

Decoration: Directly pasted on doors, windows, walls, lanterns, and various decorative items. Examples include window decorations, wall decorations, ceiling decorations, lantern decorations, paper lanterns, and door hangings.

Ornamentation:  Used to embellish gifts, dowries, offerings, and ritual items. Examples include decorative flowers for weddings, offering flowers, gift flowers, flower decorations for candlesticks, incense holders, and festive flags.

Printing and dyeing: Used as printing plates for blue calico fabric, applied to clothes, bedding, door curtains, pouches, aprons, headscarves, and other textiles .

paper cutting C hinese new year

Ornamental Purpose: Paper cutting has strong decorative qualities, with red as the predominant color, making the festival vibrant, luxurious, and auspicious.

Paper Cuttings and wedding

In summary, paper cutting is widely utilized in weddings, serving not only as decorative elements but also carrying profound cultural meanings and wishes, expressing the couple’s beautiful aspirations for their marriage.

Paper Cuttings and the Zodiac

Paper cuttings and funeral.

In the Chinese culture, the practice of paper cutting for funeral purposes is commonly known as “Xi Sang” or “White Xi Shi Mian Huai Qian Ren Tuo Ai Si De Hua.” Xi Sang is a way of conducting funeral ceremonies with a joyful atmosphere, just like celebrating a birthday during one’s lifetime. People use paper cuttings as offerings to please the deities and help the deceased’s soul ascend to heaven. This practice is based on the belief in the immortality of the soul, providing comfort to the living while honoring the deceased.

Paper Cuttings for sacrifice

Different patterns of sacrificial and auspicious paper cuttings are used in different occasions according to traditional customs. It is believed that the paper cuttings for sacrificial and auspicious purposes only have effects after people have finished chanting scriptures during a vegetarian diet.

C hinese paper cutting tools

Scissors:  Choose pointed-tip scissors specifically for paper cutting. The scissors’ pivot should be smooth to prevent accidentally cutting off fine details.

why is C hinese paper cutting important ?

Welcoming Good Fortune:  The widespread and enduring popularity of folk paper cutting is largely due to its representation of welcoming good fortune and auspiciousness. The closed geographical regions, cultural limitations, and adversity caused by natural disasters have inspired people’s desire for a happy and prosperous life.

Ethnic Paper Cuttings

In the Southwest region, various ethnic minorities such as the Miao, Shui, Buyi, Dong, Bai, Yi, Naxi, Dai, Maonan, Qiang, Hani, and Zhuang, as well as the Manchu, Mongol, Daur, Oroqen, Hezhen, and Evenki in the Northeast region, have customs related to paper cutting. Some of these ethnic groups, like the Evenki, Hezhen, and Oroqen, belong to the “Three Small Ethnic Groups” with very few populations (according to UNESCO, ethnic groups with less than 100,000 people are in danger of their languages becoming endangered and difficult to preserve). Additionally, there are the Tu people in Qinghai and the Xibe people.

Overall, the folk paper cutting in the Southwest region, including Yunnan, Guizhou, and Xiangxi, reflects the diverse cultural traditions and artistry of various ethnic groups in China. The different styles and patterns carry unique cultural significance, making them an essential part of China’s rich cultural heritage.

Tibetan Paper Cutting: Tibetan paper cutting is a folk art in the Tibet region of China, with profound religious and cultural connotations. The patterns often include religious symbols, figures, animals, etc., with uniform and exquisite lines. Tibetan paper cutting is widely used in religious ceremonies, cultural exchanges, etc.

C hinese paper cut Art Appreciation

Paper cutting is a form of folk art in China that uses paper as the material and scissors (or knives) as tools for creation. Each art form has its own unique style, which is determined by the paper cutting material (paper) and tools used (scissors and knives). Paper cutting art is an “easy to learn but difficult to master” folk craft, often created by rural women and folk artists. They draw inspiration from daily life, relying on simple emotions and intuitive impressions as the basis for their artwork. As a result, paper cutting art has a distinctive style that is profound, simple, concise, and vibrant, reflecting the down-to-earth spirit of the farmers.

Meaning of Paper Cuttings content

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Just me being curious

A blog of questions and few answers..

Just me being curious

The meaning of papercuts

The conspiracy that is papercuts!

You know when you are going about your business, a godly air of contentment with the universe, a quiet bonhomie with the world and all who reside within – that kind of “okay” day?

And then a sheet of paper goes all Scissor Hands and takes a slice for no good reason. That little stinger when you least expect it, definitely don’t deserve it, and certainly take nothing from it. We have named it a curiosity – a “papercut”.

Paper Cut … makes it sounds innocuous … innocent … blameless even.

Well I am here to tell you the reality. I am here to uncover the conspiracy theory we have bought into all these years.

That little sucker is a vicious little sucker! That “papercut” is the devil himself hiding in shiny white paper. It is evil incarnate, and I am going to holy war on the devil himself!

FACT: what else can cause quite the immediate cussing and swearing? FACT: what else can cause “paper” to become the immediate dark underbelly of all that is evil? FACT: what else can keep doing that as I innocently catch a “slice of skin” for the rest of the day?

This is no mere “accident” – this is spiritual and physical warfare (mostly physical – but spiritual as well)! I have lost blood in this war. I have lost peace of mind. I have been ambushed and strafed (well … one tip … of one finger … occasionally). And why is it usually the very tip of the finger? Why is it the one bit of your body gorged with nerves? Why that bit? Why not a fingernail? That would be innocent. That would be innocuous. The would be blameless.

But no. That paper – fragranced with the devil – is hateful and vindictive … hiding in the ordinary … waiting silently for the right moment. And then WHAM!

They say that art reflects life and all that jazz.

Well I got to pondering the meaning of papercuts after suffering “emotional papercuts” (too often!!). And the more I sit and think … the more they are identical!

You know when you are going about your business, a godly air of contentment with the universe, a quiet bonhomie with the world and all who reside within – that kind of “okay” day? And then someone says a word, or gives a look, or that “breathing thing” (or – stay with me on this – purposely holds back a word, or purposely doesn’t look, or purposely doesn’t do that “breathing thing”). That ambush when someone goes all Scissor Hands – and takes a slice out of you for no good reason at all – that little stinger when you least expect it – definitely don’t deserve it – and certainly take nothing from it. And just why have we named it a curiosity – just why do we refer to it as a “communication issue”?

Makes it sound innocuous: “communication issue”.

Well, I think it is just another conspiracy theory!

Because when someone does an emotional papercut – they know exactly what they are doing. They know exactly “that word”, “that tone”, “that look”, “that sigh” (or the absence of all and any combination in just the “exact absent way”) to make “it” happen. It being war – a small war – obviously. Just that right “it” to make war break out for no good reason that I can see. And you may well be right. I might just lob a verbal missile – but only because you did that first purposeful “it” – so mine was just self-defence!

It’s a quiet low-key, no instant casualties or deaths kind of warfare. The one where another (invisible) marker is added to the (invisible) pile of markers. The quiet low-key (invisible) counting. The never spoken but often thought “I care – but how much do you care” kind of counting. The “nothing said counting” – the “it’s alright, I am fine, and it’s not me who’s in a bad mood” kind of counting.

And as I ponder where this may or may not fit in the bible – it strikes me the Lord missed this from His list of “stuff to be avoided”. The closest He got was eyes (not finger tips), splinters (not paper cuts), and huge logs of wood “judgement sin stuff” – but papercuts and emotional papercuts? Maybe it was missed out because you can’t get a “papyrus cut” from papyrus scrolls (I am sure someone will know). Or maybe emotional papercuts are sin-proof – are judgement and sin free.

Because – when all is said and done – I am not “judging” per se … simply “reacting”. In fact, it is probably “score draw” material. Because whenever I react – it is only because I have been bombed first (no matter how much the bomber proclaims their innocence – and they always do)!

But I still ponder (in my godly air of contentment with the universe, a quiet bonhomie with the world and all who reside within) – if there had been nice clean shiny A4 sheets of paper when the dusty peeps put the bible together …

Would “emotional papercuts” still be “a communication issue” today?

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22 thoughts on “ the meaning of papercuts ”.

*Silently offers you…

(1) A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Bandaid (small size… perfect for “paper cut” (physical or emotional)) (2) A Cup of Tea (or coffee… your preference) (3) Your favorite bickies…*

He got there before you (this is deffo not present tense ponderings) 🙂

He allowed me to see that there is as much sense is personalising paper as there is in finding “slights” where none exist. And yet ( I hope I am not alone here) I still manage to find them, personalise them, hold onto them. And I am learning more and more the futility of such moments. (but I have to say that your First Aid Kit Is wonderful loving – thank you!) 🙂

Like Liked by 1 person

Thank you Wally

I’m totally with you on this, Paul. I’ve never slandered a piece of paper or consciously made enemies. Some pieces of paper are my best friends: they hold meaningful sentiments and helpful facts…. and then they do this to us! I am convalescing from a “paper cut” at the moment. I regret to say that the only guaranteed answer is the paperless office.

Hi Keith – I think these are for you! 🙂

*Silently offers you…

(1) A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Bandaid (small size… perfect for “paper cut” (physical or emotional)) (2) A Cup of Tea (or coffee… your preference) (3) Your favorite bickies…*

That was action packed! : ) I was thinking along these lines of this the other day. I was thinking, who is the best to correct someone in love? A close friend or a family member, it should be a person that truly loves and cares about us. That way we don’t go into fight mode because we know they love us and they are wanting to helps us not judging us. I have a good friend. I known her since high school. Once day I said something innocent, but after I said it I freaked out because I thought it could have been taken as an insult. I quickly started apologizing, saying I didn’t mean that like it sounded. She then replied, “Denine, I didn’t take it that way. I know you are not like that.” I have had lots of emotional paper cuts because of this I try my hardest not to inflict those on others. But as you well know, : ( (from me to you) sometime we fail – be it intentional or unintentional. However, it is love that can take the sting out. I love you enough to admit I was wrong or mistaken. I love you enough to forgive and move past it. Both people loving. Otherwise you have a paper cut relationship that can’t fully heal. Love you Paul! Thanks for sticking with me. It has meant a lot to me. Love in action and all that good stuff. Many Blessings!

I read that over and just to clarify I am not trying to correct anyone here, I was just saying I have had people slight, judge and belittle me under the guise of, “trying to help you out.” It was not done from of placed of love or concern there is a big difference. : ) me.

And that is very different!

“Denine, I didn’t take it that way. I know you are not like that.” What gorgeous love to have in a friend!

What came through for me in these words were the “personalising” I do to paper (the paper cuts), how angry I sometimes get, how “OTT” I can be. So He took my “personalising the impersonal” as a mirror to my “personalising the impersonal” when a word or a look becomes the same thing. I can do that quite easily, and I have seen others who are equally skilled. Because this is not the “I didn’t mean it that way” realisation.

This is the “how dare you” that I put into something as innocent as a new born babe. It is the “me” making it something it never was.

And I am also becoming (slowly) more skilled at … “Doh! Papercut again – don’t make it personal, Paul. Think impersonal – paper can’t do that (and I might want to get out of the “poor me” mode” I didn’t realise I was in).

(And I see no similarity between this and the “intentional slight”, the intentional insult, the “snide and clover put down” – those are a completely different topic. Usually that is done for the “clever audience” – whoever the speaker thinks the “audience” is – and that is an attack – that is judgemental and evil. That is destroying an other)

I see now, growing pains. Ouch and Amen. Thanks, I needed this too. There is always a nice peace that comes from truth. I like that.

Hi Denine – you might want to read my reply to Tom on today’s “Meeting Jesus face to face!”!! 🙂

This past weekend I found myself being particularly clumsy… no kidding- I sliced my hand several times cutting veggies, I sliced my foot on the corner of our stone bathtub, cut my toe on the corner of a door… Sometimes I am so focused on where I am trying to go, that I forget to focus on how I am getting there! And the Way is always His Way…

WHOA! Julie!! Those aren’t paper cuts!! Those are life shortening oversights!! 🙂

And I have to say you have gone up even more in my “respect” levels: anyone who can accept that amount of bumping and scraping and turn out such lovely loving music, words and pictures in her own observations of her own normal family living … WOW!! 🙂

My husband affectionately calls me “Peach”… because I bruise at the drop of a hat and bump into everything. It amazes me that God can use these very clumsy hands to make any coherent musical or written thought!! Lol!! Speaking of paper cuts… we were going out of town this weekend after church, and my husband wanted to stop at a fast food place- one that I hate. I wanted “my way” and I let him know it…we went there anyway, and as we were getting read to leave, I saw an older couple walk in that I hadn’t seen in several years- a couple I was very close to and who used to go to our church. I walked up behind them in line, and put my arms around them and told them how much I loved them and missed them. It was a beautiful moment- and one I would have missed had I not “obeyed” and gone to my least favorite Fast Food place with my hubby. I told the couple how I didn’t want to go there that day, and that seeing them made it all worth while. I thanked my hubby for bringing me there… a little paper cut for me to admit how wrong I was for my complaining… but a BIG BLESSING He gave me in following through. I am thankful for grace!!

Julie – you are very special peach of the Lord! You just keep blossoming with these special moments – over and over!

Your bring to mind that tree Jesus zapped because He was hungry and it wasn’t fruiting (despite being the wrong season). There isn’t a season or a time or the right moment to be at one with our Father – to feed from and with each other – it is always all the time in each moment.

You fruit every day! It is truly inspiring. It is “of the moment” – nothing dramatic, nothing “show stopping” – but it is more real more loving more connected than any “three ring circus” testimony! Thank you – you keep offering these gifts in the same way I breathe – your just “do” – amazing!! ((hugs))

You are too much, lol! And I love the “feeding from each other” idea… “peach of the Lord”… lol… am I willing to be bruised for Him? or slice and diced by life? Lots to ponder… deep thoughts keep running deeper 🙂

Dear Julie – you and Him just blew me away in a very special way. I hope you don’t mind me sharing the moment in a loving bunch of words ((hugs))

not at all.. do as He leads you… all for Him 🙂

With an embarrassed apology – I already did the “publish button” thing!

No apology necessary 🙂 Only a humble thank you from me- that He would use my simple story to trigger more “fruiting” 🙂

Pingback: Meeting Jesus face to face – I just did | Just me being curious

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the meaning of paper cut


Physicists determined the paper most likely to give you a paper cut

An experiment with a robot and gelatine determined that 65-micrometre-thick paper is the most prone to slicing our skin – but it can also make for a handy recyclable knife

By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan

28 June 2024

An accident occurs at any time.; Shutterstock ID 1184782429; purchase_order: -; job: -; client: -; other: -

A gelatine-slicing robot has revealed the riskiest type of paper

KS Pattarapol/Shutterstock

The most dangerous type of paper is 65 millionths of a metre thick – at least when it comes to paper cuts.

“I got many paper cuts and frankly they were starting to annoy me,” says Kaare Jensen at the Technical University of Denmark. After failing to find the cause in existing scientific studies, which he says mostly focus on the risk of infection, he and his colleagues decided to set up their own experiment.

Human cells have a resonant frequency – and it’s just barely audible…

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the meaning of paper cut


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    Paper cutting is an art form where beautiful designs and patterns are cut from a single sheet of paper, using only scissors or a blade. The art of paper cutting has a long history — more than 2000 years to be exact! Thought to have originated from China along with the invention of paper in the 2nd century, paper-cut art was believed to have ...

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    paper cut (plural paper cuts) ( medicine) A wound caused by a piece of paper or any thin, sharp material which can slice through a person's skin. ( figurative) Any minor harm . (film and video editing) A text-based description of the cuts to be made in raw footage to make finished video. A decorative ornament made by artful cutting of paper, as ...

  10. Papercut (Linkin Park song)

    Papercut (Linkin Park song) " Papercut " is a song by American rock band Linkin Park. It was released as the third single from their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000) and appears as the opening track on the record. It combines multiple genres in a way that Chester Bennington said captured the essence of the band.

  11. 6 Traditional Papercutting Styles

    Papel Picado. An early form of papercutting originated in ancient Mexico, where the Aztecs collected amatl, a paper-like bark from fig and mulberry trees.They used obsidian knives to cut spirit figures out of the amatl.Papel picado ("perforated paper") as we know it today began in the Spanish colony of Puebla in the 16th century, where a Chinese silk paper (papel de China) was was used for ...

  12. Paper Cuts: Why They Hurt, Treatment, and More

    Since the nerves are located in the epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, a microscopic paper cut slices the nerve endings. As a result, you feel extreme pain. Usually, the cut is ...

  13. A Look Into The History Of Chinese Paper Cutting

    Its Meaning. In the past, paper-cut designs were largely influenced by agriculture. The Chinese have long created paper-cuts to depict beautiful things, worship, and express good wishes. Most of the traditional cuttings have a meaning behind them. A lotus with fish stands for the continuation of wealth in the next year and a pomegranate ...

  14. What does paper cut mean?

    Definition of paper cut in the dictionary. Meaning of paper cut. Information and translations of paper cut in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  15. The Meaning Behind The Song: Papercut by Linkin Park

    As a long-time fan of Linkin Park, "Papercut" has always resonated with me on a personal level. The lyrics delve into the struggles of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by the pressures and expectations of society. The metaphor of being cut by paper represents the small, seemingly insignificant issues that can accumulate and weigh heavily on ...

  16. Paper cutter Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of PAPER CUTTER is paper knife. Recent Examples on the Web Fabricating the device requires simple tools such as a paper cutter and a painting knife. — IEEE Spectrum, 4 Feb. 2011 Allison Williams performance, a murderous dance routine involving a paper cutter, and an Alessandro Michele-era Gucci wardrobe. — The Glamour Editors, Glamour, 26 Dec. 2023 An assortment of antique ...

  17. Chinese Paper Cutting, Popular for Its Low Cost and Artistry

    Paper cutting is one of the most popular decorative Chinese handicrafts. It is popular for its low cost and artistry. Rural women often make paper cuttings in their spare time when farming is not busy. As a reflection of its philosophical origins, paper cutting is as comprehensive as it is attractive. Moreover, folk paper cutting conveys the ...

  18. Chinese Paper Cutting

    Meaning Auspicious. Chinese paper cut are good at multiple images together and produce the ideal of a better result. Whether conformation with one or more images both based on the image of the graph to express meaning, rather than based on objective to produce natural form. While it also adept at using traditional Chinese techniques to created ...

  19. What Is Chinese Paper Cutting?-10 Types Of Jianzhi

    Torn paper cutting is a new type of paper cutting derived from traditional folk paper cutting. It involves tearing and shaping paper in a freehand manner. This technique results in a rustic and bold style, creating a natural and spontaneous atmosphere in the artwork. Colored Paper Cutting.

  20. The meaning of papercuts

    Well, I think it is just another conspiracy theory! Because when someone does an emotional papercut - they know exactly what they are doing. They know exactly "that word", "that tone", "that look", "that sigh" (or the absence of all and any combination in just the "exact absent way") to make "it" happen. It being war ...

  21. Chinese paper cutting

    Chinese paper cuttings in a shop. A cut-paper "window flower" during Chinese New Year. The art of paper cutting (Chinese: 剪紙; pinyin: jiǎnzhǐ) in China may date back to the 2nd century CE, when paper was invented by Cai Lun, a court official of the Eastern Han dynasty.. Chinese paper cutting is a treasured traditional Chinese art dating back to when paper was developed.

  22. italki

    What does as a paper cut (idiom) mean ? Someone said: Its not a right choice! Lets face it as a paper cut. May 31, 2010 3:32 PM. 2. 0. Answers · 2. 2. You can also say "a thorn in your side" - a paper cut is very small but hurts a lot! Sometimes a problem can seem very big (hurt a lot) but is actually very small - you have to see what the real ...

  23. Physicists determined the paper most likely to give you a paper cut

    The most dangerous type of paper is 65 millionths of a metre thick - at least when it comes to paper cuts. "I got many paper cuts and frankly they were starting to annoy me," says Kaare ...

  24. Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV is available. Why are so many at-risk

    Findings from a four-year study of a U.S. national cohort of 6,059 sexual and gender minority individuals who have sex with men. New York, NY | June 26, 2024 - In a far-reaching effort to understand the factors contributing to HIV transmission among sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals and improve HIV prevention strategies, a team of scientists at the CUNY Graduate School of Public ...