1. Extra Credit Math Projects by Mary Carr

    extra credit ideas for high school

  2. High School Credit Planner

    extra credit ideas for high school

  3. 5 Extra Credit Activities That Promote Engaged Learning

    extra credit ideas for high school

  4. Enriching Extra Credit Assignments that Support Student Learning

    extra credit ideas for high school

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    extra credit ideas for high school

  6. Guide to Giving High School Credits

    extra credit ideas for high school


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  1. Extra Credit Assignment Ideas that Support Student Learning

    You might be looking for extra credit assignment ideas, or maybe you're wondering if extra credit should be allowed in the first place. Maybe you find last-minute requests annoying - grading extra credit projects can be frustrating and confusing! In this blog post, you'll learn reasons to consider extra credit in your classroom. You'll also receive some extra credit ideas, along with some ...

  2. 5 Extra Credit Activities That Promote Engaged Learning

    2. Less than a third will attempt more than one option, and they are often the ones that don't even need extra credit. 3. It's rare for a student to earn the max number of points for any of the activities because of how much extra effort and work I expect from them in order to gain these points. 4.

  3. 2019 Extra Credit Ideas

    2019 Extra Credit Ideas. You've officially made it past the halfway point of the school year! As we near the summer months and the end of the current grade level for your students, you're likely to start hearing requests for extra credit assignments. Students tend to get into panic mode around March and April and start stressing about their ...

  4. Printable Extra Credit Questions for Your Final Exams

    All we know is that you're building up some serious street cred by including a silly extra credit question on your next assessment. Promise. Bookmark this post, and you'll thank us for it. Of course, use your discretion and adapt these ideas to best fit your students' level and ability. Get the printable big list of extra credit questions ...

  5. How to Get Extra Credits in High School: An Expert Guide

    Map out a schedule: Work with your guidance counselor to balance dual credit offerings with existing high school graduation requirements. 3. Take Online Classes for Flexible Credit. Online high school classes are a flexible, self-paced route to accumulating additional credits.

  6. Secondary Science Extra Credit Opportunities That Are Actually

    Here are a list of extra credit opportunities that are actually worthwhile (opposed to bringing in boxes of tissues or cleaning your lab tables!) Some require more effort than others, so you can decide how much each assignment should be worth.

  7. Complete Guide to High School Extracurricular Activities ...

    For example, admissions departments see a large volume of applicants who played on their school's varsity basketball team, but only 48 students are chosen to play in the McDonald's All-Americans Basketball Game. At CollegeVine, we divide students' extracurricular activities into four tiers when building their profile, with one being the ...

  8. How To Get Extra Credit In High School

    Earning extra credit in high school is a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their dedication, knowledge, and commitment to their education. By implementing the strategies mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of earning those valuable extra points and improving your overall academic performance.

  9. How to Make Extra Credit Your Students' Responsibility

    Principle 2: Extra credit must be completed within a specific time frame. Most students wait until the last minute to ask for extra credit. Make students aware of when they can and cannot submit proposals. For example, I don't allow students to submit extra credit during the last two weeks of a marking period.

  10. Nine Ways to Assign Extra Credit with the Gilder Lehrman Institute

    Nine Ways to Assign Extra Credit with the Gilder Lehrman Institute | We know that teachers are facing extraordinary challenges this school year and the Gilder Lehrman Institute would like to help carry the load by being an aid to teachers who are trying to keep their most committed students engaged. Our Teacher Advisory Group and staff present a list of nine ways that you can use GLI resources ...

  11. Teaching with Extra Credit

    Extra credit opportunities can often ease the circumstances of these situations, allowing students a chance to further enrich their schooling. However, educators have different opinions about the effectiveness of such a practice. ... Middle School Ideas: This resource from ProTeacher Collection lists 10 examples of extra credits that one ...

  12. PDF Creating Extra Credit Assignments That Challenge, Inspire, and Empower

    Table 1: Description of Extra Credit Project Options. Students may choose one assignment from each category. The extra credit assignments are usually open-ended and intentionally vague. Students completing extra credit from Category 1 can earn between 0.5 and 1% added to their total grade. Category 2 assignments are more laborious and require

  13. I need extra credit activity ideas. : r/Professors

    SpicyAbsinthe. ADMIN MOD. I need extra credit activity ideas. In normal semesters, I usually have an optional activity for my students to get some extra credit. Now, here's the thing: I usually have them do something that benefits them or the community (volunteering, running a 5k with a cause, attending a mental health talk, etc.).

  14. 9 Bonus Questions You Need to Add to Your Final Exam Right Now

    Bonus question #7: Free Response. In the space below, draw a picture of Santa Claus, but replace his reindeer with very large ducks. Bonus question #8: Free Response. In the space below, write a haiku that uses the words "ravioli," "spaceship," and "hamster.". Double bonus points if you can make it sad. Bonus question #9: Free Response.

  15. How to Get High School Credits Online: A Guide to Flexible Education

    Earning high school credits online has become an increasingly popular and flexible option for students. Whether you want to accelerate your education, make up missed credits, get extra credits in online high school, or explore additional subjects, online courses offer a convenient way to achieve your goals. In this guide, we'll walk you through ...

  16. Complete List of Extracurricular Activities: 100s of Examples

    Sports and Recreation. You probably already know about the sports teams at your schools, but there are also many opportunities to participate outside of those. Try doing extramural sports, join a club league in your community, or consider coaching a youth team. Baseball and softball. Basketball.

  17. A professor explains why she offers extra credit in her classes (opinion)

    A seemingly small matter like extra credit is likely to remain a big controversy among educators, so the more ideas and approaches for handling it, the better. Here, I address the reasons to support the offering of extra credit as well as some ways that we can create parameters for extra credit that enable us to continue to uphold high standards.

  18. Extra Credit Ideas?

    Aug 9, 2010. We're actually not allowed to give extra credit anymore-- school policy. But, even when it was allowed, I gave 3 points at the end of at test, to keep the early finishers busy. It was anything from current events to a brain teaser, to figuring out the words behind abbreviations like FDA and CIA. To be honest, I'm not a fan of big ...

  19. Should I Offer Extra Credit in my Classes?

    1. It Can Motivate Students. One reason teachers choose to offer extra credit is to increase student motivation. If students are given the opportunity to earn a few extra points on their own terms ...

  20. The Big List of Funny Extra Credit Questions

    Extra credit is often used as a motivational tool by educators to encourage students' participation and engagement in the learning process. More specifically, some teachers incorporate humor into their extra credit questions to create a fun and lighthearted classroom environment. In this article, we will explore a big list of funny extra ...

  21. 10 Extra Credit Questions You'll Never Believe Actual ...

    You've Been Rick Rolled. Okay, so this wasn't extra credit, but it was so easy, it might as well have been! 4. Be Impressive. This is actually kind of intimidating. Also, coolest teacher ever. 5 ...

  22. Extra Credit Questions From A Hilarious Professor

    This refers to the insurance company's ad campaign, and the test-taker earned a two-point boost for correctly answering "khakis." Imgur / Milkha. One of our very favorite questions reads ...

  23. Finally got the "can I do extra credit work" student

    I'm currently grading a semi-extra credit essay. The students can either do 3 equally weighted essays or 4 equally weighted essays and this is number 4. Its only the low B and high C average students who turned in the 4th essay, plus one overachieving A student.

  24. 15 Ways to Make Money in High School

    Photo Credit: Shutterstock. 6. Selling Handmade Products. Students who are creative and skilled in crafts, such as jewelry making, sewing, or art, can make money by selling their creations ...