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    psychology projects for high school students

  2. Awesome Psychology Experiment Ideas for High School Students

    psychology projects for high school students

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    psychology projects for high school students

  4. Miami Psychology Students Showcase Class Projects

    psychology projects for high school students

  5. Brain Project Ideas Psychology

    psychology projects for high school students

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    psychology projects for high school students


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  1. 8 Effective Social Psychology Experiments & Activities For High School

    Here are a few interesting experiments and activities for high school students to learn about social psychology : 1. Bystander effect simulation. The bystander effect [ 1] is a social psychology phenomenon that studies how an individual is unlikely to help in an urgent situation if surrounded by other people. Students can conduct experiments to ...

  2. 35 Psychology Research Ideas for High School Students

    Psychology Research Area #2: Bullying and Peer Relationships. Bullying and its effects on peer relationships are critical areas for high school students seeking psychology research ideas. This topic is vital because it addresses the immediate and long-term psychological impacts on all parties involved, including victims, bullies, and bystanders.

  3. 10 Top Psychology Project Ideas for High School Students

    8. Unmasking the Psychology of Body Image. If you are looking for an exciting group psychology experiment, this idea might be for you. A lot of people, youngsters included, have different opinions on their body image. Some are more confident, but some struggle with a negative self-image.

  4. Psychology Experiment Ideas

    For many students, conducting an actual experiment may be outside the scope of their project or may not be permitted by their instructor, school, or institutional review board. If your assignment or project requires you to conduct a true experiment that involves controlling and manipulating an independent variable, you will need to take care to ...

  5. Exploring 50 Best Psychology Project Ideas for High School Students

    Discover engaging and thought-provoking psychology project ideas for high school students with our curated list of 10 titles. From exploring the impact of social media on mental health to investigating the psychology of decision-making, these project ideas offer a valuable avenue for students to delve into intriguing aspects of psychology and enhance their understanding of the human mind and ...

  6. Great Psychology Experiment Ideas to Explore

    The Stanford Prison Experiment: This experiment involved students replicating a prison environment to see how it would affect participant behavior. Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."

  7. TOPSS Classroom Activities

    Activities are available for the following topics. Click on the topics below to find the full TOPSS unit lesson plan. Biological Bases of Behavior (PDF, 333KB) Careers, Education and Vocational Applications in Psychology (PDF, 290.2KB) Cognition 1. Consciousness (PDF, 342.48KB)

  8. High School Psychology Experiments & Project Ideas

    Dan Wise. For this 10th Grade Humanities project, students studied the basics of psychology, reading various non-fiction texts and interacting with guest speakers, before choosing individual topics to explore in depth. Based on these topics, each student had to create an original (and ethical) experiment to perform on sixth-grade students ...

  9. High School Psychology Project Ideas

    High school students may take an introductory human psychology class, a broad study related to mental processes like behavior and mood. For students with an interest, doing a project for class or a science fair is a good opportunity to delve deeper into the subject and explore it in a practical way.

  10. 31+ Psychology Project Ideas for Highschool Students

    Discover the other psychology project ideas for highschool students: Music and Mood: Exploring the Impact on Productivity. Memory Mastery: Effective Study Techniques for High School Success. Social Media Scrutiny: Its Influence on Self-Esteem. Decisions, Decisions: The Psychology of Decision-Making.

  11. 7 Articles for High School Psychology

    7 Articles for High School Psychology. Psychology is the study of the mind and human behavior. Popular psychology focuses on aspects of clinical and counseling psychology, and seminal experiments can be shocking "hooks" in the classroom to generate interest. But the broader field also can help students learn how to study, how to manage ...

  12. Four High School Psychology Project Ideas: Fun Ideas that are not Boring!

    Give three classes a different style of the same words on an overhead. Instruct the students to look at the lists of words for one minute each. At the end of one minute, remove the list of words and asked students to write down as many of the words as they remember. Collect the data and compute the results.

  13. Psychology Research and Passion Project Ideas

    Check out our list of potential topics for high school students interested in learning more about mental health, psychological disorders, or human behavior! Our next deadline is April 15, 2024 11:59pm PT. ... 2 Data-Based Psychology Research and Passion Project Ideas. Other psychology projects involve analyzing large amounts of data. These ...

  14. 11+ Psychology Experiment Ideas (Goals + Methods)

    Study Sessions: Many students listen to music while studying, believing it helps them concentrate better. Workout Playlists: Gyms play energetic music to keep people motivated and help them push through tough workouts. Meditation and Relaxation: Calm, soothing sounds are often used to help people relax or meditate.

  15. Psychology Research for High School Students

    Check out even more project ideas on the Psychology Research and Passion Project Ideas for High School Students post, which groups ideas into experimental, data-based, survey-based, literature review, and more. You can also brainstorm your own project ideas based on what human behaviors, motivations, or trends interest you.

  16. Psychology Project Ideas for Highschool Students

    In conclusion, high school students, you now have a diverse array of ten captivating psychology projects to spark your curiosity and fuel your passion for understanding the intricacies of the ...

  17. Experiment in Psychology Science Projects

    Experiment in Psychology Science Projects. (38 results) Explore the psychology of human behavior, why people act the way they do, or cognition, how people learn. Observe volunteers in experiments, collect data about your own senses, or conduct a survey. What Conflicting Mental Tasks Reveal About Thinking: The Stroop Effect. Add Favorite.

  18. Psychology Summer Programs for High Schoolers

    Research programs created for high school students. Summer internships opportunities for high school students. Ideas for passion projects you can undertake independently. How to start writing your own research paper. At Polygence, we offer students the opportunity to get 1:1 project mentorship from expert mentors and researchers.

  19. 50+ Topics for Psychology Projects

    Topics for psychology projects for class 11, 12 and college students, research topics, experimental topics with question answers and explanation. ... Many students take up Psychology as a subject at school and university level. Project work is an important part of the curriculum. If you are in a similar situation and looking for topics for ...

  20. 10 Psychology Research Opportunities for High School Students

    Here are 10 research opportunities in the field of psychology for high school students: 1. Academic Immersion: Introduction to Experimental Psychology at Boston University. This 3-week long program is for rising juniors and seniors. Students will learn how to design and execute research projects and attend seminars in psychology coursework.

  21. High School Students Thrive as Researchers

    This post is Part I in a series. I got to speak with students at Laguna Beach High School (LBHS) recently when giving a career talk there. They kept asking me advanced questions about conducting ...

  22. America's students are falling behind. Here's how to reimagine the

    It's a familiar refrain: "America's students are falling behind.". Academic progress stalled during the pandemic and has yet to recover. But historic declines in test scores and growing achievement gaps are just part of the problem. Youth mental health issues surged; behavioral problems increased; and more teachers left the profession ...

  23. 15+ Life Sciences Research Topics for High School Students

    Research Category # 3: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. Neuroscience and cognitive science unravel the complexities of the brain and mind, offering insights into how neural processes underpin behavior, perception, and cognition. This interdisciplinary field, which merges biology, psychology, and computer science, is rapidly expanding our ...

  24. Psychology Competitions for Middle & High Schoolers

    This competition is accessible for all high school students and for international students. There are fairs in nearly every U.S. state as well as over 70 other countries, regions and territories. Students can submit projects in one of 21 categories that span all engineering and science disciplines, including the psychology subcategory under ...

  25. Act on Student Ideas to Improve Mental Health, Youth Advocate Urges

    As schools confront a youth mental health crisis, they must engage students in finding solutions, said Rick Yang, 17, a senior at Scarsdale High School in New York. The Jed Foundation (JED), an ...

  26. Teaching positive psychology skills at school may be one way to ...

    School counselors, psychologists, and social workers provide support, teach coping strategies, and work with caregivers to help students overcome mental health challenges. Such vital care is ...

  27. A winning model: Bogotá's charter schools boost students' academic and

    By Jenna Somers. Researchers at Vanderbilt University and William & Mary may have found a promising approach to education reform that could help provide high-quality education to students from low ...