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55 creative marketing ideas for your product or business

55 creative marketing ideas for your product or business

  • 23 Nov 2022

In 2022, creating a clever ad is only half the battle. 

The real war is won when you find a way to rise above the thousands of other ads your customers see every single day. That path is paved with pure, unfettered creativity and lucky for you, we’ve got innovative and unique marketing ideas aplenty.

Get creative with a clever guerilla marketing campaign or use video to quintuple Facebook engagement in an instant. Take your pick of the bunch or use them all. Just remember to give us a nod in your Most Creative Marketer Award acceptance speech. 

Need a video for your next marketing campaign? Make a professional-quality video in minutes with Biteable’s online video maker . Start your free trial today.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Innovative social media marketing ideas

Social media marketing is an easy way to get the best bang for your marketing budget buck. But with more content floating around the interwebs than we know what to do with, you have to get creative to stop the scroll. Try one of these ideas on for your  marketing strategy :

1. Create a referral program

Referral programs  turn your customers into marketers. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by adding incentives for talkative fans. Be it a discount, a free trial, or a free bonus gift with purchase — if the incentive is good enough, you’ll get people talking.

2. Connect with influencers

Influencer marketing is big business. But there’s no need to aim for the Kylie Jenners of the world. You’ll find thousands of micro-influencers with valuable followings (and without the million-dollar price tag.)

Connect to the influencers  who have an established relationship with your target audience, then offer to send them your products or aim for a more formal marketing partnership. If you don’t have time to slog through the social media ranks, plenty of influencer agencies can help.

Whatever you do, choose influencers that match the values and vibe of your brand.

3. Hold a contest or giveaway

Free! Things! People love them. Generate engagement with some must-have prizes. Give away your own product or offer something your target audience will thirst after.

But remember, a giveaway only works if you ask for something in return. As a requirement for entry, ask people to follow your brand (if they haven’t already), mention your handle, or tag a friend. Then sit back and watch your audience grow.

4. Partner with another brand or account

There is strength in numbers. Band together with a brand or account that complements your own but isn’t your direct competition. Launch a collaboration project, join forces for a good cause, or just feature each other on your socials with a sponsored post. If you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours.

advertisement project ideas

5. Use video

Branch out from your standard static Instagram images and give video a try. Video is not only more engaging and better at getting your message across, but you get more time and space to be creative.

If the thought of creating video content feels intimidating, try one of  Biteable’s brandable, ready-to-edit video templates  and see for yourself how simple it can be.

6. Feature customer testimonials

At the end of the day, the opinion that matters most comes from people who already buy your product or use your service.  Distill your customer feedback  to find loyal advocates for your product, and give their voice a platform with a customer testimonial video or graphic. Bonus points if you can manifest first-person footage of the customers themselves.

7. Jump on trends and holidays

When the internet hands you lemons, make lemonade. Keep an eye on current memes and trends, and jump on the ones that work for your brand. Do the same for holidays and events. As a starting point, the  Biteable Marketing Calendar  offers timely content for every day of the year.

Facebook marketing ideas

Facebook is home to some of the most powerful advertising and targeting tools in the marketing game, not to mention its billions of users. Make the most of Facebook with one of these ideas.

8. Go live on Facebook

The liveness of Lives is sometimes daunting, but you can’t deny the stats: Facebook Live consistently receives  more engagement than almost any other content on Facebook . Get creative with the format and build a better relationship with your followers at the same time. Tell your audience about a new product, give them a behind-the-scenes scoop, or just answer their questions. Humanize your brand with a real, friendly face.

9. Get an assist from Messenger chatbots

The 21st century might not have flying cars, but we do have Messenger chatbots. And these helpful little bots do more than just answer common questions; they are also a powerful tool for creative marketing.

Consider the Messenger bot your new marketing assistant. Turn your chatbot into a personal shopper with customized product suggestions, or use it to give your Facebook followers helpful information related to your service.

advertisement project ideas

10. Share meaningful content with an infographic video

This one isn’t so much a creative idea as it is a chance to get creative. Facebook’s current algorithm loves meaningful content that users are inclined to interact with. Playful memes have their place, but make sure some of your posts have more meat on their bones.

Infographic videos are a great way to deliver on this while still keeping that fun, social media vibe.

Instagram marketing ideas

Establish your marketing dominance with these creative ideas ideal for Instagram.

11. Organize an influencer takeover

Influencers run Instagram. With their built-in loyal audiences, a well-placed influencer takeover is hard to beat. That person’s followers will jump over to your page to see what their favorite influencer is up to, and many will end up sticking around. If an influencer is a good match for your business, a takeover can nab you a whole lot of positive brand awareness.

12. Get interactive with Stories

Instagram Stories knows how to deliver on engagement — especially when polls and questions are involved. Get creative and interactive with a Story your followers can participate in.

Create a custom interactive Story with Biteable’s customizable Stories template. You’ll reap the benefits of far greater engagement.

13. Interact with your followers live

Just like Facebook live, Instagram Live is a powerful platform for answering questions and building relationships. Instagram sends your followers a notification when you’re live, so they’re more inclined to stop by.

The great thing about Lives is not only do they not have to be formal, they shouldn’t be. Keep things casual and fun, and don’t worry about a high-end production — just aim your phone and start talking.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse like this goes a long way toward building a relatable, approachable vibe for your brand.

YouTube marketing

Don’t underestimate the marketing powers of YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the  second most popular website in the world . Reach the people where they are with these creative YouTube marketing ideas.

14. Launch a funny explainer video

Sometimes, even an ad goes viral…if it’s clever enough, like this laugh-out-loud example from Dollar Shave Club that has over 27-million views.

Create a funny or clever explainer video all about who your brand is and what you do. Launch it on YouTube, and perhaps the algorithm will help you get the viral party started.

15. Teach people something useful

YouTube is the place to learn how to change a tire or peel a banana the right way. In the land of tutorials, share your expertise. Viewers will appreciate the content, and you’ll stand out as an authority in your field. When these same viewers go shopping, your brand will already have their trust.

16. Create a channel trailer all about you

Your videos have done their job and piqued someone’s interest enough to click on your channel. When they get there, have a quick and snazzy channel trailer waiting as a welcome. It’ll sum up who you are, what you’re offering, and why they should stick around. Think of it as a hook that lets you introduce your brand and persuade new viewers to subscribe in one fell swoop.

Twitter marketing ideas

Just because you’re limited to 280 characters doesn’t mean your creativity needs to be limited as well. Try one of these Twitter Marketing ideas on for size.

17. Host an industry round table

Character limits and Twitter threads make industry round tables thrive on Twitter. The bite-sized bits of content and open discussion forum results in a round table that invites anyone to participate.

Make new industry connections and get your brand’s name out there alongside other forward thinkers and innovators.

Advertise your industry round table with an engaging Twitter video like this one:

18. Create a Twitter Moment

Make your brand the center of the story with your own Twitter Moment. Include testimonial tweets from your followers or link to articles about your product for an extra bit of added persuasive power.

If you’re hosting an event, consider creating a Twitter Moment to showcase what’s happening live and all in one place.

19. Buy a branded hashtag emoji

This idea isn’t for everyone, and it’s not cheap, but it is effective. If you’re launching something big and want to get people talking, a  branded emoji  that pops up at the end of your chosen hashtag is a surefire way to do it.

advertisement project ideas

20. Try out Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets are the Instagram Stories of Twitter. Fleets are still a relatively new addition to the platform, so the competition for attention isn’t as steep. Be an early adopter and pave the way for creative ideas to fleet your tweets.

TikTok marketing ideas

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social apps of the moment. According to the  latest video marketing statistics , more than 1 billion TikTok videos are watched every day. Grab a piece of that cake with an idea — or four — made for TikTok.

21. Start a challenge

TikTok loves a good challenge. If you’ve got the budget, you can create an official challenge with TikTok Advertising. But anyone can start a TikTok challenge with a good idea and a can-do attitude. Create your TikTok, pick a hashtag, and put out a call to action for your followers to pick up the trend.

22. Jump aboard TikTok ads while it’s new

The ability to advertise on TikTok is a fairly new one, which means the platform isn’t  yet  flooded with ads. Fewer ads = less ad fatigue = less of a chance TikTok users tap “skip ad” with mere muscle memory.

Lead the way and prove you’re a brand on the ball with a TikTok ad campaign.

23. Turn your social media manager into a TikTok sensation

There’s no rule book for how to succeed on TikTok. If your content is worthy, there’s a good chance the TikTok algorithm will put it in front of the right people (read: people who will engage with it.) Throw your hat in the ring and turn your social media manager or nominated office Gen Z/Millennial into a TikTok sensation. Like Haily,  Biteable’s social media wonderkid .

24. Share your best life hacks

The people of TikTok love nothing more than a good life hack. Does your product do something that makes life just a little easier? Do you have industry insider scoops people are dying to know? Share them in a TikTok.

Content marketing ideas for creative minds

Making incredible content is one thing; getting in front of the right eyes is another. Use these creative ideas to refresh your  content marketing efforts .

25. Guest posts and guest blogging

Partner up with other experts or interesting perspectives and invite them to write a guest post for your blog. They’ll likely share it, and their followers might just become new fans of your content. Plus, if the guest blogger has their own website, you’ll share a good old-fashioned link swap and a dose of SEO juice.

On the flip side, reach out to other brands and blogs to see if they’re open to a guest blog spot for your brand, too.

26. Promote content with a listicle video

Turn your post’s content into a listicle video for easy social sharing, and then plop it at the top of your blog page. Search engines rank pages with video embedded near the top higher than those without, so you’ll feed two birds with one delightfully engaging scone.

For example, if your article is all about how to keep those spines in tip-top shape working from home, you might turn it into a video like this one:

27. Share your expertise

Create content that gives people a reason to read it. Share your knowledge and expertise, and trust that you’ll be rewarded with clicks and engagement. You’ll establish yourself as a trusted knowledge source. This carries a lot of weight when it comes time for buyers to make purchasing decisions.

28. Create a content calendar (and include your content)

Help other people in your position by putting together a shareable content marketing calendar. Include suggestions for content ideas, events and holidays, relevant hashtags, and even graphics, images, or videos other brands can use.

Promo marketing ideas that innovate

Leave boring ads in the past with these fresh takes on innovative promo marketing ideas.

29. Create creative ad creative

Get creative with your ad visuals. Instead of static images, try gifs or video — video scores almost  500% more clicks  than static images! Appeal to viewers’ emotions by including people’s faces and creating ads that tell a story.

30. Launch big

Whether you’re launching your brand or just your newest product, launch it big. Turn it into an event that people can’t help hearing about. Make a launch video, start a countdown, hype up your own wonderful self.

31. Give exclusive discounts and offers to your followers

Who doesn’t love being part of something exclusive? Offer discounts and exclusives to social media platforms, existing customers, or even people shopping in-store.

32. Do a countdown

Build hype for an announcement or new product with a countdown. By drawing out the hype, you increase the chances of people noticing. Plus, a little intrigue never hurt anyone.

Contest marketing ideas

There’s nothing more persuasive than a prize. Encourage engagement and increase brand awareness with one of these contest marketing ideas.

33. Host a product giveaway

Your product is a prize in itself, but make it an actual prize with a giveaway. A giveaway might encourage new customers to finally engage with your brand. And if they win, how could they stop themselves from coming back for more?

34. Offer your expertise or services as the prize

Similar to giving away your product, make your expertise the prize. For example, if you are a life coach, offer a free session as the grand prize for your contest or giveaway. It doesn’t cost you anything except your time, and in return, you get a whole lot of brand awareness and engagement.

35. Collab with another brand for a bigger, better giveaway

Team up with another brand to make a giveaway worth people’s time. You’ll get the social promo from the other brand, as well as a doubly valuable prize sure to gain even more attention.

36. Feature user-generated content

For many people, a few minutes in the spotlight is better than any tangible prize. Create a hashtag for your customers to use, then feature the best user-generated images and video in your marketing. You’ll get increased engagement plus fresh marketing content. Sweet!

Kodak’s entire Instagram feed is made up of user-generated content. Followers use the hashtag #MadeWithKodak to share their shots in the hopes of being featured on the page.

advertisement project ideas

37. Keep people coming back with a weekly or monthly giveaway

Show off your product or service with a creative weekly or monthly giveaway. The more often you run your giveaway, the more people will know about it. These giveaways work best with a limited number of prizes, so people have to be quick to nab one.

Last year Biteable experimented with giving away free promo videos for #FreebieFriday. To be eligible, businesses had to retweet our original tweet. In return, they receive a sparkly new personalized promo video for their business — made entirely with  Biteable .

advertisement project ideas

Unique ideas for event marketing

Turn your marketing efforts into a literal event, either in-person or online. Hype up your product and keep people entertained while you’re at it.

38. Market the event with a video invite

Get all your event info across and do it in style with a video invitation. Bonus: your invite doubles as a promo video. Just to make sure everyone knows this is an event that can’t be missed.

39. Hold an online workshop people can learn from

Break down the barriers of in-person events with an online workshop or class. Teach people how to do something related to what you market or sell. If you’re a beauty store, online makeup classes. If you’re a homeware store, a virtual cooking class.

40. Host a trivia night (online or in-person)

People have to put all their otherwise useless facts somewhere. Give them an outlet with an online or in-person trivia night. If you don’t have space for an in-person event, run your trivia virtually and go all out with your social media promo.

41. Offer live tutorials for your product

Show potential customers what your product can do while they’re standing right next to your cash registers. Let customers know online and in-store when you plan to showcase your best products, then let the product do the wowing.

42. Put together a fundraising event for a good cause

Customers respond to brands with heart. Organize a fundraising event for a charity or cause that aligns with your brand’s values, then get your customers involved in the action. Who doesn’t love attending a fun event while doing some real good at the same time?

Guerilla marketing ideas

Guerilla marketing is all about taking the unconventional route to grab people’s attention. If there’s shock and awe involved, it’s probably guerilla marketing. It might just be the crème de la crème of creative marketing.

43. Street art

It’s the classic guerilla marketing campaign you know and love: street art. We’re not telling you to graffiti the side of a building, that’s probably not legal. Instead, get creative with the concept of marketing on the street. Create art that people notice, in places they’ll notice it, and make it creative enough to get them talking.

Like this classic from McDonald’s:

advertisement project ideas

44. Project your brand with a literal projector

Also of questionable legality, a popular guerilla marketing idea is to project an ad onto buildings in busy areas. Where you’re aiming your projector is often part of the statement itself. Check your local laws before pointing projectors at any buildings you don’t own.

Scotland’s Irn-Bru celebrated 30 years of their product by “holding up” the Forth Rail Bridge.

advertisement project ideas

45. Aim for a viral video

We say “aim” because if we knew the secret to creating a guaranteed viral video, we’d be billionaires. However, we can say with 100% accuracy that the first step to creating a viral video is giving it a good old-fashioned try.

Some brands subtly place their products in otherwise seemingly unbranded viral videos, whereas others make it no secret that their video is an ad, and it’s a freaking good one.

To date, blender company Blendtec has garnered almost 300 million views on their YouTube channel, Will It Blend? Where they test their product against seemingly unblendable things like an iPad or a crowbar.

46. Turn up where you’re least expected

There’s no better way to stand out than to put yourself where you don’t belong. Show up where people won’t expect to see you. Subvert your audience’s expectations and you might be surprised how many people notice that one of these things is not like the others.

How about swiping right on Deadpool’s Tinder?

advertisement project ideas

Or stopping by the cinema for Marvel’s newest romantic comedy… Deadpool?

advertisement project ideas

47. Make billboards so good people share them on social media

At first glance, a billboard seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill way to advertise. Until you get creative, that is.

This billboard for BBC’s Dracula was so clever it went viral on social media. Instead of only marketing to those who pass by the billboard, it made the rounds worldwide.

48. Use your most recognizable feature to make a statement

If you’re known for something, use it. In guerilla marketing, it’s often the fewer words, the better. If you can get across who you are and what you’re selling with just one symbol or image, you’ve got your marketing campaign made.

The IT movie marketing team tied single red balloons to sewer grates around different US cities to get people talking about their movie. It’s hard to pass up sharing something like that to your socials, so plenty of images started popping up online.

advertisement project ideas

B2B marketing ideas

Business-to-business marketing can feel like a whole other ball game. Since the companies you target already know the tricks of the marketing trade, it all comes down to creativity.

49. Lead with thought leadership

Be a leader in the industry and a leader in your thoughts about the industry. Inspire others with your innovative ideas and informed, educated opinions. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other brands and the people behind them. But regardless of the platform, find out where the people in your industry gather and meet them there.

50. Answer FAQs before they ask them

You’re not a mind-reader, but you know your target audience like the back of your hand. Prove you know what you’re talking about by staying one step ahead. Answer the questions you know your customers or clients might ask before they even have to ask them. Create an FAQ video and post it to your socials and website.

You’re an open book. You’re an approachable brand. Give anyone with questions the space to ask them with a scheduled “Ask Me Anything.” AMAs are common on Reddit but work on any social platform. You can even reply via video to add a more personal touch.

52. Market to your existing customers and earn more of their business

Once you’ve set your sights on expanding your customer base, it is easy to forget about the importance of marketing to the customers you already have. Compete for their ongoing loyalty and possibly even more of their business by reminding existing customers why you’re the best in the biz.

53. Be a LinkedIn rockstar

LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B marketing. Make connections and network until your heart’s content, then wow followers with valuable content. Explain, sell, promo, or entertain with a personalized video. Create it in minutes with a ready-to-edit LinkedIn video template.

54. Reach out with personalized video

Humanize your brand with a personalized touch. Reach out to new connections or thank brands for their business with a personalized video.

It’s not a lot of extra effort, and the person on the other end of the video will remember the thoughtfulness for a long time to come.

55. Hold a networking event

Help other businesses and professionals connect by hosting a networking event. You’ll not only gain a few new connections yourself, but attendees will have a new reason to remember your company.

Get creative with Biteable

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Choose from over 24 million stock images, video clips, and unique animations. Easily upload your own footage or record new footage from within the app. Add a voice over, include onscreen text and a soundtrack, and so much more.

Start your free trial to see what the buzz is all about.

Make stunning videos with ease.

Take the struggle out of team communication.

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8 marketing campaign ideas that customers will engage with

Written by by Brent Barnhart

Published on  February 3, 2022

Reading time  10 minutes

Trouble coming up with marketing campaign ideas?

Hey, we hear you.

Growing your business and keeping revenue rolling in means consistently crafting posts and promotions.

But motivation can be hard to come by. This is especially true if your recent marketing push fell flat or your engagement rate is low.

The reality? Too many businesses are caught in a trap of ad-hoc marketing. That is, random promotions with no end-goal, strategy, or definition of “success.”

If you’re stuck or have no idea what to promote and publish next, we can help.

This guide breaks down how to put together meaningful marketing campaigns and plenty of examples to help you come up with fresh ideas.

What is a marketing campaign, exactly?

Let’s start by breaking down the basics.

The concept of a “campaign” is a staple of marketing itself but perhaps it doesn’t get talked about enough.

A marketing campaign is a promotional push or initiative carried out by a brand, typically tied to a big-picture business goal. Campaigns involve promoting content and creatives (think: ads, videos, photos, blog posts, copywriting) across various marketing channels (think: social media, email). 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common goals that drive companies to come up with campaigns:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Drive sales and revenue
  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Reduce customer churn

When we think of classic marketing campaign examples (like “ Got Milk? ” or Nike’s “ Just Do It “), we typically imagine TV spots, billboards and old-school print ads in magazines.

Now, fast forward to the present day. Campaigns are no longer reserved for corporate giants and ad departments. Given the wealth of digital tools and low-cost marketing channels like social media and email, businesses of all shapes and sizes can bring their marketing campaign ideas to life.

Note that a campaign is the sum of its parts. For example, a discount or sale is not a campaign , but a sale can be part of a revenue campaign . Similarly, posts and hashtags are not campaigns alone but can be part of a social media campaign . See how that works?

The common threads of “successful” marketing campaigns

Businesses today have a ton of creative freedom when it comes to promotions.

That said, there are three boxes to tick regardless of your business or ideas. Ideally, your marketing campaigns should be:

  • Time-sensitive. Campaigns don’t last forever! Conventional wisdom says it can take between two to three months to plan a serious campaign. The duration of your campaigns depends on the type of promotions you’re running. For example, a Black Friday campaign is short-term while a hashtag campaign is longer-term).
  • Measurable. Measuring your campaign performance data clues you in on whether or not your campaign was a hit based on your goals. If you don’t analyze your campaign based on relevant metrics, you’re winging it.
  • Unique . This is the big one. Marketing campaign ideas should be original and based on what your target audience wants. You obviously shouldn’t rehash campaigns you’ve run in the past or copycat other businesses.

What are the must-dos for modern marketing campaigns?

Arguably the biggest benefit of running a campaign versus ad-hoc marketing is that you’re focused . By tying your posts and promos back to specific goals, objectives and outcomes, you prevent yourself from freestyling.

That said, the planning phase of any given campaign is make-or-break.

Before you worry about coming up with any creatives, make sure you understand the tasks required to execute your marketing campaign ideas.

Establish relevant business goals

Simply put, what do you hope to achieve and how?

It’s no secret that goal-setting matters. Setting goals and tying them to specific objectives means you understand the smaller tasks that contribute to the big picture.

Example: We will raise brand awareness on Instagram by increasing our engagement rate by [x]% by [y end date] by running an Instagram influencer campaign

Chances are you’ve heard of the SMART framework for goal-setting. If not, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • S pecific: Your goals should be clear, simple and defined.
  • M easurable: This is where analytics come in. You want a goal that has one or more metrics.
  • A chievable: Is it achievable or is it not possible within your resources?
  • R ealistic: With your current resources of time and money, is it possible to achieve your goals?
  • T ime-sensitive: Every goal needs a time frame, whether it’s one year or several months.

If you can define and answer the questions above, you’re on the right track.

Choose your priority marketing channels

There is no “right” answer in terms of where you promote your marketing campaigns.

Multi-channel marketing is both popular and proven for the sake of maximizing engagement. For example, publishing promotions to both social followers and email subscribers simultaneously makes your campaigns harder to miss.

That said, spreading your ideas across multiple channels requires a greater commitment of time and resources. Not to mention the rising cost of paid social media advertising .

If this is your first planned campaign, start with these two questions.

  • Where do you have an existing marketing presence and customer engagement?
  • Where can you realistically advertise based on your budget?

Note that some marketing channels lend themselves to easy cross-promotion (think: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). This might make your choice easier, but when in doubt think “less is more.”

Pick the metrics and KPIs to measure your campaign

Again, successful marketing campaigns are driven by data.

Some of the most common metrics used to measure performance include:

  • Sales and revenue figures
  • Event attendance
  • “Likes” and clicks
  • Impressions

There are a variety of social media metrics that are relevant to some campaigns but not others. For example, an ad campaign that netted you 10,000 new Facebook followers but $20 in sales isn’t much to be thrilled about.

Below is an example of analytics using Sprout Social’s reporting suite. Here you can see impressions, engagements and message link clicks over time. Based on this, you can better understand which pieces of your social campaign moved the needle.

Metrics tracked in Sprout Social can determine if your marketing campaign ideas actually succeeded.

Figure out your necessary resources and deliverables

In short, what do you need to make your marketing campaign ideas a reality? Consider key duties and deliverables for a campaign such as:

  • Graphics, logos and ad designs
  • Copywriting for ads, emails and landing pages
  • Keyword research
  • Social media posts
  • Product photos and videos

The more you anticipate in terms of your needs, the fewer roadblocks you’ll hit as you roll out your campaign.

Assemble your campaign collaborators

Sure, resources you may already have on hand or can create yourself.

But you’re likely going to need to outsource some of the legwork to outside collaborators, such as:

  • Email, social media and SEO experts
  • Graphic designers
  • Copywriters
  • Web designers

Whether that’s you rely on your teammates, an agency or freelancers ultimately depends on your timeline and budget. Either way, connect with these collaborators ASAP so you can align your schedules and get moving.

Set reasonable deadlines and milestones

Based on all of the factors above, you can create an actual roadmap for your campaign. This includes deadlines, deliverables and the “who’s who” of your marketing push.

Campaign timing can be a bit of a balancing act. The more time you give yourself and collaborators to prepare and plan, the better.

But on the flip side, you also don’t want to drag your feet. Communicating with teammates and collaborators to understand their own schedules and workloads is key to knowing what you can and can’t do.

This is where a project management tool like Asana (see below) comes in handy. Here you can see all the moving pieces of your campaigns in one place, including roles, deadlines and approvals.

Use Asana for marketing campaign organization and tracking across teams.

If you need help planning or deciding on a timeline, check out our social media campaign template that can help!

8 marketing campaign ideas you can roll out yourself

Alright, enough planning: let’s talk ideas!

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be an advertising wizard to come up with marketing campaigns. There are more campaign ideas than we could possibly cover in this post.

Although this is good news, it might also serve as analysis paralysis if you’re not sure where to start.

That’s why we’ve decided to keep it simple. Below are eight engaging campaign ideas that businesses can adapt with a bit of creativity.

1. Keep customers informed with an educational campaign

Educational campaigns are a solid starting point to help drive sales and raise awareness with new and existing customers alike.

Creating resources such as instructional videos, blog posts and product demos allows you to educate and sell to your audience at the same time. These same resources are fair game across social posts, email, your website and even channels like YouTube.

For example, Ruroc recently paired a how-to video campaign with the launch of their Atlas 3.0. With a series of how-to videos and social posts, customers could see the product in action and likewise understand its key features and benefits.

Ruroc uses YouTube to create customer education marketing campaign.

2. Build a referral program from scratch

A long-term marketing campaign that’s ideal for ecommerce brands is creating a referral program. It’s a brilliant way to promote ongoing sales through your satisfied customers.

Offering discounts, trials and free bonuses to existing customers provide a much-needed incentive for them to refer new customers to you.

For bigger merchants, you can take this a step further with a full-blown brand advocacy program that encourages ongoing promotion of your products from dedicated customers.

Pura Vida's ambassador marketing campaign "How it Works" bannner.

3. Connect with influencers to raise brand awareness

Although influencer marketing is all the rage right now, some brands are still hesitant to get on board.

But with the rise of microinfluencers and influencer discovery platforms, getting connected to someone that’s in your budget and relevant to your audience is easier than ever.

From one-off campaigns to working with influencers at scale, these relationships are ideal for introducing your brand to new audiences.

4. Create buzz with a contest or giveaway

Giveaways and contests are among the most popular marketing campaign ideas on social media.

The upside of running contests or giveaways is that they have a built-in deadline or schedule. When brands push contests, that’s usually what they’re laser-focused on until the end date.

However, simply giving away a product on its own isn’t particularly engaging.

Well-crafted contests explicitly ask for engagements, including:

  • @mentions and @tags
  • Promoting a #hashtag
  • Creating content
Daydreaming about somewhere magical? 🌴 Design your perfect holiday in this week's #CanvaDesignChallenge 🌅 Find out more here: https://t.co/eeL8lSEenr pic.twitter.com/wjKUteDAC7 — Canva (@canva) December 1, 2021

Ideal for sign-ups and brand awareness versus sales, they  can give you high returns when you consider what they cost. Just make sure you follow the legalese when it comes to entries and prizes.

5. Engage customers with a user-generated content campaign

User-generated content campaigns are a brilliant way to encourage customers to promote you organically.

Whether through a time-sensitive or ongoing customer #hashtag, you’d be surprised how many people are willing to share their photos and purchases if you just ask .

Stick Fix uses UGC marketing campaign on their Instagram profile.

6. Entice shoppers with holiday campaigns

Reality check: not all marketing ideas need to reinvent the wheel.

Take holiday campaigns, for example. Time-sensitive, color-coordinated campaigns centered around Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas have been around  forever . They’re even more popular in the era of ecommerce via email and social media.

Casper uses holiday campaigns around Black Friday hit revenue goals.

7. Hype up your next product launch

If you’re dropping a new product or service , building anticipation with a marketing campaign is a must-do.

Some low-hanging ideas to support your push and drive sales include:

  • Producing a high-quality launch video (see below)
  • Promoting pre-orders via email and social media
  • Putting a countdown timer on your website to build hype

8. Customer success campaign

Don’t overlook the value of your satisfied customers when it comes to your campaigns.

Customer success campaigns encourage you to reach out to buyers and leverage your relationships to create marketing materials for the future. Tasks involved in a successful campaign include:

  • Asking for and curating customer reviews
  • Promoting positive customer feedback through social media or email
  • Gathering case studies and testimonials from existing customers to win over new ones

3 bonus marketing campaign examples to get inspired

Feeling motivated now?

But to wrap things up here, let’s look at some recent examples of effective marketing campaign ideas put into action.

#SpotifyWrapped (UGC/hashtag campaign)

Spotify’s #SpotifyWrapped has taken social media by storm over the past few years, representing one of the best marketing campaigns  in recent memory.

Another year of @BTS_twt melting our hearts 🥺💜 #SpotifyWrapped https://t.co/Gkp5863MLS pic.twitter.com/6LpDHGa9P0 — Spotify (@Spotify) December 1, 2021

A hybrid UGC and hashtag campaign, Spotify encourages users to share their most-listened-to artists and tracks every December. This personalized data packaged in a stylish, share-friendly format has resulted in millions of social shares and engagements.

Fill in the #SpotifyWrapped blank: "I was in the top 0.5% of listeners for ______" — Spotify (@Spotify) December 1, 2021

This again highlights the fact that people are eager to share content when prompted. Whenever you can let your customers do the legwork of marketing for you, go for it.

Headspace (paid Facebook ad campaign)

Facebook has no shortage of advertising success stories from brands running paid ads.

This simple but effective example comes from Headspace with its colorful video ad campaign.

The animation ad below managed to not only capture the brand’s voice but also serve as a sort of taste of their product via soothing text and audio.

The end result was an impressive list in awareness, recall and interactions. Headspace’s campaign highlights that campaigns don’t have to be ground-breaking or complicated to be effective. This speaks to the value of both knowing your target audience and harnessing your creativity.

Gymshark (Black Friday and product launch campaign)

Infamous for rarely running sales, Gymshark’s 2018 Black Friday campaign reached a staggering 16+ million people on Instagram and boasted a 6.6:1 return rate on their ad spend.

Gymshark Blackout ad for Black Friday caused a buzz in 2018.

Wild, right? The brand leveraged the buzz by building anticipation for the event and dropping a fresh fit alongside it.

This signals the importance of both branding and planning. Creating buzz around your campaigns is crucial, as is delivering campaigns like this that feel one-of-a-kind.

What does your next marketing campaign look like?

No matter what you’re selling, you need to brainstorm new marketing campaign ideas on a regular basis.

Hopefully this guide inspired you to do exactly that!

But beyond ideas, you also need to understand best practices for executing your campaigns.

If you haven’t already, check out The Sprout Social Index™  to see the latest trends, insights and data you need to take your campaigns to the next level.

[Toolkit] Communications Toolkit to Safeguard Your Brand

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Tired of reading long PDFs? Are you a quick action taker? Use the tool below to audit your website and start fixing it within the next 5 mins.

advertisement project ideas

42 Best Creative Advertising Ideas to Get Inspiration


  • 1.1 Greenpeace Canada- Don’t Suck Life From the Ocean
  • 1.2 World Wildlife Fund (WWF)- Sharks
  • 1.3 LEGO – Build the Future
  • 1.4 The Economist- Light Bulb
  • 1.5 FedEx- China- Australia
  • 1.6 Animal Protection Denmark- Industrial Chickens Don’t Get Fresh Air
  • 1.7 Women’s Aid- Look at Me
  • 1.8 Coca-Cola- Try Not to Hear This
  • 1.9 Apple- Shot On 
  • 1.10 Starbucks- Selfie  
  • 1.11 Heinz Ketchup- Slices
  • 1.12 Pringles- Rice Bowls
  • 1.13 KFC- 100% Real Chicken
  • 1.14 Kit Kat- Break the Speed
  • 1.15 Frontline- Get Them off Your Dog
  • 1.16 Pedigree- Book
  • 1.17 Prestige Strong Handles Billboard
  • 1.18 Heinz Ketchup- Hotdogs 
  • 1.19 Thai Life Insurance
  • 1.20 Vodafone Internet Advertisement
  • 1.21 Funny Pepsi Ad in 2018
  • 1.22 Creative Billboard That Mimics Nature- Nestle 
  • 1.23 Clean Pores- Clean Billboard of Pond’s
  • 1.24 Mars Truck Size Chocolate
  • 1.25 MacDonald’s Light Logo Billboard
  • 1.26 Adidas Creative Pop up Store
  • 1.27 Chupa Chups- It’s Sugar Free
  • 1.28 Orion Telescope
  • 1.29 Colgate Dental Floss 
  • 1.30 Nivea Night Cream 
  • 1.31 Stronger Marriage
  • 1.32 Liking Isn’t Helping- Be a Volunteer
  • 1.33 Veet- No Hair Is Better
  • 1.34 Spotify- Listen Like You Used To
  • 1.35 Cadbury- Donate Your Words
  • 1.36  QR Code Campaign for the Olympics
  • 1.37 Give a Hand to WildLife
  • 1.38 Nike- Just Do It
  • 1.39 Google- Year in Search (2020)
  • 1.40 Metro Trains- Dumb Ways to Die (2012)
  • 1.41  Always-  #LikeaGirl (2015)
  • 1.42 Honda Accord Ad
  • 2 Conclusion

Wow, just think about this – according to the Business Research Company, the global digital advertising market is set to expand from $178.29 billion in 2022. That’s a whole lot of ads!

Now, imagine you’re a marketer – how on earth do you prevent your own ads from becoming a tiny fish in this vast ocean? The answer is as old as time itself – creativity.

That’s why in this blog, we’re going on a thrilling journey into the world of truly inventive adzap ideas. These creative advertising ideas are like a breath of fresh air; they’re not just smart, they’re also simple and darn effective.

We’re talking everything from catchy digital billboards to irresistible social media ads. And who knows? These creative advertising gems might just spark that lightbulb moment for your next campaign!

What Is Creative Advertising?

Creative advertising isn’t just about selling a product or service; it’s about telling a story in an innovative way that truly captivates your audience.

It’s the art of using design, storytelling, and strategy to present advertisement ideas in ways that spark interest and engage viewers.

Think about it like this: traditional ads are like a plain slice of bread – they do the job, but they’re not exciting. Creative advertising, on the other hand, is like a gourmet sandwich – it’s flavorful, unique, and leaves a lasting impression. It’s the secret sauce that can set your brand apart in a crowded market.

So, how do you come up with these creative advertising ideas? And what are some adzap ideas that can help your campaigns stand out? From rethinking your design approach to finding a fresh angle for your story, there are endless ways to inject creativity into your advertisements.

Read More: Marketing Psychology That Influence Customers Behavior

Greenpeace Canada- Don’t Suck Life From the Ocean

Spreading awareness campaigns are always creative. Take a look at this picture. This is showing a very impressive concept that is how we humans are destroying marine life by using plastic products like plastic bags, straws, etc in excessive quantities.

Visually, it’s an Ad that communicates well.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)- Sharks

WWF is trying to communicate in a more creative way about the exploitation of nature and the ecosystem that affects human life.

Humans are afraid of wild animals, be it on land or in water. It is a fact and it is okay to have this fear as sometimes it becomes life threatening. 

But what is more threatening is the extinction of these wild animals. And this what this campaign is all about.

LEGO – Build the Future

Here Lego used the concept of “Imagine” for kids. They started this campaign for kids to imagine what they want to be when they grow up and build their future accordingly. 

The Economist- Light Bulb

In september, 2005 The Economist came up with one of the most fantastic billboard advertisement ideas that lit up as you walked past by.

This gives an idea about Having An Idea.

FedEx- China- Australia

With this funny and witty Ad, FedEx wants you to know that they can easily deliver anywhere around the world. 

Animal Protection Denmark- Industrial Chickens Don’t Get Fresh Air

This campaign is from February 2019. The Ad is quite unique as it is using the plastic bag to show that Industrial Chicken Don’t Get Fresh Air. That’s why it’s unhealthy for your consumption.

Women’s Aid- Look at Me

Women’s Aid created an interactive and digital campaign. Those who look at the billboard are given feedback via a live feed placed at the bottom of the image, as a horizontal line.

Coca-Cola- Try Not to Hear This

Coca Cola came up with the brilliant ad idea to make their audience hear the ad without making any sound. Coca Cola made us feel sensory without the actual sensation.

Apple- Shot On 

Apple’s iconic “shot on” campaign, goes to show how amazing photos can be taken with just the iPhone.

Starbucks- Selfie  

Starbucks used it’s logo in a very iconic way, doing a minimalistic campaign. 

It shows that ‘Starbucks isn’t only for coffee, but is also providing a Selfie Spot’’ through its logo.

Heinz Ketchup- Slices

It’s a unique way of Heinz to tell the world that ketchup is made of really amazing, natural, and fresh tomatoes with a very impressive Tagline “HEINZ. GROWN, NOT MADE.”

Pringles- Rice Bowls

Want to be different from your brand? This is the best example from Pringles Japan.

Here they used pringles in a bowl in place of rice, showing that pringles are made up of rice. It is a healthy option. 

So now you can switch to pringles instead of your greasy and stale potato chips.

KFC- 100% Real Chicken

KFC tried this strategy for marketing, comparing itself to other competitors. Through this campaign, KFC wants to say that their chicken is actually pure chicken and not made with edibles components like other brands. 

Kit Kat- Break the Speed

Some pictures do not need much explanation. Through this campaign, Kit Kat simply teaches us to take a break from our busy lives.

Frontline- Get Them off Your Dog

A great example of visual interactiveness.

Here they have installed a picture of a dog scratching, on the floor and the people are playing the role of bugs. 

Pedigree- Book

Pedigree’s campaign shows how children move farther away when they grow up, but pets are always by your side. 

Prestige Strong Handles Billboard

“No more broken handles” – says this creative ads ideas from prestige. 

Heinz Ketchup- Hotdogs 

One of the best commercials you will ever watch. The dogs are shown as Hotdogs and then there are some people dressed as heinz products. 

Show that the food is exciting to get there. 

Thai Life Insurance

This Ad from Thai Life Insurance is quite Influential. It shows the values of the organization through the character of a man.

They used taglines like; “Making the world more beautiful” and “Thai Life Insurance, believe in good”.

Vodafone Internet Advertisement

In this Ad from Vodafone, Zumi Zumi describes the services that Vodafone provides like; sharing pictures, playing songs, showing videos, and playing along.  

Funny Pepsi Ad in 2018

This funny ad from Pepsi uses astronauts to show the desperation for Pepsi, where they were about to blast off to space but because they were so desperate for Pepsi, they missed their trip to space. 

Creative Billboard That Mimics Nature- Nestle 

You can learn from Nestle that you don’t need to stick to that rectangular shaped billboard for Advertisements.

Clean Pores- Clean Billboard of Pond’s

The brand didn’t use the rectangular billboard but creatively improved the billboard to look more attractive. 

The billboard is presented here as a human skin and the man who is cleaning the pore is represented as a POND’S cream, giving a proper description of how their product works on the skin. 

Mars Truck Size Chocolate

Mars made this 3D commercial on trucks to promote its new truck-sized chocolate.

MacDonald’s Light Logo Billboard

This advertising idea from Mcdonald’s is actually amazing. It shows that they’re open at night too. 

Adidas Creative Pop up Store

In Amsterdam, Adidas made a pop-up store that looks like a giant shoebox.

Chupa Chups- It’s Sugar Free

A very creative ad ideas by Chupa Chups to show that their candies are sugar free.

But in reality, they used a dummy lollipop to present such sugar free candy before us, the best creative advertisement idea. 

Orion Telescope

A most stunning advertisement idea by Orion Telescopes, showing its magnifying power.

Colgate Dental Floss 

Colgate, showing how better their product works. Through this campaign they want to tell us how deep their Floss can clean your teeth. 

Nivea Night Cream 

This picture shows Nivea’s night cream in a very subtle way. The best way of creative advertisement.

Stronger Marriage

One of the great advertisement ideas about Marriage counseling. Replace “ME” from “WE”.

Brilliant, isn’t it ?

Liking Isn’t Helping- Be a Volunteer

Is ‘liking’ on Social Media actually helping?  No, you must go and help the ones who are in need. 

Veet- No Hair Is Better

JUST VEET IT!!!! They have used a clean soap to show that if you use this product, you can easily get rid of unwanted hairs. 

Spotify- Listen Like You Used To

SPOTIFY: here you can get any song from any genre of any year. Clearly shown in the Ad, from 1989 to 2019. 

Cadbury- Donate Your Words

Once, Cadbury came up with one of the best advertisement ideas, that is to leave the wrapper of chocolate blank and you can write the words you want to write to your loved ones and gift them.

 QR Code Campaign for the Olympics

One of the most creative ad ideas QR Code campaign was launched by Turkish Airlines for the Olympics.

The company made QR codes out of some national flags and then placed them on a number of bus stops all over the city. 

They added a little thrill by turning their campaign into a scavenger hunt.

Give a Hand to WildLife

The advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi and the body painter Guido Daniele made these creative images for the WWFs  “Give a Hand to WildLife” campaign. 

The philosophy behind this campaign was to support the world’s most endangered species in an entertaining way.

Nike- Just Do It

This is the Mission Statement of Nike (JUST DO IT) where they clearly talk about their mission i.e. to create groundbreaking sports innovation.

This is a fine example of the Mission of a brand and they also elaborate how they are going to achieve the mission by making products more sustainable, by building a creative and diverse global team, by making a positive impact in communities.

Google- Year in Search (2020)

It was the year of pandemic, pain and uncertainty. In such times, people seek understanding and meaning. 

It was the year the world searched for “why” more than ever.

This video from GOOGLE, featured the question we asked this year. 

Metro Trains- Dumb Ways to Die (2012)

This video Ad showing Dumb ways to die, is from Metro Trains, Melbourne.

The Melbourne metro is spreading awareness regarding safety rules when you are at train platforms through a song i.n. Dumb Ways To Die. This is one of the best examples of creative advertisement. 

 Always-  #LikeaGirl (2015)

It’s a video for the #LikeAGirl campaign to make a rightful place in the society for girls. 

The video talks about the confidence crisis that a girl faces. 

Honda Accord Ad

It’s a commercial run by HONDA to showcase their new car HONDA Accord. It’s a video showing Honda’s Domino Effect in a very innovative way.

Ready to turn your advertisement ideas into compelling campaigns? Incrementors can help! We specialize in creative advertising, transforming your concepts into captivating adzap ideas. 

With a dedicated team of experts, we simplify complex strategies, creating unique campaigns that connect with your audience. 

Whether you’re rethinking your current strategy or starting from scratch, Incrementors is here for you. Eager to amplify your brand? 

Book a free 30-minute strategy session with our team. Let’s take your creative advertising ideas from inspiration to implementation. Your journey to advertising success starts here, with Incrementors.

Question 1 What is creative advertising idea?

It is like an idea of advertisement that captures the audience’s interests and influences them to take actions. 

Question 2 What are the 4 types of creative advertising?

There are 4 types of creative advertising; those are;

Display Advertising

Video Advertising.

Mobile Advertising.

Native Advertising.

Question 3 How do I make a good creative advertisement?

You can make a creative advertisement just by sticking through the viewers’ intent and language. Also, you need to address their pain point. 

Question 4 How can we improve creative advertising?

For that, you can get inspiration from the advertisement I have elaborated above and try to apply such creativity in your advertisement too. 

Question 5 How can I write a catchy ad? 

Take these points into consideration for writing a catchy ad; 

A) Add humor to your advertisement

B) Use simple language for a better understanding

C) Use Empathy

D) Include numbers and statistics.

Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don't give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give insanely actionable plan that works. Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin

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20 of the best advertisement examples to inspire your next campaign

  • 12 min read

advertisement examples

There are tons of brands out there, and new ones cropping up every day, with many of them competing for the attention of your audience.

All the hard work you put in when you build a website is a big step in setting your brand apart. But your site can’t do all the work alone. You’ll also need to advertise across the channels that your audience is paying attention to, and position your brand front-and-center there.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together a curated selection of 20 of the most creative, unique, and memorable advertisement examples to inspire your next marketing strategy and campaign.

Get to know the different types of advertisements

Advertising is a paid form of marketing. While it’s natural to associate advertising with the digital banner ads we see everywhere online nowadays, there are so many other types of ads you can follow to get the word out about your brand.

Let’s take a look at the four most popular ones and a few advertisement format examples for each of them:

Print advertising

Today, print ads appear in the form of:

Flyers and brochures

Vehicle wraps and bus signage

Newspaper and magazine ads

Direct mailers

Print advertising is the oldest form of advertising we have, as there’s proof of advertising on wall paintings, papyrus, and amongst ruins from ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. But in terms of modern print advertising that we’re familiar with, it began with the advent of print media in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Unlike other types of advertising that can quickly pass consumers by, print ads have the ability to stick around—especially the forms that people can hold and carry around with them.

Radio advertising

There are three different types of ads that appear on the radio, audio streaming services, and podcasts:

Short commercial breaks

Sponsored content and promotions

Interstitial and banner ads

Traditional radio commercials began to appear over the airwaves in the earlier part of the 20th century . While nowadays it might not be as popular a medium as it once was, it can still be an effective and cost-effective way to introduce a national brand to an audience and keep it top-of-mind with existing customers.

Podcasts, of course, provide a new opportunity to reach listeners. With sponsored content, in particular, brands can reach a highly relevant and engaged audience if they partner with the right show.

Television advertising

The first TV commercial aired in 1941 in the United States and took place in the middle of a baseball game. The main selling point about this type of advertising is that it combines the visual attractiveness of print ads with the captivating sound from radio. So, it’s really the best of both worlds.

Like radio, TV now has a digital counterpart, so there are more ways to advertise on TV than just the traditional mid-show commercial break. Thanks to digital streaming platforms like Hulu, video ads can appear before, during, or after some of the hottest movie and TV releases.

Online advertising

Online advertising is the youngest form of advertising, yet it’s older than you may think. It has origins before the internet was launched—in the form of email back in the 1970s. The first banner ads , however, appeared after the internet went global in the ‘90s.

There are many different ways to advertise online:

Display ads (e.g. text, image, animated, video), SEM (search engine marketing)

Interstitial video ads

Search ads (see our guide on how to advertise on Google )

Social media ads

Mobile app ads

Sponsored content

Affiliate marketing

In fact, online advertising is not too far from the different types of content marketing . The only difference between the two is that the latter is commonly done in self-owned platforms or free advertising sites .

Because of this versatile range of ad types and placements, online advertising has become the most powerful tool in a brand’s arsenal today. However, that doesn’t mean that other kinds of advertising should be forgotten. When all four are combined, it can be a truly potent combination for a brand trying to reach their audience wherever they go.

20 of the best advertisement examples of all time

If you’re looking for creative advertising examples to spark some inspiration as you design your next ad campaign, look no further.

Below, we’re going to look at 20 of the most popular ads across print, radio, TV, and the internet. Even if you don’t see billboard ads or radio spots in your future, there are some really neat lessons about creativity to take away from each of these advertisement examples:

Apple iPod silhouettes

KFC “FCK” apology

IKEA “pee on this”

Spotify embarrassing listening habits

Copenhagen Zoo snake bus

Audible “There’s another way to get away”

Nike “Just Do It.”

Old Spice “The man your man could smell like”

VW & Stephen Hawking

McDonald’s ad outro

Snickers’s “Hungry Betty White”

Herbal Essences “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Dunkin’ Donuts “American runs on Dunkin’”

ASPCA “In the Arms of An Angel”

Oreo’s “Dunk in the dark”

Taco Bell’s “Routine republic”

Motel 6 & Tom Bodette

Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”

“Dumb Ways to Die” PSA

The Dollar Shave Club intro ty

01. Apple iPod silhouettes

In 2003, Apple launched an ad campaign for the iPod. Each ad featured a silhouette figure frozen mid-dance atop a brightly colored background. The white Apple logo, iPod trademark and iPod device stood out in stark contrast to all the color.

These ads first appeared as billboards, public signage, and in print. Soon followed the TV commercials where the silhouettes danced to pop hits.

The most interesting part of this famous advertising example is that Steve Jobs didn’t originally like the ads because “It doesn’t show the product.” He was proven wrong as the campaign, designed by TBWA\Chiat\Day, earned the agency a number of awards and helped skyrocket the iPod and Apple to new levels of success .

02. KFC “FCK” apology

The KFC “FCK” ad wasn’t really an ad at all. It was an apology in ad’s clothing that ran in 2018 after a provider switch that caused a week-long KFC chicken shortage in the UK.

Why would KFC go to the lengths of having ad agency Mother London put this campaign together? I mean, it’s just chicken, right?

Well, considering some customers called the police when they discovered the chicken shortage, it wasn’t a laughing matter to many of KFC’s customers. At least, not until the ad went out and the cheeky apology gave customers a reason to fall back in love with KFC.

kfc advertising example

03. IKEA “pee on this”

You read that correctly. IKEA put agency Åkestam Holst and Mercene Labs to work in creating the first pee-stick ad in 2018.

Women were invited to pee on the ad instead of the pregnancy test pee-stick to find out if they were expecting. If the test revealed they were indeed positive (and, yes, it actually worked), they’d see the special discounted price of the advertised crib in the photo.

It’s a unique concept that not only gave mothers-to-be a free way to confirm their pregnancy, but also got people talking about the ad, the company and, naturally, the heavily discounted crib.

ikea advertising example

04. Spotify embarrassing listening habits

In 2016, Spotify took its advertising to the streets with this listening habits ad campaign. Spotify’s own in-house advertising team handled the creative for this one.

Each billboard revealed some of the more quirky (but totally relatable) listening habits of its users and it displayed them in a meme-like format.

What’s particularly interesting about this advertising example is that Spotify chose a platform completely unlike its own to run the campaign. It just goes to show you that digital advertising isn’t an all-in-one solution, even for giants like Spotify that dominate that space.

spotify advertising example

05. Copenhagen Zoo snake bus

This award-winning ad design was created by Bates Y&R. Peder Schack, who came up with the concept, told The Star it came from a desire to “make the most possible impact for a very small budget.”

The illusion proved pretty powerful, with some commuters refusing to ride the bus because of it.

This isn’t the only snake-inspired design created on behalf of the Copenhagen Zoo. The agency then went on to transform the inside of subway cars into full-on zoos with snakes writing around on the ground and monkeys hanging out of the windows.

copenhagen zoo snake advertising example

06. Audible “There’s another way to get away”

It only makes sense that a company that brings audiobooks to the masses would run an audio (and companion video) campaign to promote its solution. This isn’t your ordinary ad for audiobooks though.

Fold7’s chief creative officer Ryan Newey told Marketing Dive how the fictional airline story could’ve only come about because of what happened in 2020:

“It fitted a moment that would otherwise never have existed. No other time can we play on the context of people wanting to be free to travel again. The message of traveling in the mind's eye would have technically worked before, but not really resonate in the way it does now.”

This is a great example of how a brand can deviate from its typical advertising strategy to capitalize on a moment in time.

07. Nike “Just Do It.”

The Nike trademark “Just Do It.” was created in 1988 by the Wieden+Kennedy agency. Unlike the softer fitness-related campaigns of the ‘80s, Nike wanted a stronger, more inspirational approach and this proved to be the right one.

The slogan is attributed to the brand’s massive market share growth from 18% to 43% between ‘88 and ‘98. It also significantly increased its reach thanks to how many languages it’s been translated into, including Braille.

To this day, “Just Do It.” is still part of Nike’s advertising efforts. However, Nike’s VP of Global Brand Marketing, Davide Grasso, doesn’t see it as just a slogan:

“Instead, what we’ve found to be most effective is inviting people to join us in what we believe in and what we stand for. And what we stand for is to serve and honour athletes. I think that’s why ‘Just Do It’ has had such an impact over the last 20 years and continues to. It’s genuine and speaks to our core mission.”

08. Old Spice “The man your man could smell like”

Wieden+Kenney is the agency also responsible for the Old Spice “smell like a man” ads. But why would they promote men’s body wash with an ad clearly targeted at women who would lust after spokesperson Isaiah Amir Mustafa?

According to the agency , data revealed that 60% of men’s body wash buyers were actually women. So, they launched this hilariously memorable ad during the Super Bowl when they knew men and women would be watching it together.

The ultimate goal of the campaign was to increase sales by 15%. Their targets were way off though. Just four months after the Super Bowl, sales were up by 60%. By July, sales had doubled. In addition to raking in the dough, Advertising Age also named this campaign one of the best of the 21st century.

09. VW & Stephen Hawking

What better way to get radio listeners’ attention than by using an instantly recognizable voice in your ad?

For about 20 seconds, Stephen Hawking talks about physics and the universe before musing about how the VW up was so cheap. As you can imagine, the ad got a lot of attention and not all of it was positive.

Designer Paul Randall called it “wrong”. Commenters seemed to be split on the matter. Some thought it was a really clever way of getting their attention. There were others though who thought it exploited Hawking’s voice or was an insult to disabled people.

However, the agency behind the ad let Randall and all those concerned know that Hawking did indeed give his consent to be part of the ad and was a good sport about it.

10. McDonald’s ad outro

This advertisement example isn’t for just one McDonald’s ad. It’s specifically for the ba da ba ba ba “I’m lovin’ it” outro it’s now synonymous with and that helped reignite McDonald’s fledgling reputation in the early ‘00s .

Now, it’s not like McDonald’s is the first brand to use a catchy jingle in its ad campaigns. However, this one caused a lot of talk because of where it came from - or, rather, who it came from.

Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Pusha T have all claimed credit for creating the jingle. Although Timberlake and Williams collaborated on a song called “I’m Lovin’ It” for the ad campaign, the original creators of the jingle are ad agency Heye & Partner and Mona Davis Music.

11. Snickers’s “Hungry Betty White”

Everyone loves Betty White, so it’s no surprise that this 2010 Super Bowl commercial , created by BBDO for Snickers, caught the attention of everyone.

Not only did this ad cement Betty White’s position as “a national treasure”, but it also immortalized the slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry”.

It was the first in a long series of hilarious commercials that aired in 80 countries around the world and featured celebrities like Steve Buscemi, Liza Manelli, and Willem Dafoe.

12. Herbal Essences “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Beauty historian Lisa Mulvany explains how Clairol was floundering in the ‘90s. In response, it added an “s” to the end of its Herbal Essence(s) line, switched up the formula for natural ingredients, and gave each shampoo an intoxicating smell. The resulting ad campaign is what got people to pay close attention to the new product line.

Essentially, Herbal Essences compared its shampooing experience to climaxing. The commercials were polarizing (for obvious reasons), but they were effective.

To this day, people still equate the hair care line with women screaming “Yes!” in the shower. Considering how strong of a connection there is between memory and the senses, this was a brilliant choice for the brand’s success and longevity.

13. Dunkin’ Donuts “American runs on Dunkin’”

In 2006, Dunkin’ Donuts—with the help of Hill Holliday—launched this ad campaign in an attempt to reposition and revitalize its 50-year-old brand.

From radio to TV, and outdoor billboards to internet ads, Americans heard all about how Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was powering their lives. It also came with a special interactive component on the website.

What’s interesting about this long-running ad campaign is that it’s been repurposed in recent years due to a change in brand goals. The “America runs on” is still around, but it’s definitely more product-focused than brand-focused now.

14. ASPCA “In the Arms of An Angel”

At the time, this ASPCA ad was referred to simply as “The Ad”. It had a potent combination of Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of An Angel”, homeless animals shaking and crying in shelters, and the singer herself calling for you to help support these animals.

Within two years, the ASPCA raised over $30 million from this fundraising effort . Why was it so effective? According to the spokesperson: “It was brutal doing those ads. It was like, ‘Can you just be a little sadder and a little more this and little more that.’ [And now] I can’t watch them, it kills me.”

15. Oreo’s “Dunk in the dark”

Oreo’s 2013 Super Bowl tweet is one of the greatest examples of social media marketing .

The post wasn’t promoted. It was simply a tweet that happened in real time and Oreo instantly went viral for its quick-witted response to the power outage.

The tweet wasn’t some off-the-cuff response by Oreo execs though. The 15-person team from 360i, Kraft, and MediaVest had been doing war room strategies for two years leading up to the event. They tell the story about how that tweet came to be here .

oreo advertising example

16. Taco Bell’s “Routine republic”

Considered by some to be an ad “fail”, Taco Bell’s 3-minute, Hunger Games-like ad got people talking.

This mini-film depicted a breakfast routine republic where everyone is encouraged to eat the same breakfast every day, which looks eerily similar to McDonald’s breakfast menu. If the comparison wasn’t clear enough, the clown dictator and lookalike minions, yellow slide and ball pit made sure that consumers draw the comparison.

Why would Taco Bell take such a clear dig at McDonald’s? Because it had recently launched a new breakfast menu and this was its way of trying to chip away at the golden arches’ dominance in that arena.

17. Motel 6 & Tom Bodette

Motel 6 might not be a glamorous hotel chain, but that’s exactly what made this ad campaign so perfect for the brand.

The agency behind the campaign—The Richards Group—did extensive user testing and discovered that the reason people stay at Motel 6 properties is because of how cheap they are. And so they decided to lean into this promise.

The ads featuring spokesperson Tom Bodette talking about mundane things (like lost keys) were a huge hit and won the brand and its agency “ Best of Show” at the 26th Annual Radio Mercury Awards .

18. Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”

In Wendy’s 1984 jab at fast food giants like McDonald’s, three old ladies complain about the giant bun and teeny-tiny beef patty.

The now-famous tagline was created by Creative Director Ben Colarossi in an attempt to set Wendy’s fresh meat patties apart from the competition. The TV ad gave it a whole new meaning and became a household phrase.

Although it was originally made popular in the ‘80s, Wendy’s has revived it twice since—in 2011 and in 2020.

19. “Dumb Ways to Die” PSA

The McCann Erickson-created “Dumb Ways to Die” song and accompanying video aren’t technically an advertisement. They were a public service announcement created for Metro Trains Melbourne in 2012.

The original intention of the ad was to draw attention to rail safety in a fun and funny way. However, the catchy tune and reckless bean characters quickly took on a life of their own.

The song ended up on the iTunes Top 10 and the YouTube video has been watched by hundreds of millions of people. Its game and its sequel performed just as well as the song. It also won two Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions Festival .

20. The Dollar Shave Club intro ty

Dollar Shave Club’s YouTube video is one of the best examples of how to translate a viral video into a successful brand.

Originally shot for $4,500 and starring founder Michael Dubin (who came up with the concept, too), the YouTube video sent shockwaves through the startup. The ad crashed the company’s website the day after it went live and they had 12,000 orders to process 48 hours later.

Today, Dollar Shave Club is a billion-dollar company and has expanded far beyond selling razors. But this viral ad is one that consumers will never forget for being “f**king great."

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The 23 Most Impactful Advertising Campaign Examples Ever

By Joe Weller | September 19, 2023

Link copied

Creating an ad campaign is similar to getting ready for speed dating: You have 30 seconds to make your mark, or your audience will leave bored and never remember your name — or tagline.

But how do you make a good first impression when your audience consumes between 4,000 and 8,000 ads per day? Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time, so with the help of experts we’ve curated a list of 23 impactful advertising campaign examples to help you understand what an ad campaign is , the types of campaigns you can create, and the elements you should include in a successful advertising campaign.

1. Nike: Just Do It Campaign

Nike's "Just Do It" advertising campaign example

In the 1980s, Nike’s biggest competitor was outselling the now-famous athletic brand. Nike was advertising almost exclusively to marathon runners, and it was losing the race. Enter “Just Do It”: the advertising campaign designed with everyone in mind. By expanding its target audience to athletes and nonathletes alike, Nike’s new tagline embodied the universal drive people feel while exercising. In doing so, they substantially increased their sales and created a long-lasting campaign that continues to resonate with the brand’s audience.

Launch Year: 1988 Campaign Medium: All  Expert Takeaway: “The slogan itself is simple and powerful, encouraging individuals to take action and push their limits. Moreover, Nike has consistently featured inspiring athletes in their advertisements, which helps to create an emotional connection with consumers. Overall, the ‘Just Do It’ campaign is memorable, motivating, and has had a lasting impact on advertising.” — Bridget Reed, co-founder at The Word Counter

2. McDonald’s: I’m Lovin’ It Campaign

Mcdonald's "I'm Lovin It" advertising campaign example

While visual imagery is vital when creating an advertising campaign, sound can be just as effective. In 2003, McDonald’s ran an international ad campaign competition to update its current branding. Originally sung by Justin Timberlake before receiving one of the most famous upgrades in history, the jingle “Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it” was awarded a permanent spot in McDonald’s advertisements.

Launch Year: 2003 Campaign Medium: All Key Takeaway: Consider mixing audio into your advertising campaigns, including media or social media assets. When creating ad campaigns, user-generated content can be incredibly successful — jingles, social media posts, comments, and more. One of a brand’s strongest assets is an audience that advocates for the products and services they love.

3. Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign

Old Spices's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" advertising campaign example

After Old Spice’s initial “Smell like a man, man” campaign went viral in early 2010, the brand jumped to social media to ride the wave. The Old Spice Man created interactive videos responding to comments on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, all while remaining in character and nailing the brand’s voice. While advertising Old Spice’s products, this ad campaign also increased their target audience and social media followers by thousands of people.

Launch Year: 2010 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Expert Takeaway: Old Spice’s campaign is best “known for its humor, creativity, and viral impact. By targeting both men and women with witty and entertaining commercials, it created memorable moments and engaged viewers effectively.” — Olivia Lin, marketing specialist at Tabrick

4. Dove: Real Beauty Campaign

Dove's "Real Beauty" advertising campaign example

Some ad campaigns challenge society while others simply move with the current, and Dove’s Real Beauty campaign was designed to do the former. This ad campaign challenged the beauty industry’s incredibly high — often impossible — standards of female beauty. In a series of videos, advertisements, projects, and sketches, this still-evolving ad campaign increased the brand’s profits by almost $2 billion while celebrating, supporting, and standing with women.

Launch Year: 2004 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Expert Takeaway: The Real Beauty campaign “challenged traditional beauty standards and promoted self-acceptance. It featured diverse women of different ages, sizes, and ethnicities, celebrating their unique beauty. This campaign resonated with audiences as it challenged the narrow definition of beauty portrayed in the media, making it compelling by promoting inclusivity and empowering women to embrace their natural beauty.” — Oliver Andrews, editor at OA Design Services

5. Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry Campaign

Snickers' "You're Not You When You're Hungry" advertising campaign example

Beloved celebrities like Betty White and Elton John joined Snickers in one of the company’s most successful ad campaigns. In a series of video commercials, the brand used celebrities to portray unlikely behaviors caused by hunger. After receiving a Snickers candy bar, the celebrities transformed into everyday people acting normally, which solidified Snickers as a hunger-beating snack option rather than a simple candy bar. 

Launch Year: 2010 Campaign Medium: Media Key Takeaway: Clever ads that also provide solutions to customer issues frequently perform well. Learning your target audience’s pain points and providing simple, straightforward solutions through ad campaigns can help build brand loyalty and trust.

6. Always: #LikeAGirl Campaign

Always' "#LikeAGirl" advertising campaign example

There’s nothing like a strong hashtag with a compelling message, and that’s exactly what Always created with their 2014 #LikeAGirl advertising campaign. This simple yet powerful campaign compared men’s and women’s abilities and proved that women — no matter their age — are just as capable as men. The campaign became wildly successful by fighting gender stereotypes.

Year: 2014 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Expert Takeaway: “The #LikeAGirl campaign drove self-confidence and empowerment in girls. This 2014 campaign targeted the stereotypes that girls are weak and not powerful enough to achieve milestones. It also shows that the brand shares similar values with its customers, [which] fosters brand loyalty and gives meaning to the products.” — Jessica Shee, marketing manager at iBoysoft

7. Coca-Cola: Share A Coke Campaign

Coca-Cola's "Share A Coke" advertising campaign example

Gift shops are full of personalized keychains emblazoned with popular names like Mary, John, Rebecca, and David. Coca-Cola understood that people love to find and purchase items with specific names, so they created the Share a Coke campaign designed with personality in mind. Using various advertising platforms, Coca-Cola saw the massive impact personalization could have on its brand after selling more than 250 million bottles in the first few months of its original Australian release.

Year: 2011 Campaign Medium: Print, media, and social media Expert Takeaway: “What actually made this campaign particularly compelling was its clever use of personalization, its ability to capture the attention of customers, and its effective use of social media. The Share a Coke campaign is one of the most successful and compelling ad campaigns of all time.” — Jaden Oh, chief of marketing at Traffv

8. Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man In The World Campaign

Dos Equis's "The Most Interesting Man In The World" advertising campaign example

Combining catchy taglines and unforgettable characters is a surefire way to create memorable advertising campaigns. When Dos Equis introduced its “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign in 2006, it slowly and subtly changed how customers viewed the brand’s product. With an indulgent character showcasing his preference for Dos Equis beer, ad viewers were introduced to a new way of thinking about potential vices, like alcohol and cigars.

Year: 2006 Campaign Medium: Print, media, and social media Key Takeaway: Characterization can make an advertising campaign memorable. Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man in the World is hard to forget — even though the original has since been replaced. Additionally, the original characterization gave the brand a specific energy that customers could only associate with Dos Equis beer.

9. Google: Year in Search Campaign

Google's "Year In Search" advertising campaign example

Google’s “Year in Search” campaign is an experiment in current events and relationships — what captured the globe’s attention in a single calendar year? By recognizing the brand’s most searched queries and connecting strangers or groups of people based on their search history, Google effectively communicated the message that nobody is truly alone. Using sources that range from local to global, the “Year in Search” campaign continues to unite Google’s users.

Year: 2010 Campaign Medium: Media Key Takeaway: New, old, and potential customers want to feel seen and heard. Google’s “Year in Search” campaign shows its audience that it hears their desires. Additionally, this campaign showcases the brand’s humanity by connecting with its users, and connecting them with each other.

10. Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef? Campaign

Wendy's "Where's The Beef" advertising campaign example

In 1984, the phrase, “Where’s the beef?” took the world by storm. Instead of focusing solely on its products and offerings, Wendy’s dared to call out its competitor’s products in this famous ad campaign. The phrase stuck, but the brand didn’t wear it out or continue to knock its competitors. Instead, they let word-of-mouth advertising continue promoting this campaign while professionally creating new, improved, brand-focused advertisements.

Year: 1984 Campaign Medium: Media Key Takeaway: Knocking a competitor’s product can be a component of a successful advertising campaign, but businesses must do it with tact. Once an initial statement has run its course, sometimes a brand should brainstorm new ad ideas instead of reprising successful campaigns.

11. TOMS: One For One

Tom's "One For One" advertising campaign example

In 2006, TOMS introduced its One For One advertising campaign, which operated on a buy-one-give-one model. Under this model, TOMS promised to give a pair of shoes to communities in need for every pair bought. The brand later expanded this initiative to help support education, health, and community development projects.

Year: 2006 Campaign Medium: Print and media Expert Takeaway: TOMS’ One For One campaign “is not just about selling shoes; it's about selling a cause. It makes consumers feel they are contributing to a positive change, adding a significant emotional value to each purchase. The key takeaway here is the power of purpose-driven marketing. In today's world, consumers are looking for more than just products; they're looking for brands that align with their values and make them feel good about their purchases.” — Kacper Rafalski, demand generation team leader at Netguru

12. Dunkin’: America Runs on Dunkin’ Campaign

Dunkin's "America Runs on Dunkin" advertising campaign example

It’s no secret that coffee is an important part of many people’s lives. In 2006, Dunkin’ (then Dunkin’ Donuts) coined the phrase “America runs on Dunkin’,” which highlighted how the brand could help anyone — from average customers to other businesses or organizations. This ad campaign successfully painted Dunkin’ in a new light and propelled the brand into the hands of new and returning customers.

Year: 2006 Campaign Medium: Print and media Key Takeaway: Dunkin’ released its new tagline and an updated business plan. While an ad campaign can reach new customers and be successful on its own, it’s sometimes necessary to pair a campaign plan with a company rebrand.

13. ALS: Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS's "Ice Bucket Challenge" advertising campaign example

Not every ad campaign needs to start with great aspirations — some of the greatest campaigns in history have been organic movements that went viral. For example, the ALS ice bucket challenge in 2014 gained notoriety due less to paid advertising and more to social media and influencer marketing. With celebrity endorsements like Bill Gates, Chris Pratt, and LeBron James, the ALS ice bucket challenge soared, and proved how successful advertising campaigns could be when they engaged audiences in an activity or competition.

Year: 2014 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to leverage social media to help increase the success of an ad campaign. Experiential marketing elements like challenges and giveaways can encourage engagement, while other marketing tactics like influencer and affiliate marketing can increase an ad campaign’s reach.

14. Red Bull: Stratos Campaign

Red Bull's "Stratos" advertising campaign example

Red Bull’s Stratos campaign is one of the most famous and successful examples of collaboration marketing at work inside an advertising campaign. While staying true to its target audience and values, the company planned and funded an extreme skydiving stunt, which took place in 2012. The three-hour livestream — now an on-demand video — included extensive Red Bull advertising, which cemented the brand as a daring, risk-taking company.

Year: 2012 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Key Takeaway: Even though Red Bull’s Stratos experiment became a record-breaking experience, it’s possible to use smaller-scale stunts to promote brands. If it aligns with your values and the interests of your target audience, consider weaving a new or daring event into the planning of your ad campaign.

15. Dollar Shave Club: Everyman’s Brand Campaign

Dollar Shave Club's "Everyman's Brand" advertising campaign example

After officially launching the brand in 2011, Dollar Shave Club took to the screens and produced one of the best advertising campaigns ever. With a budget of $4,500, the brand created a simple video advertisement showcasing the company’s durable products and affordable prices, which helped cement Dollar Shave Club as an “everyman” brand — or a brand designed for every person, everywhere. The video went viral, and the company got acquired for $1 billion in 2016.

Year: 2012 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Expert Takeaway: “Despite working with a relatively modest budget, the Dollar Shave Club managed to use humor and authenticity to resonate deeply with its target audience. Rather than resorting to the glossy, polished ads typical of many razor companies, they positioned themselves as the 'everyman’s brand', and it worked phenomenally well. It's a great example of how sincere messaging can catapult a brand to remarkable heights. That debut video wasn't just an ad; it was the start of a billion-dollar story.” — Kyle Roof, co-founder of PageOptimizer Pro

16. California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk? Campaign

California Milk Processor Board's "Got Milk?" advertising campaign example

People typically view everyday products as necessities rather than luxuries. For children, milk is a necessary part of a balanced diet, and the California Milk Processor Board used this knowledge to target milk drinkers in its now-famous “Got Milk?” advertising campaign. Its celebrity-studded, milk-mustachioed campaign used various marketing tactics — including co-branding and early influencer marketing — to convince current milk users that the beverage was worth investing in and advocating for.

Year: 1994 Campaign Medium: Print, media, email, and social media Key Takeaway: Instead of focusing its ad campaign on new customers, the California Milk Processor Board targeted former and current customers by advertising why they should continue using its product. In some cases, an ad campaign can extend its reach outside its current audience simply by focusing its efforts on those already interacting with its products.

17. Apple: Think Different Campaign

Apple's "Think Different" advertising campaign example

What do famous greats like Einstein, Gandhi, and Picasso have in common? Well, one thing: they each changed the world in their respective areas while fielding insults and disapproval at every step. Apple’s 1997 “Think Different” campaign highlighted these heroes — and others — to elevate the ideas behind innovation and individuality. As a brand going against the technological status quo, Apple’s ad campaign proved how successful thinking differently could be.

Year: 1997 Campaign Medium: Media Expert Takeaway: “This campaign was revolutionary in simplicity and impact. It featured iconic figures such as Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King, Jr., celebrating individuals who challenged the status quo and changed the world. The campaign inspired people to think differently and embrace innovation. Apple effectively conveyed its brand values of creativity, individuality, and non-conformity through this campaign.” — Jonathan Zacharias, founder at GR0

18. FedEx: When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight Campaign

FedEx's "When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight" advertising campaign example

When ordering online or mailing packages across the country, from forgotten costumes or presents to items with short expiration dates, time is truly of the essence. Plenty of customers have experienced the need for overnight delivery. In 1978, FedEx created an ad campaign focused on the company’s delivery time rather than its prices, which eventually helped lead to the company’s shipping notoriety and brand success.

Year: 1978 Campaign Medium: Media Key Takeaway: Consider creating an ad campaign to help solve a specific problem or answer a question. Your target audience is more likely to engage with your brand or ad campaign if they benefit from the interaction.

19. American Express: Shop Small Campaign

American Express's "Shop Small" advertising campaign example

As a reaction to Black Friday, American Express began promoting Small Business Saturday in 2010. Its “Shop Small” ad campaign was created to help counteract the recession at the time, and the campaign was officially recognized by the U.S. Senate the following year. American Express aligned its goals and values with those of small, local communities, which helped create a lasting, successful advertising campaign.

Year: 2010 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Key Takeaway: American Express’s “Shop Small” campaign did more than encourage shoppers to purchase products from small businesses — it highlighted the growing scarcity of local businesses and the difficult climate created by the recession. The brand’s campaign advertised the needs of the country’s local communities rather than its own, which promoted brand awareness and increased loyalty and trust.

20. Volkswagen: “Think Small” Campaign

Volkswagen's "Think Small" advertising campaign example

Advertising campaigns are not just a marketing campaign of the present and future — Volkswagen’s “Think Small” campaign rocked the boat in the middle of the 20th century. Sticking with an honest, authentic approach, this brand never marketed itself as something it wasn’t. Instead, it aimed to convince its audience that different wasn’t bad — that it was, in fact, a major benefit of the brand. With its minimalist marketing design, Volkswagen changed the advertising world and the opinions of its critical market.

Year: 1959 Campaign Medium: Print and media Expert Takeaway: “This campaign challenged car advertising norms by highlighting the Volkswagen Beetle's compact size. Its clever and minimalistic approach stood out and redefined how cars were marketed.” — Alana Armstrong, co-founding partner at Alan Aldous

21. De Beers: A Diamond Is Forever

 De Beers's "A Diamond Is Forever" advertising campaign example

Named the most memorable ad slogan of the century in 1999, De Beers’s “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign targeted men of marrying age. It communicated that every marriage deserves a diamond ring, and as a diamond lasts forever, so should a marriage with a diamond ring. This ad campaign’s message mixed necessity with luxury and changed the course of the jewelry industry.

Year: 1948 Campaign Medium: Print Expert Takeaway: Attempting to counteract decreasing diamond purchases, De Beers created a campaign designed to showcase the longevity of diamonds and their enduring value. “De Beers’s ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ campaign targeted young men who wanted to demonstrate their status and present something extra special to the significant woman in their lives.” — Khaled Bentoumi, co-founder of *anyIP*

22. InVision: Design Disruptors

InVision's "Design Disruptors" advertising campaign example

As technology and technology-focused industries increase, InVision recognized the need to expand design beyond its current limits. Its documentary and ad campaign — Design Disruptors — featured 15 designers from unique companies. This campaign helped transform plenty of industry expectations concerning brand design by focusing on innovations in product design.

Year: 2016 Campaign Medium: Media and social media Expert Takeaway: “InVision effectively used Facebook’s retargeting capabilities to guide viewers through the series, building brand credibility by providing valuable industry insights. By offering a downloadable resource at the end of the series, they captured leads and nurtured these relationships beyond the initial interaction. What's compelling is their strategic use of Facebook’s tools and video content to simultaneously position themselves as a thought leader, build a community, and generate leads. This campaign is a testament to the potential of social media marketing when aligned with a brand’s broader goals.” — George Panayides, digital marketing technician at The Digital XX

23. Ecosia: Plant Trees While You Search

Ecosia's "Plant Trees While You Search" advertising campaign example

Looking to create a better world, Ecosia launched its “Plant Trees While You Search” initiative, which plants trees for every online search made by its users. This ad campaign positions the brand as an eco-aware online tool that uplifts local communities in more than 35 countries. Instead of focusing solely on its users’ actions, this campaign extends Ecosia’s contentious thinking beyond the borders of the search bar.

Year: 2009 Campaign Medium: Media Expert Takeaway: “Its simplicity and impactful message make it compelling. It's not just about promoting a product but about making a difference in the world. [Ecosia’s] campaign success lies in its ability to connect with the audience on a deeper, emotional level, making it a powerful example of purpose-driven marketing.” — Sarah Berthe, founder at SEO with Sarah

What Is An Ad Campaign?

An ad campaign refers to a collection of advertisements that use similar tones, messaging, and design assets to portray a similar message. Businesses can optimize specific portions of an ad campaign for different platforms, which can help brands continue to promote their messages through a product’s lifecycle without boring or frustrating their audience.

The most common platforms marketers include in ad campaigns include the following:

  • Print: Newspaper ads, physical mail, and magazine advertisements are some of the most common forms of print advertising.
  • Email: Catchy subject lines and time-sensitive messages usually comprise email ads that users can view on smart devices from virtually anywhere.
  • Media: Many marketers will design media-specific campaigns, from television to radio. These types of campaigns can even show up on social media platforms.
  • Social Media: From in-app advertisements to pop-up notifications and video ads, social media has become one of the most popular platforms for ad campaigns. 
  • Search Engines: Search engines use an auction-based system to allow marketers to bid on keywords and advertise services or products on search engine results pages.

The most common ad campaign platforms include print, email, media, social media, and search engines.

Types of Ad Campaigns

Before creating an ad campaign , it’s important to understand the different types of campaigns and when to use them. There are four main types of ad campaigns: 

  • Informative: Informative campaigns are meant to inform customers about products, services, promotions, and more. These campaigns usually aim to increase brand awareness, authority, trust, and loyalty.
  • Persuasive: Persuasive campaigns are designed to encourage readers to make a decision. These campaigns can target products, sales, subscriptions, time-sensitive promotions, and other conversion-centric decisions.
  • Reminders: With so many advertisements flooding the average person’s day-to-day life, reminder ads simply remind audience members of their purchasing options — including expiration dates for rewards and promotions.
  • Reinforcement: The purpose of reinforcement ads is to reassure customers of their decisions and provide guidance about the best ways to use or enhance their product experience after purchasing.

Elements of a Successful Ad Campaign

No matter what ad campaign you create, there are usually two key components: a target audience, and campaign goals. Whether your campaign is designed to sell a product or promote a service, including these elements in your campaign’s design can help you succeed.


A successful ad campaign keeps its audience in mind, and always engaged. Whether your campaign aims to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, or keep the interest of previous customers, you need to know and understand your target audience to create an audience-centric campaign.

While an ad campaign uses various types of advertisements across different platforms, it is still a singular campaign attempting to reach specific goals. To be successful, each component of the campaign must be cohesive — even if you design them for different audiences or platforms. A creative project management plan for an advertising campaign can ensure that your language, tone, design assets, and other campaign elements follow a singular set of guidelines.

Visually Appealing

Unless you are solely advertising on audio-only platforms, the visual appeal of your ads can greatly affect their success. Using engaging colors, unique fonts, and fun illustration styles can increase the appeal of an ad campaign’s offerings. Plus, by prioritizing color contrast and character representation in a campaign’s designs, marketers can make advertisements both accessible and appealing — this can greatly increase a campaign’s potential reach while respecting individual needs.

Advertising campaign examples should use contrasting colors to respect individual needs.

Clear Messaging

All components of a single campaign need to focus on and prioritize a single message. Whether promoting a new product, giving away a free trial, or increasing brand awareness, your advertisements should all use clear, straightforward messaging focused on the same outcome.


Along with clear messaging, an ad campaign should be focused on a specific goal, or goals. Your messaging will change depending on the action you want your audience to take. For example, if you want your audience to trust you, you must create informational, researched-based advertisements designed with their needs in mind. Before creating any promotional material, decide on a campaign’s goal and adjust your language, visuals, and medium choices.

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Advertisement Project Ideas: Sparking Creativity and Driving Sales

Advertisement Project Ideas: Sparking Creativity and Driving Sales

Looking for some mind-blowing advertisement project ideas?

Get ready to be inspired as we bring you 50 incredibly creative marketing examples that will make you say, “Wow!” From eye-catching billboards to out-of-the-box packaging ideas, prepare to see a comb-shaped message and a crosswalk transformed into fries.

This article is a goldmine of unique concepts that will leave you buzzing with creativity.

Table of Contents

There are numerous advertisement project ideas that can be used for marketing campaigns.

Some examples include creative billboard ads, such as using unique shapes or packaging to promote a product, like Bic, Prestige, and DHL have done.

Other ideas include utilizing buses and trucks as billboards, transforming bus stations into unique experiences, and using ambient advertising to showcase a product’s utility.

Additionally, creative packaging and unique business card advertisements can also be effective.

Overall, there is a wide range of advertisement project ideas available, each with their own unique approach to capturing the public’s attention.

Key Points:

  • Creative billboard ads with unique shapes or packaging (e.g. Bic, Prestige, and DHL)
  • Utilizing buses and trucks as billboards
  • Transforming bus stations into unique experiences
  • Using ambient advertising to showcase product utility
  • Creative packaging as an effective advertisement method
  • Unique business card advertisements to capture attention

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💡 Did You Know?

1. In 1922, the first-ever radio commercial was aired for a real estate firm called Queensboro Realty. This marked the beginning of a new era in advertising, paving the way for radio advertisements to become a vital component of marketing campaigns.

2. The famous “Got Milk?” advertising campaign, which began in 1993, was initially created to combat the decline of milk consumption in California. However, due to its widespread success and popularity, the campaign eventually expanded nationwide and became one of the most recognizable advertising slogans of all time.

3. The iconic Marlboro Man, a rugged cowboy featured in Marlboro cigarette ads, was not a real-life cowboy. The original Marlboro Man was actually an actor named Robert Norris, who was chosen for his authentic cowboy look. Interestingly, Norris never smoked and was chosen for the role based solely on his appearance.

4. The phrase “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” became one of the catchiest slogans in advertising history, thanks to Geico’s clever marketing campaign. Surprisingly, the company never intended for the phrase to become synonymous with their brand; it was created purely to capture people’s attention and make them consider switching insurance providers.

5. The Guinness World Records is believed to have originated as a marketing tool. Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Guinness Brewery, came up with the idea of a record book to settle trivia disputes during a hunting trip in 1951. This led to the creation of the Guinness Book of Records, which eventually became the Guinness World Records and has since become a universally recognized symbol of extraordinary achievements.

Creative Billboard Ads Showcasing Product Advantages

Billboard advertising has evolved over the years to captivate and engage viewers while promoting products and services. Advertisers have embraced creativity in their approach, using innovative ideas and designs to highlight the unique features of their offerings.

Bic’s billboard ad serves as a prime example of this trend. By ingeniously incorporating their product, a pen, into the billboard design, they captured attention and conveyed their message effectively. The billboard showcased a giant pen with a curved tip forming a smile, emphasizing the joy of writing with a Bic pen.

Similarly, Prestige, a kitchen appliance brand, utilized the shape of their product, a mixer, to create an eye-catching billboard. This visually stunning design immediately communicates what they offer, while enticing passersby to explore their range of kitchen appliances.

DHL adopted a unique approach by utilizing their iconic yellow packaging to create a billboard simulating a package being delivered. This instantly establishes a connection between their brand and fast, reliable delivery, capturing the attention of potential customers.

In the realm of beauty products, Koleston Naturals, a hair color brand, embraced creativity to display their commitment to natural beauty. Their billboard cleverly employed a color palette inspired by nature, with vibrant greens, blues, and pinks. This association effectively communicates that using Koleston Naturals’ hair color will help individuals achieve a natural and beautiful look.

In summary, billboard advertising has evolved from traditional displays to incorporate creativity and innovation. Through clever designs and impactful visuals, advertisers effectively capture the attention of passersby while conveying the unique advantages of their products and services.

  • Bic incorporated their pen into the billboard design, highlighting the joy of writing with their product.
  • Prestige used the shape of their mixer to create a visually striking billboard.
  • DHL utilized their iconic yellow packaging to create a billboard that symbolizes fast and reliable delivery.
  • Koleston Naturals showcased their hair color brand’s commitment to natural beauty through a nature-inspired color palette.

Unique Billboard Shapes For Advertising Campaigns

In the world of advertising, standing out is crucial . One way to do this is by utilizing unique billboard shapes that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Nestle, for example, created a billboard in the shape of a coffee mug , promoting their coffee products in a fun and memorable way. This unconventional shape immediately grabs the attention of passersby, creating a strong association between the brand and coffee.

McDonald’s, known for their iconic golden arches , took a different approach by using lights to recreate their logo on billboards placed strategically near their restaurants. These illuminated billboards not only promote the brand but also serve as a creative way to communicate that McDonald’s is open at night. By incorporating their logo into the billboard design, McDonald’s reinforces brand recognition and enhances the visual appeal of their advertisements .

Unique billboard shapes can be a powerful tool in advertising.

  • Creative use of lights or unconventional designs grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression .

Transforming Buses And Trucks Into Creative Billboards

When it comes to advertising on the go, buses and trucks offer unique opportunities to catch the attention of a wide audience. Some brands have explored creative ideas to turn these vehicles into eye-catching billboards .

Mars used a truck commercial to promote their new truck-sized chocolate bar. The truck itself was transformed into a giant chocolate bar, replicating the product’s size and creating a visual spectacle that surely drew attention.

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  • Hub Digital

Absolut, a well-known vodka brand, went beyond traditional buses and instead used a limousine as a moving billboard to promote their product. By choosing a luxury vehicle as their canvas, Absolut elevated the perception of their brand and created a memorable experience for viewers.

Weight Watchers created an advertisement that humorously suggested unhealthy food options are being transported on the bus.

FedEx created a witty advertisement that poked fun at their competition, suggesting that they’re the faster and more reliable choice.

“ Weight Watchers ” and “ FedEx ” also found novel ways to advertise on buses.

Innovative Use Of Bus Stations For Advertising Purposes

Bus stations provide a prime opportunity for innovative advertising campaigns due to their ability to attract a large number of people waiting for transportation. Some brands have capitalized on this by transforming bus stations into unique experiences. For instance, a bus station could be converted into a ski lift, complete with synthetic snow and ski equipment, as a means of advertising a winter sports destination. This immersive and unexpected encounter leaves a lasting impression on commuters and effectively conveys the essence of the advertised destination.

In a similar vein, bus stations can also be transformed into aquariums for advertising purposes. Picture this: you are waiting for your bus surrounded by tanks teeming with vibrant fish, creating a tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation. This distinct concept not only arouses curiosity and engagement but also associates the advertised brand with tranquility and calmness.

Ambient Advertising Utilizing Environment’s Faults

Ambient advertising is a strategy that capitalizes on environmental elements, such as faults or flaws, to create memorable and attention-grabbing advertisements . An excellent illustration of this technique is the outdoor campaign by Leo Burnett in Bangkok for Rejoice Conditioners . Leveraging the city’s high humidity, they crafted an eye-catching billboard that featured a giant comb with the powerful message: “ Yes, it’s real. This is what happens to your hair. ” By addressing the issue of humidity and showcasing the product’s ability to combat it, Rejoice effectively communicated a solution to a common problem .

These examples perfectly exemplify the endless possibilities for creative and impactful advertisements in the realm of outdoor advertising. With innovative ideas, advertisers can grab attention, create memorable experiences, and ultimately drive sales .

  • Creative advertisements can effectively utilize environmental elements.
  • Rejoice Conditioners’ outdoor campaign successfully addressed the issue of humidity.
  • The advertisement showcased the product’s ability to combat the effects of humidity.
  • Ambient advertising allows for creative and impactful messaging.
  • Innovative ideas in outdoor advertising can drive sales and generate memorable experiences.

Leo Burnett’s Rejoice Conditioners Ad With Message On A Comb

Leo Burnett’s outdoor advertisement campaign for Rejoice Conditioners in Bangkok exemplifies the power of creative and contextually relevant advertising . The campaign utilized a giant comb with a strategically placed message that highlighted the brand’s effectiveness in managing frizzy hair in a humid environment. By taking advantage of the city’s notorious humidity, Leo Burnett effectively communicated the product’s benefits and positioned Rejoice as the solution to a common problem.

The Rejoice comb advertisement not only caught the attention of passersby but also created a memorable experience . The oversized comb and compelling message provided immediate visual impact, sparking curiosity among viewers. This clever use of the outdoor space transformed a mundane object into a powerful advertising tool, allowing Rejoice to stand out among competitors and drive brand recognition.

  • Creative and contextually relevant advertising
  • Utilization of a giant comb
  • Highlighting the product’s effectiveness in humid environment
  • Memorable experience for viewers
  • Sparking curiosity
  • Transforming a mundane object into a powerful advertising tool

TBWA’s McDonald’s Ad Transforming Crosswalk Into Fries

TBWA’s advertisement campaign for McDonald’s in Switzerland showcased the agency’s ability to think outside the box and transform ordinary spaces into creative advertisements .

In this particular campaign, TBWA turned crosswalks into larger-than-life fries , brilliantly incorporating the brand’s iconic imagery into an everyday environment.

By painting the crosswalks to resemble McDonald’s fries , TBWA created an interactive and memorable experience for pedestrians. The clever use of space not only caught the attention of passersby but also reinforced McDonald’s association with tasty and irresistible food.

This unique approach to outdoor advertising demonstrates that even the most mundane aspects of our surroundings can be transformed into impactful marketing tools.

Adidas’ Pop-Up Store Designed As A Giant Shoebox

Adidas consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity in its marketing campaigns. One notable example is their pop-up store in Amsterdam, designed to resemble a giant shoebox. This innovative approach transformed a traditional brick-and-mortar store into an exciting and interactive experience .

The pop-up store’s design captured the imagination and curiosity of potential customers, enticing them to step inside and explore the brand’s offerings. The seamless blend of retail and experiential marketing created a buzz around the store and the brand, generating excitement among Adidas fans and drawing in new customers.

This creative approach to brick-and-mortar retail demonstrates that physical locations can still be compelling and engaging in a digital age. By creating an immersive experience tied to the product, Adidas effectively captured the attention of consumers and solidified its position as a brand that values innovative and exciting marketing.

  • This approach showcases how Adidas pushes the boundaries of marketing creativity.
  • The pop-up store’s design is a notable example of their innovation.
  • The blend of retail and experiential marketing created a buzz around the store.
  • Physical locations can still be compelling and engaging in the digital age.

Oldtimer All You Can Eat Rest Shop Advertisement At Tunnel Entrance

Finding the right location for your advertisements can significantly impact the success of your campaign . In the case of Oldtimer , a popular restaurant chain known for its all-you-can-eat options, strategic placement played a crucial role in promoting the brand . The advertisement was strategically placed at a tunnel entrance , providing ample time for drivers and passersby to notice .

The advertisement was skillfully designed with mouth-watering visuals of delicious food , which immediately captures attention and sparks hunger . This clever design further contributes to the success of the campaign. Moreover, the strategic placement of the ad allows Oldtimer to target a captive audience . As people often experience long waits in traffic or at stoplights while passing through the tunnel entrance, this location enables Oldtimer to effectively engage potential customers.

By enticing motorists and pedestrians with delectable imagery and the promise of a satisfying dining experience , Oldtimer successfully directed potential customers to their restaurant . With the right combination of location, design, and message, Oldtimer maximized the impact of their advertisement and found great success in attracting customers.

Jobsintown.de Campaign Inspiring Better Career Choices Through Showcasing People Doing Machines’ Jobs

The Jobsintown.de campaign cleverly tackles the idea of job dissatisfaction and inspires individuals to make better career choices. By showcasing people performing repetitive and mundane tasks typically done by machines, the campaign effectively communicates the message that there are more fulfilling career opportunities available.

The advertisements feature striking visuals of individuals trapped inside vending machines, ATMs, and photocopy machines, highlighting the monotony and lack of fulfillment in such jobs. By contrasting these images with the tagline “ Life’s too short for the wrong job “, Jobsintown.de encourages viewers to reflect on their own career choices and consider pursuing more fulfilling paths.

This thought-provoking campaign goes beyond traditional job advertisements by tapping into the emotions and aspirations of individuals. By highlighting the need for personal fulfillment and career satisfaction , Jobsintown.de successfully prompts viewers to reconsider their professional paths and seek out more rewarding opportunities.

“ Life’s too short for the wrong job “
  • The Jobsintown.de campaign cleverly tackles the idea of job dissatisfaction and inspires individuals to make better career choices.
  • By showcasing people performing repetitive and mundane tasks typically done by machines, the campaign effectively communicates the message that there are more fulfilling career opportunities available.
  • The advertisements feature striking visuals of individuals trapped inside vending machines, ATMs, and photocopy machines, highlighting the monotony and lack of fulfillment in such jobs.
  • By contrasting these images with the tagline “Life’s too short for the wrong job,” Jobsintown.de encourages viewers to reflect on their own career choices and consider pursuing more fulfilling paths.
  • This thought-provoking campaign goes beyond traditional job advertisements by tapping into the emotions and aspirations of individuals.
  • By highlighting the need for personal fulfillment and career satisfaction, Jobsintown.de successfully prompts viewers to reconsider their professional paths and seek out more rewarding opportunities.

Overall, these examples demonstrate the power of creativity in advertising. By thinking outside the box, using unique shapes, leveraging environmental faults, and creating memorable experiences, brands can captivate audiences and drive sales. The world of advertising is constantly evolving, and with the right mix of innovation and strategy, campaigns can leave a lasting impact on consumers.

Which is the best topic for advertisement?

One of the best topics for advertisement could be sponsored quizzes. Creating or sponsoring a personality quiz with a popular lifestyle website or app can be a fun and engaging way to reach a larger audience. Quizzes have proven to be popular among internet users, and incorporating them into advertisements can help attract attention and generate interest in a product or service.

Another effective topic for advertisement could be sponsored city maps. By partnering with local tourism boards or popular travel websites, businesses can create maps that highlight their products or services in specific destinations. These maps can be distributed to tourists and locals alike, serving as a useful tool while also promoting the brand. This approach not only increases visibility but also creates a positive association between the brand and the city, making it an effective advertising strategy.

What is the 10 most common types of advertising?

In addition to the mentioned advertising types, some other common types include radio advertising, influencer marketing, email marketing, and experiential marketing. Radio advertising is an effective way to reach a wide audience, especially during commutes or specific programs. Influencer marketing leverages popular social media personalities to endorse products or services. Email marketing allows businesses to directly communicate with their target audience and build a personalized connection. Lastly, experiential marketing involves creating immersive brand experiences that engage consumers on a deeper level.

1. How can interactive advertisements be implemented in a project to enhance engagement and increase brand awareness?

Interactive advertisements can be implemented in a project to enhance engagement and increase brand awareness by providing an immersive and engaging experience for consumers. This can be done through various means such as interactive videos, quizzes, games, or virtual reality experiences. By allowing consumers to actively participate and engage with the advertisement, they are more likely to remember the brand and the message being conveyed. These interactive elements can also create a positive association between the brand and the enjoyable experience, leading to increased brand awareness and recognition.

Furthermore, interactive advertisements can incorporate features that encourage social sharing and user-generated content. For example, users can be prompted to share their results or experiences on social media platforms, thereby expanding the reach of the advertisement and increasing brand visibility. This not only generates organic buzz around the brand, but also allows for user participation and interaction, further enhancing engagement and brand awareness. Overall, the implementation of interactive advertisements in a project can greatly enhance customer engagement and foster a stronger brand connection.

2. What are some innovative ways to leverage social media platforms for advertisement projects and maximize reach to target audiences?

Some innovative ways to leverage social media platforms for advertisement projects and maximize reach to target audiences include utilizing influencer marketing and interactive content. Influencer marketing involves partnering with popular social media influencers to promote a product or service on their platforms, thus reaching their large followings and maximizing reach. This strategy is effective because influencers have a loyal and engaged audience who trust their opinions and recommendations. Interactive content, such as quizzes, polls, and contests, can also be used to engage and interact with the target audience. By making the advertisement project more interactive and entertaining, it is more likely to grab the audience’s attention and create a viral buzz, ultimately increasing reach and brand awareness.

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40 Advertisement Design Tips and Examples to Help You Stay Creative

Gabriela Popa

In the world of online advertising , creativity is essential. A catchy design can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that’s forgotten the next minute.

The best news is that, despite what most people think, creative skills can be learned . All you have to do is practice with an online advertisement maker and surround yourself with excellent sources of inspiration.

You can do that by analyzing advertisement case studies and by looking at successful advertisement posters. Stay curious and learn why those image advertisement examples were such a hit. Then practice and find ways to include what you’ve learned in your daily tasks. 

To help you get that creative mindset, here’s a list of 40 advertisement design ideas that will inspire your next masterpiece.

Create Ad Campaigns 1

1. Include a Call to Action

The best advertisement design examples are the simple ones. But they wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without a clear call to action. Let your audience know what you want them to do—it’s that easy.

Take a look at this digital advert from Quick Fox Design. The message is simple and easy to understand, while the creative design and the Batman reference make it an ad to remember. 

superhero wear a mask

Image Source

2. Create a Connection

People love to be surprised. Adding a not-so-obvious visual cue makes a poster design memorable for everyone.

In this poster, the moon mimics the cap of a Coca-Cola bottle, and its reflection on the water looks like the bottle itself. This is an excellent example of a subtle visual metaphor that guarantees a successful picture advertisement.

coca cola commercial

3. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key to a memorable image advertisement. Take a look at this simple advertisement design by Lay’s. It’s got everything it needs to be successful, and nothing more: a chip, a smile, and a sea of yellow. 

The result is an optimistic, happy, and sunny minimalist advertising poster that makes you want to enjoy a bag of delicious chips.  

minimalism lays commercial

4. Get Creative with Shapes and Logos

If your brand’s logo is well-known, don’t be afraid to use it in your design. Just pair it with an image that reflects the advert’s message, and you’re good to go.

Here’s a great example with Audi, a beautiful and minimalist advertisement poster design that promotes the official maintenance they offer.

screw key audi commercial

Image Source  

5. Tell a Story

Telling a visual story is not an easy task, but when you succeed, you’ve hit the jackpot. Create a story where the brand’s product turns into a well-known character, and you’re halfway there.

Just take a look at this Christmas advertisement poster design from McDonald’s, where the ice cream becomes Santa Claus. 

mcdonalds christmas commercial

6. Let Images Speak Louder Than Words

An image speaks louder than a thousand words, right? But how can you make your image that suggestive? You can use advertising appeals and tie them to an image concept that people can relate to. 

I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here to inspire you. Here’s one of my favorite advertisement design ideas from Nivea, where they showed quite successfully how their product can benefit you. 

sunburned nivea commercial

7. Use Visual Mimicry 

Taking advantage of similarities between visual elements that usually don’t belong together works great in advertisement design, but only if the combined elements tell a story. This way, viewers are invited to decrypt the story and read between the lines to find out what the advertisement is about.

Here’s a picture advertisement for World Kidney Day, where broccoli is used as a kind reminder to eat right to stay healthy. 

kidney awareness

8. Use Iconic Images 

Iconic images are so well-imprinted in people’s memories that they recognize them anywhere. Use this powerful tip to make your next advertisement design idea come to life. 

Here’s a beautiful example from Hertz, where the bubble gum that’s stuck to the shoe’s sole becomes the Eiffel Tower with the aid of imagination. 

car rental commercial

9. Suggest, Don’t Show

Using suggestions to make a product’s properties obvious can be the path to successful advertising design. All you have to do is think about the features you wish to highlight and find a creative way to suggest them using images and words. 

Here’s an example of a tabasco ad that suggests hot just by showing a pair of steamy eyeglasses. 

suggestive tabasco commercial

10. Illustrate a Message

A powerful message goes a long way when it comes to creative advertising. And if you pair it with an excellent illustration, you get a masterpiece that goes straight to people’s hearts. 

In this creative campaign that promotes reading, the “Become someone else” message was illustrated innovatively. 

illustrate a message

11. Don’t Be Afraid Of Unusual Associations

Did you know that red onions can help prevent breast cancer? Now you know. That’s why it’s essential to have the courage to promote unusual visual associations when they work and make sense. 

Get inspired by this memorable image advertisement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

breast cancer awareness

12. Share Your Vision

When it comes to art and picture advertisement, your vision is unique and valuable. Let your vision guide you to implement creative advertising design ideas. 

We’ll exemplify this tip using this heartwarming example of a Mexican Transplant Association campaign that wants to encourage people to become organ donors. 

organ donor

13. Embrace the Power of Imagination

The greatest nation is imagination, right? And that’s especially true when it comes to advertising design. Great advertising lives by telling stories. If you want to achieve true greatness, get your audience to use their imagination.

This creative campaign lets us use imagination to realize that the real predator in the ocean is plastic. 

use less plastic

14. Use Visual Metaphors

A visual metaphor communicates a product’s benefit by relating them to something entirely different, with similar qualities. The easiest way to do that is by finding visual similarities that other people missed, making viewers look twice.

Here’s a great example of using a visual metaphor to showcase an idea by Carrefour.

carrefour bill commercial

15. Show, Don’t Tell

Sometimes, a good image advertisement doesn’t have to tell the whole story. It’s enough to show a little bit and let the viewer’s imagination take over. 

Here’s a beautiful McDonald’s advertisement campaign for McDelivery Day by DDB Singapore. The print advertisement was inspired by the symbol of a late-night (the lit window) and turned it into well-recognizable menu items.

mc donalds commercial

16. Make Unusual Associations

We’ve already mentioned how inciting the viewer’s curiosity works wonders when it comes to advertisement photos. Now, let’s talk about how hiding some of your content can stir and make your target audience want more. 

Just look at this example from Intel, which took this advice quite literally and made this ad comparing their processors with a chocolate bar, completed by the message “The inside is the best part.”

intel commercial

17. Raise Awareness

If you’re working for a social cause, especially if it’s not such a common issue, the best thing you can do is raise awareness. Ideally, you should do this by sharing a warm, emphatic, yet creative message while offering a solution simultaneously.

This outdoor advertisement created by BBH from India has it all. They used a beautiful visual metaphor of a fingerprint that becomes a labyrinth, showing that not knowing how to write can lead to children being lost (literally). 

children rights awareness

18. Use Your Brand in a Creative Way

When in doubt, stick to what is widely recognizable about your brand. But try to integrate the shapes or logos people are used to getting from your brand creatively.

Here’s a great advertisement design example from Absolut Vodka as a part of their Absolut Nights campaign. They used the iconic vodka bottle shape as a part of images that suggest fun and togetherness. 

absolut votka commercial

19. Keep It Short and Sweet

When it comes to advertisement design, sometimes the best ideas are simple and straightforward. All you have to do is stop trying to complicate everything with cryptic messages and associations.

Here’s an example of Volkswagen’s campaign that uses a simple message and visual to show that using a seatbelt can save your life. 

car safety

20. Appeal to Your Fanbase

If you’re a love brand, it’s easy to appeal to your fanbase and show them your appreciation with an advertisement campaign like this one from Pepsi. But you can find creative ways to show your love for fans no matter how big or small your brand is.

suggestive pepsi commercial

21. Use Simple Shapes to Tell a Story

Using a simple shape like an oval, a square, or a circle in design , can tell a story if used creatively. How to do this? Easy. Find the most prominent shapes that define your product and use them to your advantage.

Here, the oval shape represents a common ground between a coffee bean and an Easter egg. That’s Nescafe’s creative way of saying “Happy Easter.”

simple shapes nescafe commercial

22. Appeal to Visual Memory

When in doubt, use an image everybody is familiar with, like a famous painting, a photograph, or other artwork. It will appeal to the viewer’s visual memory, and your image advertisement will be easier to remember.

Here’s an iconic example from Lego—an ad series that recreates famous paintings using lego pieces.

lego commercial van gogh

23. Illustrate Your Slogan

Sometimes, to get a creative advertising idea, all you have to do is take a second look at your brand’s slogan. You might find image advertisement ideas that you previously missed. 

Here’s a beautiful example from KitKat, where the “Have a break, have a KitKat” slogan is represented with just a few icons.

kitkat have a break

24. Be Clear. Crystal Clear

Creatively illustrating your product’s main features is the best way to get your advertisements noticed. Be clear and transparent (pun intended) about how your product is, and you’ll have an advertisement design to remember. 

Here’s a great example of a mineral water advertisement poster design that takes water’s main quality and transposes it to a watermelon. 

water advertisement

25. Use a Negative Emotion

Sometimes, putting the spotlight on a negative emotion, such as fear, works excellent in advertising, but only as long as you can come up with a solution. All you have to do is find a problem that can be fixed or prevented by your product, execute a brilliant image advertisement, and you’re good to go.

This creative example by Fabian Dotor for Nissan got my attention with the aggressive shark made of nails. One of the worst nightmares of any car owner, am I right?

nissan appeals to negative emotions

26. Make It Memorable

The smallest detail can make a difference and transform a minimalist image advertisement into a truly remarkable one. Find that detail, and your work will surely be remembered.

This ad with a bottle’s bottom and a tomato’s stem for Heinz is one of the most memorable minimalist advertisement design examples. It speaks of freshness, natural flavors, and creativity with a simple but significant association.

heinz commercial

27. Use Negative Space

In advertising design, we refer to negative space as the area around and between the subject itself. Many advertising design examples use negative space to show another view of the story they want to tell. 

But very few have used the idea itself in such a creative way as this example from Fiat. The poster was designed to help raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, and it states, “You either see the letter or the dog. Don’t text and drive”. 

use negative space

28. Make People Look Twice

Creating memorable advertisement photos is all about capturing your audience’s interest and curiosity. Then, they might be interested in finding out more about the product.

Take a look at this poster advertising example from Ariel by Saatchi & Saatchi. They managed to make you look twice to find the product’s main selling point: immaculate clothes.

ariel cleaning

29. Use the Power of Nature

If you want to show that a product is environmentally friendly, you can always start by integrating some nature-inspired visual metaphors into your image advertisement design. 

Take a look at this adorable ad campaign for Mini Cooper. It shows that the car is small, eco-friendly, and attractive by placing a miniature in the middle of nature. 

mini inspired by nature

30. Appeal to Pop Culture

Appealing to pop culture for creative advertising examples is a great way to connect with your audience. 

This print ad from Band-Aid is perfectly illustrating this trend. The poster highlights their bandages’ flexibility by showing the Incredible Hulk’s hand with a bandage on it.

band aid commercial

31. Use Hot Imagery

Everybody wants to create a hot advertising poster design, right? And if the product is also hot (like Tabasco hot), you can use your imagination to create a beautiful analogy.

This example compares someone’s lips after they tasted Tabasco to a volcano eruption. And the result is spectacular.

tabasco volcano

32. Use Visual Contrasts

We all know that contrast is one of the most powerful principles of design . contrasts work great together when it comes to picture advertisement. Contrasts have the power to attract us and make us wonder about the advertising’s message and purpose. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting elements if they enhance your message. 

Here’s a great example from McDonald’s. The creators of this ad combined two elements that, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other: mobile phones and hamburgers. But when you read the message, it actually makes sense: it’s an ad about mobile ordering.

mcdonalds commercial

33. Emphasize Your Message 

A powerful message can be successfully combined with advertisement photos that illustrate it creatively. 

Here’s a great example by MAC, as a part of a campaign that fights against drinking and driving. The image attracts the viewer’s attention so that the message will surely be remembered.

no drink and drive

34. Use Emotion to Your Advantage

People respond to emotional advertising , so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage. Here’s a beautiful example from FCB, Israel for Igul Letova. It uses a powerful visual metaphor to suggest how students with learning disabilities might feel.

appeal to emotions

35. Use Anthropomorphism

We are wired to see human characteristics everywhere, even where they don’t exist. That’s why we sometimes see faces in clouds. Anthropomorphism works in marketing and advertising because it builds trust, and humanizing products can make them feel more likable. 

Max Shoes used anthropomorphism to humanize their shoes and paired the imagery with creative advertisement photos and a powerful message: you are what you wear. The result is both attractive and creative, as you can see in this picture advertisement example.

Use Anthropomorphism

36. Appeal to Sensations

Sensations are more powerful than rational thinking in advertising, so appealing to senses to enhance a product’s characteristics will always provide excellent results. 

Let’s take a moment to analyze this example from Chupa Chups. You can actually feel the pear’s taste in your mouth as you look at this advertisement poster design. It works because our brain immediately sends signals to our taste receptors when we look at something delicious.

appeal to sensations

37. Play with People’s Perception

When we see an ad or picture advertisement, we already know what to expect. Playing with people’s preconceptions and giving them a twist can be successful if done right.

In this advertising design example, you expect to see a beer commercial, and that’s exactly what you see at first glance: a glass of Guinness. But wait. When we take a second look, you can actually spot a stack of mobile phones, then you read the message, and it all becomes clear. 

guiness commercial

38. Use the Power of Typography

Typography advertising is making a powerful comeback these days. A great message can be enhanced by beautiful typography. Just look at this stunning example that illustrates a poem creatively, and find ways to play with words and images for your own advertising. 

power of typography

39. Use a Clean Design to Draw Attention

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and that’s true for advertising as well. Sometimes, you don’t need elaborate designs to tell a story. You just have to use a powerful symbol that everybody is familiar with.

Just look at how a few simple lines can send a message in this great minimalist ad from McDonald’s.

mcdonalds wifi

40. Use White Space

We already mentioned how negative space or white space is a booming trend in advertising. And when it’s combined with a meaningful message, it can give birth to a true masterpiece.

Take a look at this heartwarming example from McCANN and how they used white space to encourage people to adopt. 

family commercial

In a Nutshell

Successful advertising is all about breaking barriers, seeing things differently, and finding new visual ways to tell a story. When you get inspired by creative design examples and advertisement case studies, you can learn to think differently and get the courage to experiment with new advertising techniques . 

That’s was one of the most interesting advertising articles I’ve read! Some very useful tips. Thanks very much

Great article, I will try and apply these suggestions in my Graphic Design qualification I am doing at the moment. Thank you

I will have to take these elements into consideration to improve my graphic design abilities.

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Facebook group cover photo size 2024: best practices.

advertisement project ideas

40+ Smart Advertising Ideas To Grow Your Brand [2023 Update]

You are currently viewing 40+ Smart Advertising Ideas To Grow Your Brand [2023 Update]

  • Post author: Cyrus Nambakhsh
  • Post published: August 10, 2023
  • Post category: Influencer Marketing

Page Contents

Advertising is a fundamental part of boosting any business. It’s around us every day. You can see advertisement samples everywhere; on billboards, on TV, in magazines, on the Internet, etc. By having original and fresh advertisement ideas, you can make your ad significant among the others.

However, creating a fun product ad comes with prices too. Therefore, you should manage your  advertising budget  before you start creating that ad.

Let’s check out the power of advertising.

Why is advertising important?

Without advertisement, no one can know you exist! For this purpose, you should run different ads to introduce yourself to your customers, to tell them you are here to offer something they need. Therefore, advertising is a critical way of shouting out your brand’s name. In general, a good advertisement idea can help achieve the following objectives for your brand:

importance of advertisement

  • Boosting Brand Awareness : The main idea behind an ad should be brand recognition. If you are new to the market, you should make your brand recognizable to more people and attract the ones that are your potential customers. 
  • Informing Customers:  When more people hear your name, they will become more curious about what you offer and what benefits you have for them. 
  • Building Customer Trust : The most crucial aspect of advertising is to attract customers’ trust. If they don’t perceive you as reliable, they won’t make any purchases. This is the most important aspect of advertising. You should do it in a way that attracts the customers’ trust because, in the end, if they don’t feel you are reliable, they will not buy anything. So, all the expenses you had on your ads were for nothing. That’s why having great ad ideas is crucial. 
  • Increasing Sales : It will be the result of your advertisement topic and how well you have run that ad. The key purpose of any advertisement, whether online or offline, is to increase sales. Therefore, take your time and think about good advertisement ideas.

What Is Brand Advertising?

Brand advertising is a type of advertising that focuses on promoting a particular brand or product. As channels of communication available to marketers are proliferating, today’s advertising campaigns need to become more and more innovative. They need to come up with creative advertising ideas to communicate with their clients and, in turn, reach the company’s goals.

According to Marketing Charts , online advertising takes the biggest share of media advertisement in the United States, followed by TV commercials.

The data provided by PwC, said that marketers spent about $121 billion on online advertising in 2020 and forecasted that this type of advertising would reach $153.0 billion by 2024.

ad marketing chart

So, to be successful in this huge market, your ad should be powerful enough to arouse people’s emotions and stay in their minds for a long time. It may directly or indirectly influence their buying decisions. This means that advertisement ideas for business can be a game-changer.

How to create a creative advertisement?

While thinking of producing new advertisement ideas, keep in mind that a good ad must be simultaneously informative and innovative to attract consumers’ attention.

Advertisement samples are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. But the hard part is to decide where to advertise to reach your intended viewers and catch their attention.

Furthermore, advertisement design tips can also help you make your ad as creative as possible. 

However, before creating an ad, you should know which advertising platform you want it to be shown. Since most ads are running online, here are some platforms to put your ads and promote your products. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Promoting brands through Instagram influencers is one of the advertisement ideas for business that has become a trend these days.

There are so many influencers actively working in their specific field of interest. When influencers most relevant to your field promote your brand, their followers pay attention and do not scroll away.

There are several ways you can collaborate with influencers; either they can create an ad for you, or you can ask them to share your advertisement on their accounts. Any method you want to use; you should first find a suitable influencer to participate with. For this purpose, influencer marketing platforms are created to help you easily find influencers to grow your business.

Ainfluencer – The Best Influencer Platform

Using a quality influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer, the process of making free advertising ideas and finding the top influencers linked to your brand will be easy, and secure. 

Ainfluencer is a free 100% DIY platform to find influencers and promote your brand on social media. It all starts with creating a free campaign. You can then find influencers in your field by searching based on category, gender, location, hashtags, and how many followers they have. 

Then you can invite them to your campaign, negotiate your terms and make deals with them to promote your brand. Or just create your campaign for free on Ainfluencer and let the influencers reach out to you.


It’s easy-to-use, free, and 100% DIY. So, sign up on Ainfluencer now to discover how it can help you grow your business.

2. Google Ads

Google is everywhere! When people decide what to do, where to go, and what to buy, they always google it. By using Google Ads, your ad will appear when someone is looking for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. And if your advertisement idea is catchy enough, they will click on it at once.

However, you should note that your advertisement topic talks to your audience in the first place on Google ads. So, apart from the design, your ad copy will be essential to your advertisement idea. 

One of the good things about Google Ads is its pay-per-click advertisement tool. It means you only pay for what consumers click on.

Google Ads

3. Email marketing

One of the useful forms of digital marketing is email marketing which can be a good choice depending on your field.

Although the chances of opening all your emails have dropped in the past ten years, using email campaigns as one of your advertising strategies can still be a viable option. However, you should also have some strategies for email marketing to make it more effective. 

Sending emails to customers can keep your products and services top of their minds.

Innovative advertisement ideas

Creativity is the key to having successful ideas for advertisement. But it’s not easy to always come up with original ideas, so don’t worry if you run out of new ones.

Here are some suggestions to win the attention of viewers:

1.  Local advertisements

As the name suggests, local advertising targets a local audience. By using location and cultural characteristics in your ad, you can build customer loyalty. Local advertisements are an excellent option for those who want to find small business advertising ideas.

Combination of L.A landmarks and a running shoe created for the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon.

2.  Bus stations

Outdoor advertisement is one of the best methods of showing your brand to people outside their homes and mobile phones. Accordingly, whenever they go out of their house for any reason, they can see your name. However, this type of advertisement should be so creative and fun to call the audience and make them move their head to see it! 

The Bus stop is one of the best places for this type of ads. The advertisements in this area are visible to both pedestrians and those using vehicles and let them know about your product or services. Furthermore, when people are waiting for a bus for a long time, they will be attracted to your ad.

Bus station advertising

Nespresso, the world’s favorite coffee brand, always comes up with fun and creative advertising ideas. The advertisement team of this brand decided to redesign several bus stations worldwide and turn these waiting rooms into a giant Nespresso machine! 

3.  Bus advertising

Transit advertisement is another type of outdoor ad that can leave your hands free for creativity. Since it’s a moving ad, it makes your ad available to millions of people in different areas. One of the most useful types of transit ads is using buses to transfer your messages.  

By advertising on buses, you can show your moving billboards to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians to promote your business. Bus advertisements can come in a variety of sizes.

One of the unique advertisement ideas for buses is to create a memorable visual that wraps around the bus and makes your product seem more real and 3d. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have too many messages on a bus advertising because people don’t have much time to read. Therefore, the less is better.

Creative idea behind McDonald’s ad makes people hungry for French fries!

4.  Street advertisements

Advertising on the streets is divided into different types, such as graffiti or stickers. Street ads can make people pause, think about the message, or even take photos with them.

To track the effectiveness of a street ad, use tools such as social media hashtags, web addresses, or phone numbers. 

Street advertisements

5.  Pop-Culture advertisement

By referring to a popular movie or a famous person, draw audiences’ attention to your product or service.

6.  Emotional advertisements

By engaging your viewers emotionally, make them think about your advertisement idea and its message.

Emotional advertisements

7.  Funny advertisements

Another way to create an innovative advertisement is to try to be funny and make an inside joke.

Funny advertisements

8.  Use cute animals

Another catchy advertisement idea is to use cute animals in your ad. Adorable creatures delight people and make them feel good about your ad.

Advertisements using animals

9.  Using jingles

Although jingles can be annoying when they get stuck in your head, they are one fantastic way to come up with creative commercial ideas.

10. Outside-the-Box advertisements

It will be a clever idea if, say, your billboards are not just boring rectangles off the highway. Billboards are the best place where you can implement your creative product advertisement ideas. Create a visual that makes people feel the product. 

Out of the box advertisements

11. Artistic advertisements

By using your artistic side, make people pause, think, and wish to take a picture with your ad. Since these days, people share their photos on social media, taking a selfie with your artistic ad can make it more popular on social media. Consequently, your ad has a chance to go viral.  

Artistic advertisements

12. Use the environment in your ads

Be creative and use environmental elements in your advertisements. Try to make something funny or exciting from the things around you.

Environmental elements in advertisements

13. Using recognizable signs

Using recognizable signs in your ad can be an imaginative advertisement idea. Grab the viewers’ eyes and promote your brand to them.

Using signs in advertisements

14.  Use the product in an unexpected way

Be creative by using your product in a new way to attract more viewers. The following advertisement sample will show you how a highlighter was used to create the portrait of Che Guevara.

Highlighter usage advertisement

15. Creating an Instagram grid

Use an Instagram grid to show your ad in a bigger picture. With the increasing usage of social media platforms, this trick will be so useful and practical.

Creating an Instagram grid

16.  Creative business cards

Business cards, especially creative ones, are a brilliant way of presenting your business. Depending on what your business is, you can have so many fresh ideas for making your own business card.

Creative business cards

17.  Video advertisements

Another creative advertisement idea is to use inspirational videos to convey your message. By making videos, engage people’s emotions, and for their part, they will share your videos.

Video ads can be used in different ways. You can use it as a TV ad, show it on YouTube ads, or make Instagram reels to share on social media. Before creating the video, make it clear for which platform you want this video ad to be displayed. Based on the platform, you can add different commercial ideas and stories for your video. 

18. Juxtapose imagery

You can easily grab your viewers’ attention by putting your product alongside other images or imagery to make a contextual connection between them.

In the following advertisement sample, you can see the merging of the reader’s face with the book cover.

Juxtapose imagery in advertisements

19. Show, don’t tell

By using the “show, don’t tell” approach, you convey things that words can’t. You must create something to help your audience decide the value of your product or service themselves, without you mentioning it.

In this FedEx advertisement sample, the viewer can see how small the world can be if they transport things with FedEx.

Show advertising concepts

20. Show your benefits

To build brand awareness , show the audience how your product or service makes their lives easier. It also helps people know what to expect from your brand. This advertisement sample shows Volkswagen’s park assist option.

Show your benefits

21. Highlight the problem

By highlighting the problem, remind the audience of their need for your product or service. The following IKEA advertisement is created to highlight the lack of closet space.

Highlight the problem

22. Attack the enemy

Rather than showing the benefits of your product, show your audience the problem itself. In this ad sample, you can see the replacement of teeth with one of its arch enemies.

Attack the enemy

23. Show the individual parts of your product

Make an innovative picture by showing all the individual pieces that make up your product.

Individual parts of your product

24. Exaggeration

To have a memorable ad and make your product or service look far better than what it really is, you can use exaggeration.

In this advertisement sample, the person’s shirt has become so white that it blocks the shadow.

Exaggeration in advertisements

25. Do challenges

Use the power of the internet to promote your brand. Engaging with your audience is essential for having a good advertisement on social media. Do a fun challenge with your co-workers, like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness.

26. Try Misdirection

By using incredible and totally unexpected graphics, make your ad attractive and eye-catching.

The advertisement below grabs your attention with a girl in a bikini, but it is actually about illiteracy.

Misdirection in advertisements

27. Let others advertise for you

If you want to enjoy free advertising, be creative in making ads and make them interesting so that people would like to take a picture of them. People sharing their photos on social media would be an excellent advertisement-free experience for you.

Furthermore, it’s one way to do viral marketing , which is an effective and affordable type of advertising.

Making people share your advertisement

28. Create a mural

Try to obtain permission to paint a large mural on the side of a prominent building. Marketing campaigns can benefit greatly from murals.


29. Hold a contest or giveaway

People love free things but remember that a giveaway only works and generates brand engagement if you ask for something in return. Ask people to follow your brand if they haven’t already, mention your handle, or tag a friend in order to enter. Then wait and enjoy the expansion of your audience.

Hold giveaways to advertise your brand

30. Partner with another brand or account

Start a project together, work together for a good cause, or just feature each other in a sponsored post on your social media accounts. They will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

Check out these brand collaboration examples to get advertising ideas for this type of marketing.

brand partnership example- brand advertisement ideas

31. Feature customer testimonials

One of the free advertising ideas is featuring your customers’ testimonials. The opinion of people who already buy your product or use your service matters when it comes to easy advertising and taking your word of mouth marketing to the next level.

customer testimonials-brand advertising idea

Find devoted advocates for your product by distilling customer feedback into a video or graphic featuring customer testimonials.

32. Write a comprehensive ebook

One of the other creative advertising ideas is writing a thorough digital book on a realized trouble spot or famous industry point, then, at that point, make a quality greeting page around the proposition.

advertisement project ideas

33. Jump on trends and holidays

When the internet hands you lemons, make lemonade. One of the creative advertising ideas is to make the most of the memes and trends that are currently popular by keeping an eye out for them. Do the same for events and holidays.

Jump on trends and holidays

34. Start blogging

One of the free ways of advertising and unique advertisement ideas is sharing relevant content consistently. It significantly affects the order in which your website appears in search results. The higher you are on the page, the more likely customers are to find you.

Brans advertising idea-start blogging

35. Offer to guest blog

One of the advertisement ideas for businesses is to look for opportunities to write guest posts on blogs or websites related to your field. This strategy can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and increase website traffic.


36. Invest in display ads

A display ad is a kind of online advertisement that combines text, images, and a URL that takes a customer to a website where they can learn more about a product or buy it.

For example, Stitch Fix placed a display ad before The New York Times article below.

 display ads

37. Experiment with 3D designs

One of the most creative commercial ideas is creating 3D advertisements, you can attract users who might not otherwise have noticed. These advertisements can be digital, sculptures, or even extensions of billboards.

Experiment with 3D designs to advertise your brand

38. Sell mystery boxes

Do you have a lot of slow-moving products? Sell them as part of a mystery box. Since our brains love surprises, it will be fun for most people to open a box they don’t know what is in it. 

On the other hand, you can show your slow-moving products to more people and make them interested in them. As a result, you can increase the chance of selling more products, at the same time, making your inventory free for new products. 

Mystery boxes increase the fear of missing out which translates into making purchases, and help you shift slow-moving products and create space for more popular and profitable inventory.

An online retailer that sells mystery boxes is Zac’s Sweet Shop. In each mystery box, the brand has a way to move slow-moving or soon-to-expire food products, giving customers the opportunity to try a variety of products at a low price.

sell mystery boxes to advertise your brand

39. Sell gift cards

Selling themed gift cards improves cash flow. You receive the money upfront rather than having to pay costs right away to make or deliver the product to a consumer.

For instance, Starbucks offers gift cards all year long. However, the shop keeps an eye on the news and develops unique gift card designs based on trending themes. Lyrics from Taylor Swift’s new song appeared on a Starbucks gift card just four days after it was released.

 advertisement ideas- sell gift cards

40. Post helpful videos

One of the best advertisment ideas is to post helpful videos. Almost every industry may benefit from video marketing. You can produce the following to make that vital connection with your audience:

  • YouTube tutorials and how-to guides
  • Demos of products
  • Interviewing your employees or industry experts
  • Slideshows with captions and pictures
  • Behind-the-scenes coverage of what it’s like to work at your business


Add a personal or brand-related message, if relevant. Be transparent. Share the video on your website, YouTube and other video hosting sites, social media platforms, and even emails after concluding with a compelling call to action.

41. Distribute Print Ads

This is one of the creative advertising ideas that helps build relationships, bring in a high engagement rate, have flexibility in the placement, and is cost-effective. So create eye-catching flyers, posters, brochures, or newspaper ads to show your design skills.

Distribute Print Ads- Advertisement ideas

42. Utilize Guerrilla Tactics

Guerrilla Advertising concentrates on low-cost marketing efforts that give the maximum results. To entice customers, the campaigns revolve around the element of surprise.

These commercials may be experiential, indoor or outdoor, or even involve an ambush at an event. Below, Yellow Pages used a sculpture to show pedestrians how they can help you find anything.

Utilize Guerrilla Tactics- advertising idea

Remember that advertisements are fundamental to building and presenting your brand to people and gaining a reputation. With fresh advertisement ideas, you can reach your goals and boost sales.

If you want to promote your products and services on social media, you can benefit from influencer marketing. Even when collaborating with influencers, you can still use advertising ideas to create a powerful, creative and compelling presence online.  Join Ainfluencer for free to find influencers in your niche to collaborate with. Then, incorporate these ideas into your ad that you want influencers to share.

Use these advertisement ideas for having a creative ad: 1. Local Advertisement 2. Bus and bus shelter advertising 3. Street advertisements 4. Reference pop cultures 5. Be funny 6. Be artistic 7. Make your audience emotional

A creative idea in advertising refers to choosing an original and interesting idea in your advertisements to capture viewers’ interest and promote your brand. Showing your artistic side, making jingles, and highlighting the problem, are some of the innovative advertisement ideas that would help you.

Advertising can help you introduce your name, product, or whatever you do to your target audience. A great advertisement idea can sell your products and bring you more revenue. That’s why being creative is important in this field.

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Cyrus Nambakhsh

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500 Creative And Cool Advertisement Ideas

  • BY Bogdan Sandu
  • 10 April 2023

advertisement project ideas

In this article, you will find 500 of the most creative advertisement ideas that were used in the past years to promote various brands.

Advertising is all around us day by day, be it in print, online, on billboards, or on TV.

According to some recent research, we’re running across 362 ads per day (brand exposures excluded), but we are not aware of it because only 3% of the ads manage to leave an impression. That makes about 12 advertisement ideas that keep us engaged. A ds on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn need to work extra hard to grab attention and stop people from scrolling away.

Ads on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn need to work extra hard to grab attention and stop people from scrolling away.

Swimming out of this advertising clutter is not as difficult for us as it is for advertisers, who struggle to come up with creative ads for the target audience.

In order to make their ad attractive, creative advertising needs a solid concept and a unique design, so that people will actually pay attention to their layouts and how they present them. In fact, what matters the most for us as viewers, is to remember that a creative ad existed.

To be completely honest, we all approach creative advertising ideas with a certain dose of prejudice, which is the reason why we sometimes underestimate the effort of B2B marketing agency professionals to connect with us in an entertaining way.

The other reason for such an approach is that we’re overwhelmed by advertising ideas that have raised the threshold of expectations, and, as a result, an advertisement needs to be really good to impress us.

Creative-Advertising-Ideas-5 500 Creative And Cool Advertisement Ideas

Begendik Supermarket

begendik_supermarket_busted 500 Creative And Cool Advertisement Ideas

Game of Thrones font examples (Pick one from here)

The black panther font and where you can download it.

500 Creative And Cool Advertisement Ideas

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  • 21 April 2012

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Website Showcase Of Modern Design – 39 Examples

  • 28 October 2015

Hot Mass Communication Project Topics 2023

No.1 Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials

40+ Best Advertising Project Topics in 2023: Pick Now

Find the stress free advertising project topics essential to get good grade in your project. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of project topics covering everything including social media influencer, celebrity endorsement, consumer buying habit etc

Call : 08033061386,  Whatsapp : 07033401559,  Email : [email protected] 

Address: No. 2, His Grace Shopping Complex, Ramat Junction, Ayeekale, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.


100+ Creative Marketing Project Topics for Students

Have you ever been assigned a marketing project topics and felt completely lost on what to choose as your topic? I certainly have. Back in college, I remember dreading the marketing class project that was worth a significant portion of our grade. As a marketing student, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of excitement and anxiety that comes with the prospect of starting a new project. You want to choose a topic that is both interesting and impactful, but with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But we will make this process easier for you by providing you a list of the best Market project ideas. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 100 marketing project ideas that will inspire you and help you develop essential marketing skills. Whether you’re interested in digital marketing, branding, market research, or product development, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. So, let’s dive in and explore these exciting marketing project topics!

Table of Contents

Importance of Choosing the Right Marketing Project Topic

Choosing the right marketing project topic can be the difference between an engaging, impactful project and one that falls flat. A well-chosen topic can make your project stand out, showcase your creativity, and demonstrate your knowledge of marketing principles. On the other hand, a poorly chosen topic can make your project seem unoriginal, uninspiring, and unimpressive.

Choosing a good marketing project topic also has practical implications. It can help you develop skills that are relevant to your future career, such as market research, analysis, and strategic thinking. It can also help you build a portfolio of marketing projects that you can use to showcase your work to potential employers.

Moreover, choosing a marketing project topic that you are passionate about can make the project more enjoyable and fulfilling. It can motivate you to put in more effort, explore new ideas, and take risks.

100+ Market Project Topics For Students

15+ digital marketing project topics.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing Strategies
  • Content Marketing Tactics
  • Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile App Marketing Strategies
  • E-commerce Marketing Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Automation Strategies
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques
  • Web Analytics Analysis
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Listening and Monitoring
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategies

15+ Branding Project Topics

  • Branding Strategies for Startups
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Rebranding Strategies
  • Brand Messaging Development
  • Brand Storytelling Techniques
  • Brand Positioning Analysis
  • Brand Equity Management
  • Brand Guidelines Creation
  • Brand Logo Design and Development
  • Brand Personality Development
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Brand Loyalty Programs
  • Brand Extension Strategies
  • Employer Branding Techniques
  • Brand Naming and Tagline Development
  • Branding for Non-profit Organizations

20+ Market Research Project Topics

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Brand Awareness Studies
  • Brand Perception Research
  • Product Development Research
  • Pricing Strategy Research
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Demographic Research
  • Psychographic Research
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis
  • New Market Entry Research
  • Distribution Channel Research
  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Customer Profiling
  • Ad Testing Research
  • Concept Testing Research
  • Usability Testing Research
  • User Experience (UX) Research

25+ Product Development Project Topics

  • New Product Development Process
  • Product Design and Development
  • Product Line Extensions
  • Product Feature Analysis
  • Product Positioning Research
  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Product Usability Testing
  • Product Prototyping
  • Product Launch Strategies
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development
  • Product Roadmap Planning
  • Product Pricing Strategy Research
  • Product Naming and Branding
  • Product Localization Strategies
  • Product Testing and Validation
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Product Market Fit Analysis
  • Product Sales Forecasting
  • Product Risk Analysis
  • Product Requirements Gathering
  • Product Development Team Management
  • Product Development Outsourcing
  • Product Development Metrics and KPIs
  • Product Development Process Improvement

25+ Advertising and Promotion Project Topics

  • Advertising Campaign Planning
  • Promotional Mix Analysis
  • Social Media Advertising Strategies
  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Sales Promotion Techniques
  • Product Placement and Sponsorship
  • Brand Partnership Strategies
  • Outdoor Advertising Tactics
  • Broadcast Advertising Techniques
  • Print Advertising Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Online Advertising Strategies
  • Mobile Advertising Techniques
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Native Advertising Campaigns
  • Guerrilla Marketing Techniques
  • Buzz Marketing Campaigns
  • Event Marketing Strategies
  • Trade Show and Exhibition Marketing
  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Advertising
  • Branded Entertainment Campaigns
  • Viral Marketing Techniques
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies

How to Choose a Marketing Project Topic

Choosing a marketing project topic can seem daunting, but there are several things you can do to find one that interests you and aligns with your goals. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Brainstorm: Start by brainstorming a list of topics that interest you or that you have experience with. Write down any ideas that come to mind, no matter how unconventional they may seem.
  • Research the market: Do some research to identify gaps or opportunities in the market that you can address through your project. Look at industry reports, competitor analysis, and consumer surveys to identify emerging trends and unmet needs.
  • Consider your interests: Think about what topics or areas of marketing you are particularly interested in or have expertise in. This can help you narrow down your list of potential topics and choose one that you are passionate about.
  • Consult with your professor or advisor: Your professor or academic advisor can provide guidance and feedback on your project topic. They may also have suggestions or resources that can help you develop your project.
  • Test your ideas: Once you have a few potential topics, test them out by conducting some preliminary research or developing a rough outline of your project. This can help you identify which topic is most feasible and interesting to you.

Choosing the right marketing project topic is crucial for a successful and impactful project. It not only showcases your creativity and knowledge of marketing principles but also helps you develop skills that are relevant to your future career. Moreover, selecting a topic that you are passionate about makes the project more enjoyable and fulfilling, motivating you to put in more effort and explore new ideas.

The list of 100+ marketing project ideas provided here can help you find inspiration and narrow down your choices. Remember to brainstorm, research the market, consider your interests, consult with your professor or advisor, and test your ideas before making a final decision. With these steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a marketing project that is both engaging and impactful.

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11 Website Layout Design Examples to Consider for Your Next Project

Published: December 06, 2023

Every business owner wants a unique website that shows quality and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Your website design layout choice is essential in determining whether you’ll achieve these goals.

 person observes website layout

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. With seemingly endless layout options to choose from, it can quickly get overwhelming.

Free Download: 77 Examples of Brilliant Web Design

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of common website layouts. You’ll learn what makes each layout stand out and how to start creating yours.

1. Single-Page Layout

The single-page layout is an uncomplicated layout you can use for your website. This layout fits all the information you want to show your audience on one page. Then, with the aid of clickable texts, link them to other pages containing more information about your brand or business.

Here’s an example of the single-page layout:

Alex Tkachev

advertisement project ideas

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Top Digital Marketing Projects for 2024

Table of Contents

Navigating the world of digital marketing isn't just a theoretical journey—it's all about hands-on experience. From being a beginner to mastering the art, diving into impactful digital marketing projects is the key. If you're starting and wondering where to begin, we've got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through impactful digital marketing projects, providing a clear pathway to help you grow the crucial abilities for a thriving caree­r in this always-changing realm.

Why are Digital Marketing Projects Important?

Digital marketing projects hold significance because they align with the essence of digital marketing, which involves proficiently promoting advertisements across diverse online platforms such as search engines, websites, and social media. Engaging in these projects goes beyond merely assessing one's strengths and weaknesses. It constitutes a hands-on journey that immerses individuals in real-world scenarios. This practical experience is crucial for gaining a deep understanding of and excelling in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing.

Key Tools Required for Digital Marketing Projects

Let's break down five crucial categories of tools that make up the core toolkit for digital marketing projects:

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a powerhouse in modern marketing, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat serving as crucial hubs for engaging with your audience. Beyond the basics, specialized tools like Facebook Ads Manager let marketers run targeted ads and track their performance. Streamlining these efforts are social media management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite, making it easy to schedule posts and understand engagement.

Design Tools

Visual appeal is everything in digital marketing; design tools act as the artist's palette. Canva and Photoshop are standout tools, empowering marketers—regardless of their design skills—to add eye-catching images to their content. These tools are instrumental in creating attention-grabbing ads, social media posts, and blog content.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools act as the GPS, guiding marketers through the digital landscape. From the comprehensive insights of Google Analytics to the detailed metrics from social media analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, these tools provide essential data for refining campaigns. Advanced tools like Periscope offer insights into user demographics, site searches, and conversion metrics.

Content Marketing Tools

Content is king, and tools like CoSchedule and Hubspot rule the realm of content marketing. These platforms help identify content opportunities and simplify the creation and curation process. By aiding in the crafting of engaging blog and social media posts, these tools ensure your content resonates with your target audience. Buffer's added feature of monitoring social media conversations amplifies the impact, grabbing attention for specific events or news stories.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing remains a cornerstone strategy, and dedicated tools make the process smoother. Platforms like MailChimp and Iterable provide a solid foundation for building email lists and automating campaigns. Marketers can dig into detailed analytics for each email campaign, making testing and optimization a breeze. These tools are vital for creating compelling email campaigns encouraging user engagement, whether signing up for events or making product purchases.

7 Digital Marketing Projects Ideas

Now that you're familiar with the tools and significance of digital marketing projects, here is a list of 7 ideas to kickstart your exploration:

1. Optimizing ROI for Digital Marketing Strategies

This project involves interacting with companies to assess their digital marketing budgets and corresponding return on investment (ROI). You enhance your analytical skills by collecting and analyzing metrics such as Future Value, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return. This project is a valuable addition to your resume, showcasing your capability to comprehend and improve the financial impact of digital marketing strategies.

2. Customer Satisfaction in Digital Marketing

Recognizing customer satisfaction is essential for the prosperity of any digital marketing agency. By implementing a customer satisfaction survey, you can acquire practical insights into evaluating the efficacy of various digital marketing strategies. Analyzing client feedback enables the identification of approaches that yield immediate satisfaction, providing valuable perspectives on the multifaceted realm of digital marketing.

3. Strategic Analysis with Google DoubleClick

Explore how Google DoubleClick, with its integrated advertising platform, benefits new product launches. Investigate the integration of digital marketing campaigns across various online media channels using DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DDM). This project helps you understand how DDM can create initial hype for a new product, covering the entire internet and establishing a solid digital presence.

4. Google Search Engine Marketing Case Studies

Dive into search engine marketing by conducting a case study analysis. Explore different SEO strategies and their impact on ranking a client's website on Google search results. This project allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO techniques in driving organic search traffic and converting leads into sales, providing practical insights into search engine marketing.

5. Social Media Strategies for Shopping Carts

Develop a project focused on social media strategies, particularly in the context of online shopping carts. Explore advanced digital marketing strategies such as remarketing and retargeting on platforms like Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook Pixel. Analyze how these strategies can re-engage users who showed interest in products but didn't complete their purchase, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

6. Comparative Analysis of Traditional and Digital Marketing

This project closely examines the differences between traditional and digital marketing strategies, along with the resulting returns. Various aspects can be analyzed, including the overall expenses incurred in marketing, the capacity to measure Return on Investment (ROI), the ability to gather feedback, the conversion ratio of leads to customers, and the level of interaction with the target audience. A comprehensive understanding of the distinctions between traditional and digital marketing practices can be gained by scrutinizing these elements.

7. Facebook Analytics for Targeted Marketing

Explore the powerful tool of Facebook Analytics for a targeted marketing approach. Dive into the intricacies of understanding a user's journey across various Facebook channels, including desktop, mobile apps, messenger, and Facebook Lite. This project equips you with the skills to analyze Ad viewers at a granular level, offering valuable insights for optimizing targeted marketing strategies.

In conclusion, diving into these digital marketing projects not only enhances your practical skills but also provides valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of the field. As you embark on these hands-on endeavors, remember that the knowledge gained from executing real-world projects is irreplaceable in the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing.

If you want to deepen your understanding and skills in digital marketing, consider exploring Simplilearn's PG Program in Digital Marketing . This comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to thrive in digital marketing. With a focus on practical applications and industry-relevant concepts, Simplilearn ensures you are well-prepared for a successful career in this dynamic and competitive field. Take the next step in your digital marketing journey with Simplilearn's trusted guidance and comprehensive learning resources.

1. What are the most effective Digital Marketing strategies? 

Effective digital marketing involves keeping clients happy through surveys, understanding budget and returns with ROI analysis, exploring SEO through case studies, using social media for online shopping, comparing traditional and digital marketing, and fine-tuning strategies with Facebook Analytics.

2. How do you measure the success of digital marketing projects?

To measure success, look at ROI, customer feedback, and financial metrics like Future Value. For search engine marketing, see how SEO impacts organic traffic and lead conversion. In social media, success means re-engaging users and boosting conversion rates using advanced techniques like remarketing and retargeting. The metrics depend on the specific goals of each project.

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60+ Marketing Related Project Ideas: Every Marketer Must Know

Marketing Related Project Ideas

Are you looking for marketing related project ideas, if so then you are at the right place. However, marketing is crucial to any business, whether a small start-up or a large corporation. Effective marketing strategies can help businesses reach new customers, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue growth. However, developing and executing successful marketing campaigns can be challenging with the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behaviour, technology, and competition.

This blog will explore 60+ marketing related project ideas that can be effective strategies for marketing success.

What is Marketing?

Table of Contents

Marketing refers to promoting and selling products or services to customers. It involves identifying customer needs and preferences, creating products or services that meet them, and promoting them effectively to reach the target audience.

Marketing encompasses various activities, including market research, product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution. It also involves developing and maintaining strong customer relationships and analyzing and adapting to changes in the marketplace and consumer behavior.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate revenue and profit for a business by satisfying customer needs and wants. Effective marketing strategies can help businesses increase their customer base, build brand loyalty, and achieve their objectives.

Role of Marketing Projects

A marketing project is crucial in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. Marketing projects are typically designed to address a specific marketing challenge or opportunity, such as launching a new product, increasing brand awareness, or entering a new market.

Some of the key roles of a marketing project include:

1. Identifying Customer Needs And Preferences

A marketing project can help businesses gather information about their target audience, including their needs, preferences, and purchasing behavior. This information can be used to develop more effective marketing strategies and tactics.

2. Developing Marketing Strategies And Tactics

 A marketing project can help businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies and tactics, such as advertising, promotions, and social media campaigns. These strategies can help businesses reach their target audience and generate more leads and sales.

3. Measuring And Analyzing Marketing Performance

A marketing project can help businesses track and measure their marketing performance, including metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and customer engagement. This data can be used to refine marketing strategies and improve overall performance.

4. Building Brand Awareness And Loyalty

A marketing project can help businesses build brand awareness and loyalty among their target audience. By developing and implementing effective branding strategies, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and create a strong connection with their customers.

Here in this section, we will tell you more than 60+ marketing related project ideas. Read all the marketing related project ideas if you want to become a good marketer. 

1. Social Media Marketing Campaign

Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting your ideal customer profile on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Email Marketing Campaign

Create an email marketing campaign that engages your subscribers with valuable content and promotions.

3. Influencer Marketing Campaign 

Partner with influencers in your industry to promote your products or services to their followers.

4. Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a content marketing strategy that includes blog posts, videos, and other types of content to engage and educate your target audience.

5. Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Strategy

Improve your website’s visibility in search engine results by developing an SEO strategy that includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

6. Pay-Per-Click (Ppc) Advertising Campaign

Create a PPC advertising campaign on platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads to drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

7. Customer Referral Program

Implement a customer referral program that incentivizes customers to refer their friends and family to your business.

8. Trade Show Participation

Participate in trade shows and other industry events to showcase your products or services and network with potential customers.

9. Product Launch Campaign

Develop a product launch campaign that builds excitement and anticipation for your new product or service.

10. Branding And Logo Design

Develop a new branding strategy and logo design that reflects your business’s values and mission.

11. Customer Retention Program

Create a loyalty program that rewards loyal customers and incentivizes them to continue doing business with you.

12. Mobile App Development

Develop a mobile app that makes it easier for customers to interact with your business and access your products or services.

13. Web Design And Development

Redesign your website to improve its usability, functionality, and aesthetics.

14. Social Media Advertising Campaign 

Create a social media campaign on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach a broader audience.

15. Market Research

Conduct market research to understand your target audience’s needs, preferences, and purchasing behavior.

16. Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer base based on demographics, psychographics, or behavior to effectively target your marketing efforts.

17. Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize your sales funnel to improve conversion rates and generate more revenue.

18. Customer Journey Mapping

Map out the customer journey to identify areas where you can improve the customer experience and drive more sales.

19. Video Marketing Campaign

Create a video marketing campaign that engages and educates your target audience through entertaining and informative videos.

20. Podcast Marketing Campaign

Launch a podcast that discusses topics related to your industry and promotes your products or services.

21. Event Marketing Campaign

Plan and execute an event marketing campaign that promotes your business and generates leads.

22. Loyalty Program

Implement a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers with exclusive perks and discounts.

23. Employee Advocacy Program 

Encourage your employees to become brand ambassadors and promote your business on social media and other channels.

24. Public Relations Campaign 

Develop a public relations campaign that generates positive media coverage and enhances your brand’s reputation.

25. User-Generated Content Campaign

Encourage your customers to create and share user-generated content that promotes your products or services.

26. Cross-Promotion Campaign 

Partner with other businesses in your industry to cross-promote each other’s products or services.

27. Customer Feedback Program 

Implement a customer feedback program that gathers and uses it to improve your products or services.

28. Affiliate Marketing Program

Partner with affiliate marketers who promote your products or services to their audiences in exchange for a commission.

29. Localization Strategy

Develop a localization strategy that tailors your marketing efforts to different geographic regions and cultures.

30. Website Personalization

Personalize your website’s content and user experience based on visitors’ browsing history, location, and other data points to increase engagement and conversion rates.

31. Chatbot Implementation

Implement a chatbot on your website or social media channels to provide quick and personalized customer support and answer frequently asked questions.

32. Customer Advocacy Program

Create a customer advocacy program that rewards loyal customers for promoting your business and referring new customers.

33. Community Building 

Build an online or offline community around your brand or industry to foster engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

34. Cause Marketing Campaign 

Develop a cause marketing campaign that aligns your brand with a social or environmental cause and resonates with your target audience’s values.

35. Branded Content Partnership 

Partner with publishers or other businesses to create branded content that provides value to your target audience and promotes your brand.

36. User Experience (Ux) Design 

Improve your website or mobile app’s UX design to enhance usability, navigation, and user satisfaction.

37. Product Bundling And Upselling 

Offer product bundles or upsell opportunities to increase your average order value and revenue per customer.

38. Interactive Content Marketing 

Create interactive content such as quizzes, calculators, and games that engage and educate your target audience.

39. Customer Onboarding Program

Develop a customer onboarding program that provides new customers with a seamless and personalized experience and sets them up for success with your product or service.

40. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Implement an ABM strategy that targets high-value accounts or customers and delivers personalized marketing messages and experiences.

41. Virtual Reality Marketing Experience

Create an immersive VR experience that allows customers to interact with your products or services.

42. Augmented Reality Product Catalog

Develop an AR app that enables customers to visualize and try out your products in their own environment.

43. Gamification Campaign

Design a game-based marketing campaign where customers earn rewards or discounts by completing specific tasks or challenges.

44. Voice Search Optimization

Optimize your website and content for voice search queries to capture traffic from voice-enabled devices like smart speakers.

45. Personalized Packaging

Enhance customer experience by creating personalized packaging or adding custom messages to surprise and delight customers.

46. Micro-Moments Marketing

Identify key micro-moments in the customer journey and develop targeted campaigns or content to address those specific needs.

47. Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Use geolocation technology to deliver targeted ads or offers to customers based on their physical location.

48. Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Monitor social media platforms and online forums to gather insights about your target audience’s preferences, needs, and sentiment towards your brand.

49. Cause Marketing Campaign

Partner with a nonprofit organization or support a social cause, aligning your brand with a purpose and giving back to the community.

50. Interactive Live Webinars

Host live webinars where participants can ask questions, participate in polls, and engage in real-time discussions.

51. Subscription Box Service

Create a subscription box service that delivers curated products to customers on a regular basis, providing a unique and convenient shopping experience.

52. Data-Driven Personalization

Leverage customer data and behavior to deliver personalized marketing messages, offers, and recommendations.

53. Experiential Marketing Pop-up

Set up a temporary physical space where customers can experience your brand through interactive installations, workshops, or product demos.

54. Virtual Trade Show

Host a virtual trade show where businesses can showcase their products or services to a global audience.

55. Virtual Product Launch

Host a virtual event to unveil and showcase a new product, complete with interactive presentations, demos, and Q&A sessions.

56. Interactive Packaging

Incorporate interactive elements, such as free QR code or augmented reality, into your product packaging to provide additional content or a unique user experience.

57. Social Media Storytelling Campaign

Develop a series of engaging and compelling stories on social media platforms that highlight your brand values, mission, or behind-the-scenes content.

58. Branded Podcast

Create a podcast that focuses on topics related to your industry or niche, providing valuable insights and establishing your brand as a thought leader.

59. AI-powered Chatbot Marketing

Utilize artificial intelligence to develop advanced chatbots that can engage with customers, answer inquiries, and provide personalized recommendations.

60. Interactive Digital Signage

Use interactive digital signage in public spaces or events to capture attention, deliver targeted messages, and collect customer data.

61. Partnership with Local Artists or Designers

Collaborate with local artists or designers to create limited-edition or co-branded products that generate buzz and attract new customers.

  • What is retail marketing
  • Research Topics for Marketing By Experts

Elements of Marketing Projects

Marketing projects typically involve several key elements, each important in achieving the project’s objectives. Here are some of the key elements of a marketing project:

advertisement project ideas

1. Project Objectives

The objectives define what the marketing project intends to achieve. This may include increasing sales, improving brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or entering a new market.

2. Target Audience

The target audience refers to the people or businesses the marketing project intends to reach. Defining the target audience is essential to ensure the project’s messaging, branding, and tactics align with their needs and preferences.

3. Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy outlines the project’s approach to achieve its objectives. This may include tactics such as advertising, public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing.

The budget outlines the financial resources available to the project. This includes creative development, media buying, and other marketing expenses.

5. Timeline

The timeline outlines the project’s schedule and deadlines. This ensures the project stays on track and all tasks are completed on time.

6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs measure the project’s success in achieving its objectives. This may include metrics such as website traffic , conversion rates, social media engagement, or customer acquisition costs.

7. Creative Assets

Creative assets refer to the visual and messaging components of the project, such as advertising copy, branding, and visual design. These assets are designed to capture the target audience’s attention and effectively communicate the project’s messaging.

Things to Consider While Doing Marketing Project

Creating a successful marketing project requires careful planning and execution. Here are some of the key things to consider while doing a marketing project:

1. Define Project Objectives

Before beginning any marketing project, it’s essential to define them clearly. This involves understanding what you want to achieve through the project and setting measurable goals aligning with your business objectives.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is critical to developing effective marketing strategies and tactics. Conduct market research to identify your ideal customer profile and tailor your messaging and tactics to resonate with their needs and preferences.

3. Develop A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Based on your project objectives and target audience, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that outlines the tactics you’ll use to achieve your goals. Consider incorporating traditional and digital marketing tactics to reach your target audience effectively.

4. Set A Realistic Budget

Developing an effective marketing project requires a budget considering the costs of creative development, media buying, and other marketing expenses. Set a realistic budget that aligns with your business goals and resources.

5. Establish A Clear Timeline

Creating a marketing project involves multiple tasks that must be completed within a specific timeframe. Establish a clear timeline that outlines the project’s milestones and deadlines.

6. Monitor And Measure Performance

Track and measure the project’s performance against the established KPIs to identify what’s working and needs improvement. Regularly analyze the data and adjust your tactics to improve the project’s effectiveness.

7. Leverage Data And Insights

Incorporate data and insights into your marketing project to inform your decision-making and improve your outcomes. Use data to identify emerging trends and insights to refine your strategies and tactics.

Ways to Find Best Marketing Related Project Ideas

Here are some ways to find the best marketing related project ideas:

1. Conduct Market Research

Conduct market research to identify gaps in the market, unmet customer needs, and emerging trends. Use this information to brainstorm project ideas that address these gaps and needs.

2. Analyze Your Competition

Analyze your competition’s marketing strategies and identify areas where you can differentiate yourself. Use this information to generate project ideas that stand out from your competitors.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience on social media, email, or other channels to understand their needs, pain points, and preferences. Use this information to develop projects that address their needs and preferences.

4. Analyze Your Data

Analyze your marketing data to identify areas where you can improve your performance. For example, you may notice that your email open rates are low, indicating a need for a new email marketing campaign.

5. Look For Inspiration

Look for inspiration from other industries or brands that are doing innovative and successful marketing. Use this inspiration to generate new ideas that are relevant to your business.

6. Attend Industry Events

Attend industry events such as conferences, webinars, or workshops to learn about the latest trends and best practices. Use this knowledge to develop projects that leverage these trends and practices.

7. Brainstorm With Your Team

Brainstorm project ideas with your team to leverage their expertise and insights. Encourage an open and creative environment where everyone can contribute ideas.

This is the end of this post which is about marketing related project ideas. On the other hand, businesses can undertake countless marketing related project ideas to improve their marketing effectiveness and achieve success. By utilizing the right strategies and techniques, businesses can increase brand awareness, engage with their target audience, generate leads, and drive revenue. It is important to conduct thorough research, analyze data, and seek inspiration to generate the best marketing related project ideas for your business. 

Additionally, implementing these projects requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure they achieve the desired results. By prioritizing marketing effectiveness and leveraging the power of innovative and creative marketing strategies, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success.

Q1. What are some creative marketing project ideas for small businesses?

a) Designing and implementing a guerrilla marketing campaign to create buzz and attract attention. b) Creating and distributing personalized direct mail or email campaigns to targeted customer segments. c) Organizing a local event or workshop to showcase products/services and engage with the community. d) Collaborating with complementary businesses for cross-promotion and co-branded campaigns.

Q2. How can I leverage digital marketing for my project?

a) Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve website visibility and organic traffic. b) Develop a content marketing strategy by creating valuable and relevant blog posts, videos, or infographics. c) Run targeted online advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads or social media platforms. d) Leverage social media platforms to engage with customers, share content, and run promotional campaigns.

Q3. Are there any low-budget marketing project ideas for startups?

a) Utilise the power of social media marketing by creating compelling content and engaging with the audience. b) Implement a customer referral program to incentivize existing customers to refer new ones. c) Collaborate with local or micro-influencers who use your brand values and target audience. d) Leverage email marketing by building a subscriber list and sending targeted, personalized emails to customers.

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    10 minutes Trouble coming up with marketing campaign ideas? Hey, we hear you. Growing your business and keeping revenue rolling in means consistently crafting posts and promotions. But motivation can be hard to come by. This is especially true if your recent marketing push fell flat or your engagement rate is low. The reality?

  4. 75 brilliant and inspirational advertisements that will change the way

    75. Embrace the future and new tools. In Israel, BMW is the only car brand to have chosen a female representative and public "face" of their brand, actress Ayelet Zurer. With the launch of the advanced AI software program, DALLE-2, BMW decided to use this technology to craft this ad.

  5. 50 Great Advertisement Ideas For You to Get Inspired From

    1. Prestige Strong Handles Billboard How to showcase a product's advantages? Here's a creative way you could do that with a billboard. 2. Bic Creative Billboard Idea An all-time classic billboard inspiration from Bic, where the lawn and the context say more than the billboard itself. 3. Creative Use Of The Billboard Transparency - Koleston Naturals

  6. 30 advertisement case studies and design tips

    If you're looking to adopt some advertising ideas, or even if you're creating an ad of your own, come with us as we have a look at 30 examples of beautifully created advertising case studies that each have plenty of wisdom and design tips that you can incorporate in a poster or rack card. 01. Keep It Simple.

  7. 42 Best Creative Advertising Ideas to Get Inspiration

    42 Best Creative Advertising Ideas to Get Inspiration by Shiv Gupta updated on December 9, 2023 LET'S GET STARTED [ hide] 1 What Is Creative Advertising? 1.1 Greenpeace Canada- Don't Suck Life From the Ocean 1.2 World Wildlife Fund (WWF)- Sharks 1.3 LEGO - Build the Future 1.4 The Economist- Light Bulb 1.5 FedEx- China- Australia

  8. 40+ Creative Advertising Ideas for Fast Growth

    Marketing Topics ecommerce promotion video marketing In the era of digital marketing, often, what you need to stand out from the crowd is not a bigger advertising budget but a more creative strategy. In fact, no amount of funds can make up for creativity, while creativity can make up for a tight budget.

  9. 20 Best Advertisement Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

    12 min read There are tons of brands out there, and new ones cropping up every day, with many of them competing for the attention of your audience. All the hard work you put into creating a website is a big step in setting your brand apart. But your site can't do all the work alone.

  10. 37 Advertising Ideas To Jumpstart Your Campaign

    15. Publish An Employee Spotlight. Use employee spotlights to highlight the success of a valued employee and advertise how great your company is. Tell the story of your company through the eyes of an employee. This marketing idea allows people to engage more with your brand and can even lead to more sales.

  11. 70 Creative Advertisement Ideas To Help Increase Sales

    This can help you make your products feel more relatable and timely to your audience. 6. Humor. Using humor in advertisements, whether visually or in words, may help evoke emotions in the target audience. This can help them associate a brand with fun or amusement. The good feeling may encourage them to make a purchase.

  12. The 23 Most Impactful Advertising Campaign Examples Ever

    1. Nike: Just Do It Campaign In the 1980s, Nike's biggest competitor was outselling the now-famous athletic brand. Nike was advertising almost exclusively to marathon runners, and it was losing the race. Enter "Just Do It": the advertising campaign designed with everyone in mind.

  13. Advertisement Project Ideas: Sparking Creativity And Driving Sales

    Overall, there is a wide range of advertisement project ideas available, each with their own unique approach to capturing the public's attention. Key Points: Creative billboard ads with unique shapes or packaging (e.g. Bic, Prestige, and DHL) Utilizing buses and trucks as billboards;

  14. How to Make an Ad: A 15-Step Guide [+Expert Tips]

    Take a look at our comprehensive guide on how to make an ad, with expert tips ranging from conducting market research to developing creative assets. Skip to content English: Select a language 日本語 Deutsch English Español Português Français High Contrast

  15. 23 Creative Advertising Ideas That Actually Work

    23 Creative Advertising Ideas That Actually Work Mary Lister Last Updated: October 17, 2023 | Marketing Ideas Home — Blog — 23 Creative Advertising Ideas That Actually Work Per a report from SJ Insights, people are exposed to an average of 5,000 advertisements and brands per day.

  16. How to Stay Creative

    Sometimes, to get a creative advertising idea, all you have to do is take a second look at your brand's slogan. You might find image advertisement ideas that you previously missed. Here's a beautiful example from KitKat, where the "Have a break, have a KitKat" slogan is represented with just a few icons. Image Source. 24. Be Clear ...

  17. 40+ Smart Advertising Ideas To Grow Your Brand [2023 Update]

    Distribute Print Ads. This is one of the creative advertising ideas that helps build relationships, bring in a high engagement rate, have flexibility in the placement, and is cost-effective. So create eye-catching flyers, posters, brochures, or newspaper ads to show your design skills. 42. Utilize Guerrilla Tactics.

  18. Marketing Campaign Ideas: 35 Proven Ideas And Examples To ...

    11 More Successful Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas. 25. Coca Cola: "Share A Coke". Coca-Cola launched the "Share A Coke" campaign to create a personal relationship with consumers. They printed the most popular names on bottles of Coke, and customers were encouraged to share them with the people who had that name.

  19. Advertisement Ideas: 500 Creative And Cool Advertisements

    10 April 2023 In this article, you will find 500 of the most creative advertisement ideas that were used in the past years to promote various brands. Advertising is all around us day by day, be it in print, online, on billboards, or on TV.

  20. 40+ Best Advertising Project Topics in 2023: Pick Now

    40+ Best Advertising Project Topics in 2023: Pick Now Find the stress free advertising project topics essential to get good grade in your project. We've compiled a comprehensive list of project topics covering everything including social media influencer, celebrity endorsement, consumer buying habit etc ADVERTISING PROJECT TOPICS

  21. 30 Innovative And Good Advertisement Ideas for School Project

    Check out good advertisment ideas for school project:- Storybook Poster Develop a poster that unfolds like a storybook, with each section revealing a different chapter of your project. Include engaging visuals, captions, and a cohesive narrative. Interactive Timeline Create an interactive timeline showcasing the evolution of your project.

  22. 100+ Creative Marketing Project Topics for Students

    In this article, we've compiled a list of over 100 marketing project ideas that will inspire you and help you develop essential marketing skills. Whether you're interested in digital marketing, branding, market research, or product development, you'll find plenty of options to choose from.

  23. 824 Best Advertisement Ideas & Inspiration in December 2023

    824 Best Advertisement Ideas & Inspiration in December 2023 | Designhill. Book a Free Design Consultation. 119294. 162. Branding Branding of an ice cream called Scoop Woop. (2 Flavours) Hire Designer. Atscreativehub. 109253. 152.

  24. How to Write a Winning Marketing Proposal (with Templates!)

    7. Canva's marketing proposal template gallery. Canva's marketing proposal template gallery offers tons of attractive designs to choose from. The templates are in portrait style but you change the dimensions to be landscape for a slide deck style. Some of them even have example text to help.

  25. 11 Website Layout Design Examples to Consider for Your Next Project

    8. Static Sidebar/Navigation Bar Layout. The static sidebar or navigation bar layout is another style that is easy to design and usually takes one page. Try the static sidebar/navigation bar website layout if you run an online kitchen or a restaurant, or if your site will include many categories.

  26. Top Digital Marketing Projects: Revolutionizing the Web

    Now that you're familiar with the tools and significance of digital marketing projects, here is a list of 7 ideas to kickstart your exploration: 1. Optimizing ROI for Digital Marketing Strategies. This project involves interacting with companies to assess their digital marketing budgets and corresponding return on investment (ROI).

  27. 60+ Marketing Related Project Ideas: Every Marketer Must Know

    60+ Marketing Related Project Ideas: Every Marketer Must Know 1. Social Media Marketing Campaign 2. Email Marketing Campaign 3. Influencer Marketing Campaign 4. Content Marketing Strategy 5. Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Strategy 6. Pay-Per-Click (Ppc) Advertising Campaign 7. Customer Referral Program 8. Trade Show Participation 9.