Never forget a class or assignment again.

Unlock your potential and manage your classes, tasks and exams with mystudylife- the world's #1 student planner and school organizer app..

school timetable app hourly planner

School planner and organizer

The MyStudyLife planner app supports rotation schedules, as well as traditional weekly schedules. MSL allows you to enter your school subjects, organize your workload, and enter information about your classes – all so you can effortlessly keep on track of your school calendar.

Homework planner and task tracker

Become a master of task management by tracking every single task with our online planner – no matter how big or small.

Stay on top of your workload by receiving notifications of upcoming classes, assignments or exams, as well as incomplete tasks, on all your devices.

homework reminder

“Featuring a clean interface, MyStudyLife offers a comprehensive palette of schedules, timetables and personalized notifications that sync across multiple devices.”

” My Study Life is a calendar app designed specifically for students. As well as showing you your weekly timetable– with support for rotations – you can add exams, essay deadlines and reminders, and keep a list of all the tasks you need to complete. It also works on the web, so you can log in and check your schedule from any device.”

“MyStudyLife is a great study planner app that makes it simple for students to add assignments, classes, and tests to a standard weekly schedule.”

“I cannot recommend this platform enough. My Study Life is the perfect online planner to keep track of your classes and assignments. I like to use both the website and the mobile app so I can use it on my phone and computer! I do not go a single day without using this platform–go check it out!!”

“Staying organized is a critical part of being a disciplined student, and the MyStudyLife app is an excellent organizer.”

homework reminder

The ultimate study app

The MyStudyLife student planner helps you keep track of all your classes, tasks, assignments and exams – anywhere, on any device.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college MyStudyLife’s online school agenda will organize your school life for you for less stress, more productivity, and ultimately, better grades.  

school planner

Take control of your day with MyStudyLife

homework reminder

Stay on top of your studies. Organize tasks, set reminders, and get better grades, one day at a time.

homework reminder

We get it- student life can be busy. Start each day with the confidence that nothing important will be forgotten, so that you can stay focused and get more done.

homework reminder

Track your class schedule on your phone or computer, online or offline, so that you always know where you’re meant to be.

homework reminder

Shift your focus back to your goals, knowing that MyStudyLife has your back with timely reminders that make success the main event of your day

homework reminder

Say goodbye to last minute stress with MyStudyLife’s homework planner to make procrastination a thing of the past.

homework reminder

Coming soon!

MyStudyLife has lots of exciting changes and features in the works. Stay tuned!

Stay on track on all of your devices.

All your tasks are automatically synced across all your devices, instantly.

school timetable app hourly planner

Trusted by millions of students around the world.

homework reminder

School can be hard. MyStudyLife makes it easier.

Our easy-to-use online study planner app is available on the App Store, the Google Play Store and can be used on desktop. This means that you can use MyStudyLife anywhere and on any device.

Discover more on the MyStudyLife blog

See how MyStudyLife can help organize your life.

JEE Main 2024: Best Tips, Study Plan & Timetable

JEE Main 2024: Best Tips, Study Plan & Timetable

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Top 7 Homework Planner Apps for Students

Whether you are attending classes, completing your assignments, studying for a quiz, project work, extra-curricular activities, or squeezing some time for friends and family. You’d agree that organizing and planning goes a long way. That’s why a homework organizer or a homework planner app can be a lifesaver to keep track of all your assignments, tests, submission deadlines, and exams. I did the research and shortlisted the perfect homework planner apps for Android and iOS. Let’s check those out.

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Homework Planner Apps for Students

1. student planner- homework agenda & notes.

The first app on the list is a simple homework and notes management app. It keeps track of homework, assignments, projects, and to-do lists. The layout is minimal, all the tasks are neatly organized with a colored bookmark for easy identification. You can mark a task complete and remove it from the pending list.

Courses can be added easily and color-coded as well. The calendar shows any upcoming deadlines so you can prioritize accordingly. The tasks have a progress bar that you can adjust as you make progress which enables you to get a quick summary without actually opening every task.

You can also break your assignments in small chunks as subtasks that would make finishing a task much easier and the progress bar will fill automatically. It also allows you to attach media files to your assignments or projects for easy access to the important information in one place.

homework planner apps- agenda

  • Progress bar
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Calendar View
  • No option to sync data to the cloud

Student Planner is a great app for all the students, it has all the necessary features like Deadline reminders, subtasks, progress bar, color-coded tasks, and courses. It can significantly increase your productivity when used regularly. You can get this app for free in the Play Store.

Install Student Planner- Homework Agenda ( Android )

2. Student Planner

Student Planner is another fast and simple homework management app which is wrapped by a beautiful and intuitive material designed UI. What Student Planner adds to the table is the inclusion of a schedule or time table which you can use to either store your class schedule or it might even be a study schedule for your exams.

You first start by adding your subject and the schedule then you can add an assignment or set a reminder. The due assignments are arranged as separate cards and can be swiped away once done with.

homework planner apps- Student Planner Android

  •  Simple and easy to get started with
  •  Fast and small in size
  •  Beautiful Minimal UI
  •  Option for Schedule
  • No sync/backup
  • Timetable implementation not perfect

I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a simple homework management app with timetable support and a minimal UI.

Install Student Planner ( Android )

Egenda is simple. Open the app, add all the classes or subjects to the app, and once that is set up, you have the option of adding a new Homework, Quiz, Project, or Test and choose the respective subject deadlines. The app also arranges the due work in cards that can be swiped away when done. But what I love the most about this app is that the fact it allows you to go subject-wise and view all your upcoming tests, projects, or pending assignments which is a huge convenience for planning your schedule ahead of time instead of the previous day.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have a timetable option, but in its latest update, it added a  Calendar View  where you can see your whole month at a glance with your assignments, tests, and projects.

homework planner apps- Egenda Android

  •  Subject-wise sorting
  •  Calendar View
  • No timetable support

Egenda provides some great tools for Homework and Test planning and I am sure anyone would find them extremely convenient and useful. But keeping its single con in mind, go for this app if you are not too keen on having a schedule or timetable.

Install  Egenda  ( Android  |  iOS )

4. ChalkBoard

The next app on our list is ChalkBoard, which I found out to be a pretty smart homework planner app. Chalkboard strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and features.

Although the setup process is a little longer than the previous three apps, as you have to feed meticulous details about the classes, teacher, and schedule. It is worth the effort.

On the home screen, you are shown upcoming classes, events tab, and upcoming tests. ChalkBoard fetches the dates for every subject from the Timetable for your future classes. Little features like these make the app stand out from the rest and give an overall great experience. You can also view classes and assignments subject wise.

homework planner apps- ChalkBoard Android

  • Proper Timetable
  • Ability to add teachers for subjects
  • View tomorrow’s classes as well as assignments/tests/quizzes
  • Smart features
  • Little longer to set up
  • No calendar view

If you are looking for a homework planner as well as a school planner, Chalkboard is the app as it strikes a great ground with almost all the features one might need while not being too bulky.

Install ChalkBoard ( Android )

5. School Planner

School Planner is a full-fledged planning application designed for students to manage their career as a student. Along with your homework and timetables, School Planner offers you to keep track of your grades and attendance, add contacts for teachers, add recorded lectures, and even multiple planners.

The app supports backing up of all your data via Google Drive, Calendar View along with a weekly report, attaching snapshots to your assignment reminders, student accounts from ClassViva, and a lot more. In spite of so many features, the app doesn’t feel slow at all and delivers a powerful performance with its beautiful design.

homework planner apps- School Planner Android

  • Full-fledged student companion
  • Feature-packed and free
  • Supports sync and backup
  • Widget Support
  • Tedious setup procedure
  • Big in size
  • Complex, not so smooth learning curve

While it is not for someone who is looking for a fast and easy way into homework management, School Planner is a great student companion app and serious students will surely get the most out of hit.

Install School Planner ( Android )

6. My Study Life

My Study Life comes with its own web app and syncs with the Android app, essentially making your data accessible from any device as long as it has a browser.

It implements a goal-centric circular tracker that shows your progress. The Calendar view combines your timetable, deadlines, and shows all your classes and assignments, projects in a single place.

homework planner apps- My Study Life Android

  • Refreshingly new UI
  • Access from anywhere through its web app
  • Sync and Backup
  • Lengthy setup process

If you study from your computer or laptop, My Study Life makes it easy to access your homework planner on your phone from your computer, while not compromising on features and being completely free. What more can you ask for?

Install My Study Life ( Android  |  iOS )

7. iStudiez Pro

Like School Planner, iStudiez Pro includes grading and subject wise organization of tasks. iStudiez Pro takes it further with the integration of Google Calendar that allows you to directly get all your holidays, exam schedule, routine from Google Calendar itself.

It also offers separate apps on all platforms including iOS, Mac, and Windows. All the apps sync seamlessly between themselves, so studying on your computer consulting your planner won’t be an issue.

homework planner apps- iStudiez Pro Android

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Cross-Platform
  • Cumulative Price

If Google Calendar integration and cross-platform support is a must for you, iStudiez Pro is definitely the app you want.

Install iStudiez Pro ( Android   |  iOS )

So this was our roundup of the best homework planner apps for Android. We genuinely think that there is an app for every need and we hope that you found a Homework Planner that suits your need whether you are a high school student or a college senior. So which one was your favorite or did we forget to add yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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Best Homework Planner Apps

Best Homework Planner Apps

Productivity is the main goal of homework planner apps. With these best homework apps, students can keep track of homework and will learn valuable time-management and organizational skills on a daily basis. 

A homework planner app is a digital student planner that lets you easily track your classes, homework, tests and projects. It can sometimes be difficult to plan time to revise or get homework finished. How many times have you found yourself still staring at your textbook around midnight (or later!) even when you started your homework hours earlier? Homework apps helps students to stay organized with their homework, send homework reminders and keep track of homework all the time.

Even when you’ve made a plan, keeping yourself organised and motivated can be tough. But planning ahead and organising your work can help you feel more in control and able to get things done. These homework planner apps can help you keep organized and keep track of test dates, quizzes, homework assignments, and final exams. 

Here are the best homework planner apps that helps students manage their homework schedule, reminders and improve time management skills.

myHomework Student Planner

1. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

myHomework Student Planner is a simple, free homework planner for students. Students use the app to enter individual homework assignments and track deadlines by class or calendar date. It allows you to keep track of your classes, homework, tests, and assignments. This homework app, while still simplistic, offers support for your class schedule, homework schedule, receive homework reminders, and view upcoming assignments. While the reference to homework might make you think this is more for school students, it’s actually a perfect app for all levels, from high school to university.

For elementary-age students, parents and teachers will need to set up the classes and adjust specific settings to personalize kids' schedule and then monitor for accuracy. Middle school, High school, and College students may find this to be a helpful app to organize assignments, projects and plan studying schedules. 

Featured in major magazines with the like of USA Today, Yahoo News, and Time Magazine, MyHomework is one of the best homework planner apps with a simple user interface. You can find the myHomework app on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and the Web.

Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Web

Cost: Free with ads

If we missed any of the Best Homework Planner Apps, tell us about them !

Show My Homework

2. Show My Homework

Show My Homework - 5 star rating

Show My Homework is a popular homework organizer and reminder app that will help you to stay on top of your homework for all classes in one place. You can also set reminders to do homework tasks so that you won’t miss it before the deadline. 

This homework organizer app is part of a school-wide service that can make the setting, administering and monitoring of homework much easier. Schools subscribe to the service that can then be accessed on mobile devices and computers by staff, students, and parents. Schools using this homework app overcome the problems with homework journals. It is no longer possible for a child to lose the record of all of their set homework. Seeing the homework tasks might prompt an idea for parents to make children's learning more enjoyable. 

Devices:  iOS, Android, Windows, Web

Cost:  Free with in-app purchases

iStudiez Pro

3. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro - 4 star rating

iStudiez Pro helps students to keep track of their homework and assignments. Whatever is the way you are used to manage your homework, you will find it all in iStudiez Pro. Whether you want to organize your assignments by date or by course or by priority or sort them into pending and completed, you have all options at your hand.

Their assignments can be seen in the Week pane of the app for easier planning of their working load. Students can check when their assignments are due and how much time they have before they should turn them in. Today View feature lets you see just the assignments and events planned for the next 24 hours, so you can take each day one step at a time. iStudiez Pro even sends you notifications and reminders for upcoming classes and assignments. It is one of the most effective homework planner app which help students to manage their homework and keep a track of their grades. 

Devices:  iOS, Android

Get unlimited access to the 4 or 5-star teacher certified apps. Start your free trial now!

Hand-picked educational apps by teachers that will improve your child's learning.

My Study Life - School Planner

4. My Study Life - School Planner

My Study Life - School Planner - 4 star rating

My Study Life is one of the best homework planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage. My Study Life - School Planner takes a student's class list, assignments, test dates, and to-do list items and organizes them all into one very easy-to-use app. 

My Study Life allows you to store your classes, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device, wherever you are. It also offers a calendar view that shows your classes and assignments simultaneously.

If they can make it a habit, students will love staying on top of assignments and test dates with this handy, pocket-sized personal assistant. If students use My Study Life - School Planner with consistency, it has the potential to build time-management skills. 

Cost:  Free

Class Timetable

5. Class Timetable

Class Timetable - 4 star rating

Class Timetable is one of the simplest yet best homework planner apps that allows you to keep track of homework and assignments. Class Timetable is a beautiful, simple way to view your schedule, featuring a calendar display and multi-week support. Class Timetable is color coded and supports a color coded week view when you rotate your device to landscape view. Class Timetable is available on the App Store and supports iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Devices:  iOS

The Homework App

6. The Homework App

(iPhone, iPad)

This free homework planner app allows you to add, view and complete all of your homework in a very easy way with an in-app calendar which shows you your tasks on a daily, monthly & yearly basis and sends you notifications & reminders. 

The Homework App allows you to break your homework up into subtasks. For a basic assignment, this might not seem like a big deal. But when you’re working on a project that takes weeks and maybe even has graded milestones, this is an appreciated feature.

Its premium subscription options which are available for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months, allow you to use the app without ads, add subtasks to manage your tasks with multiple steps, color code your homework, take and attach photos, add details about your instructor and even get help for your homework. 

Cost:  Free with in-app purchases


Chegg Study is among the best homework apps free to use across the globe. This best student homework app helps students get personalized support for every course-from school homework to exams. The app is used by millions of students to study their courses inside out. Additionally, the app offers an extensive library of millions of fully explained solutions for various subjects including Math, Business, Science, Engineering, and more. 

They have over 60 million fully solved homework questions and you can learn about problems, solutions, and concepts with the help of new video walkthroughs. Another best thing about this app is you can submit a photo of any homework question to Chegg study experts. They will provide you with answers in as little as 30 mins. 


Todait is a useful study planner app that allow you to set a timer for a study session or any other project you’re working on. It  lets you schedule specific tasks based on criteria like a specific number of problems to solve, a certain range of pages you have to read, or a number of terms to memorize. You can make schedules based on days, weeks and months etc. Todait also allows you to set the alarms, track the progress and get the real time feedback from the app.


A homework planner called Todoist is a limited homework reminder app focused on the most wanted functions. It is possible to mix the mobile application with a Web browser plugin to obtain a complete package of features. Students can improve their organization and time management with an intuitive homework planner that helps students organize their homework and exams. The application is compatible with almost everything: from Android to Mac & Windows.

Devices:  iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Slader - Homework Answers

10. Slader - Homework Answers

Slader - Homework Answers - 4 star rating

Slader Math Homework Answers is a textbook answer-sharing app and site used by middle school, high school, and college students. Slader lets you set reminders of when homework is due and get homework help in things like math and english. Users post answers -- including answer keys, handwritten notes, and equations -- from commonly used textbooks. Subjects include math, science, history, English, world languages, and "other," which includes IB, economics, geography, and more. 

Answers to multiple subjects -- math, science, English, foreign language, and more -- but it's unlikely kids will learn much as they use it. If kids use the explanations or step-by-step process to practice and learn, then it may have more value. 

The above list are just some of the homework planner apps that make it incredibly easy to keep track of assignments, classes, homework, tests, and more. Everyone has their own methodology for tracking such dates and it’s really up to you to find the best homework app that fits your needs. 

Which homework app does your student use? Did we miss one? You can also read our best homework helper apps  if you need assistance with your homework.

See Our Rating and Review Process | Meet Our Review Board

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10 Chrome Homework Extensions That Really Work for Students

Chrome helps you research your homework. But did you know about these extensions that help you plan and execute your school assignments as well?

If you mainly use Chrome to do research academic papers, projects, or assignments, why not use handy browser extensions to manage that homework for you?

These learning tools in your browser let you plan your tasks, help you research, and assist with your studies. And best of all, you don't have to worry about opening a separate application.

Lists for Assignments

Quick lists can help you stay on track. These cool tools let you add and mark off items as you go.

Synchro is a task tracker extension built for students. A clean, intuitive tool, it lets you add tasks, specify the deadlines, and choose the current status.

Synchro lists all the tasks under three columns- to-do, in progress, and completed. As you work on your tasks, you can drag and drop them into the relevant columns.

Once you're done, you can completely delete the task. Synchro also color codes the tasks, depending on the due dates, and sends task reminders. It integrates with Canvas LMS and automatically adds assignments from Canvas as tasks.

Download: Synchro (Free)

2. Tasks for Canvas

If you use Canvas LMS, then Tasks for Canvas is a must-have Chrome extension. The extension integrates with your Canvas account and adds a sidebar, showing all the tasks you need to do.

Since it is linked with the Canvas LMS, tasks will be automatically added and categorized according to the course. You can create custom tasks and mark them as complete. By default, it shows a weekly view, but you can adjust it to daily or monthly.

What's best about the\is extension is its beautiful layout. The extension adds colored rings for each course to show the progress.

Download: Tasks for Canvas (Free)

3. Homework Tracker

Sometimes simple is sensational. Maybe you just have a basic list of assignments or projects that you want to track. Homework Tracker is ideal for this. Click the toolbar button to add or view your items and see a count of uncompleted tasks with the icon badge.

Enter your class, assignment, and due date (if you have one) and click Add . Then, as you complete your work, hit the Done button. You can sort by due date, so the closest items are right at the top. Homework Tracker is basic yet effective.

Download: Homework Tracker (Free)

4. My Homework Reminder

My Homework Reminder is another good assignment list extension for Chrome. Click the toolbar button , add your assignment and due date, and hit Save .

You can sort by assignment or due date, mark the boxes for items you finish, and review your completed assignments easily. If you need to delete an item, just click the trash can and away it goes. Just like Homework Tracker, My Homework Reminder is simple but gets the job done.

Download: My Homework Reminder (Free)

Homework Helpers

Instead of random Googling, try these extensions to get the homework help you need quickly.

In case you don't know, Quizlet is a popular education website with learning tools and study guides. Thanks to the textbook solutions available on the site, you can easily find homework help. But this extension called Quizlit makes the process even easier.

The add-on lets you search Quizlet from any webpage, so you don't have to open the Quizlet site every time. Just click the Quizlit button , enter your question in the search bar, and press enter to see the relevant answers from Quizlet. Even better, you can select any question and choose Search for from the right-click context menu.

The extension shows multiple answers for each question and lets you copy the suggested answers with a single click. If you don't find the answers on Quizlet, you can try searching for them on the other tutoring sites for homework help .

Download: Quizlit (Free)


If you need homework help specifically for mathematics, AIR MATH is a great extension. Just use the extension to take a screenshot of the question, and the tool solves the problem along with a step-by-step solution.

Although it does offer free credits, you'll likely need to purchase extra credits or upgrade to a paid subscription. If you're not keen to pay for this extension, there are other online tools for solving math problems . AIR MATH is also available as a mobile app.

Download: AIR MATH (Free, Paid)

Buttons for Searches

When you need to do a fast search, a basic button can be the answer. These Chrome extensions let you search with a click.

1. Google Scholar Button

Google offers a ton of search tools and some are specific to patents, images, and of course, education. The Google Scholar Button lets you search for a topic easily. Click the button in your toolbar, pop in your search term, and then get your results.

You will receive a short number of results within the search window and can select a title to go right to the page. Or to view all results, click the full-screen button at the bottom of the pop-up window and a new tab will open for you. This is one of the must-have online tools if you're doing academic research .

Download: Google Scholar Button (Free)

2. Course Hero

Course Hero is similar to Google Scholar in that you click the button to search for a topic and then head to the site for the results. What's a bit different is that you need to create an account to obtain the resource. But, you can create one for free in just a few minutes.

Then, you will have access to documents and flashcards relating to your topic. Plus, you can get help from educators. You can also bookmark sources, keep track of your recently viewed items, and download the mobile app to study on-the-go.

Download: Course Hero (Free, Paid)

Helpers for Focus

Don't get distracted by social media when you are doing homework. Use one of these awesome tools to help you focus and finish.

1. ReCall Study Time

Set up your study session, mark the pages you want to monitor, and get to work with ReCall Study Time. You can choose from two hours for those quick homework sessions or 24 hours for the all-nighters. Then, select the social media sites to block like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you feel yourself weaken and head to one of the monitored sights, you will instead be greeted with a nasty-gram like the one above. If you have trouble staying away from social media to get your homework done, check out ReCall Study Time.

Download: ReCall Study Time (Free)

2. Focus Mode

Focus Mode is another site-blocking tool to use while you are doing your homework. The extension monitors four sites by default, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can choose which to unblock and add a custom blocked site if there is an additional temptation not on that list.

When you start your study or research session, just hit the extension button in the toolbar and turn on the toggle button . Then, when you try to access one of the monitored pages, you will view a blurred screen with a message that focus mode is on.

When you finish, turn off the toggle button and check out your distraction attempts if you're curious. You can also take a five-minute break when you're tempted to check your feed.

Download: Focus Mode (Free)

Get Your Homework Done

We get it. Managing all the deadlines for assignments, projects, and quizzes can be challenging. But with the right tools and a bit of planning, you can get your homework done without sacrificing fun.

This is exactly what these Chrome extensions let you do—tracking your tasks, improving your productivity, and helping you complete your homework. If you find these homework add-ons helpful, you should try mobile apps for students.

Power Planner

Power Planner

Power planner is the ultimate homework planner for students, featuring online sync with ios and android apps, grade calculation, live tiles, automatic reminders, and more. power planner is built specifically for windows 10 with power planner's online account, you can stay on top of homework assignments from your desktop, iphone, android, and web browser power planner lets you manage semesters, enter classes with time schedules and room locations, add assignments and exams, receive automatic reminders about upcoming homework, and more. the live tiles allow you to see your upcoming homework. you can also pin a schedule tile that tells you when and where your next class is. and you can pin each class as secondary tiles. plus, you can set each of those as your detailed lock screen status. grade and gpa calculation is also fully supported, allowing you to know exactly what your gpa is across multiple semesters. you can also use "what if" mode to find out what you need in order to keep an a in a class see your classes and homework from the windows 10 calendar app thanks to calendar integration google calendar integration also lets you see your classes and homework from google calendar the paid version unlocks the ability to add more than five grades per class, use multiple semesters/years, and more. it is purchased through an in-app purchase, and when you buy power planner once, you unlock it everywhere. however, the free version is still perfectly functional., 5/10/2012 11:49:31 pm.


6 Homework Apps to Help Keep You Organized

homework apps

Managing everything you have to do as a student can seem like a full-time job. With so many classes, activities, club meetings, and homework assignments thrown at you every day, it can be very overwhelming to keep track of it all.

Luckily, there are some great homework apps you can install on your phone or tablet that can help you know what classes you have coming up each day and stay on top of all of your assignments.

Here are six of our favorites. We hope these help you stay organized all year long!

Although the myHomework app supports traditional school schedules as well as block schedules, it does not support alternating block schedules, so if you have an A/B schedule, this is probably not the app for you.

  • My Study Life This app is a full-fledged homework management app with its own web application, which is awesome because you can check your assignments from your computer or your phone. Plus, the calendar view shows all of your classes and assignments at the same time, and it shows you incomplete tasks that are due soon so you know what to work on first. The design is unique, too, with circles showing what percentage of a task is completed and how much more you have to go. Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the web. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Cost: Free

Another cool feature is that you can organize all of your assignments by date, course or priority, and you can sort them by pending and completed as well. Other bonus features include the ability to add contact info for all of your teachers and the ability to enter your grades so you can track how your GPA is doing.

Unfortunately, none of the apps listed above will actually do your homework for you — that part’s still up to you — but at least they’ll make it more likely that you’ll get it finished on-time and stress-free.

The organization was established over 50 years ago and works “to change the trajectory of high-potential Black youth by providing unique programming in the classroom and beyond.” Their scholars complete a four-year fellowship that includes academic enrichment, leadership development, career exposure, mentoring and college access.

Students must maintain a grade point average near 3.0 to remain in good standing with the organization — a bar the organization sets knowing full well that access to scholarships and grants for college will be the only way that most of its students can afford to go. Not all students meet this threshold despite mentoring from caring adults and strong support from administrative staff. Thus additional academic supports are needed.

Over many years, EE provided programs to help get students back on track if they started to flounder and to establish academic habits that put them on a trajectory for success. We started by offering weekly group tutoring events at the organization’s facility that not only helped students with homework completion and exam prep but also provided lessons on learning strategies, goal setting, and self-advocacy. However, traveling to the facility after school was a burden for some scholars, so EE tutors also met students at libraries and other public locations to provide support in specific subject areas where students requested help. Year after year we met with administrators and added additional resources: a summer school study skills workshop for freshmen and final exam prep workshops for all grade levels. Our unique array of programs allowed the organization to support their scholars at every stage of their academic journey.

The mission of the organization is to fight for economic mobility among highly motivated, first-generation college students by providing mentoring and intensive career development. The agency was founded on the belief that socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to college persistence and career success. 

Their staff found that many of their participants were struggling with writing assignments of all sorts in college. From essays in English class to writing cover letters for potential summer internships, many students were not effective writers. The organization provided various career development workshops throughout the academic year, but they lacked a writer’s workshop to specifically address this area of weakness. 

We met with program managers and the executive director to discuss their students’ needs and what type of program would be beneficial. The Writer’s Practice Workshop was an ideal fit for them. The course allowed students to understand that everyone is a writer even if they don’t think of themselves as such. Over the course of four sessions students assessed their own writing process; discussed the tools of a good writer’s practice; considered the audience, purpose, and the needs of any piece; and produced writing on topics that were important to them. Students left the workshop with a greater understanding of how to start assignments and follow steps to revise, edit, and polish for best results, giving them confidence in their writing. 

The organization’s mission is to provide opportunities for underserved youth to achieve academic and personal success via financial, educational and personal support during their high school years. They provide tuition assistance to attend a high-quality school along with the guidance and commitment of caring, adult mentors. They aim to serve an often overlooked segment: academically “average” students from the city’s most challenging and underserved neighborhoods.

Program staff wanted to help their students prepare for final exams and train mentors to more effectively support students in their exam prep efforts. Volunteer mentors were available to give support, but the organization lacked a consistent approach on how best to help students and make them better learners.

EE met with program administrators and board members to plan and implement a Final Exams Workshop in the lead-up to final exams. The 3-hour workshop was attended by students and their mentors on a Saturday morning. The curriculum helped students create DIY study guides for any class, plan a study schedule, prioritize final exams by difficulty and need, assess and discuss their strengths and weaknesses in regards to learning strategies, and share with peers their successes or concerns. We also facilitated a conversation between mentors and mentees as to how they could best support their students in the coming weeks. Students and mentors left the workshop with a blueprint for attacking finals week in the most efficient way — a plan they could use for high school and college.

The organization supported immigrants and their families by connecting women from over 60 countries who share a dedication to the pursuit of global understanding and universal human rights. As part of their philanthropic arm, the organization supported a local elementary school they had identified as highly diverse with a large number of immigrant students. Before engaging EE, the organization relied mostly on volunteers to provide reading support to students during school hours. 

After discussions with the organization and the school principal, teachers, families, and other stakeholders, we developed a school year calendar of after school programs that would help students develop the skills needed to succeed in elementary school and beyond. We provided courses for grades 5-8 in the spring and fall, greatly expanding the enrichment opportunities the NFP was able to provide. In doing so, we developed a close relationship with the school administration and their teaching staff, who saw the positive impact the program was having on their students. Additionally, the NFP was able to expand their mission to areas where they saw a great need: improving study skills, raising test scores, and increasing access to high school opportunities for immigrant youth. 

A scholarship foundation funded by a suburban country club was disappointed with the caliber of student who typically applied for their college scholarship offerings. Knowing that the skills needed for success in college must be cultivated from an early age, they wanted to establish a summer enrichment program for students entering 9th and 10th grade that would serve as an early intervention and better position the pool of applicants when the time came a few years later to apply for the college scholarships.

We collaborated with the foundation to identify areas of strength and weakness in their applicant pool and listened to their personal beliefs about what it takes to succeed in college. With that understanding, we customized a version of the Summer Learners’ Workshop that lays the foundation for college-level skills and caters to the learning styles and academic backgrounds of the particular students at this organization.

The resulting program has gained a reputation as one of the top summer enrichment experiences in that community with parents routinely reporting that the results exceeded their expectations. The program is now attended by an even wider array of students than those who were first targeted by the foundation.

A charter school network was seeking to implement a test prep program across eight campuses to prepare their 8th grade students for the Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment entrance exam. The high school admissions process is highly competitive, and it was the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic when students were learning from home. The schools did not have expert knowledge about the contents of the test, and finding staff at their schools to cover a program outside of school hours would be challenging. Administrators knew how competitive the admissions process was and that even their strongest students were not guaranteed a spot. For equity, they wanted to offer the course to all of their students – even those who were very unlikely to be admitted to a selective enrollment school. 

Given the wide array of students, the EE team worked with individual school counselors to create ability groupings, determine a process for reporting attendance, progress, and behavior issues, and create a curriculum that would be effective in a remote learning model. We knew that remote engagement for an after school program would be a challenge, so we incorporated competitive team games, a leaderboard of accomplishments, and other incentives to encourage maximum participation. EE provided all management and instructional staffing to deliver the test prep course successfully while freeing up teachers and counselors at the charter school to focus on their daily workload. Students received a robust course focused on strategies, practice tests, and concept review that put them in the best position to maximize their potential on test day. 

A leading scholarship fund that provides financial assistance for highly qualified, low-income students knew that financial aid alone would be insufficient to ensure their students’ success at rigorous private and parochial high schools. Therefore, they sought an intensive summer program to prepare scholars for what lay ahead. 

EE worked with the organization to determine the biggest challenges scholars would face. We landed on a wide array of non-cognitive skills that are not necessarily taught in middle school: time management, organization, self-advocacy, focus, growth mindset, etc. Inspired by this challenge, we developed our Ideal Student Workshop, which would later become the basis for our Learners’ Workshop.

Over a decade later we are still delivering the program to students at this scholarship fund and others. The program works to develop the three dimensions of successful students: character, learning strategies and habits. We update the program yearly to keep up with changes in student needs and the educational landscape. Our fun and research-based curriculum continues to be a popular summer bridge for various organizations. 

A prominent sports-based youth development organization wanted to improve one of the core elements of their program: providing educational enrichment programs to their participants.

Their goal was to offer a continuum of services for 9th-12th graders that would support students in their schoolwork, provide a pathway to college, and create a culture of learning amongst players. EE was uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services to meet this need: private tutoring, study skills classes, writing courses, high school admissions test prep, SAT/ACT prep, and college readiness seminars. We listened to the players, parents, and other stakeholders to determine which programs were most effective, established expectations for participants, and decided on the best timing and format to deliver the courses.

Since 2017 we have successfully delivered these services allowing their administrative team to focus on their primary coaching responsibilities. Ultimately, the best praise we have received is that we have provided a wide circle of caring adults to support students academically and emotionally and that we have listened to their needs and adapted our offerings to suit their participants.

Products and Services

Item logo image for myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner

898 ratings

A digital student planner that helps students stay organized.

myHomework is a digital student planner that lets you easily track your classes, homework, tests and projects so you never forget an assignment again! myHomework is available on multiple platforms, so you can always know what's due wherever you are. You can find the myHomework app on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and the Web. The free app includes: - Track your classes, homework, tests and assignments - Receive homework reminders - Beautiful monthly and weekly calendar display - Supports time, block and period-based schedules - Sync across other platforms - Google Single Sign-On - Access to our website With a paid Premium Account: - Attach files to your homework and classes - Access to over 60 Themes - No Ads - Premium Widgets on iOS and Android myHomework also integrates with, a free website where teachers can share their class due dates, files, links and announcements. If your teacher uses, with just a few clicks in myHomework you can join their class and automatically get their assignments and updates in your planner.

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luke Apr 21, 2023

it's very useful

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William Wu Sep 1, 2022

Been using it for seven years, from freshman in middle school to freshman in college and it's been the only app I use for organization thus far.

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Makai Tarpley Mar 14, 2022

Im a first year college student and this app is very helpful when it comes to organizing my school work. It allows you to add your classes and homework assignments and even allows you to set a reminder to make sure things are done on time and shows you all your completed work.

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Homework help

Necessity of online homework help.

Contemporary world is a scene for competitions. Starting at early childhood environment immerse us into struggle for best positions. With constant population growth it becomes harder to get a place in kindergartens, schools for gifted children, prestigious universities and, of course, you are not alone in desire to have a well-paid job. Children since early age know that they must study hard, devote themselves into different subjects, and be successful and active in post-school projects. Under pressure of numerous complex tasks no wonder they often require homework help. For their needs special websites were launched. And now every child can get guidance and online homework help from every corner of the world. With opportunity to ask questions about necessary subjects he will at his own pace learn information. This also adds more individuality to process of studying, as children might experience problems with concentrated and fast group-learning. Online homework help is not merely a way to make grades better and to finish all tasks in time, it's personal attention and support. Websites offer plenty of subjects to work at, but according to searches most popular (as it's complicated to understand) is math homework help. This subject is a nightmare for both schoolchildren and their parents.

Why using college homework help is beneficial

It might come as surprise for graduates but when you enter college or university, amount of homework will be only increasing. Yes, besides lectures and practical courses you are obliged to do some homework too. And it might be incredibly more complicated than all things you have done in school. Plenty of students are struggling to cope with amount of tasks themselves but some are looking for websites for college homework help. With current subjects, with unknown teachers, with new classrooms it's stressful enough for young people to be focused. That's why students choose homework help discord, a place to discuss all difficulties online and solve problems. With guidance and support of experts it's easier to understand unknown topics and work on self-improvement. It's recommended not to torture yourself and get accounting homework help or any other kind of assistance. With wide range of professionals you can find a person no matter how complicated your task is.

Is it safe to trust strangers with important tasks?

Looking for online help with college or school tasks you might doubt reliability of person who is assisting you from other side of screen. How is it possible to find a proper tutor for difficult statistics homework help? Read reviews, study information, ask for certificates or diplomas to be assured you hire a true expert to perform job

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TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know

W hether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that AI, or artificial intelligence , has changed the world and how many people work. While many students have concerns about AI — with potential issues being reduced jobs available to humans , a lack of empathy and creativity in content created by AI , and higher risks of getting hacked — there are also major potential benefits, like saving time by automating tasks and helping users with productivity, as well as the sheer amount of information people can have access to. In recent years, many new AI programs have hit the mainstream, with examples like ChatGPT and Snapchat’s AI bot being super prevalent among Gen Z in particular. Now, there’s a new program students are getting in on: Gauth AI, an app that helps with homework. 

While there are plenty of other homework-helping AI apps out on the internet, what makes Gauth so significant at this point in time is that it’s owned by Bytedance, aka the same company that owns TikTok, meaning it likely has the potential to be huge among current students. This, alongside the fact that the app has gained rapid popularity amid concerns over TikTok’s potential ban in the United States, has certainly caught people’s attention. Here’s everything else to know about Gauth AI. 

What is Gauth AI?

Gauth AI is already super popular. According to its listing on the Google Play Store, the app has more than 10 million downloads, along with a 4.8-star rating and 224,000 reviews. (Apple’s App Store doesn’t list the number of downloads an app has, but it has 4.8 stars and 3,100 reviews.)

While Gauth AI seems to be just now reaching the mainstream, it has actually been around for a few years. Launched in 2021 as an app called Gauthmath, it was originally used to help kindergarten through 12th grade students with their math homework amid the rise of remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the app has expanded to other subjects, such as history and social sciences, and also provides a chatbot simply known as “Gauth” that students have access to 24/7.

How are students using Gauth AI? 

An in-depth April 3 piece in Forbes details how Gauth AI is used : First, students have to give the app permission to access their camera, which is pretty common in most apps. From there, they can take pictures of the homework problem they are struggling with, and Gauth AI will solve the problem, providing step-by-step instructions for the students. In addition to the help on homework, users can also use Gauth AI to set timers and reminders to work on their homework. There is also an animated “Personal AI Study Buddy” (which has major Clippy from Microsoft vibes , IYKYK) as well as an option to listen to music within the app.

If students want to get more than the basics out of Gauth, they can get a “Plus” version for $11.99 per month that connects students with human tutors. Gauth Plus is also ad-free and offers access to unlimited answers and explanations in its question bank. 

Will the potential TikTok ban in the U.S. affect Gauth AI?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the ban on TikTok that got passed by the House of Representatives on March 13, 2024. The bill would require Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok and Gauth, to sell its stake in TikTok or face a TikTok ban in the United States . As for what that means for the fate of Gauth, Emily Baker-White, the journalist who wrote the Forbes piece, told CBS News that it may only be a matter of time before Gauth is also threatened with a U.S. ban. “ I expect Congress will have the same concerns about any Bytedance app ; it’s just that TikTok is the big one right now,” she said in the interview. This is because U.S. lawmakers are concerned that Bytedance, a Chinese company, has access to a ton of U.S. user data, which could compromise users’ privacy — and, potentially, U.S. national security.

“Their privacy policy in many ways isn’t that different from other companies; a lot of companies get access to a lot of data from our phones,” Baker-White explained in the interview. “But, most Bytedance apps have a provision in their privacy policy that the information can be shared with other companies in their corporate group. This is something that U.S. Senators and Congresspeople have been worried about, because they’re worried about that data being shared with people in China, who could be forced to turn it over to the government.” 

Only time — and Congress, probably — will tell what the future holds for Gauth AI in the U.S. But one thing is for sure: Whether this is the first time that you’ve heard of Gauth or you’ve been using it to help you with your schoolwork, the app will surely be a topic of discussion for some time to come.

The post TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know first appeared on Her Campus .

TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know

The Louisville Free Public Library still needs your help to 'Ready, Set, Library!'

homework reminder

National Library Week (April 7-13) serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role libraries play in our communities. This year's theme, "Ready, Set, Library!" encapsulates the essence of what libraries offer: readiness for all endeavors, setting the stage for lifelong learning and community enrichment.

It is also the perfect time to reflect on a remarkable few years for the Louisville Free Public Library —we are certainly getting ready and set—but there is more to do.

In addition to a combination of Metro capital appropriations, American Rescue Plan funds , and a recent allocation from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Library Foundation has already successfully raised over $4 million in private funds toward four major capital projects: renovate and reopen the Parkland Library, construct a new Fern Creek Library, renovate and expand the Portland Library, and improve the Main Library. We are now within reach of the completion of these three branch projects as well as taking a major step forward in renovations for the Main Library.

Louisville Public Library still needs your help

But to truly be a Ready, Set, Library city, the library needs additional public operating dollars. Spending per capita for our library system is just two-thirds the national average for cities our size and below the levels in most other Kentucky counties. The operating funding shortfall means fewer programs and staff and significantly longer wait times for materials, from best-selling books to items students need to complete their homework. The average wait time for materials at our library has always been long and has doubled in the last two years, soaring from 12 to 24 days. At the same time, the library materials budget has remained stagnant.

Libraries matter: Free access to books is essential for Kentuckians to learn their rich history

In the 2025 fiscal year, LFPL’s budget requires an increase of $500,000 to staff the reopening of the Parkland and Portland libraries. Additional operational support is also necessary to open the Fern Creek Library and expand services at the Main Library in the coming fiscal years. We are appreciative of the support our Mayor and Metro Council provides for these ongoing operational imperatives.

The Library Foundation is also committed to working with Metro Louisville to increase the budget for books and materials by at least $2 million in the coming budget cycles. It will take an increase of this size for patrons to see a noticeable impact on growing wait times and to begin addressing the gap in funding between our library and those in peer cities and Kentucky counties.

Robust libraries are not just cultural assets but vital components of a city's safety, resilience, and well-being. Louisville has made and continues to make significant investments in library infrastructure - closing the operational funding gap is the next crucial step. As we approach Library Week and the Metro budget season, the Library Foundation expresses our appreciation for the support our Mayor and Metro Council provides our public library system and we pledge our continued partnership in ensuring our libraries are resourced and positioned for the future.

Let us celebrate the Louisville Free Public Library this week with the continued public and private investments that ensure our Library is Ready and Set for the future!

Chris Garrett is Chair of Louisville Free Public Library Foundation

Chandra Gordon is Executive Director of Louisville Free Public Library Foundation

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7 most PRESTIGIOUS & EXPENSIVE districts in (and near) Moscow

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1. Rublevka

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Rublevka, simply put, is Russia’s “Beverly Hills”: home to rich, famous, and influential Russians who live in luxury, hidden behind tall fences and walls. Technically, it is located outside Moscow, some 10 kilometers to the west via the Rublevo-Uspenskoe Highway, yet the area, and its residents, are nonetheless an integral part of Russia’s capital.

Officially, there is no such an administrative unit as Rublevka. Instead, the name of the area is a social construction, popularised in mass culture as a synonym of being filthy rich, as it is one of the most expensive residential areas in the world. It is also a play of words as – you know it – the ruble is the Russian currency.

In Tsarist Russia, nobility built homes here, only to be replaced by dachas of Lenin, Stalin, and other state officials after the Bolshevik Revolution. In Soviet times, famous scientists, artists, and writers — including Mstislav Rostropovich, Andrei Sakharov, Dmitry Shostakovich — had dachas in Rublevka. Today, Rublevka is inhabited by oligarchs, multi-millionaires, and all-powerful figures. The Russian President’s official residence is in Novo-Ogaryevo – not far from Rublevka.

Although Rublevka is considered the most famous luxury residential area in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, there are many other elite villages and areas in the Moscow Region, most of which are located to the west of the capital.

2. Ostozhenka and the ‘Golden Mile’

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The Golden Mile is an unofficial name for one of the most expensive residential areas in Moscow. It is a small piece of land where luxury real estate has been built. It is located between Ostozhenka Street and Prechistenskaya Embankment, a 10-15 minute walk from the Kremlin, with some of the buildings overlooking the Moscow River.

With prices up to $40,000 for a square meter, Ostozhenka is often listed among the most expensive streets in the world. Given that an average apartment there is around 240 square meters in size, the price tag for it can reach as high as $10 million or even more.

“[Before 1989], this area was abandoned, because of the planned construction of the Palace of the Soviets (which was to be built on the site of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour). The entire area was planned to be cleared to make possible the construction of a wide avenue leading to the Lenin Hills [currently known as Vorobyovy Gory],” says Alexander Skokan, an architect and a founder of the Ostozhenka Bureau.

However, the Palace of the Soviets was never built. Instead, luxury houses began to be erected there. Consequently, it may be hard to come by residents in this area, as most of the buildings have been bought for investment purposes.

3. Khamovniki

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Khamovniki is the official name of a district located in central Moscow. It starts from Aleksandrovskiy Sad next to the Kremlin and spreads across to the Luzhniki Stadium and Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) in the western part of the city.

Historically, this is where weavers used to live, who were known as ‘Khamovniki’ in the 17th century. Hence, the name of this historic district.

Today, Khamovniki is one of the most popular areas of the Russian capital among apartment buyers. Yet, it’s also one of the most expensive districts in Moscow, where one square meter of apartment costs approximately $11,000; a price tag far beyond the average in Moscow.

The Moscow River, multiple parks and numerous metro stations make this elite district ecologically clean and also easily accessible from anywhere in the city. Pre-revolutionary houses, Soviet buildings and modern projects are available on this stretch of land. Among others, one of Russia’s greatest writers Leo Tolstoy owned an estate in Khamovniki in 1882 (which is now part of his family estate).

4. Yakimanka

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This is a neighboring district to Khamovniki, lying to the Southwest of the city center. Everyone who has ever been to Moscow knows Gorky Park, which covers most of the district’s territory. Yakimanka is one of the most stylish areas in Moscow and it is well known for its clubs, cocktail bars and cozy restaurants, as well as for the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Muzeon Park of Arts.

The district is also home to old factories built in the early 19th century. Most of these buildings have been rebuilt as offices. Elite real estate in this district may also cost up to $20,000 per square meter.

homework reminder

This is another historic and luxurious district, craved by anyone who dreams of settling in Moscow. It stretches from the Moscow Kremlin on the west to the Moscow River in the east, with New Arbat Avenue being its major artery. Here, the famous Spaso House , the residence of the U.S. ambassador to Russia since 1933, is located, as well as other historical landmarks .

As in many other districts in Moscow, Arbat has it all when it comes to real estate: pre-revolutionary houses, Soviet buildings and modern luxury apartment blocks. An average price tag for a square meter of real estate here is $10,000. Yet, naturally, you can find much more expensive housing than that in the area.

6. ‘Presnya’

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The Presnensky district, as it is officially known, lies to the immediate north of the Arbat district. Although real estate here is generally not as expensive as in the above-mentioned districts, there are two especially affluent areas that make the average price tag skyrocket: Patriarch Ponds and the Moscow City business center, where the famous skyscrapers are located.

One square meter in one of the towers of the Moscow City business center can cost up to $20,000. Considering there are premium apartments that take a whole or even multiple levels, the final price can be extremely high.

7. Tverskoy, Meschansky, and Zamoskvorechye



These three districts — two to the north of the Kremlin and one to the south — are all affluent areas of the city. The State Duma and the Governor-General Building (which today is the Moscow Mayor's Office), among other important buildings, are located in Tverskoy district.

These three districts are similar to each other in the sense that they lack vacant land to make major new development projects possible. Instead, a relatively small number of offers is on the market. The average price of one square meter of housing in these areas amounts to $7,300.

Click here to find out what to sightsee on Tverskaya street.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Amazing app.

I have been searching for an app that will keep track of my homework without the hassle of taking 30 minutes just to enter my classes or constantly receiving ads or self promotions. This app is completely free with no ads, purchases, or subscriptions and it has a very clean interface and is very easy to use. It has really helped me organize my classwork and get my grades up. It takes about two minutes to set up, and adding an assignment takes 30 seconds or less. There are so many color options, you can add photos or notes, and there are no restrictions whatsoever. This app is super simple and you should get it!!! Promise im not a bot 😋 i just really recommend this app!! (Sorry for the long review)

Developer Response ,

Hi! Thank you for your comments and feedback. We highly value feedback like yours as it helps make Backpack that much better. We do strive to keep Backpack free (as it should be for students). Should you have any concerns or if you'd like to request a feature to help make Backpack better, you can email us at [email protected]!

Really close to being perfect

I just want to say that this app is exactly what I want out of a homework tracker. It’s a simple way to put my assignments on a calendar without having a ton of different options complicating the matter. I really like the fact I can just put my assignments down fairly quickly and simply. All that said there’s a few problems I have with the app. I really wish there was a way that I could view my classes and all the projects in them. In the app right now classes are all shown together on the calendar. I also wish there was a monthly calendar to let you see the month ahead of you, similar to apples calendar. It’s also sort of strange how you have to push in an assignment in order to mark it as completed. There’s also a few bugs that make the app sort of annoying to use. Like I’ll try to put down a time for an assignment and the scroll wheel with all the times will sometimes go back to what it was before. There’s been a few times that I’ve put down an assignment but it has the wrong time because it scrolled back without me realizing it. Overall the app is everything I want out of a homework app, but there’s a few small things that hold it back. At the end of the day the app is at least worth trying and is a pretty good homework app.

Awesome App, but not suited for everybody

Because of the online school stress and workload, I started searching for a homework app. This app stood out, because it has a modern lay-out and a very user-friendly design. It has really cool options for reminders, colors, descriptions, classes, and so on. However, there are a few improvements needed. 1. You can only add assignments, not reminders or tasks. This is really a huge setback. You can’t add if you have a test on Monday that you need to study for. I always find myself writing reminders on sticky notes. It would be great to have this option. 2. There’s only one “assignment option”. Meaning that you can’t choose how important the assignment is, if it’s a project, and so on. 3. It automatically flips to portrait mode at the beginning. This is super annoying. Another thing is that a regular google calendar can do these things and more. This app should be more geared towards educationally purposes but STILL have those same features. Also, if you aren’t good about using something everyday, this might not be the app for you. I personally think you should try the app for a few days. If you update these things, I’ll give a five star rating, because this app is GREAT! I recommend this app! It’s great and helps me keep track of my work.
Hi! Thank you for your review and feedback! These are all great suggestions and I will be sure to include some of these in the upcoming update. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]! Thank you!

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Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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NBC Chicago

These 3 crucial steps can help you avoid Facebook Marketplace scams

While you might think scammers lurking on facebook marketplace want money, they might actually be after your data., by consumer reports, pj randhawa , nbc ch and nbc chicago staff • published april 5, 2024 • updated on april 5, 2024 at 9:53 pm.

Flea markets and yard sales are still around, but they aren't as popular as they once were.

These days, much second-hand selling has moved online year-round to websites and social media, including Facebook Marketplace.

24/7 Chicago news stream: Watch NBC 5 free wherever you are

But before you make a purchase, there are some things you should do to ensure your money and data are safe.

And while buying a car from a stranger might not typically be recommended, if that's what you choose, make sure to do your homework.

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That's what one recent purchaser did.

"Because we had people in common in the area, I felt actually more secure about buying the car from that person," Michelle Concha said.

Along with getting a good deal using social media, you can also get scammed. Consumers have lost more than $2.7 billion to social media scams since 2021.

While you might think scammers lurking on Facebook Marketplace want money, they might actually be after your data. As a result, here are some recommendations from Consumer Reports:

  • First - Never share personal information like your address, email or phone number. Only communicate through Facebook Messenger.
  • Second - Think about where the sale will take place. Meet in a public, well-lit area and never give away your home address. Consider a police station. Some even have designated parking spots where marketplace meet-ups are watched by security cameras.
  • Third - Never exchange cash. Facebook Marketplace recommends a secure person-to-person payment method.

You always want to make sure that you’re sending money to the right person before you send the full amount. So it's a good idea to send a $1 dollar test payment first. Then make sure that that person received it.

NBC 5 Responds

homework reminder

Chicago man hit with over $6,300 in fraudulent rideshare charges gets money back thanks to NBC 5 Responds

homework reminder

Commuter gets refund for unused COVID-era benefits with help from NBC 5 Responds

And for large purchases, like a car, pay the old-fashioned way and get a cashier’s check.

This article tagged under:

homework reminder

Foul or no foul? That's the challenge for officials trying to referee Purdue big man Zach Edey

homework reminder

The lobbying has begun.

It commenced on Thursday when Purdue coach Matt Painter and North Carolina State coach Kevin Keatts conducted their first press conferences at the Final Four. Portions of their comments clearly were directed at the referees who will be officiating the semifinal game between the top-seeded Boilermakers and the 11 th -seeded Wolfpack Saturday at State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

And, more specifically, how the three-man officiating crew manages Zach Edey, Purdue’s 7-4, 300-pound center. The towering senior is the two-time national player of the year .

“We got to get him out of that lane,’’ Keatts said. “He lives in that lane.”

Translation: Enforce the three-seconds rule, refs!

FOLLOW THE MADNESS: NCAA basketball bracket, scores, schedules, teams and more.

Said Painter, “(Edey) can't get officiated any differently than someone who is 6-8, 210.  He just can't. He's entitled to position.’’

Translations: No cheap fouls, ref.

But the task for officials is as big as, well, Edey himself.

What do Zach Edey's numbers say?

While leading the country in scoring with 25 points per game, Edney has been called for an average of about two fouls per game, remarkably low for a back-to-the-basket center. (He also leads the country in fouls drawn with an estimated 10 per game, according to Ken Pomeroy, whose analytics are widely regarded in college basketball.)

Bo Boroski, a retired official who worked three Final Fours, credited Painter, who during his opening press conference that he has not been assessed with a technical foul in 10 years.

"He’s got a level of empathy for what officials do more than most,'' Boroski said of Painter. "I think his positive pro-communication approach to officials helped to mold Zach. ‘Here’s what they’re going to call. Here’s how they’re going to call it. They’re going to miss some things and watch your elbows. Learn how to use your extremities, learn how to use your weight.’  

"And I think (Painter) taught him a lot of those things not just to be able to score or defend but how to stay in the game.’’

The results bear out how well Edey has followed the plan. He has fouled out once in his college career, the fifth game of his freshman season. In the past three seasons, he has accumulated four fouls just nine times.

His ability to draw fouls has also increased as his playing time has increased through his four season. He averaged 4.7 free throws as sophomore, then 7.1 as a junior and 11.7 this season. Purdue's scoring benefits as Edey makes 71% of his shots from the stripe - a good number for a center.

“He’s very similar to what he was four years ago, but he’s stronger, he’s bigger, if that’s possible,'' said Boroski, who estimated he officiated well over a dozen of Edey's game with Purdue. "And he’s significantly smarter today than he was earlier in his career. But he never did anything dumb.''

There's sure to be great scrutiny of how he plays and is officiated on the sport's biggest stage this weekend. His ability to stay on the court and being a presence on offense is critical. Because that's when Purdue is at its best.

Homework for the refs

Eleven officials have been chosen to work the Four Four . There will two alternates and three three-man crews for the games – two seminal matchups Saturday and the national championship game Monday.

Of officials less familiar with Purdue, Painter may have been putting them on notice when he said, “I don't like my conversations with (officials) that don't do their homework and don't understand.’’

Gene Steratore, who officiated college basketball for more than two decades before retiring in 2018, said homework involves watching game film of the teams. With Purdue, he said, the payoff begins immediately if the Boilermakers control the tipoff.

“As Purdue is bringing the ball up backcourt, Zach Edey is in the frontcourt and he’s already jousting for his low-post position potentially,’’ Steratore said. “When that basketball crosses halfcourt, (spectators are) just watching the guard walk up and look at what play he’s calling. Already I’ve been officiating it from under that basket of Purdue for the last four seconds because somebody is trying to be able to stop Zach Edey.’’

Officials should be in position to evaluate what happens when the ball likely goes to Edey, according to Steratore.

As Edey and a defender jockey for position, the referees will face their first, and fundamental, challenge: determining if the inevitable contact between Edey and the defender is incidental or intentional.

Edey draws comparison to Shaq

Bob Delaney, a retired NBA referee who works with officials from the Southeastern Conference and four smaller conferences, compares the games he officiated that involved Shaquille O’Neal.

“Refereeing Shaq would be like, ‘What’s he complaining about? He didn’t get hit,’ ” said Delaney, who noted his comments for this story were based not on watching Purdue but rather on his experience officiating in the NBA. “And yet you go back and look at the video and you go, ‘Oh, my God. He did get hit.’ But he goes right through it.

“That’s the difficulty. Because you’re used to seeing some kind of reaction from the offensive when the defensive player fouls that person.’’

Boroski, the retired college referee, said Edey’s size impacts the determination of whether contact is incidental or illegal.

"Basketball’s a contact sport," Boroski said. “Football’s a collision sport. So coaches all the time would say, ‘You know, Bo, that’s a lot of contact.’ Well, yeah, but it didn’t rise to illegal. Incidental contact is not a foul, and Zach can take a significant amount of contact and it not be illegal.’’

But, Boroski also said Edey "takes more illegal contact than anyone I can remember'' and not all of the fouls are called.

Verne Harris, a veteran college basketball official, said in an effort to avoid calling unnecessary fouls he warns defenders when they're "getting borderline.'' An common reminder: defenders can put only one forearm against Edey's back. Anything else will result in a foul, according to Harris.

“What’s challenging is, literally, officials could call a foul every time they go down the court on almost eveyrbody,'' he said. "So you have to really pick and choose, especially (with) a post player.''

What about the three-second rule?

When Keatts said Edey “lives in the lane,’’ he echoed the sentiment of about, oh, 99.9 percent of college basketball fans not rooting for Purdue.

Yet Harris, a veteran college referee, pointed out that during about 80 games he’s officiated this season he has called a three-second violation only a handful of times.

“The three-second rule was designed so a guy can’t stay there forever,’’ said Harris, who has officiated six national championship games. “And Edey knows what he’s doing. He gets in and gets out (of the lane). I don’t think he’s abusing that three-second thing at all.’’

Even if Edey chooses to camp in the lane, enforcing the rule can be complicated, according Delaney, the retired NBA referee. He said it gets tricky as the ball moves and referees take on new responsibilities. A three-second count by one official suddenly ends and a new three-second count by another official begins.

“It’s a handoff of areas of responsibility, so at times we fall vulnerable in the fact that somebody may be in there for four or five seconds,’’ Delaney said. “But you never want it to be 3.5 (seconds), 3.3 (seconds).  You know, we’re not looking for, ‘I gotcha.’

“I was a state trooper before I got in this,’’ he said. “Nobody wanted a ticket for a 56 in a 55 (mile-an-hour zone). I mean, we didn’t even write tickets for that. So when people are yelling and screaming it’s at 3.2 (seconds), come on, let’s be realistic.’’


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