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  1. Cornell Law Student Papers

    Cornell Law School LL.M. Student Research Papers. Cornell Law School J.S.D. Student Research Papers . Enter search terms: Select context to search: Advanced Search Notify me via email or RSS; Browse. Collections; Disciplines; Disciplines; Authors; Journals; Author Corner. Author FAQ Elsevier - Digital Commons ...

  2. Legal research papers

    An Analysis of the UK-Australia FTA's Investment Chapter (PDF, 630kB) Author: Joshua Paine. A Kantian moral cosmopolitan approach to teaching professional legal ethics (PDF, 693kB) Author: Omar Madhloom. COVID-19 at Work: How risk is assessed & its consequences in England & Sweden (PDF, 837kB) A‌uthors: Peter Andersson and Tonia Novitz. 2021.

  3. Writing a law school research paper or law review note

    A general approach to thinking about the content of a research paper is: Introduction in which you give some background and a clear statement of your thesis; Status quo -- what is the existing law and why is it a problem; Proposals for change; Conclusion; See this blog post by Jonathan Burns, an IU McKinney alum, for more on basic content. Format

  4. Writing a Law School Paper Prof. Chris Wold (Last revised: Oct. 2019

    II. Some Basics of a Law School Paper Every paper needs an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. This comment may sound condescending, but I have read enough papers to know it is worth making. A. Purposes of an Introduction (or a Précis) An introduction must accomplish several goals in 5 to 7 paragraphs.

  5. Legal Research Strategy

    They contain both lengthy articles and shorter essays by professors and lawyers. They also contain comments, notes, or developments in the law written by law students. Articles often focus on new or emerging areas of law and may offer critical commentary. Some law reviews are dedicated to a particular topic while others are general.

  6. Research Guides: HLS Dissertations, Theses, and JD Papers: Home

    The Master of Laws ("LL.M.") degree has been awarded since 1923. Originally, the degree required completion of a major research paper, akin to a thesis. Since 1993, most students have the option of writing the LL.M. "short paper." This is a 25-page (or longer) paper advised by a faculty supervisor or completed in conjunction with a seminar.

  7. Directed Research Projects

    Generally, directed research papers are formatted as follows: 12-point font (Times New Roman or similar) Double-spaced lines. One-inch margins on both sides, top, and bottom. 10-point font for footnotes (same font as text) Bluebook style and rules for all footnotes citations. Roman numerals and/or letter headings and subheadings (same font as ...

  8. PDF So You Want to Write a Research Paper

    J.E. Alvarez. This is an excellent guide to writing a student note for publication - but also to legal writing generally. It includes an outline of the types of notes commonly found in US law reviews, general guides to undertaking research and doing the dreaded 'preemption check,' tips on selecting a topic and on note taking while doing ...

  9. Researching Law School Papers

    Designed to help law students write and publish articles, this text provides detailed instructions for every aspect of the law school writing, research, and publication process. Topics covered include law review articles and student notes, seminar term papers, how to shift from research to writing, cite-checking others' work, publishing, and ...

  10. Student Journals and Publications

    The Harvard Law School is the home of more than a dozen student-edited journals. The HLS Journals keeps the conversation going by letting anyone around the world take part in the legal conversations sparked by student-edited journals. The Harvard Law Review, and the Journal of Law and Public Policy should be contacted directly.

  11. 5 Key Steps to Writing an Effective Law Research Paper

    Here, we'll simplify the art of writing a persuasive research paper for law students with the help of 5 key steps. So, without prolonging this intro, let's get to those steps. 1. Select a Relevant and Narrow Topic. Whether you want to write a research paper for law or any other field, the first step you need to perform is to select a relevant topic.

  12. AI Assistance in Legal Analysis: An Empirical Study

    This finding has important implications for the future of work, hinting that it may become advantageous to entirely remove humans from the loop for certain tasks. Choi, Jonathan H. and Schwarcz, Daniel, AI Assistance in Legal Analysis: An Empirical Study (August 13, 2023). 73 Journal of Legal Education (forthcoming, 2024), Available at SSRN ...

  13. Writing a law school research paper or law review note

    Examples of student papers The three documents listed below were written by 2Ls for the Indiana International & Comparative Law Review. If you are writing for a seminar or an independent study, your parameters might be a little different, but these serve as good examples of general expectations for what can satisfy the advanced writing requirement.

  14. Legal Research Paper

    A qualifying Independent Legal Research Paper allows a student to earn two academic credits for research and writing that produces a substantive paper, note, article on a legal topic. At least 12 or more pages of writing are required per credit. The written product must rely on the student's original research, be of publishable quality, and include proper legal citation. The criteria for the ...

  15. Academic Publications

    The Making of Lawyers' Careers: Inequality and Opportunity in the American Legal Profession. October 2023. David B. Wilkins, Robert L. Nelson, Ronit Dinovitzer, Meghan Dawe. , Book. , After the JD, A2J, Career paths, Gender, Race. , Diversity Dividend: The Transformational Power of Small Changes to Debias Your Company, Attract Diverse Talent ...

  16. How to write a legal research paper: All you need to know

    Step-1 Choose a theme or topic: The foremost step in writing a legal research paper is to select a theme or topic for the research. Select topics that catch your attention or interest. You can pick topics addressing contemporary issues or topics for the intended audience you wish to cater to. It should be novel, innovative, and interesting.

  17. 50 Research Topics For Law Students In August 2022: Read Now!

    If you are a law student and love research, here's our flagship article. Our team has meticulously prepared a list of 50 top contemporary topics for research in August 2022 across a number of legal subjects . Happy Researching! Military law 1. Military Law v. Martial Law: A Comparative Study. 2. Authorities under Military Law in India. 3.

  18. A step-by-step guide to writing a Research Paper

    Take caution! Don't try to convert your Moot Court Memorials or other assignments into research papers! I have often come across several law students trying to convert their memorials or academic projects into research papers for publications (often sinned that myself too), However, what I have found is, that it is a great setback for budding authors.

  19. IV. Research Papers

    A. Original Work Required Any paper or other written work submitted for any Law School course, seminar or independent research project must be solely the original work of the student in whose name the work is submitted, with all sources acknowledged. Unless specifically authorized otherwise in writing, use of artificial intelligence in the process of writing any paper or other written work is ...

  20. Law Research Paper

    Law Research Paper. This sample law research paper features: 7700 words (approx. 25 pages), an outline, and a bibliography with 25 sources. Browse other research paper examples for more inspiration. If you need a thorough research paper written according to all the academic standards, you can always turn to our experienced writers for help.

  21. The Grapes of Roth by Bruce E. Boyden :: SSRN

    Marquette University Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series. Follow. Marquette University Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series. Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic FOLLOWERS. 4,132. PAPERS. 412. This Journal is curated by: ...

  22. 190 Unique Law Research Topics for Students to Consider

    Law Research Paper Topic Selection Tips. If you want to write a law research paper, then a good law research topic is what you need. Basically, the law is a complex subject, and hence choosing the right research topic from them is challenging. While selecting the legal research topic, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

  23. Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research

    IJLLR - Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research is an online bi-monthly law journal. The Journal revolves around Socio-legal topics and is not restricted to any particular field or subject of law. The Journal promotes interdisciplinary research entailing detailed study of law with other disciplines in the contemporary era.

  24. Gold-medal student essay shines a light on the role of homophobia and

    Ryley Alp recently won the gold medal for best student paper from the Wrongful Conviction Law Review (WCLR).Her paper, "Queer in Fear: The Role of Homophobia and Transphobia in Wrongful Convictions," was selected by the Canadian-based law review's editorial board of wrongful conviction scholars. The WCLR is a non-profit, open access, peer-reviewed international journal focusing on ...

  25. Class Roster

    Introductory laboratory-based course focusing on basic foundations in translational research on decision making across the lifespan. The course introduces students to hands-on applications of research skills in the context of research on decision making, spanning basic and applied research in law, medicine, behavioral economics, and policy. It focuses on such topics as human subjects ...