We are a dynamic team led by many of the industry’s most experienced and respected professionals.

We believe in authenticity, collaboration, and innovation as core elements of the projects we work on. Our team embraces and upholds a culture of inclusion and respect, and leads with professionalism and approachability. We find meaning in the relationships we build in our community and take pride in all we’ve achieved together.

b&a planning group calgary

Kathy Oberg

Managing Partner BEDes, MEDes, RPP, MCIP

Kathy is B&A's managing partner, responsible for the management of the overall firm and growth of our team. Kathy has led the organization through years of growth and development of our firm’s capacity and skillsets. Her experience stems from a strong academic background and work in a range of industries. Kathy’s impressive list of professional experience in master planning and application approvals spans the Calgary Region and throughout Alberta. With experience in urban planning, subdivision, and sustainable community design, Kathy is well versed in all facets of planning. Kathy is regularly involved and contributes to industry organizations such as BILD Alberta and the Alberta Real Estate Forum.

b&a planning group calgary

Pamela MacInnis

Partner RPP, MCIP

Pam brings a combined skillset, education and technical background to B&A, offering an integrated understanding of development to her projects. Pam's main area of focus is project coordination processes for community scaled Area Structure Plans, Neighbourhood Plans, Outline Plans and Land Use Redesignation applications throughout the Calgary Region. Many of Pam's projects have involved navigating an approval through new municipal processes. These projects can be challenging as both the client and municipal approving authorities often cannot visualize the project deliverables. Pam attributes her successful approval history to an understanding of client and municipal needs and finding a way to win/win solutions. Pam's communication and collaborative style has facilitated positive and trusted working relationships with her clients and municipal approving bodies.

b&a planning group calgary

Nathan Petherick

Partner BA, MA, RPP, MCIP

Nathan is an adaptive and innovative planner with over 20 years' experience working in multiple industries to devise project strategies and customized planning solutions. Nathan’s expertise focuses on advisory services, asset management initiatives, strategic planning endeavors, urban and rural development planning, customized program development and specialized planning investigations. His client work has ranged from leading comprehensive growth studies, municipal development plans, sector plans and area structure plans with municipalities to advancing outline plans, land use and subdivision and development approvals. He has also led advocacy and approval initiatives for the aggregate sector and the development of customized land use and development monitoring programs, and specialized planning investigations for the energy sector. Nathan is passionate about planning and is committed to fostering innovation to develop customized solutions and approaches to complex planning challenges.

b&a planning group calgary

Partner BA, RPP, MCIP

Ken is a versatile land use planner with over 25 years’ experience working in urban and rural municipalities across the Province of Alberta. He’s an award-winning “regional thinker” with a strategic lens focused on achieving triple bottom line outcomes for his municipal and developer clients. Ken understands the importance of striking a practical balance between municipal policies and market demands to establish and implement creative, multi-disciplinary solutions. He deploys a creative, energetic and business-oriented approach to his projects with the goal of connecting opposing stakeholder perspectives with plans that guide development projects to successful outcomes. Benefiting from both private and public sector experience, he has successfully managed a wide variety of statutory and non-statutory planning processes for residential, recreational, commercial, office and industrial development opportunities. Ken enjoys positive business relationships with administrations and Councils from many municipalities across the Province and understands and appreciates their strategic priorities.

b&a planning group calgary

Vern has a broad range of planning experience gained through more than 30 years of work with various urban and rural municipalities. He brings a unique blend of policy development and implementation skills to B&A. Vern has worked on Calgary’s key urban infill and intensification projects focussing on Transit Oriented Development related to South Hill Station (Greenline), Banff Trail Station, Inglewood (BRT), University District (BRT), Southland Station, Chinook Centre TOD redevelopment, Westbrook Station redevelopment. These projects have entailed policy amendments, land use redesignation, development permits and extensive public engagement.

b&a planning group calgary

Brian Murray

Partner H.BA, RPP, MCIP

Brian’s expertise ranges across several sectors and geographic regions across Canada. His expansive project list includes downtown and mature area policy and land use planning, transit-oriented development, commercial and industrial planning, master planning, and community engagement. In addition to his expertise in projects ranging from minor land-use amendments to highly complex infill projects, Brian supports B&A through comprehensive strategic planning, shaping community dialogue around vibrant, livable communities. Leading B&A's Edmonton office, Brian's experience is a key component of his in-depth knowledge of a variety of jurisdictions with a focus on Edmonton, AB.

b&a planning group calgary

Partner, Urban Design Lead MEDes. (Urban Design), CNUa

An accomplished urban designer, Geoff Dyer joined B&A as strategic design lead in 2018 after serving five years as the Director of Design and CEO for the Downtown Development Authority in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was previously the Principal and Director of Design for Placemakers LLC, and the Owner and Principal of Placemakers Canada Inc. where he ran a successful Alberta-based urban design firm focused exclusively on the design and implementation of walkable, mixed-use urbanism. Spanning a decade, he completed over 100 projects in 18 U.S. States and four Canadian Provinces, earning him two Charter Awards and a place on the 2008 Charter Award Jury chaired by Andrés Duany and eventually serving as Jury Chair himself in both 2020 and 2021. Geoff is a regular educator, lecturer, and writer on sustainable urbanism, urban design, and alternative land use regulations and development standards.

b&a planning group calgary

Chris McNelly Director, Operations

Chris is an executive with over twenty-five years of experience, leading firm operations and excelling in areas such as human resources, corporate finance, IT, and strategic planning, underscored by his MBA, BComm, and notable designations like C.Mgr, CPHR, and CHRL. He is recognized for his results-driven approach and unwavering commitment to performance, integrity, and accountability.

b&a planning group calgary

Steve Morris Director, Strategic Growth

Steve is an innovative leader with over fifteen years in brand building and business development. He excels at driving growth and fostering authentic connections, while ensuring B&A surpasses client and community expectations. With an MBA, a marketing degree, and a design diploma, Steve's comprehensive knowledge and understanding bolster objectives and strategies for B&A, our clients, and the communities we serve.

b&a planning group calgary

Grant Mihalcheon Associate

Grant has thirty years of diverse experience from development permits to land use applications. He excels in navigating municipal land use negotiations across western Canada, recognizing the need for strong relationships with administrators. Grant is primarily involved in the processing and project management of residential, commercial, and industrial projects across various regions.

b&a planning group calgary

Marissa Koop Associate

Marissa is an Environmental Planner of twenty years who skillfully navigates between policy, sustainability, and the conservation of natural resources. Combining her profound understanding of planning, approval, and design processes, she offers her clients strategic and analytical assessments on diverse projects. Her dedicated volunteer work with industry and academia ensures her approaches remain relevant and innovative.

b&a planning group calgary

Patrick Wetter Associate

Beginning his planning journey in 2003, Patrick stands out for his versatility and commitment, supporting clients through expertise in policy plans and development permits. His diverse educational background drives his devotion to creating sustainable communities. Patrick's extensive experience spans project management, urban design, public engagement, and financial analysis across all levels of planning.

b&a planning group calgary

Chris Andrew Associate

With over ten years of experience, Chris has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex planning projects across Canada. He has developed his in-depth planning knowledge while working on diverse and complex projects ranging from transit-oriented redevelopment, to growth management and employment land planning, and outline/neighbourhood plan development.

b&a planning group calgary

Martha McClary Associate

With over a dozen years of experience, Martha has led many successful engagement strategies, catering to diverse sectors. Specializing in stakeholder engagement, she embodies a grassroots approach, emphasizing respect for all communities. Renowned as a relationship builder, Martha adeptly translates stakeholder views into impactful project results while balancing organizational representation with diverse stakeholder needs.

b&a planning group calgary

Adam Mattinson Associate

Adam is a seasoned urban planner and land economist based in Vancouver with over eight years of experience in growth management, planning, and economic development across Canada. Leading B&A's Vancouver office, he aids clients in understanding growth opportunities by blending data analysis with community consultation, ensuring informed decisions at both local and macro levels.

b&a planning group calgary

Sara Sherman Associate

Sara is a professional planner, city builder, and placemaker with experience in both the public and private sectors. Her current portfolio includes multiple Direct Control rezoning applications for mixed-use and residential land uses; land development applications for greenfield communities; policy development, including tourism development; and public engagement in the Edmonton metropolitan region.

b&a planning group calgary

Andrew Dickinson Sr. GIS Analyst

b&a planning group calgary

Angela Davis Sr. GIS Analyst

b&a planning group calgary

Anna Moir Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Bridget Naud Sr. Communications & Engagement Specialist

b&a planning group calgary

Brooke Dillon Visualization Strategic Lead & Coordinator

b&a planning group calgary

Darby Henshaw Planner & Communications and Engagement Specialist

b&a planning group calgary

Dave Deibert Sr. Graphic Designer

b&a planning group calgary

Ela Skrzypek Senior Technologist

b&a planning group calgary

Emily Cristobal GIS Analyst

b&a planning group calgary

Emily Kloppenburg Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Greg Brown Planning Consultant

b&a planning group calgary

Jeff Hanson Sr. Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Jennifer Duff Sr. Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Katherine Pihooja Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Kayla McCarthy Sr. Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Kevin Bailey Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Kevin Krilow Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Kinjal Ribadia Urban Designer

b&a planning group calgary

Kyla Shuert Accounting

b&a planning group calgary

Laura Young Sr. Urban Designer & Design Team Coordinator

b&a planning group calgary

Lauren Lambert Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Lori Perez Urban Design Technologist

b&a planning group calgary

Megan McClure Communications & Engagement Specialist

b&a planning group calgary

Monique Cheung Planning Analyst

b&a planning group calgary

Nick Dojcinovic Graphic Designer

b&a planning group calgary

Oliver Prcic Planner

b&a planning group calgary

Sophia Fisher Graphic Designer

b&a planning group calgary

Tamille Beynon Sr. Communications & Engagement Specialist

b&a planning group calgary

Tracy Zhang Senior Technologist & Urban Designer

b&a planning group calgary

Tracy Wen Accounting

b&a planning group calgary

Zane Davey Planner

We are proud to provide

Comprehensive services to ensure the best outcome.

b&a planning group calgary

Our Planning Studio develops effective strategies to drive forward projects that are supportable, implementable, and award-winning.

b&a planning group calgary

Our Design Studio is founded on functional, sustainable, modern urban design that creates memorable and functional places and spaces.

b&a planning group calgary

Our Engagement Studio focuses on the design and implementation of accessible and transparent engagement strategies that help broaden project understanding.

b&a planning group calgary

Sustainability & Environment

We understand the importance of sustainability and the environment as a critical aspect of modern design.

b&a planning group calgary

Visualization & Analytics

Our team of technical experts uses data, tools, and compelling visuals to strengthen project materials.

b&a planning group calgary

Strategy & Communications

We collaborate with clients to develop strategies and communications tools and techniques to connect with audiences.

With more than 30 years of experience, our award-winning team delivers

A customized approach across diverse areas of expertise.

Our 11th Annual B&A Halloween Spooktacular was "A Night at the Movies" themed! Team Sci-Fi (Jurassic Park), Musical (Grease), Animation (Toy Story) & Action (Avengers with a zombie ... twist) brought these iconic movies to life. Happy Halloween from B&A! 🎃👻🦇

Lights, camera, action! 🎬🍿 Our 11th Annual B&A Halloween Spooktacular was "A Night at the Movies" themed! Each team channeled their inner Oscar-winning costume designer and ... dressed up in genre-appropriate attire. Team Sci-Fi (Jurassic Park), Team Musical (Grease), Team Animation (Toy Story) and Team Action (Avengers with a zombie twist) transformed the office into a silver screen experience, bringing the essence of their team's iconic movies to life. Happy Halloween from B&A! 🎃👻🦇 #BAHalloween #ANightAtTheMovies #HalloweenFun

2 weeks ago

Project Approval Spotlight! 🎉 We received unanimous approval from Airdrie City Council on August 21, 2023, for the Spring Valley Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) in east Airdrie. On behalf of ... Highfield Land Management, B&A worked closely with Urban Systems, Bunt, Lifeways, Englobe, Waterline and LA West to navigate the NSP process. Council appreciated the diverse range of density with some estate residential uses along the outskirts and a non-residential tax base being brought to the City. The Spring Valley NSP lands uniquely interface with an existing residential subdivision, an approved upcoming industrial park, and a forthcoming ASP area. The lands were half light industrial and half residential with a 20-acre high school site in the middle. A significant outcome was designing the neighbourhood to remove truck traffic from the residential area while enabling industrial lands to the north. Stay tuned for more upcoming approval posts!

3 weeks ago

Project Approval Spotlight! 🎉More exciting work in Okotoks! The Trilogy Plains Area Structure Plan (ASP), sponsored by Lamont Land, was approved in June 2023 by the Town of Okotoks Council. Learn ... more about the project here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7119683630259453953

Project Approval Spotlight! 🎉 More exciting work in Okotoks! The Trilogy Plains Area Structure Plan (ASP), sponsored by Lamont Land, was approved by the Town of Okotoks Council on June ... 26, 2023. The ASP provides a land use, transportation and servicing policy framework to guide further neighbourhood area structure planning and the development of approximately 320 acres of land directly north of Crystal Ridge Golf Club and the Air Ranch Airport. On behalf of Lamont Land, B&A worked closely with our partners Bison Historical Services, Trace Associates, Hume Consulting, Watt Consulting Group, and CIMA+ to navigate the ASP process in close collaboration with the Town of Okotoks administration and project stakeholders to create the statutory plan. B&A is moving forward with the Ridgemont NASP within the Trilogy Plains plan area to guide the future development of a mixed-use neighbourhood spanning approximately 160 acres. As we begin this next stage of planning, design and engagement, our collective passion, determination, and creativity will continue to fuel our commitment to creating great places and spaces. To learn more about Trilogy Plains visit trilogyplainsasp.com and the upcoming Ridgemont NASP, visit www.ridgemontnasp.ca. Stay tuned for more project approval spotlights!

4 weeks ago

We are excited to share that Monique Cheung has joined our Vancouver office as a Planning Analyst! Originally from Vancouver, Monique is back in town after a two-year adventure in Singapore, ... completing a Master of Urban Planning. Her academic journey is nothing short of impressive, earning her BA Honours with a double major in Urban Studies and Human Geography from the University of Toronto. Monique is thrilled to kickstart the next exciting chapter of her planning career at B&A! When she's not immersed in urban planning, you'll find Monique exploring new cafes, catching up on a book and enjoying F1 races. Welcome aboard Monique! 🎉🙌 #MeetMonique #NewTeamMember

We are excited to share that Monique Cheung has joined our Vancouver office as a Planning Analyst. Welcome aboard Monique! 🎉🙌 #MeetMonique #NewTeamMember

Project Approval Spotlight! 🎉The Tillotson NASP and Phase 1 Land Use Amendment received approval from the Town of Okotoks Council in February 2023. Learn more about the project here: ... https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7118298097000058880

600, 215 – 9 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1K3

t: +1 403 269 4733

1270, 10055 106 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Y2

t: +1 780 938 3837

380 – 825 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2W2

t: +1 604 759 3975


B&A acknowledges and respects the many Traditional Territories and Treaty Areas in which our work spans. We are grateful for the benefits the land provides to us and the wisdom of the Knowledge Keepers and Elders among the many communities we work with. We are all Treaty People.

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B&A Planning Group - Company Information


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Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars and was created by Tom Preston...


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to...


JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.

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Hammel Associates Architects


Jones Divorce Law LLP



RSPE Audio Solutions

North Hollywood


Nova Solutions


Imprimerie Maska Inc



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FAQs for B&A Planning Group

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What is B&A Planning Group's official website?

The official website of B&A Planning Group is bapg.ca You can find their contact number, email address, and headquarters by clicking here .

How many employees are working at B&A Planning Group?

6sense keeps track of 20 - 49 employees who are working at B&A Planning Group. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension . Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at B&A Planning Group mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing.

What industry is B&A Planning Group in?

B&A Planning Group is in the industry of Construction & Engineering.

What is B&A Planning Group's tech stack?

The top technologies used by B&A Planning Group are:- PHP , Gravatar and HTML You can also explore 11 technologies across 7 categories used by B&A Planning Group mentioned earlier on this page.

Where are B&A Planning Group's headquarters?

B&A Planning Group headquarters are at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. To know the exact address unlock now .


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  • 403-269-4733 Primary
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b&a planning group calgary

B&A Planning Group

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B&A is one of Western Canada’s leading and fastest growing professional community and land development planning firms. We bring a twenty-five year track record of success in providing professional consulting services to a diverse range of public and private sector clients including individual landowners, developers, municipalities and leading players in the aggregate and energy industry. Our award-winning team has earned a reputation for having the strategic leadership necessary to achieve success on complex planning projects. Our service areas include Master Planning & Urban Design, Municipal Planning, Land use and Development Approvals, Energy and Resource Development, Special Projects, Communications & Engagement, and GIS, 3D and Technical Services. We help you manage every step of the planning process from project conceptualization through to project approval. more... See more text

Products and Services

  • Land Use Planning ,
  • Urban Design ,
  • Municipal Planning ,
  • Communications & Engagement ,
  • Rural Planning ,

Languages Spoken

Getting there.

  • Located In PennWest Plaza, West Tower ,

Opening Hours *Holiday hours

Methods of payment:, social media.

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B&A Planning Group

We are one of Western Canada’s leading and largest community and land development planning firms. We bring a thirty-year track record of success providing consulting services to a range of public and private sectors including landowners, developers, municipalities and the aggregate and energy industries. Our award-winning team has earned a reputation for having the strategic […]

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b&a planning group calgary

Parker: B&A Planning Group makes another big move

Article content.

It was almost 28 years ago that Greg Brown founded Brown & Associates in a 1,000-square-foot office on the south side of the downtown Calgary railway tracks.

The company has enjoyed remarkable growth, despite some bumps in the economy, and today boasts a staff of 40 led by managing director Kathy Oberg and nine members of a partnership team. Rebranded as B&A Planning Group, it’s readying to move into 21,500 square feet of downtown Class AA space.

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Brown says he’s felt the need to move every five years to accommodate the company’s growth.

Since settling into a 10,000-square-foot office on the sixth floor at 940 6 th Avenue S.W., five years ago, the workload and space needs at one of Western Canada’s fastest-growing community and land development planning firms have expanded.

That led to a call to John Savard of Bedrock Realty Advisors, who has helped B&A upgrade from a B-Class building into an entire floor of the prestigious west tower of Penn West Plaza.

B&A staff will be walking into a fully furnished floor surrounded by glass walls where they have individual offices instead of cubicles, along with use of the tower’s full service fitness facility and day care.

Brown graduated in environmental studies, urban and regional planning at University of Waterloo and went on the get his MBA at University of Manitoba before entering the consulting business here in 1989.

Oberg earned her bachelor of environmental at the University of Manitoba and a masters in environmental design/planning at the University of Calgary.

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Her first position was with the City of Calgary planning department before she joined Brown & Associates in 2000 and was named managing partner in April. Oberg continues to work with her own clients but is now responsible for the overall management of B&A and its day-to-day operations, while Brown has taken on a more advisory role as senior partner.

The partners in B&A Planning Group are each responsible for a team behind a range of services that include master planning and urban design, municipal planning, land use and development approvals, energy and resource development and special projects.  Two of the firm’s newer groups are involved in graphic design and 3-D modelling and animation.

The company has been involved in many projects across the province as well as community planning in B.C. 

An example of its local planning work is two decades of consultation with Canada Lands that resulted in Garrison Woods and Garrison Green and the continuing work at Currie Barracks, where B&A prepared the outline plan and land use bylaw.

B&A will open the doors to its offices at Penn West Plaza in January. How long will it be, I wonder, before B&A fills its increased space?

News and notes

  • A successful real estate developer and family man, Joel Hector struggled with his weight. He says he tried all kinds of diets and exercise but nothing seemed to help. When it became difficult to complete day-to-day tasks, Hector got serious. He booked himself into Pritikin Longevity Centre in Miami, Fla., where he realized the benefits of healthy living and nutrition. The result was the loss of more than 100 pounds in six months, and career change. 

Hector has opened the Fork and Salad eatery in Mount Royal Village and is passionate about helping his customers eat healthy.

David Parker appears Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Read his columns online at calgaryherald.com/business. He can be reached at 403-830-4622 or by email at [email protected]

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'Out of this world': Calgarians take in stunning northern lights display over the weekend

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  4. B&A

    CALGARY. 600, 215 – 9 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1K3. t: +1 403 269 4733.

  5. Our Team

    ... planning and application approvals spans the Calgary Region and throughout Alberta. With experience in urban planning, subdivision, and

  6. B&A

    Associate at B&A Planning Group. Click here to view Adam Mattinson's profile

  7. Kathy Oberg

    Kathy Oberg. Managing Partner at B&A Planning Group. B&A Planning Group University of Calgary. Greater Calgary Metropolitan Area. 2K

  8. B&A Planning Group

    Who is B&A Planning Group. B&A Planning Group Headquarters. Headquarters. 600 215 9th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1K3, Canada.

  9. B&A Planning Group

    Headquarters. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, · Contact. Unlock contact · Linkedin · Company Size. 20 - 49 · Stock Symbol. N/A · Website. bapg.ca · Type. Partnership

  10. B&A Planning Group

    B&A Planning Group - Calgary - phone number, website, address & opening hours - AB - Regional, Rural & Urban Planners, Business Lawyers, Lawyers.

  11. B&A Planning Group Company Profile

    Brown & Associates Planning Group provides professional community and land development planning services to a broad range of public and private sector clients.

  12. B&A Planning Group

    B&A Planning Group | We are one of Western Canada's leading and largest community and land development planning firms. We bring a thirty-year track record

  13. Parker: B&A Planning Group makes another big move

    It was almost 28 years ago that Greg Brown founded Brown & Associates in a 1000-square-foot office on the south side of the downtown Calgary

  14. B & A Planning Group

    This organization is not BBB accredited. Planning Consultants in Calgary, AB. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more.