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Professional Certificate in Strategic Management

Offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices is no longer a sufficient business strategy. Increased competition and an evolving digital landscape demand more from organizations and their leaders.

Enhance your leadership capabilities and learn how to develop sustainable, successful business strategies with the Professional Certificate in Strategic Management from Wharton. Offering practical lecture knowledge and hands-on application of concepts, this program teaches you how to decrease costs, increase operational efficiencies, and improve customer experiences.

Created by world-renowned professors at the Wharton School, the Professional Certificate in Strategic Management walks you through how technology has changed the way businesses interact with customers and why this necessitates connected strategies. This program of business strategy courses is designed for managers and leaders of all industries who want to better identify, amplify, and sustain the competitive advantage of their businesses.

Why Study Strategic Management?

  • 61% of senior executives admit that their companies have a hard time bridging the gap between strategic planning and implementation. 1
  • Only 40% of employees strongly feel their managers comprehend the goals and strategy of their company. 2
  • Only 41% of employees feel their companies have the competent personnel necessary to execute strategic initiatives. 3

1 https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/learning/thought-leadership/why-good-strategies-fail-report.pdf 2 http://georgejamesltd.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/What-Employees-Really-Think-about-Todays-Workplace.pdf 3 https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/learning/thought-leadership/why-good-strategies-fail-report.pdf

Program Details

Start Dates: Enroll Immediately

Duration: 6 weeks per course

Commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Program Format: 100% Online

Program Tuition: $537.30 $199 (per individual course)


Professional certificate in strategic management course descriptions, business strategy from wharton: competitive advantage, course description.

Price: $199 Duration: 6 weeks Hours: 3-4/week

What sets your organization apart from others? How can you maximize and sustain its impact over time? Understanding and maintaining your competitive advantage is no small task.

Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage will give you the tools and frameworks necessary to execute a well-designed strategy. You’ll understand the drivers and barriers of competitive advantage so you can sustain your distinct advantage. You’ll also learn how to assess the impact of your competitors’ strategies.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to enhance your strategy to maximize your competitive advantage and drive revenue growth.

Course Modules

  • Analyze Your Firm’s Internal Fit
  • Analyze Your Firm’s External Fit
  • Maintaining Your Firm’s Dynamic Fit
  • Creating New Strategies and Initiatives

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Evaluate your firm’s strategic environment
  • Distinguish between organizational effectiveness and strategic positioning
  • Identify barriers to organizational change and strategy implementation
  • Map central and supporting firm activities, understanding how they interact with each other
  • Engage in sustainable strategic management and planning


Price: $199 Duration: 6 weeks Hours: 2-4/week

Technology has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate and how leaders engage in the strategic management of their firms. Understanding the customer journey has become essential to creating and executing connected strategies.

Connected Strategy examines how technology has evolved and changed the ways businesses interact with their customers. Professors Christian Terwiesch and Nicolaj Siggelkow will walk you through the connected customer experience and how connected delivery models are used in various industries. You’ll learn about connected strategy examples and analyze existing frameworks that can inform connected relationship design.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify, assess and implement connected strategies for your organization.

  • Connected Strategy and Value Proposition
  • Connected Customer Experience and Customization
  • Connected Producers and Connected Strategy Matrix
  • Revenue Model, Technology Infrastructure, and Disruptive Innovation
  • Analyze innovation frameworks and value propositions
  • Identify connected relationships and their potential for your firm
  • Examine customer experiences as they relate to the greater customer journey
  • Create customization strategies by leveraging positive customer feedback loops
  • Develop connection architecture and connected customer relationship strategies for your business


You understand connected relationships, but how can you apply this knowledge to excel the strategic management of your firm?

Connected Strategy Capstone Project provides you with the necessary tools to ideate, plan and execute a connected strategy for your business. Tailored worksheets and lecture videos from Professors Siggelkow and Terwiesch will guide you through each step of connected strategy creation. The final capstone project will be a combination of your worksheets and analysis of the strategy you created.

Throughout the capstone project, you’ll be able to reflect on your organization and develop actionable strategies.

  • Connected Customer Experience
  • Connected Customer Experience Strategy
  • Connected Delivery Model Strategy
  • Apply the concepts learned in the Connected Strategy course
  • Approach connected strategy planning and creation
  • Move beyond traditional customer interactions to create a new business model
  • Create a connected customer experience and connected delivery model for any organization
  • Envision and develop a connected strategy that can be directly applied to your business

Want it all? Take the complete program for $537.30.

Key certificate program takeaways, participants will learn how to:.

  • Identify business’ competitive advantages
  • Amplify competitive advantages and drive profits
  • Leverage connected strategies to create continuous customer relationships
  • Transcend traditional forms of customer interaction and adopt new business models
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Professional Certificate in Strategic Management Faculty

Christian Terwiesch photo

Christian Terwiesch

Andrew M. Heller Professor at the Wharton School Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions Professor of Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine Co-Director, Mack Institute of Innovation Management

Faculty Research Interests

He is a Professor in Wharton’s Operations, Information and Decisions department, co-director of Penn’s Mack Institute for Innovation Management, and also holds a faculty appointment In Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine. His research on Operations Management and on Innovation Management appears in many of the leading academic journals ranging from Management Science to The New England Journal of Medicine. He is an award-winning teacher with extensive experience in MBA teaching and executive education.

Professor Terwiesch is the co-author of Matching Supply with Demand, a widely used text-book in Operations Management that is now in its third edition. Based on this book, Professor Terwiesch has launched the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in business on Coursera. By now, well over 250,000 students enrolled in the course.

His latest book, Innovation Tournaments, was published by Harvard Business School Press. The novel, process-based approach to innovation outlined in the book was featured by BusinessWeek, the Financial Times, and the Sloan Management Review and has lead to innovation tournaments in organizations around the world.

Professor Terwiesch has researched with and consulted for various organizations. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he has helped companies become more innovative, often by implementing innovation tournament events and by helping to restructure their innovation portfolio.

Most of his current work relates to healthcare and innovation management. In the healthcare space, some of Professor Terwiesch recent projects include the design of patient centered care processes in the VA hospital system, the impact of emergency room crowding on hospital revenues and the patient experience at Penn Medicine, and the usage of patient portals and remote patient monitoring.

In addition to his teaching and his research, Professor Terwiesch is experimenting with a new career as a host of a national radio show on Sirius XM 132. Also, after 20 years of Ironman racing, he is trying to become a competitive rower, a transition that unfortunately turns out to be harder than expected.

"View profile"

Nicolaj Siggelkow

David M. Knott Professor Professor of Management Co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management

He studied Economics at Stanford University and earned an M.A. in Economics from Harvard University. He received a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University and the Harvard Business School. Professor Siggelkow has been the recipient of multiple MBA and Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Awards, including the Class of 1984 Award presented to the faculty member with the highest teaching rating in the MBA classroom, the Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Teaching Award, the Wharton Award, and the Wharton Graduate Association Student Choice Award. His research has been published in the leading management journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Industrial Economics, Management Science, Organization Science, and Strategic Organization. In 2008, he received the Administrative Science Quarterly Scholarly Contribution Award for the most significant paper published in ASQ five years earlier. Nicolaj is a member of the Editorial Review Boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization, and Academy of Management Perspectives.

His current research focuses on the strategic and organizational implications of interactions among a firm’s choices of activities and resources. In particular, his research has focused on three broad questions: How do firms develop, grow and adjust their set of activities over time? How does organizational design affect a firm’s ability to find high-performing sets of activities? What role do interactions among a firm’s activities play in creating and sustaining competitive advantage? To address these questions, he has employed a range of methodological approaches, including in-depth field studies of individual firms, econometric methods for large-scale data sets, formal modeling, and simulation models.

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Business Strategy

  • Leadership, Ethics, and Corporate Accountability

online strategic planning courses

Strategy Execution

Key concepts, who will benefit, mid-level managers and professionals, aspiring managers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

online strategic planning courses

What You Earn

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Boost your resume with a Certificate of Completion from HBS Online

Earn by: completing this course

Certificate of Specialization

Certificate of Specialization

Prove your mastery of strategy or leadership and management

Earn by: completing any three courses within either subject area to earn a Certificate of Specialization

Managing the Tensions of Strategy Execution

online strategic planning courses

  • Making Tough Choices: Course Introduction
  • Balancing Innovation and Control, Part I
  • Balancing Innovation and Control, Part II
  • Managing Other Organizational Tensions
  • Analyzing the Four Ps of Strategy, Part I
  • Analyzing the Four Ps of Strategy, Part II

Featured Exercises

Aligning job design to strategy.

online strategic planning courses

  • Designing High-Performing Jobs
  • Understanding the Entrepreneurial Gap
  • Identifying Spans of Influence and Support
  • Balancing Supply and Demand in a Job
  • Analyzing and Improving Job Design

Energizing Employees to Execute Strategy

online strategic planning courses

  • Generating Creative Tension, Part I
  • Generating Creative Tension, Part II
  • Defining Core Values
  • Communicating Core Values

Measuring and Monitoring Performance

online strategic planning courses

  • Designing Diagnostic Control Systems
  • Introducing the Three Wheels of Profit Planning
  • Building a Balanced Scorecard
  • Selecting Goals and Measures
  • Powering up Performance Goals with Incentives, Part I
  • Powering up Performance Goals with Incentives, Part II

Identifying and Managing Risks

online strategic planning courses

  • Identifying Sources of Risk, Part I
  • Identifying Sources of Risk, Part II
  • Assessing Internal Risk Pressures
  • Designing and Enforcing Internal Controls
  • Building Business Conduct Boundaries

Balancing Innovation and Control

online strategic planning courses

  • Unleashing Freedom through Strategic Boundaries
  • Adapting to Change: Interactive Control Systems
  • Reviewing the Levers of Control
  • Implementing the Levers of Control, Part I
  • Implementing the Levers of Control, Part II

online strategic planning courses

How to Formulate a Successful Business Strategy

Our difference, about the professor.

online strategic planning courses

Robert Simons Strategy Execution

Dates & eligibility.

No current course offerings for this selection.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, proficient in English, and committed to learning and engaging with fellow participants throughout the course.

Learn about bringing this course to your organization .

Learner Stories

online strategic planning courses

Strategy Execution FAQs

Could you tell me a little more about the ai course assistant chat bot.

You can think of the beta version of the Strategy Execution AI Course Assistant chat bot like a virtual Teaching Assistant who can help you consolidate and confirm your understanding of course concepts. When you are finding a particular concept difficult to master, or would like additional examples of a theory, try asking the bot your question in the same way you would phrase it to a human TA. Over time, we hope to add additional functionality to the Course Assistant (including the ability to answer questions that are more logistical or administrative in nature), but the ability of the bot to handle such queries may be limited or absent at this time. Please note that no preexisting familiarity or experience with generative AI is necessary or assumed to use the bot and, while we encourage you to engage with the bot and share your candid feedback on your experience, a lack of engagement with the bot will not adversely impact your eligibility for a certificate of completion.

What are the learning requirements in order to successfully complete the course, and how are grades assigned?

Participants in Strategy Execution are eligible for a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Business School Online.

Participants are expected to fully complete all coursework in a thoughtful and timely manner. This will mean meeting each week’s course module deadlines and fully answering questions posed therein. This helps ensure participants proceed through the course at a similar pace and can take full advantage of social learning opportunities. In addition to module and assignment completion, we expect you to offer feedback on others’ reflections and contribute to conversations on the platform. Participants who fail to complete the course requirements will not receive a certificate and will not be eligible to retake the course.

More detailed information on course requirements will be communicated at the start of the course. No grades are assigned for Strategy Execution. Participants will either be evaluated as complete or not complete.

What materials will I have access to after completing Strategy Execution?

You will have access to the materials in every prior module as you progress through the program. Access to course materials and the course platform ends 60 days after the final deadline in the program.

At the end of each course module, you will be able to download a PDF summary highlighting key concepts used throughout the course. At the end of the program, you will receive a PDF compilation of all of the module summary documents. We hope the module summary documents will serve as a helpful resource after you finish the course.

How should I list my certificate on my resume?

Once you've earned your Certificate of Completion, list it on your resume along with the date of completion:

Harvard Business School Online

Certificate in Strategy Execution

[Cohort Start Month and Year]

List your certificate on your LinkedIn profile under "Education" with the language from the Credential Verification page:

School: Harvard Business School Online Dates Attended: [The year you participated in the program] Degree: Other; Certificate in Strategy Execution Field of Study: Leave blank Grade: "Complete" Activities and Societies: Leave blank Description:

Strategy Execution is an 8-week, 45-hour online certificate program from Harvard Business School. Strategy Execution equips current and aspiring managers with the tools, skills, and frameworks to allocate resources, measure performance, manage risk, and successfully implement strategy.

The program was developed by leading Harvard Business School faculty and is delivered in an active learning environment based on the HBS signature case-based learning model.

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online strategic planning courses

CLIMB enables new and experienced leaders to ignite their careers with a combination of vital and forward-looking business skills, self-reflection, and an immersive cohort-based learning experience with a diverse global network.

online strategic planning courses

Formulate strategies to give your organization a competitive advantage, using a proven framework that creates value for customers, employees, and suppliers.

online strategic planning courses

Disruptive Strategy

Strengthen your capacity to create winning strategies and bring innovations to market by discovering customer jobs to be done and aligning your business’s resources, processes, and profit formula.

online strategic planning courses

Economics for Managers

See the world through the lens of economics and gain the knowledge and skills to craft successful business strategy.

8 Best + Free Strategic Planning Courses [2024 May]

Strategic Planning is what every business needs to run successful campaigns for sales, ads, and other business-related operations. It helps in stabilizing various business processes and executes them successfully. If you’re a business professional or entrepreneur, it is crucial to understand strategic planning and its concepts. Here, we help individuals learn practical skills by providing them valuable resources and learning platforms. We have collected a list of some of the Best Strategic Planning Courses, Classes, Training Programs, Tutorials, and Specialization Certifications available online . This list covers almost every introductory course that can help you build strategic planning knowledge. Taking up these classes will enable you to earn a professional certification in strategic planning that can be used to showcase your skills. Have a look at our compilation of Business Courses .

8 Best + Free Strategic Planning Courses & Classes [2024 May]

Free course trial – strategic planning and execution by the university of virginia (coursera).

Strategic planning has become an essential part of the last few decades in almost every corporate. This course on Coursera is a complete package for the students as well as professionals who are willing to learn the ethics and concepts of strategic planning and execution. The course is prepared by the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. During the classes, the instructor will help you learn the essential concepts, pillars, and models used in planning the strategies and their execution . Being led by experienced faculty members, students will get all the assistance and guidance required to develop their skills.

Highlights –

– Learn the concepts of strategic planning based on analysis and connect them using hypothesis testing while assessing their longevity.

– Understand the working of different approaches included in strategy formulation while performing several activities to assure their success.

– Learn to utilize the 4A Model for executing effective strategies planned to ensure the management of human resources and organizational assets.

– Consistent guidance from industry’s top experts to develop effective strategies and plan for rightful resources to be implemented in the organization.

– Get personal experience from a panel of leaders like entrepreneurs, industry experts, and nonprofits organizations.

Duration: 10 Hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

Review: The course was insightful. The Week 4 module with industry stalwarts speaking on Strategy implementation was very interesting. Most of all, the self-assignment and the peer grading helped to bring the entire learning to perspective. – Debarati M.

Free Course Trial – Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization by University of Illinois (Coursera)

This comprehensive specialization program on Coursera is designed to grow your skills in strategic leadership and management. In this program, you will understand how leadership works in organizations and how leaders manage strategies to improve business operations at different hierarchies . Along with this, you will also learn the working of tools that help to monitor business processes and build optimized strategies. This specialization will enhance the opportunities in your career with strategic management. It is being offered by the University of Illinois along with the Masters in Business Administration degree. There are hands-on projects available for revision and practice purposes.

– Learn the fundamentals of strategic planning to lead people and teams, manage organizations effectively.

– Know about the working of leadership concepts that help manage business operations and decision making.

– Learn to design different models and strategies that can optimize business operations for better management in the organization.

– Developed by an experienced faculty of the University of Illinois, who have prepared multiple individuals around the world.

– Work with a capstone project to learn how to optimize business management operations in an organization.

Duration: 8 months

Free Course Trial – Strategic Management and Innovation Specialization by Copenhagen Business School (Coursera)

Coursera is a well-reputed online learning platform that offers quality courses and specialization in almost every domain. This specialization program on strategic management and innovation is focused on shaping competitive advantage for businesses. In this curriculum, you will learn the concepts of value creation, understand business management , determine the goals, and optimize business strategies along with their execution . After finishing the course with the given projects, you will be able to secure a reputed designation in a leading corporate organization. Moreover, it is included with other learning materials that will allow you to practice and revise the concepts.

– Understand the working of strategic management fundamentals along with their implementation in an organization.

– Learn to utilize the advanced tools that can help to determine the scope of optimization in business management policies, and be able to create objectives and goals for strategic implementation.

– Understand how to leverage company culture in implementation while describing how to communicate the strategy to your business leaders.

– Get immense knowledge and experience with hands-on projects, live sessions, and regular assignments to sharpen your strategic management skills.

Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Strategic Planning Courses (Includes Free Courses) (Udemy)

Strategic planning is a vast concept in business development and management that require professional guidance from the industry’s experts. Udemy offers a wide range of specialization courses and tutorials in strategic planning and execution. These specializations are ideal for beginners as well as experienced professionals in the industry. From the fundamentals of strategic planning and business management to implementing project management plans , students can choose multiple courses to upgrade their skills. Along with all the learning materials and live projects, you will also get experience in hands-on assignments created by the professional tutors and instructors.

– Access to all the major and minor courses related to the strategic planning and execution in business development and management.

– Live seminars and sessions from experienced tutors that can help you understand the in-depth concepts of strategic planning.

– Cover a variety of concepts with practical courses like Strategic workforce planning, & steps to write a business plan, Strategic planning skills, etc.

– Different opportunities to upgrade the management skills and grab more chances to secure their designation in a reputed company.

– Free discussions and debates under the supervision of the industry’s best experts and leading instructors to learn the management skills.

Duration:  Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Strategic Management Certificate (Harvard Extension School)

Harvard Extension School offers a professional certification in strategic management to help students upgrade their business development and management skills. This course will help you learn all the fundamental concepts related to strategic management . In today’s competitive global market, this course will shape the opportunities in the job market to grab a reputed designation. Moreover, students will be able to streamline business management processes by creating and implementing different strategies. Furthermore, students will get exposure to the industrial demands for business analysts and strategic planners that can help to optimize business management systems.

– Learn to determine and align the fundamental goals of an organization and build strategies to optimize business operations.

– Understand to monitor the business environment and seek growth opportunities for better outcomes along with the global existence.

– Gain knowledge in corporate sustainability strategy, human resource management, strategic resource allocation, and marketing management.

– Learn and understand all the significant concepts of strategic management related to corporate ethics and the global economy.

– Get hands-on experience by implementing corporate sustainability strategy, resource allocation, and human resource management in current scenarios.

Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

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Strategic Planning (Texas Extended Campus)

This is another relevant course on strategic planning, offered by the Texas Center for Professional Education. It includes all the fundamental concepts of strategic planning and implementation, setting up business goals, and integrates optimized processes . Joining this learning path will help you learn how to implement different techniques to regulate various verticals in business management. Besides, after finishing the classes, you will be able to mold and improve the organization’s leadership without affecting the consistency in business operations. The course is very much suitable for beginners as well as experienced professionals in the industry.

– Build a strong knowledge of strategic planning and goal setting, and improve your collaboration with leaders to engender a friendly and corporate environment.

– Learn and understand how communication works for planning the strategies and establish business management goals conceptually.

– Understand and get familiar with the techniques used to build business management plans after establishing different goals.

– Learn to implement the step-by-step procedure of implementing defined strategies in the organization for smoother operations.

– Access to the hands-on projects to learn the working of the plan of action created to resolve business challenges and optimization objectives.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Professional Certificate in Strategic Management by Wharton University of Pennsylvania (edX)

This is another professional course on strategic management and execution, which will help you boost your professional business skills. This course is developed by experienced instructors of the Wharton University of Pennsylvania; it focuses on shaping leadership capabilities and management. In this course, you will learn to establish growth-oriented strategies, determine competitive advantages, refine customer interaction, and deploy profitable operations . Moreover, students will also get hands-on experience with different applications used to improve customer experience. At the end of this program, you will be able to effectively build, optimize, and deploy strategic management operations.

– Learn to identify and determine the competitive advantages that business will get from strategic management activities.

– Understand how strategy refinement work when it comes to optimizing business operations for driving more profits and benefits.

– Learn to build new models of customer interaction and optimize previously utilized systems in the organization for more achievements.

– Learn how to move beyond traditional modes of customer interaction to create a fundamentally new business model.

– Hands-on experience with updated and live applications that help in confident interaction with the customers collaborated with the business.

Duration: 5 months

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Online Strategic Planning Courses and Seminars (American Management Association)

American Management Association (AMA) offers professional online learning courses and tutorials on strategic planning to enhance your existing knowledge. Skills learned through these programs can have a massive impact on your corporate management, as you will learn from professionals. Adopting this platform will help you become a successful business management leader or a professional strategic planner . Several seminars and live projects are also available within the courses to help students explore reliable methods for planning business strategies. Each session in the courses elaborates on how a strategic planning criterion works and its benefits to an organization.

– Understanding the significance of planning business strategies for an organization and optimize the operation on their basis.

– Learn to design innovative strategies by determining the goals and challenges of the organization with proper analysis.

– Learn to implement and execute defined plans according to the strategies planned to optimize business operations in the organization.

– Gain the ability to develop operational business strategies and how to take those strategies to action with effective practices and techniques.

– Analyzing the real-world scenarios to get immense knowledge and experience of how strategic planning and execution work.

Duration:  months

Enrolling in these programs will help you make efficient and successful strategic plans to improve your business growth. If you have been looking for a course or tutorial on Strategic Planning, this list contains all of them.

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Team DigitalDefynd

We help you find the best courses, certifications, and tutorials online. Hundreds of experts come together to handpick these recommendations based on decades of collective experience. So far we have served 4 Million+ satisfied learners and counting.

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online strategic planning courses

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Strategic planning for online learning

Strategic planning for online learning

Course description

Course content, course reviews.

Become a digitally-informed and empowered school leader and learn how to help your school use technology-driven change through Covid-19 and beyond. This course will help school leaders make decisions about the provision and use of online learning in schools.

School leaders need to plan digital strategies, devise plans and allocate resources in such a way that the learning environment is fully inclusive. This course will help you make better decisions for your school in relation to the use of digital technology. This course will encourage you in the development of a digital strategy and contribute to your own professional development.

Aimed at school leaders and those who have responsibility for the strategic planning and management of online learning at Trust, school, subject or phase level, this free course is built upon extensive research into how school leaders strategically manage and plan for online provision of learning. It addresses how schools manage particular challenges and opportunities which online learning provides. During the course you will consider real challenges via case studies from practice, along with other activities, and begin to formulate real solutions and strategy for your school/s. The course will help you turn plans into practical action via a digital plan. During the course there will also be a range of valuable networking opportunities with other leaders, through discussion forums and webinars.

online strategic planning courses

This course has been generously funded by the UKRI and ESRC.

Strategic planning for online learning

Earn this free Open University digital badge if you complete this course!  The badge can be displayed, shared and downloaded as a marker of your achievement.   The badge is awarded for completing the course and passing the quizzes.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • progress personal and professional development to become an effective leader in online learning
  • explore how schools can engage effectively with the digital technology at both strategic and operational levels
  • reflect on how digital technology is changing the way the school operates – creating leadership challenges and strategic opportunities
  • envisage the digital environment needed to enable staff to design online learning experiences
  • lead, manage and influence digitally-driven change across departments and schools and build scenarios for alternative digital solutions.

First Published: 03/08/2022

Updated: 03/08/2022

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Health Care Economics

Explore the economic forces shaping us health care.

Taught by Harvard Medical School faculty, this Harvard Online course provides insights into the interactions between industries in the US health care sector and teaches what economic forces are shaping health care.


What You'll Learn

Why is health care spending so high in the US? What are the primary drivers of rising health care costs? What is the relationship between finance and health care? How does money shape your decision-making as a patient, provider, or payer? Is a sustainable healthcare architecture possible?

Even for those within the health care industry, the economics of the United States health care system are stunningly complex and can be challenging to navigate. In Health Care Economics, gain insights into the interactions between industries in the health care sector and learn what economic forces are shaping health care. You will cover core topics in health care economics, such as moral hazard and adverse selection, and examine how these forces, as well as the actions of patients, providers, and other key stakeholders, shape outcomes in the health care market.

Balancing the needs of patients and purchasers is a daily struggle for health care leaders and central to the success of any health care business. To make this happen, clinical, research, operational, and financial leaders need a shared understanding of the true drivers of health care spending, the policies that shape and define the sector, and how financial incentives impact both patient and provider behavior. This course will examine health care spending growth, considering new technologies and other economic factors, and explore the theoretical framework behind controlling spending growth through changes to benefit design and payment reform.

Delivered via Harvard Business School Online’s innovative course platform, Health Care Economics features real-world examples, interactive lessons, and conversations with industry experts. Led by Harvard Medical School professor Michael Chernew, PhD, Chair of The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), this course allows you to gain a better understanding of core economic principles as you learn how to create more compelling programs, develop more effective growth strategies, negotiate better reimbursement contracts and partnerships, and advocate more effectively both inside and outside your organization.

The Harvard Medical School is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Harvard Medical School designates this enduring material for a maximum of  19.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ . Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have access to claim their credits through the Harvard Medical School’s continuing education platform.

The course is part of the Health Care Leadership Learning Path  and will be delivered via  HBS Online’s course platform .  Learners will be immersed in real-world examples from experts at industry-leading organizations. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the drivers of spending and spending growth in health care and evaluate how your organization’s strategy and decision-making processes impact total spending as well as value
  • Describe approaches to getting the incentives right for both providers and patients and evaluate the impacts of changes to these incentives
  • Understand risk and pooling as they relate to insurance markets and health benefit design
  • Define the role of employers, insurers, and government in influencing the economics of health care markets, such as spending, access to care, and stability of insurance markets
  • Explain how technology and patients’ and providers’ decisions contribute to high spending and spending growth, and how they impact their own organizations

Your Instructor

Michael Chernew, PhD,  is the Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Chernew’s research examines several areas related to improving the health care system, including studies of novel benefit designs, Medicare Advantage, alternative payment models, low-value care, and the causes and consequences of rising health care spending. Dr. Chernew is currently serving as Chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), where he previously served as the Vice Chair and as a Member. In 2000, 2004, and 2010, he served on technical advisory panels for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that reviewed the assumptions used by Medicare actuaries to assess the financial status of Medicare trust funds. He's a member of the Congressional Budget Office’s Panel of Health Advisors and Vice Chair of the Massachusetts Health Connector Board. Dr. Chernew is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a Senior Visiting Fellow at MITRE. He's currently a co-editor of the  American Journal of Managed Care  and on advisory boards for several private companies in the health care space, including Virta Health, Archway, and HEALTH[at]SCALE.

Real World Case Studies

Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.

Dr. Matthew Hutter


Sandhya Rao


Dr. Sandhya Rao is chief medical officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts , the largest private health plan in Massachusetts. Learn from Rao about the challenges in health insurance today.

Joseph Newhouse


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Who Will Benefit

Leader Icon

Rising Leaders

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the health care landscape, including the key drivers of rising US health care spending.

Bank Icon

Administrators and Policy Makers

Gain insights into strategic decisions around new business initiatives, health benefit plans, reimbursement contract negotiations, and care delivery models.

Medical Providers

Understand the financial impacts of new technologies and services and how to create value-based care for patients.

Learner Testimonials

“This is an amazing course. The professor did a fantastic job dissecting the complexities of healthcare into chewable chunks.”

Howard H. Dinh, MD, FACC Medical Director, Cardiac Services, Greater Sacramento The Permanente Medical Group and Chief, Cardiology, Kaiser Permanente, South Sacramento

“This is now my fourth HBS online course that I have taken. I love that the format lets me learn asynchronously when I have time in my busy schedule. The HBS courses do a wonderful job encouraging interaction with peer learners which amplifies the learning. The HBS courses foster this peer engagement much more effectively than I have found in other online courses that I have taken.”

Denver Sallee III, MD Chief Financial Officer, Sibley Heart Center Cardiology and Associate Professor of Pediatrics Emory University School of Medicine

“This is a very well designed course to understand the nuances of the US healthcare system economics. The videos and the guest talks were very helpful to understand the real world examples. The discussion surrounding the RAND experiment was very useful to understand many key concepts. Overall a very good course.”

Krishna K. Chotneeru, MPH Associate Director, Data Science & Statistics Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Syllabus and Upcoming Calendars

Health Care Economics provides insights into the interactions between industries in the health care sector and teaches what economic forces are shaping health care.

Learning requirements: There are no required prerequisites to enroll in this course. In order to earn a Certificate of Completion from Harvard Online, participants must thoughtfully complete all 6 modules, including associated assessments, by stated deadlines.

Download Full Syllabus

Download October 2023 Calendar 

Download January 2024 Calendar 

  • Why is health care so expensive?
  • Why is health care spending growing?
  • Make health care spending growth predictions.
  • Compare US health care costs to costs in other countries.
  • Analyze the math behind health care spending.
  • Examine sources of waste in the health care industry.
  • Explore the role of technology in health care spending growth.
  • What role should patients play in making important choices about their care?
  • What role should money play in the decisions of patients?
  • Interpret demand curves.
  • Explore willingness to pay for health care.
  • Evaluate different solutions to inefficient consumption of care, such as moral hazard.
  • What role should the provider play in determining care patterns?
  • How do provider behavior and competition influence care?
  • Analyze clinical decision-making.
  • Recognize supplier-induced demand and the consequences of the medical arms race.
  • Explore practice ownership trends.
  • Determine whether prevention programs and care coordination are cost saving.
  • What is the role of insurance in health care?
  • Why is the risk pool for health insurance so important and how do we manage it?
  • Explore risk preferences.
  • Calculate actuarially fair premiums to understand what health insurance is and how it works.
  • Examine solutions for solving some of the problems with insurance.
  • Evaluate policy proposals for dealing with information asymmetry and adverse selection.
  • How can we design insurance plans to promote efficient consumer decision-making?
  •  Explore patient decision-making in health care.
  • Analyze different approaches for improving patient incentives.
  • Understand the benefits of value based care and insurance.
  • Strategies for implementing value-based healthcare and insurance designs.
  • How do we structure payments to promote efficient provider decision-making?
  • Explore provider decision-making in health care.
  • Analyze different approaches for improving provider incentives.

Earn Your Certificate

Enroll today in Harvard Online's Health Care Economics course.

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What are the learning requirements? How do I list my certificate on my resume? Learn the answers to these and more in our FAQs.

Health Care Economics Certificate

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Digital technologies and big data offer tremendous opportunities to improve health care.

Health Care Strategy

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  • Course Design

Advancing Online Graduate Education: Integrating Quality Matters Feedback to Enhance Course Templates 

  • May 8, 2024
  • Cheryl Oberlin, MEd

In the dynamic landscape of online education, the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications online graduate programs (UF CJC Online) stands at the forefront of innovation and quality. With a commitment to ensuring educational excellence and student success, in 2020, UF CJC Online developed a comprehensive course design strategy to elevate its online courses, a mission mandated by the State University System of Florida’s 2025 Strategic Plan for Online Education. 

The state mandate established the goal of quality but allowed institutions to develop their own strategies. This article outlines how UF CJC Online developed a common Canvas course template based on best practices that meet or exceed the state’s directive. Offering a master’s degree in mass communications with six concentrations (digital strategy, global strategic communications, public interest communications, public relations, social media, and web design) and four graduate certificates (audience analytics, global strategic communications, social media, and web design), UF CJC Online has been in operation since 2012 and caters to a diverse cohort of 800 graduate students.  

Quality matters: A benchmark for excellence  

To meet the ambitious quality standards set by the State of Florida, UF CJC Online subscribed to Quality Matters (QM), an organization specializing in quality assurance for online education. QM’s robust framework, encapsulated in the QM Rubric, evaluates various facets of online course design through eight categories, including learning objectives, alignment, assessment strategies, instructional materials, learner interaction, course technology, learner support, accessibility, and usability. By developing the course template to meet QM standards, UF CJC Online aims to create a more engaging and effective learning environment so students have clear learning objectives, appropriate assessments and learning activities, and high-quality instructional materials. 

Development and implementation of the course template  

Initially challenged with meeting the state’s mandate and QM standards, a UF CJC Online review team discovered that the existing course offerings did not meet expectations. In response, UF CJC Online built an Instructional Design (ID) team and developed a standardized yet adaptable framework for all online courses. Their efforts fostered an environment conducive to innovation and engagement, driven by curriculum development and tailored to meet the dynamic needs of students. Embracing a student-centric philosophy, the program prioritized accessibility, interactivity, and flexibility to empower learners to pursue their academic goals. 

These efforts culminated a meticulously designed course template that is the backbone of the program’s online offerings. The template features an intuitive layout and essential components such as a syllabus, clear assignment guidelines, feedback and grading policies, detailed discussion forums, and links to student support services. It includes institutional and college policies, plus support service resources to ensure that students and instructors have easy access to vital information, fostering both a sense of community and compliance. The template, housed in Canvas, is easy to update to reflect resource and content information changes. In addition, the comprehensive template equips instructors with essential tools, eliminates the need for them to create courses from scratch, and allows them to dedicate their time and expertise to delivering engaging and impactful courses.  

Enhancing student experience and learning outcomes  

At UF CJC Online, implementing a course template has been transformative as it significantly enhances student success by delivering a consistent learning experience. Further, a cohesive, intuitive, and strategic online learning environment allows students to be actively drawn into the course content, fosters deeper engagement in the online classroom, and facilitates the journey toward achieving the learning objectives.  

The transparent communication of course goals, assessments aligned with objectives, and access to top-tier instructional materials and support resources ensures a holistic and enriching learning experience. Notably, since the implementation of the course template, UF CJC Online has observed a remarkable 25% increase in course completion rates, underscoring the tangible impact of its commitment to quality education. 

Quality matters course review process  

Each course within the UF CJC Online program undergoes a meticulous review process facilitated by a peer-review team established through QM. The course review team assesses each course against the QM Rubric in a collegial, collaborative process and generates a detailed report that provides valuable feedback in each of the eight areas for course improvement. The course template is a key factor in the QM course review process as it ensures consistency in course design.  

The process of integrating feedback from QM course reviews into the course templates is systematic and reflective: 

a. Analyzing the c ourse r eview r esults: The ID team conducts a thorough analysis of the feedback to discern the strengths and weaknesses of the current course design. 

b. Prioritizing a reas for i mprovement: They identify key areas where modifications to the course template can significantly enhance student learning and engagement. 

c. Redesigning course components: They make any necessary changes to the course template to address the gaps highlighted in the QM Course Reviews. 

Continuous improvement and customization  

Incorporating QM’s feedback into a course template is not a static process but a dynamic, ongoing improvement cycle. This iterative approach ensures that the program remains in sync with the latest best practices in online education and is responsive to the changing needs of students and instructors. While much of the template is standardized, certain aspects of the QM Course Review feedback necessitate customization for each course. Some examples of feedback implemented from official QM Course Reviews include: 

  • Creating an instructional navigation video for Canvas to facilitate students’ understanding of the platform’s features and functionalities. 
  • Clearly delineating the structure and significance of each course to ensure students comprehend its relevance to their degree or certificate program. 
  • Establishing transparent feedback policies and timelines for assignment evaluations to inform students when to expect instructor feedback. 
  • Implementing comprehensive privacy and accessibility policies for all course tools to ensure equitable access to course materials for all students. 
  • Identify and communicate the technical skills necessary for successful course participation to prepare students. 
  • Specifying the technical requirements, including equipment and software needs, essential for the course to help students prepare accordingly. 
  • Incorporating an alignment map that connects Course Learning Objectives (CLOs), Module Learning Objectives (MLOs) and learning activities to illustrate their interconnectedness and relevance to student learning. 
  • Providing direct links to student support services encompassing mental health resources and technical assistance that offer learners readily accessible assistance.  
  • Maintaining consistent graphics throughout the template to enhance navigation and enable students to locate various course elements efficiently. 
  • Allowing the ID team to take a tailored approach to ensure that each course, while adhering to a standardized template, also addresses the unique requirements and characteristics that define it.  

Challenges and future directions

While implementing the QM-informed course template has been largely successful, it has not been without challenges. One of the main hurdles has been ensuring the templates remain flexible enough to accommodate the diverse needs and andragogical approaches of different courses and instructors. Additionally, the continuous process of gathering and integrating feedback requires a significant investment of time and resources throughout the year. 

Looking forward, UF CJC Online is committed to further refining its course template based on ongoing QM reviews and feedback from students and instructors. The goal is to create a living document that evolves with the changing landscape of online education and adopts the highest quality standards.  

Continuing improvement  

Over the last five years, the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of its online graduate program by integrating Quality Matters standards and feedback into a course template. This process has been instrumental in ensuring a consistent, high-quality learning experience. Through continuous improvement and adherence to QM standards, UF CJC Online positions itself as a leader in online education and ensures that all courses will meet the State of Florida’s mandate by achieving QM certification by the end of 2025.  

Cheryl Oberlin is the assistant director for UF CJC Online. She earned her MEd, MBA in project management and MA in English composition and rhetoric from Wright State University in Dayton, OH. She has taught personal branding and digital reputation management, in addition to mass communication teaching at the University of Florida since 2021. Before that, she taught entrepreneurship at Wright State University, composition and business writing at Sinclair Community College, and composition and speech at Edison State Community College. She has been associated with Quality Matters, Inc., since 2007. Oberlin’s passion for helping students succeed in higher education is evidenced by her accomplishments in designing quality, learner-centered online courses.   

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The Possible Collapse of the U.S. Home Insurance System

A times investigation found climate change may now be a concern for every homeowner in the country..

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Across the United States, more frequent extreme weather is starting to cause the home insurance market to buckle, even for those who have paid their premiums dutifully year after year.

Christopher Flavelle, a climate reporter, discusses a Times investigation into one of the most consequential effects of the changes.

On today’s episode

online strategic planning courses

Christopher Flavelle , a climate change reporter for The New York Times.

A man in glasses, dressed in black, leans against the porch in his home on a bright day.

Background reading

As American insurers bleed cash from climate shocks , homeowners lose.

See how the home insurance crunch affects the market in each state .

Here are four takeaways from The Times’s investigation.

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Christopher Flavelle contributed reporting.

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Christopher Flavelle is a Times reporter who writes about how the United States is trying to adapt to the effects of climate change. More about Christopher Flavelle



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