10 Best Project Management Courses On Udemy (2024)

project management on udemy

  • Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery
  • The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager
  • Beginning Project Management: Project Management Level One
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Azure DevOps Boards for Project Managers/Analyst/Developers
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Deeply Practical Project Management (16 PDUs)
  • PMP Certification Exam Prep 35 PDU Project Management Course
  • Agile PM 201 - Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level
  • Agile Project Management in 30 Minutes

Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery #

The course starts by introducing you to the Agile methodology and its core concepts.

You’ll learn the definition of Agile, how it differs from traditional methodologies, and its 12 guiding principles.

The first chapter also covers a brief history of Agile and how it can be applied across various industries.

As you progress through The Middle section, you’ll dive deeper into the key Agile concepts like user stories, story points, backlogs, sprints, velocity, and more.

The course explains the roles within an Agile team, such as the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Delivery Team.

You’ll also learn about essential Agile tools like burndown charts, Kanban boards, and sticky notes.

One of the highlights is the Agile Smart Pack, which provides free templates, examples, guides, and cheat sheets to help you implement Agile effectively.

The course demystifies Agile rituals like sprint planning, daily stand-ups, reviews, and retrospectives, while also addressing common myths surrounding Agile.

Real-world examples are a significant part of the course.

You’ll see an Agile Kanban board in action, both for IT and non-IT projects.

The syllabus includes a quick tour of Jira, a popular Agile tool from Atlassian, and even covers using ChatGPT for Agile project management.

Towards the end, you’ll learn how to get started with Agile, including the “Sprint Zero” planning phase.

The course also covers Agile job opportunities and salaries, as well as a case study on breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks using Agile.

The course wraps up with a recap, an easy final exam, and bonus lectures addressing frequently asked questions and providing additional resources.

The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager #

The course starts by introducing you to projects and project management concepts.

You’ll learn what a project is, why companies execute them, and the role of a project manager.

It touches on the skills and knowledge required, along with some history and terminology.

In the initiation phase, you’ll dive into defining project goals, creating a business case, understanding scope and feasibility studies, and conducting risk assessments.

You’ll also learn how to put together a project charter.

The planning phase is extensive and covers several crucial areas.

You’ll learn why planning is so critical, how to estimate timelines while accounting for biases, identifying dependencies and the critical path, using Gantt charts, and building project schedules.

It also covers budgeting, procurement, resource planning, quality requirements, managing expectations and assumptions, risk logs, and the change process.

During the execution phase, the focus shifts to running meetings, maintaining a project diary, managing tasks and the team.

The monitoring and control section teaches you how to track schedules, budgets, quality, risks, and change proposals.

The course dedicates a segment to issue management during execution, including status reporting.

It also guides you through properly closing out a project.

Additionally, you’ll get hands-on training with Microsoft Excel for project management tasks like tracking, logs, schedules, Gantt charts, and budgeting.

There’s also an introduction to Agile methodologies like Scrum, comparing them to traditional Waterfall approaches.

Beginning Project Management: Project Management Level One #

The course starts by laying the groundwork, explaining what a project is and the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.

You’ll learn about the five key process groups that make up the project management life cycle: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing.

In the initiation phase, you’ll understand how to create a project charter that authorizes the project and assigns the project manager.

You’ll also learn to identify and document stakeholder needs.

The planning section is extensive, covering how to define the project management plan, scope statement, schedule, cost estimates, quality planning, and risk management approaches.

Proper planning is crucial for project success.

Execution focuses on actually doing the work - managing the team, hosting effective meetings, communicating status updates, and keeping stakeholders engaged.

You can’t just plan, you have to take action.

Monitoring and controlling runs alongside execution.

You’ll learn techniques for controlling project work, managing the team, overseeing communications, and maintaining stakeholder involvement as the project progresses.

Finally, the closing phase walks through wrapping up a project phase or the entire project, including obtaining customer acceptance and transitioning the deliverables.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close out projects successfully.

Project Management Fundamentals #

You’ll kick things off with an introduction that lays the groundwork for the 12-step process you’ll follow throughout the course.

Once you grasp the big picture, you’ll dive into defining your project - a crucial first step that sets the stage for everything else.

From there, it’s all about breaking down your project into manageable tasks using a Work Breakdown Structure.

This hands-on approach with post-it notes and arrows will help you visualize the flow and dependencies between tasks.

Estimating task durations can be tricky, but the course has you covered with practical tips on how to approach this challenge.

You’ll learn about the critical path - the sequence of tasks that can’t be delayed without impacting the entire project timeline.

To ensure your project stays on track, you’ll explore techniques like adding a safety margin and conducting regular progress checks using a Gantt chart.

This visual representation will become your best friend for monitoring tasks, resources, costs, and that all-important critical path.

Risk analysis is another key component, helping you identify potential roadblocks and plan accordingly.

And when the inevitable hiccups occur, you’ll know how to adjust your plan and keep things moving forward.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain hands-on experience with tools like Excel for creating Gantt charts, budgeting, and resource planning.

And let’s not forget the “Now Line” - a simple yet powerful concept for tracking your progress in real-time.

By the end, you’ll have a solid grasp of the entire project management lifecycle, from initial planning to post-project reviews.

And who knows, you might even develop a love for Gantt charts along the way!

Azure DevOps Boards for Project Managers/Analyst/Developers #

You’ll start by learning how to create teams and epics within Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS or TFS).

From there, you’ll dive into breaking down those epics into features, product backlogs, and tasks - the building blocks of any project.

But it doesn’t stop at just creating work items.

The course teaches you how to leverage powerful features like task boards to visualize and manage your workflow.

You’ll also learn to create queries, charts, and customized dashboards to gain insights into your project’s progress.

Capacity planning is crucial for effective resource allocation.

This course guides you through integrating Azure DevOps with Excel and setting up notifications to stay on top of your team’s workload.

Plus, you’ll master the art of updating multiple work items simultaneously, saving you valuable time.

Customization is key in any project management tool.

You’ll learn how to create custom processes and work item types like “Tickets” to fit your unique needs.

And if you ever need a refresher, handy PDF notes are provided for quick reference.

The course culminates with a final assessment to test your knowledge of Azure DevOps and agile concepts.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a sneak peek into the “IT Business Analyst and Managers Technical Awareness” course, expanding your skillset even further.

Project Management Essentials #

You’ll start by getting an overview of what project management is all about - its fundamentals, who can use it, and how to apply it even to small projects.

The course covers the overall process framework and introduces you to the critical “triple constraint” concept that lies at the heart of project management.

The course then dives into the five stages of the project management life cycle.

In the Initiation stage, you’ll learn the importance of clearly documenting the project objective as the very first step.

This includes defining the scope, assumptions, constraints, and proposed solution.

Next is the Planning stage, which is arguably the most crucial phase.

You’ll learn how to create a detailed plan by breaking down the work into deliverables (Work Breakdown Structure), mapping dependencies (Precedence Diagram), creating schedules (Gantt charts), estimating costs, and managing risks.

By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive project plan ready.

The Execution stage covers best practices for building an effective and diverse project team.

Then comes Monitoring & Control, where you’ll learn techniques to manage scope, schedule, cost, and risks through processes like change control boards and monthly status reviews.

Finally, the Closing stage guides you on wrapping up the project, creating the final report, and following up on recommendations.

Throughout the course, you’ll find exercises to apply the concepts to your own project, really driving home the learnings.

The practice test at the end helps reinforce the key takeaways.

Deeply Practical Project Management (16 PDUs) #

The syllabus covers the entire project life cycle, from initiation to closing, ensuring you gain a thorough understanding of the project management process.

The course begins with an overview of project management fundamentals, including the PMI framework, the triple constraint, and the key drivers of project success.

You’ll learn about the critical role of the project manager and the essential skills required, such as communication, team formation, and leadership .

In the initiation phase, you’ll dive into developing a solid project foundation by defining the objective, scope, business case, and project charter.

The course emphasizes the importance of stakeholder analysis and management, ensuring you can effectively engage and manage project stakeholders.

The planning phase is extensive, covering requirements gathering, solution definition, work breakdown structure (WBS), precedence diagramming, estimating techniques (including PERT and Delphi), scheduling (Gantt charts and critical path analysis), resource planning, cost estimation, procurement planning, and risk management.

You’ll learn how to create a comprehensive project plan that balances scope, schedule, and budget.

During the execution phase, the course focuses on building and managing the project team, effective communication modes, problem identification using tools like the Ishikawa (fishbone) diagram, and iterative design and user reviews to ensure the project delivers what the customer needs.

The monitoring and control phase covers essential topics such as the weekly and monthly project status meetings, scope change management, schedule and cost control, risk management, earned value management (EVM) for accurate projections, quality management through peer and user reviews, and problem resolution techniques.

Finally, the closing phase guides you through procurement closure, scope verification (including scenario-based verification), lessons learned documentation, team transition, project celebration, and the final report.

Throughout the course, you’ll have opportunities to practice your skills by working on exercises and baselining your project documentation, such as the WBS, precedence diagram, risk register, and project plan.

The syllabus includes quizzes to reinforce your learning and downloadable resources like templates, examples, and summary checklists.

PMP Certification Exam Prep 35 PDU Project Management Course #

The course provides comprehensive coverage of all the knowledge areas and processes involved in project management to prepare you for the PMP certification exam.

It starts with an introduction to fundamental project management concepts like what a project is, its life cycle, process groups, and knowledge areas.

The course then dives deep into each of the 10 knowledge areas - Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder Management.

For each area, it methodically explains the processes, inputs, tools/techniques, and outputs involved.

The course uses practical examples, sample questions, and assignments to reinforce the concepts.

Some key strengths of the course:

  • Extensive coverage of Earned Value Management (EVM) concepts like CV, SV, CPI, SPI with detailed examples and practice questions.

This is crucial for the exam.

Dedicated sections on important tools like the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network Diagrams, Control Charts, and Risk Analysis techniques.

Focus on key formulas, calculations, and interpretation for Schedule, Cost, and Risk Management areas.

Detailed overview of procurement concepts like contract types, source selection, and handling changes/claims.

Comprehensive lessons on team management, conflict resolution, motivation theories, and leadership styles.

Separate modules covering the latest Agile/Hybrid project management methodologies and principles.

The course also covers peripheral topics like communication management, stakeholder analysis, governance, compliance, and organizational change - all relevant for the PMP exam .

The review sessions at the end provide a concise recap.

Agile PM 201 - Understanding Agile at a Deeper Level #

The syllabus covers a wide range of topics, starting with an introduction to Agile fundamentals.

You’ll learn about the history of Agile, the Agile Manifesto values and principles, and gain a solid understanding of the Scrum methodology, including its roles, practices, and values.

This foundation will help you grasp the core concepts of Agile project management.

But the course goes beyond the basics.

It delves into the differences between Agile and traditional plan-driven methodologies, exploring concepts like empirical versus defined process models, the management of uncertainty, and the shift from the Iron Triangle to the Agile Triangle, which emphasizes customer value.

You’ll also gain insights into systems thinking and complex adaptive systems, which are essential for understanding the “big picture” of Agile.

The course explores the roots of Agile, including Total Quality Management (TQM) principles from W. Edwards Deming and the influence of lean manufacturing.

Managing flow in Agile projects is another key area covered, with lectures on Kanban, cumulative flow diagrams, and the theory of constraints.

The syllabus also includes sections on lean software development, value stream analysis, and advanced Agile/Scrum principles from Ken Rubin’s book “Essential Scrum.”

To reinforce your learning, the course includes quizzes and an example of a real-world Scrum project.

Additionally, you’ll get an overview of other Agile methodologies like Extreme Programming (XP) and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).

Agile Project Management in 30 Minutes #

The course starts with an introduction to agile project management, explaining what it is and how it differs from traditional approaches.

You’ll learn about the key elements of agile, such as planning, delivering, and learning through continuous improvement.

The course even includes a technique tip on using Kanban boards for better visualization and workflow management.

One of the highlights is the exercise on mastering the 15-minute standup meeting, a crucial agile practice for daily team sync-ups.

You’ll also get to assess if agile is the right fit for your projects and when it may not be the best approach.

Throughout the course, you’ll have access to a participant resource guide to reinforce the concepts.

The exercises and progress checks will help you apply what you’ve learned and gauge your understanding.

While the course is called “Agile Project Management in 30 Minutes”, don’t let the short duration fool you.

It covers a lot of ground, from presenting the agile idea to your team to identifying additional resources for further learning.

If you’re looking for a quick yet comprehensive overview of agile project management, this course could be a great option.

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project management on udemy

The 5 Best PMP Udemy Courses of all-time

Publish Date - February 24th, 2022

Last Modified - September 4th, 2023

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is one of the most coveted project management certifications in the world, boasting over a million certified members across the globe. The PMP is the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, combined with skills drawn from a number of guides. These include the PMBOK7, an agile practice guide and a number of other books and guides that I will refer to in this article. To see more, please refer to the PMP’s reference list ! This is what drew me to write this post, as the reading list for the PMP is so comprehensive, it’s hard to find a resource that can give you 90% of the knowledge you need to pass the exam.

I hope my PMP Udemy Review helps you on your journey to get the PMP certification (just like Udemy helped me get my Project Management Institute (PMI) Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) ) certification. 

Update: Due to some of the links on this list, and the amazing practice exams at PM prepcast , I was able to pass the PMP exam in mid-2023 April!


With above target for all categories (People, Processes and Business environment). PM prepcast exam prep was by far the best tool I used to learn and understand the rigors of the PMP test. While it’s a lot more expensive, no course and exam prepared me like the courses offer by Prep cast. The only comparable courses are the ones offer by the PMI, but their exams and practice questions are a lot complicated than the ones I saw on the exam. There will be a full PMP review + an ACP vs. PMP article coming soon!

Table of Contents

Who are Udemy PMP prep courses for? 

Anyone can take a Udemy PMP prep course since they give you the required Personal Development Units (PDUs) to maintain your PMI certifications. There are no prerequisites for these courses (except a modest fee). However, they will help some people in their project careers more than others. 

For example, the more experience you have as a project manager (PM) (including if you’ve led teams, delivered and shipped products , or worked on projects on-schedule and on budget), the less compelling the content will be for you. Modeling after my Novice expert scale article and the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition, I believe that there are 5 stages of project professionals. 

For those who don’t know the Dreyfus model, it’s the concept that there are 5 stages of adult learning in every single skill acquired. 

These 5 “performers” are:

  • Advanced beginner

Here is my own model of project professionals, based on the theory above:

  • A novice project manager: Someone who’s just started out in project management at an entry level (e.g.,a project coordinator or assistant project manager) and is learning the general rules and duties of a PM. 
  • An advanced beginner project manager: A person who understands the rules and duties of a PM and lives within them. I believe that PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)certification is a perfect representation of this, since this is when someone can clearly define what a PM is supposed to do, but may not have enough experience to lead a large project. 
  • A competent project manager: A project manager who has three to four years of experience leading teams and projects. Quite regularly, a competent project manager will have their PMP or a number of other certifications (e.g, SAFe5 for Lean Enterprises, PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)). These are the PMs you look for to ship products and get things done autonomously.
  • A proficient project manager: A project manager who has over five to 10 years of experience and shapes the rules around any project, feature, and task given to them. They’ve worked with many teams in many frameworks, and are multi-disciplined and skilled in their trade. You might see these PMs shaping the rules of the Project Management Office (PMO). 
  • An expert project manager: A project lead or someone who leads PMO. They are the standard that your organizational project managers will rally around. They will be a leader, guide, and one of the best on your team. They always have a fantastic solution to every problem. 

If you’re interested in seeing and learning what requirements will take to acquire the PMP, visit the PMP prerequisites and requirements for more information.

Now that’s done, let’s dive into each individual course I’ve recommended in this post. 

Special mention of my PMP practice exam course

Due to the issues with many “quality Udemy PMP practice exam courses”, I decided to write my own practice exam course on Udemy. While it may not be very popular YET, everyone who has audited the course or has taken it has loved it. I also offer live coaching on ADPlist for those aspirants looking to talk to someone on studying for the exam.

Buy my Udemy PMP practice exam course now (discounted price)!

The Best 6 Udemy PMP Courses 

  • Best overall: PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Complete Exam Coverage with 35 PDUs
  • Top-rated: PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU
  • Runner-up: PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification
  • Best Udemy PMP course for math: PMP Certification:35+ PDU Formal PMP Exam Prep _New PMP ECO
  • Best Udemy practice exam course: Advanced Level PMP Mock Questions – Note: for some reason, they no longer accept enrollment on this course, so it may not be available for you! Or, you can try my course !
  • Best PMP cramming Udemy course – PMP cramming course

Note: This post is meant to help and guide you on which PMP Udemy course to take. It’s not meant to help you pass the exam. I’m currently studying for the exam with the help of Udemy, so some of my tips may be useful for you. There are affiliate links below to Udemy and other parties that I may receive commissions from. However, I highly recommend these products due to the fact that I’ve audited or taken them before.

1. The Best Overall Udemy PMP Course: Joseph Phillips’ 35 PDU PMP Exam prep seminar

project management on udemy

Overview: An in-depth walkthrough and talkthrough of all things PMP and PMBOK 6 and 7. Joe provides roughly 30 hours of video with comprehensive analysis of each major process, such as project risk, project schedule, and project scope that you may be tested on the PMP exam. Joe also provides detailed mediums to practice, understand, and become competent in the vast amount of PMP terminologies and methodologies. 

This course is for you if you:

  • Are looking to take and pass the PMP
  • Are a PMP candidate who needs their 35 training hours to take the exam
  • Are a PMP holder who needs their 35 PDU hours
  • Are looking to know and understand how the PMP can shape project managers

This course is not for you if you:

  • Are not actively pursuing the PMP
  • Are pursuing other PMI exams like CAPM, ACP or PMI’s Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification
  • Have already done a course, such as Andrew Ramdayal’s course below.
  • Extremely in-depth case studies, which include Earned Value Management (EMV), Input, Tools & Techniques and Output (ITTOs), estimating with float diagrams, and cost management)
  • Goes over Agile quite extensively due to the changes in PMBOK7 to PMBOK6 
  • Compact videos so that you don’t become too bored or overwhelmed by one subject 
  • Quizzes and two full exams before and after the start of the course
  • Thorough explanation on how the PMI sees procurement 
  • Quizzes can have random questions that are not covered in the course material, but can be found in the PMBOK. They also don’t provide appropriate feedback if you’re wrong.
  • The connection between units seems to be lacking. While Joe provided ITTOs for every major process, some of the units seemed extremely disjointed. 
  • Despite having great case studies, some of them tended to be a little over the top . Also, many students called out that some of the exams didn’t have material that covered the questions.

Here’s how some people ranked the exam!

I loved the way Andrew taught PMP, very precise and extremely easy to understand. Tanu Ann T. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023
This class along with the TIA PMP exam simulator by Andrew (different website) is all what I needed to pass the exam from the first try… Enad M. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

There are hundreds of people who say they passed the PMP because of this course. I’m currently studying for the PMP and have finished this course. An in-depth review and my notes will be available in the future (once I pass the exam 🙂 ). Ultimately, you can’t go wrong for the money that you pay for this course. 

Note: I finished the course in April 2022.

That being said, I doubt that you can exclusively take this course and pass the exam, from my experiences taking the PMI-ACP . If I had only done Joe’s course I wouldn’t have passed the ACP my first time. I also feel that Joe’s course misses out on some of the principles of the PMBOK7 due to the transition of the exam base from PMBOK6 – PMBOK7 (although he compensates for this with over 6 hours of Agile-related content at the end of his course). 

However, if you’re looking to pass the PMP your first time, I believe that this course is a must-have (but should not be used as the only means to study and prepare).

2. The Top Rated Udemy PMP Course: PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU by Andrew Ramdayal

project management on udemy

Similar to Joseph Phillips’ course, Andrew Ramdayal is a highly skilled PMP professional with many years in the industry. The course is comparable to many other PMP courses, but Andrew also brings a sense of understanding and practical experience. In addition, he dives deep into hybrid models in his PMP course and tries to incorporate as much information as possible from the PMBOK7.

This course is for you if you::

  • Are looking to understand how the PMP can shape project managers

This course is not for you if you::

  • Are pursuing other PMI exams like CAPM, ACP or PgMP
  • Have already done a course like Joseph Phillips’
  • Good examples and case studies to work on
  • Strong instructional information on agile methodologies; especially scrum, tailoring, and hybrid models
  • A lot of downloadable comprehensive resources, which will give you practical experience in critical pathing, risk, and Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Andrew regularly replies to his course’s feedback
  • This course is long : One of the longest Udemy courses I’ve ever seen
  • Andrew can be a little monotone in his approach, and because this course is so long, it’s difficult to actually keep your attention
  • Some of the chapters are a little overboard and not necessary (I’m thinking more specifically of the ‘Mindset’ chapter) 

Here’s what some users have to say!

Definitely a close second to Joseph Phillips’ course, especially if you’re looking for something different and another perspective on the PMP exam. However, I often found myself skipping through some of the chapters because I either knew the information already, it was verbatim from the PMBOK guide, or it felt like it didn’t have a place in my study notes (was more of Andrew’s own opinions than actual study material).

Bonus: Andrew has a review about the PMBOK7, which many people don’t know about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrJE0TvErh8 His YouTube channel is packed full with good info! 

3. Runner-up:  PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification by Umer Waqar, PMP. 

project management on udemy

Even though this course is on the shorter side of PMP Udemy exam preps, Umer Waqar still provides 20 hours of strong content on all processes for passing your PMP exam. There’s also been an update to the PMBOK6 and 7,with the latter more concerned with agile project management. 

Umer also covers in-depth concepts of scrum (Agile rituals, roles, and artifacts), and – the most important thing – the new exam content as outlined by PMI. 

  • Are a PMP holder who needs their 35 PDU hours 
  • Have already done a course like Joseph Phillips’ Udemy PMP review 
  • Pretty good quizzes and questions
  • Good coverage of Agile (specifically scrum)
  • In-depth coverage of all predictive software life cycles of Agile
  • Covers updates to the PMI exam (late 2021) (due to the transition of PMBOK6 to PMBOK7 guide)
  • Shorter than Joseph’s and Andrew’s courses
  • As a native English speaker, I sometimes found it hard to understand Umer
  • Scrum is the only Agile methodology covered by Umer’s course and while it’s important, it’s not the end-all be-all
  • The downloadable material is a little lacking, compared to Joseph’s and Andrew’s content (which I feel is far superior) 
  • He rarely replies to his course’s feedback

What do some students say:

Excellent course. The presenter did an amazing job at communicating the content of this course. I recommend this course for anyone who is interested in getting their PMI Certification or understanding how better to manage large, complex projects. Debbie H. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023
This course is all that’s required to prepare for the PMP certification! Although I had to take it twice for it to properly sink, trying my hands on the practice questions, I can say I am absolutely ready to take the exam. I say thanks to the facilitator for his patience and thoroughness. Lara L. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

Umer’s PMP prep course is a great way to get ready for the PMP. However, I agree with many of his reviewers that while he touches a lot on scrum and what’s in the PMBOK6 and PMBOK7 guides, he fails to mention other disciplines. There’s less downloadable material and case studies versus Andrew’s and Joseph’s courses, which leaves you needing additional  practical training. However, the course is still a good buy and I have no doubt that people have passed the PMP with it.

4. The Best Udemy PMP Math Course – Joseph Phillips’ PMP Math Prep – PMP Math and Formulas

project management on udemy

Another Joseph Phillips course, but more specifically focused on math that you might see on the exam. Joseph goes over everything that’s needed to ace any math questions on the PMP exam, which includes Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), time value of money, the concept of opportunity cost and payback period, and project profitability. 

You’ll also learn all of the estimation techniques (Analogous, Parametric, Bottom-up, and Three point), finding float, and EVM.

The course nicely rounds out with build or buy decisions, which are important to procurement. 

  • Are a PMP candidate who needs more practice on just PMP math problems
  • Have already passed the PMP
  • Are a PMP candidate who is comfortable with their PMP math skills 
  • Are pursuing other PMI exams like CAPM, ACP or PgMP 
  • Are a scrum master (Agile uses different metrics to measure success)
  • Short and sweet, focusing on anything numbers-related you may see in the PMP exam
  • In-depth questions, case studies, and slides on everything from calculating your contingency reserve to figuring out float. 
  • Good breakdown of each process and what particular mathematics are needed
  • Great for extra practice with PMP math
  • If you’ve done Joseph’s courses before or his PMP reviews, the questions are almost verbatim, so it may feel like you’ve wasted your money
  • Can be expensive if you’ve been on Udemy for a while (from $18.99 USD to $104.99 USD). The course is not worth this much. 
  • Only 2.5 hours of content

Here’s what some people say:

Cours pratique, explication clair et suffisante pour réviser les bases de calcul en project management ou se préparer à l’examen. En ce qui me concerne j’ai réussi l’examen PMP mais n’ai pas eu une seule liée aux calculs. Cedric M. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023
Concepts made easy. The course is structured for easy learning clearing the concepts. Highly recommended! Pradeep B. – 5 / 5 – August 2023

If you’ve never done Joseph Phillips’ PMP review courses and want to brush up on your PMP math, this course is a must-have. While there are some occasional wrong answers, this is a great course to get you started on the path to understanding any math questions on the PMP. However, if you’ve taken Joseph Phillip’s main PMP review course, or even the crash course – that should suffice. 

5. Cramming for the PMP: Here’s the best Udemy PMP course for cramming

project management on udemy

A special shoutout to Joseph Phillips’ PMP cram review session. This is a condensed version of his full PMP course and does not support you when it comes to PDUs or the necessary training hours for the PMP exam. Nonetheless, it’s a good starting point for you to learn PMP testable material. Instead of spending hours on each particular process, Joseph blazes through the content at an insane pace.

  • Already have your necessary hours to take the exam
  • Are a PM who wants to brush up on their overall knowledge of the PMP exam
  • Are a moderate level PM, who is looking to learn a few skills and eventually get their PMP
  • Are not a project manager, but maybe looking to get a better understanding of what PMs do
  • Are a brand new PM who wants to get started by getting their CAPM or CSM
  • Have already passed the PMP (as this doesn’t count towards your PDUs)
  • Are trying to actually get your 35 training hours to take the PMP

Although it’s a good way to learn what’s required for the PMP, I would advise taking this exam only if you decide that you really need a crash course in what’s required to pass the PMP. A word of warning : When used as a sole means to prepare and study for the PMP, you will not pass the exam. In fact, many people and reviewers who have taken this exam confirmed this to be true. Instead, Joseph intends this course to be a top-up of your knowledge, and a refresher of everything you’ve learned to pass the PMP. 

Ultimately, consider using this course as a framework to study from, as Joseph does lightly touch on every topic in the PMP. 

Wrapping it all up: What is the best Udemy course to take?

The PMP® is one of the most desired project management certifications in the world. With this, comes a slew of study material, prep guides, and practice exams, which can be overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, I believe that the following are the 6 best PMP Udemy courses to take, depending on your needs and skill level:

  • PMP Exam Prep Seminar – Complete Exam Coverage with 35 PDUs : The overall best Udemy course, with hundreds of reviewers crediting it to their passing the PMP exam. However, it should be complemented with additional study material, from my experiences taking the PMI-ACP. 
  • PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours : A close second, especially if you’re looking for something different and another perspective on the PMP exam. However, if you already have some basic knowledge of PMP, you may find yourself skipping a few chapters here and there. 
  • PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification: This is a great, runner-up course to get ready for the PMP. However, you may find yourself looking for additional practical training, as it tends to focus a lot on scrum and the PMBOK6 and PMBOK7 guides. 
  • PMP Certification:35+ PDU Formal PMP Exam Prep _New PMP ECO : If you’ve never done Joseph Phillips’ PMP review courses and want to brush up on your PMP math, this course is a must-have.
  • PMP PMBOK 6 Practice Exams: Set Two for PMP Candidates: For when you really need a PMP crash course, or a framework to study from. 

All of these six courses can help you conquer the PMP, and all of them are from Udemy (and anyone can take them!). While Udemy may not be the best platform to learn PMP content, it’s definitely one of the most cost effective courses that also provide a relevant, good experience. I actually break down Udemy in one of my articles and whether it’s a platform worth pursuing. 

One quick note about PMP Udemy courses! They’re lifetime access and provide insight into 95% of all the process groups that are required knowledge on the PMP exam. 

Also, many of them are verified by the PMI for accuracy and relevancy. You can tell, since the PMI accepts these courses as PDUs. (They’re PMI registered education providers).

You also have a money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs. 

Finally, most of the instructors have tons of real-life experience being project managers, providing in-person project management training, or running their own training programs.

If your plan is to take the PMP and pass the exam, Udemy is a great source of information that doesn’t break the bank. While most PMP seminars and courses can cost an upwards of $1,000 USD, Udemy should never be more than $20 USD for a course. As someone who’s completed dozens of Udemy courses and Coursera courses, you can never go wrong with either of their courses. 

I hope my tips will not only help you choose the right PMP Udemy course, but ultimately pass the exam!

Thanks for reading my article, let me know if you have any questions or comments below! 

3 thoughts on “The 5 Best PMP Udemy Courses of all-time”

' src=

Very useful information shared, thank you.

' src=

A very useful article and source for learning such high-quality information! I appreciate you sharing this useful information. I have been following some of them, still have a lot to learn. h

' src=

Following examining your article, I was stunned. I comprehend that you make sense of it well for the most part. Besides, I accept that different perusers will comparatively encounter how I feel straightforwardly following analyzing your article.

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10 Best Online Courses for Project Management

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Image of Aminu Abdullahi

  • Beginner to PROject Manager: Udemy
  • Digital Project Management: Udacity
  • Online Project Management: Colorado State University
  • PMP Certification Training Course: Simplilearn
  • Project Management Training Bundle - 6 Courses: Master of Project Academy
  • Engineering Project Management Specialization: Coursera
  • Project Management for Software Engineers: Pluralsight
  • Enterprise Project Management: Cybrary
  • PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation: at PRINCE2
  • Project Management Certificate Program: Cornell University

Are you looking for the best project management certification course to help you advance your career or just looking to learn project management to improve your skills? In this article, we selected and reviewed the best online project management courses, certifications and training — self-paced and instructor-led, free and paid — for professionals of all skill levels.

Top online courses for project management: Comparison chart

Here is a feature summary of the best online courses for project management.

Udemy: Beginner to PROject Manager

Created by 365 Careers, this Beginner to PROject Manager course is a bestseller on Udemy. This course teaches you how to use Gantt charts, critical path methods, project plans and budgets. It also includes 15+ project management templates that you can use to create your own projects. The course is structured in a step-by-step manner, starting with the basics of project management and gradually moving towards more advanced topics such as MS Excel for project management, agile project management and scrum, as well as agile and waterfall.

Course details

Udacity: digital project management.

​​Digital Project Management is a nanodegree program taught by Walyce Almeida, a program manager at AWS and hosted on Udacity. This course is designed for those looking to learn about project management processes, tools, principles and practices. The digital project management course teaches you foundational project management concepts. In this course, you will learn how to translate business requirements into a project scope statement, build project plans in waterfall or agile and develop a high-performing team.

Some of the skills you’ll learn include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Project risk mitigation.
  • Scrum and scrum boards.
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Requirements gathering.
  • Professional portfolios.
  • Project execution, status reporting, scoping, closure and scheduling.
  • Waterfall project management.
  • Project management artifacts.

Colorado State University: Online Project Management

This course is powered by Colorado State University. It’s created for project managers, project coordinators and business analysts who want to advance their project management skills or those preparing for the Project Management Professional exam in order to earn the Certified Project Management Professional or the Certified Associate Project Manager certificate.

The program is structured to engage participants in a collaborative learning process, allowing them to earn project management education credits (contact hours) that count towards their eligibility for the PMP exam. Throughout the learning process, participants can earn points by participating in weekly discussions, engaging in team exercises and completing quizzes, which help track their progress.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Project life cycle phases, process groups, and knowledge areas — according to the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide (7th edition).
  • How to manage project scope, risk, communications and integration management.
  • Project management language and processes.

Simplilearn: PMP Certification Training Course

Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training Course is designed to help professionals prepare for and pass the PMP certification exam. The course covers various aspects of project management and the instructors train you based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 7th edition and the latest certification exam content outline.

The PMP Certification Training Course gives you access to digital materials from PMI, such as audio-video content, ebooks, assessments and participant guides. It also includes nine full-length simulation test papers with 180 questions each, as well as 35 contact hours with live virtual sessions.

Master of Project Academy: Project Management Training Bundle - 6 Courses

This six-in-one course bundle provides comprehensive training on project management. The bundle includes the following courses:

  • PMP certification training : It will prepare you for the PMP certification exam.
  • Microsoft project training : You will learn how to use Microsoft Project to plan, track and manage projects.
  • Agile scrum certification training : This course will teach you the principles and practices of agile scrum methodology.
  • PMP exams and math lectures : It covers the essential math concepts and formulas needed to pass the PMP certification exam.
  • Free PMP training : Offers a comprehensive overview of project management concepts and techniques, key principles and best practices.
  • Free agile scrum training : This course introduces agile methodology and the scrum framework.

Whether you’re new to project management or looking to enhance your skills and knowledge, this bundle is a carefully curated resource designed to help you excel in your project management career.

Coursera: Engineering Project Management Specialization

Authored by experts from Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, this course is designed for professionals looking to specialize in engineering project management. This course will teach you how to initiate and plan engineering projects and provide tools to develop a project scope, schedule and budget. You’ll also learn how to manage risks, control the quality of the deliverables, engage and manage people and procure goods and services.

Pluralsight: Project Management for Software Engineers

If you’re a software engineer with a knack for organization and leadership, you might find this project management course authored by Michael Krasowski interesting. The course teaches you the practical elements of working with customers, people, technology and processes. You’ll learn project management fundamentals, planning, control and execution.

Cybrary: Enterprise Project Management

Cybrary’s enterprise project management is designed for those who have achieved the PMP credential through PMI or those pursuing PMP certification. This course covers several project management aspects, including:

  • Projects, operations and organizational progress.
  • Building a project charter.
  • Project planning, execution and closure.
  • Organizational structures and agile planning.
  • Business analysis and complex modeling.
  • Enterprise project planning, execution and governance.
  • Enterprise change management.
  • Case studies.

PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation

Another great course for beginners is the Prince2 6th Edition Foundation online course. Prince2 has over 500K graduates worldwide and is a recognized leading project management course provider. This course will teach you how to create a business case, plan and manage change, as well as quality assurance, project scoping and deliverables.

Cornell University: Project Management Certificate Program

Unlike the other project management courses we have reviewed so far, Cornell’s Project Management Certificate Program is an instructor-led online PM certification course. The program is designed for professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of project management. You will acquire 50 project management education hours towards your PMP certification when you complete this course.

Tips for choosing the right project management course

When shopping for the best project management course for you, it’s essential to identify your learning goals. For instance, if you want to advance your career or look for higher-paying jobs, certification courses such as PMP or PRINCE2 can enhance your credibility and job prospects in the field. Your current professional stage and knowledge level will help you determine the kind of course to select:

  • Zero or limited project management knowledge? Go for a beginner course.
  • Need to widen your knowledge? Intermediate PM courses may help you align with the current industry trends.
  • Need advanced certification to advance your career? Look for PMP courses from recognized providers similar to the ones we listed above.

Before settling for a particular course and provider, make sure you do your due diligence.

  • Review the course syllabus.
  • Consider the course delivery method, duration and flexibility.
  • Consider the instructor’s qualifications and expertise.
  • Consider the cost of the course and weigh it against the value you’ll gain.

Ensure that the course provider is accredited by a recognized body in the field of project management, such as the Project Management Institute, Certified International Project Manager or Certified Associate in Project Management.

Frequently asked questions about online project management courses

We answered some commonly asked questions about online PM courses to help you determine the best course for you.

Which is the best certification for project management?

The best project management certification for you depends on your current career goals, experience level and industry. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, the courses we analyzed in this guide are top-tiers and are suitable for different experience levels.

Is a PMP course worth it?

Yes, it is worth it 100%. For example, obtaining a project management professional certification can provide several benefits, such as career advancement, increased earning potential and industry recognition.

Are there free online project management courses?

Yes, there are several free project management courses. Cybrary’s enterprise project management is a free project management course.

Are online project management courses accredited, and does accreditation matter?

Not all online project management courses are accredited, and accreditation can be an important factor to consider when choosing a course.

Accreditation matters because it assures that a reputable organization has evaluated the course or certification program and meets recognized industry standards. Accredited courses are more likely to be recognized and accepted by employers and professional organizations.

What is the difference between project management certifications and online courses?

Project management certifications are designed to validate your knowledge and expertise in project management — they usually require passing an exam. They may have prerequisites, such as a certain number of hours of project management experience. Conversely, online courses are educational programs that provide you with knowledge and skills in project management. They may or may not lead to a certification.

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Ultimate Review: Top Udemy PMP Courses & Tips for 2024

Table of contents, subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

In today’s competitive market, project managers need to equip themselves with globally recognized certifications to stand out. The  Project Management Professional (PMP) certification  from PMI is among the gold standards in the industry. For your PMP certification, Udemy offers a vast array of courses to help you prepare. So, let’s navigate through Top Udemy PMP Courses of 2024 !

Why Opt for a PMP Certification?

Globally Recognized: The PMP certification is acknowledged worldwide. Higher Salary Potential: PMP-certified professionals often secure higher pay. Skill Enhancement: The certification process hones your skills in project management

Why Choose Udemy for PMP Preparation?

Flexibility: Learn at your own pace – be it an Udemy PMP 35-hour course or more. Cost-Effective: Udemy often offers discounted rates, even for comprehensive Udemy PMP exam prep courses. Variety: From Udemy Andrew Ramdayal to udemy joseph phillips, choose from a range of experts.

Top PMP Udemy Courses to Consider

PMP Exam Prep Seminar –  PMBOK  Guide 7 by Joseph Phillips Udemy

  • Course Highlights: Comprehensive coverage, practice exams, and udemy pdus offered.
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Ideal For: Aspiring project managers seeking an all-in-one package.

Master the  PMBOK  Guide, Seventh Edition by Andrew Ramdayal Udemy

  • Course Highlights: Deep dive into PMBOK, downloadable resources.
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Ideal For : Those wanting a thorough understanding of PMBOK.

PMP Practice Exams: 500+ Practice Questions by AR Udemy PMP

  • Course Highlights: Dedicated exam-style questions with explanations.
  • Rating: 4.7/5 Ideal For: Professionals gearing up for their PMP exam.

Benefits of Udemy PMP Courses

  • Interactivity: Engage in course discussions, whether it’s udemy pmp Reddit or a Q&A session. Lifetime Access: Secure access to your course, be it udemy project management course free or a paid one.
  • Mobile Learning: With the Udemy app, preparation becomes mobile!

Drawbacks of Udemy PMP Courses

  • Variable Quality: Given that Udemy allows any instructor to create and sell courses, the quality can vary significantly. While some courses might be top-notch, others may not meet certain standards or cover the syllabus comprehensively.
  • Lack of Accreditation: Not all Udemy PMP courses might be accredited or recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This means you might not earn the required PDUs (Professional Development Units) from certain courses.
  • One-time Purchase Model: Unlike subscription-based platforms, on Udemy, you pay for each course individually. If you find out a course isn’t right for you after purchasing, you might end up spending more money buying another course.
  • Limited Instructor Interaction: Some Udemy courses might not offer a high degree of interactivity. While there’s often a Q&A section, real-time assistance or in-depth feedback might be limited.
  • Outdated Material: The PMP exam and the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) get updated periodically. Some courses on Udemy might not stay current with these changes, leading to outdated information.
  • Overwhelming Choices: With a multitude of PMP courses on Udemy, choosing the right one can become a daunting task. This plethora of options can be confusing for users, especially those new to the PMP world.
  • Lack of Comprehensive Learning Paths: While Udemy offers many individual courses, they might not provide a structured learning path. Users might have to figure out the sequence of courses or supplementary resources on their own.
  • Generic Content: Some courses might cater to a broader audience, leading to a lack of depth in specific areas of the PMP syllabus.
  • Feedback Delays: Depending on the instructor’s responsiveness, students might face delays in getting answers to their queries or feedback on their performance.
  • Inconsistent Pricing: Udemy often has sales, which means the pricing of courses can fluctuate. It can be frustrating for students who purchase a course only to find it heavily discounted shortly after.

Tips to Maximize Your PMP Study on Udemy

Stay Consistent: Allocate specific hours daily. Participate Actively: Engage in discussions, especially on popular courses like Udemy PMP andrew ramdayal or Joseph Phillips Udemy course. Simulate Exams: Use Udemy’s PMP prep offerings to practice under real exam conditions.

Conclusion : Top Udemy PMP Courses of 2024

Udemy project management PMP courses provide a plethora of options, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your PMP exam. While Udemy offers a flexible and diverse platform for PMP aspirants, it’s essential to conduct thorough research before selecting a course. Reading reviews, checking for PMI accreditation, and previewing course content can help in making an informed decision.

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    Bite-sized learning in minutes. View free Project Management courses. Learn project management strategies from a top-rated Udemy instructor. Whether you're interested in learning software like Agile and Scrum, or preparing for a career as a certified PMP, Udemy has a course to help you better organize your projects.

  2. 10 Best Project Management Courses On Udemy (2024)

    The course then dives deep into each of the 10 knowledge areas - Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder Management. For each area, it methodically explains the processes, inputs, tools/techniques, and outputs involved.

  3. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

    The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for project managers who want to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in project management.The PMP certification is based on the PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is a comprehensive guide to project management best practices.

  4. What is PMP? Become a Certified Project Management Professional

    Global project management authority the Project Management Institute (PMI) offers this trademarked certification. Getting PMP certified demonstrates your ability to manage projects and knowledge of common project management tools and procedures. The PMI awards the certification based on a combination of experience, education, and exam results.

  5. The 5 Best PMP Udemy Courses of all-time

    The Top Rated Udemy PMP Course: PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU by Andrew Ramdayal. 3. Runner-up: PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification by Umer Waqar, PMP. 4. The Best Udemy PMP Math Course - Joseph Phillips' PMP Math Prep - PMP Math and Formulas. 5.

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  8. The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager

    Our Project Management course covers all the fundamental knowledge, concepts, tools, and techniques you need to understand, including how a project works and how to manage it best. We start from the theoretical basics and progressively build upon that knowledge. Each step adds real-life practical examples, case studies, and exercises.

  9. Ultimate Review: Top Udemy PMP Courses & Tips for 2024

    Udemy project management PMP courses provide a plethora of options, ensuring you're well-prepared for your PMP exam. While Udemy offers a flexible and diverse platform for PMP aspirants, it's essential to conduct thorough research before selecting a course. Reading reviews, checking for PMI accreditation, and previewing course content can ...

  10. The Ultimate Project Management PMP Prep Course (35 PDUs)

    This course is truly the gold standard in Project Management education, whether you are going for your PMP or CAPM, looking to renew your certification, or just wanting to know how to manage a project from top to bottom. The value in this course is incredible. You'll get: 500 Agile and PMP practice questions.

  11. Professional Development Units (PDUs) Courses on Udemy Business

    Udemy Business is committed to enabling learners to effectively prepare for their project management certification exams and build skills across essential project management topics.. Prior to applying for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with the Project Management Institute (), learners will need to earn 35 contact hours.To retain PMP certification, learners must earn 60 ...

  12. Best Project Management Courses Online with Certificates [2024]

    To define project management, we first need to define what a "project" is. According to the Project Management Institute, a project is "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result."Both "temporary" and "unique" are key words in this definition; they imply that a project is a process that takes place over a specified, limited period of time ...

  13. How to Report Professional Development Units (PDUs) With The Project

    This article outlines how learners who have earned Professional Development Units (PDUs) can report their PDUs to the Project Management Institute (PMI) website. Learn more about PDU courses on Udemy Business. How to report PDUs with the PMI

  14. ChatGPT For Project Management

    If you are not adopting ChatGPT and AI Tools to manage projects, then your competitors who do will outperform you.

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