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15. Mass Effect Story Walkthrough - Citadel Final Visit

Citadel final visit.

After you have completed all of the main plot missions M3 (Feros), M4 (Liara), M5 (Noveria) and M6 (Virmire) you will automatically travel back to the Citadel when you next interact with the Galaxy Map.

M7.0: Race Against Time

A cutscene occurs with you speaking to the Council, then waiting on the Normandy where you will talk to your romantic interest (otherwise Shepard will be alone); be nice to them (at least at the end of the conversation) to continue the relationship. You will then be informed by Joker to meet Captain Anderson in Flux to discuss a way to release the Normandy from lockdown. Before we do so there are two remaining Citadel assignments we can do.

C17: Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy

Fast travel to the Med Clinic in the Wards. Move forwards and enter the main area beyond the stairs and approach the crowd. Speak to Charles Saracino then choose your responses, completing the assignment.

C18: Citadel: Negotiators Request

Continue towards Flux and speak to Elias Keeler at the foot of the stairs leading into the nightclub, where he will ask you to retrieve some stimulants from Dr. Michel. If you agree, fast travel to the Med Clinic and buy either the depressant or stimulant at the bottom of Dr. Michel's supply list. Return to Keeler and either give him one of the medicines or persuade him to change his course of action, completing the quest.

If you recruited Liara as quickly as possible ( M1.0 Prologue, M2.0 Expose Saren, M2.1 Garrus, M2.2 Wrex, completing M2.0 then going straight to rescue Liara in mission M4.0 ) and completed all of the remaining main plot missions and assignments outlined in this walkthrough thus far with her you will unlock

Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member

Asari Ally

Note that Liara requires much more assignments to be completed compared to the other squad members, since more weight is given to main missions and you don't recruit her until several plot quests have been completed. This achievement is easier to obtain if you complete the DLC missions before reaching this point.

Enter Flux and before meeting Captain Anderson you can go to the dance floor on the immediate right of the entrance and watch Shepard's Shuffle by dancing with Doran. If you also bring your romantic interest, select them once, listen to their quip, then select them again to make them join in.

Approach the bar and speak with Anderson sitting down at the table to the left of the bartender Rita. Choose what you want Anderson to do then select "Ready".

Now is the time to complete any Citadel assignments still remaining in your journal, since they become unavailable once you leave in the Normandy.

Return to the docking bay and enter the Normandy to begin a cutscene. Before proceeding with the endgame we will now go through the DLC missions, since they (and all other assignments) become unavailable when you start M8.0: Ilos; the game does not allow free roaming around the Galaxy Map when you finish the story.

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Mass Effect Assignments: how to start every side quest & assignment

While you’ll be doing a lot of running and gunning across the Galaxy, Mass Effect is still a traditional RPG in many ways. That naturally means a whole bunch of side quests - or Assignments,  as they’re known officially in the game.

As with the various character classes, abilities and class specializations in Mass Effect 1, the assignments featured are pretty typical RPG tropes - various quests that offer up rewards like XP, items, gear, paragon or renegade alignment points, and of course new and unique storylines. Completing the majority of the game nets you the ‘Completionist’ trophy/achievement - so if you’re going for that, you’ll need to tidy up the majority of the assignments.

One advantage of the branching, multi-game narrative of Mass Effect is that several of these side quests and assignments can also feature choices that have consequences in Mass Effect 2 and 3 - if you do the quest.

On this page, we’ll list every side quest assignment in Mass Effect, plus where to start them and any other key information completionists will need to know - broken up by each of Mass Effect’s core locations:

  • Citadel Assignments, part 1

Normandy Squadmate Assignments

  • Citadel Assignments, part 2
  • Story Planet Assignments on Feros, Noveria & Virmire
  • Citadel Assignments, part 3
  • DLC Assignments
  • Collectible assignments

Uncharted World Assignments


Citadel Assignments Part 1

These assignments are available from your very first visit to the Citadel very early in the game, though some assignments unlock gradually as more of the Citadel becomes available to you. 

  • Citadel: Asari Consort: visit the Consort’s Chambers on the Presidium and speak to Nelyna and then Sha’ira.
  • Citadel: Doctor Michel: head to the Lower Wards Med Clinic again any time after taking down Fist in Chora’s Den as part of the main story. 
  • This quest evolves into a ‘second part’ called ‘Citadel: Doctor Michel is Safe’
  • Citadel: Homecoming: once Tali has joined your party, speak to Samesh Bhatia near the embassy area commons area, not far from where there’s an Avina terminal.
  • This quest leads to several follow-up quests as the storyline twists and turns, including Citadel: Jahleed's Secret ,   Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban , followed by one of a number of finales such as Citadel: Jahleed Returns Materials , Citadel: Jahleed Arrested , Citadel: Jahleed Set Free . 
  • Citadel: Presidium Prophet: after the council reject your claims about Eden Prime and the Citadel: Expose Saren main quest begins, find a C-Sec Officer and Hanar on the Presidium in the wide open area near the Citadel Tower. 
  • Citadel: Reporter's Request: as soon as you can access the Upper Wards (once you’re working to expose Saren), find Emily Wong near the stairway to Flux. Alternatively, picking up the OSD in Fist’s office in Chora’s Den also retroactively gives you the quest. 
  • This quest evolves into Citadel: Rita's Sister and Chellick and Citadel: Rita's Sister is Safe as you progress it.
  • Citadel: Scan the Keepers: this assignment is dropped into your lap; after meeting the council, a Salarian is right in your path, fiddling with a keeper. A squadmate will even point them out. Chat to the Salarian, Chorban, to start the quest. If you’ve already started the Citadel: Jahleed’s Fears quest before this one, Chorban will move to the Lower Markets, where you can still get the quest from him. We’ve got a guide to the Keeper Locations to get you through this quest.
  • Depending on choices you make, this assignment will change into either Citadel: Schells' Scanner Given Away or Citadel: Schells has his Data .
  • Citadel: Signal Tracking: visit Flux Casino on the Lower Wards and examine a ‘Suspicious Gambling Machine’ in the upstairs corner to start this quest. We’ve got a guide on the signal tracking locations if you need help.
  • Citadel: The Fan: you’ll find Conrad Verner standing in the Markets area of the Upper Wards. There are three stages to this assignment; you’ll need to visit Verner when you first gain access to the wards, then again after becoming a Spectre, and one last time after completing any of the three main story worlds.
  • As it progresses, this quest changes name to Citadel: Xeltan Convinced .
  • Missing Person / UNC: Privateers: get this assignment by speaking to Garoth in the Citadel Tower after your second meeting with the council. Alternatively, it can be received by hacking a computer terminal on Noveria. It will also automatically trigger if you find and scan the MSV Majesty in the Horse Head Nebula.

Once you’re back on the Normandy after your first Citadel Visit, you’ll have the chance to talk to your squadmates during down time aboard the ship. If you keep talking to them, three of your alien squad members will have requests for you.

What squadmates have to say changes each time you complete a main story mission; you may have to complete one or two story missions before they give you their request and the associated assignment .

  • Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon: keep talking to Garrus and he’ll gradually reveal information about this C-Sec case gone wrong, which eventually gives you a location to head to.
  • Tali and the Geth / Tali’s Pilgrimage: Tali will tell you about her pilgrimage, but this assignment only pops when you clear a Geth Base on Solcrum as part of UNC: Geth Incursions. There’s a terminal you can interact with in that planet’s Geth Stronghold, and you can then gift that data to Tali aboard Normandy.
  • Wrex: Family Armor: keep talking to Wrex and talking about his past; he will ask you to retrieve his family armor, which was stolen. Alternatively, you can find the assignment goal on Tuntau in the Phoenix System of Argos Rho; finding the armor first gives you the quest, then you can turn it in by talking to Wrex. We recommend, for various reasons, that you do this quest before heading to Virmire .


Citadel Assignments Part 2

These assignments will be available the next time you visit the Citadel after completing any one of the three ‘core’ story planet missions of Therum, Noveria, or Feros .

Three of the quests that unlock this point are a branch based on your pre-service history character background - each background gets one exclusive side quest. The other three are available to all.

  • Citadel: I Remember Me: only available if your Shepard has the Colonist background. You’ll automatically get a call about this quest after arriving on the Citadel and using the elevator from the docking bay.
  • Citadel: Old Friends: only available if your Shepard has the Earthborn background. Find Finch in Chora’s Den.
  • Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things: only available if your Shepard has the Spacer background. Talk to Zabaleta in the Wards Access corridor area.
  • Citadel: Family Matter: near the Presidium financial district and Barla Von’s office, there's two people audibly arguing. Insert yourself into their conversation.
  • Citadel: Planting a Bug: you must have completed Citadel: Reporter’s Request for Emily Wong. If you have, find Wong in the Citadel Tower to get this continuation.
  • Citadel: Snap Inspection: this will automatically occur as you step off the Normandy when it first arrives back at the Citadel. 
  • Citadel: The Fourth Estate: the reporter Khalisah Al-Jilani can be found at the bottom of the elevator from the docking bay; talk to her to take on this verbally-charged assignment.

Story Planet Assignments: Feros, Noveria, & Virmire

Mass Effect’s handful of story-critical planets also have a few assignments of their own - though it’s only a few for each planet, and Therum actually has no side quests at all, being a much more straightforward affair. Here’s the quests you can expect on each planet:

Noveria Assignments:

  • Noveria: Espionage: as you explore the port in Noveria, you’ll be approached by an Asari named Mallene Calis, giving you this side quest. If you agree to help her, the quest continues. If you refuse, it is marked as completed.
  • Noveria: Smuggling: there’s a Hanar Merchant named Opold on Noveria, in the port area. Chat to it and it’ll ask for your help smuggling an item.

Feros Assignments:

  • Feros: Data Recovery: when you’re in the Mako heading from Zhu’s Hope to the ExoGeni facility, you can stop and head into ruins - speak to the scientists hiding within. 
  • Feros: Geth in the Tunnels: after speaking to Fai Dan as part of the main story and then dealing with some Geth, speak to him again. You can also get the quest by heading into the tunnels and blowing up the transmitter.
  • Feros: Power Cells: once you’ve met Fai Dan in Zhu’s Hope, talk to May O’Connell, who hangs out near the area entrance.
  • Feros: Varren Meat: once you’ve free reign to look around Zhu’s Hope, talk to Davin Reynolds.
  • Feros: Water Restoration: find and talk to Macha Doyle inside the Zhu’s Hope colony.

Virmire Assignments:

  • Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team & Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage : both unmissable quests that will pop part-way into the Virmire mission - with the Wrex mission only happening if you recruited him. We’ve got a full guide to the choices on Virmire that helps explain the decisions you’re making here.

Citadel Assignments Part 3

While you can go back and forth to the Citadel as much as you like, these assignments will be made available when the story takes you back to the Citadel and for a brief period you can’t leave there. 

  • Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy: once Captain Anderson asks you to meet him in Flux but before you do go to join him, talk to Charles Saracino, who is leading a group of protestors. 
  • Citadel: Negotiator's Request: once Captain Anderson asks you to meet him in Flux, you’ll be able to talk to Mr. Keeler near the entrance to Flux to get this assignment.

DLC Assignments: Bring Down the Sky & Pinnacle Station

The DLC for Mass Effect adds two new locations with associated story missions - Asteroid X57 and Pinnacle Station. Note that Pinnacle Station is only available in the original releases of the game, not the Legendary Edition remaster . Bring Down The Sky is available in both.

Bring Down the Sky / Asteroid X57 Assignments:

  • X57: Bring Down the Sky: simply land on the asteroid; this is the main story mission.
  • X57: Avoid the Blasting Caps: will be introduced to you over comms when you turn off the first fusion torch.
  • X57: Missing Engineers: either find one of the engineers out on the Asteroid or speak to Simon Atwell later in the main quest.

Pinnacle Station Assignments: 

  • Pinnacle Station: Combat Missions: visit Pinnacle Station. Talk to Admiral Ahern, then Ochren. 
  • Pinnacle Station: Convoy: clear Admiral Ahren’s special scenario to get this quest.
  • Pinnacle Station: Vidinos: beat the high score of a challenge to start this quest.

Galactic Collectible Assignments

Each of these five assignments relate to various resources that can be found on the uncharted worlds you can land the Mako on through the galaxy as presented in Mass Effect. Each of these quests automatically begins the first time that you pick up one of these resources on any uncharted world.

Keep in mind that in most of these cases, there are more of these resources to be found than required to finish each quest. Aside from some cash and XP, there is no bonus to finding ‘extra’ resources.

  • UNC: Prothean Data Discs
  • UNC: Turian Insignias
  • UNC: Valuable Minerals
  • UNC: Locate Signs of Battle
  • UNC: Asari Writings


These assignments make up the bulk of the side quests in the game - relatively random encounters you can have out in space while exploring the galaxy.

Most of these quests can be acquired in multiple ways - either through stumbling on the quest location while exploring a planet, through hacking computers and terminals, through overheard news reports and banter, or even through distress signals. Many of these quests have multiple names depending on how you first acquire them - so we bundle each quest together with its multiple monikers below.

  • UNC: Asari Diplomacy / Mercenaries: after completing one story planet, talk to Nassana Dantius in the lounge area of the Citadel’s Presidium embassies area. Alternatively, the quest automatically begins if you assault a merc base on Sharjila in the Macedon system.
  • UNC: Colony of the Dead / Investigate Samples: hack a terminal in the ExoGeni building on Feros - or go to Chasca in the Matano system and enter one of the planet’s research stations.
  • UNC: Dead Scientists / Doctor at Risk: find a clue on a terminal on Noveria, or get it automatically when you first enter the Newton system.
  • UNC: Derelict Freighter: any time after finishing the story mission on Feros, find this ship drifting in the Caspian System of the Maroon Sea Cluster, hidden in an asteroid belt. 
  • UNC: Distress Call / Unusual Readings: hack the computer in Udina’s office on the Citadel, or go to Metgos in the Argos Rho cluster’s Hydra system.
  • UNC: Espionage Probe / Investigate Shipments: simply take the Normandy to the Voyager Cluster’s Amazon system.
  • UNC: ExoGeni Facility / Investigate Facility: obtain the quest by unearthing a transmission while on Feros, or get the assignment by landing on Nodacrux in the Maroon Sea cluster.
  • UNC: Geth Incursions / Geth Activities: acquired by hacking a Geth terminal on Feros or terminal on Virmire, but it’s more easily obtained by visiting the Armstrong Nebula, where it’ll be given to you on arrival.
  • UNC: Hostage: you’ll get a message from Admiral Hackett the first time you enter the Farinata System of the Hades Gamma cluster.
  • UNC: Hostile Takeover / A Person of Interest: either talk to Helena Blake in the Citadel Presidium Financial District after becoming a Spectre, or decrypt a terminal in C-Sec Academy.
  • UNC: Major Kyle / Strange Transmission: unlocked by hacking various terminals on Feros, the Citadel, or Noveria. Alternatively, navigate to the Century system of the Hawking Eta cluster to get it automatically.
  • UNC: Missing Marines / UNC: Cerberus / UNC: Hades' Dogs: after becoming a Spectre, speak to Admiral Kahoku in the Citadel Tower to get the Missing Marines assignment. Alternatively, take Normandy to Edolus in the Artemis Tau cluster to get the assignment that way. Once Missing Marines is completed, UNC: Cerberus triggers when you next use the galaxy map, and that quest leads directly to UNC: Hades’ Dogs. 
  • UNC: Listening Post Alpha / UNC: Listening Post Theta / UNC: Depot Sigma-23: after completing Noveria, go to the Styx Theta cluster. Enter the Erebus system to pick up a distress signal.
  • UNC: Lost Freighter: locate the missing ship in the Gemini Sigma cluster’s Ming System. 
  • UNC: Lost Module: simply enter the Hercules system in the Attican Beta cluster to be given the assignment. 
  • UNC: Missing Survey Team: commonly overheard in Citadel elevators. Alternatively, just go to the planet Trebin in the Hades Gamma cluster’s Antaeus system.
  • UNC: Privateers / Missing Person: talk to Garoth on the Citadel Tower after becoming a Spectre. Alternatively, find and scan the MSV Majesty in the  Horse Head Nebula. It’s near the planet Xawin.
  • UNC: Rogue VI: once you reach a certain level, Admiral Hackett will call you to give you this assignment the next time you travel to a new system. This assignment is how you unlock Shepard’s specialization class .

Finally, there are two assignments that are exclusive to different moralities. They only trigger if you've amassed a certain amount of Paragon or Renegade points, and are themed around what each morality axis is good at:

  • UNC: Besieged Base:  Admiral Hackett will contact you when you use the Galaxy Map once you qualify, which will require at least 80% of Paragon points.
  • UNC: The Negotiation:  Admiral Hackett will contact you when you use the Galaxy Map once you qualify, which will require at least 80% Renegade points.

Finished with ME1? We've got the same guide for the ME2 side quests if you enjoyed this - just click on through!

citadel missions after virmire

Mass Effect (2007)

citadel missions after virmire

Originally posted by Doddery : so the expose saren is the 4th main mission right?

citadel missions after virmire

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Virmire (mission)

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A gated community on Virmire. Saren's minions only.

You've received word that a salarian reconnaissance team on Virmire has information about Saren . The message was unclear and the Council fears the team is in danger.

  • 1 Acquisition
  • 2 Preparation
  • 3.1 Drop Off
  • 3.2 Gatehouse One
  • 3.3 Gatehouse Two
  • 3.4 Gatehouse Three
  • 3.5 Salarian Camp
  • 5 Cut Content
  • 6 References

Acquisition [ ]

This mission is acquired after the completion of two of the first three plot worlds: Therum , Noveria , or Feros .

The next time you try to access the Galaxy Map in the Normandy , Joker informs you of a priority call from the Citadel . If you ask if it's from Udina , nope, it's from the Council. You cannot travel to other star systems while this is pending, so might as well take the call in the comm room.

The Councilors inform you that a salarian recon team sent nothing but static on a mission-priority channel. They reason they wouldn't have sent anything if it wasn't important, so they want to apprise you of all your options. The signal originated on Virmire, so you must go there to investigate.

The asari and salarian Councilors do most of the talking. If you want to antagonize them, the turian Councilor will speak up to offer his counterarguments. Morality points can be had in this exchange.

Preparation [ ]

Virmire's surface

You will be fighting geth ranging from small to large, but in an outdoor environment where you will mostly have the Mako available, and you'll be able to change squads before you encounter any other type of enemy. This is largely a driving mission, though technically you can proceed through the entire level on foot, but you'll be accomplishing little other than wasting your time, so use the tools you've been provided. As usual, additional experience points can be won for killing geth while on foot unless you are playing Legendary Edition , so if you plan to go this route equip a squad that will be useful against geth at ranges that are often distant. If you are planning on sticking to the Mako as much as possible, plan for a few fights with conventional geth at normal range.

Squadmates with sniper rifle training, such as Garrus and Ashley, will be helpful, as well as ammo mods such as Tungsten Rounds which do extra damage against synthetics. You'll also have a several opportunities to use abilities at closer range, and fortunately geth are vulnerable to most powers. Due to the sheer amount of geth on the planet, Tali is an excellent candidate for the squad, as her Hacking ability can turn the tide of the fighting when mastered. Biotics, specifically the Lift ability that Kaidan and Liara have, can be useful in incapacitating a troublesome opponent.

Beginning the Virmire mission sequence is a major turning point in the game . Unlike Feros or Noveria, you cannot return to the Normandy and leave the planet before completing the mission. Upon landing, you will be forced to see Virmire's mission chain to its very end, and one way or the other one member of your squad (or two, if your actions lead to it) will become unavailable afterward. If you intend on maximizing interactions, explore as much of your squadmates' character arcs as you can before landing on the planet. Virmire also presents a number of high level opponents and a boss fight, so putting the mission off until gaining a decent level, quality armor and weapons may be an excellent idea.

Walkthrough [ ]

If you visit the Citadel and ask Anderson about this, he'll say that he has never even heard of Virmire before the Council passed the information to Shepard .

Virmire is in the Hoc system of the Sentry Omega cluster.

Drop Off [ ]

Under the radar

When the Normandy is approaching Virmire, Joker picks up the signal from the Salarian STG team, and Kaidan takes notice of the massive defense towers that surround Saren’s base. Joker will tell Shepard that he will get the Mako in under Saren’s radar. The Normandy swoops in and drops the Mako at low altitude. Once the Mako rolls to a stop, Joker comes over the radio and calls for a successful drop. Respond, but basically Shepard says the same thing. Shepard orders Joker to keep the Normandy out of range until the AA guns are down. You will notice some animals around, however they are harmless and don’t attack so ignore them.

Climb into the Mako and head off. There are no item pickups in the driving sections of the map , making it convenient if you don't plan on disembarking from the Mako unless absolutely required. Be careful near the ocean's edge, because the Mako can drive over the rocks leading to a Critical Mission Failure.

Around the second corner you will encounter some Geth Rocket Drones and Geth Assault Drones . These are actually harder to take out from the Mako than on foot, so exit and start shooting. Keep moving forward, taking out another group of drones along the way.

Insanity Tips: Rockets and especially snipers can one-shot Shepard on this level, so be careful getting out of the Mako when there is a large group around. Remember to turn the Mako sideways to any large enemies and "rock back and forth" to avoid rockets; likewise when you're outside the Mako and in the great outdoors where there isn't much cover, keep on the move while you shoot to avoid incoming missiles. But if you've made it this far on Insanity level you won't find anything in the vehicular section of Virmire too difficult.

The Mako rewriting the definition of "roadkill" with a geth Juggernaut

Ahead on the right are some Geth Rocket Troopers that just love to shoot rockets, so make sure they get only a shot or two off before they are scrap metal. Around the next corner are a bunch of Pod Crabs, two Geth Rocket Drones, and a Geth Juggernaut . Take out the hostiles any way you wish then move up to where they were to get a better shot at the accompanying Rocket Troopers.

About halfway down the next stretch you will come under rocket fire and your Mako radar will become jammed. Disembarking from the vehicle lifts the jamming and allows you to save, but restricts enemy detection to only a few meters from your team. There are some Rocket Drones at the end, so deal with them and then round the corner. On a bank to the left are three sets of geth shields and of course some more geth: four Rocket Troopers, two Assault Drones, and another Rocket Drone. Some may be hiding behind the rocks so you have to move up to take them all out. When they are down, head around the next corner and you can see a structure in the distance.

Gatehouse One [ ]

They hit you hard, you hit back harder

When you get close to the first gatehouse you start to come under fire from the geth guarding it. The group outside consists of two Geth Rocket Drones, one Rocket Trooper, and two Troopers. You can drive up and take them out on foot, or shoot them from a distance. Depending on your movements some of the defenders upstairs may come out of their initial positions to engage you, so be mindful. This also applies to the defenders of the other gatehouses down the road.

When all the initial geth are down, move up, if you haven’t already, and head up the stairs to the left. There are two more Troopers on the top, who may or may not have engaged the fight along with the troops below. In the far room accessible through a bare short tunnel is a Hardened Weapon Locker (hard decryption ) plus two Geth Stalkers , a Geth Ghost , and a Geth Sniper ( Legendary Edition: The short tunnel has been furnished with two crates for cover, and as the next two gatehouses have similar architectures this also applies to them as well). There is also another Weapon Locker (easy decryption) on a wall before the tunnel to the gatehouse control room, be sure to open it before you leave. When you are done head back to the Mako and drive along.

Gatehouse Two [ ]

Consulting your map, the path from the first to the second gatehouse splits into two then merges again. Whichever path you take is immaterial as they both have enemies there: if you're not in a hurry, blast 'em all, or if you're speedrunning, pick one path and speed through.

The mako adding geth colossi to its list of roadkills

Just outside the first gatehouse and before the split there is a Geth Colossus on your way. On both forks of the path there are an initial two Geth Armatures each. The path that appears closed off on your map is actually just a narrow archway, and it has another Geth Colossus beyond it. The alternate path has another Geth Armature and another Geth Colossus in separate places.

Aside from the standard gun them down then exit the Mako for the killing blow for maximizing exp if you aren't playing Legandary Edition, you can take advantage of the level geometry and ram them off the ocean barricades for instant death if the opportunity appears, just be vigilant you don't overshoot the Mako and drown yourself. The colossi are particularly situated for this tactic though the armatures can also be victimized if you're diligent enough. The walkers are very susceptible to ramming and they waste a lot of time trying to reorient after such an attack, so do it often and preemptively especially if they're about to fire their Siege Pulse weapons.

As you get closer to the second gatehouse you may be hit with a powerful radar jamming that will obscure the enemy walker count if you aren't done dealing with them yet. Disembark from the Mako, equip your (or your squadmates') preferred weapon with your most powerful detection upgrades, then board the vehicle again. The jamming source is inside the gatehouse so dealing with it will have to wait until you arrive there.

Two geth Destroyers and a Sniper guarding Gatehouse Two's controls

The second gatehouse is similar to the first except the stairs are on the right and you cannot proceed further until you disable the artillery holding the Normandy back in the control room. Hostile headcount in the gate level is just a Rocket Trooper, a Geth Shock Trooper , and a Geth Sniper. Upstairs is another Rocket Trooper and Shock Trooper. Defending the control room is a Geth Sniper and two Geth Destroyers .

The control room has the toggles for the AA guns as well as the gatehouse doors. Switch off the guns first, then open up the doors, and get looting if you haven't yet. In the room is a Secure Weapon Locker (average decryption), and on the far side wall along the stairway is a crate.

When the AA tower is down, Joker radios that he is on approach to the salarian camp, you’re done here so get back into the Mako and drive on.

Gatehouse Three [ ]

As you drive under the gatehouse, the Normandy flies overhead en route to the salarian camp.

Color them shocked when three organics and a tank demolish the prior gauntlet of geth

When you round the corner you encounter the last gatehouse and the final line of defense before the camp. As with the second gatehouse you must raise the gates at the control room before you can pass. Enemy composition here is a Rocket Trooper and two Troopers at ground level, three Shock Troopers inside the gatehouse building, and two Destroyers in the control room. Lootables include a Hardened Weapons Locker (hard decryption) in the control room and a crate along the wall by the entrance tunnel.

When you reenter the Mako, just gun it because there are no more enemies between you and the salarian camp. When you get closer Joker radios that the Normandy is down safely but they are apparently grounded, the salarian captain can explain when Shepard arrives.

Salarian Camp [ ]

Saren's forces apparently don't notice hostiles squatting right next to their walls

When you reach the camp you are rewarded with credits and experience. A cutscene plays where Ashley and Kaidan are arguing with the salarian captain. The captain needs more time to come up with a plan, and when Shepard arrives, he introduces himself as Captain Kirrahe , 3rd Infiltration Regiment, STG. Kirrahe asks if Shepard was all the Council sent and is dismayed when he learns that his transmission was unclear. He lost half of his men investigating this place and Shepard’s orders were just the same.

When asked he talks about the base, apparently heavily fortified and guarded by a legion of geth. Kirrahe mentions that Saren is breeding an army of krogan . If you recruited Wrex to your team, he walks over and asks how that's possible. Kirrahe says that Saren found a cure for the genophage and it needs to be destroyed. Wrex disagrees, but Kirrahe insists as he thinks the krogan were a mistake. Wrex gets in Kirrahe's face, stating "[w]e are not a mistake!" Kirrahe requests that you resolve the issue with Wrex while he comes up with an assault plan.

This mission is then renamed Virmire: Saren's Plan in the journal. When you regain movement control, you can explore the camp at your own pace. Every NPC in the area (except the salarian pacing by the beach) has dialogue lines you can explore, and may change depending on how you dealt with Wrex. Squadmates also temporarily become NPCs: they stand around the camp in their original armor regardless of whatever you got for them, though this is merely a cosmetic change and they'll wear your preferences next mission.

Somebody's not going home today, and the decision is entirely yours

The tent nearest to the base wall has a codex entry from the Communications Relay (easy decryption). Liara loiters here if you already rescued her from Therum . Wrex is on the beach in front of her, intermittently blasting at the shore and the air with his shotgun until you talk to him.

The central tent has Kirrahe, who is your key to story progression. If you dealt with Wrex already, or if the krogan was never in your party to begin with, speak to him to get things going. Ashley and Kaidan hang around in here initially.

The tent at the other side of the camp has Commander Rentola , Kirrahe's second-in command and supply officer. Beside him is a Medical Station (easy decryption). He has a limited selection of goods to sell but it is a good place to unload unnecessary gear before heading out. Sell any excess items you've accumulated to Rentola, because there's a long segment coming up and you don't want to end up at your inventory limit. Tali and Garrus can also be found in Rentola's vicinity: Tali inside the tent, and Garrus on the beach outside if you recruited him.

Note: You cannot rely on the decryption skills of your squadmates here on the salarian camp - if you play as a Soldier or have low decryption skills on your own the med station and the comms relay will remain inaccessible.

"Bit of a cloaca, though. Loved his speeches

When you are ready, head back to Kirrahe and he says that he has come up with a plan, sort of, and involves high risk and a lot of luck. He will divide his men into three teams and hit the front of the facility while Shepard and team “Shadow” sneaks around back. When asked about the team names Kirrahe will list of the other three: Aegohr, Mannovai, and Jaëto, the salarians' first three colony worlds. He hopes that they will remind the men what they are fighting for.

He also needs to ask Shepard for a huge favor, he needs one of Shepard’s squad for the assault. Both Ashley and Kaidan volunteer. Send whomever you wish with Kirrahe, however be warned that whichever one you send will be unavailable as a squadmate for the rest of Virmire. Personal preference or squad balance, keep whichever in mind when choosing.

When you are done Kirrahe gives you one last opportunity to hold off before the attack, if you do then just talk to him again to proceed. When you get ready to proceed, Kirrahe gives a speech to the men then wishes Shepard luck and asks the Commander to be on the lookout for anything that can assist the teams. When the squad selection screen comes up, there's your cue to navigate on to the next part of the mission.

Enemies [ ]

  • Geth Armature
  • Geth Assault Drone
  • Geth Colossus
  • Geth Destroyer
  • Geth Juggernaut
  • Geth Rocket Drone
  • Geth Rocket Trooper
  • Geth Shock Trooper
  • Geth Sniper
  • Geth Trooper

Cut Content [ ]

Unused dialogue voicelines point to it having been possible to initiate long conversations normally restricted to the Normandy with at least Ashley and Kaidan while in the salarian camp; they are inaccessible due to their set condition, which is to be on Virmire. [1]

References [ ]

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