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Printable Preschool Homework Folder Covers

Do you include some sort of homework in your preschool program? Although we don’t believe preschoolers should be getting lengthy assignments or nightly worksheets to take home, we do think having some sort of homework can be a great parental involvement tool that both the kids and parents can enjoy.

Parents like to know how they can support their child’s learning at home, and they like to know what kinds of things kids are learning in the classroom. Plus kids love showing what they can do and sharing all they are learning with their families. This is one tool for helping them do that.

Printable Preschool Homework Calendars

In our printable preschool homework calendar set (available in our shop and on TpT ) we share a full year’s worth of activity ideas for homework that require little preparation and are fun for kids. Each week includes a math activity, a language/literacy activity, a movement activity, a “helpful” activity, and a drawing activity.

You can see an example and learn a little more about the use of the homework calendars in this homework calendar post  on Fun-A-Day.

Free editable homework folder covers for preschool and kindergarten

But we know teachers are also organizers, and we like to have things nicely labeled and in order. So we knew you’d like to have a cover for these homework folders. Well you’re in luck. We’ve got some…and they’re free!

In this free printable set there are:

  • 3 Different Folder Cover Options-One that says “Homework Folder”, one that says “Take Home Folder” and one that says “Preschool Folder”
  • 7 Different Designs for Each Cover Option-one option with two children, three boy options, four girl options, and one blank option if you want to let kids design their own cover

The covers are black and white so kids can personalize them and add their own unique touch.

Preschool Homework Folder Cover Template

Tips for Using Your Homework Folders

Decide whether you will have a separate homework folder or whether you will  include homework calendars in one main take home folder. The are pros and cons to both. If you have a separate homework folder kids can add any drawings and notes to the folder and return it when it is due instead of having things in the main folder daily. However, sometimes having two folders means one might get misplaced or not get returned on the due day. Whatever you decide clearly explain the expectations to your parents and keep an extra folder or two on hand just in case.

Choose whether you will ask for the homework to be returned or not. Some teachers prefer to send homework calendars home as an option and do not ask for them to come back to school. (If you choose this option, you may not want to have separate homework folders.) Others like to have kids bring their homework back as a way to see what families have done and recognize the work the kids did at home.

If you will be requesting that the homework calendars get returned, decide whether you’ll be collecting it weekly or monthly and be sure to notify (and remind!) parents.

Make turning it in an event if you can by allowing kids to share one of their favorite homework activities. If you’re using separate homework folders, they can choose a drawing that they did. They can also describe an activity they did at home. This can lead to a lot of wonderful sharing opportunities and class discussion.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you use homework folders? What type of system do you use for classroom management? What tips would you add here?

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homework folder sheet

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homework folder sheet

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Homework folders for primary students.

homework folder sheet

Homework has always been something that I’ve created at the last minute for the students. In the past, it usually ended up being an activity or reading passage that we didn’t get to finish for the day. But then, I wanted to more intentional about my homework. And I wanted to make sure I gave my kids an opportunity to spiral review their prior standards.  Click to read this blog post about spiraling your homework!   So, here we go. Let’s talk about setting up homework folders for primary students!

homework folder sheet

All students will get a homework folder. Homework folders should be the plastic material, which is a little more expensive, but if students are using them throughout the year, these hold up best.

homework folder sheet

(Affiliate Link:  Amazon Folders )I suggest going with the plastic covered ones. They tend to stick around and stay in one piece the longest. I also suggest the three prongs on the inside, so that you can hole punch the homework and attach it to the middle. If you don’t have the three prongs, no worries. You can just slide the homework behind your assignment sheet.

homework folder sheet

Click the image to grab this  FREEBIE !

3 pronged folder

Start with a three-prong folder. Plastic will work best because it’ll keep a little better than the paper folders.

Homework organization for elementary students.

On the left side of the folder, place the assignment list for the entire week.

Homework Folders for Primary Students

On the right side of the folder, place the book the child is reading for the week. They have 15 minutes of nightly reading assigned to them, so that’ll be the easiest way to keep up with the book. The picture on the right shows me pointing to the area that parents sign to keep the children accountable for their reading.

How to set up a homework folder with a FREE folder labels.

Take the Math, Reading, Writing, and Language/Foundations and place them into the three prongs. Front/back is suggested to save paper!

Homework Folders for Primary Students

This is a glimpse at one week of second grade with the assignment sheet (which is on the left of your folder), plus the four sheets of work (which either goes into the prongs or into the right side).

Homework Resources

Third grade weekly homework bundle

Kindergarten Entire Year Link

First Grade Entire Year Link

Second Grade Entire Year Link

Third Grade Entire Year Link

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Homework Folder & EDITABLE Newsletter Templates

Earn 5.00 Reward Points $ 5.00

Give your students everything they need to stay organized and continue their learning at home!  This Homework Folder and Newsletter resource includes an EDITABLE homework cover page, a sight word dictionary, a perfect printing resource card, a 120 number chart and 12 months of editable weekly homework newsletter templates!


Total Pages: 50+ File Size: 3 MB


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Homework Folder and EDITABLE Monthly Newsletter Templates

Do you need an instant homework folder and editable newsletter template? These resources are ready to be printed and mounted before laminating your students’ homework folders for the year. Your students will have everything they need to be organized and continue learning at home.

Included in this resource:

  • detailed homework folder cover page (**editable version too**)
  • sight word dictionary
  • perfect printing reference cards
  • 120 number charts
  • 12 months of editable  weekly homework newsletter templates.

Each newsletter template has different monthly thematic clip art (for example: January clip art is of snowflakes and a child playing in the snow). I have also provided a copy of a newsletter I previously sent home to show you how easy it is to communicate class news and learning objectives to parents.

I’ve created a simple point system for giving back to loyal customers! 

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homework folder sheet

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Take home folders: part 1.

homework folder sheet

I really love how you set up your folders! Thanks for the great ideas. Where did you get those amazing green folders??

Paige- Office Depot!

How do you get your labels to stay on? I've tried them on poly folders and they seem to fall off.

Courtney- I've found the smooth plastic folders work the best! The ones that have a lot of texture stick, but the ends can peel up. Also, make sure you buy the GOOD labels! :) Hope that helps!

Is this ediatable enough to change to spanish? It's so unfortunate there aren't any spanish resources and I don't have time to create any...... :(

I have something very similar, however, this hits it right out the park! "GO" Ms. Liz!

Love this idea!! I will hopefully start teaching in September. I have already put this in my TPT cart to buy once I'm hired. Thank you!

I did the same for my 1st graders one year, but mine said, "to be LEFT at home," "to be sent RIGHT back." They were placed on the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the folder.


Setting Up Articulation Speech Folders For Students

Jul 30, 2019

School-based SLPs have a lot of disorders and goals to treat. It can be overwhelming to plan therapy and stay organized. That’s why I make articulation speech folders for certain students. See how you can set up speech folders to make planning articulation therapy more efficient and save time! #slpeeps #schoolslp #speechies #organizedslp #dabblingslp #speechtherapy #articulation #speechfolders #speechpathology

Recently, I polled the SLPs that follow me on Instagram to see how many of us make individual student folders for our caseloads. It was a pretty even 50/50 split of speech pathologists that do make individual folders and those that don’t.

I personally do not make individual speech folders for each child on my caseload. I use a giant therapy binder that has tabs for each child on my caseload. If I cover two schools, then I store a therapy binder at each school. 

Setting Up Articulation Speech Folders

For each student, I store their therapy logs, a communication log, their IEP-at-a-glance, and specialized data sheets as needed. Typically, I just flip back and forth between students to keep everything documented. 

However, I always have certain students that I service in a quick artic model, or I want to have some specialized visuals organized for my artic students to use when running mixed groups. In these circumstances, I will make an articulation speech folder for the individual student or the particular sound/phonological process. Today, I am going to share how you can set up your own articulation speech folders to help you streamline your therapy planning process.

homework folder sheet

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Homework Folder Cover Sheet

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Simple, black and white cover sheet for student homework folders. I like for my kids to be able to color theirs, if they choose, so I left the document in black and white. Enjoy!

Border and clipart credit:

h ttp://

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    Start with a three-prong folder. Plastic will work best because it'll keep a little better than the paper folders. On the left side of the folder, place the assignment list for the entire week. On the right side of the folder, place the book the child is reading for the week. They have 15 minutes of nightly reading assigned to them, so that ...

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    These amazing homework folder labels are perfect for keeping your class's homework assignments neat and nicely organised. They look absolutely amazing and would be sure to encourage children to take a little more pride in the presentation of their homework.As with all our resources here at Twinkl, this resource has been carefully designed to save you as much time as possible. That's why, as ...

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    $ 5.00 Give your students everything they need to stay organized and continue their learning at home! This Homework Folder and Newsletter resource includes an EDITABLE homework cover page, a sight word dictionary, a perfect printing resource card, a 120 number chart and 12 months of editable weekly homework newsletter templates!

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    For your students that you are creating home programs, you can have homework sheets in this folder ahead of time, so you can easily plan and track homework assignments. This is a free homework sheet once students get to the carryover level in my STORE. These FREE Articulation Homework Word List Strips by Simply Speech can be in your students ...

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    homework folder cover sheet or binder cover sheet for students 2019-2020. by. Calling All Kindergarten. 5.0. (2) $3.00. PDF. This product contains 22 different types of covers heets you can personalize for students homework folder. (year 2019-2020). -write child's first and last name in blank- slide in front of homework folder. Subjects:

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    With current subjects, with unknown teachers, with new classrooms it's stressful enough for young people to be focused. That's why students choose homework help discord, a place to discuss all difficulties online and solve problems. With guidance and support of experts it's easier to understand unknown topics and work on self-improvement.

  18. 44 Homework cover sheets ideas

    May 19, 2020 - Explore Kelsey Hilliard's board "homework cover sheets", followed by 336 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about folder cover, homework folder, homework.


    I, _____, agree to perform the following tasks to the best of my ability: _____ _____ _____

  20. Homework Folder Cover by Melissa O'Bryan

    60 Q&A More from Melissa O'Bryan - Wild About Fifth Description Use this editable Homework Folder Cover FREEBIE and personalize your students' homework folders. We use the StoreSmart School/Home Folders with clear plastic cover pockets.

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    (Stock & Custom) Homework & Class Work I am a second grade teacher and fell in love with the folders used for communications between school and home when I saw them used at a school. Once I became a teacher, I wanted them too so I found StoreSMART. I've been ordering them since and have been happy with the service." Tina | Livonia, MI

  22. Homework Folder Cover Sheet by mrsmkparker

    Description Simple, black and white cover sheet for student homework folders. I like for my kids to be able to color theirs, if they choose, so I left the document in black and white. Enjoy! Border and clipart credit: h ttp://