LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro: The Ultimate Showdown

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Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, you’re faced with countless decisions, but perhaps none as crucial as choosing the right tools to lay your foundation. Enter LivePlan and Business Plan Pro, two giants in the world of business planning. But which one’s the perfect fit for your venture?

LivePlan dazzles with its modern approach, offering cloud-based convenience and real-time collaboration. On the other hand, Business Plan Pro stands its ground with comprehensive features and a traditional desktop setup. It’s a battle of innovation versus reliability, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Let’s dive into what sets these two apart and help you navigate towards the best choice for your business blueprint.

Key Takeaways

  • LivePlan offers a modern, intuitive, cloud-based business planning solution with features like real-time collaboration, step-by-step guidance, financial tools, and a wide range of templates, making it suitable for dynamic entrepreneurs seeking flexibility and accessibility.
  • Business Plan Pro provides a comprehensive, traditional business planning software experience with detailed financial forecasting tools, access to market research, and over 500 sample business plans, ideal for those who prefer depth, structure, and a desktop-based environment.
  • LivePlan’s modern approach caters to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs who require the ability to access and update their business plans from anywhere, emphasizing convenience and adaptability for fast-moving business environments.
  • Business Plan Pro’s strength lies in its detailed planning tools and extensive resources, suited for entrepreneurs who prioritize thorough analysis and comprehensive planning over flexibility, particularly those in complex industries requiring detailed projections.
  • Choosing between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro depends on your specific business planning needs, priorities (such as cloud-based accessibility vs. detailed financial analysis), and whether your focus is on flexibility and scalability or in-depth, traditional planning.
  • Both LivePlan and Business Plan Pro offer unique advantages, and the best choice depends on the entrepreneur’s specific needs, business stage, and planning style, emphasizing the importance of aligning the tool with your business planning objectives and workflow requirements.

LivePlan: A Modern Approach to Business Planning

Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve likely realized the importance of a solid business plan. It’s not just a roadmap but a beacon guiding you through the stormy seas of startup life. Enter LivePlan, a beacon of modernity in the traditional world of business planning. Its cloud-based setup means you can access your plan from anywhere, anytime. Imagine tweaking your financial forecasts while sipping coffee at your favorite café or sharing your vision with a potential investor on the fly. That’s the convenience LivePlan offers.

Beyond accessibility, LivePlan shines with its real-time collaboration feature. Gone are the days of back-and-forth emails and the confusion of multiple document versions. You and your team can work on the same document simultaneously. This feature is a godsend for keeping everyone on the same page (literally) and fostering a cohesive strategy. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about efficiency and creating a living document that evolves with your business.

In terms of guidance, LivePlan doesn’t leave you in the dark. It offers step-by-step instructions and examples for each section of your plan. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the game, these tools are invaluable. They demystify the planning process and help you create a document that’s not just functional but compelling.

Moreover, LivePlan is equipped with a slew of financial tools. From profit and loss projections to cash flow analysis, these tools help you create a financial forecast that’s both realistic and robust. For startups especially, having a clear financial pathway is crucial, and LivePlan makes this daunting task approachable.

With its blend of flexibility, collaboration, and in-depth planning tools, LivePlan positions itself as not just a tool but a partner in your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re crafting your first business plan or revisiting your strategy for growth, LivePlan adapts to your needs, making it a stellar choice for modern entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

Business Plan Pro: Comprehensive Features and Traditional Setup

When you dive into the realm of Business Plan Pro , you’re stepping into a world that’s supported numerous entrepreneurs over the years. This software is akin to a tried-and-true friend in the journey of business planning, offering a wealth of features in its traditional, software-based setup.

First off, the depth of Business Plan Pro’s financial forecasting tools is unparalleled. You’ll find yourself navigating through detailed cash flow, profit and loss, and sales forecasting features. These tools are designed to provide an in-depth look at your financial future, giving you the clarity needed to make informed decisions. It’s the sort of comprehensive financial planning that could very well become the backbone of your business strategy.

Then there’s the matter of data. Business Plan Pro doesn’t hold back. It grants access to thousands of industry profiles and market research data that can be pivotal in shaping your business plan. Imagine having a library of information at your fingertips, ready to bolster your business proposal with solid facts and figures.

Yet, it’s important to note, the software operates on a downloadable basis . Unlike LivePlan’s cloud-based accessibility, Business Plan Pro requires installation on a Windows platform. This sets up a different dynamic for your planning process. You’ll have the robust tools you need, but without the same level of flexibility and mobility offered by cloud-based alternatives.

Adapting to the needs of modern entrepreneurs seeking versatility, Business Plan Pro still holds a place for those who appreciate a detailed, static planning environment. The depth of its features makes it a powerful ally for anyone looking to dive deep into the financial and analytical aspects of their business plan.

Features and Benefits of LivePlan

As an entrepreneur who’s been through the startup ringer and experimented with various side hustles, I’ve learned that the right tools can make a huge difference. LivePlan stands out in this regard, with features that cater to both budding and seasoned business owners. Here’s a breakdown of what makes LivePlan a worthy consideration for your planning needs.

First off, ease of use can’t be overstated. LivePlan’s interface is intuitive, guiding you through the process of creating your business plan with step-by-step instructions. This simplicity is a lifesaver for those of you juggling the myriad tasks of getting a business off the ground or managing a side hustle along with a full-time job.

Then there’s the pitch feature . It allows you to quickly craft a visually appealing overview of your business idea. This is incredibly useful for attracting investors or getting team members on the same page. It’s like having your elevator pitch and executive summary rolled into one convenient package.

Another standout feature is LivePlan’s financial forecasting . Unlike static tools, LivePlan offers dynamic forecasting that adjusts as you input new data. This provides a remarkably clear picture of your financial trajectory, helping you make informed decisions about budget allocation, funding needs, and revenue strategies.

LivePlan also boasts a vast library of business plan templates and examples . Whatever your industry, chances are there’s a template that fits your niche. This is a game-changer for saving time and ensuring that your plan meets industry standards.

Lastly, the Scoreboard feature integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks, giving you real-time insights into how your business is performing against your plan. This can be pivotal for pivoting strategy or reinforcing successful tactics.

Each of these features comes together to offer a robust, flexible platform that’s designed not just for planning, but for achieving. Whether you’re a startup maven or a part-time entrepreneur, LivePlan adapts to your unique journey.

Features and Benefits of Business Plan Pro

As an entrepreneur deeply immersed in the world of online business and startups, you’re likely on a constant hunt for tools that can streamline your planning process and propel your ideas into reality. Business Plan Pro might just be the resource you’ve been searching for. With its comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify business planning, this software has a lot to offer for anyone ready to take their side hustle or startup to the next level.

First off, Business Plan Pro is equipped with 500+ sample business plans . This means you’re never starting from scratch. Whether you’re opening a coffee shop or launching a tech startup, there’s a template that you can customize to fit your vision. This feature not only saves time but also provides a solid foundation for your business plan, ensuring you haven’t missed any critical components.

Another standout feature is its in-depth financial forecasting tools . You can dive deep into cash flow analysis, profit and loss statements, and sales forecasting with ease. For you, this means the ability to create detailed, realistic financial projections, critical for both your strategy and for impressing potential investors.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the core capabilities of Business Plan Pro:

Lastly, Business Plan Pro stands out with its market research access , offering thousands of industry profiles and essential data. This feature enables you to tailor your business plan with specifics of your industry, a crucial step for crafting a strategy that’s both realistic and competitive.

Utilizing Business Plan Pro’s features effectively can empower you to create a well-researched, detailed business plan. For someone passionate about turning ideas into successful ventures, this tool offers a robust platform to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Choosing the Right Business Planning Tool

Deciding between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro is like choosing between two top-tier tools, each with its own strengths. Your selection hinges on what aspects of business planning you prioritize and how those tools align with your goals.

LivePlan shines with its modern, intuitive interface and emphasis on step-by-step planning. Its features are geared towards dynamic businesses looking for flexibility and scalability. If you’re diving into various side hustles or want a tool that grows with your evolving online venture, LivePlan might be your go-to. It offers cloud-based functionality, giving you the ability to tweak your plan on the go. This aspect is crucial if you’re always bustling with new ideas or need to present your plan to stakeholders across different locations.

On the other hand, Business Plan Pro stands out with its comprehensive features and extensive library of over 500 sample plans. If you’re someone who loves diving deep into the details, appreciates having numerous templates at your disposal, and wants software with robust financial forecasting tools, Business Plan Pro could be more your speed. It’s particularly suited for those who prefer a more structured approach to business planning or are working on a complex project requiring detailed analysis.

When considering these tools, reflect on your business stage, type, and needs:

  • Are you looking for simplicity and accessibility or detailed, in-depth planning tools?
  • Do you need cloud access to your plan from anywhere, or do you prefer a desktop application?
  • How important are industry-specific templates and market research to you?

Remember, your choice of a business planning tool can significantly influence how efficiently you can bring your business vision to life. Whether you lean towards the sleek flexibility of LivePlan or the detailed, comprehensive toolkit of Business Plan Pro, ensure it aligns with your workflow, planning style, and the specific demands of your venture.

Choosing between LivePlan and Business Plan Pro boils down to your specific needs and how you envision managing your business plan. If you’re leaning towards a more intuitive, cloud-based solution that grows with your business, LivePlan might be your best bet. Its modern interface and step-by-step guidance are perfect for those who appreciate a bit of hand-holding along the way. On the flip side, if you’re after a tool that offers a wealth of features and detailed financial forecasting, Business Plan Pro could be the way to go. Its comprehensive approach and extensive resources are ideal for those who prefer to dive deep into the planning process. Remember, the right tool is the one that aligns with your business strategy and simplifies your planning process. Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between business plan pro and liveplan.

Business Plan Pro is known for its comprehensive features, large library of sample plans, and robust financial tools, catering to those who prefer a traditional, detailed approach. In contrast, LivePlan boasts a modern interface, step-by-step planning assistance, and cloud-based functionality, making it well-suited for dynamic, on-the-go businesses.

Which tool is better for someone who prefers an in-depth business planning approach?

Business Plan Pro is the better option for individuals seeking an in-depth, structured approach to business planning due to its extensive features and comprehensive financial forecasting tools.

Is LivePlan suitable for users who prefer cloud-based tools?

Yes, LivePlan is highly suitable for users who prefer cloud-based tools. Its cloud accessibility allows for dynamic business planning and collaboration from anywhere, making it ideal for modern, flexible business operations.

Can I find industry-specific templates in either of these tools?

Yes, both Business Plan Pro and LivePlan offer industry-specific templates. However, the number and variety of these templates may vary, so it’s essential to check which tool better suits your specific industry needs.

Which tool is recommended for beginners without much experience in business planning?

LivePlan is generally recommended for beginners due to its intuitive, step-by-step guidance and modern interface, which simplifies the business planning process.

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  • LivePlan Review 2024

Is It the Best Business Plan Software?

LivePlan Review.

  • Resources For Planning A Business

Last Updated: January 23, 2024 By TRUiC Team

If you're an entrepreneur, one of the most important parts of starting a business is  writing a business plan ; however, you may need a step-by-step process to help lead your small business to success. That’s where  LivePlan  comes in.

Created by Palo Alto Software, LivePlan is a cloud-based  business plan software that walks you through the entire planning process. With video tutorials and examples at each section, it helps you write a solid business plan in half the time.

Read our LivePlan review to discover the pricing and features that set the tool apart, compare customer reviews, and more. By the end, you’ll know if it is the best business planning software for you.

Recommended: Transform your idea into an investor-ready business plan—Try LivePlan today and save 40% on an annual subscription!

Pros & Cons of LivePlan

Pros of liveplan.

  • You don’t need prior experience with professional business planning because the LivePlan software is designed for startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or budget for collegiate-style planning.
  • According to many positive online LivePlan reviews, customers are incredibly satisfied with the business plan software.
  • LivePlan’s user-friendly website makes it easy to focus and build presentation-ready plans. Also because it’s cloud-based, you can trust LivePlan to keep your data safe and 100% accessible.
  • LivePlan provides elegant and fully-customizable template themes you can brand so your business plan looks amazing in presentations with investors, potential partners, lending institutions, etc.
  • LivePlan allows you to easily import financial data from other platforms like QuickBooks and Xero…a big time-saver that gives you the peace of mind everything is importing correctly.
  • With an annual subscription to LivePlan, you get access to tons of legal forms, fantastic educational e-books, and even an employee handbook template. Their system is set up so the more LivePlan features you add, the less it costs, which is awesome.
  • LivePlan sports a great suite of collaboration tools for you and your small business team members. For example, LivePlan locks any section a team member is working on to prevent two users from editing the same section at the same time.

Cons of LivePlan

  • You have to be connected to the Internet to use LivePlan. Cloud-based computing does still have its downsides.
  • While you can develop more than one business plan using LivePlan, there is no way to copy an existing plan.

Should You Use LivePlan?

If it feels like LivePlan is the right choice, start to plan, pitch, and track your business with it today! And if you end up not liking LivePlan as much as we do, just ask for a refund within 35 days.

Get Started

LivePlan Pricing

It would be tough for LivePlan pricing to get any more straightforward, and you don't have to worry about any hidden fees. Here are the following LivePlan pricing packages that entrepreneurs and small businesses can choose from:

  • Standard Monthly Subscription: Pay as you go for $15/month for first 3 months, then $20/month after
  • Premium Monthly Subscription: Pay as you go for $30/month for first 3 months, then $40/month after
  • Purchase a Standard annual subscription for $12/month 
  • Purchase a Premium annual subscription for $24/month 

You can save 40% if you choose an annual plan. Go with whichever package you feel most comfortable with. Either way, you have 35 days to try the business planning software and explore everything it’s capable of.

With every pricing package, you'll gain access to a variety of LivePlan features, such as over 500 sample business plans, automatic financials, and more.

A Quick Look at LivePlan's Features

There are a multitude of helpful LivePlan features that guide entrepreneurs through structuring and writing a business plan. In addition to very good technical support, sample plans, and automatic financials, LivePlan offers the following features:

  • Online dashboard for tracking information and creating progress reports. Simply use your LivePlan login.
  • Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials
  • Advice and tips from business plan experts
  • Templates for financial information
  • Professional business plan themes
  • Tools for team collaboration
  • QuickBooks and Xero integration

Granted this is just a tip of the iceberg of LivePlan features, but our favorites for getting a clean and effective business plan built as quick as possible.

LivePlan Reviews

What LivePlan review would be complete without customer testimonials? Below is a sampling of the huge growing reservoir of feedback from happy users. We didn’t cherry-pick either, as you’ll see on Shopper Approved , a third-party customer review site where LivePlan scores a 4.8/5. As of 2023, LivePlan now has over 1,500 customer reviews on Shopper Approved.

According to many LivePlan reviews, there’s some serious value in the business plan software. Customers often mention how LivePlan helps entrepreneurs and small businesses better manage, prioritize, and present a successful business plan. In regard to the non-5 star reviews, the main issue people are having is the overall LivePlan pricing, which is understandable if you’re starting a business on a budget.

"This was a wonderful tool for creating my business plan. I was overwhelmed by all of the online templates that offered no real guidelines for completing my plan. Liveplan was simple to navigate and offered “real life” examples in each section of the plan builder. I completed my plan quickly and now have a professional document that I am thrilled with! ”
"LivePlan was a great tool to use for building a Business Plan. It helped me, as a first-time business plan writer – because it outlined all the sections of the plan and gave detailed instructions and examples for each part. The financials part was great because it automatically generated graphs and charts for the financial planning of my company. ”
"LivePlan was a life-saver for me. I work for a non-profit whose potential funders require a business plan. I had no idea what a business plan looked like or even where to start, when I found LivePlan, I knew I hit the jackpot. With the examples, samples, and easy plug-in information areas, we wrote a plan that not only looks professional but meets all of the needs of the organization and our funders. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything LivePlan did for me/us. I will use LivePlan again for any other business plans I write and will certainly recommend them. Thank you LivePlan! ”
"It’s by far one of the best business plan software products that I’ve come to find. It’s very self-explanatory and user friendly. I would recommend Liveplan to anyone looking for a comprehensive business plan maker which needs to impress and get the results you are looking to achieve. ”

LivePlan also features several verified customer reviews on its website. Here are a couple more examples:

"LivePlan has reinvented business planning. It's the only tool that helps entrepreneurs track their progress with a unique dashboard specifically designed for small business."
"I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan! The financials were so easy to use and I liked knowing the calculations were all correct."
"I didn't only get value for the money paid but also got the best customer service experience as well. And of course, I'm sticking to LivePlan forever."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liveplan.

LivePlan is business management software created by Palo Alto Software to help entrepreneurs and small business owners develop business plans, financial projections, and performance tracking.

How does LivePlan work?

LivePlan works through a step by step process, guiding users through customizable templates to create professional business plans. Users input their business's financial data, product plans, marketing strategies etc. and LivePlan uses the data to create a structured business plan document with projections, graphs, financial models and performance analytics.

What businesses does LivePlan work with?

LivePlan boasts over 500 sample plans, covering just about every business model imaginable. From mom-and-pops to larger corporations, from freelancers to nonprofit entities, LivePlan really does cover every possible base.

Does LivePlan have any hidden fees?

There are up-charges for premium features like the ability to simultaneously edit multiple business plans. But, LivePlan clearly communicates these from the get-go. Also, most people probably won’t need them because they’re working on one plan at a time.

How do I cancel my LivePlan subscription?

Within the first 35 days, if you decide you’d rather not use LivePlan after all contact them via their app, by email or by phone. They’ll cancel your account and refund your money, no questions asked.

How is LivePlan customer support?

LivePlan customer support is surprisingly responsive. Use the site’s live-chat option or give them a call on their toll-free line.

Is LivePlan secure?

LivePlan is about as secure as it gets. Your business plan — and all of the information within — is entirely confidential. All credit card transactions get bank-level encryption treatment. Also, your account and plan are both backed up to the cloud every few seconds, so there’s no chance you’ll ever lose any work.

How much does LivePlan cost?

Here are the LivePlan pricing plans:

  • Standard monthly: $15/month for first 3 months, then $20/month after
  • Premium monthly: $30/month for first 3 months, then $40/month after
  • Standard annual subscription for $12/month 
  • Premium annual subscription for $24/month 

We've chosen LivePlan as the best business plan software – it helped us get Startup Savant off the ground. Being able to take our core data and translate it into a beautiful presentation-ready business plan that’s refined and customizable was a lifesaver in so many ways.

If it feels like LivePlan is the right choice, start to plan, pitch and track your business growth with it today. And if you end up not liking LivePlan as much as we do, just ask for a refund within 35 days.

Showcase your startup with confidence — Try LivePlan and create an investor-ready business plan today.

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How to Write a Business Plan

LivePlan vs Business Plan Pro

Which is Improve?

Woman gesturing to four point eight star LivePlan and four point one star Business Plan Pro.

  • Imagination Reviews
  • The Best Resources for Planning one Business
  • LivePlan vs Economic Plan Pro: Which is Better?

Last Updated: July 21, 2023 By TRUiC Team

On the hunt for the best business raumplanung user for you? See the research involved proving more laborious than you expected? We’re here to lighten your load and streamline that research a bit.

Based on countless hours of grave, we believe Trade Plan Pro and LivePlan are two of the best options available to entrepreneurs today. In the Economy Plan Maven vs. LivePlan comparison, we’ll set the two side by side and talk about their similarities, differences, our also more. Let’s received to it!

Endorsed Business Plan Books: LivePlan

Common Features

  • All are designed by Palo Female user. Renowned merchant Times Berry founded Palo Altus into the late 80s and they’ve become in the business planning game continually since.
  • Both Commercial Plan Pro and LivePlan include 500+ industry-specific sample business plans in their how.
  • Both nach including a 60-day monies back guarantee.
  • Both offer get chat customer service, in addition to email and phone support.
  • Bot include educational content to help you get to know the software.
  • Both allow you to import financial data from select accounting programs.

What Sets Them Seperate

Business plan pro.

  • Business Plan Maven has been around since 1991 and has helped over a million businesses. LivePlan was developed a handful of per ago in response to the user-demand for a get simplified version. Best Purchasing: Palo Alto Software Company Plan Pro Complete [Digital] BUSINESS P
  • Requires ampere one-time payment of between $99.95-$159.95 rather than a series away small, returning payments.
  • Comes equipped a series of helpful video tutorials led by enterprise planning expert Tim Berry.
  • Has to exist downloaded go you computer, and will only be accessible via this device you download it on. Only workings with Windows, like don’t sample to how go a Mac! Business Plan Specialist Reviews, Pricing and Specific - 2024
  • Over 400,000 firms will used their services. Pretty incredible since they’ve only been around for a few years, although still nowhere near Business Plan Pro’s 1 million+.
  • It’s cloud-based, so you can utilize it anywhere you’ve got internet entrance. This also makes collaborating with your team super-easy.
  • Compatible with anywhere OS, so it’ll work in your Make, Android or PC.
  • Step-by-step instructions choose along the way, and an abundance of eBooks, tutorials, and other formative content.
  • Has a performance board to keep you to title toward choose goals, and an overall more streamlined, trendy platform.

Customer Reviews

Business floor pro.

BPP has some customer reviews, but cannot nearly as many as them would expect considering it’s been surround for pretty three decades. It makes feel, though - one software gained credibility before online user-reviews became so powerful.

Palo Alto has focused much view on acquiring your feedback for LivePlan, as it’s you newer software. They’ve dedicated a whole Shopper Approved page to LivePlan, while BPP reviews are scarce among third-party review platforms. However, their Premier package does have some feedback on Amazon:

Business Plan Per Customer_Reviews

Not terrible, but absolutely an mixed bag out customer satisfaction. When you read through the reviews, you’ll notice adenine batch of folks complaining they wasted over $100 the a software that didn’t meeting their what with expectations. Of course, if they’d purchase BPP through Palo Alto directly, they’d has gotten a 60-day funds back guarantee additionally avoided this issue.

The main problem sees to be purchasing it through Amazon - so if you end up choosing Business Plot Pro, we tell buying it through to webpage. More are a couple of superstar testimonials they’ve got posted there:

" Business Plan Pro was an essential tool during this strategic planning stage of on start-up. The profit and loss assists us focus our resources set the most profitable chanels, and the sales forecasts were useful in keeping us on gleis. "
" The print forced a rigor into both the breadth and depth of our thinking about of business. The education we got as a result of using Business Plan Pro feels like it would be in MBA. "

Business Plan Pro has is adenine great tool for over a million businesses since 1991, and it’s still the perfect choice for some business owners today. That say, it has any real limitations and isn’t immune to complaints in one era of modern, streamline, cloud-based solutions. Business Plan Pro Complete Gold Version - Agency Depot

Palo Alto designed LivePlan toward address one limitations of Business Schedule Pro, and it shows are hers customer recent. Select out their rating breakdown on Shopper Approved: Store Plan Pro Complete (Academic Edition) Reviews

Doesn’t get large better than 96% satisfaction. Checking out a couple starting to testimonials they feature on their website:

" LivePlan is amazing. I love whichever to guys are doing. You actually helped my startup winning a national business plan competition! I've established a business plan by scratch on my own before and I was able to GREATLY reduces the time it took me up whole it using LivePlan. "
“ LivePlan set me off switch the right trajectory at the sooner, most critically staged of conceptualizing and launching my business. Which experience of usage LivePlan was actually inspirational, as it kept me laser-focused about my company’s potential. With insert initial plan complete, I buy have a “compass” to constantly refer back to to keep me on laufbahn for growth and reminder me concerning great ideas I intend to pursue. ”

Honest, there’s not much else to say about LivePlan’s customer reviews. They’re pretty flawless all in.

Pricing Differences

Back is an screenshot comparing Business Plan Pro press LivePlan’s pricing and features. Give items a glance:

Business Plan Pro Pricing

  • Two downloadable packages: Standard press Premiered.
  • One-time payment of $99.95 or $159.95.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on to package.
  • The extra $60 for Premier makes you aforementioned ability to copy from Excel, create hypothetical cash-flow scenarios, access your verwalten dashboard, and an couple other perks.

Into get a sense of what the software looks like on the indoors, here’s Business Plan Pro’s Advantage and Loss page:

Business Plan Pro Programme

  • Monthly or annual payments. Month-to-month costs $19.95/mo, annual costs $11.66/mo.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Everything from BPP’s Premier package, plus one performance scoreboard, collaboration capabilities, higher data protection, also show.
  • No require to download aforementioned software to thy computer.

For a comparison of Business Plan Pro and LivePlan’s aesthetic, here’s what LivePlan’s Profit and Loss section appearances like:

Liveplan Profit-loss

Check from you comprehensive LivePlan Overview for a more thorough examination of LivePlan’s pricing plus features.

Which Should You Choose?

Business Plan Pro and LivePlan are two of the most reliable business scheduling software options.

Together they’ve helped around 2 millions businesses get on bahn. However, wenn you’re looking for cloud-based software, easy collaboration, month-to-month payments, or any other valuable features Business Layout Pro doesn’t offer, LivePlan  is your optimal bet. Suit Alto Software the re-focusing their attention and pitch their best foot forward.

Try LivePlan & Get 25% Off Try LivePlan for 60 time risk free

business plan pro vs liveplan

Upmetrics AI Assistant: Simplifying Business Planning through AI-Powered Insights. Learn How


Business Planning

  • Financial Forecasting

AI Assistance

See how upmetrics works  →, strategic planning, entrepreneurs & small business, accelerators & incubators, business consultants & advisors, educators & business schools, students & scholars.

  • Sample Plans

Business Plan Course

Small business tools.

  • Strategic Canvas Templates

E-books, Guides & More


Customers Success Stories

  • Business Plan Builder
  • Canvas Modeling
  • Product Tour
  • Business Consultants and Advisors
  • Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses
  • Accelerators & Incubators
  • Educators & Business Schools
  • Students & Scholars
  • Sample Business Plans
  • business plan course
  • E-Books, Guides & More
  • Success Stories

Bizplan vs. Liveplan: Which is Best for Your Business?

Bizplan vs. Liveplan

What is Bizplan Used For?

Bizplan is one of the leading business plan software helping startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners create business plans with direct access to planning experts.

This tool provides a guided business plan creator to streamline the writing process. This step-by-step builder breaks the tedious process into bite-sized pieces that you can actually complete.

Financial tools help create detailed projections and financial and cash flow statements in no time, so entrepreneurs can spend more time growing and scaling their businesses.

That’s not it. Once you’re done creating a business plan, you can directly share it with investors or use Fundable—their online fundraising platform, to raise capital for your business.

This platform has already helped raise over $500 million for startups.

Besides business & financial planning and fundraising tools, Bizplan provides guided courses on funding and direct access to a community of 20,000+ founders and experts.

Overall, Bizplan could be an excellent investment for startups and small businesses to create a comprehensive business plan. Still, it may lack in certain areas—like industry-specific guidance or assistance.

What is Liveplan Used For?

Liveplan is also a business planning and management software created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed through strategic business planning. With tools like Liveplan, creating a business plan takes only a few hours, which used to take several weeks to complete.

This tool simplifies professional business plan creation with its instruction manuals, tutorials, and expert guidance, whereas its automated financials built-in with formulas ensure precise financial forecasting. 

With its robust financial and budgeting capabilities, users can easily track financial projections, create and manage budgets, and track the company’s financial health. In contrast, AI assistance helps write or improve content using artificial intelligence.

Overall, Liveplan provides a comprehensive suite of features including one-page plans, budgeting, financial reporting, collaboration tools, AI assistance, automatic financials, and others to create a seamless business planning experience.

However, you may need to look for other Liveplan alternatives considering its steep learning, limited financial analysis capabilities, and limited integrations.

Best Suitable for

Start with $20.75

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small Businesses

liveplan logo

Start with $15

SMBs, Consultants, Educators.

business plan pro vs liveplan

Start with $7

Startups, SMBs, Consultants, Educators.

At a Glance

If you compare some of these tools’ basic but essential functionalities, you can certainly make a better decision. Looking at the comparison chart, it becomes apparent that both tools stand very closely to each other.

For instance, considering value for money and features, Bizplan and Liveplan are close. Although, when it comes to ease-of-use customer support, Liveplan seems slightly ahead of Bizplan.

Have a look at the user ratings of Bizplan vs. Liveplan along with Upmetrics to get a better understanding of all the tools.

Quick Comparison

Now let’s dive deeper to understand these tools better to see which comes on top, Bizplan or Liveplan. If we compare some of the essential aspects of these tools, it will become apparent that Bizplan and Liveplan have different strengths and weaknesses.

Bizplan looks a little pricey, with its packages starting from $20.75, compared to Liveplan, which costs $15. However, it has unlimited team members and workspaces, which justifies its high pricing.

When considering basic features associated with a business planning tool like business plan builder, financial forecasting, and business plan templates, both Bizplan and Liveplan have all of them.

Still, Bizplan lacks features like a one-page pitch builder, AI Assistance, and Strategic planning. Not having a free trial or a demo plan is another drawback for both tools. Bizplan seems ahead with email, chat, and call support compared to Liveplan, as it lacks call support.

It’s hard not to mention that Upmetrics provides all the features, including AI assistance, making an incredible Bizplan alternative at an unbelievable price!

You can compare all the notable features of Liveplan vs. Bizplan along with Upmetrics to see which one is better.

Biz plan icon

  • A Bizplan subscription includes access to self-guided courses, 650 expert masterclass videos , and 1,000+ how-to guides on business & financial planning.
  • Unlike other business planning software, Bizplan offers a lifetime plan at $349 , which can be an excellent choice for business consultants.
  • A fundraising platform to pitch your plan directly to investors—the platform has helped startups raise over $500 million in committed capital.
  • While Bizplan offers templates and prompts for timely guidance, some users may find the platform lacking in customization options.
  • According to some users, text-only sections offer you the freedom to write in any format, but the output isn't aesthetically structured , so there's no real advantage over Word.
  • The process of creating a financial model is time-consuming and getting to grips with the platform can be a bit challenging.
  • Writing a business plan is easy with its step-by-step guidance , AI Assistance , and industry-specific business plan examples.
  • It provides industry benchmarks and suggests budget items to help you understand your market and make informed decisions.
  • Its automated financials , built-in with formulas, help you automatically project your cash flow.
  • It only connects to Xero and QuickBooks , and you have no control over the data or time period it syncs.
  • Some users may find Liveplan challenging to try and figure out even after watching video tutorials and guides.
  • Liveplan’s formatting options are a bit limiting in certain aspects of formatting. i.e., not providing font selection options.
  • This web app simplifies the heavy lifting of thinking/planning of writing a business plan, pitch deck, etc.
  • Even if you have never done a business plan, the step-by-step guides and template make it super easy to create a fantastic business plan in a couple of hours.
  • Upmetrics’ AI Assistance is the best solution for business plan writing . It helps you auto-write, auto-improve, shorten-expand, and change the tone of your text.
  • Upmetrics has a library of 400+ templates best for SMBs, but they should add a few more templates for small niche business types.
  • Some users reported that financials are a bit complicated to follow, but this isn’t the case with only Upmetrics. Financial planning, in general, could be complicated for a beginner with any business planning software.
  • Upmetrics is an excellent business planning tool. However, it’s not available in French or other regional languages, which can be a drawback for those who do not use English as a business language.

Pricing is one of the most vital aspects when comparing Bizplan vs. Liveplan or other tools. As both tools offer significantly different pricing plans, it’s a bit challenging to have a fair comparison.

Bizplan has three monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription plans, which cost $29, $249, and $349 , respectively. All these pricing plans include unlimited business plans, collaborators, and all features on Bizplan.

On the other hand, Liveplan has two subscription plans, standard and premium, which cost $15 and $30 per month on annual billing. Liveplan’s standard and premium plans provide access to 5 contributors to work on one business plan which is limiting compared to Bizplan.

However, Bizplan’s pricing plans aren’t customized to cater to specific audiences and may lack many advanced functionalities compared to Liveplan . 

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of all pricing plans, Liveplan vs. Bizplan along with Upmetrics to get a clearer view.

*Pricing is based on annual billing.

In-depth Business Plan Builder Comparison

Let’s take a look at the feature that can set any business planning software on solid ground—business plan builder.

Both tools offer a step-by-step guided business plan builder with necessary features, including drag-and-drop templates, business outlines, progress tracker, performance dashboard, and more. Though Bizplan lacks many advanced features like task management and a one-page pitch builder compared to Liveplan.

Though Liveplan seems ahead of Bizplan by offering these features, it lacks advanced functionalities like business plan version control, strategic planning, and a pinboard to organize ideas.

Upmetrics, however, does have all the general and advanced features necessary for business planning, making it a very reliable and affordable Bizplan alternative .

Here’s an in-depth comparison of Bizplan vs Liveplan’s business plan builder feature along with Upmetrics for a clear understanding.

In-depth Financial Planning Comparison

Financial planning is the most critical aspect of business planning. So it’s time to compare financial planning features of both tools.

Be it Liveplan or Bizplan, both tools offer excellent financial features and tools for accurate financial projections. Both tools include necessary features like financial reporting, dashboard, automatic financials, country currency formatting, and more.

However, Bizplan lacks some advanced forecasting functionalities like “what if” scenarios, real-time profit & cash forecasting, and integration with accounting software like Xero & QuickBooks.

Check out this table for Bizplan vs Liveplan comparison of financial forecasting features.

In-depth Step-by-step Guide and Templates Comparison

We compared the business plan builder and financial features of both planning software. Now it’s time to compare their step-by-step guides and business plan templates.

Both tools, Bizplan and Liveplan, offer business plan templates and step-by-step instructions to help you create a business plan. However, Bizplan lacks how-to articles & guides and webinars & events. Though Liveplan has these features, just like Bizplan, it lacks a thorough business planning course.

In contrast, Upmetrics provides all the necessary features , step-by-step guidance and includes a detailed course on business planning to help you out.

Here’s the table for the Bizplan vs Liveplan comparison of step-by-step guides and templates.

In-depth Collaboration Capability Comparison

You need a tool with excellent collaboration capabilities when working with a team. That’s why collaboration is yet another aspect of business planning tools we can’t afford to ignore.

Bizplan and Liveplan both have different pricing plans, so their collaboration capabilities have to be different. While both tools allow online sharing and access to unlimited guest viewers, Liveplan is limited to 5 team members . 

In contrast, with Bizplan, there’s no limit for team members and contributors as their plans allow unlimited team members to work on unlimited business plans. However, it is fairly expensive for this extra feature.

Following is a comparative chart of the collaboration capabilities, Bizplan vs. Liveplan, along with Upmetrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bizplan better than liveplan.

Bizplan and Liveplan are great business planning tools with necessary features, including step-by-step guidance, financial forecasting, and team collaboration. Compared with Liveplan, Bizplan is more expensive and lacks many critical features.

But both tools are pretty overpriced for startups and small business owners, considering their feature offerings.

What are Liveplan and Bizplan?

Liveplan and Bizplan are both diverse business planning tools helping entrepreneurs create investment-ready business and financial plans with advanced business planning features and step-by-step guidance.

What is better than Liveplan?

Liveplan is an incredible business plan software. However, Upmetrics provides all the advanced business planning features that Liveplan provides at a much more affordable price, making it a better Liveplan alternative .

Does Liveplan have a free version?

Liveplan doesn’t offer a free plan, trial, or demo. However, they do offer a 35-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. So you can get a refund if you don’t find it the right fit.

Do people still use Bizplan?

Yes, people still use Bizplan, as it has been in the space for quite some time now. However, Bizplan lacks many advanced functionalities and is relatively expensive compared to other tools in the market. So more and more users are migrating to more cost-effective tools like Upmetrics. It includes all the features Bizplan offers at a fraction of its price point.

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Written by: Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

Edited by: David Lepeska

David has been writing and learning about business, finance and globalization for a quarter-century, starting with a small New York consulting firm in the 1990s.

Published on September 15, 2023 Updated on December 13, 2023

LivePlan Software Review

When you’re starting a business , a business plan is essential whether you’re going to obtain financing or not. Creating a business plan helps you to research and analyze every aspect of your business and create a strategy for success. But for most entrepreneurs, a business plan is not easy to create from scratch without guidance. 

Many online services offer tools to help you create your business plan, but it can be hard to decide which one to choose. In this review, we’ll delve deep into the workings of LivePlan, unpacking its features, analyzing user feedback, and determining whether it’s the go-to tool for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners.

  • Service Overview
  • Our Verdict on LivePlan

LivePlan, created by Palo Alto Software, is a highly regarded cloud-based business plan software designed primarily for startups and entrepreneurs without prior business planning experience.

Its intuitive interface, coupled with video tutorials and comprehensive templates, allows users to craft a professional business plan efficiently.

While the cost of LivePlan’s packages can be prohibitive for some potential users, the overwhelmingly positive reviews, transparent pricing, and extensive feature set make LivePlan an optimal choice for business planning needs.

For those uncertain, the 35-day refund policy offers an added layer of confidence in trying out the software.

business plan pro vs liveplan

Plans and Pricing

Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

Site Usability

Overall Score: 4.3/5

  • Pros and Cons 
  • Intuitive step-by-step instructions, simplifying the business planning process
  • Comprehensive financial planning features including budgeting and forecasting
  • Transparent pricing with 35-day refund policy
  • The software contains built-in, customizable templates
  • Collaboration capabilities allow partners to concurrently input and revise data
  • The subscription model of LivePlan can be prohibitive for some potential users
  • Transfering documents to common formats like Word or PDF can be challenging
  • What is LivePlan?

LivePlan (product of Palo Alto Software ) is an online business planning app that offers tools, guidance, and resources to help you create a business plan. They provide full guidance through the planning process and help you to develop strategies to grow your business. It’s more than just a template – the LivePlan app guides you through the process of creating your plan and strategy.

  • LivePlan Features and Pricing 

LivePlan offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify and enhance the business planning process. It provides step-by-step guidance coupled with expert advice throughout each phase of creating a business plan.

The software supports automatic generation of financials, charts, and graphs, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets or intricate formulas. With visually compelling performance dashboards, it brings data to life, offering a clear perspective of the business’s standing.

Furthermore, LivePlan enables the use of real accounting data, allowing users to compare their forecasts against actuals through seamless integrations with Quickbooks & Xero. Users also benefit from industry benchmarks, facilitating a comparison of actual performance against industry competitors of similar size.

To cap it off, the platform supports planning for both best-case and worst-case scenarios, ensuring that businesses can use data to create a strategic roadmap, preparing them for various eventualities.

LivePlan’s Standard package costs $20 per month and includes step-by-step planning, lender-ready financial statements, a full financial forecast, and a one-page pitch builder. You’ll also have access to more than 500 sample business plans. 

Their Premium package costs $40 per month ($20 in the first month) and includes everything above plus industry benchmark data and “what if” guides to help you prepare for the unexpected. 

It also includes performance dashboards, real-time profit and cash forecasting, an automatic forecast builder, the ability to export sheets to Excel, and syncing with Quickbooks or Xero. 

LivePlan offers a 25% discount on both plans if you pay annually instead of monthly (Standard Plan is $15/month and Premium Plan is $30/month if billed annualy), as well as a 35-day money-back guarantee, which in effect acts as a free trial. 

  • Site Navigation

When you first go to the site, you have to click Start Your Plan to see their plans and pricing.


Then you can sign in with Google or email and you’ll go immediately to checkout.

From the home page you can instead choose to watch a video tour to see how it works.

You’ll see that the business planning page is well laid out so that you can click on any section to start writing.


The site will provide instructions to give you some guidance.


You can elect to have AI rewrite what you wrote.


The site also gives much guidance in the financials section of the plan.


The guidance even includes suggested revenue streams based on your business type.


LivePlan does the calculations for you.


The tutorial is a great way to see what you’re getting for your money, and entering your information to create the plan seems incredibly easy. I was also impressed with the financial guidance that it offers, since that’s an area that many entrepreneurs struggle with. 

Overall, the site is quite easy to use and is loaded with information.

  • Customer Support

I started a chat and after going through a few prompts I was connected to an agent, Lindsay, in a few minutes. I asked about their cancellation policy and procedure.

I received this message almost immediately. 

Chat Support Rating:

business plan pro vs liveplan

Response time:


The answer was clear – that you can cancel through your LivePlan account and you don’t have to call or email, which is convenient.

I sent an email to ask a slightly different cancellation question and received an immediate auto reply.

business plan pro vs liveplan

Support Rating:


I received an actual response within an hour, which is impressive! The answer was clear and professional.


I called customer service to ask a similar question, but I got a recording that told me that they offered their support through LiveChat and directed me there. I don’t particularly mind this, since I prefer chat, but I’m sure that many customers would prefer to have the phone option. 

business plan pro vs liveplan

  • LivePlan Reviews

Palo Alto Software is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and has a D-rating. They have no customer reviews on the BBB website, but they do have a few complaints. The complaints revolved around issues with cancellation and getting a refund, as well as unauthorized re-activation of an account and getting un-authorized charges.

Here are some positive reviews from LivePlan users:

LivePlan is my primary financial forecasting and issue raising tool. I build out annual Pro-forma in Q4 with detailed revenue and expense category forecasts. The ability to build revenue and expense forecasts by category and the appropriate level of detail is highly useful. Monthly, and especially quarterly, we can see if and where we are off track relative to original goals and make necessary adjustments in the business. In my opinion, this is the best tool of its kind for business owners/operators. Well done. – Jason Ogden, President

LivePlan has been a key product in our company when dealing with planning of our company business. It makes it easy for us to keep our entire business enterprise organized for better productivity. More to planning, it offers us an outstanding platform for budgeting, keeping a track of our business progress a d performance as well as doing accurate forecasts on the future of our business. It has made it possible for us to simplify the planning and funding various business projects aimed at promoting the agility and the productivity of our business. – Mariana Jones, National Key Account Manager- Fleet Sales

I started my startup consultancy in 1997. Soon after, I bought my first Palo Alto Business Plan Pro disc and spent quality time chatting with Tim about how helpful the financial section was. Since then, I have recommended this program MANY times and am thrilled to be able to recommend it again to whoever reads this review. Live Plan is wonderful, convenient, and worth every penny! – Victoria D.

Live Plan was perfect for my needs – it helped me shape my strategic plan and think through my start-up capital requirements and revenue projections. I loved that it gave me some industry benchmarks and suggested budget items (like employee payroll liabilities) I hadn’t thought of. The templates were also very helpful to show me what a plan should look like. – Laurie S.

Here’s a selection of constructive feedback from LivePlan users:

Where the product really falls down is when you want to compare with Actuals. It only connects to Xero and Quick Books and you have no control over the data or time period that it syncs at all – current year plus last two years, which is rubbish if your business has pivoted and you only want the last six months data for example. Whats worse is you cant roll back the sync – you have to manually delete all sync’d data. Further if you dont use Xero or QBooks, there is no option to import from a spreadsheet – so again you need a data entry person to manually enter actual data unless you want to spend ages doing it yourself… Very disappointed as up to this point had liked the platform. – Lucy B.

Generally going out 5 years is more than fine with projections. However, we did have a situation where we brought a new division in 2 years later and we need to combine it with the original plan and would have liked it going 6 or even 7 years. – Reid J.

  • LivePlan Alternatives 

BizPlan offers monthly ($29), annual ($249), and lifetime access ($349) payment options. Their business plan software offers full guidance as you write your plan and calculates financial statements.

Their crowdfunding platform, Fundable, can help promote your plan and raise funding from the public and investors. In addition, you can access self-guided courses and educational videos and talk with expert mentors. Visit here .

Founded in 2010, Enloop stands out with an automatically generated text tool that users can edit as they wish. Enloop offers a seven-day free trial and two paid plans. 

The seven-day trial and the two paid plans (Detailed and Performance) all include a host of features. The Detailed plan costs $19.95 per month, while the Performance plan runs $39.95 monthly.  Visit here .


PlanGuru is not business plan software, but rather a sophisticated financial planning tool that can help prepare your company’s budget and financial plan. It’s available as either a cloud-based or desktop app. Both apps cost $99 per month or $899 annually. Visit here .

Conclusion – Is LivePlan Worth it?

LivePlan offers robust business planning tools for quite a reasonable price. You can get a professional looking business plan for funding, or just to create your strategy. Their phone support can be a bit better, but live chat and email support are great.

Overall, we would highly recommend LivePlan to new and existing entrepreneurs.

You can cancel your LivePlan subscription at any time through your LivePlan account on the site.

LivePlan’s pricing is quite transparent, with no hidden fees.

LivePlan claims to have bank-level security so you should have no security concerns.

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  • Conclusion - Is LivePlan Worth it?

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  • Upmetrics vs LivePlan
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Upmetrics logo

  • Free Version

Business planning toolkit that assists small to midsize businesses with writing their business plans, forecasting financials, canvas modeling, and collaboration.

LivePlan helps entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size business owners build dynamic business plans and track performance against their goals.

  • CAPTERRA SHORTLIST Budgeting Software (2022)
  • Financial Reporting Software (2021)
  • Budgeting Software (2021)
  • Best Value Financial Reporting Software (2023)

AI-powered business plan builder

  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Gantt/Timeline View
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Benchmarking
  • Investor Management
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Prioritization
  • Conditional Logic
  • Customizable Branding
  • Financial Templates
  • Data Import/Export
  • Business Plan Templates
  • Goal Setting/Tracking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Income & Balance Sheet
  • Step-by-Step Wizard
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customizable Reports
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Planning Tools
  • Scenario Planning
  • Customizable Fields
  • Data Visualization
  • Pitch Presentation
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Visual Analytics
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Drag & Drop
  • Performance Metrics
  • Project Tracking
  • Financial Modeling
  • Progress Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting
  • For Small Businesses
  • "What If" Scenarios
  • Real Time Data
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Graphical Data Presentation
  • User Satisfaction 4.8 ( 22 )
  • Ease of Use 4.8
  • Customer Service 4.5
  • Features 4.7
  • Value for Money 4.9
  • User Satisfaction 4.5 ( 133 )
  • Ease of Use 4.4
  • Customer Service 4.4
  • Features 4.4
  • Value for Money 4.3

"Its Great to haves such tool that can help when you are writing business plan, pitchdeck or financial plan. Breakeven analysis is top notch."

Dec 13, 2023

"The financial modeling features offered by Upmetrics are truly outstanding. They streamline the typically intricate task of crafting financial projections and forecasts."

Dranishnikov Andrei

Oct 20, 2023

"Inability to import templates and other standard documents we utilise."

Testa Samuel

Jun 08, 2022

"Again there are no video tutorials on youtube or on the website to guide."

Tweneboah Koduah Isaac

May 11, 2022

"I liked how the data interacted with itself in the program. The ability for the program to keep track of changes in financial data as well as show the impact of those changes is unmatched."

Bartell Dakota

May 21, 2020

"Easy to use online and has a very good technical support. It is great that they keep your files or give files to you if you decided to cancel the account, that made me trust LivePlan more."

Espinosa Carlos

Mar 28, 2020

"Very limited scope and restricted input space."

Farooq Tahir

Sep 03, 2020

"I struggled with the financial forecast section. I'm bad with numbers, and really just this part in general, so a little more instruction around this area would have been nice."

Lawlor Andi

May 08, 2020

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  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 (Live rep)
  • Live Online
  • Documentation

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  • By upmetrics
  • Located in INDIA
  • Founded in 2017
  • By Palo Alto Software
  • Founded in 1988


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Create a Detailed Financial Strategy That Will Help Your Business Grow

Fill-in-the-blanks simplicity. Real sample business plans to inspire you. See how it works »

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Helga D. Svala

“LivePlan is incredibly simple and easy to use. The financial sales forecasting tool is very intuitive and makes writing a business plan more fun.”

Some of our fans:

Company logos

Here's How LivePlan Makes it Surprisingly Simple to Write a Convincing Business Plan

Step-by-step process

You get a step-by-step process to follow

  • Ways to write a pitch that grabs investors' attention
  • What to include in your marketing plan
  • Every other essential piece of your business plan

“LivePlan saved me a lot of time because the software does so much of the work for you. All you have to do is answer questions and plug in numbers.”

Brian Sung, Eugene, OR Owner of Tailored Coffee

All the financials are calculated for you

LivePlan tells you exactly what kind of financial information you need to enter and then it does all the calculations automatically using built-in formulas. So you end up with razor-accurate financial statements that include all the tables that a lender or investor expects to see.

Financials Graph

“Most people are intimidated by the financials, but LivePlan made planning simple, saved me so much time and just knowing that the calculations are correct makes this tool worth every penny!”

Brandie Slaton

Brandie Slaton, Merced, CA Noelle Notals LLC

If you ever get stuck, we'll help you out

Most LivePlan users are able to breeze through their first business plan. But if you ever have a question, there are 3 ways to get advice:

  • Call a LivePlan expert at 1-888-498-6136
  • Start a chat with our advocacy team. Click here to try it .
  • Or refer to more than 550 sample plans and tutorial videos built into LivePlan

Customer Advocacy Team

“LivePlan was user friendly, supportive and provided meaningful guidance all while remaining very flexible.”

Freja Nelson

Freja Nelson, Oregon Freja Foods

Get a Polished Business Plan That Will Impress Lenders

Once your plan is done, you can:

  • Customize the look of your plan using 10 beautiful document themes
  • Download your plan as a PDF or Word doc so you share it easily
  • Print out your plan to get a clean, professional document

See inside a completed plan »

Garrett's Bike Shop

Join over 1 million entrepreneurs who found success with LivePlan

35-day money back guarantee. Start planning for $20 per month.

Helga Douglas

Helga Douglas Owner, Svala

LivePlan Also Gives You Tools to Help Your New Business Succeed

Access Essential Business & Legal Form Templates

Access Essential Business & Legal Form Templates

Search our library of hundreds of legal forms that cover credit applications, contractor agreements, employee contracts and more.

Get Insights That Will Help Your Company Grow

Get Insights That Will Help Your Company Grow

Are you charging enough? Will you meet your revenue goals? LivePlan's forecasting tool can answer these type of questions at a glance.

See How You Stack Up Against Competitors

See How You Stack Up Against Competitors

Plug in your industry and where you're located, and LivePlan will tell you how you're doing compared to businesses just like yours.

You Might Be Surprised By What New Business Owners Have Achieved with LivePlan

E'a williams, be fit tri wellness, chicago, il.

“Once the investor saw the plan, he believed in it. The interface was fresh and lively. The program gave wonderful examples of what should be in the different sections. I was able to take bits and pieces of those examples, but when I finished each section it sounded like I had written it. “I could just plug in information without having to do any of the math. That saved a lot of work. It made it very easy to get the business plan done. Once the investor saw my business plan on LivePlan, he immediately got back to me and said, ‘I'm in.’”

Mandie O'Neill

Lucky dog daycare, eugene or.

“LivePlan made an overwhelming task easy. LivePlan is incredibly easy to use. LivePlan's web-based nature allows me to log in anywhere (for me it was with my Mac Book Pro or iPad). At times writing a business plan can be a overwhelming task, especially when it comes to formatting and layout. LivePlan has made it easy to focus on putting your business ideas and goals on paper instead of fussing with all the other pesky stuff. I really liked how each section is defined and gives examples of what a quality business plan should look like.”

Rachid Tajiouti

Rachid Tajiouti

Olive oil usa, llc, new york, ny.

“I've raised $3M so far with LivePlan! I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan! The financials were so easy to use and I liked knowing the calculations were all correct. It helped me create a precise plan to confidently share with investors, and I've raised $3M so far!”

Our customers give LivePlan 5 out of 5 stars

Extremely user friendly. I appreciated how intuitive it was and useful when I got stuck or when wanting to rephrase sections - AI was a true support for me then

Sep. 26, 2023

LivePlan helps put your ideas and beliefs on paper in a professional & organized manner. It guides you through planning, organizing, and monitoring your plan.

Sep. 2, 2023

I didn't only get value for the money paid but also got the best customer service experience as well. And of course, I'm sticking to LivePlan forever.


Aug. 14, 2023

Using LivePlan since March 2015, I've created precise financial plans and business strategies for ventures of all sizes. It's the perfect tool for rapid evaluation, eliminating the risk of spreadsheet errors.

Jul. 7, 2023

It's a great Financial planning software. It can also sync with Xero and Quickbooks.

Jun. 17, 2023

If you are looking to create a Business Plan then don't waste any time, buy LivePlan as it will make your life so much easier and save you days of work!

Jun. 28, 2022

A great tool for entrepreneurs with non-finance backgrounds. We all have business ideas but long-term planning is a challenge. LivePlan makes it simple and easy.

Jun. 24, 2022

I had put off writing a plan because I dreaded the research and didn't really know what I was doing. Because of you, I now have a comprehensive, professional-looking business plan.

May 24, 2022

Overall experience with LivePlan is awesome. Very informative and easy to read. Plans come with templates and other examples you can use to build your plan.

Deonta from Texas

May 11, 2022

The best part for me is the feeling of confidence it gave me. It really made me feel like my goals and even dreams were actually possible to reach.

Mar. 29, 2022

LivePlan was a lifesaver when starting our business! It helped us make a business plan and financial projections to show others, and everyone was blown away.

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Jan. 27, 2022

Bizplan vs Live Plan: Which One is Best?

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“Success is not final: failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

A business strategy has several benefits for your company. It may aid in obtaining funds or investors. It may provide direction for your business. You can maintain good financial standing. But if I am being sincere, writing it may also be a nightmare. This is where the best business planning software comes in .

You might have no experience in making a business plan; business planning software comes in to provide guidance and suggestions in these circumstances. This software will enable an owner to draft a professional business plan. Build a business plan in minutes with LivePlan and Bizplan .

The cloud-based Palo alto software tool called LivePlan, and Bizplan are two prominent business planning software. Bizplan vs LivePlan is one argument that lingers in the minds of most people who want to get business planning software for themselves.

I already have detailed reviews between LivePlan and Bizplan, which you should check out.

  • LivePlan is suitable for people who have little knowledge of business planning.
  • LivePlan has a wider array of templates.
  • Bizplan will better suit people looking for funding and support.
  • Bizplan makes things easier with the drag-and-drop feature.

Now, onto the comparison. I am sure you are ready to get started, so let’s dive right in.

Overall Comparison Table

Key features of software.

“There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”  Seth Godin.

There are certain features that users need from business planning software, and they differ among software while having significant importance.

Someone trying to source funds for their startup won’t be looking for the same things as another who has huge business funds available and is trying to do something to break newer grounds.

The attributes required by any class of planners and the availability of the most important ones will significantly influence which business planning software a user will choose; either Bizplan or LivePlan.

Let’s discuss the two software and compare them, you can make your pick from what you can deduce from the two.

An ever-recurring question you’ll never stop hearing is, “is LivePlan better than Bizplan?” You should know that their prices would determine which one you would most likely go for.

You can enjoy good power-packed planning tools on Bizplan and LivePlan. Note that any subscription package you pick on Bizplan has a money-back guarantee for seven days from that particular purchase date.

The planning tools available on Bizplan include;

  • Financial Resources: You can create a balance sheet, a financial statement, income statements, payroll estimates, and sales forecasts with Bizplan’s Financial Command Center. From one dashboard, you can control all of your accounting results.


  • Create a business plan with guidance: The website offers stage process instructions, graphic layouts, and a progression tracker. Drag-and-drop capabilities in the Bizplan layouts make it simpler to personalize your business plan. Additionally, you may add photos and format your text any way you choose.


  • Learning: The collection of over 600 online courses, masterclasses, manuals, and interviews available to you at Bizplan University offers an opportunity to learn more about startup development. You can verify your company strategy, present it to professionals, and establish a connection with your clients using this wealth of information.
  • Information Sharing and Idea Pitching: Contribute to your business strategy and team using Bizplan’s sharing tool. Comment threads can be left, members can view financial data (you may regulate who amongst your team members has access to this information), and remote access is possible.


Your Bizplan membership also lets you connect to Fundable, a site for crowdfunding where you can show investors your company plan. This feature is one of the best attributes I noticed while using the platform for this review.

business plan pro vs liveplan

Business Planning

Team collaboration.

  • Amazing Dashboard

business plan pro vs liveplan

LivePlan is focused on helping users write practical business plans . It simplifies the process and lets you assign teammates to focus on particular aspects of the plan. You decide how much access to provide them using the specific permissions setting.


Goal-setting, progress monitoring, creating and testing budget strategies, and financial forecasting are all possible. Afterward, you congratulate yourself for achieving those goals.

LivePlan also enables team member participation, which is an amazing feature. There will be no need to bother exchanging files via email or determining who has the most recent version of the paper.

From my experience, the platform is built to allow project managers to customize how they interact with their team members and how much information they can share.

For example,

  • As the business owner, you also have control over who sees what. Consider a scenario in which you want the accountant or auditor in control of finances to be capable of uploading financial data.
  • A constrained software license enables you to let your accountant access your company data wherever and whenever they like.
  • You could also set your plans so that other employees who are privy to the app can only see a limited number of files; they will not have access to your business’s financial information.

The Dashboard

You’ll get accessibility to a LivePlan Dashboard after your plan is set up. You may link your accounting program and track your progress using the dashboard.

The dashboard has a lot of functionalities, and they are:


  • You may keep track of things like income and costs to assess how you’re faring regarding the objectives you’ve set for the business.
  • Your financial predictions and other pertinent information will be delivered in simple-to-understand formats like graphics and charts.
  • Future funding modifications are made simple on the dashboard as well.
  • You may adjust your business strategy and finances fictitiously with LivePlan. For instance, you may imagine a situation where you add a new employee. The expenses connected to it will then become evident, along with how these expenses would affect your company’s objectives.

Pricing Comparison

Of course, pricing is another crucial aspect that anyone will consider before picking a product.

As a customer, you will want to know if a product is within your financial capacity. This section highlights the packages and prices available for LivePlan cloud-based software and Bizplan.

As I have mentioned, the program is simple to use, has a user-friendly design, can perform financial analysis, and walks you through every stage of creating a business plan.

Anyone looking for a guided planning software solution with a drag-and-drop capability that interfaces with everything will find Bizplan useful.

Bizplan packages offer all you need if you intend to construct a business plan with minimal prior expertise. Its packages are appropriate for many enterprises and the properties are the same across all packages, offering unlimited access to all attributes available on the platform.

You can try any of these three options depending on your needs and budget.


  • Monthly : You can try out the Bizplan platform with the monthly subscription billed at $29 per month.
  • Annually : If you intend to use Bizplan for a long period, an annual plan may be more economical, billed at $249 annually ($20.75 monthly).
  • Lifetime Access : Get lifetime access to Bizplan billed at $349.

In the spirit of the Bizplan or LivePlan debate, here goes the argument for LivePlan. There isn’t a free version accessible, which is unfortunate. It can be more beneficial for you to sign up for a half-year or monthly plan if you don’t intend to utilize all your rights and tools on LivePlan over the long term.

Palo Alto offers a variety of LivePlan cloud-based price choices, making it handy if your budget isn’t enough to commit to a lifetime contract. Palo Alto will charge your LivePlan account on a monthly or annual basis.

Two straightforward packages are available for your account; let’s examine what is included in each.

Standard Package with a monthly payment of $20 or $180 per year ($15/month comparable)


The standard package offers the following;

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Automated financial results for your perusal.
  • Full financial forecasts
  • A one-page proposal builder
  • 500 and more sample proposal templates are available.

Premium Package of $40/month or $360/year (equal to $30/month)


In the premium package, all standard package offerings are available and more, like

  • Industry Benchmark Data Prediction Scenarios
  • Dashboards that record your achievements
  • A Planner to record your progress
  • LiveForecast connections with Xero and QuickBooks.

What if you’re unhappy with the item?

LivePlan has a money-back offer of 35 days. If unsatisfied with the product during the initial two months, the business states that you may return it for a full refund. No questions will be asked. You may effortlessly change from one package to another.


However, if you’ve paid for a year’s membership, you won’t be able to downsize to the monthly package until your purchased year is over.

Finally, the organization allows you to carry your business model with you if you terminate your membership. Your company strategy belongs to you after it has been written. All that’s left to do before logging out for good is to export your work.

Quality of Software and Value for Money

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Naturally, you might ask yourself what’s better Bizplan vs liveplan. The truth is that both software have unique features that make them better suited to different scenarios and working conditions. Month after month, users keep subscribing for both in droves because of their usabilities.

I will be looking at the value for money of both LivePlan and Bizplan and how they both match up against each other in terms of quality. You can make your conclusions and quickly pick which one better suits your needs this month rather than move your uncertainty to another month.

The step-by-step company planning software from Bizplan is a terrific option for small-business owners that might use some assistance.

Platform Attributes

With features like a guided builder, drag-and-drop modules, automated financial predictions, and team and investor communication, the Bizplan platform provides a contemporary twist on company planning tools.

Startups, entrepreneurs, and smaller businesses can use Bizplan for developing short- and long-term business plans.

Customer Service

The Bizplan program offers nothing less than excellent customer service. During business hours, they answer consumer questions promptly. For company owners, their quick web and voice support is beneficial.

If you have any inquiries, you may either reach the Bizplan support staff directly via email, live chat, or phone call, or you can file a support request by selecting “Send Feedback” after logging into your Bizplan account.

Ease of Use

Bizplan can assist you in outlining the content of your proposed business on paper. Making an advertising and sales strategy is no problem for Bizplan; it can guide you through the process and make it appear simple.

  • Users of Bizplan may divide large projects into components they can finish in any sequence
  • they may insert and finish their templates using the modular features. Effective use of this platform is possible for any business with fewer than 1000 employees.
  • The customer can use the platform’s user manual, financial tools, collaboration, sharing, and integration packages.

It is a solid, reasonably priced platform with many tools that work for small enterprises. I have used this program and can say authoritatively that it provides good value for money.

LivePlan is a cloud-based business model plan tool developed by Palo Alto Software. It guides you through every step of the preparation process.

LivePlan has many unique attributes that work for you. These tools ensure a good experience creating your business and financial plan. The platform works by requesting information from you on your company.

Customer Care and Safety

Palo Alto Software has invested a lot of time and resources in dealing with customers while maintaining security. The firm is always available via email or live chat. Additionally, you can give the customer service department a call anytime from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time on weekdays.

  • LivePlan has invested in customer care and safety. According to the business, it reads and writes to many discs, regularly backs up all your information, and saves it in different places to ensure that it will never be lost.
  • This service stores your data in sizable data centers. These data centers have biometric scanners and are physically secured around the clock.
  • Palo Alto Software’s data centers use Amazon AWS and are subjected to frequent SOC 2 assessments.

Business Plan Progress

Once you’ve established a business strategy, you can track it in real-time and make adjustments as needed.

Additionally, LivePlan offers a function to link several accounting programs, such as Quickbooks and Xero. You may use LivePlan as a predictive tool to change your approach as needed by entering financial information in real-time.


I won’t be lying if I say LivePlan has a whole lot of features that are essential for any business owner, so paying for a subscription package as a business owner is worth it because its value is equivalent to your money’s worth.

Main Disadvantages

Of course, I noticed some drawbacks in both platforms, which you must know when using any of them.

Take a close look at the disadvantages below and take action accordingly.

business plan pro vs liveplan

  • No free trials.
  • Not suitable and handy on mobile.
  • Overall UX is pretty bad.
  • No PDF exports.
  • Bizplan does not provide free trials, but they do offer a seven-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is not accessible on mobile devices.
  • The input controls given in the app are subpar.
  • The software’s general appearance is unappealing, making it difficult to browse the platform.
  • It does not function efficiently with PDF exports.
  • It is difficult to differentiate the selling conditions per client.
  • The only template that may be copied into a Word doc are the basic ones.
  • Integration with QuickBooks desktop is challenging.
  • When compared with Actuals, there is no control during synchronization.
  • No way to undo synchronization.
  • Customers that don’t have Xero or QuickBooks must resort to manual entry.
  • There is no possibility of choosing a font when generating a business plan.

From my findings, anyone looking for comprehensive business planning software that guides them through the process will enjoy LivePlan. LivePlan enables you to build a strong business plan in half the time with video lectures and examples at each phase; it is also good for big business owners.

Bizplan, on the other hand, caters better to startup owners as it has features for fund sourcing and idea pitching to investors; smaller business owners would do well to use this platform.

Is Liveplan secure?

Yes, LivePlan has top-notch security. It respects common privacy laws and safeguards your and your client’s data.

Every day, everything is backed up to different servers, and all front-end actions are SSL encrypted.

What’s better Bizplan or liveplan?

From our use of both, LivePlan is better. It might not be the same for you because of your specific needs.

business plan pro vs liveplan

The article might contain sources leading to services or blogs, which are our partners. And being affiliated with them, we may earn commissions if you buy one of their products or services. You can learn about that here .

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