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SoCal Service Corps

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"Welcome to the Southern California Service Corps, where we're dedicated to nurturing the spirit of community service and empowering people to make a positive impact. Our organization offers a diverse range of services aimed at fostering volunteerism and skill development, particularly among transitional-age youth.

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Thinking Globally

While Acting Locally


Supporting the spirit of service and the, development of resources for, community & nonprofit organizations..

At SoCal Service Corps, we believe in the power of community involvement to drive positive change. For over four decades, we have been dedicated to harnessing the energy of volunteers to make a lasting impact on our community. We offer a variety of programs and services to our volunteers, including training, support, and tools they need to make a difference. Join our mission today and help us continue to grow and thrive as we work toward a brighter future for all.

Make a Difference - Volunteer Today

Our goal is to make a difference in the community through the power of volunteering. We provide various programs and partnerships to make it easier for individuals to create positive change. We believe that every person has a unique contribution to make, and with our dedicated team's guidance, you can make that contribution count.

Court-Ordered Community Service Made Easy

Our Court-Referred Community Service program and the Hospital and Morgue program (HAM) is a way to make a positive impact while fulfilling court-ordered obligations. We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals to complete their assigned hours at local agencies in E. San Gabriel Valley, Greater Pomona, Chino Valley, and W. San Bernardino through our Volunteer Center. Our program provides a cost-effective and meaningful solution to fines or jail time.

Find the Right Volunteers for Your Non Profit

At SoCal Service Corps, our goal is to strengthen non-profits and community based organizations by empowering individuals to give back. Our Court Referred Community Service Program (CRCS) is a shining example of this mission in action. Through working with community groups and non-profits, we are able to provide valuable services that fill staffing gaps and make meaningful contributions. By focusing on opportunities like sorting donations, landscaping, and data entry, our CRCS volunteers get the chance to make a real difference in the lives of others.

MentoringArts & Culture

At SoCal Service Corps, we are committed to making a positive impact in the community through our Mentoring Arts and Culture Program. We believe that through mentorship, we can help foster change and provide young people with the tools they need to succeed. We are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment where young people can express themselves creatively and grow both personally and professionally. Our programs are designed to help young people find their voice, express themselves, and feel empowered.

3P Studio, the premier destination for your media creation needs. We offer recording spaces for CBOs, startups, makers, and media creators at an affordable price. Our studio space includes state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team, making it the perfect place to bring your creative ideas to life. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, which is why we provide a comfortable and supportive environment for our clients. Book now and take your next step towards a successful creative career.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 9 am - 4 pm  Fridays 9 am - 2:00 pm   Alternative Hours BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call to schedule an appointment if you need assistance after office hours.   Closed:  Saturday - Sunday Available 24/7 @ www.SoCalServiceCorps.org *Our Office is Closed During All National Holidays Observed by L.A. County Courts 

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Thanks for submitting!

OneOC | Logo

Become A Nonprofit Member

Court Referral Program (CRP)

OneOC’s CRP, established in 1973, boasts a dedicated team with vast experience in comprehensive screenings. We match individuals with nonprofit organizations, ensuring a seamless fit for both parties. Our experienced staff monitors each individual’s service journey from beginning to end.

Rebuilding Lives, One Positive Action at a Time: Court Referral Program

Become a Host Organization

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The Court Referral Program can assist with additional resources to help fulfill your mission. For the past 50 years, the Court Referral Program (CRP) has been a trusted partner for nonprofit organizations. We provide courts, probation departments, and judicial officers with a viable alternative—community service as an option instead of fines and/or incarceration for misdemeanor offenders in Orange County.

Benefits of Becoming a CRP Service Host:

  • Expand Resources with More Hands-on Deck. Nonprofit organizations partnering with OneOC CRP gain access to an expanded pool of human resources at no cost. Our program connects organizations with individuals ready to contribute their time and skills, enhancing your ability to fulfill your mission.
  • Diverse Skills and Experiences. Individuals in our program bring a range of skills and experiences to your organization, providing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Embrace the diversity of skills that our participants offer, and watch your organization thrive with new energy and creativity.
  • Adaptive to Your Organization’s Needs. The Court Referral Program is designed to be flexible, adapting to the unique needs of each nonprofit organization. We understand that every organization is different, and our program is tailored to ensure a harmonious partnership that benefits both parties involved.
  • Additional Community Service Hours. By engaging with the Court Referral Program, your nonprofit organization opens the door to additional community service hours. This not only benefits your organization but also contributes to the greater good of the community.

NOW WHAT? LET’S GET YOUR PROGRAM STARTED! Reach out to our dedicated team via email at [email protected] . We are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions, and help you unlock the full potential of the Court Referral Program for your organization.

Locations & Hours

Select a location below for more info:.

1901 E. 4th Street, Suite 180 Santa Ana, CA 92705

Contact Us: [email protected] Fax: 714-953-1116

Hours Monday-Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Saturday 8:30am – 11:00am

700 W. Civic Center Drive, Window #17 Santa Ana, CA 92701

Hours M-F 8:30am – 12:00pm 1:30pm – 4:00pm

(Registrations and any monetary transactions stop at 3:30 PM)  

4601 Jamboree Road, Room #213 Newport Beach, CA 92660

8:30am – 12:00pm 1:30pm – 4:00pm

1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Room #430 Fullerton, CA 92832

8141 13th Street Department, Window #123 Westminster, CA 92683

Frequently Asked Questions

> caltrans information, caltrans work program pick up lot- santa ana.

  • 5 N exit Fourth turn Right on Cabrillo Park Dr. turn Right on First Street, Pass freeway, Entrance on right hand side.
  • 5 S exit Fourth turn Left, Cabrillo Park Dr. turn Right, First Street turn Right Pass freeway, Entrance on right hand side.

Download CalTrans Map HERE

PICK UP IS: 7 days/week-MUST BE IN LINE BY 7:00AM SHARP NO pick up on HOLIDAYS and RAINY DAYS. Please take your Time Card and current photo ID. MUST WEAR WORK BOOTS OR HIKING BOOTS ONLY.

vary and change without notice** ** Cal Trans does not pick up on rainy days and holidays**

> I have been court ordered to perform community service what do I do next?

You must report to one of our five offices in person with your court order paperwork and registration fee payable in exact cash, ATM debit, Visa/ MC/Discover, money order or cashier’s check.

Please contact us by email at [email protected] in order to obtain the fee.

Contact us by email . Send us your name, case# and question to [email protected] . We will respond within 48 hours.

> What do I need to bring with me in order to register?

You will need to bring the following:

  • Your court paperwork
  • A current photo ID
  • Your registration fee, which varies based on the number of hours, days or program you were ordered to perform.

> Can I arrange my service over the phone?

No, you must appear in person.

> Can I send someone else to sign up for me?

No, you must appear in person. If you are under 18 years of age, you must bring a parent or guardian with you.

> Do I have to pay a fee?

YES.  Contact us by email . Send us your name, case# and question to [email protected] . We will respond within 48 hours.

Please be prepared to pay your fee at the time of registration. We accept exact cash, money order or ATM/debit, Visa/ MC/Discover.

Payment plans and financial assistance is available to those who qualify. 

> Why do I have to pay a fee to the center to do my hours?

During sentencing, you chose the option of completing community service instead of paying a fine or going to jail. The fee offsets the cost of processing your case at OneOC . It covers the time for the interview, monitoring, follow-up, and reporting back to the courts. OneOC is not compensated by the justice center for these services.

> Can I pick the place that I will go to complete my hours?

You will meet with an interviewer who will work with you to determine what placement will best suit your needs based on the court orders and other restrictions.

> Can you give me an extension (more time) to complete my service/hours?

No, permission to extend the court deadline is only given by the court BUT we can help. Return to our office and ask for a progress report. Take that report to the court to request an extension.

> Can I transfer and do my service someplace else?

You may transfer your community service out of county or out of state. Do not begin your community service until you pay and complete your transfer with OneOC .

*You may  ONLY transfer Caltrans to select counties in California please contact OneOC to inquire which counties offer Caltrans.

*You may  ONLY  transfer your YDAD program to the following counties-Los Angeles and Riverside.



1. Contact OneOC to obtain the fee to transfer your service at [email protected].

2. Tell us where you wish to transfer your service, include city, county and state. Be sure to provide us with a good contact phone number and email address so we can contact you.

3. OneOC will email you a Paypal link to pay your transfer fee online simply copy and paste the link to your web browser to make a payment. Remember to input your name and case number in the memo field.

court ordered community service california

OneOC 1901 East 4 th  Street #180 Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone (714) 953-5597 Fax (714) 953-1116 [email protected]

Note: If you need to request an extension you will be required to submit a request in writing to the court or return to Orange County in person.

*You may also perform your transfer by mail by sending a money order or cashier’s check with all required documents to the above noted address*

> I finished my hours. What do I do?

Report in person and bring your completed time sheet to the CRP office where you registered (do not fax or mail).

> I need to be reassigned to different work. What do I do?

Come in person to our office. You will be charged a reassignment fee. 

> Where can I register to do community service? What are your hours?

You can register at any of our offices. The times and locations of each of the offices is above. Please arrive before noon or one hour before closing if you are registering, no exceptions.

Please note : ALL offices are closed for lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

> Can I register online?

Please contact us by email at [email protected]   to learn how to register. 

> I’m a nonprofit. Where can I register to receive Court Referred Individuals?

Only OneOC Accelerated and Premium members can register to receive Court Referred Individuals.

2024 Closure Dates

Please note that all offices will be closed on the following holidays:.

  • January 2  -New Year’s Day- All Offices Closed
  • January 15 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday- Only SNA Main Office Open
  • February 13 – President Lincoln’s Birthday- Only SNA Main Office Open
  • February 20 – President’s Day- All Offices Closed
  • March 31 – Cesar Chavez Day – Only SNA Main Office Open
  • May 29 – Memorial Day- All Offices Closed
  • June 19  -Juneteenth – Only SNA Main Office Open
  • July 4  -Independence Day – All Offices Closed
  • September 4  -Labor Day-All Offices Closed
  • September 22  -Native Day- Only SNA Main Office Open
  • November 10  -Veteran’s Day -All Offices Closed
  • November 23  -Thanksgiving Day- All Offices Closed 
  • November 24  -Day After Thanksgiving Day- All Offices Closed
  • December 25  -Christmas Day- All Offices Closed 

**If a major holiday is on a Friday or Monday the Santa Ana Office will be closed on Saturdays**** 

Click here to see CalTrans No Pick-up Dates

  • Dates can vary and change without notice.
  • Caltrans does not pick up on rainy days and holidays.

Privacy Overview

  • Español

court ordered community service california

Court Referral Community Service Program

Program information.

HandsOn Central California Court Referral Community Service Program is the referral agency for residents of Fresno County who are assigned community service work by the courts or probation. The program provides placement, follow-up, monitoring and reports on offenders referred to complete community service work. Those referred to the program may be from Traffic Court, Adult Diversion Services, the Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments, or directly from the criminal and civil courts with conditional sentences. Referrals for community service work are made in lieu of fines or jail, as a condition of retribution or dismissal, or as an independent, sometimes mandated sentencing option. 

Work assignments are made on the basis of a face to face interview to determine the client's skills, availability, and limitations. Clients are matched to a community not for profit agency to do a wide variety of tasks. All of these tasks enhance the ability of the agencies to provide services to the community. The work assignment involves the offender with the community in a positive, constructive way that benefits both the offender and the community. 

court ordered community service california

  • Walk-in interviews are conducted Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM at HandsOn Central California 
  • Community Service locations assignments are available in all parts of Fresno and Madera County.
  • A program fee is charged. The fee is based on the number of hours of work assigned. During the in-person interview program staff will go over the fee schedule. 
  • A person who was assigned community service work in some other counties or state and lives in Fresno County can arrange a transfer to this program from the sentencing jurisdiction. For assistance telephone program staff.
  • You can NOT register for this program online or over the phone, you must schedule an in-person appointment to be assigned to this program for hour completion. 

How To Become a Participating Organization

First, we would like to thank you for the work you perform in our community to improve the lives of its residents.  Your interest and willingness to provide community service volunteer work as restitution – allowing people to repay the community for their crimes – helps individuals meet their court ordered obligations.  Organizations we currently work with have found value in the process which introduces a whole new group of people to community service/volunteering who can offer new talents and perspectives to your organization.

HandsOn Central California Court Referral Community Service Program is part of a statewide network that provides high quality, managed volunteer experiences for court referred clients. HandsOn Central California skillfully screens and places the volunteers based on their skill level and reason for court mandated volunteer hours. Any volunteer coming into our program goes through the same screening process and training provided for all incoming volunteers.  We are happy to report that a surprisingly high percentage of participants continue in their assignments even after the required number of hours are completed. Your work helps offenders gain self-confidence, good work habits, a positive work experience, good references, and even new skills.

HandsOn Central California is currently enrolling organizations in the Court Referral Community Service Program.  The process is simple and no cost to you – complete the Application, MOU and Authorized Signature Forms., and submit documentation of liability insurance that covers volunteers (copy of policy or statement). All the forms are available by downloading this pdf file .

If you have questions, please reach out our main office. 

“Utilizing this program brought some of the best and most committed volunteers into our program and many continued to volunteer after their sentence was complete. Granted there were a few volunteers that were uninspired and resentful, but the success rate was no lower than the average drop rate of any volunteer program. Managing the paperwork was well worth some of the quality individuals that came through the program. “ – testimony from current non-profit who utilizes court referred community service participants

For more information contact our Court Referral Team   at 559-237-3101.

Your donation means more volunteers helping our Central Valley schools, parks, and nonprofits.

HandsOn Central California was awarded Guidestar's Gold Star Transparency Award for transparency in what donations were recieved and how they were used by the agency in 2022. Donate with confidence!

court ordered community service california

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Stepping Forward Together

Over 14,000 Meals Donated During our Nov 9 Food Drive - Thank YOU!!

DeDe Picture scaled

In Loving Memory of De De Hicks

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of De De Hicks. She was a cherished member of our community, whose dedication and tireless efforts left an indelible mark on all who knew her. De De’s unwavering commitment to service and her extraordinary leadership were exemplified during her tenure as President & CEO of the Volunteer Center from 1985 to 2015. Even after her retirement, De De’s spirit of generosity and compassion remained unwavering. She continued to lend her unwavering support to our programs, ensuring that her legacy of kindness and service endured for generations to come.

One of De De’s crowning achievements was her pivotal role in securing the acquisition of our building in Torrance, along with the parking lot—a milestone that symbolized her enduring commitment to our cause. Thanks to her dedication and tireless advocacy, the Volunteer Center was honored with the esteemed title of the #1 Volunteer Center in the Nation, a testament to De De’s unparalleled leadership and unwavering dedication.

As we mourn the loss of a dear friend and esteemed colleague, we extend our deepest sympathies to De De’s family and loved ones. Though she may no longer be with us in body, her spirit will forever reside in our hearts and minds. De De’s legacy of compassion, selflessness, and service will continue to inspire us all, serving as a guiding light in our ongoing mission to make the world a better place. She will be profoundly missed but never forgotten.

In loving memory of De De Hicks

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That lasts  a lifetime.

60th Anniversary Logo 1

At the Volunteer Center, we touch hearts and open minds through the endless potential of empathy. By focusing our efforts and interactions on the practice of empathy, we change the way people live and connect. The result is that our community becomes more resilient on the inside and more giving on the outside.

For 60 years, we have worked alongside community members to mobilize quickly where care is needed most.

Empathy and resilience are our tools. Volunteerism is our delivery method. Joining us means engaging with Empathy in Action – programs and experiences that prioritize social and emotional wellness; service-learning; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and that impart essential life and well-being skills to youth and adults alike.

60th Anniversary Celebration


Thank You Note

Thank YOU for attending our 60th ribbon-cutting and Food Drive

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Monthly eReports

Read about all the ways our volunteers are helping local families.


Impact Makers- Building Skills for life!

Sign-up Now for our Spring 2024 Session of Impact Makers.


Youth Wellness Guide

It's a tough time, browse these valuable tools for families to be sure you know how to help those who are struggling.


Youth and Teens

More than ever, it’s a challenging time to be a teen. Our youth need to experience empathy for and from their community – and for themselves. Our programs and experiences for teens offer meaningful opportunities to connect with peers, learn about community needs and serve others. In addition, our programs focus on helping teens maintain a sense of wellbeing by expressing feelings, practicing life skills and overcoming challenges. All of our programs and scholarships are designed to empower and engage youth while touching their hearts and opening their minds.

people in masks

Empathy in Action

Through our programs, including Food for Kids and Operation Teddy Bear, we empower and build connections between community members in the spirit of service. We now host families and professional organizations for team-building experiences at the Volunteer Center facility, ideally suited for people of all ages and backgrounds including school groups, faith communities, small and large business teams. Participants engage in learning and empathy experiences, including hands-on volunteer activities. These events help local groups, donors, and volunteers to more fully understand the needs of their fellow citizens.

People next to the car

Donation Drives

Our donors help us create an umbrella of care around community members experiencing immediate hardship and distress. For example, volunteer-organized donation drives that fill the cupboards for our Food for Kids program meet a basic need for children, providing meals to low-income and unhoused families. We encourage community and business groups to organize their own distribution and collection events, showing Empathy in Action. We provide guidance and tips on creating a successful drive.

people plant a tree

Court-Referred Community Members

Our court-referred community members conduct service as an alternative sentence, experiencing personal transformation through service-learning. We administer the Court-Referred Community Service (CRCS) program by matching volunteers with the most suitable nonprofit organizations by location and subject matter. The CRCS program accommodates participants’ family, employment, and educational obligations. We also schedule community members for empathy-building experiences such as the Hospital and Morgue (HAM) program and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Impact Panels.

Ongoing Volunteer Roles

We deliver empathy and resilience through volunteerism, and your involvement makes our continuous cycle of care possible. Step forward into one of these immediate opportunities:

  • Local Volunteer Opportunities
  • Affinity Support Group
  • Partner Organizations

Help Us When You Shop

Individual donors can make an impactful empathetic gesture toward our community simply by shopping. Configure your accounts to share community and matching rewards with us. At Ralph’s and Food for Less, simply visit your online account and select the Community Rewards tab, where you can search for and add “Volunteer Center South Bay.”

  • Ralph’s and Food for Less Community Rewards

Our Valued Sponsors

Without these generous organizations, we would not be able to provide the umbrella of care that our programs, volunteers, and community members create together.

Whitney Young Children's Foundation

Stay connected. Together we can touch hearts and open minds.

If you have any questions regarding community service, community labor, HAM, and/or MADD, you may contact us via email at [email protected], call or visit one of our offices listed below.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4pm

Bellflower Office (Open M-W-F 8:30am to 4pm) 9849 Flower St., #B Bellflower, CA 90706 562-866-2666

Long Beach Office 1407 East 4th Street Long Beach, CA 90802 562-590-8844

LA Airport/So. LA Office 11701 So. La Cienega Blvd., Room 570F Los Angeles, CA 90045 310-643-5004

Torrance Office 1230 Cravens Ave. Torrance, CA 90501 310-212-7997

Inglewood Office - Closed Please contact our LA Airport Office 11701 So. La Cienega Blvd. Room 570F Los Angeles, CA 90045 310-643-5004

Stay Connected!

It’s the best way to learn more about the Volunteer Center and stay up-to-date with opportunities and events. Make sure you’re also following us on Facebook ,  Instagram , Twitter  and  LinkedIn !

court ordered community service california

Court-Ordered Community Service

If you are required to serve hours in conjunction with a court order, please read our instructions for court-ordered community service and submit an online request form . 

The Food Bank has a limited number of volunteer opportunities for those seeking to fulfill court-ordered community service. We only accept those wishing to serve court-ordered community service hours for non-violent offenses. Court-ordered community service volunteers are approved on a case-by-case basis as openings permit. In order to request volunteer hours for your court-ordered community service, you are required to read our policy and submit an online request form . 

Signatures for Court-Issued Paperwork

If you have paperwork issued from the court that you need to have signed verifying you are in the progress of completing your hours or have completed your hours, you will need to schedule a visit to either the Fairfield or Concord warehouse during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM). Staff on site during distributions or warehouse shifts are not permitted to sign court-issued paperwork.

To schedule a visit for your paperwork signatures, please contact Food Bank Volunteer Services at [email protected] or (925) 676-7543. Please allow up to 10 business days for a response.

Letters Verifying Volunteer Service

As a registered volunteer, you may access and print your total volunteer hours via your online Volunteer Portal account.

If you need an official letter verifying your service, please read the following:

  • Letters verifying service may be requested only after completing all scheduled hours to fulfill your community service requirements. 
  • Volunteer service verifications requested on official letterhead may be requested by emailing [email protected]
  • Please allow up to 10 business days, after you have submitted your email request, for processing. 
  • Verification letters will be emailed as a pdf. If you need to pick up a hard copy of your letter, you will need to make arrangements by emailing the Volunteer Help Desk at [email protected] .

Concord:  925-676-7543 4010 Nelson Ave Concord, CA 94520

Fairfield: 707-421-9777 2370 N Watney Way Fairfield, CA 94533


Food bank updates.

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What Are Community Service, Community Labor and Cal-Trans?

About This Article Briefly : Community service is not the same thing as community labor or Cal-Trans.  If one is contemplating a plea bargain being offered, it is prudent to understand the distinction between each of these labor-related probation conditions.

art 436 - compton courthouse

  • What is Summary Probation?
  • What Is Diversion, Delayed Entry of Plea and Deferred Entry of Judgment?
  • What is Formal Probation?

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What Are Community Service, Community Labor and Cal-Trans? :: Redondo Beach, California Crime Lawyers Greg Hill & Associates

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Court Ordered Community Service California

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Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County

Court-Ordered Community Service Hours

Policy on serving court-ordered community service hours.

Since its beginning in 1985, Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County (“Habitat”) has partnered with the Court system and Probation Department to provide individuals who have been sentenced to community service hours as a place to perform community service. While Habitat seeks to be a welcoming environment for all people, given the special circumstances of court-ordered Community Service hours, special care must be taken to ensure the security of each Habitat site and all of Habitat’s volunteers. Therefore, the following policy shall apply to all individuals seeking to work Community Service Hours at Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County. This includes, but is not limited to, Court-Ordered Community Service, School-Mandated Community Service, and Community Service hours worked in order to lessen a charge, to set aside a charge, or to apply for Accelerated Rehabilitation.

Each individual who is referred to Habitat by the Courts or Probation Department or by a school for mandated hours shall be reviewed after required paperwork is submitted to [email protected] PRIOR TO SERVING ANY COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS. You cannot sign up for work days BEFORE receiving approval of the paperwork you’ve submitted.  Those charged with or convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes will not be welcomed or allowed to work at any Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County worksite. As a rule those charged with or convicted of serious offenses (breaking and entering) will not be allowed to perform community service hours with Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County.

All individuals seeking to perform community service hours through Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County will be considered on an individual basis based upon  their willingness to conform to Habitat standards.

  • All individuals seeking to work court-ordered community service must submit required paperwork prior to serving any community service hours and must abide by community service rules listed below.
  • All individuals working community services must complete and sign a volunteer waiver and Community Service Tracking sheet.
  • Meet the minimum age requirement (must be over 16); parents must work with youth between the ages of 16 to 18.
  • Dress and act appropriately while on and off the worksite.
  • Community Service hours are to be worked at the Habitat ReStore in Stratford, Tuesday through Saturday, as available on the Volunteer Calendar.
  • All community service volunteers must have their Community Service Tracking sheet signed at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Individuals are to report to the ReStore and ask for Ada Lopez upon arrival.
  • Half days are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, or 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • NOT AVAILABLE: Shifts shorter than 4 hours
  •  If you are 16 or 17 years old, you MUST have a parent or adult guardian working with you the full day.

Habitat CFC relies on volunteers to help us accomplish our goal of providing affordable homeownership opportunities to low-income families in Fairfield County. In order to ensure a safe and productive environment for our work, volunteers are responsible for meeting  our expectations  to the best of their ability. Conduct that is not in line with the mission and core values of Habitat CFC will not be tolerated. In the event an altercation or dispute occurs the individual will be asked to leave immediately and may not be allowed to return to work. Restore Manger will be informed of the situation and ultimately determine the course of action to take.

Requirements to serve

We will not be able to sign off on court ordered community service hours if you have not followed the pre-registration requirements. If following our procedure is a problem, speak with your court services office, lawyer or judge about being assigned elsewhere.

  • Offense with which you are charged
  • Number of hours required
  • Court ordering the service
  • Date by which hours must be completed
  • You must be at least 16 years old; anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian work alongside them.
  • You may not have someone else make community service arrangements on your behalf. Those wishing to participate must make the arrangements on their own.
  • Bring your Community Service Tracking Sheet with you each time you work
  • Have a Habitat representative sign off each time you volunteer
  • Return your original Tracking Sheet to the volunteer office
  • No tracking sheet, No hours, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • You must pre-register and schedule your hours online (see “Next Steps”)

Email a copy of your court order to [email protected]  You will be notified via email if and when you’ve been approved for service. If you are approved, you must then register and schedule your hours online with Volunteer as an Individual . You may not schedule hours until you’re approved.


Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County

1542 Barnum Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06610 P: (203) 333-2642 F: (203) 333-2650

Habitat CFC ReStore

1785 Stratford Avenue Stratford, CT 06615 P: (203) 383-4358

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Court-Ordered Community Service for Misdemeanors in San Diego, California

May 27, 2019 Written by Jill Harness and Edited by Peter Liss

what counts as community service in California?

If you have been charged with a low-level misdemeanor in San Diego County, you may be eligible for an  incarceration alternative , which could include community service.  Not everyone is eligible for these opportunities, so speak with an alternative sentencing lawyer if you hope to perform community service as part of your sentence. Before you request community service as part of your sentence, you should first learn how it works and what you will be expected to do during your work assignment.

How Community Service Works

Community service is an alternative sentencing program, meaning it is a criminal sentence that allows individuals to avoid incarceration while still paying for their crime. Some misdemeanors like DUI now require community service as a sentence, while it can be used as an optional penalty for other offenses. Defense lawyers can sometimes negotiate plea bargains for their clients to perform community service as a sentence for misdemeanor offenses such as petty theft , minor vandalism , battery , trespassing , and minor in possession of alcohol .

What Counts as Community Service in California?

How your community service time is spent depends on which of the two types of work you are assigned to perform. Public work service is run by the probation department and typically involves picking up trash or cleaning graffiti. Volunteer work is where the defendant picks any non-profit agency and volunteers time to whatever the agency needs.

For people with physical impairments preventing them or limiting their ability to do physical labor, public work service days can be exchanged for volunteer hours.

How Many Hours of Community Service Will I Have to Perform?

The amount of public work or volunteer hours depends on how many hours the court has ordered or how much time was agreed upon in the plea agreement. Often even when the court’s sentencing guidelines require a set number of public work service days, the amount is negotiable, and sometimes your lawyer can have them substituted for counseling or rehabilitation.

Can I Perform Community Service as Part of My Sentence?

As San Diego County jails have become dangerously overcrowded, the courts increasingly look to alternatives to custody like probation , house arrest , rehabilitation programs, diversion , counseling, and community service. Prosecutors and judges can sometimes be persuaded to use these alternatives to jail better serve the community and the client.

Court-Ordered Community Service in California May Cost You

If you are sentenced to community service in San Diego, you will likely have to pay additional fees on top of the fines you were ordered to pay. Unfortunately, many community service programs charge administrative and application fees. Fulfilling your community service obligations is mandatory, and you must pay the fee to complete your community service. In some cases, you may be eligible for a free or discounted fee.

Can You Perform Community Service to Pay Off Court-Ordered Fines in California?

Yes, if the fines could present a hardship on you or your family, the court can choose to sentence you to community service in place of all or part of your fine. You may still be required to pay an administrative fee for the community service, however, this may be waived or reduced if you cannot afford to pay it.

What Happens if You Don’t Complete Community Service in California?

One of the things many people fail to understand about community service is that failing to complete your service or paying the mandatory administrative fees is considered a violation of a court order, which can result in your being required to appear in court. If you cannot provide a reasonable defense for your actions, you may be sentenced to jail time, probation, or both. Your attorney can help defend you at this hearing and may help you avoid additional sentencing by showing a valid reason for your missed community service hours, such as a medical emergency.

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor offense, such as DUI, and are interested in learning more about court-ordered community service in San Diego, California, please call (760) 643-4050 to schedule a free consultation with criminal defense attorney Peter M. Liss.

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  1. Court Refered Community Service

    The Court-Referred Community Service Program (CRCS) is a fee -based placement program for individuals required by the courts or other agencies to perform community service. Offering community service/volunteer opportunities for individuals as an alternative to paying fines and/or incarceration.

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    Court-ordered Community Work Service If you have been ordered by the Court to perform community service, it is your responsibility to complete the number of hours ordered by the Court and submit proof of completion to the Court by the due date to avoid penalties.

  3. Community Service (CRCS) Program

    If you have been ordered by the Court to perform community service, and were not assigned by the Judge or the Probation Department to a specific agency, you must contact a Community Service Referral Agency (CSRA) from the CRSA List. Where will I complete my community service? Whom should I contact for questions regarding

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    Court-Ordered Community Service Made Easy Our Court-Referred Community Service program and the Hospital and Morgue program (HAM) is a way to make a positive impact while fulfilling court-ordered obligations.

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    Learning Through Court-Referred Community Service We welcome community members who are referred by the courts to volunteer with local nonprofit organizations as an alternative sentence.

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    NOW WHAT? LET'S GET YOUR PROGRAM STARTED! Reach out to our dedicated team via email at [email protected]. We are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions, and help you unlock the full potential of the Court Referral Program for your organization. Locations & Hours Select a location below for more info: Main Office Central Office

  7. Getting Started

    By partnering with qualified organizations, Court Ordered Community Service is able to provide support for your court-ordered hours that work for you! We can help you get back on track by helping out kids in the community. Visit our website for details.

  8. PDF Community Service

    Community Service Community service is work performed by an offender for the benefit of the community as a formal or informal sanction. Just as neighborhoods and communities are harmed by criminal and delinquent activities, they can be at least partially restored by meaningful service that contributes to their improvement.

  9. Court Ordered Community Service

    The theory behind court-ordered community service is that mandating minor offenders to perform volunteer work offers more benefit to society than the incarceration of those offenders. The community benefits from the offender's work and avoids the cost of incarceration. The offender benefits from a lesser sentence.

  10. Court Ordered Community Service Non-Profits in California

    Court Ordered Community Service Non-Profits in California Community service Non-Profits in California We have Non-Profit locations for Court Ordered Community Service in California. $24.95 to Start Now! We have Court Ordered Community Service options in all major cities of California.

  11. HandsOn Central California

    HandsOn Central California Court Referral Community Service Program is the referral agency for residents of Fresno County who are assigned community service work by the courts or probation. The program provides placement, follow-up, monitoring and reports on offenders referred to complete community service work.

  12. Volunteer Center

    11701 So. La Cienega Blvd. Room 570F. Los Angeles, CA 90045. 310-643-5004. At the Volunteer Center, we touch hearts and open minds through the endless potential of empathy. By focusing our efforts and interactions on the practice of empathy, we change the way people live and connect.

  13. Court-Ordered Community Service

    Court-ordered community service volunteers are approved on a case-by-case basis as openings permit. In order to request volunteer hours for your court-ordered community service, you are required to read our policy and submit an online request form . Signatures for Court-Issued Paperwork

  14. Court Referral Program

    Step 1: Submit enrollment information Must have the following: 1) Photo ID 2) Court Referral, Probation Referral, or Transfer Paperwork (CLASP) Submit Online Begin the enrollment process by clicking the button below. Call Us Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

  15. Mendo-Lake Alternative Service, INC

    MLAS is the agency that administers the court-ordered community service program for both Lake County and Mendocino County. Community Service Become a Worksite. Mendocino County. 100 N. State St. Rm 209. Ukiah, CA 95482. Phone (707) 468-3422. Fax (707) 463-6313.

  16. What Are Community Service, Community Labor and Cal-Trans?

    There is usually a small administrative fee associated with community service that the community service center or volunteer center charges to cover their overhead. In Torrance, the fee is $40 for 1 to 50 hours of community service, $70 if 301 hours or more are involved and various proportional fees in between.

  17. Community Service in Criminal Sentences

    Court-Ordered Community Service Judges can incorporate community service into a defendant's sentencing in multiple ways and for various types of offenses. Commonly, judges order community services for low-level property crimes or to first-time nonviolent offenders.


    We will help you to complete your hours. Online Community Service Options for California ? Online Community Service - Complete your Court Ordered Community Service hours in California now. Some of these locations may have online work that you can complete from home.

  19. PDF County of Los Angeles January , 202 Court-Referred Community Service

    If you have been ordered by the Court to perform community service - and you have not been assigned by the Judge or the Probation Department to a specific agency with whom to perform your community service hours - you must arrange your community service through any Community Service Referral Agency (CSRA) appearing on the most current version of...

  20. Policy on Serving Court-Ordered Community Service Hours

    ReStore: Tuesday-Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Half days are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, or 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. NOT AVAILABLE: Shifts shorter than 4 hours. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you MUST have a parent or adult guardian working with you the full day. Habitat CFC relies on volunteers to help us accomplish our goal ...

  21. Court Ordered Community Service

    Court Ordered Community Service - A National Non-Profit. Court Ordered Community service program is offered as a way to satisfy court-ordered service time. This allows the individual to assess their values and life goals, which will help in the healing process later on. Visit our website for more info.

  22. How Court-Ordered Community Service Works in San Diego

    If you have been accused of a misdemeanor offense, such as DUI, and are interested in learning more about court-ordered community service in San Diego, California, please call (760) 643-4050 to schedule a free consultation with criminal defense attorney Peter M. Liss. Community service is a common sentencing requirement for those convicted of ...


    MURRIETA 30755-D Auld Rd., Ste. 1226, Murrieta, CA 92563 RIVERSIDE 4100 Main St., Riverside, CA 92501 DATE OF COURT ORDER: DESCRIPTION OF COMMUNITY SERVICE Name of program: Address of program: Program IRS 501(c)(3) license number: Program telephone number: PROOF OF COMPLETION