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Finance is a rather recent specialization in field of business administration at large. But the importance of financial jobs in most organizations, financial markets and economy in general, has brought finance as a specialization to be included in many colleges of administration. At the same time, the complexity of the relations among the banking sector, financial markets and insurance companies, has highlighted the need for graduates who can handle these complexities, in order to secure investments in the best way possible.

Program content

The BA in Business Administration (Finance) focuses on graduating students who can understand and operate in an environment which is governed by the complexities of relations among various financial institutions. The academic plan of the program covers administrative skills as well as different dimensions of financial quantitative methods and instruments. The study plan covers all the dimensions of financial resources and investment, which leads to high returns for investors and appropriators, and hence to the overall economy of KSA. The academic plan covers the knowledge domains and the skills needed for graduates to understand the financial systems and activities of financial markets and banks. Consequently, the program produces an all rounded graduate capable of taking the best financial and investment decision in a given situation. In addition to academic competencies, the academic plan caters for practical skills through training in case studies incorporated with most courses, employing a variety of teaching and evaluation strategies. The program has 130 credit hours distributed over university and college requirements, core courses and electives.

Program Information

Program objectives.

The BA in Business Administration (Finance) aims at preparing a specialized workforce and developing the skills and competencies needed for meeting the requirements of the job market in both public and private sectors.

Take decisions about financial matters (e.g. financing and/or investing in projects and business ventures), which consolidates the value and position of the employer's organization.

Plan and predict financial short-term and long-term needs.

Evaluate investment projects through measuring risks and returns which are essential for investment decisions.

Analyze and evaluate financial records for financial organizations.

Utilize up-to-date methods in evaluating financial matters.

Understand market trends.

Draw and execute financial plans.

Manage financial portfolios and evaluate their returns.

Justification for offering BA in Business Administration

The following reasons and needs justify offering the program:

A. The importance of administrative jobs in any organization.

B. The continuous demands of the job market for administrative jobs.

C. The Kingdom's need for national administrative workforce.

D. The large number of applicants to specialize business administration.

Employment opportunities

The BA in Business Administration (Finance) prepares graduates to work in a wide variety of jobs in both public and private sectors.

Financial director

Financial researcher

Financial consultant

Financial analyst

Financial mediator (financial agencies)

Summary of Program Requirements

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The internship ​provides qualified students with an opportunity to receive professional training and experience in an actual work environment. ​ This Internship is an ongoing seminar between the student, the faculty member and the employment supervisor. ​It involves an Internship Application and Learning Agreement, periodic meetings with the faculty representative, professional experience at a level equivalent to other senior-level courses and submission of material as established in the Internship Application.

Semester 8 (10 weeks).

Time Allocation and Scheduling Arrangement

One semester after completing 90 credit hours of the study plan.

Number of Credit Hours

6 credit hours.

Intended Learning Outcomes

To apply academic learning to workplace practices.

To practice and develop professional skills, such as oral, written, and interpersonal communications.

To use technology and analytical tools related to the field.

To understand and apply the working team requirements.

To examine one's own aptitudes toward work in the field of Finance and to consider which aspects of Finance best match one's own interests. ​

Assessment Procedures

40 % for internship activities (assigned by the on-training supervisor).

30 % for the apprehension and the assiduity of the student (assigned by the academic supervisor).

30 % for the substance and the style of the training report (assigned by the department)​.

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