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Black History Month for Kids: Google Slides, Resources, and More!

Free Printables

Free printables and free downloads for your classroom! You won’t want to miss these free teacher resources that you and your students will love. Make your teacher life easier with these worksheets, rubrics, posters, crafts, and more.

Collage of Langston Hughes poems orange background.

20 Langston Hughes Poems Everyone Should Read (Free Printables)

Printable pagse of Robert Frost Poems Feature on green background.

25 Robert Frost Poems (Free Printables)

Six Venn diagram templates on a blue background.

Free Venn Diagram Template Bundle

Feature image for the Youth For the Planet: Taking Climate Action in Your Own Community lesson plan and activities

Inspire Your Classroom: Grab Your FREE Climate Action Kit Now!

Valentine's Day Word Scramble

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble: Free Printable Worksheet Plus Answer Key

worksheets for teachers free

Valentine’s Day Word Search: Free Printable Worksheet Plus Answer Key

Flat lays of grammar worksheet bundle

Grammar Worksheets for Grades 2–3: Free Download

50 Would You Rather Scenarios For Elementary Students

250+ Best Would You Rather Questions for Kids 

examples of heart printables

Get Our Free Printable Heart Bundle for Valentine’s Day or Anytime

Printable vowel teams words list with flashcards on rectangular background.

Vowel Team Word List and Teaching Ideas (Free Printables)

Printable list of Valentine's Day words on a rectangular pink background with red hearts.

200 Valentine’s Day Words for Writing, Vocab, and More (Free Printable)

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages: Grab Our Free Download

Get the Guess Who Template from We Are Teachers

Use Our FREE Guess Who Template To Make Your Own Game

worksheets for teachers free

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Home > Math Worksheets

This is the largest collection of free math worksheets complete with answer keys. We have just over 18,000 printable pages just in this section alone. If there is any other free site that is remotely close, we haven't seen it. We start with topics as simple as basic counting and advance to high level trigonometry. We expect to have a fully functional college and business math section soon. Print all the worksheets that are found below to help you with your classes. The universal language and the main tool we use to understand more about the universe around us. Our math worksheets are focused for Preschool through High School grade levels of mathematics.

Get free worksheets in your inbox, math worksheet categories, just scroll down and click on the math topic of your choice..

Students start by adding visual sums, we also get a jump from using number lines to really help it sink in. This helps them progress towards single, double, and triple digit addition.

View Worksheets

Addition and Subtraction

This section helps students quickly see how these operations complement and cancel one another out. We also look at how to determine missing operators.

This is a humongous section of our site. We have basic to very complex algebra worksheets available. You will also find algebraic representations and the transition from algebraic to linear systems available here.

Area and Perimeter

Find these measures on all types of different shapes. We also open you up to a wide range of critical thinking and real-world problems.

Complex Numbers

These values are created when you combine a real number with an imaginary number.

Connect the Dots

A great way to help students have a positive experience with natural numbers. Not to mention it really helps their counting and sequence skills.

Print Now!

Great for practice, but we offer a few counting puzzles that will really interest students.

These are some of our most popular lessons because we offer a step-by-step approach from introducing decimals to using them in large scale operations.

These worksheets do a great job of explaining remainders to students. We approach it as a form of repeated subtraction.

We look at all aspects of the using and solving of equations. Learn how to write your own to mirror a situation.

We explore how this should not be considered guessing. It is more about being as accurate as possible.

We show students how to use them in the process of operations and the concept of negative and positive values.


Learn how to write your own expression to help you solve word problems. You will learn how to evaluate, simplifying, and compound expressions.

We learn the applications of factors and how perform prime factorization. You will also learn how to rewrite values by using factoring.

One of largest categories. The work ranges from very simple modeling with fractions, equivalent values, and then advances to complex used of mixed numbers.

This series of worksheets models functions on graphs and teaches you to recognize and evaluate functions.

This covers the complete curriculum in middle school and high school. We kind of go a bit overboard on angles in this section.

We help you learn to create, read, and interpret all major form of graphs including: bar, coordinate, frequency tables, histograms, line graphs, line plots, picture graphs, pie (circle), scatterplots, steam and leaf, and tally charts.

Greater Than Less Than

Learn how to compare all types of different values and notate it.


Learn how to use an inequality to model and predict outcomes to common problem you come across.

This is an awesome section with all kinds of different uses of integers from labelling them to understanding their value prior to throwing them through a math operation.

Kindergarten Math

All these sheets are grade leveled and can be used for practice or outright teaching.

This will help learn to convert values, find unknowns, and use logarithmic functions.

We look at all the major uses of this form of math including conditionals, conjunctions, disjunctions, converse, inverse, truth values, and interpreting Venn diagrams.

Math Centers

We give you an overwhelming number of ideas for math centers with your students at all grade levels.

Math Organizers

A whole bunch of printable sheets that make your workflows through problems easier and better organized.

Math Puzzles

This is a fun way to review all different types of math skills.

Learn how to find determinants and basic operations across matrices.


We cover just about everything unit conversion, the metric system, measurement standards, the tools of measurement and how to read them.

Mixed Operations

Review all basic math operations.

How do you count dollars and coins? How do you calculate interest? How do you convert values of money?


We introduce the basic concept and present it as repeated addition. We expand to performing long multiplication.

Numbers Lines

These are great for explaining complex math concepts.

Order of Operations

Which operations comes first, second, and last in a string of operations?

Learn how to find patterns in colors and shapes. We then apply this to patterns in math sequences.


We look at how to easily convert between fractions, decimals, and percentages. We also apply this to percentage of change and of numbers.

Pi Day Worksheets

On March 14th (Get it? 3-14) we celebrate what pi has done for us when it comes to circle geometry.

Place Value

Learn all the main place values that are commonly used in math and how to convert between expanded and standard forms of values.


We look at how to perform basic operations between them and how to graph and apply them to word problems.

Preschool Math

The basics you would find at this level in any major curriculum.

Properties of Numbers

You remember these guys associative, commutative, and distributive. We also look at the division principle.

Quadratic Equations

What are they? A look at the components and how to solve them algebraically and graphically.

Ratios and Proportions

This is a surprisingly long section that is dedicated to finding equivalents and compare ratios. We also look at trigonometric ratios.

Learn how to properly round values to help you make valid estimates.

Statistics and Probability

This is a full blow section that includes all forms of analyzing data and calculating probabilities and likelihoods of events.


Teachers love this section! We house about 200 different subtraction worksheets here.

Learn how to tell time on an analogy clock, how to use a calendar, and perform arithmetic with time.


Learn how to apply trigonometry to all types of real-world situations.

Word Problems

I consider this section to be what math is all about solving problems that require you to truly understand how math is useful.

Why Do Math Worksheets Play a Vital Role (In Learning Math)?

Learning math is an integral part of any school's curriculum because it helps stimulate the development of soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, complex communication, time management, and organization.

Math is pertinent for expressing all ideas since this subject encompasses our day-to-day life; from telling someone your phone number to paying for your groceries would have been impossible without having a sound foundation in math. Moreover, some careers like banking, software development, STEM fields, etc., heavily depend on these same skills. This is precisely why math is one of the most valuable and vital subjects.

The Importance of Worksheets

You may have noticed that most e-learning websites such as 'Khan Academy' or 'Coursera' always include a worksheet at the end of a topic. Schools and e-learning websites encourage students of all ages to solve worksheets. It promotes the understanding and learning of addition, multiplication, etc., alongside more complex concepts such as calculus, etc.

Moreover, worksheets are crucial in the promotion of learning mathematical concepts. The other advantages of using a worksheet in a classroom for math are the following:

Develop An Interest in The Subject

Counting on its own can be pretty tedious for a child. However, introducing that same concept in a 'join the dots' worksheet can become a much more involved and creative opportunity to progress a child's learning. Worksheets with illustrations are mainly of interest to children. They can even help promote teaching concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by visualizing word problems or situations.

Serve As a Take-Home Learning Opportunity and Strengthen Concepts

Children and adults have a limited attention span, and math class can drag on with explanations with little to no time left for in-class practice. Worksheets can help alleviate the burden or strain students might feel in class and allow them to continue their learning with more focus. This can aid in learning concepts and is particularly helpful for students struggling with the subject or taking more time to develop a complete understanding of concepts.

Improve Time-Management Skills and Reduce Exam Fear

Worksheets with a recommended time suggestion help students understand how to allot time to each question and can help improve their time-management skills. Worksheets like these can also introduce students to the questions they can expect in the exam paper. Both these combined serves to reduce exam fear among students by allowing them to practice one. You can also use the vast number of practice charts that are available across the Internet.

Help Identify Shortcomings and Areas of Improvement

Mixed problem worksheets that combine a collection of concepts test a student's ability to tackle different questions and are a perfect way for students to understand where they stand. These can help identify areas of shortcoming and allow students to allocate their study time in the most efficient way possible.

Finally, it could be inferred from the reasons mentioned above that, to learn math productively, the use of worksheets is essential. The specific number of problems and the variety of formulas for each topic in a separate worksheet serves as the material for notes needed in math. This is the much-needed attention to ensure the deliverance of a lecture.

Math is a pretty popular topic for teachers. Here is a cool little trick, square the number 111,111,111 and see what the outcome. Pretty cool huh? You will find this to be one of our biggest sections of worksheets and we are constantly adding new sheets too.


Free Printable English Worksheets For ESL Teachers

Browse our archive of completely free quality English worksheets and lessons (PDF and Word documents). Download, customize and print the resources, incorporate them in your lessons or assign them as homework to your students.

Our Massive Library of Free ESL Worksheets by Category

If you are looking for ESL worksheets for different learning areas, select the matching category. You’ll find assorted lists of worksheets and other materials there, for all levels from beginner to advanced, for all ages from kids to adults.

Free ESL reading comprehension worksheets

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Free ESL writing worksheets for your lessons

Writing Worksheets

Free ESL grammar worksheets

Grammar Worksheets

ESL listening free exercises

Listening Comprehension Worksheets

ESL idioms free lists & worksheets for your lessons

Idioms Worksheets

ESL phrasal verbs: lesson plans & resources

Phrasal Verbs Worksheets

Free ESL noun worksheets for all ages and levels

Noun Worksheets

ESL Vocabulary & Conversation Worksheets

Vocabulary & Conversation Worksheets

worksheets for teachers free

Lesson Plans (coming soon)

Below, you’ll find all our worksheets sorted by student level.

ESL Worksheets for Adults and Teens (Intermediate to Advanced Students)

These are our available worksheets on different topics for higher-level students, like adults and teens. You can download, edit and print them all for free. When you open the worksheets, there is an option to download PDF and Word files.

Intermediate Level (B1-B2)

Esl writing worksheet: opinion essay about video games (intermediate), esl lesson plan: nature & environment (intermediate), esl listening comprehension worksheet: in the kitchen (intermediate), esl listening comprehension worksheet: travel and transportation (intermediate), esl lesson plan: summer activities (intermediate), esl reading comprehension worksheet: studies (intermediate), esl reading comprehension worksheet: global warming (intermediate), esl reading comprehension worksheet: at the workplace (intermediate), esl reading comprehension worksheet: job interview (intermediate), esl reading comprehension worksheet: holiday (intermediate), esl listening comprehension worksheet: school lunch (intermediate), intermediate-advanced level (b2-c1), dialogue/debate worksheet: fast fashion – the true cost of clothes (intermediate-advanced), esl listening comprehension worksheet: technology and relationships (intermediate-advanced), esl vocabulary & conversation worksheet: job interview (intermediate-advanced), esl grammar worksheet, future tenses: traveling (intermediate-advanced), esl writing practice worksheet: newspaper articles (intermediate-advanced), esl writing practice worksheet: creating concise sentences (intermediate-advanced), esl writing exercise: creating complex sentences: las vegas (intermediate-advanced), esl everyday idioms vocabulary exercises (intermediate-advanced), esl vocabulary worksheet: food idioms (intermediate-advanced), esl vocabulary worksheet: idioms & slang (intermediate-advanced), esl reading comprehension worksheet: raising children (intermediate-advanced), esl reading comprehension worksheet: dreams (intermediate-advanced), esl reading comprehension worksheet: giving advice (intermediate-advanced), esl grammar worksheet: phrasal verbs: office & business (intermediate-advanced), esl grammar worksheet: phrasal verbs: dating (intermediate-advanced), esl grammar worksheet: phrasal verbs: sports (intermediate-advanced), illustrated esl lesson packages for kids.

Exclusively available from JIMMYESL: The following bundles include illustrated vocabulary worksheets for various exercises, flashcards, and a certificate of achievement. They’re great to help young learners memorize new vocabulary with fun!

School & Classroom Objects – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

School & Classroom Objects – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Shape Names – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Shape Names – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Body Parts – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Body Parts – ESL Vocabulary Worksheets & Flashcards

Esl worksheets for beginners and elementary.

These are the ESL worksheets for young students, and for beginner and elementary level students. Again, you can download all worksheets in PDF and Word format, edit and print them for your lessons. Have fun teaching!

Beginner and Elementary Level (A1-A2)

Esl reading comprehension worksheet: in the restaurant (beginner-elementary), esl reading comprehension worksheet: france (beginner-elementary), esl reading comprehension worksheet: zoo animals (beginner-elementary), esl reading comprehension worksheet: playing football (beginner-elementary), listening comprehension worksheet: the pet competition (elementary), esl vocabulary worksheet: sports activities, action words (elementary), esl reading comprehension worksheet: the world of dinosaurs (elementary), list: prepositions of place: at, in & on (elementary), elementary-intermediate level (a2-b1), esl vocabulary worksheet: weather report & forecast (elementary-intermediate), esl vocabulary worksheet: let’s go shopping (elementary-intermediate), esl grammar worksheet: using articles (elementary-intermediate), esl grammar worksheet: -ed & -ing adjectives: describing feelings & situations (elementary-intermediate), esl vocabulary worksheet: describing people (elementary-intermediate), ideas to create your own esl lesson plans.

Check these ideas for engaging and fun ESL lesson activities which you can use to easily create customized worksheets. Or browse our full list of activity ideas to find tons of inspiration and materials.

Community building activities for the classroom

15 Engaging Community Building Activities for the Classroom

Icebreaker Activities for your ESL Lessons

ESL Icebreakers: 8 Games & Activities For Students of All Ages

Warm Up Activities & Games for ESL Lessons

Fun ESL Warm Up Activities & Games for Adults & Kids

Fun ESL Speaking Activities for Teens and Adults

12 Fun ESL Speaking Activities for Teens or Adults

ESL Vocabulary Games for Adults and Kids

17 Fun ESL Vocabulary Games for Adults and Kids

120 would you rather questions: ESL conversation

120 Would You Rather Questions to Start an ESL Conversation

How to Make a Lesson Plan for Teaching English

How to Make a Lesson Plan for Teaching English (The Definitive Guide)

Teaching english pronunciation – ESL guide

The Definitive Guide on Teaching English Pronunciation

12 great esl listening activities & games.

ESL conversation starters - over 150 questions

150 ESL Conversation Starters and Questions (The Essential List)

English grammar: 33 ESL strategies and activities

33 Sure-Fire Strategies & Activities for Teaching English Grammar

18 Tips for Great ESL English Conversation Lessons for Adults

18 Tips on Giving Great English Conversation Lessons for Adults

Super Teacher Worksheets

Addition (Basic)

Addition (Multi-Digit)

Algebra & Pre-Algebra

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Daily Math Review

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Division (Long Division)

Hundreds Charts


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Multiplication (Multi-Digit)

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Skip Counting


Telling Time

Word Problems (Daily)

More Math Worksheets

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Gr. 1

Reading Comprehension Gr. 2

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Reading & Writing

Reading Worksheets

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Writing Worksheets

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More Early Literacy


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More Grammar Worksheets

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Spelling Grade 1

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More Spelling Worksheets

Chapter Books

Charlotte's Web

Magic Tree House #1

Boxcar Children

More Literacy Units

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Animal Articles

Butterfly Life Cycle


Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)

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Space - Solar System

More Science Worksheets

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Maps (Map Skills)

More Social Studies

Valentine's Day

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More Kindergarten

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Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Here are some very basic passages for students in kindergarten. Each passage is accompanied by several simple reading comprehension questions.

This page has reading comprehension passages for students reading at a first-grade level. Each one includes a page of simple comprehension questions, and many include a vocabulary activity and writing prompt.

Here is a collection of articles and stories written for students at a second-grade reading level. Each worksheet includes questions to help test your students' understanding of the material.

Check out our fiction stories, poems, and nonfiction articles written for students reading at a third-grade level. Each passage is accompanied by reading comprehension questions.

Whether you're looking for nonfiction animal articles, biographies on important historical figures, or fun fiction stories, this page has your fourth-grade reading comprehension needs covered.

We have a large collection of fifth-grade fiction passages, nonfiction articles, and poems. Worksheets include reading comprehension questions to test readers' understanding of the text.

Here you can access our wide variety of biographical articles, nonfiction articles, and poems specifically written for sixth graders.

Take a look at our middle school reading comprehension worksheets, designed specifically for those reading at a seventh-grade level or beyond.

Print articles on countless animal species, from aardvarks and armadillos to wombats and zebras. Each article has comprehension questions and a vocab activity.

Here you'll find a selection of biographical reading comprehension passages. Biographies cover historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, George Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Gertrude Ederle, and many, many more.

We have a huge collection of original poems for students at all elementary grade levels.

Small groups of students can perform these short readers' theater scripts in the classroom.

On this page you'll find a large selection of phonics-based mini-books for young readers.

This page has handy printables such as book report forms, literature circle roles, book bingo, and other reading worksheets.

This page has some very short reading comprehension passages at a 2nd grade level. The passages and questions all fit on a single page.

These third grade reading passages are very short. Read the paragraph(s) and answer the questions.

Here is a complete listing of the English Language Arts content on this site.

This is a complete list of the phonics worksheets available on Super Teacher Worksheets.

This section has alphabet activities, phonics worksheets, basic sentence building activities, and more.

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Search 50,000+ worksheets, curated by experts, created by teachers and aligning to mainstream curriculums., worksheets for teachers.

April 13, 2011 by admin

TheWorksheets.Com -the premium site for Free Printable Worksheets for Teachers. Quick and easy access to a variety of academic topics across grades, spiced up with coloring & games ! Take a print-out and gift your kid some of the best worksheets to learn and to have fun! Engage with them and solve puzzles together with our holiday fun archives!

Popular Worksheets at a Glance

Social skills worksheets.

Your search for social skills worksheets ends here!! Ta-da!

Handwriting Worksheets

Best Handwriting worksheets, all in one place.

Languages Worksheets

Basic & advanced worksheets in 24 languages across the world!

Life skills Worksheets

From ‘Cyber Bullying Awareness’ to ‘Yoga & Meditation’. Explore!

Worksheets By Grade

Math worksheets by grade.

Access 1st Grade to 10th Grade Math worksheets

English Worksheets by Grade

Access 1st Grade to 10th Grade English worksheets

Science Worksheets by Grade

Access 1st Grade to 10th Grade Science worksheets

Social Studies Worksheets

Access 1st Grade to 10th Grade Social Studies worksheets

This holiday season, pick up a Language!! Check out our collection of Languages Worksheets for quick-basic and advanced tutorials!

Languages worksheets archive.

Spanish, Cantonese, German, French, Japanese. You have it all!!

Follow our Twitter Handle @theworksheets to stay updated with the latest blogs and worksheets from us!

Learn a trick or take a treat from our in-house Blogger-mom Anna! This week we have added a new blog post to our blog series #FreeToolTips . Check out the newly added section for Social Skills Worksheets as suggested by our patrons! #ComingUpSoon – We have come up with a series of worksheets on the high-school electives , general subjects, and specialized subjects as requested by our Patrons! It is available on the menu or directly go to the page here !

Explore our Collections

Worksheet mega library.

The Mega Library from where it all comes! From Adjectives to Autism, Money management to Phonetics, Timetables, Two step equations and much more.

Holiday Worksheets

National holidays, religious holidays and even special days (read Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthday!!)

Games Worksheets

Number games,Matching games,Memory worksheets and more fun filled sheets.

Kindergarten Worksheets

ESL, Alphabet worksheets, Math, Preschool worksheets and much more for your adoring toddler.

Activity Worksheets

Fun activities printable worksheets, dot to dot and miscellaneous stuff. Explore when you are looking to learn while having fun 🙂

Mathematics Worksheets

Algebra, Arithmetic, Exponents, Geometry, Probability, Rounding, Ratios, Factors, Graphs, You-name-it-math.

English Worksheets

Antonyms, Cause and effect, Context clues, Cursive writing , Grammar, Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary.. check-it-out-already!

Science Worksheets

All Science worksheets including Life skills and scientific method worksheets.

Social studies collection. Map skills and more. Use search-box for specific worksheets.

Our collection of free printable worksheets for teachers will cater to the needs of a teacher/parent intent on imparting education in a timely and disciplined manner. If the worksheet you are looking for doesn’t fall into any of the categories above, search by typing directly into search box and click on Search . For example, to find rubric worksheets, start by typing rubric and click search to continue.

free printable worksheets for teachers

All the listed worksheets are either in PDF format or DOC format as they are the most used and easy formats. Do refer to our FAQ s section to know how-to use these worksheets. Send across your requests or leave a comment if you need it in any other format! If you loved our work, please leave us a comment. We are all ears for any suggestions you might have. -Team

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Free Teacher Worksheets

Get started with some of the top free worksheets that edhelper offers. these are teacher-friendly resources to help develop your curriculum with unique worksheets that challenge children to grow. kindergarten math worksheets freebie first grade math worksheets freebie second grade math worksheets freebie third grade math worksheets freebie fourth grade math worksheets freebie fifth grade math worksheets freebie sixth grade math worksheets freebie.

Free Math Puzzle Worksheets for Kids in 1st to 6th Grades

Free Math Puzzle Worksheets for Kids in 1st to 6th Grades

Free Hybrid Math Homework Printables

Free Hybrid Math Homework Printables

Daily Free Learning Workbooks

Daily Free Learning Workbooks

10 Math Worksheets That Work for Teachers (Free Printables)

10 Math Worksheets That Work for Teachers (Free Printables)

This Week's Weekly Math Worksheets

This Week's Weekly Math Worksheets

Math Minutes

Weekly Spelling Practice Workbooks

10 Fun Ways for K-6 Teachers to Teach English Grammar [with Free Printables]

10 Fun Ways for K-6 Teachers to Teach English Grammar [with Free Printables]

How to Teach Spelling - Strategies That Work [with Free Spelling Workbooks]

How to Teach Spelling - Strategies That Work [with Free Spelling Workbooks]

4 Quick Ways for Your Students to Practice Math Every Single Day [with Free Printables]

4 Quick Ways for Your Students to Practice Math Every Single Day [with Free Printables]

Gifted Kids Math Challenge Workbooks

Gifted Kids Math Challenge Workbooks

Decorative posters for your bulletin board and classroom.

Decorative posters for your bulletin board and classroom.

Reading Comprehensions - Weekly Reading Books

Reading Comprehensions - Weekly Reading Books

Language Arts Monthly Challenge Books

Language Arts Monthly Challenge Books

Worksheets for Fast Finishers and Daily Warmups

Worksheets for Fast Finishers and Daily Warmups

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills


This Month's Puzzle Workbook

Morning Work

Morning Work

Do Worksheets Still Work? What is the future of this classroom staple in the classroom?

Do Worksheets Still Work? What is the future of this classroom staple in the classroom?

Homework Workbooks

Homework Workbooks

Make and Create Your Own Word Search Challenge Workbook

Make and Create Your Own Word Search Challenge Workbook

Make Puzzles

Make Puzzles

Free Crossword Puzzle Maker

Free Crossword Puzzle Maker

Mental Math

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Math Learning Centers

Math Learning Centers

Math Worksheets from

Math Worksheets from

worksheets for teachers free

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  • Addition Word Problems
  • Subtraction – Picture
  • Subtraction – 1 Digit
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  • Subtraction – 3 Digit
  • Subtraction – 4 Digit
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  • Multiplication Word Problems
  • Square Root
  • Division – Long Division
  • Division-2Digit by1Digit-No Remainder
  • Division-2Digit by1Digit-With Remainder
  • Division-3Digit by1Digit-No Remainder
  • Division – Sharing
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Black History Month Activities for Kids and Elementary Students

By Med Kharbach, PhD | Last Update: February 12, 2024

Black History Month Activities for Kids

As February rolls around, it’s a fantastic time to immerse ourselves and our young learners in the rich mosaic of African American history and culture. Black History Month is not just a period to reflect on the past but also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Americans throughout history.

Engaging kids in Black History Month activities allows us to open their minds to the stories, struggles, and successes of African Americans, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity and resilience.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for classroom ideas or a parent seeking meaningful ways to engage your child at home, this guide is packed with unique and educational activities designed to make learning about Black history engaging, informative, and fun for kids and elementary students.

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Here are some practical ideas to make Black History Month both educational and memorable for kids and elementary students.

1. Introduce Kids to the Inventor of the Traffic Light

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Start by telling the story of Garrett Morgan , an African American inventor who created the three-position traffic signal. Use a specifically designed activity pack that includes coloring pages of his invention, reading comprehension worksheets detailing his life and work, and perhaps a fun experiment simulating his invention using simple materials like colored paper and flashlights. This hands-on approach helps kids understand the importance of his invention in everyday life.

2. Create Educational Visuals Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Encourage students to create their own posters or digital presentations celebrating significant Black figures in history using graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. They could focus on a variety of areas such as science, art, literature, or social justice. This activity allows children to express their creativity while learning about the contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

3. Play Black History Month Trivia

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Organize a trivia game with questions about famous Black inventors, scientists, artists, and leaders. This can be a fun way for kids to learn about historical figures and facts that they might not be familiar with. Consider using a digital quiz tool like Kahoot! to make it interactive and competitive, encouraging children to learn more in preparation for the game.

4. Read Black History Month Stories

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Select a range of stories and books that celebrate Black history and culture. After reading, engage the kids in discussions about the themes, characters, and historical contexts of the stories. This can help develop their empathy and understanding of different perspectives and experiences.

5. Discuss Black History Figures

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Dedicate time each day or week to learn about a different Black explorer, scientist, leader, or changemaker. Use a variety of resources like videos, biographies, and interactive websites to bring these figures to life. Discuss their achievements, the obstacles they faced, and how they have influenced the world. Highlighting their contributions on a global scale can provide a broader perspective on their impact.

6. Decorate Class

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Involve students in decorating the classroom with printables, posters, and their own artwork inspired by Black History Month. This can include portraits of notable figures, quotes, and significant symbols. Hands-on activities like crafting decorations or creating a bulletin board display can make the learning environment more inclusive and inspiring.

7. Read Picture Books

Black History Month Activities for Kids

A popular picture book to use with kids is Freedom in Congo Square by Carole Boston Weatherford. Use this picture book as a starting point to explore the history of slavery and the resilience of enslaved Africans in America. Reading and discussing the book can open up conversations about the importance of freedom and the ways in which enslaved people preserved their culture and supported each other.

8. Read Stories with Black Girls as Protagonists

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Direct students to the “ 1000 Black Girl Books ” resource guide and select books to read together. This initiative, which highlights stories with Black girls as the main characters, is a fantastic way to introduce diverse voices and experiences into your reading list. Discussing these stories can help students understand different perspectives and the power of representation in literature.

9. African American Music Appreciation

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Dive into the rich history of African American music by exploring genres like jazz, blues, gospel, hip-hop, and R&B. Create a playlist of iconic songs from different eras, and organize a listening party. Discuss the origins of each genre and its cultural significance. Incorporate dance by teaching children steps from African or African American dances, or have them create their own choreography inspired by the music. This activity celebrates the profound impact of African American artists on the music world and encourages kids to express themselves through movement and rhythm.

10. Create a Mural

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Invite students to work together on a large mural that depicts themes of freedom, unity, and the achievements of Black Americans throughout history. This could involve painting figures who have made significant contributions to society, symbols of the civil rights movement, or scenes that reflect the students’ understanding of Black History Month. This project not only fosters teamwork and creativity but also serves as a visual reminder of the lessons learned during the month.

11. Discover African American Cuisine

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Host a day where students can explore African American culinary traditions, which are rich with history and flavor. Share stories about the origins of dishes like soul food, Creole cuisine, and traditional African meals. If possible, organize a potluck or cooking demonstration where children can taste and learn to make simple recipes. This activity offers a delicious way to connect with history and understand the cultural significance of food.

12. Learn about African American Scientists and Inventors

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Encourage students to research African American scientists and inventors whose work has changed the world. This can be done through a digital scavenger hunt or an interactive presentation using tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides. Students could focus on figures like Mae Jemison , the first African American woman in space, or Lonnie Johnson , inventor of the Super Soaker. This project highlights the contributions of Black individuals in the fields of science and technology, inspiring students to explore their own interests in these areas.

13. Share Family Stories

Black History Month Activities for Kids

Invite students to learn about their own families’ histories and any connections to Black history. They can interview family members, write down stories, or bring in photos and artifacts that represent their heritage. Sharing these stories in class can foster a sense of community and personal connection to history. It’s a powerful way to show that history is not just about big names and dates but also about the experiences and contributions of ordinary people.

Final thoughts

Embracing Black History Month with kids through a variety of activities is a celebration of culture, innovation, and strength. From exploring the inventions of Garrett Morgan to dancing to the rhythms of African American music, each activity offers a window into the contributions and achievements of Black Americans.

By integrating these Black History Month activities for kids into our teaching or parenting, we not only honor the past but also inspire the next generation to appreciate diversity and aspire to greatness. Let’s make this Black History Month a transformative time for our children, filled with learning, creativity, and discovery, ensuring they carry forward the lessons of resilience, unity, and respect throughout their lives.

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Meet Med Kharbach, PhD

Dr. Med Kharbach is an influential voice in the global educational technology landscape, with an extensive background in educational studies and a decade-long experience as a K-12 teacher. Holding a Ph.D. from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada, he brings a unique perspective to the educational world by integrating his profound academic knowledge with his hands-on teaching experience. Dr. Kharbach's academic pursuits encompass curriculum studies, discourse analysis, language learning/teaching, language and identity, emerging literacies, educational technology, and research methodologies. His work has been presented at numerous national and international conferences and published in various esteemed academic journals.

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Wooclap AI is here!

Your questions. Fueled by AI.

Jamboard Alternatives 2024

11 Jamboard Alternatives for Education & Business in 2024

19.02.2024 • 9 minutes

Jamboard Alternatives illustration

The free Google Jamboard app and its accompanying hardware will be discontinued by the end of December 2024, after nearly 8 years of running.  

While most users are looking for Jamboard alternatives because it’s nearing retirement, others just want a tool that can do better. Because let’s be honest, Jamboard has some pretty noticeable limitations:

  • Fixed canvas: Sure, some users are big fans of Jamboard’s fixed canvas but it’s only limited to 20 frames per project. Meanwhile, others would love to have an infinite canvas.
  • Limited file support: Jamboard only supports adding images to your whiteboard—forget about documents, audio, and videos. Plus, any link you add is only displayed as plain text and isn’t clickable.
  • Limited collaboration and interactivity features: Jamboard’s performance dips with more than 20 users. And there are no interactive activities, comments, chat, or reaction features to gauge your audience’s understanding and take feedback.
  • No update in years: To top it off, Jamboard has barely made any efforts to listen to customer requests, improve its toolset, and enhance the user experience.

So, what are the Jamboard alternatives that leverage its strengths and address its major weaknesses?

After two weeks of first-hand testing and combing through user reviews, we curated a list of the Top Jamboard Alternatives worth your time. We evaluated each of them in the following areas:

  • Whiteboarding
  • Collaboration
  • Supporting features
  • Affordability

Let’s check them out!

Best Jamboard Alternatives: Executive Summary

What is jamboard.

First Jamboard Jam

TJ Varghese, a Google product engineer, needed something better than Google Docs for free-form brainstorming during video calls. So he partnered with his colleague, Brian Tee, to build a visual brainstorming app for remote meetings.[ * ]

As remote work and the need for visual collaboration grew, Google refined and launched the Jamboard app and hardware in 2016 .

Users like Jamboard for its simple interface, basic drawing tools, multi-frame fixed canvases, and seamless integration with Google apps like Meet, Classroom, and Drive. However, Jamboard's fixed canvas size and lack of advanced features often leave users wanting more.

So, while Jamboard is perfect for small and fast team collaboration, it’s not the best fit for users with more complex needs and workflows.

How We Curated Our List of Jamboard Alternatives

Jamboard is a digital whiteboarding app, and the market is flooded with similar software. 

To handpick the best alternatives, we identified user favorites on review sites and forums. Then we signed up for each tool and tested its features in four categories Jamboard users commonly had questions about:

  • Whiteboarding — Does the app have basic drawing tools (e.g., pen, shapes, and sticky notes) and perform well, even with many users? 
  • Collaboration — Does it have basic features (like comments and voting) and advanced ones (like revision history and video chat) for complex projects?
  • Supporting features — Does it have extra features (e.g., templates, integrations, etc.) to enhance the whiteboarding experience?
  • Pricing — Does it have free or affordable paid plans, and are there discounts for educators?

This allowed us to narrow the list down to the TOP 11 alternatives. Let’s go through a mini-review of each Jamboard alternative:

1. Wooclap — Best Alternative For Interactive Activities and Game-based Learning

Wooclap Homepage

In 2015, Sébastien Lebbe and Jonathan Alzetta launched Wooclap to make lectures more engaging based on expert advice from educators, neuroscientists, and technologists. After the success in education, they also expanded to collaborative business environments — they now serve over 50 million users worldwide, including top shots like Maastricht University, Total Energies, and Kellogg’s.

Top Wooclap features:

  • Interactive activities
  • Collaborative whiteboards
  • Post-session questionnaires
  • Competition mode and leaderboards
  • In-app reactions, messaging, and Q&As
  • Icebreakers and knowledge evaluation templates

Wooclap is perfect for educators, corporate trainers, and team leaders looking to break away from monotonous lectures and engage their audiences with immersive brainstorming and learning sessions.

Whiteboarding: Jamboard is only for whiteboarding, while Wooclap offers even more.

Jamboard does everything in a “Jam”, which is Google’s term for a blank collaborative whiteboarding canvas. Meanwhile, with Wooclap, you set up an “event” that’s made up of one or more “question types”.

Just like with Jamboard, participants can join events via a link (no account required), and you can allow anonymity to encourage shy attendees to participate.

Wooclap question types

Wooclap supports 21 question types , 3 of which can directly replace Jamboard’s functionality:

  • Whiteboard,
  • Brainstorming,
  • and Framework.

Its Whiteboard is just like Jamboard’s — it’s got all the basic drawing tools such as pens, text, sticky notes, and shapes. And you can enable or disable collaboration tools for your participants.

Wooclap Whiteboard

Wooclap also allows you to sequence multiple whiteboards in an event to get the “presentation” functionality that Jamboard provides with its Frames.

Wooclap multiple whiteboards

Unlike Whiteboard, the Brainstorm question type is designed specifically for collecting and categorizing ideas or solutions as opposed to illustrating concepts and freeform visual collaboration.

For example, if you're leading a class or meeting, and you have a topic or a problem to tackle, you can set up different buckets for everyone's thoughts on that topic.

Then there’s the Framework question type.

It’s ideal for team collaboration on frameworks like the business model canvas, SWOT, or Porter’s Five Forces. All you need to do is upload an image of the framework and set up the points where you want to gather your audience’s contribution.

Interactive Activities: Wooclap lets you evaluate your audience’s retention of complex topics during meetings, workshops, or classroom sessions.

While question types like Whiteboard, Brainstorm, and Framework focus on group or team collaboration, others are super handy for assessing whether your audience understood a topic. These include:

  • Fill in the blanks ,
  • Multiple choice ,
  • Find on image ,
  • Competition mode ,

And, after your session, you can access detailed performance reports, giving you insights into how well the participants understand the material.

Integrations: Wooclap integrates with presentation, video conferencing, and LMS software.

Wooclap integrations include PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, 360Learning, Zoom, Genially, and Microsoft Teams, so you can seamlessly use it besides these tools.

It's also compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and BrightSpace, as well as any LMS that supports the LTI standard.

Pricing: Wooclap is affordable and offers discounts for educational institutions. It also has a generous free plan.

Wooclap’s free plan unlocks:

  • All question types
  • Unlimited events
  • 1,000 participants per event
  • 2 questions per event

This is more than enough if you only want to organize a collaborative whiteboarding or brainstorming session.

But if you want to take full advantage of all the question types and unlock more than 2 questions per event, you’ll have to go with the paid plans.

Use Wooclap if:

  • You’re a teacher, trying to boost your audience’s comprehension and retention of complex topics with interactive activities.
  • You’re a business training instructor and want to track your audience’s participation, performance, and satisfaction.
  • You’re a team leader, trying to lead productive brainstorming sessions and collaborative team meetings.

2. Miro — Best Alternative for Agile and Software Development Teams

Miro homepage

In 2011 , Andrey Khusid founded Miro , originally named RealtimeBoard, to enable his design agency to effectively communicate new ideas with remote clients. Today, it serves over 60 million users, with the majority being in the IT and services space.

Miro’s top features include:

  • Infinite canvas
  • In-app video chat
  • Timer, comments, and voting
  • Revision history with versioning
  • Agile and project planning templates

These unique features make it perfect for large software teams, who are looking to effectively collaborate on projects and communicate complex ideas in a remote setting.

Miro vs. Jamboard

Miro, like Jamboard, allows you to format your canvas background and provides pen, highlighter, eraser, text, shape, and sticky note tools. It takes this a step further with custom pen and highlighter colors, a lasso tool for bulk-editing multiple objects, and an import feature that supports images, text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Canvas with Miro

A big difference between the tools is that while a Jam in Jamboard has a finite canvas and multiple frames, Miro allows you to insert multiple frames on an infinite canvas.

Miro Pricing

Miro’s pricing starts with a free plan for individuals and businesses, which is limited to a single workspace with 3 editable boards. To remove these restrictions, you can opt for a paid plan:

  • Starter: $10/month per member
  • Business: $20/month per member
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

For educators, Miro provides a free team workspace with unlimited boards. However, your workspace is limited to 100 users.

Use Miro if:

  • You’re part of a large remote team.
  • You want a tool that easily integrates with your business tech stack.
  • You need an infinite canvas and advanced collaboration features for complex projects.

3. Lucidspark — Best Alternative for Collaborative Brainstorming in Large Groups

Lucidspark homepage

Lucidspark is an offshoot of Lucidchart, the flowchart diagramming tool. It was launched at the height of the pandemic in 2020 , to enhance remote work collaboration with a focus on visualizing ideas and productive brainstorming.

Lucidspark includes features like:

  • Timer, reactions, and voting
  • Brainstorming and team building templates

These features make Lucidspark ideal for large remote teams, who need to organize complex brainstorming sessions, analyze ideas, and streamline group decision-making.

Lucidspark vs. Jamboard

Lucidspark and Jamboard both offer basic features like sticky notes, drawing tools, shapes, lines, and a laser pointer. However, unlike Jamboard, you can work on an infinite canvas with multiple frames in Lucidspark. These frames are automatically added to a Table of Contents (TOC), so you can easily navigate between them.

Lucidspark whiteboard

A key Lucidspark strength is its advanced sticky notes functionality. You can use the cleanup tool to tidy up cluttered stickies, manual sort for grouping stickies by color, tags, or votes, and magic sort for grouping stickies with similar themes.

Lucidspark Pricing

Lucidspark’s pricing starts with a free plan, which offers 3 editable boards and 25MB of document storage. To unlock unlimited boards and higher storage limits, you can choose from one of three paid plans:

  • Individual: $7.95/month
  • Team: $9.00/month/member

Use Lucidspark if:

  • You need an expansive canvas to work with a large team.
  • You rely heavily on collaborative brainstorming and decision-making.
  • You don’t need a desktop app.

4. Stormboard — Best Alternative for Collaborative Project Planning and Execution

Stormboard homepage

Back in 2009 , Reg Cheramy and Michael Bollman founded Stormboard to optimize the productivity of distributed teams and nudge them to take action after meetings. Fast forward to today, it's the go-to platform for teams looking for an all-in-one platform to brainstorm ideas and manage projects.

Stormboard includes features like:

  • Task management
  • Timer, commenting, and voting
  • Meeting, brainstorming, and project templates

Stormboard is best for project managers and team leads who need a tool for effective project planning and turning meeting discussions into clear, actionable tasks with defined responsibilities.

Stormboard vs. Jamboard

Jamboard and Stormboard have different approaches to collaboration. While Jamboard starts with a Jam (aka whiteboard), Sotrmboard starts with a Storm (aka digital workspace).

Stormboard storm

You can only add sticky notes to your Storms, link them with connectors, and assign them to team members. Plus, each sticky accepts 6 content types: text, images, videos, index cards, files, and a whiteboard. Like Jamboard, Stormboard’s whiteboard also has drawing tools, a laser pointer, and the option to export as an image. 

Stormboard Pricing

Stormboard has a free plan that only allows 5 open Storms and 5 users per Storm. To remove these limits, you’ll have to choose from one of two pricing tiers :

  • Business: $10/month/user
  • Enterprise: Custom

Use Stormboard if:

  • You want a whiteboarding tool with project management and reporting features.
  • You want to turn your meeting takeaways into actionable tasks.
  • You don’t need to upload PDFs to your whiteboard or export your whiteboard as a PDF.

5. — Best Alternative for Interactive Practice Sessions and Drills in K-12 Classrooms homepage

Sebastian Laxell and Jaakko Virtanen started with a simple idea: make cool, easy, and affordable digital tools for everyone. Since then, they’ve successfully transformed the traditional K-12 classroom drill sessions (where teachers hand out erasable whiteboards for students' responses) into a smooth digital experience. includes features like:

  • Single-frame finite canvas 
  • Drawing tools
  • Math equation editor
  • Convert drawings into a background image

These features make ideal for K-12 teachers looking to recreate the physical whiteboard practice and drill experience for remote students. vs. Jamboard, similarly to Jamboard, has a finite canvas and drawing tools. However, both tools differ in their approach to collaboration. While Jamboard’s canvas has 20 frames where multiple users can collaborate on each of them, assigns a single-frame canvas to the teacher and each student. whiteboard

Students can toggle between viewing their own or the teacher’s whiteboard. On the other hand, the teacher can monitor students’ activity on their whiteboards, react to them, and provide 1-on-1 feedback to each student. Pricing

Besides its free plan, has 3 pricing tiers :

  • Lite: $3.49/month
  • Pro: $6.99/month
  • Premium: $17.99/month

Use if:

  • You’re a K-12 teacher.
  • You don’t need real-time collaboration features.
  • You want to conduct interactive practice sessions and drills with a small group of students in and outside the classroom.

6. FigJam — Best for Design-based Ideation for Product and UI/UX Teams

Figjam homepage

FigJam was launched in 2021 as a brainstorm-focused spinoff of Figma, a UI/UX design tool. This way, users can have a space for early-stage ideation and brainstorming.

FigJam includes features like:

  • Image editing tools
  • Reactions, stamps, and comments

FigJam is perfect for product and design teams looking to organize and visualize their ideas before transforming them into detailed designs.

FigJam vs. Jamboard

FigJam and Jamboard have basic features like pens, highlighters, text boxes, sticky notes, and shapes. However, Figma has more text and image formatting options and makes it easier to connect shapes, which can help draw diagrams and flowcharts.

Whiteboard with FigJam

Unlike Jamboard, FigJam’s infinite canvas offers more space for handling extensive projects. You can also organize content into frames and hide these frames until they’re needed.  

FigJam Pricing

Here are FigJam’s pricing plans for individuals and businesses:

  • Professional: $3/month per seat
  • Organization: $5/month per seat (Annual billing only)

Educators (K-12 teachers & higher education faculty) and students get access to the Figma Professional plan for free. 

Use FigJam if:

  • You're leading a product or design team.
  • You need a space to share and collaborate on design ideas.
  • You need advanced text, image, and template customization options.

7. Microsoft Whiteboard — Best Alternative for Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft Whiteboard homepage

Microsoft unveiled the desktop version of Microsoft Whiteboard in 2018 to encourage visual collaboration within teams. By 2019 , they also launched a web app and Microsoft Teams integration for a seamless collaboration experience across all devices.

Microsoft Whiteboard includes features like:

  • Timer, reactions, and comments
  • Customisable canvas background
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Bing images

These features make Microsoft Whiteboard perfect for Microsoft users who want a collaborative whiteboarding tool that fits perfectly into their Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft Whiteboard vs. Jamboard

Microsoft Whiteboard and Jamboard both have pens, highlighters, text, sticky notes, and laser pointers.

Microsoft Whiteboard

However, Microsoft Whiteboard stands out with additional options like “Ink to shape” and “Ink to table”, which turn your drawings into perfect shapes and tables. You can also upload images and PDFs, and use the Lasso tool to select and edit groups of elements easily.

Microsoft Whiteboard Pricing

Microsoft Whiteboard is free to use as long as you sign in with your personal Outlook or Microsoft 365 account.

Use Microsoft Whiteboard if:

  • You’re a Microsoft 365 user.
  • You want to seamlessly integrate a whiteboarding tool into your Microsoft ecosystem. 
  • You only need to upload and work with image and PDF files on the whiteboard.

8. OpenBoard — Best Open Source Alternative for Teaching Maths 

OpenBoard homepage

OpenBoard is an open source project that was built on the legacy of the University of Lausanne's Uniboard and Open-Sankoré. It later got a fresh spin to improve its ease of use and features for teachers and interactive classroom learning.

OpenBoard includes features like:

  • Multiple finite canvases
  • Drawing and magnifier tools
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Math tools library
  • Customizable canvas background

While OpenBoard is built as a desktop app and lacks real-time collaboration features, it stands out as the perfect whiteboard tool for explaining complex math concepts in a traditional classroom setting or via a video conferencing tool.

OpenBoard vs. Jamboard

While Jamboard keeps things simple with fewer features, OpenBoards packs in a bunch of features, which raises its learning curve.

OpenBoard whiteboard

In addition to the key features like pen, highlighter, sticky notes, eraser, and laser pointer, OpenBoard has a wider variety of shapes, text formatting options, and math tools. These maths tools include a ruler, compass, protractor, set square, calculator, and a GraphMe app for sketching graphs.

OpenBoard Pricing

OpenBoard is an open-source digital whiteboard that is free to use forever.

Use OpenBoard if:

  • You’re an educator.
  • You need a whiteboard with math tools to enhance instructor-led classroom sessions.
  • You don’t need real-time collaboration features to work with remote students on the same board.

9. Explain Everything — Best Alternative for Recording Whiteboarding Sessions

Explain Everything homepage

Bartosz Gonczarek, Piotr Sliwinski, and Reshan Richards wanted to design a dynamic and more effective solution for students to showcase their understanding, rather than relying on traditional methods like quizzes and worksheets. This led to the creation of Explain Everything in August 2011 , a whiteboard app built for interactive learning and audio-recorded content.

Explain Everything includes features like:

  • Video editor
  • Screen and audio recording
  • Drawing and image editing tools

Explain Everything is best for teachers who want to turn their instructor-led or collaborative whiteboard sessions into engaging tutorials that students can revisit to reinforce their understanding.

Explain Everything vs. Jamboard

Explain Everything and Jamboard have tools like multiple frames per whiteboard lesson, pens, highlighters, shapes, text, and laser pointers. However, unlike Jamboard, Explain Everything isn’t limited to 20 frames and each frame is an infinite canvas.

Explain Everything whiteboard

Additionally, Explain Everything supports various media types like PDFs, documents, images, presentations, audio, and videos. You can also record your whiteboard sessions and share the link with students to view and download.

Explain Everything Pricing

Explain Everything’s pricing plans for education are billed annually:

  • Solo Teacher: $34.99/year
  • Class: $129.99/year
  • School: Contact for pricing

Meanwhile, the individual and commercial use plans are billed monthly:

  • Pro: $9.99/month
  • Team: $9.99/month per user

Use Explain Everything if:

  • You don’t need to collaborate with a large number of students.
  • You need an all-in-one whiteboarding, recording, and editing tool to create lesson tutorials.
  • You don’t need to embed webcam video into your tutorials.

10. Canva Whiteboard — Best Alternative for Creative Brainstorming in Design Teams

Canva homepage

In 2022 , Canva expanded its graphic design suite to include a Whiteboard feature. This was designed to provide design teams with a free-form canvas to brain-dump their ideas, organize their inspiration sources, and enhance their overall creative process. 

Canva Whiteboard includes features like:

  • Advanced text and photo editing tools
  • Mindmap, moodboard, and flowchart templates
  • Stock photo, video, graphics, and sticker libraries

Canva Whiteboard is perfect for design teams who want to visually shape their ideas before diving into creating detailed designs.

Canva Whiteboard vs. Jamboard

Canva Whiteboard, similarly to Jamboard, lets you add multiple frames per whiteboard project and has drawing tools like pen, highlighter, shapes, sticky notes, and eraser. But with Canva whiteboard, you’re not limited to 20 frames and each frame is an unlimited canvas.

Canva whiteboard

Plus, Canva Whiteboard allows you to:

  • Create custom colors
  • Add tables, graphs, and charts 
  • Upload images, gifs, audio, and videos

Canva Whiteboard Pricing

Canva Whiteboard is free for business and education users.

Use Canva Whiteboard if:

  • You’re a graphic designer.
  • You need a whiteboard with more flexibility and customization options to visualize your creative ideas.
  • You don’t need advanced remote collaboration tools.

11. BENQ EZWrite — Best Alternative for Interactive Display and Collaboration

BENQ homepage

BenQ aims to make learning easier with their tech—they've got everything from projectors to interactive displays. In addition to the hardware, BENQ built EZWrite , an interactive whiteboarding tool, to further enhance the learning experience. 

BENQ EZWrite includes features like:

  • Maths toolset

These features, in addition to BENQ’s interactive flat panel displays, make it perfect for teachers who want to manage an interactive and immersive in-person, remote and hybrid classroom sessions.

BENQ EZWrite vs. Jamboard

BENQ EZWrite’s whiteboard has basic drawing tools like sticky notes, text, shapes, pens, and erasers. Like Jamboard, it also has a flat panel display (which is the BENQ Board) that works seamlessly with its whiteboard app for immersive in-class sessions.

BenQ whiteboard

But BENQ EZWrite’s whiteboard app takes this a step further. You can add clickable links to your canvas, play around with more text formatting options, and use math tools like a ruler, protractor, set square, compass, and calculator.

BENQ EZWrite Pricing

The EZWrite software is free to use. However, the BENQ Board comes at a cost. You’ll need to contact the BENQ team for pricing.

Use BENQ EZWrite if:

  • You don’t want to feel overwhelmed with infinite canvases.
  • You want a free Jamboard alternative with more whiteboard features.
  • You want to access your whiteboard on an interactive display.

The Final Verdict

So, there you have it—our roundup of the best Jamboard alternatives that address its weaknesses and are here to stay. If you’re on the fence about a tool, consider signing up for a free plan or trial to see if it fits your needs.

But based on our research and first-hand experience using these tools, here’s what we recommend:

  • Wooclap for educators and corporate trainers who need a single tool for group collaboration (via whiteboarding and brainstorming) and knowledge assessment (via interactive activities).
  • OpenBoard for teachers looking for a free whiteboard app with Jamboard-like features and a comprehensive toolkit to explain complex math concepts.
  • Miro for large software teams who are willing to pay more for an advanced version of Jamboard to support their complex workflows.


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Feb. 29 only happens every four years. How will you spend it?

2024 is a Leap Year, meaning it has one extra day: Thursday, February 29.

If you are — or happen to know — one of the approximately 5 million "leaplings" around the world who were born on Feb. 29, you'll get to celebrate on the actual day for the first time in four years. If not, you're still getting a relatively rare bonus day.

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Free Year of the Dragon Colouring Pages 2024

Free Year of the Dragon Colouring Pages 2024

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Age range: 7-11

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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2024, the Year of The Dragon with this FREE Lunar New Year engaging art activity. Use these dragon colouring page worksheets to create an eye-catching Chinese New Year art display in your classroom.

This no-prep print-and-go Chinese New Year art activity encourages students to use their imagination and sense of colour. The challenge is to see if the Year of the Dragon silhouette stands out from the background when the colouring page is finished.

Digitally coloured posters to display - two colourways for inspiration

Colour palette examples and worksheets to encourage students to become experimental and confident in their understanding of how colours work together

Templates to colour - you can choose from 2 worksheet options.

More confident students can draw their own diagonal lines to add more complexity to the activity

Print onto heavyweight paper or card stock for the best results

Use felt tip pens, watercolour paints, oil pastels, crayons or pencils

Learn more about Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year

An experimental art lesson

A handy sub-plan

A fun Friday afternoon activity

A brain break from tech

A lesson about colour, shape, and line

Add to a New Year unit

Build creative confidence

Create a wonderful classroom display for 2024!

I love creating this freebie every year :-) Please get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding this resource, I am always keen to help,

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    Students can toggle between viewing their own or the teacher's whiteboard. On the other hand, the teacher can monitor students' activity on their whiteboards, react to them, and provide 1-on-1 feedback to each student. Pricing. Besides its free plan, has 3 pricing tiers: Lite: $3.49/month; Pro: $6.99/month ...

  27. Leap day 2024: How will you be celebrating? : NPR

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    When: Fall 2024 Date To Be Announced. Where: Various Baylor locations. Cost: FREE. International Education Week is a nationwide initiative that Baylor participates in to help celebrate and spread knowledge about the world on US college campuses. This event is free for all attendees. Please check back on this page for more details as they become available.

  29. Free Year of the Dragon Colouring Pages 2024

    Celebrate Chinese New Year 2024, the Year of The Dragon with this FREE Lunar New Year engaging art activity. Use these dragon colouring page worksheets to create an eye-catching Chinese New Year art display in your classroom. This no-prep print-and-go Chinese New Year art activity encourages students to use their imagination and sense of colour.