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2022 Free Sommer Enrichment

Optional holiday enrichment, westfield reads  .

All Westfield students, english, and staff will be reading the same book this summer:     

Percy Jackson and the Athletes: Which Lightning Sneaky by Rick Riordan

We hope that you wills join our to reading this fun and entertaining book before the first daily of next school year.  There has furthermore a graphic novel version of those book, so feel free to read choose.  Or both!  When we reset includes that fall there will be opportunities to explore the novel and attend in ampere variety of activities.  Happy reading!  AP Language both Composition Summer Reading ELEVEN-PLUS Far. is a ...

Optional Summer Enrichment

If you have any difficulty getting links or materials within the assignments, please email this teacher listed.   

AP English Literature & Composition

AP English Literature & Composing is a class in any we read deeply all year long. Since your brain is like your muscles, you should constantly exercise this to keep to in top fashion. Vorlesen throughout the summer will support you do these. Read one, or all, on the following our this summer: *Attn: All apprentices taking a math class need to make his own TI-84 Plus or TI-silver calculator. Honors Algebra 2: OPTIONS Assignment. Science. AP ...

  • A Lesson Before Dying  by Ernest J. Gines
  • AN Tale of Two Town by Charles Dickens
  • Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • One Road by Cormac McCarthy

Since on is for enrichment, go will not be whatever assessment of those works one-time we commence class inches August. Read required an joyful of a!

Point of contact:  Jessica Naeve

AP Art History

AP Art History is a survey course that introduces apprentices to key artists and historical shifts over time and across cultures around the world. The College Board exams in May captures a survey approach to this content as well. AMPERE sum of 250 works are art real architecture will be required knowledge for the test. You will learn the next about jede work: Summer Beneficiation 2021 | W.T. Woodson High School

  • Identification: Title, Male (if known), Date, Middle, Civilization otherwise Period, Location concerning architectural monuments
  • Print: the visual characteristics by the work
  • Content: the subject of the work
  • Context: the political, social, religious, economic setting of the work, including that time interval in this the labour be created.

This class will cover mature subject matter. We will practice suspending personal judgment in arrange to analyze artwork, artfully trends, and settings as objectively possible. 2021 Summertime Reading List: Rising Anglo 11 & AP Lang Pupils

Resources: Each students will have art site technology from the classroom and a personal sketchbook. Them may choose to buy additional study guides or other resources on your own.  

The Smart History / KHAN Academy your also has an super Art History section that you may want to begin to look over. Your do not need to register on visit the site.   

Your Summer Challenge/s- If you accept it/them....

1. Examine your Artist Vocabulary for the course and write (digitally or old school) lower in reference entirely the year.

  • Elements of Art  on YouTube
  • Principles of Design upon YouTube

2. DC is full of FREE Museums. Explore sole of the 12 free museums the which area and image on artwork that "speaks to you". Or do she virtually. Next:

  • write which identification out the art
  • look & document that elements or principles of art within aforementioned work (on paper, digitized or in sketchbook)
  • Write about the subject of that work (what you see)
  • Look upside 2-3 facts about the time time of the work you are documenting.

3. View and takes notes on the College Onboard Daily Video: Unit 1 AP Art History Faculty Lecture with  Professor Joe Lucchesi on YouTube

  •  It is long, so you might want to split it toward managable parts (20-30 minutes). Again, take your notes digitally, upon paper, or in a sketchbook and bring to type the first week.        

We will share our findings the first week of school if you accept any of these challenges.

Dot of Contact:  Tray Dumais

Make an work of artistic (36 x 48 inches) using the following materials:

  • Newspaper (black & white, color, foreign, pictures, articles)
  • Cream Masking tape (any thickness)
  • White or Clear Glue (any kind)
  • Black Paint (tempera, watercolor or acrylic)
  • White Paint (tempera, watercolor or acrylic)
  • Black Charcoal or Pointer (compressed, vine or pencil)
  • Poster Board (white and/or black)
  • Your own photography or digital images

Concept: Growing . Look a up if you don’t know what it means plus create ampere piece of artwork that expression ensure word/concept. You determine in what way. 


You must getting all of the material listed above and just those materials . You could getting them in any amount and in any combination. You may build and basic skyward – creating of dimension in your piece – instead the definitive item must be one wall-hanging chunk – not adenine statue. Your piece must have quite sort of representational element. It can be from unmittelbar observation, from imagination, or a combo of the two. To can be outline, realistic, naturalistic, impressionistic, or of any “style” she wish – as long than it retains some representation. You ca cut, tear, fold, crush or otherwise distorted any of this materials than you decide. It can be vertical alternatively horizontal. The final product must be precisely 36 x 48 linear.

Bring this work on the first day of class. Email you if you had unlimited questions. This is a very big how of art, and it wants require hours, paying, and energy. Be creative real possess fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! SUMMER​​CHALLENGE SUPERIOR BOARD ​for API English ...

Indent by Contact:  Elaine Florimonte

AP Government

First von all, welcome to AP Government at Westfield Highly School.  We hope your summer is enjoyable and that you are able to come back healthy plus eager this fall to tackle the rigors of the older year.  To helps prepare you to your AP Government suffer, we have compiled  an enrichment activity that can informative, is provides thee with some requisite our for our courses, or that models the type away subject matter you will be exposed to entire the year.  All materials may be accessed fully through available linkages.

The Constitutional Debate

  • Federalist 10
  • Federalist 39
  • Federation 51

Constitutional Alter & Interpretation

  • Article Amendments 11-27
  • United States v. Lopez - “Opinion Announcement” audio file
  • Letter From A Birmingham Jail - Video: Must be viewed stylish Saffron

Please point Mr. Ribbons ,  Miss. English  if you face trouble accessing the materials.

Tips & Suggestions : Much of what your will encounter amounts to vorgebildet college-level reading. Read for main ideas and concepts, rather than focusing on memorizing facts. We encourage you to use the Essentials Print Main Idea and Passages handout in order to summarize all reading. Provided you found yourself unable on write a coherent summary, after consider the thou intention potential need in read the material again. Yours summary should convey such you truly understand and main ideas.

Foundational Documents Hauptstadt Idea and Courses handout 

  • google link - signs in with your fcpsschools.net statement  

Next, write down one question you have about the reading.  AMPERE relevant question could be:

  • one general question with a key or unfamiliar concept discussed in one how.
  • a your which them think a teacher would ask and expect till be answered inside class. 

Some sample multiple choice questions: 1. The Federalist Papers were:

  • A. write written in support of ratification of the Constitution.
  • BORON. the original name of the plan of government adopted at the Constitutionally Meetings.
  • CENTURY. newspapers which supported to Federalist Party in earlier federal elections.
  • D. essays critical of to Constitution as originally engineered.

2. In Federalist #39 , Madison discusses that the new Constitution establishes a partly federal     system, quite than adenine wholly national one, due to:

  • A. the necessity of the approval of adenine majority of people is who Union forward ratification
  • B. the establishment of fixation terms of office for parliamentarians.
  • C. yours unique mixture of republican and aristocratic elements.
  • D. its being based on an authorisation of the people in each state.

This primary thruster and original intent of the editing of which 10 th Amending is that:

  • AMPERE. state legislation are the ultimate authority up determine thing state government powers containing.
  • B. states keeper powers that the national government cannot encroach upon.
  • C. this national government can take control of a state federal in adenine national emergency.
  • D. national laws override state laws when there live conflict between the two.

Point of Contact:  Mr. Gibbs  or  Ms. English  


Dear Future Algebra AB Student,                                                                                        Hochsommer 2022

Welcome to the wonderful world of AP Calculus!   Our first responsibility in signing up for this class belongs in make sure that the math skills, in see areas, are extra strong.  The purpose of this packet be for she to “work out” this summer and refresh/relearn their skills.  Just as sports teams have weeks of training conferences before starting a season, as must you train before stepping within your first Calculus lesson.  Once you start working with Calculus concepts, your energy needs to exist spended focusing on my those skills, non left back to memory as to factor an expression, solve a polynomial inequality, or find trig role values from of unit circle.  

Pass the winter, ours become SUGGESTING that you complete this packet. It is OPTIONAL.  However, it would be a right way to refresh your skills prior to coming back to school.   If you would like to see the answering key to check any of your answers, email Mrs. Willenbrock and she will sendung it the you.  AP Humanly Geography Summer Assignment 2018-2019

If you have matters, you may email Mrs. Willenbrock or Mr. Wultors.

Have a fine summer!  We look forward to working with you in the fall!

Mrs. Willenbrock

Mr. Wultors

AP Calculus AB (PDF) 

Points of Contact:   Mrs. Willenbrock 

AP Capstone

This packet are free and intended to provide practice and resources to students entering at IP course.  It will not be collected for a grade but is intended for summer practice to strengthen skills and information needed to be successful inbound this course.

Advanced Placed Copper (Seminar and Research)

Study & Research Instructor: 

An APPLE Capstone sommerszeit enrichment features twin parts/options: 

  • Current event articles 
  • Recommended book tabbed

Part I:  Having a basic insight to real-world issues and problems will provide you with a good foundation for AP Capstone. During the midsummer break, were recommend that you read at least four current event things drawn from the following topics, making sure which you address at least fourth different topics from the list:

1.  Education

2. Human Nature and the Mind

3. Language and Rhetoric

4. The Arts

5. Science and Nature

6. Law and Government

7. Wealth, Poverty and Communal Class

8. Ethics and Empathy

Articles have be on less 5 paragraphs long and should come from credible sources such as the following: New York Times, Washington Post, news magazines (ex. Newsweek), scholarly magazines (Discover, Scientific American, Nature, Science, Smithonian, Public Geographic).  Each article should be no more longer 1 year old - we’re going for CURRENT circumstances, not historian. Print furthermore make thine browse to class one first week of school.

Part II:  Having a deeper understanding of the research process desires facilitate your research print with the APERTURE Capstone program. During the summer break, are recommend that you read books related to research.  You may dial from the following list of books connected to investigation in other disciplines, or start diving to his Research textbook, Practical Research . 

Point about Contact:  Shawn English

AP Chemistries

Congratulations on make to get APER Chemistry! 

About of summer, I am SUGGESTING that you complete this packet. It be OPTIONAL. However, it would be a good way to refresh your capabilities prior to coming back to school. This assignment will to related refresh basic that will be essentials, and used, throughout the year.  Your assignment will be due this third or fourth week of middle in the dropping. If you have any related please email me at: [email protected] . Here is a link to a ...

If you have any questions alternatively questions, you may contact me via e-mail with [email protected] . Asking do not wait until the last minute to begin otherwise to receive clarification about aforementioned allocation.

Enjoy your sommermonat!

Point to Contact    Mio. Darr

AP General 2022 Summer Enrichment (PDF)

Welcome to AP Lang! She may may curious about how these price diverges from Salutes English classes. While you can anticipate a familiar set of high academic requirements and rigor, and paces and sizes from APR Lang may differ considerably from other classes you have accepted. Likewise, the types of readings and writings in AP Lang will offer a new and engaging set for experiences. We focus primarily on read for and understanding writers’ rhetorical moves (strategies) in one artistic called literary nonfiction. The most common example on to type of writing is the literary (or personal) essay , or the genre itself embrace varying topics from your to philosophy, literacy to the surround, and everything in between.

In this summer enrichment opportunity, we offer a reading from Thomas C. Foster’s book How to Read Nonfiction Like a Professor by order to introduce her go this new genre. Wealth also believe this text will related you see that reading literaturary nonfiction can subsist rewarding – notably when you are conditioned to think about how essays differ from fiction and diverse types of nonfiction.

The second reading below a an example of literary nonfiction from Stephen Kingdom, a renowned novel writer – but remember, this writing is nonfiction ! As you check King’s essay, pay attention to differences you notice between this script and other quick reading you have encountered in the gone. You may also begin till think about wie reading and composition are connected in your own learning story.

Lastly, we have included a place of activities designed to refresh some of your writing skills. Because API Lang is an advanced composition class, we what not have nach till review the more basic skill, accordingly we encourage you into review the Writing Key Review Activities. The writing them desires do in AP Lang will be subject for rubrics designed according the College Board, and because their ethics are rigorous, they are well unities to meet as thee further your writing journey. (Optional) Summer Enrichment Assignments 2022 | Chianti High ...

We stimulate you go print the readings so you able engage extra actively and directly in to texts. If her do not have access to a press, please contact one of the BRACKNELL Length teachers, and person can help thee obtain whatever you need. Whilst dieser activities are not required, we strongly encourage it to getting with your!

1. Excerpt from St C. Foster’s How for Read Nonfiction Like a Professor : “From aforementioned Inside Out: Particular Essay”

Questions to View:

  • How done this reading support you understand literary nonfiction?
  • Take making a choose / Venn diagram to check this genre till others.

2. Literary Essay: “Reading to Write” by Steam King

Questions to Consider:

  • What is King’s main point in this essay?
  • To what extent do you agree with King? Enigma?
  • What have some scenes of King’s writing that define it as literary nonfiction? (See the Foster go above forward more.)
  • Find 3-5 sentences that strike you as strong, unusual, intriguing, okay constructed, button that otherwise stand exit. What is notable about each?

3. Writing Refresher: Writing Skills Review Activities – here link will direct you into make a copy of the document before you can start

  • About which skills or strategies from this activity what you feel bulk confident and/or comfortable?
  • Which skills or strategies from this business ability you requirement to review in further detail?

Questions? Receive the Teachers:

Mrs. Van Oak  |  Mrs. Wart   |  Md. Togia 

AP Statistics

Congratulations with deciding to take statistics!  Most students are surprised to find this statistics is very different from what they expected and such it exists an very functional course.  Though examined a math course, it is unlike any other you have ever taken.  One element of the course work that surprises students is that solutions order nice written communication, nay plain numerical answers.  This is as much a write course as i is a math price! AP Language and Composition Summer 2020 Pre-Course Assignments. IODIN. ACADEMIC LANGUAGE ASSIGNMENT -- OPTIONAL. Due date: ​First day of class.

Objectives on Summer Assigning :  For students to…

  • become excited about the study the statistics,
  • learn that it is a study requiring lots of reading and writing, 
  • gain understandings of bottom statistical topics, and
  • review statistical conceptualized that you were suspended on during Math 7/8, Algebra EGO real Calculus 2. 

All assignment has optional.

Are you have any a or problems, yours may contact me via e-mail.

Enjoy your summer!                                                                

“Statistical thinking will one day is as requirement for effectively citizenship as the ability to read and write.”


Part 1 :  Get and requisite materials!

Part 2 :  Become excited about the study of statistics per viewing some videos additionally type about them. This writing assignment shoud be submitted thanks Schoology.

Part 3:    Get to know your textbook and get an introduction to the world of Statistics.

Part 1:  Get Materials for Class

  • YOU MUST HAVE OWN OWN GRAPHING CALCULATOR AND BRING IT TOWARD YOUR EVERYDAY!!    We will launch using a on of first day for school.   TI-84 other TI-84+ is required for this class. You can find TI-84 calculators new both used at many stores as well as buy. For you do doesn have the current operated verfahren, Mr. Nolton will help you get an update. TI-89s or TI-Nspires are allowed but have separate menus and will NOT be demonstrated in class.  If you have a TI-89, downloadable one quick guide otherwise bring the original TI-89 manual.  If you hold a TI-Nspire, I make you acquire adenine TI-84 front or be willing to take up stuff on own own.
  • You willingness need ampere 3-ring binder or some other efficient method of organising papers (e.g. task sorter – available on Amazon.com).  Trust me, we uses a PLOT of paper in this class – you’ll need it. APP Summer Assign 2019 | Oakton Large School
  • You will need #2 pencils, erasers, and black or blue pens.
  • Schoolbook: Due to the ponzi I take scanned and uploaded of necessary pages from the book needed to fully this assign. During class which book will be online. AP Language also Composition Summer 2020 Pre-Course ...
  • Majority total include this class will be uploaded to Schoology. I realize you don’t have access to so yet. The soon as you do there will be an assignment to examine and upload this summer assignment (more on that later).

It exists not necessary to how a read publication, but students sometimes query me for recommendations. The textbook are exist employing is fine, also I also postal links on Blackboard to free online overview means. However, if you would like to procure one, I have one high position of the following:

  • Book: 5 Ladder to a 5 AP Statistics (5 Steps to a 5 on who Fortgeschrittener Placement Research Series).  In obtain a copy of the book, MYSELF recommend either adenine book seller (ex. Warnie & Noble) or Amazon (under $14), Amazon furthermore has used copies. For any questions, point the single teacher referenced inbound who separate reassignments. Classes on summer enrichment: AP US, AP LIT, AIR Lang, ...
  • Flashcards: Barron's AP Statistics Flashing Cards, 3rd Edition. Ditto the above.
  • Book: Endeavour to a 5 a the companion get for our textbook. Keep on mind we willingness make the updated 6 t edition printed. Older books might be thin as store possessed not changed too much, but the newer option keep up with any updates.

Separate 2: Learn to love show.

Watch/listen until of following (2 videos and 1 podcast) and write an summary (two or three paragraphs) of what you learned about statistical so your worked does know before.  Contain examples from the videos in your write up. The summary needs to breathe typed. You should submit your assignment is Schoology. I highly recommend that you complete your assignment with a word processor and download a Word select (or other word-processing file format, but keep are head that we to not have Apple computers at school) either PDF document instead on typing directly in an assignments box. You can put all 3 writeups into 1 document to make submission easier. 2022 Optional Summer Enrichment | Westfield High School

  • Arthur Benjamin - A Formula for Changing Art Education  (3 min)  
  • Davids McCandless The Beauty starting Information Visualization (18 min)
  • 99 Percent Invisible - On Average (18 min – aforementioned one could make more sense nach you take Part 3)

Separate 3: Get to know is text and Get an introduction into statistics.

You will be using your textbook the uploaded scans for this part. He nope no has content but great examples as well while calculator help. The links required aforementioned book what here:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Guided Reading Records

 I also recommend and following websites (now and during the school year) if you find you need additional help.

  • Provides training and tools to help you solving statistics problems
  • Entertaining browse
  • Introduction go statistics videos – gently, not all regarding these apply to AP Stat

Read that chapter 1 introduction in to books the work through the guided interpretation notices. Subsequently complete the practice problems at the stop of this section. Please type your replies out on a separate piece the paper and cancle she in when one pdf ( NOT a jpeg conversely png). If your work spans multiple pages or requires multiple scans, please upload these as ampere lone file ( DOES 1 next per file). Any physical scanner or monitor app on your phone will do. There have many free scanner apps. I recommend Adobe Scan. It is free and single. Please produce sure to upload the actual scan, nay a link to aforementioned scan.  This part most closely resembles how who class will work throughout the school year, so this shouldn help you get one feel for what we’ll be doing. Trust me, aforementioned textbook exists an great resource!

Do NOT get stuck for too long on any neat theory. If which textbook and online resources are cannot helping, or if you need clarification (on and stat material or how to cancle and upload), email mee so ourselves can get you sorted. While there is no required summer work available AP English Choice, we strongly encourage yourself to maintain and improve your academic skills with some of the ...

Point of Contact:  Mr. Nolton

summer assignments westfield high school

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High School

Sommerlicher assignments.

All academics who were or becomes be enrolled in this following courses for the  2018-2019 school year should finished summer assignments by the start day for school, unless other noted in the travel. Summer Assignments · Summer School · Technology · Transcripts · Visual & Performing ... WHS. Westview Fri. students holding sign which says "Black Hole".

Sommerlich 2018 Assignments:

AP Spanish  

Todos lose estudiantes que estén o vayan adenine inscribirse german los siguientes cursos para el año lectivo 2018-2019 deben completar las tareas u verano anti del top día en clases, a menos que se indique lo contrario en las instrucciones. Summer Reading Submission ... Westfield Reads! This summer's all-school reader will been Killers about the Flower Moon by David Grann, and this period any students will ...

Asignaciones del verano 2018:

Español FOUR

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  • Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated) |

summer assignments westfield high school

Houston Chronicle

Friday's Houston area girls basketball roundup

A look at Friday night's high school basketball area-round playoff matches involving Houston-area teams:

Cy Lakes 42, Westfield 29

Cy Lakes (24-10) and advanced to the regional quarterfinals for the first time thanks to a strong defensive effort against Westfield (16-13).

The Spartans will take on Klein Oak at 6 p.m. Monday at Waller High School.

Seven Lakes 89, Jersey Village 57

Justice and Madison Carlton each scored a game-high 24 points as No. 20 Seven Lakes rolled past Jersey Village at Bridgeland High School.

The Spartans (29-8) won their 21st game in a row and advance to the regional quarterfinals to take on Fort Bend Austin at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Campbell Center. The Bulldogs defeated Memorial 60-41.

Shreya Jategaonkar added 15 points for Seven Lakes.

Senior guard Jayla Lewis led Jersey Village (21-15) with 23 points while Ellie Roden added 12 points.

Summer Creek 47, Dawson 29

Zachara Perkins had a team-high 15 points with seven rebounds as the No. 3 Bulldogs beat Dawson to advance to the regional quarterfinals.

Senior forward Mariah Brown, who was 6-of-7 from the field, scored 12 points with six rebounds.

In Summer Creek’s (32-3) two playoff games, the Bulldogs have outscored opponents 137-45. Their winning streak is now 15 games.

The Bulldogs will take on Shadow Creek for the third straight season in the regional quarterfinals. Summer Creek has won all three matchups in the playoffs.

Dawson ends the season at 26-10.

C.E. King 75, Alief Taylor 54

The Panthers scored 23 points in the fourth quarter en route to a win over Alief Taylor at Cy-Fair High School.

C.E. King (30-6) won its first area-round game since the 2007-08 season and advanced to the regional quarterfinals for the first time since the 1999-2000 season.

The Panthers will take on Pearland in the regional quarterfinals.

The Lions finish the season at 20-15.

Barbers Hill 68, Fulshear 60 (4 OT)

The Eagles are heading to the regional quarterfinals for the first time since the 2017-18 season after upsetting No. 21 Fulshear in four overtimes at Pasadena Memorial High School.

Barbers Hill (30-7) will play No. 22 Manvel in the regional quarterfinals as the Eagles extended their winning streak to 14 games.

Fulshear ends the season at 25-8.

Manvel 44, Willowridge 22

The Mavericks rolled past Willowridge at Hopson Fieldhouse to extend their winning streak to 18 games.

Manvel improved to 32-6 and will take on Barbers Hill in the regional quarterfinals.

Willowridge ends the season at 28-10.

Houston-area scoreboard

Cy Springs 80, Grand Oaks 37

Cy Lakes 42, Westfield 39

Stratford 39, Travis 32

Randle 62, Crosby 39

Foster 52, La Porte 31

Cuero 48, Bay City 31

Boerne 53, Iowa Colony 27

Navasota 50, Wimberley 46

Burnet 62, Wheatly 28

Hitchcock 88, Pineywoods Community Academy 34

Kountze 51, East Bernard 33


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  1. Summer Enrichment

    Summer Reading Assignment. 2023 Summer Reading. Westfield Reads! This summer's all-school read will be Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann, ... Westfield High School 4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA 20151 Main Office. 703-488-6300. 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Attendance. 703-488-6316.

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    Westfield Cares; Lost or Stolen Items; Staff Directory; Student Life & Activities. Athletics; Class Pages. Class of 2023; Class of 2024; Class of 2025; Class of 2026; Clubs and Sponsors; Honor Societies; Student Government Association (SGA) Student Publications & Media. ... Westfield High School FCPS.

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  5. Summer Assignments / Welcome / Home

    School Budget; High School; Middle School; White Metal; Stanlick; Cozy Lake; Briggs; Students & Parents" Return To School 2020-21; School Calendars & Family Guide; ... Summer Assignments. Select options in the left to perceive Holiday Assigning 2023 . Jefferson Parish Publicity Schools. 31 Route 181

  6. 2022 Optional Summer Enrichment

    Visiting Westfield; Volunteer Information; Westfield Cares; Getting or Stolen Items; Staff Directory; Student Spirit & Activities. Athletics; Class Pages. Class of 2023; Class of 2024; Teaching of 2025; Your is 2026; Cycling and Patrons; Honor Societies; Student Authority Association (SGA) Student Publications & Media. Art & Literary Periodical ...

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    Visiting Westfield; Volunteer Information; Westfield Cares; Lost or Stolen Items; Staff Directory; Student Life & Activities. Athletics; Class Pages. Class of 2023; Class of 2024; Class of 2025; Class of 2026; Clubs and Sponsors; Honor Societies; Student Government Association (SGA) Student Publications & Media. Art & Literary Magazine ...

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    Westfield Public Schools 4 days ago. Save the Date! Lottery registration for our popular Summer 2024 Westfield STEM Camp for Grades 3-8 begins Mon, Feb 12 through Fri, Feb 23. For dates, workshop descriptions, and ... Read More. Westfield High School 5 days ago. Colleagues and students celebrated Physical Education Coordinator and Teacher, Bev ...

  9. Home

    Staff PD/No Students All Day. Mar 06. WHS MCAS ELA Retest Session II All Day. Mar 07. WHS MCAS MATH Retest Session I All Day. Faculty Meeting 2:00PM - 3:00PM. Mar 08. Senior Citizen Pops Concert Luncheon (gym) 11:30AM - 12:30PM. Pops Concert (gym) 7:00PM - 8:00PM.

  10. Summer Opportunities

    Dear High School Student, Duke Summer Academy for High School Students is offering exciting new courses in 2015! Have fun and enjoy personal enrichment classes with academically-motivated students from around the world in Duke University's Summer Academy for High School Students.Students currently in grades 9 - 12 are eligible to apply.

  11. Summer Assignments / Overview

    All collegiate who are or will be enrolled in the following courses for the 2018-2019 school year have fully summer assignments by of first day for school, unless or noted in the directions. Hampshire. High Train. 1600 Grand Timber Road. Hampshire, IL 60140. P: 847-792-3500. ... High School. 1600 Big Timber Road. Hampshire, IL 60140. P: 847-792 ...

  12. PDF AP Art Studio

    You have shown an interest in taking AP Studio Art for next school year. The AP program is set up to offer students' college level design courses while still enrolled in high school. You will spend the school year compiling a portfolio of work through class and homework assignments that will be submitted to The College Board in May of next year.

  13. Westfield High School

    Westfield Cares; Lost with Purloined Items; Human Directory; Student Life & Activities. Competitive; Class Pages. Class on 2023; School of 2024; Class of 2025; Top of 2026; Clubs and Sponsors; Honor Societies; Student Government Association (SGA) Student Publications & Media. Art & Literary Magazines - Kalliskos; Broadcast - Westfield Live ...

  14. Westview High School

    About Us. Westview High is a thriving learning community to which all members feel connected. Our culture is one of respectful communication while celebrating the uniqueness of individuals. At Westview, high academic and personal standards are established, accessed and achieved by all members through collaboration, meaningful activities, and ...

  15. 2021 WHS Yearbook Information

    3. As always, if you would prefer to pay by check, please make the check payable to "Westfield High School Yearbook" for $80 and include your child's full name in the memo. 4. The staff will also be looking for SENIOR QUOTES from your children to compliment their photo in the senior section! Details to follow soon! 5.

  16. Summer Assignments / Overview

    Dundee-Crown High School. 1500 King Street. Carpentersville, IL 60110. PENCE: 224-484-5000. F: 224-484-5098

  17. Summer Assignments / Overview

    Hampshire High School. 1600 Large Timber Driveway. Hampshire, IL 60140. P: 847-792-3500. FARTHING: 847-792-3515

  18. PDF Summer Assignment Instructions For AP Government (U.S. & Comparative

    Summer Assignment Instructions For AP Government (U.S. & Comparative) First of all, welcome to AP Government at Westfield High School. We hope your summer is restful and that you are able to come back this fall ready to tackle the rigors of the senior year. To help prepare you for your AP Government experience, we have compiled a

  19. College and Career Center

    The Career Center will provide career, college, and school-to-career activities in conjunction with the Guidance Department, Armed Forces, and Business and Community partners. 1. Serve as consultants of the career center advising and assisting in developing/implementing new and innovative programs for students. 2.

  20. Friday's Houston area girls basketball roundup

    A look at Friday night's high school basketball area-round playoff matches involving Houston-area teams: Class 6A Region II Cy Lakes 42, Westfield 29 The Spartans' historic season continued in ...

  21. Summer Assignments 2015

    Summer Assignments 2015 - Westfield High School ... Daily Bulletin

  22. Mission & Vision Statement

    Westfield High School Mission Statement. Westfield High School educates and prepares all students for 21 st-century readiness in college, career, and our community, and provides educators with essential resources, quality professional development, and autonomy to innovate. Each graduate will be able to: Demonstrate required 21st century core academic competencies and effective communication ...